i love that there is no fourth wall in this show


So. I was watching the second season of Haikyuu!! Bc is my favorite and I notice this:

Right after Tora tells Kenma that KageHina are taking supplementary classes and Kenma is like “oh..”.
Well the start to show all the school that are there.
And it’s when the thing stared.
FIRST: They show some players warming up, between them there’s Bokuto FUCKING POSSING
Then they show the Ubugawa player. Right after the players warming up and Bokuto IS STILL POSSING.
Then the Shinzen guy- players warming up- BOKUTO.POSSING.
Players warming up and guess what BOKUTO FUCKIN STILL POSSING.

I know it might be something that the animators didn’t want to spend time changing the players positions but it’s hilarious to me.

It’s like he’s breaking the fourth wall.. he’s like Deadpool or something

(Sorry if I misspelled some words. English is not my natural lenguaje)

A long time ago before the fandom was clinging to the last vestiges of life I was going to write a long meta on exactly why I love Osomatsu-san and its cast so much, but here’s an ultra abridged version: even though the show writers and voice actors compared the characters to “actors in a play”, that’s not exactly accurate. Osomatsu-san’s cast are cartoon characters that are aware of their existence as cartoon characters. They exist and operate on a meta level that’s far above and beyond just “actors in a play” and ordinary fourth wall breaking. I wanted to go through a ton of examples, but one of the more prominent ones feature them remembering/talking about times they’ve died in the past.

My favorite example is this short story accompaniment to FesMatsu, though, where they acknowledge their immense popularity with women, and Karamatsu demonstrates he’s aware that he won the character popularity polls. [Translation Source]

A Letter To My Love

Requested by anon

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: In a world where when you write on your hand, the message shows up on your soulmate’s hand too, it should be relatively easy to find them. They could even be on the other side of the coffee shop from you.

A/N: I’ve never written a soulmate AU before, so this could be terrible. I kind of broke the fourth wall a bit at one point, because i’m a rebel like that

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(Not my gif or pic)

“I don’t get why this spider guy fascinates you so much, (Y/N/N),” you best friend told you, staring at where your face was currently hidden behind a newspaper, the front page sporting a blurry picture of the now famous hero. You rolled your eyes, folding the newspaper and taking one more look at the photo.
“It’s really interesting!” you argued. “He’s like our neighbourhood’s equivalent of Iron Man or Captain America! We finally have our own superhero!”
Your friend raised her eyebrows, not buying it. “The guy’s nothing on the Avengers. He runs around in spandex, for god’s sake.”
“So does Cap!”
You heard a chuckle from behind you, and you turned to meet a pair of soft brown eyes. The boy smiled slightly at you, a smile that you returned almost instantly.
“Hey,” you said slowly. “I’m sorry to bother you, but what do you think of Spider-man?”
The boy screwed up his face in thought for a moment, running a hand through his already messy dark brown hair. You found yourself staring, until your friend kicked you under the table with a knowing smirk.
“He’s pretty cool, I guess,” he said eventually. “I saw him battling that lizard guy a while ago. The guy can fight, I’ll give him that.”
You shot your friend a smug look. “I told you so.”
The guy cleared his throat, bringing your attention back to him. “Look, would you maybe like to go out for coffee sometime? I’ll let you fangirl about Spidey all you like.”
You chuckled, feeling your cheeks turning red. “That would be nice. I’m (Y/N), by the way.”
“Peter. Here, I’ll give you my number.” He pulled a pen from behind his ear, taking your left hand shyly and scribbling his number on the back. “I’ll see you around, (Y/N).”
You nodded slightly, smiling and biting your lip. “Sounds great.”
It wasn’t until Peter got home that he noticed the familiar number scrawled across his own left hand. Had Aunt May really done that again? he wondered in frustration. She was adamant that he’d one day forget his mobile number when it mattered, and was always writing it on his hand. She’d even added a tiny red love heart this time.

It wasn’t until you got home and went to copy Peter’s number into your contacts that you realised with a jolt that the writing had smudged. You could only make out the first two digits.
Cursing your own stupidity, you fell back on your bed and glared at the smudged blue ink, the tiny red blob the only remnant of the love heart you’d stupidly drawn. He had been cute, really cute, and now you had no way of contacting him. Unless
You’d always marked the soulmate theory as bullshit. That your soulmate could write on their arm, and it would appear on yours, seemed ridiculous to you, like something straight out of a young adult novel or a crappy fanfiction. It had to be worth a try though, right?
You grabbed a black biro from your desk, nearly dropping it in your haste and excitement. Pulling the cap off and biting your lip, you took a few seconds to think what to write.

