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Hey Bucky! I love reading about your perspective on life. I was wondering, have you bonded with Tony over non-consensual body modifications? And, has he/does he help out at all with the technical support of your arm?

tony and i have talked about our super fun experiences with becoming cyborgs, yes, and i guess we bonded? honestly though tony and i spend a lot of time geeking out about science and engineering. im nowhere near his level but when hes stumbled across something that really gets him excited he likes to share it with anyone who will listen and im one of the few people in the tower who is genuinely interested in that stuff. bruce is too but is interests are more focused. so often tony will just burst into whatever room im hanging out in and begin ranting about whatever neat science thing has happened. often he is still smoking from whatever explosion he just accidentally set off. 

tony and i mostly bond over cars. both of us are car nerds–or gearheads, if you wanna be picky about it–and we spend a lot of time working on the cars tony already has or just chatting about cars in general. natasha joins us a lot too, believe it or not. she has strong opinions about cars, both as accessories for her various covers, and as getaway vehicles. eventually i think it just kinda turned into an actual interest in cars. so she and tony and i argue cars a lot, because the rest of the avengers couldnt care less. clint drives an ancient pickup truck that is probably more bullet holes than steel, thor is half convinced that every car is gonna hit him (to be fair to thor, hes been hit by cars a lot) bruce just drives whatever, and steve seems to think that cars are some sort of range weapon. 

tony does do my arm maintenance. last time my arm broke it was because he summoned the iron man armor across the city while i was stuffing the insides full of glitter. it broke all of my metal fingers. tony fixed them all except my middle finger, which is currently stuck in flipping-off position. doesnt bother me much though because i do that a lot anyway 

The face you make when you begin dragging your friend down into the hole of kpop


get to know me meme:  (15/?) favourite female characters - kara danvers

I love this city. The lights. All the windows. I love that behind every window there’s a story. Someone’s eating take-out with their boyfriend. Someone’s playing board games with their kids. To me, every person in the city is a light. And every time I’ve helped one of them… A little bit of their light has become a part of me. I’ve never been happier than when I’ve been Supergirl. 


  • how can you look at me and see something good?
  • the world has gone to hell.
  • what have you done to yourself?
  • what have you become?
  • i trusted you!
  • you betrayed me!
  • i will never trust you again.
  • after everything we’ve been through, you turn your back on me.
  • who did you kill?
  • why are you covered in blood?
  • just breathe, you’ll be okay.
  • are you drunk?
  • this world was not meant for people like this.
  • you are weak.
  • you are nothing.
  • i hate you.
  • i don’t love you.
  • you’re going to die.
  • i’ll kill you.
  • i’ll leave you to suffer alone.
The reasons why Russia wears his scarf

Russia’s scarf has become one of his most iconic features. It has become a meme throughout the fandom and it is now the reason I wear occasional scarves (people said it looked really good on me when I was cosplaying him). But why does he wear it, other than the fact that it’s freezing in his home. You think Russia wears his scarf because he loves his sister? While that may be true, there is more to it than just that. It goes from humorous, to sad, to just plain dark. Let’s get into it.

1. Self Defense
Russia states that that his scarf is a body part in his drama CD. Even though we have seen him numerous



it. (He doesn’t even wear it in the first episode). But yet we see him having power over it, using it like limbs

Here it is again grabbing America by the ankle and China by the neck.

Dawwwww…Hope you had fun smiling. It only gets sad from here.

2. Family Significance
We all know that Ukraine gave him the beloved scarf we know today. And we all know that he rarely gets to see her. It’s like wearing a locket with a lost relative’s photo inside. We’ve seen that whenever he gets upset about his sister, he thinks of how he got his scarf. He values it like Belarus values her old fashioned dress. Her big brother made it for her. Someone who she deeply admires and loves. 

Even though what she wanted in return was totally ridiculous.

3. Dark Past
I know this sounds like a headcannon, but I have facts. We all know how fucked up Russia is. With all his bloody history, corrupt politics, and history of violence, it’s no wonder he’s a bit unstable. 

