i love that they love each other

SJ Returns episodes 19-20 moments

-Yesung being really concerned for Donghae
-Yesung recording for hours so all the members have a guide
-Donghae trying his best to sing even though he’s not feeling well
-Heechul being supportive of Donghae’s song
-Eunhyuk cheering up the members that are recording
-Yesung and Eunhyuk being super cuddly after Yesung is done recording
-Eunhyuk singing his lines :) 
-Heechul: Yesung-ah I made the rap really sexy~
-Heechul cracking up when Yesung watches him sing
-Heechul: I get embarrassed when I have attention (LOL)
-Siwon returns in the next episodes!!

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I saw your tag for the ask on eri and your right izuku makes me wanna cry because he's such a good boy, sees the best in everyone, and he throws away his own safety for anyone in trouble and that part makes me cry like izuku you have so many people who love and care for you, please don't be exactly like all might

I would fucking die for Midoriya Izuku and his safety and happiness. He is such a good protagonist, he’s so sweet and compassionate but also so fierce when defending the things he cares for. Also here’s a quick summary of the series:

Recovery Girl: Don’t be like All Might

Aizawa: Don’t be like All Might

Gran Torino: Don’t be like All Might

All Might: For the love of freedom Young Midoriya, don’t make my mistakes

Izuku: Right! *literally anything happens* I’M GONNA BE LIKE ALL MIGHT *Detroit Smashes his limbs into oblivion*

A 50-page paper could be written about the compulsory heterosexuality on The Good Place.

Besides the vast potential for hilarious shenanigans with the Reaper Trio (do we have a name for them yet, I know someone can come up with something better than that), I also just really like the thought of these guys as a family.

They’re home late from a mission so they all shuffle off to Taako’s place (where Kravitz maybe also lives?? or does eventually??) and Taako complains at length about how late it is but there’s a freshly-cooked meal waiting for them so they all know Taako’s been sitting next to his stone all night.

They try to tell stories about the mission but they’re all speaking over each other to make themselves sound the coolest - at least, Lup and Kravitz are. Barry isn’t nearly as worried about his perceived coolness; he’s been lovingly referred to as “nerd” for far too long now. If Taako (or whoever else is listening) wants to know the real story, he’ll just ask Barry later. Barry is brutally honest.

If there’s a uniform, Lup and Taako customize the trio’s. If there’s not, they come up with coordinating outfits. Kravitz insists he’s not wearing that. Lup insists that he is. In a truly underhanded move, Taako asks Kravitz if he doesn’t like the outfit that Taako personally made for him. There is only one right answer. (Lup made sure Barry’s included his bluejeans and gets a kiss on the cheek.) (The Raven Queen loves the outfits and soon everyone has them, including everyone in the office.)

Lup and Barry start acting sickeningly sweet with mounds of pda edging into what should not be pda right in front of Kravitz, so Kravitz starts talking loudly about what he and Taako did last night. The questionable pda screeches to a halt. Lup and Barry do not look at him or each other for the rest of the mission. Kravitz worries that Taako will be mad, but when Kravitz tells him, Taako starts howling with laughter.

Barry gets separated from the group during a mission and Lup is trying to act like she’s not worried, but Kravitz knows better by now. He holds Lup’s hand because he knows that’s a comfort thing with her and Taako.

They’ve all been away too long and they know Taako worries no matter what he says, so they call him and it’s just a mess of all of them trying to talk at the same time and Taako can’t make sense of anything they’re trying to say.

Kravitz keeps trying to use the accent. Lup and Barry also come up with accents to use. Kravitz stops using the accent but it takes the other two another full week to stop.

Barry loves the twins in different ways, but it’s nice to have someone else around who doesn’t spread chaos on a near-constant basis. Kravitz is a good choice for company during quiet moments, and sometimes when it’s just the two of them they don’t say anything at all. It’s a comfortable silence.

Barry and Kravitz are Not Allowed in the kitchen after nearly burning it down while trying to cook their significant others a nice dinner. The intentions were sweet. The resulting property damage was not.


Space cops boyfriends
I love these two so much it’s killing me (also almost 2 weeks till s4 whaaat)

a huge thanks to my friend @bruna-fantappie for the help with anatomy issues!! ♥

google search how to draw keith and make him not look like an anime boy please i’m so sorry