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Being Sick (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Request: So, Reader is v sick and Connor takes care of her! Fluffy shit, my dudes

Words: 1176

Warnings: fluff, flu, being v sick, very fluffy

“You’ll get another three models of the same type – for free! You don’t have to pay anything, if you place an order right now!”, the guy from the Informercials yelled. That’s the sixth time you saw the commercial. Right now, you’re even able to mouth the lines from it. Obviously, you didn’t watch it, because you wanted to get to know the hottest new products on the market. Your remote fell down from your bed and you were too sick to even pick it up. Today, you called in sick to school, so, in all times of finals stress, you finally had a day-off. Having fever and really bad cough were just the unneeded extras of it.

While you were pretty chill about your flu, your boyfriend wasn’t quite calm about that. You’ve been dating now for almost a year, but nobody has ever seen the other one sick. It was just a matter of time, when he would call you, all desperately. He’s probably super worried right now, wondering how he could cheer you up. And in that moment, your phone rang.
“Hello”, you whispered into it. Your drained voice didn’t allow you to speak any louder.
“Oh my god, hello”, you heard Connor giggling, “You sound like a fucking old lady, who’s trying to lure children into her gingerbread house.”
“Connor, you’re an asshole.”
“Yeah, but I’m an asshole, that’s now skipping the last period to visit his sick girlfriend.”
“No, wait-“
“See you!”
He hung up. Somehow you managed to get out of bed, turning off your TV, walking over to your mirror and realizing, that you don’t look like all these cute girls in the movies, when they are sick. Your hair was standing off in every direction, your face was swollen, your nose was red. You did not just sound like an old witch – no, you even looked like one. Despite all of this, you turned around to your bed, nearly falling into it. That’s how exhausted you were.

Connor knocked on the door and rang the doorbell a couple of hundred times. After you hadn’t shown up, as you always used to do, he got insanely worried. Luckily he knew that your family was hiding an extra key underneath a little statue of a hedgehog on your porch. Quickly, he opened up the door, running upstairs to your room.
At some time, you must have fallen asleep, because when Connor walked into your room, you were lying in your bed, snoring loudly and deeply. He tilted his head and had to laugh quietly. Even though, you were so sick, you still managed to look like the cutest person ever to him. He walked over to you, very quietly. He sat down at the foot of your bed and put his hand on your waist, going up and down in a slow motion.
“Good morning”, he whispered.
You were awake immediately and turned around to look into the face of your boyfriend. He was all smiling. You put your hands on your face.
“Don’t look at me, I’m a witch”, you said.
“No, no. I’m so mad at you right now. You have the fucking flu and still manage to look cute”, he exclaimed.
“Why are you here?”
“Oh, wow. That’s the nicest thing you want to hear from someone you love. I’m here to take care of you. Now, get up!” He stood up from the bed, walking to your door. Before opening it, he turned around to you and saw, that you were still laying in the same position. He sighed, but still smiled through it. Connor never felt that way for a person before. He always used to be so angry, when somebody didn’t follow “his” way, but suddenly there was you. It was, as if you changed him completely.
“I don’t want to get up”, your voice was still all raspy. Not in that sexy kind of way, but more sort of that “Wow, I hope I won’t die” kind of way. Connor put his bag on the ground.
“Do you want to stay here?”
You nodded your head. “Come, lay with me in my bed.”
“But you’re sick.”
“That’s disgusting.”
“Yeah, but you love me.”
He shrugged his shoulders and walked over to your bed. 
“Good point.”