Hima heavily emphasizes and goes out of his way to explain that Russia doesn’t even realize his own cruelty. Sure, what he does is awful to other people, but when you are raised to believe that is normal, it’s still not an excuse, but you can’t help but feel bad. In this miscellaneous comic he tries to get Latvia to stop shaking…

By tearing his head off.
If that’s not fucked up I don’t know what is. But what does this have to do with his scarf? Well, there was something called Italy’s chest test. Before you ask, it is not about boobs (unfortunately). In this comic, Italy goes around testing which chests would be best to sleep on. This is what happens when he tries Russia.

As you can see Russia does not have his scarf (and apparently has a rock hard chest). However there is something around his neck.

By zooming in closer, you can see that these are bandages. Knowing Russia, this is probably the result of something incredibly fucked up that we will never know about. But can you imagine what caused him to have bandages on his neck? What event causes marks on your neck that doesn’t kill you? Unless, like his heart, his head randomly falls off too. This is something we will never know, however. 

What is your theory on this? Reply or reblog with your theories and thanks for reading.

  • “And I fell in love instantly.”
  • “It’s probably nothing." 
  • "It becomes perfect when you learn to accept it for what it is." 
  • "If you see something, say nothing and drink to forget." 
  • "And you may find, as time passes, that you remember it less and less." 
  • "Look, I’ve probably said too much." 
  • "If you don’t hear from me again, it has truly been a pleasure." 
  • "We are not history yet." 
  • "You are safe now." 
  • "You can let go now." 
  • "We have nothing to speak about. There never was." 
  • "I have chosen to not be certain of anything at all." 
  • "There are many things I wish I could remember." 
  • "I do not live but I exist." 
  • "I don’t know if he listens to me sometimes." 
  • "We can do this together, you and I." 
  • "You don’t know what to say." 
  • "I know what I saw." 
  • "Regrets just bear us down." 
  • "You are all to me." 
  • "Think nothing of it; it’s forgotten." 
  • "There—now you know. Has that filled an emptiness for you? Are you any happier now?" 
  • "I have something of urgent importance to tell you." 
  • "And for now, existence is enough." 
  • "No, not you! Not you!" 
  • "Please, stay safe inside." 
  • "I just don’t believe violence is ever the answer—it is a question. The real answer is far more terrifying." 
  • "We can get along." 
  • "I’m coming in there." 
  • "There must be something beyond this something." 
  • "I will try not to be long." 
  • "I don’t know where I am." 
  • "I told you I would be back." 
  • "I let that woeful beast live." 
  • "We have each other." 
  • "As with life, and as with all things, it will pass." 
  • "Am I in Hell?”
  • “I am certain that there must be more to us than just us." 
  • "Let’s not dwell on our corpse strewn past; let’s celebrate our corpse strewn future." 
  • "I probably won’t miss you." 
  • "Well, let’s just find out together, shall we?" 
  • "And it’s just no good anymore. We can’t carry on like this." 
  • "Nothing is real, I don’t think. Whatever; who cares?" 
  • "When I die, I want to have earned it." 
  • "The present tense of regret is indecision." 
  • "The future tense of fear is either comedy or tragedy." 
  • "I can disappear if I want to." 
  • "And what if the void is not as void as we thought?" 
  • "Time is weird; so is space. I hope ours match again someday." 
  • "We should all be so lucky to set our own futures." 
  • "I fear for what we know." 
  • "I fear for what we don’t know." 
  • "We have nothing to fear and never did." 
  • "It is likely I will learn nothing from this." 
  • "After everything that happened, I just wanted to see you." 
  • "It is too late for us." 
  • "But maybe you shouldn’t sleep in your home anymore. Just in case." 
  • "Your sadness will know no bounds." 
  • "Nothing will be the same." 
  • "Nothing has ever been the same." 
  • "When something is this weird, one shouldn’t assume to understand anything specific about it at all." 
  • "Ignorance may not actually be bliss, but it certainly is less work." 
  • "No one has ever known anything—not really." 
  • "I don’t know much about anything at all, honestly." 
  • "Everything is some level of probably, nothing is a promise." 
  • "You don’t know, and so it might very well." 
  • "Nothing ever really happens to me." 
  • "Thanks, that means lot. Not to me, but your words hold a lot of meaning intrinsically." 
  • "So it’s best just to stay away." 
  • "It cannot give you what you need." 
  • "Oh, you don’t even want to know." 
  • "But it wasn’t what I thought it would be." 
  • "I’ll be back as soon as I can." 
  • "You have no idea how often it is just you and me." 
  • "There always seems to be something upsetting you." 
  • "It’s not that there’s nothing coming to get you; there’s everything coming to get you. But relax anyway." 
  • "Don’t worry. All is as it was meant to be." 
  • "It was meant to be lonely and terrifying and unfair and fleeting, don’t worry." 
  • "This is because I am also slightly malicious. Sorry about that." 
  • "Thinking about it now, nothing seems good, let alone perfect." 
  • "And those imperfections in our reality are the seams and the cracks into which our outsized love can seep and pool." 
  • "And sometimes we’re annoyed. And disappointed. And that, too, is a part of how love works." 
  • "I just thought it was time for us to make a home together.”
Blank Canvas

