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Can I get headcanons about what karamatsu is like when he just wakes up? Or any/all of them, I'm not picky lol. Thank you, and I love your blog!!

Aww, I’m so glad you enjoy my work!! I went ahead and did all of the sextuplets for this one ^^

•He wakes up incredibly slowly.

•A sloth could probably beat him out of bed in the morning.

•Any encouragement to leave it will be met with an endless symphony of whines and complaints.

•Eventually, his s/o just gives up on convincing him to leave the bed altogether for the sake of their sanity.

•He will come out when he’s ready, and not a moment sooner.

•He can’t really he considered lazy, per se, but he has absolutely no qualms about staying in bed with his s/o.

•He’s all sweet words and gentle touches.

•He tends to lay facing his s/o and loves dragging the pads of his fingers up and down their arm.

•His s/o legitimately cannot get him to shut up about them in the morning. Karamatsu will never stop talking about how angelic they look with the morning sunlight illuminating their eyes and making their hair glow.

•He usually follows the lead of his s/o. If they want to get out of bed early, so will he. They want to stay in bed for a while? Well, he’s definitely not complaining.

•Choromatsu is part alarm clock, as far as his s/o is concerned.

•He is such a stickler for getting out of bed on time every morning.

•If his s/o implores him to relax in bed with them for just five more minutes, they should expect a long lecture about how “going to bed and waking up at the same times every day are keys to healthy sleep”.

•In all honesty, he doesn’t seem that full of energy himself, but he definitely has enough in him to badger other people about it.

•The silver lining? Since he’s always the first one up, he always makes breakfast. And this man can cook.

•Right up there with Osomatsu on the laziness scale.

•However, unlike Osomatsu, there is a way to get him out of bed: physically drag him out. He won’t have the willpower in the morning to resist it.

•Whenever his s/o uses the aforementioned tactic, they’re unfortunately met with a loud, drawled out yowl that lasts as long as they are pulling. The good news is that this is the only repercussion.

•Once he’s finally out of bed, Ichimatsu is extremely clingy. It’s as if he doesn’t have enough strength to stand on his own that early.

•He’s normally rather vulnerable when he’s sleepy, and this leads to him murmuring random compliments about his s/o as soon as they hit him.

•Easily the most energetic of the bunch.

•Minus the bedhead, he looks and acts just as he does at any other point during the day.

•However, it does not take much convincing from his s/o to get him to come back to the warmth of the bed.

•Though, once he is back under the covers with them, he doesn’t exactly stay still. He’ll constantly fidget since his body is already fully awake.

•If his s/o disregards his wiggling, they’d have to admit that Jyushimatsu is actually very good at cuddling.

•Has the worst sleeping schedule out of everyone. It really depends on how late he stayed up on social media the night before.

•If he went to bed at a reasonable time, it’s to be expected that he’ll be up in the morning doing some sort of skincare or hair treatment.

•On the flip side, if he had very little sleep the previous night, he will literally fight his s/o over waking up.

•His s/o quickly learns to not disturb him on those mornings. It’s much better to let sleeping dogs lie.

•Regardless of the time he woke up, rest assured that he’ll be leaving his house looking the freshest of the six.


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