Peter frowned slightly as his left hand began to tingle. It wasn’t in the Spidey sense, it was more like someone tickling the back of his hand with a feather. He tugged his hoodie sleeve up to peer at the skin. What he saw made a grin spread across his face.

Anyone there?

He searched his pockets and behind his ears for a pen, and cursed under his breath when his search proved fruitless. His eyes scanned his desk, again finding nothing to write with. His soulmate was finally writing to him, and he couldn’t even reply. What a brilliant first impression to make.

You sighed in defeat as no answer came. You should have known it would be a stupid theory. Maybe you just didn’t have a soulmate. It had been a longshot anyway; your soulmate would have had to be Peter for it to work, and you barely knew the guy. There was no way you’d get someone as nice and cute as him as your soulmate, you weren’t that lucky.

Months passed, and you forgot about Peter. You were sitting in your favourite coffee shop, resting your head against the cool glass window and doodling absent-mindedly on your hand as you watched the rain trickling down the window. A raised voice on the other side of the shop caught your attention.
“Hey, this dude’s soulmate’s drawing on his hand!”
Your eyes widened; it couldn’t be, could it?
Grabbing your pen with shaking fingers, you started drawing the first thing that came to mind. A symbol you’d seen in blurry pictures in the newspaper, and once on a red and blue clad chest swinging through the city.
“His soulmate’s drawn the Spider-man symbol!”
You got to your feet, making your way slowly to where your soulmate, whoever he is, was hidden by the small crowd that had gathered around his table.
“Write something back!” someone urged him. Instead of pushing through the crowd to see him, you waited, staring at your hand and holding your breath.

Hey Spider Girl

You giggled, a smile spreading across your face. The crowd turned and stared at you, slowly reaching their conclusions as they saw you grinning at your hand. You looked up slowly to get your first look at your soulmate.
Or maybe it was your second look?
“Peter?” you asked incredulously, your smile so wide now that your jaw hurt. “That was you, right?” you asked, showing him the back of your hand.
Peter got to his feet, grinning sheepishly as he showed you the matching messages and drawings on his arm.
“Hey Spider Girl,” he said with a smile, taking your hand in his.

A/N: This is the first soulmate AU I’ve ever written! Please tell me in my ask what you think, your feedback means the world to me!

Mirrors, Meta, and Breaking the Fourth Wall

When Sherlock is going through how the women executed the ghostly bride projection, he’s going through how Mofftiss has been queer coding the show. Character mirrors abound in the series, over and over again. It’s one of the basic tenets of our huge repository of meta. By showing a series of bride deceptions, we’re shown that this is done again and again, a mirror being held up to our core characters (Sherlock, John, Moriarty, Mary) through different iterations of other characters, their relationships reflected back at them ad infinitum.

Sherlock then goes on to identify the women’s one mistake: they broke the pane of glass, hence the sound of the glass shattering. The cult of women social justice champions is so obviously a mirror for our TJLC community that my husband even paused the playback on our watch through to comment, “Hm, conspiracy? Where have I heard that before…” and give me a knowing wink. He knew the cult was our mirror before they were unmasked to the audience. So what was our “mistake”? We shattered the glass when we removed it: we broke the fourth wall. We spilled the beans before Mofftiss was ready, and we won’t let it go, because we know we’re right. We cracked the meta code, we saw TJLC and we spread the word, and we won’t stop, even when Mofftiss has had to lie to our faces at conventions and interviews time and again. And though they have to put up a front of us being “wrong” or “hysterical” in the public sphere for the rest of the show to work, they know we are right, and we will win in the end.

The first episode of Osomatsu-san is like Gintama on drugs

I mean seriously look at this. After a whole thing in their old style about the anime being rebooted, it goes to this:

And then


And then they proceed to 

Over which “MASA” celebrates wildly, including Obama and Einstein hugging. But wait, there’s more. The siblings are all introduced, and then the heroine is. And then, indoors, mind you, Karamatsu does this

And within a minute, they all fight for Totoko’s love

After which, she… 

dies. She dies in the first episode of the show, minutes after meeting the “heroes”. BUT THAT ISN’T THE END.

They go and break the fourth wall.

AND THEN, the other characters start coming in and changing the genre. By this point, all hope of a plot is gone. In their attempts to create the “perfect modern anime”, they start doing this:

Oh yeah, but this titan is no ordinary titan. Instead of eating them directly…

But I digress, have some more 

And then after that mess of a scene, they decide to go back to this

This episode broke enough copyright laws that it isn’t going to be released on the dvd or publications of the anime. THEY MADE THAT MANY PARODIES. And then, after 20 minutes, 20 MINUTES, they finally “start” the actual anime. This episode is what all comedies aspire to be.