The grass is cold underneath me, and I can only imagine how much worse its going to become. There’s birds up above, high in the trees and looking down on Justin and I as we lay in the garden.

“Okay,” he mutters. It’s the first time either of us has spoken in a while so it causes me to jump in surprise. “Take off your shirt and lie on your stomach, please,” he grins.

“How romantic,” I say as my T-shirt is travelling over my stomach, my chest, my neck and finally, is released from my body completely. The harsh wind breathes heavily onto my skin and I can already see the goosebumps forming; creating mountains all over my body.

Laying down on my stomach, the cold only worsens but I don’t complain. My nipples are being attacked by the grass which is almost wet due to how frosty the early January air is, I have to hold back a gasp when it feels knives against me.

“Thank you for doing this,” Justin says as he rummages through his bag. “I’ve dreamed of doing this ever since I met you.”


“Mhm.” He’s not looking at me, but at the multiple paint brushes - all of them ranging from small to large - while, I’m assuming, trying to choose which would be best to put to use. “It’s like putting art upon art.”

I don’t say anything; I’m secretly touched deeply by his words that I’m sure any words that leave my lips won’t be comprehendible, or of any relevance. Because of this, I merely wait for his next move.

“I’m not too sure what I’m gonna do yet, I’ll just see how it goes.”

“I’m sure whatever it is, it’s beautiful. I love your art.’

Looking at Justin, I could no longer see the full proportions of his face. Although, I could see a slight hint of pink creeping up his neck and I’m sure he was trying to hold back a big grin. I’m already aware Justin’s artwork means a lot to him, but seeing him getting so flustered over a compliment it receives makes it beautifully obvious. I smirk before turning back around.

“Okay, here we go,” he says and I feel him straddle my legs. I tangle my arms together and rest my head in the centre of them. It’s peaceful and I let myself appreciate the soft wind and the chirping birds.

I close my eyes when I feel the tip of Justin’s paintbrush grazing my shoulder blades. The sensation sends shivers down my spine and causes the hairs on my neck to stand to attention; as though a group of people have had their names called in unison and they all rise together. Following this, a feeling that resembles one of drops of water being released onto my back, and then it gliding through the dips and curves, sets through my skin. My eyes become heavy.

“Is that okay?” Justin whispers and it causes me to stir. I nod and hum in response. “Let me know if it gets uncomfortable or anything.”

“It’s relaxing,” I sigh and reposition my head in my arms. The movements the paintbrush is making seems a lot more confident now, meaning it’s pressing harder onto my skin, letting me feel every bristle that swipes across my skin.

I’m unaware how long it takes for Justin to complete the art he’s creating on back because I drift off ever so slightly; allowing the tingles and the cool of the paint to help me drift off into a light slumber. In fact, they’re helping me with so much triumph that I notice when they come to halt. The sudden feeling of nothing makes me stir.

“Well, hello there, Sleeping Beauty,” I hear Justin say, and a throaty chuckle follows directly behind. “Nice nap?”

“It was lovely, actually,” I grin but I know he can’t see it. I lean onto my elbows and rub my eyes with the palms of my hand; a burning sensation buzzes through them for a few seconds before I open them once more. “Are you done?”

He sighs. “I think so. I’m not sure how I feel about it right now, but I guess, yeah, it’s done.”

Justin climbs off of me and proceeds to help me stand by holding his hand out for me to take. I let my own slide into it with appreciation and I’m pulled to my feet in a matter of seconds; the grass is cold against the bottom of my feet.

