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Watch Me Run - Part 1

Masterlist  -  Part 2 (coming soon)

Summary: You inherit a family relic that gives you the gift of foresight but there are others who are interested for more nefarious reasons. You turn to the Avengers for help. (Bucky x reader… eventually. I love a slow burn okay?!)

Prompt: The nightmare comes frequently and at the same time every day - one day you manage to sleep peacefully only to be greeted with the morning news by a story of a gruesome murder. The victim is the same person that’d appeared in your dreams

Warnings: graphic descriptions of death

Word Count: 1378

Author’s Note: A strange idea that has come out of Cumin’s Halloween Writing Challenge @rotisserierogers. This part reads like a prologue, but you really shouldn’t skip it so… it’s Part 1! (gif is not mine)

The air had the cold bite and that electric tingle of a pending storm. Grey clouds roiled over the mountains, seeming to absorb the darkness from their granite peaks with ever increasing depth. The darker they looked, the closer they marched to the ancient cabin whose chimney puffed white smoke to fight off the cold.

On the porch, wrapped in a thick wool blanket, stood The Seer with his green eye on its long copper chain hanging heavy around his neck. He watched the storm approach with a faraway look. The cataracts that clouded his once clear dark eyes meant he perceived the coming danger in the sharp wind and the cut of the ice crystals in the air. But mostly he knew of its presence from his dreams. The same dream. Night after night it had woken him at exactly the same time with this same biting cold nipping at his soft round nose, freezing the air in his tight lungs, and making the warm steam of freshly spilled blood that much more unnatural.

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kc au week | day 2 · Adversaries

Caroline tilts her head up to glimpse the devil in question. his perm emirk (that really highlights the dimples, damn him) and stubble are in place. Jeans, Henley, necklaces? Check. His hair’s a bit longer than it had been the last time she’d seen him. She really hates he’s so freaking attractive.

Wthout a Map by @lalainajanes

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please more of war vet steve and civilian Bucky (& rings ;) )

Another installment!  You can find previous parts here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4


His mother had always said that he’d know.  Bucky’d know when he’d met The One.  She’d been right, but she hadn’t told him that he’d know when it was the right time to propose.  

He’d been worried, for a long time after the Incident, that he wouldn’t ever find the right time.  That maybe there wouldn’t be a right time.  

Like so many things in his life he’d been wrong (like all his worry about whether he and Steve would ruin their friendship with a romance; like the days he felt short and snappish right back at Steve –no matter how much he knew about catertaker fatigue; like when he’d tried to fool himself into thinking Steve wouldn’t get hurt despite knowing how dangerous Steve’s clearance made his missions; like when he called his Ma in tears that first night Steve was in the hospital and whispered to her about how scared he was Steve would die, how scared he was Steve would be different, how scared he was about what kind of person that made him Jesus, Barnes).

He’d been wrong and he knew exactly the right moment.  They’d been out to dinner the week before to celebrate their anniversary.  It hadn’t been that evening.  A month before, they’d celebrated Steve’s one-year home since the Incident.  It hadn’t been that day, either.  

It was, well.


Steve had made cocoa.  It was cold out and they had whipped cream.  And Steve had made his five-step, getting-out-of-bed process into four steps that morning and he had Bucky had celebrated with strawberry Nutella French toast.  He still felt like celebrating.  

Bucky came downstairs (in Steve’s sweatshirt that Bucky liked best, nose shoved under the collar) and stopped short, smiling at Steve has he stood at the stove, mugs and Redi Whip can off to one side.  Steve was wearing a pair of Bucky’s sweatpants (he’d dropped weight, during his recovery despite all his work and it frustrated him sometimes but he also liked being able to wear Bucky’s clothes in a way he never could before.  Silver linings.  He was working on silver linings and positive thinking and it helped, even if it was hard and sometimes didn’t help or didn’t change very much).

Bucky only took a handful of moments to look silently at Steve before turning and hurrying back upstairs.  


No response.  

