i love the bromance between

Jackson Wang will be attending the AMAs

Which means we’ll have an updated version of this. ⬇ ⬇⬇

But most IMPORTANTLY THIS ⬇⬇⬇ I live for jackmon/rapson

I miss GOTBANG MOMENTS. This is the CONTENT that all Got7 and BTS stans NEEDED SO BAD. I love bromances/friendship between groups. Jackson + BTS = fuck it up on that red carpet. Lol

Congrats to Jackson Wang. Attending the AMAs and the EMAs to represent china. Thats my boiii #TeamWang ❤


the idea that braids mean different things for elves and dwarves is so fucking great like what if braids for dwarves are like just a practical aesthetic thing while for elves they’re super personal as in only EXTREMELY close friends, family or lovers can braid each others hair kinda deal 

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Someone from the LoveHacks writing team heard my prayers!! BEN AND MARK CHAPTER NEXT WEEK AHAHAHAHAHA YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I AM!!!! It’s probably not going to be shippy but honestly, I just really adore their interaction and hope to see more of it!

Now I can’t stop smiling because I’m so excited! Definitely looking forward to their sweet little man-date!!

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I love what is becoming the growing bromance between Cole and Casey. Probably since Lili and Casey hang out together a lot, Cole is getting those chances to get to know Casey and becoming closer with him.

aw, yes! I love when we get those photos of fans seeing the two of them out to lunch or coffee or whatever together. the two of them seem like they would be a great pair. and they’re both very NYC, too. 

lili, cole, & casey – a trio I’d happily fourth wheel. 

Hmmm episode 7…

The only thing I loved about this episode was the bromance between young Ian and Fergus. Can we have more of them please?! 😍🍻

The rest was meh, not the best episode imo. Not sure why Jamie and Claire seem to have reverted back to themselves in Paris. You wouldn’t think they hadn’t seen each other for 20 years. The only thing I can think is it’s setting up the tension for the next week when the big secret is revealed and after that they can fully rebuild…

“oh i love the bromance between groot and rocket!!” someone says. i give an uncomfortable laugh and shift awkwardly from foot to foot. “yeah, haha,” i reply, “yeah… aha, bromance…” i am the world’s saddest secret agent. nobody must ever find out that i am true 100% certified shipping trash

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name: sumaya.

nickname: maya.

gender: female.

star sign: libra.

height: 1.70 cm / 5.58 inches.

sexuality: bisexual.

hogwarts house: ravenclaw.

favorite animal: cats.

average hours spent sleeping: between 7 and 8 hours.

dogs or cats: cats.

number of blankets: two.

dream trip: a trip to Denmark with all of my friends; by boat or by car.

dream job: a writer + photographer.

when I made this account: 2014 I think?

reasons for URL: I really love 5sos and particulary the bromance between michael and luke: muke clemmings. I’m also amazed by Saturn and how it affects our lives. So, yeah.

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