I still don’t understand how someone can look at this show, look at these damn cuties, and claim that everyone in the show is ugly. I just can’t.

Okay, is it just me or does Sekizan look like he could be the illegitimate abomination love child of Jotaro and Dio? Maybe it’s just me.

Get your shit together Blondie. ‘sides, I’m sure he’s a big ball of kitten fur.

Is that Satan’s son in the background?

Look just cause you’re tanned and handsome doesn’t mean you can glare a hole into my soul.

I like fourth wall breaking gags like this in anime.

Mr. Eyebrows on Fleek.

Mr. Most Likely To Be Bullied By Elementary School Delinquents at the Local Convenience Store

Bootleg Yosuke

Dude has the exact same body as bootleg Yosuke

See you can tell he’s important because he gets a close up.

Mandatory female team manager

Ganbatte Iwashimizu!!!

Haha he said balls

He’s like an old Southern mother when she hears her kid not saying “Sir” or “Ma’am.”

A one track mind…

Handsome as fuck

Gion, no, it’s a trap!

He’s about to die and he’s so happy.

It was at this moment, he knew he fucked up.

That’s like the ultimate insult.

Seems like a good deal.

That looks like it should be simple and easy, but I bet it’s super hard to do.

I’d have died like ten seconds into the exercise, but I guess that’s why I don’t have a rocking anime bod.

If you’re looking at his ass you’re a pervert.

See, a total ball of kitten fur.

Are tackles have a carry over rate? Does this mean he’ll have nine tomorrow?


Ganbatte Gion!

Follow the Gion road~

Looks like it’s time for a divorce Gion, lol

Why do I get the feeling that’s not the case?

Why is he so cute? >o<

Maybe the training did have a purpose after all.

Insane. The word you are looking for there is insane.

David vs Goliath

Not only does this apply to rugby, but also street fighting

It was at this moment Sekizan realized…he fucked up.

“Well damn…”


He went to the Joseph Joestar school of taking down people stronger than you

His back muscles looks like an angry man’s face…also I wish I was an anime character

What emotion is he trying to convey?

Didn’t anime teach you anything? The way to get taller is to hang from the neck.

Just where is Sekizan staring?

Another husbando for the harem

I would never be able to remember all that

And then there’s this asshole

Ain’t no bench riders here, Blondie.

What are the chances that he understands it was an accident and he doesn’t hate Blondie’s guts?

I want to eat a hamburger!

Can we talk about this?

Because right here in this exact moment while C. Smith is saying that “Look at you all. So gloomy. Cannot take a joke?” And he looks exactly into the camera??! AT US? It gives me the creeps. 

I’ve seen and reblogged some posts about breaking the fourth wall in S4 but I’ve never seen anybody mentioning this moment. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’d love to read so analysis about this scene.

 This moment was the second time I realized a character looking directly into the camera in S4 (the first was John’s/Martin’s “take a fucking sip, babes” moment) and it fucking sends a chill down on my spine. Just look at him and say I’m paranoid.

The camera quickly changes position, showing us the nurses’ faces. Except I cannot see the gloom on them?

(The definition is from the online Cambridge Dictionary.)

In the whole scene everybody seems to be on the edge of their nerves. They feel really uncomfortable, and I don’t blame them. I always feel the same whenever I watch this scene. It’s disturbing.

 Nurse Cornish is definitely nervous and feels uncomfortable, also the woman with the blonde ponytail, and the children around Smith, so why does Smith use this exact word, “gloomy”? Does he misunderstand facial expressions because he’s a psychopatic serial killer? I just don’t understand.

Okay, I must admit that the second definition of ‘gloomy’ is more close to the facial expressions of the characters because they definitely have experienced other situations like this with Smith visiting the hospital so they’re alert what’s happening, especially the nurses. “Seven years…” It’s like a threat. Poor things. And the children are just catching the vibes the adults transmit.

Also, why the fuck does someone want someone else to tell stories about murders for children? Unless he’s a psycho. Oh, well… He is. But clever psychopaths can hide their true selves so why Smith doesn’t do that? Like he wants to be caught. But why would he wanted to be caught? He’s a succesful businessman with tons of money and a fun murder house he can play in. He could have gone forever with killing anyone… This whole thing with Smith gives me some ASiP vibes with a clever serial killer who wants to be caught.

Should I just simply give up trying to understand the whole series?

I’m still shit at tagging people who might be interested in my tons of questions, so… Tags under the cut.

