i love the 80s

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Hi (。・ω・。)ノ Sorry to bother you, but could you recommend some SNS blogs that are relatively active and preferably 80% SNS please? I Love you blog (*´▽`*)

Hello. Yes sure!

All lovely blogs!

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Ok my crush is really cute and shy. And he likes 80's music and he is literally the reason why I get out of my bed in the morning, just so I can see him.

that’s cute and i love 80s music and not to sound like ur vaguely misandrist aunt Patty but don’t let a boy motivate u so much!!!!!! do ur own thing

Apparently 80% of my post got eaten yesterday so here is the entirety of it for @supercavanatic that had asked me Notre Dame de Paris for the Musical Ask Meme.

  • Favorite ensemble song : well we can’t say there’s an ensemble in NDdP. I’d say Les Sans Papiers because of the dancers doing chorus as well. Very powerful song.
  • Favorite small ensemble song : Hmmm… Fatalité, end of Act 1, with the reprise of the theme of Vivre. Oh and Où est-elle ? if you really can cal it an ensemble song
  • Favorite solo : TOOOOOOOUUUUUGH ! Like all the solos are just so great like Vivre or every Gringoire’s fucking solos and Fleur de Lys’ as well and !!!! I’d settle on Tu Vas Me Détruire though. Frollo’s solos are just so goddamn great and interesting.
  • The song I love to sing at the top of my lungs : Belle. Of course.
  • The song I sing in the shower : Le Temps des Cathédrales (could have put it above too)
  • The song that always gets stuck in my head : Bohémienne and Le Mot Phoebus and Il Est Beau Comme Le Soleil
  • The song I relate to because it describes me/my life : Le Pape des Fous
  • The song that gives me the most feels/makes me cry : Lune and Danse Mon Esméralda and Libéré (IIIIIIIILS DEEEEEMAAAAAANDENT LE DROOOOOIT D’ASIIIIIIIILE)
  • The song that puts me in a good mood : La Fête des Fous
  • The song that makes me laugh : Déchiré because of the staging. Poor baby Fiori running everywhere ahah
  • The song I can never remember the lyrics to : Dieu Que Le Monde Est Injuste and Ave Maria Païen
  • The song I know all the lyrics to : pretty much 90% of Gringoire’s interventions. Most of the concept album as well (18 songs).
  • The song I wish I had someone to sing with : Le Mot Phoebus, Florence, Belle, Où est-elle ? and a lot more
  • The song I would listen to on repeat for hours on end : pretty much the whole thing ???
  • The song I don’t like/get tired of easily : Ave Maria Païen just didn’t really caught with me. The song’s good but it’s not a favourite so.
  • The song that I’m used to hearing a certain way (a specific version or recording) and get upset if I hear it a different way : I can’t deny that the original cast left a huge huge huge mark on me. (I mean let’s be honest I was crushing on the entire male cast at 5). But I’m open, it’s the magic of theatre. However I’ll be difficult, especially for Gringoire because Bruno Pelletier really owns it. But so far, what I’ve heard of the new cast sounds amazing !

I love 80′s and 90′s kids’ sports movies where like…the adult coach for the rival team is all weirdly intense and thinks he’s running his own personal army or something instead of a peewee sportsball team. And like – he’ll even go so far as to commit assault against his kids or another adult, in plain public view and everybody’s just like “he’s just really intense and focused it’s fine.” And meanwhile he’s off in the background literally putting holes in the walls by headbutting them.