It wasn’t more than a minute before Bucky was back and slid into the kitchen (tile, socks, a wide smile).  And then.  And then to one knee in front of Steve at the stove.

“I’ve had this in the closet since –since Before.  And you’re so incredible and determined and I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and your courage and how happy I am that-“ he swallowed hard, “-that you’re here.  And it just …hit me, just now.  I’ve been waiting for the right moment to ask and you’re here, making us cocoa and smiling at me and –I have to ask you.  Right now, because I want to come downstairs and see you in our house everyday.  For the rest of our lives.  Steve, will you-“

“-Yes.”  Steve was aware, distantly, that he was crying.  

Bucky wiped an eye and stood.  “You didn’t let me finish.”

Steve shrugged, letting Bucky slip the simple band onto his finger.  “Couldn’t wait.”

Seriously || T. H [part two]

Characters: Reader x Tom Holland

 Unedited Word count: 782  

Summary: Part 2 of Seriously [a mini series] 

 Warning: none A/n: I decided to write a part three because I don’t like this ending, ENJOY 

 -your writer 

Click Here for part one

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Harry and Sam went out for the day so it was just you, Tom and Harrison. Even though you loved Harrison and had grown very found of him over the past few months, you really wished he’d leave so you and Tom could be alone. Tom and you made things official a few days after you had got here, but chose to keep it a secret, for privacy and fun. Which was getting very annoying for the both of you. 

 You guys were watching a movie and sitting on the couch with you in the middle. You gently held Toms hand in your under the blanket covering the two of you when suddenly Harrison’s phone buzzed. “Hello?” He said to whoever was on the other line, “ah, yes, hey!” He put a finger up and walked out of the room for some privacy. You squeezed Tom’s hand and leaned over to kiss him quickly. “God, I missed you love.” he beamed. You hadn’t been alone for weeks between the three other boys constantly coming and going at all hours. “I missed you too.” You bite your bottom lip and almost awkwardly stared into his deep brown eyes for a little too long. “I-I don’t know about you but I’m getting the feeling we should be taking full advantage of this time.” He said nervously, you nodded, “me too.” He smirked lightly and reached over, cupping your cheek in his hand and brought your faces together kissing you passionately. 

“Tom,” you said breathily when he finally pulled back for air, “he’s going to come back.” “Well he hasn’t yet.” “Good point.” You shrugged and leaned back in for a quick peck on the lips, “but not good enough.” He frowned as Harrison walked back in with a wide smirk. “Guess who just got us a date.” Harrison said pointing to himself. “What?” Tom asked. “That girl I gave my number from at the pub last week actually called! She said she could find a girl for you too mate.” You look at Tom with wide eyes and found him stumbling for words, “well, I- as awesome, I can’t. I have a thing.” “Harrison raised a eyebrow, "I didn’t tell you when.” “Oh, I-I’m just guessing because I’m going to be really busy for a while, you know, acting and stuff.” “Okay… Did you get a gig or something?” “No, just trying o-out and stuff.” “Cool…” Harrison sat back down next to you and you shared a quick glance with Tom. 

 You three watched the rest of the movie in a uncomfortable silence. As soon as it ended, as if on cue, Harry and Sam walked into the living room. “Hey.” Harry said taking off his shoes. You nodded and Harrison called back, “hey, how was the party?” Sam shrugged, “Dead, we left early and headed to a pub instead.” “Yeah, no buzz whatsoever.” Harry added. “How was the movie?” “Alright, I missed some of the mid-” “Me and Tom are dating!” You yelled and then quickly covered your mouth. Tom turned to you with wide eyes and the rest of the boys looked confused at your sudden outburst. “What the fuck?” Harrison asked, reaching his hand behind you and hitting Tom on the back of the head. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I- I, well, (y/n). I don’t know.” “Seriously dude, my best friend?” Harry glared at Tom. “How did you guys not know?” Sam laughed. “What?” You asked, surprised. “My room is right next to yours,” He waved his finger around in the air, “thin walls.” “Oh god.” You groaned and covered your reddened face. 