I’m very aware of the fact that my chest is open to Justin’s eyes. I notice they burn bright as, for only a few seconds, they admire and relish in the sight, but out of, what I’m sure is politeness, Justin quickly averts his eyes to my face and gives me a warm smile.

“Let’s go inside, you must be freezing,” Justin says while resting his hand against my bare back, it does nothing but make shivers run over my body because they’re as cold as icicles. I try not to flinch away from his touch.

Walking through the back door and into the kitchen, I speed up once into the warmth of the house, partly because the cold was becoming too much to bare but also because I’m eager to see the final result of Justin’s idea.

“You wanna go upstairs and look at it?” Justin asks but by the time he’s finished his sentence, I’m already jogging towards the stairs. I can hear his laugh fading out as I move further up the stairs and closer to the bedroom. My anticipation is mixing with a dash of nervousness now.

My bedroom has closet with a mirror doing the job of the door of it, so as I walk in I’m instantly able to see my reflection, my next move is to turn around. I hesitate, but manage to do it eventually.

What I can see over my shoulder causes me to let out the tiniest puff of air. There’s a mix of reds, yellows, oranges and blues, all swirling together to create something breathtaking. It takes my eyes  a few seconds to adjust to the patterns Justin has created, but they’ve seen the art and now, they don’t want to look away.

“What do you think?” Justin’s voice echoes through the room, at least, it sounds like it does; I’m unsure. “Do you like it?”

“I love it, Justin,” I breathe out, still looking at it as though it’s going to begin dancing for me, or something of the sort.

“I started by drawing little patterns across your shoulder blades; you can see them there,” he drew an invisible line that felt like a feather across my back because of his little pressure he put upon it, “but then I decided I wanted to draw a sunset, which you can see there,” and again, his pointer finger flutter across my lower back. “But then, I decided to paint this little otter; I don’t know why,” he muttered.

Even though there was multiple little pieces of art, they all seemed to blend and compliment each other; the blues - while contrasting prominently with the reds - somehow seemed to shift knowingly from a bright evening sky to a winding pattern that was almost snake-like, as though it knew the one job it must complete. The baby otter with its dark brown fur lay floating in a swirl of glittering blue water.

“You’re so talented. I love them,” I whisper, continuing to stare in awe. I almost don’t notice Justin coming up in front of me, so I jump when I feel his hands on my bare waist.
“You make my art even more beautiful. I want to use you as a blank canvas all the time.” His hands are warm, warmer than my own, and they create little patches of heat on my skin and attempts to fill the entire surface of my body.

Before I could even comprehend what was happening, Justin had laid me down onto the bed sitting quietly in the centre of the room, and began to leave hot kisses down my neck. We spent a long period of time there; sweating, panting, moaning and grunting like wild animals. We would stop every now and then to catch our breath and even when we’d insist on that being the last time we collapsed and fell apart, our hands would somehow find each other’s bodies once more and we’d fall back into a rhythm that became so familiar.

Justin loves to create art, his reasoning being that it acts as an escape and it fills him with a sense of being that almost nothing else can replicate, at least that’s what he told me when I asked. That night, Justin created two pieces of art - one being intentional, the other being totally unpredicted. As I writhed beneath him, throwing my legs around his torso while his hands gripped my hips, I failed to remember the paint covering my back.

As we rose from the bed, hours later with dishevelled hair and sweat-coated bodies, the bedsheets on which we laid became, just like I had, a blank canvas for yet another piece of artwork. The colours merged mercilessly, the blues and reds had blended into a deep purple and the reds and yellows; orange. Instead of the otter, there was a large smear of faded brown that looked out of place with all the bright colours.

Justin seemed satisfied with the outcome and I caught him staring at it for just a few moments longer than I had. I could see the familiar satisfaction in his eyes while a small smile matched the redness of his cheeks.

I am honestly really tired of this

This tag war between Transformers fans and Sherlock fans has went from 0 to 1000 and it hasn’t even been a full day yet, now I see everyone becoming even more angry. This war has to stop. It’s more stressful for us who are already tired of it.