You watched him, as he was taking off his hoodie. His white shirt, which he wore underneath, also come off a bit, displaying a bit of his pale tummy. He saw the way you looked at him and grinned.
“Does that cheer you up enough?”
“I’m almost healed now!”, you said in a sarcastic way. Although you totally meant it. Your boyfriend skipped school, walked all the way to your house, just to take care of you. He was different, but the sweetest boy you ever met. Sure, sometimes he had his moments – but everybody has them. And these moments didn’t make you love him any less.
Now you two were laying on your bed, face to face. Connor put his hand on your waist, pulling you closer to him.
“I’d want to kiss you right now.”, he whispered, tracing his fingers on your lips.
“You’d get sick afterwards yourself.”
He moved closer to you.
“I don’t mind.”
And then he kissed you. As if it was your first kiss, you were blushing and your hands were shaking. You knew that this wasn’t the fault of your flu. This was only the fault of him. Even after months and months of dating, you were still so in love with Connor, and still so excited.
“So, do you want a cup of tea now?”, he asked, leaving the tight embrace and getting up from your bed.
You nodded your head.
“But then you would have to leave your bed.”
Now you were shaking your head.
“Come on!”, Connor said, slapping his hand on your butt, to get you to move a bit. Still no reaction.
“Fine”, he started, “then I’ll have to carry you downstairs!”
“Connor, you wouldn’t da-“ You let out a surprisingly high tone, when he really put his arms around your waist, lifting you up. He was so skinny and seemed so weak, but this boy could carry anything. You grabbed him tightly, being slightly afraid that he would fall down the stairs now with you right now.
“Be careful”, you whispered. He just smiled at you.

When you arrived in the living room, he nearly dropped you too hard on your couch. He apologized a lot for it, explaining he was used to do that with you. (With a small wink.)
Some minutes later, he returned to you, seeing that you had fallen asleep once again. Annoyed, but not surprised, and still very much in love with you, he put the tea cup on the table next to you. He thought about waking you up, but he knew that sleeping is the best medicine and you really deserved it. Connor laid down next to you, stroking your back and eventually, falling asleep at your side.


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Jimin putting his hand over the hole of your ripped knee jeans and unconsciously stroking your skin 

“jimin you’re doing it again”

“oh, right. …but I like touching you”

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Let's say I may not be head over heels for Kemme so any alternative hotties you could recommend?

Welcome to women’s soccer, where everyone is an alternative hottie™️

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if you’re a woso fan and your weakness is hot girls, then…

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the thing that fucked me up most is like ??? is jack minimizing his past feelings for parse to like ? spare bitty or smth ??? or he like genuinely brushing off parse's feelings for him bc like .. he has to know at least bc of epikegster 2k16 right ?? also kent needs a therapist, some good friends, and like all the love in the world bc jack isn't worth six years of pain honey like poor baby but also you need to let go and learn to be happy again parse

i think jack mighta been briefly into kent like …. in the moment…. but i’m pretty sure he never had genuine feelings for parse. i didn’t totally believe it when ngozi said bitty was jack’s first love, because i couldn’t believe that jack felt NOTHING? but like???? wowwwwiiieeee. after that update, i believe it. i mean. jack is just. he’s so over parse. jack has zero feelings for him. to the point that kent is crying into jack’s shirt and saying he misses him and jack’s reaction is???? “you always say that”???? AND HIS EXPRESSION???? THAT’S COLD. that’s a fucking cold reaction to someone who clearly has really strong feelings for you. and the only way i can imagine jack MAKING THAT FACE is if jack never had feelings for parse at all, honestly.

but also, like, jACK, EVEN IF IT WAS ONLY A PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP FOR YOU, IT’S STILL KINDA FUCKING CRUEL TO JUST…. STOP TALKING TO THE PERSON??? WITHOUT COMMUNICATING ANYTHING????? like did kent get any fucking closure at all???? (NO!!!!) did jack ever actually fucking SAY OUT LOUD TO PARSE that it was just physical for him???? (I’M SURE HE DID NOT!!!!) did he just assume they were on the same page????? (UH HUH….) was parse operating under the assumption that jack cared about him as much as he cared about jack? (YOU BETCHA) did parse hold onto that wild, desperate hope that jack aCTUALLY CARED for SIX GODDAMN YEARS until the only thing he could think of was to fUCKING CRASH A PARTY TO TRY TO RECONNECT WITH HIM AGAIN? (YES!!!!! I WANNA DIE!!!)

like…… god. i’m so sad. kent deserves so much better than being hung up on a guy who doesn’t give a single shit about him. and ??? i’m genuinely proud of jack for growing up and moving on and falling in love, but i’m also so goddamn pissed at him for leaving parse room to hope for six fucking years when it was never going to happen. because jack never even fucking broke up with him. he just… decided he was done and stopped talking to him. like……wow. and jack doesn’t even realize how cold that was, because parse did not mean enough to him for him to realize that was cruel.