 After a rather long conversation about everything relating to you and Tom, you both retreated into your room for the night. “I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I’m so sorry, it just came out.” You felt guilty for not even talking to him about it first, then again you didn’t even go over it with yourself until afterwards anyway. Tom laughed, “it’s fine. I’m just glad they didn’t totally freak out or anything. And you didn’t have to answer all of their questions, you know?” He playfully grinned at you. “Yeah, okay… Next time Harrison asks how’s the ‘you know what’ is I’ll try to keep it less in detail.” “Thank god!” You both laughed and laid down side by side on your backs, holding each other’s hand. “I’m happy we told them, Now it won’t be so hard in the future.” You said, rubbing his knuckles. He quickly turned his head to look at you, “The future?” “Well yeah, I see us having a future of some sort, at least I hope we do.” A wide grin started to spread across his lips, “Seriously?”

 You grinned,


tag list [mini series]: @st0nehearted @apollos-love @thatkenziegirlimagines

Summary: You thought Steve was going to be a one night stand, one and done, but you found yourself drawn to him, like the proverbial moth to the flame. He was so much more than the tattooed, beer drinking, bar owner you thought he was. But somehow the headlong rush into love wasn’t turning out like you’d hoped.
Warnings: Language, explicit sexual content, angst, alcohol, smoking… It’s an AU, anything and everything will probably happen.

Chapter 1: Brooklyn Brewery
Chapter 2: Horny Devil Posting 10/19 12pm CST
Chapter 3: Two Hearted Posting 10/21 12pm CST
Chapter 4: Brewing Darkness Posting 10/23 12pm CST
Chapter 5: Anti-Hero Posting 10/25 12pm CST
Chapter 6: Boxer’s Revenge Posting 10/27 12pm CST

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  • Name-Leandra
  • Nickname-sasu
  • Zodiac Sign-Leo
  • Height-5′
  • Orientation-Straight
  • Nationality- Uh, American? Trinidadian? Both?
  • Fav fruit-Strawberry
  • Fave season-Summer
  • Fav book-Uhhh, do I have to pick one?
  • Fav flower-I like tiger lilies, even though they smell strange
  • Fav colour-Purple
  • Fave animal-Cat
  • Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa-Hot Cocoa
  • Average amount of Sleep-Depends on what day it is, college student here
  • Cat or dog person-Cat! Though I do love dogs
  • No. of blankets you sleep with-2, my fuzzy blanket and my comforter
  • Dream trip-Japan
  • Blog created-My senior year of high school, so 2015?

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A: Age - oh *WHIPS*
B: Birthplace - New Orleans
C: Current Time - 2:53 pm
D: Drink you had last - Water
E: Easiest person to talk to - uhhhhhhhhhh me?
F: Favorite song - today its My Way (the one by fetty wap and drake)
G: Grossest memory - licked a plant and got crystals all over my tongue
H: Hogwarts house? - Hufflepuff
I: In love - y y y ye ah
J: Jealous of people? - uhh yeah
K: Killed someone? - ://
L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again? - no fuck love at first sight i need to be able to trust someone
M: Middle name - Estelle
N: Number of siblings - 0
O: One wish - top and bottom surgery + hormones
P: Person you called last - my dad
Q: Question you’ve always asked - “what the fuck dude”
R: Reasons to smile - hatsune miku
S: Song you sang last - Shinkai Shoujo
T: Time you woke up - 6 am
U: Underwear color - gray
V: Vacation destination - Barcelona or Amsterdam
W: Worst habit - self harm and drinking wine
X: I’m guessing there is no question on X
Y: Your favorite food - burritos from Guadalupaña (the restaurant)
Z: Zodiac sign - Sagittarius