The TFP tag is our home. It’s where we share silly Transformers Prime memes, fanart, funny gifs, screenshots, and edits for six, going on seven, years. The series may not mean much to you Sherlock fans, but it means a lot to us. It brought us to tears, it made us happy, it even inspired us to make hundreds of OCs, AUs and art for it because we love it that much. We, the TFP fans, are a family and the tag is like our giant home. We wish to keep this tag as it is because it is our only place for TFP, a home we had for years. To have other people suddenly flood it with unrelated stuff, then tell us to make a new tag, grow up, and make irrelevant points about why they should have the tag made us feel threatened. If someone did that with one of your tags, a tag that felt like home to you, wouldn’t you feel threatened, too?

As for those who say “it’s just a show about stupid robots”, Transformers Prime was a series that brought us all together because it was the best animated Transformers series in years. It had great plots for each episode, plots that even made older fans sit at the edge of their seats. There were twists that did upset us, character deaths that shocked us, yet it would make up for it by giving us new characters and even more interesting ideas. To any non-Transformers fan, it would seem Transformers Prime is only about two factions of alien robots that always fight each other, but TFP was so much more than that.

You may think an animated series isn’t a big deal, but it is especially with it being a 3D animated show. We never had a show so well animated with 3D and if 2D was hard enough, imagine what the TFP animators had to go through for their fans. This show holds a special place in our hearts and that’s why we made the TFP tag.

All this disrespect being tossed our way isn’t right. Just like the Sherlock fandom, we are a fandom that is relevant and deserve respect just like any other fandom. Assuming that a fandom is lesser than yours, not important, and doesn’t deserve any respect is just wrong.

I just wish everyone would come to a peaceful conclusion, and hope the Sherlock fans will see how much this tag means to us. The only reason we don’t want you guys to use it is because this is our home, our beloved home. Please respect that.

To the Sherlock fans who are being reasonable by suggesting that your fandom should create a different tag, thank you for being mature, and understanding why we are so upset by this.

Who Companions on Tumblr

Ian: The Science Side of Tumblr. Every so often makes unsubtle jokes about alien life existing and tags Barbara, Susan and Vicki in it.

Nyssa: The Science Side of Tumblr 2.0. Occasionally corrects Ian’s science, leading to long discussions into the night on the subject, and has become good online friends with him. Text posts complaining about her irrational siblings.

Susan: Loves pretty aesthetics (like flower crowns and space), tagging mutuals in stuff, reblogging stuff from Ian and Barbara, and meme culture.

Evelyn: Reblogs recipes, practical travel suggestions, crazy university life stories (and adds her own), and awesome history facts. Loves @historyisntboring

Sarah Jane: Posts lots of photos of her happy friends and family, and public warnings to stay away from certain famous places or household items for the time being.
Every so often, odd posts in an unknown font are posted, often about computer-related humour. All such posts are tagged “Mr Smith speaks”, despite Sarah Jane having confirmed that she has never been married. Conspiracy theories about Mr Smith’s identity has become a meme. (*photo of Obama on a computer* “Obama is Mr Smith!!”)

Turlough: Almost exclusively creates popular short text posts about how much he hates Earth. People assume they’re shitposts. They’re not. He really hates Earth that much.

Sam: Used to be a textbook-stereotypical SJW. After three years offline, she realised that lecturing at and insulting random strangers on the internet isn’t really as effective as she used to think. She posts a lot less now, but still reblogs posts about stories she thinks more people need to hear. Likes and reblogs everything that Izzy creates.

Izzy: Didn’t discover side blogs until it was too late. Her blog is an absolute mess of sci-fi, superheroes and pop-culture. Wouldn’t be too bad if she could tag to save her life, but she can’t. Makes lots of popular edits. Reblogs all the signal boost stories that Sam posts.

Kroton: Somehow maintains a blog from within the multiversal spectrum. No one knows how. He and Izzy are always tagging each other in things, and he often posts reactions to various tv shows Izzy has told him to watch.

K9: Liveblogs chess matches with the Doctor. Everyone loves when he wins, because he always posts a photo of the Doctor’s face the exact moment (calculated to the nearest microsecond) that he realises he’s lost. These photos have become popular reaction pics.

Compassion: Is notorious for spamming the dashes of her followers, because she trawls through Tumblr on her earpiece and reblogs like 500 popular posts a day. People usually think she’s a bot until they find the one-in-a-thousand personal text post, which almost always starts “You will not believe what f**king Fitz has done now”.

Frobisher: Lots of photos of the Doctor looking ridiculous, and gifs of penguins tagged “me”.

