i love the cleveland show

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‘yeah we’re gonna just play some chess on our tour bus now’’ thats brilliant. oh my god lmao .. but seriously, obviously they were playing chess. i mean what else could happened? :D

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hahaha omg! well anyone who looks at the footage from that show can get some pretty clear ideas, there were not subtle at all…. besides. wasn’t it the show where Alex was rolling on the floor exposing his back? and generally looking oh so disheveled?… and dancing with the pole I MEAN with the mic stand haha what the everloving fuck

omdfgvbfhejski you mean THIS right?? that whole gig was the wildest ffs they had no chill MOST OF ALL ALEX LOOK AT THIS SHIT PLEASE:

yeah he looks really “disheveled” and ready to……………………. play chess :D just like we all said!

oh and then there was this

(gifs by @tedystaleva, @favourite-nightmares, @whitelesbianjesus)