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my experience with adhd
  • I don’t even remember putting that thing down but now it’s not in my hand and I don’t know where it went
  • ‘what do you mean you can just think about nothing? what’s that like? I don’t understand’
  • *tuning out of a conversation halfway through somebody else’s sentence because I just thought of something interesting*
  • carrying my psychiatrist’s business card with me at all times because I see her once a month and every time I go I forget what floor her office is on. I’ve been there 8 times
  • ‘Between A & B, A would be the right thing to do’ *a cascading thought process that takes a few seconds tops, justifying option B* ‘actually B would be the right thing to do’
    • somebody else, later: why did you think B was the right thing to do??
    • me: …. it’s not important, I’ll know better next time
    • (spoiler: I won’t know better next time)
  • I know you already told me this thing like 12 times but can you tell me again just one more time because I forgot
  • it’s not that I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to do this thing. it’s just that in that particular moment i thought it was okay to do it anyway for reasons that would take 48 minutes to explain even though it only took me 3 seconds to justify it in my thoughts, so it’s easier for me to just say ‘I forgot’
  • ‘I already told you that’ ‘really? I must have forgotten, i’m sorry’ ‘it was FIVE MINUTES AGO. in this SAME CONVERSATION’
  • this internal conversation:
    • me: I feel motivated to do this responsible thing
    • me: if I don’t do this responsible thing right now I will get distracted and forget to do it for another 5 hours
    • me: so I should do this thing right this second, there is nothing stopping me
    • me: after I finish this one cell phone game
    • me, 5 hours later: I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN
  • almost flunking a class because I straight up didn’t know any homework had been assigned despite loving the class and always attending
  • trusting the memory of literally anyone else over my own memory
  • intending to do something for days. sometimes months. never doing it
  • *cuddling somebody* mm this is nice … *2 seconds later* bored now
  • somebody is mad at me. I might as well fucking d i e
  • the options in company are: overshare about the one thing I care about or not talk at all
  • insensitive or inattentive? YOU decide (and when you tell me that i hurt your feelings and I didn’t notice I’ll rejection sensitive dysphoria into fantasies of disappearing forever)
  • being excellent at my job for months on end, doing everything right and everything well, and then suddenly & without explanation being t h e  w o r s t at it for several weeks, making dumb mistakes everywhere for no discernible reason
  • when asked to explain something: well it all started when I was a baby
    • ‘they don’t need that much explanation’ well YOU tell ME where to start b/c I have no fucking clue tbh
  • i can’t throw away anything b/c when I look at it I remember all the sentimental reasons I keep it around and they seem just as important as actually needing it and when I close the storage box back up I forget I had it in the first place until the next time I try to get rid of my clutter and repeat this process
  • i wasnt’ idle for a second all day and yet I didn’t accomplish a n y t h i n g
  • am i a speed-reader or was I so impatient for what came next that I read only half a page and then skipped to the next one?
  • getting excited about a project, starting it, then racing to finish it as fast as I can because when I get bored I’ll abandon it and never go back. must beat the boredom
    • edit my fics? working twice on the same idea? /uproarious laughter
    • well I fucked that up. too bad I can never rework it because I no longer have passionate energy for it
  • me, opening a bottle of adhd meds: I don’t have adhd. I’m just a lazy bum who doesn’t try hard enough

I have now watched So Much Critical Role that I’m starting to notice everyone has their own styles of rollin’ dice and they’re all real cute

- Marisha sorta just drops hers but she lifts her hand way up in the air afterward like there’s RECOIL on that shit

- Sam leaves his hand up in the air too but it’s very Gilmore-esque. Quite elegant, 9/10 for style. “Ah yes, what is this thing that I rolled - ah, ‘tis garbage”

- Liam just tips his dice over like a cat knocking something off a shelf. Sometimes he does this sneaky lil finger twirl thing. tryin 2 be stealthy.

- Once in a while Laura holds dice in both hands. prayin to dice gods probably.

- Taliesin always shakes his dice back and forth a bunch of times - obviously one must warm the dice up before rolling if one wishes to guarantee a fuckton of nat 20s (Laura does this too, but Taliesin will do it for D A Y S)

- Travis has some nasty SPIN on that throw and sometimes he puts his SHOULDERS into it dude rolls dice like a MAN doin a SPORT and I love it

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!