I JUST!!!! WOW. i want someone to grab parse and shake him while yelling, “HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!!!! NOT AT ALL!!!! NOT ONE BIT!!!! HE DOES NOT CARE!!! YOU HAVE TO MOVE ON!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Happy +  Bedroom/house/living quarters + romantic headcanon ficlet, Stucky:

More often than not, Bucky’ll go back to their apartment when Steve’s on a mission.

He feels closer to Steve there, he’d told him. Surrounded by all the Ikea furniture they’d picked together and Steve’s art hanging on the walls.

Living in the Tower has its perks, sure, but sometimes they just need this, a place that’s just theirs. The coziness and warmth that come with smaller, quieter rooms. A smoke on the fire escape and the familiarity of their old neighborhood. It still welcomes them there. Like a hug, Bucky’d said. And Steve gets it.

So when the mission’s finally over and Nat confirms that’s where Bucky is, he’s not surprised, just heads there as soon as they land. Debriefing, a shower… they all can wait.

For now, all he wants is to get home. To Bucky. To that place where the rest of the world can’t reach them, solid walls guarding them, allowing them the fantasy of a simple, boring, domestic life. Boring sounds heavenly right now.

It wasn’t a particularly difficult mission—no force on Earth would’ve been able to stop Bucky from coming along if it had been—, but complications had arisen, and so Steve finds himself dragging his feet down the hallway, bone tired and covered in grime and sweat and blood that’s—mostly—not his.

It’s late, and Bucky’s probably asleep, so he lets himself inside as quietly as he can manage, and all but collapses onto the couch. He hasn’t even gotten out of his suit, feels sticky and hot and uncomfortable in it, but he can’t bring himself to move for the life of him.

All things considered, the headache isn’t really that bad. Nothing like the skull-piercing ones he used to get before; he never gets those now. This one feels… like something weighing down on him. As if gravity was suddenly stronger, or the air a lot thicker around him. The body’s way of demanding that he rests for a little while.

And he has every intention to do so, except he’s at that point where you’ve gone just too long without catching a break, past that state where you’d be able to fall asleep as soon as you hit any remotely horizontal surface, and into too-exhausted-to-sleep mode.

So he just lies there on the couch, too tired to move or think, just hoping it won’t take him too long to go full circle, hoping for sleep to find him and make the headache go away. The room tries to help, to cradle him and let the peacefulness seep into his bones, but a good 30 minutes go by and he’s still just as exhausted, head aching just as much, and twice as uncomfortable.

And then he momentarily forgets about everything, because the bedroom door opens, and that means Bucky’s awake, and just that is enough to put a smile on his face.

The footsteps draw closer, then stop, and Steve doesn’t even have the energy to open his eyes, but he hears the foot-tapping, the scoff, can just picture Bucky’s expression, and his smile gets wider.

“You’re back,” Bucky says in an accusing tone. “I told you to wake me up.”

Steve feels better already. “Hi, Buck.”

“Too tired to drag your sorry ass to bed?”

In an incredible display of willpower, he manages to crack an eye open and turn his head to look at Bucky. He’s only wearing a pair of black briefs, metal arm glistening in what little light comes through the window, like something out of a dream. His hair’s a fucking mess, and Steve loves it.

“Sorry. Didn’t wanna wake ya,” he explains. Bucky rolls eyes at him. “And… yeah.”


“Tired. As fuck,” he moves, trying to get comfortable, and his body kindly reminds him of everything that hurts. A groan falls from his lips.