The TARDIS: Follows all of her crew’s blogs. Claims that it’s only to monitor for S.O.S. messages, but really she enjoys interacting with them on something other than the usual boring three or four n-space dimensions. Posts jokes about multi-dimensional engineering that only other TARDISes on Tumblr understand.

“Storming woman.”

Has this been done yet? Quick challenge/draw meme, based on this lovely pose.

I haven’t posted one of these in a loooooong time. Ahhh, I’ve missed these two. I imagine Shallan will give him at least a little hell for suddenly becoming a Lighteyes, bless his heart. But I think it also won’t otherwise make any difference in her opinion of him, as it might a few other characters. Soooo looking forward to book 3!


I love the implication that Rantarou’s life is just a series of random vines


cartoon meme: [4/10] shows ♡ steven universe
Isn’t it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated, and so simple. I can’t wait for you to join them. Steven, we can’t both exist. I’m going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that’s me, loving you and loving being you. Because you’re going to be something extraordinary. You’re going to be a human being.

anonymous asked:

Hi! could you do something along the lines of the recent Hanzo headcanons where his s/o was from our time with Genji, Mcree, and S76 if it's not too much trouble

Hey there! Sure thing, I hope you like it! Thanks for the request. :) Here’s the link to the original post

-It took his (future) s/o some time to adjust to living in a new time, especially considering cyborg ninjas were not a thing in 2016.
-Luckily, Genji’s calming personality made it easier for them to become friends with him.
-Genji and Zenyatta made sure to catch up Genji’s s/o on everything that has changed since their time. They needed a few days of space to process everything, but once they were ready they were totally fine.
-S/O makes constant references to 2016 jokes and memes, and it makes the older crowd go wild with laughter since they are the only ones who remember them.
-“Genji, you’re my salt bae.”
“Wha…salt…bae? What does that mean? Do I need to be worried?”
“Nah, it just means you’re incredibly handsome!”
“Oh, well, thank you?”
-Genji enjoys taking them on trips during their shared down time so they can see how time has changed some things, but let others remain.

-He’s pretty suspicious at first about them being from the past, so it takes a while for him to warm up to them.
-Once McCree is comfortable around them, he’ll ask them a lot of questions about the past because he wants a firsthand account.
-“So, what was it like havin’ to hunt on horseback? Didya have to go after any outlaws yerself?”
“Jesse, what are you talking about?”
“The Wild West, of course!”
“…That was way before 2016. And a lot of it is dramatized for movies and television.”
“Aw, shucks. Does that mean my outfit ain’t up to par? I feel like a darn fool.”
“It’s perfect, Jesse. Trust me. You don’t need to change a thing.”
-He doesn’t go into too much detail about how things have changed as he likes to keep explanations simple, so he might defer some questions to Angela or Ana.
-McCree really enjoys watching older movies with them while they snuggle together under his serape and blankets.

Soldier 76
-Like McCree, he’s fairly skeptical that they’re from the past, but he’s seen a lot of shit at this point in his life. Not much can surprise him anymore.
-Soldier has a tough exterior, so he tends to brush them off at first until they begin to grow on him. At that point he’ll start answering questions they have.
-He’s actually very curious about what it was like to live in 2016 despite having been born not too long after. He’ll slip in a question here and there.
-They become close one night over a couple of glasses of wine and sitting on the roof of Watchpoint: Gibraltar.
-“You know, I’ve been really homesick lately. I used to hate my situation, but looking back on it…it wasn’t so bad.”
“…Do you regret being here?”
“Haha, actually…I’m finding that I like it here a lot more than I was expecting. Everyone has been really understanding and welcoming. I don’t think I ever properly thanked you, by the way.”
“There’s nothing to thank.”
“Trust me, there is. More than I think you know.”
“…Would it be a stretch to ask for a kiss as a thank you? I know I’m getting bolder in my old age.”
“Haha! I’d be more than happy to.”  


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 10/10 characters ~ genna lannister

Genna Lannister had been a shapely woman in her youth, always threatening to overflow her bodice. Now the only shape she had was square. Her face was broad and smooth, her neck a thick pink pillar, her bosom enormous. She carried enough flesh to make two of her husband. Though she had been a Frey for fifty years, Lady Genna remained very much a Lannister. // judi dench as genna lannister and holliday grainger as young!genna

(Very personal) meta about Georgij Popovich

Well, I wanted to do some meta about Georgij and after ep 9 I think I have enough material for my fangirl speculations so… here we go!