“Half dressed, apologetic. A mess, she looked
Pathetic, she cried:

Please don’t go sir…”

Here is Part 2 of my Marliza diptych which explores the recurring and contrasting leitmotifs in Hamilton (in this instance, helplessness). :D And, below are the two girls side by side.

Eliza: first love, beginnings, creation, song of innocence

Maria: worldly love, endings, destruction, abuse, song of experience

This one is for the anon who requested Marliza, whoever you are. I hope you see this! <3

  • Interviewer #1: You're becoming like the sixth member of One Direction right now-
  • Shania Twain: Oh my god, that would be so great! I'd love to do that.
  • Interviewer #1: -because Harry Styles was just in an interview saying he would love- like he's a huge Shania fan!
  • Shania Twain: Ahh, He's- I mean, isn't he just an incredible singer? I love his voice.
  • Interviewer #2: I love his album too!
  • Shania Twain: -Yeah, no he's incredible. They're all just so different from each other, and I really appreciate what they're doing on their own as individuals. And, um, just being able to see the depth of their individual art and styles. So it's really great watching them grow now, you know, doing their own independent things. But I love both [Niall and Harry].

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do you know any good altean!lance and galra!keith fics??

ohhhkayyy, god damn, like tumblr crashed on me as I was like 3 fics away from finishing this so I had to like start all over, like rip me.

and, I don’t have many altean lance fics so most of this is galra Keith and pretty much all angsty. I tried to find some less angsty ones, I don’t know how well I succeeded xD.

Note: I’ll be starting weekly fic recs in April. just and fyi~

Warmth by Rahar_Moonfire

Summary: Lance is Allura’s younger brother. During the mission to retrieve the Red Lion from Galra hands, he gets captured. His guard is a curious Galra halfbreed named Keith who may just be his ticket to freedom. He’s a bit small for an alpha, but Lance is sure he can handle it. A little flirting never hurt anyone after all. The fact Keith is good looking for a Galra and those ears wiggle (so cute!) doesn’t influence this decision. Nope. Not one bit.
Series: 4 Works
            Work 1 WC: 61497 (19/19)
            Work 2 WC: 111883 (32/32)
            Work 3 WC: 133875 (42/42)
            Work 4 WC: 71480 (21/?)
Notes: THIS IS LIKE THE ONLY FIC I HAVE WITH ALTEAN!LANCE AND GALRA!KEITH. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. gahgldfkjhsa;d, ok so this is just an amazing series, some nsfw tossed in btw, youve been wared. but over all, i just love this series so much and i need to like catch really bad… i didnt know work3 or 4 even existed… >.< 11/10

Echoes of the Past by Gigapoodle

Summary: It was his fault. He shouldn’t have retreated – he should have ran after them, Galra forces be damned, and ripped the red paladin right out of his weaponized hands, shooting the commander dead on the spot.But he hadn’t. Lance stood there, frozen with adrenaline and fear, before backing out with tears in his eyes, justifying it to himself by saying, ‘he won’t get far, we can easily get him back once I have Voltron with me.’He’d forgotten they didn’t have Voltron. He’d forgotten that without Keith, Voltron was nothing.Keith is Galra. Keith is gone. Keith is Galra. Keith is gone.
WC: 28197
Notes: -hands over some tissues- here you will need these. 100/10

I Was Born A Lion by spectralPhobia

Summary: After Keith discovers he is part Galra and Red lion rejects him, there’s only one way he can make himself useful: to join Galra and try to wreck them from the inside, while figuring out a relationship with a guy who turns out to be his biological father.
A comic about one stubborn man’s self-discovery, the challenges of spying, everyone in team Voltron being BAMF, and the universe that needs saving, as usual.
WC: comic, so no words counted by AO3 (11/?)
Notes: Galra Keith because Thace is some kinda of scientist? Uhm yes please. 10/10

your claws in me by burlesquecomposer

Summary: “Oh trust me. When I’m done with you, I won’t be able to stop laughing,” Lance says lowly, and his lips curl farther, and there’s something wild in his stare, and it hits Keith suddenly.This isn’t Lance.
Lance falls under the control of Zarkon’s Druids, and although his friends manage to get him back, nothing is quite the same. Maybe the Galra succeeded after all. Maybe the Galra merely wanted to tear Team Voltron apart from the inside.
WC: 49072 (12/12)
Notes: Rip Lance tbh, this is like really angsty and my heart breaks for Lance. but yes, galra keith is there to save the day~ 10/10