“Fuck, Steve, please tell me that’s not your blood,” and he says it in a way that, more than worried, sounds like he’s ready to hurt Steve even further if the answer happens to be yes. Steve smiles some more.

“Nah, ‘m alright. Just tired”

“Not hurt?”

“Headache, ‘s all,” he assures him. Then: “Fuck, you’re pretty.”

Because he can. Because it feels like home here, with Bucky standing at his feet, in a place they’d chosen together, and that’s something he’d stopped wishing for long ago. Because he’s too worn-out to have a filter anymore, and it’s true anyway.

Bucky snorts—but there’s a small blush creeping up there, Steve can see it even in this dim light—says: “Scoot over,” and gathers him in his arms. “Jesus, Rogers, you stink.”

But he wraps an arm around him anyway, let’s Steve rest his head on his chest, kisses his forehead. It must be terribly uncomfortable, to have Steve’s weight resting atop of him like this, still in his suit while Bucky’s practically naked, but he makes no mention of it.

Instead, he asks: “headache, huh?” and bring his metal arm up, rests it gently on his forehead, draws nonsensical patterns on Steve’s back with his other hand.

The relief is instantaneous. Steve lets out a long-drawn-out sigh, and moves just enough so he can give the cold metal a quick peck. Bucky might not feel it, but he still hums in appreciation, forever amazed that he can do any good with this arm at all. Steve’ll prove to him that he can for life if he has to.

“This helping?” Bucky asks. Still disbelieving. Still needing the reassurance. Steve kisses him again.

“Very much. Feels good, soothing. Thank you.”

And with that, with Bucky kissing the top of his head and their home keeping watch over them and Bucky’s rhythmic heartbeats acting like the world’s best sleeping spell, he finally dozes off.

Send me a symbol and a ship and I’ll write you a headcanon ficlet.

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Can you do some Romano headcanons as a parent/husband? He's my precious child and I want him in a domestic life uwu🌼

-He may be a bit nonchalant about his s/o on the outside at first, but he genuinely loves and cares about them, he just isn’t good at expressing it most of the time. After a while of being together he’d get more and more used to it, but he still wouldn’t be completely open all the time. 

-When he does try to convey how much he cares about them, it’s usually in gestures rather than words. He’s secretly a pretty big romantic, so he’d spend hours beforehand thinking about the perfect thing to do for his s/o. 

-Even though he isn’t all that great with expressing how he feels towards his s/o sometimes, if they were insecure about themselves or the relationship, he wouldn’t hesitate to try and sincerely tell them how he really feels. While it would be hard for him, letting his s/o think that he didn’t care about them would be much worse. 

-When his s/o first brought up the idea of maybe starting a family, he’ be pretty freaked out about it. It wouldn’t be because he would want a kid/kids, he’d be more afraid about how he could be a bad influence towards them. Sometimes he has pretty bad issues with self-worth, and this would definitely be brought out during this conversation. If his s/o reassured him enough, over time he’d agree. 

-He’d still be a bit nervous at times, but he’d end up being a great parent. He might even spoil his kid(s) a bit too much. He’d pretend to be the stricter parent, but if his kids begged he’d do practically anything for them. 

-He’d hover over them and worry a lot  too. He’d be a parent who would always make sure that his kid(s) always took a coat with them if it was even slightly cold, just in case there would be a slim chance they could catch a cold. 

Imagine having a snowball fight with Woozi and Seventeen.

BONUS: After an hour of playing, everyone is exhausted but you and Woozi are still throwing snowballs at each other. Seeing this, the other members of Seventeen end up leaving you two to be in your world as they go back indoor to warm up.

10 of the several reasons why sinnoh was bomb as heck

1. Great pokedex
2. Great champion
3. Interesting gym leaders
4. Adorable protags
5. Beautiful landscapes (snow, b*tch!)
6. Battle technique improvements
7. The most interesting mythology (I loved the whole deity thing tbh)
8. Cyrus was super dark and cold and one of the most ruthless pokemon villains in all realms (anime, game, manga)
9. It gave us luxray
10. Awesome music