I know that, so far, Georgij has become some kind of meme in the fandom and, I mean, it’s understandable – the guy’s so dramatic he ends up being quite funny in his artistic bursts of angst and rage and desperate longing for love BUT… but I think there’s more than meets the eye in him. I was immediately conquered by his skating style (well, to be honest, I loved him since the moment he commented Guang Hong and Leo’s excitement about meeting Viktor and I thought he was some kind of cynical and very mature bastard but I WAS WRONG, luckily), by his way of dealing with a break-up and, moreover, by the SWEETNESS he felt and showed, while musing about Michele’s program, without even knowing what had just happened between him and Sara.

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10 Actors I 10/10 Would Kiss 😘

I was tagged by @anidlebrain 

Rules: List 10 actresses and/or actors (or a mix of both) you would kiss and then tag 10 blogs.

1. Diego Luna

2. Idris Elba

3. Charlie Hunnam

4. Zachary Levi

5. Bob Morley 

6. Daveed Diggs

7. Tom Hiddleston 

8. Goran Visnjic

9. Colin Farrell

10. does Colin Jost count as an actor? and can i judge myself any harder? More at 11.

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  • Be careful to not become like your enemies while you are fighting them.
  • But… I will never be yours!
  • Don’t be afraid, it was all a bad dream.
  • Do you understand how much it hurts to have your child in danger?
  • Everyone has a time for love, and a time for death. 
  • Fate has made our paths cross once again.
  • He will pay a heavy price for his doings.
  • I am no longer your mother. You are not my son.
  • I didn’t treat you any different from my own children!
  • If we are to die we all should die together.
  • I have everything I have ever wanted.
  • I kept my promise, but you did not.
  • I’ll take everyone you love and everything you have from you!
  • I loved you more than all of them!
  • In any case, blood will be spilled.
  • I promise I will never be like our father.
  • I thank God that I was able to feel that love and if that is why I should die, then I shall die happy. 
  • I’ve forgiven you, now you must forgive yourself.
  • I wish to be at your side in these dark days.
  • Let him suffer so much he will pray for death.
  • No matter how much you run away, you cannot run from fate. 
  • No one can dare to kill anyone from my family; if they dare, they will pay the price. 
  • No one, nothing shall seperate us, no matter who comes our way.
  • Now my era begins. 
  • Only fools seek happiness in marriage.
  • Peace is over — you finished it.
  • Stay with me tonight, so I don’t feel alone in this world.
  • This time I’m not going to spare your lives.
  • We were two children completely free from worries.
  • Whatever I do is for your peace and safety.
  • Whatever you want to say, say it to my face!
  • You are my heart. If you’re not there how will I live?
  • You are the star of my happiness.
  • You had given me your word, you said you would never turn your back on me!
  • You will die in misery.
Jin Appreciation Post

Ah yes, the Eomma pink princess..

His face is the 8th wonder of this world

I mean…Those lips…

Shit, he has better legs than me…

Let’s not forget the shoulders that are wider than the pacific ocean

They get broader by the second…

He himself knows he looks beautiful…

He likes LOVES to eat and he’s not afraid to show it

Same Jin….Same…

However like his other members….He doesn’t escape the fate of becoming a literal meme…

Husband Material….Wife Material?

I’m sorry, I just have to add this gif, it’s one of my favoritesヽ(ᗒヮᗕ)ノ

Continue slaying Seokjin… I have a feeling you’re going to kill me again like you did in “Boy in Luv” and “Fire”乁(⟃Ĺ̯⟄)ㄏ

I’m gonna stop here before this post gets too….Okay maybe one more…

One more?


Holy SHit Me…I said LAST ONE not LAST SET…. Sorry Jin Stans, I lost control there for a minute…idk what happened…

Hahahahahhaha….Fml…The more I make “Appreciation Posts”, the more I accept the fact I’ve become trash…

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This Jin Selca:

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A A AA WO W THANK U!!! I’m so happy ur so enthusiastic abt my art aaaa :’)) 

what’s my art trademark?