This House Unfinished by boyghosts

Summary: “Concept,” Lance said, his voice heavy and gutted with the ache of it; he caught Keith’s gaze and smiled wide, for show. “The war’s over. We’re back home. All the things we love in one place.”Lance keeps losing the things he’s built. Then there’s Keith.
WC: 30776
Notes: -cackles- have some tissues my friend 100/10

Dancing Lion, Painted Wings by genericfanatic

Summary: Years after peace has been made between the Galran and Altean kingdoms, The witch Haggar comes for vengeance. The young symbol of peace, the half-galran, half-altean Prince Kalor is lost. His aunt, Princess Allura, and his bodyguard, Shiro, are heartbroken.10 years later, an orphan named Keith sets out on his own, trying to find the key to his past. All he has to help him is a small figurine with a cryptic message, a friendly engineer, a technician and her friendly robot, and a cocky con man with a mysterious, yet familiar past.
WC: 35154 (14/14)
Notes: the anastasia au everyone talks about. and like galtean keith gives me life, but conman Lance gives me more. 10/10

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia

Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
WC: 18010 (6/6)
Notes: Smol Keith is like my fav, hes so cute in this. and Ulaz being a dad just heals my heart, like bless. 11/10

Ashes, Ashes by vagrantBreath

Summary: Everyone knew their kitten was destined for something greater.No one guessed it was Voltron.
WC: 26639 (20/20)
Notes: Keith raised by the BoM technically makes him Galra right? xD Hahah no, he does have ties, but yeah i love this, hes a sheltered little shit and its great. 9/10

Purple Marks and Bleeding Heart by TeaParade

Summary: Mark #223-code-violet, Lance’s newest job, is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron, a specialist group designed to take out the universe’s worst of the worst. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is. And Lance is having a very hard time.
WC: 52377 (12/?)
Notes: Sniper Lance and Galra Keith. literally one of my fav pairings. like straight up (tho nothing about this is straight in any sense really) 11/10

To See Blue Skies by BoyBitingDemon

Summary: He scoffed as he watched the fight below, the crowds going wild at the two fighters in the arena. They had such poor taste for entertainment these days.He heard a small sound of amusement from the one sitting next to his standing form, ever vigilant.“As if you were any better your first time in the arena.” They murmured under their breath, a small smile sneaking onto their face, pupiless gold eyes focused on the fight below, but their attention solely on the person standing guard next to him.“I must have have been somewhat impressive to catch the eyes of a certain prince now wasn’t I?"The prince snuck a glance towards the taller, whose face was hidden behind the helmet they wore."You caught a lot more than just my eye that’s for sure.”
WC: 5947 (4/?)
Notes: i,, just love this fic? Like Galra Prince Keith and Champion Lance, you can’t really get much better than this. 10/10

If Only I Could Cry TheSlytherinMudblood

Summary: Galra biology differs from human biology in many ways. For example, Galra are purple. They have yellow eyes. The mammalian ones are able to purr.They also lack tear ducts.
WC: 586
Notes: this is short and sweet (read angsty sorry not sorry) 8/10

The Master of Disguise by NireYllek

Summary: “Wait, what that doesn’t make any sense.” Hunk protested.Pidge shook her head with a tsk. “It does if one of us is disguised as Allura.”Pidge flashed a smirk in Lance’s direction. “I’m sorry, why are you looking at me?” Lance protested. Something in Keith’s brain clicked, he looked at Lance and then at the Princess.Put a little make up on him, a wig, and a dress and he could- OH my god.
WC: 33596 (6/6)
Notes: Tbh, this made me giggle so much. Lance dressed as Allura and Keith and his gay awakening™ just give me life ok. 10/10