i love the artwork for this album for some reason

Hey everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of asks and a few messages about my thoughts on this post earlier from Emily’s twitter.

My opinion on it is that it’s either her album cover or something related to TWD or maybe both.

The problem I have with it just being an album cover is the fact that it’s blurred out. I follow musicians like Emily that are individual artists, small artists, and some big artists. The first thing that’s released when any artist is about to release an album is the album artwork (or cover) and the release date. Emily has already been extremely secretive about the release date saying it’s sometime in October. Usually, specific release dates are announced at least two months or more before the album comes out. On top of all of this, she is an INDIVIDUAL ARTIST. She has total control over what she can release, unless for some reason she’s still under contract (maybe with AMC)?

I want to add that I met Emily and I told her how much I loved her music, and I said to her “I can’t wait for new music!” This was back in the beginning of the summer, and she told me she would release some in the fall. So way back then she knew it would be in October.

Now, I think this could be strictly related to TWD. Maybe Beth’s return poster for when it’s revealed she’s alive. There’s some yellow in it, possibly her polo? Just some theories.

Lastly, it could be both album and TWD related. I think they could be intertwined. I think she might release a song for the new season of TWD and it will come out when she’s revealed alive on the show. I just am not sure how exactly it’s going to line up with an October release date because I don’t think we will see her until 706 at the earliest. Though, it’s possible she could’ve just recorded a song for the walking dead 701 episode, and then not show up until later that season. This would explain why she can’t say the date because everyone would realize it’s TWD related. Also, why she hasn’t released her album art work it could possibly be Beth or TWD related.

It’s just all very strange that she can’t tell us a specific date and she can’t release the art work. If she’s not under contract she should be able to do these things. The secrecy makes absolutely no sense. A small artist like her should be promoting the release date like crazy with the album art work. This way a lot of people know about it before it comes out. At this point it seems as though she’s going to wait until the day it’s released to tell us it’s now available to buy. So, we must ask why wouldn’t she need to promote it so much? Maybe AMC and TWD will be enough of a promotion for it? Also, why isn’t there a release date to pump up this album? Why would such a small artist not tell their fans until the day of that the album is now available? Maybe that’s because again TWD episode will do this all for her. She’s not Beyoncé or Drake here people. She can’t just drop a secret album the day of and expect loads of sales on it. What she can expect though is dropping a new song on a new album the day of, if it was played through a heartbreaking returning episode of TWD.

Also, I was going to save this for another post but she’s releasing a VINYL. I get that that’s a popular thing to do now for indie artists but seriously. Beth and Edwards with those vinyl records in Slabtown. Idk, just saying.

If you have anything to add please do! xo