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Thoughts on the Season 1 Finale
  • there’s so much to recap because of the double episode oh boy here we go
  • I can’t believe it’s over already :( this season went so fast!
  • But seriously that finale was amazing and I loved the way they tied up all the loose ends (shout out to Intro Theme Song Guy, your shameless breaking of the fourth wall was much appreciated ;))
  • also shout out to the Budget-Writing-Is-An-Artform Guy for being awesome
  • also shout out to Luke for actually making good life choices, keep doing what you’re doing bro, I’m sure you’ll do great on Wall Street
  • guys there is a bug flying around my face right now IT KNOWS
  • yeah Daddy Healy kinda deserves to suffer for a bit for everything he did
  • screw you Director Director Guy, screw. you.
  • so Ella’s dead. anyway.
  • Is that I’m A Tree And I’m Not Moving song a common thing at protests in America or did they just make it up for the show?
  • Rochelle has a boyfriend???
  • well I guess that makes sense, he seems like the kind of guy with hidden awesomeness (pro tip: if you’re going to do something shady, bring along a friend who’s a fed)
  • that was so cute when he asked her out though and also when they were hugging as the cherry blossoms rained down awww
  • I wonder how much all that salt cost
  • I love how shame was the key to getting rid of the bugs
  • I also love that Gary was the one that saved the day but he had no idea, finally an intern that hasn’t met a horrific, head-exploding end! hooray!
  • I also love how everything went back to normal and politicians were still missing half their brain, but hey America will be totally fine
  • ooohhhh so that’s why he keeps calling her Lana
  • Gareth pushing Red away from Laurel was so freaking heroic
  • and also him helping her onto the table first despite having a stab wound, a true gentleman
  • *looks at giant pile of bugs* “that’s kind of gross” yep
  • I’m so glad Gareth didn’t get shot because he’s already been stabbed and poor Aaron has played enough roles where he gets severely wounded multiple times (coughMikeWarrencough) (at least the hospital scene went better for him on this show heh)
  • AND THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL WAS SO RANDOM BUT ALSO FUNNY AND SWEET (and Laurel was secretly disappointed when Gareth said he was joking ;)) ALSO LAUREL WANTING 0 KIDS AND GARETH WANTING 5-6 WAS SO THEM
  • I just really love Laureth ok?
  • welp I think that’s pretty much everything
  • This season has been a wild, crazy, wonderful ride and you guys are all awesome, so thanks for all the discussions (and shout out to all you gifmakers!! you guys rock!!!) and here’s hoping for a Season 2!!!
Things I Associate With the Signs
  • Aries: deep rustic red colors, basketball games, loud music, feet slamming on pavement, catching your breath after a run
  • Taurus: mac and cheese, wood fireplaces on a cold day, thick warm quilts, grandmother's house, reruns of your favorite show
  • Gemini: laughter, jokes, big honest grins, grabbing hands and running, sparkling eyes
  • Cancer: small familiar knickknacks, patchwork pillows, painted wood paneling, home cooked meals, tiny lovely flowers
  • Leo: golden thrones, regal halos, majestic lions, silky sheets, fancy perfumes
  • Virgo: pristine white walls, small green terrariums, a glass bottle of purified water, freshly cleaned eyeglasses, sunrises
  • Libra: roses, peace signs, long flowy sweaters, a balanced scale, flower headbands
  • Scorpio: forests late at night, lit candles, mysterious glances, black suits or dresses, gemstone rings
  • Sagittarius: fire pits, summer nights, starry skies, fireworks on the fourth of july, sparklers
  • Capricorn: glasses of neat scotch, ties, clicking of a keyboard, briefcases, james bond movies
  • Aquarius: electric green, aliens, acid trips, hypnotic swirls, dyed hair
  • Pisces: gentle streams, tiny fish, newly sprouting grass, whispers at 2 am, soft blue velvet pillows

I love that they actually get a title screen here.

Okay that was funny.

Something tells me this is actually being written by the SU writers, because I don’t see a show with an abomination like that having jokes like these.


“Wow Uncle Grandpa, I didn’t know you could pull out plot holes out of your penis bag!”

“That’s pretty much how every one of my episodes go, kid.”


This show was made for me; it is my soulmate show. There will never be another show that more closely speaks to everything that I love (even if technically it’s only my second favorite show of all time). And, of course, my curse strikes again! Like all shows I love, it got canceled. Sometimes it sucks to be me. (Spoilers)

  1. The music is perfect: simultaneously referential, fourth-wall breaking, and hilarious. Listening to this soundtrack 100% guarantees waking up with one of its songs stuck in my head. I think through two seasons there has only been one song that I don’t particularly care for and tend to skip. It is a travesty that some of the great songs in season one didn’t make it onto the soundtrack.
  2. Madalena is my favorite character, she’s just so great. She’s so unapologetically selfish and evil, yet you can see how she became that way and has moments of vulnerability. Her romance in season two was absolutely adorable; only this show would feature a love story growing from cutting off ears. I also love that she leaves at the end of season two; it would have felt out of character for her to choose to give up power.
  3. The Richard/Roberta stuff was great too. Their awkwardness was adorable. Roberta gets the gold star for one of the best lines in the whole show (”Holy freaking cow, you’re the same damn height.”)
  4. Ugh, I really got sick and tired of the Isabella/Galavant stuff. Every other thing said in the entirety of season two was about how much they missed the other. The only bright spot was that phone call. It’s a shame the writers kind of lost all the chemistry between our two leads from early in the show.
  5. I could not stop laughing at the entirety of the Joust episode. It was filled with so many good moments. The training montage leading to Galavant being too sore, Isabella tipping the scales with absinthe, and the slow motion joust ending in a race to getting up first. That episode was when the show become something special.
  6. I will miss this show so much. We’ll never get to see Richard get his dragon. I super believe in you, Tad Cooper!

thehoundunit  asked:

“Heh, it sure would be nice to see what he’s up to.” Sarge raised his glance, as if staring at some unseen observer. “Yep, it sure would be practical if we could just magically cut to see what they were doing right now.” Best sarge line holy shit


I absolutely LOVE when the characters break the fourth wall in the show, so I decided I would have Sarge smash the wall in my story. I was so proud of myself XD I was glad you loved that moment as well!

Nohrian Festival: Camilla’s Costume and Related Dialogue

I like how Anna yet again breaks the fourth wall by mentioning how there are different Kamui’s, and then Camilla just brushes it off by saying that she loves all Kamui’s regardless. And yet again Anna shows just how much she knows.

Now I know that Anna and Jake are apparently the ancestor of all Anna’s, but there’s no telling if that particular Anna was the first Anna. But of course that means that Anna would have been around way longer than Marth; ergo, longer than the Fire Emblem series itself.

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Linkara: Critic, you know that mailman that you got fired? He didn’t steal your Playboys, Spoony did!

Spoony: Critic, the Chicago snowstorm didn’t break the porch swing, Linkara did!

Linkara: Spoony hasn’t worked on his show for a year!


Linkara: Spoony married the Cinema Snob in Vegas and got divorced! AGAIN!

Todd in the Shadows: I LOVE KATY PERRY!

Cinema Snob: I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle!

Nash: I WANNA GO!!!

when you show wilson a rabbit that’s being held in his inventory, he says this

and i love this line a lot

because i don’t know whether he’s meant to be asking the rabbit if it likes science or if he’s asking you and me, the players, in a roundabout way of seeing if maybe he and the player can’t maybe do some tests on that rabbit

there is no fourth wall in this game it’s amazing

Moarte’s Origin

Okay, how to justify talking about this topic… Hm… Well, he had a brief second-long cameo in a recent episode of Atop the Fourth Wall…

Eh, that’ll work. Longbox!

As you’ve probably guessed, I am a HUGE Longbox fan. It’s a nice thing that Lewis does for October to feed the Halloween spirit. I feel it doesn’t get enough love on Tumblr, and I’d really enjoy seeing more LotD action on the site. And a major part of what makes this show so enjoyable is our host, a ghoul known only as Moarte.

Moarte has been the host of Longbox ever since the show first started. His questionable accent’s origins and terrible taste in puns has quickly made him a fan favorite. However, in my opinion, the most unique thing about Moarte isn’t his design or love of mummies.

No, that will be his history.

“But Sandy,” you say, “we don’t know anything about Moarte’s history!”

That’s just it, though. We literally know nothing about Moarte’s past.

That’s what’s so intriguing about this character. Lewis loves to give his characters histories on AT4W. Hell, he’s given a freaking gun a backstory! And yet here’s a prominent character – the host of his own show – with no backstory whatsoever. The only other character I can think of with a vague history is Linkara, but as he’s heavily based on Lewis himself, he gets a pass. Of course, there’s been the occasional tease to Moarte’s history here and there, but Lewis has never officially confirmed a backstory.

So, as you can imagine, this has led to some speculation. We generally seem to agree on a few key points (which will be included in this headcanon/theory, but I’m getting ahead of myself,) but we really have no grounded history. Therefore, I’m submitting my own theory for consideration.

**QUICK NOTICE: I will be basing the majority of this theory on my own thoughts, though some aspects will poke through from another popular theory from an “Ask Moarte” blog, as it’s the closest we’ve ever gotten to Moarte’s canon origin. If you’re curious, I’ll link it at the end. **

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