i love that she's defending her mate

Reasons Cassian and Nesta are Mates

Even though I love every Cassian and Nesta encounter I am only including moments in this post that give off signs of a mating bond being present.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Feyre painting flames of fire on Nesta’s drawer. And Cassian is compared to fire multiple times in the series. “Fire - he reminded her of fire made of flesh”

When Cassian offers to defend Nesta’s home and her people from Hybern and wipes away the tears that fall from her eyes. (Also note that Mor watched this in awe and perhaps she is able to sense something remarkable happening in that moment. A flicker of a mating bond perhaps.)

Feyre’s talk with Cassian on the bridge hints that she knows there is something between Cassian and Nesta. (And she wants the Illyrian to know that Nesta will always remember his promise which seems to impact him when he hears Feyre say that.)

Cassian, in his bloody and unconscious state, tried to save Nesta as she was hauled into the Cauldron. Each time she screamed his body stirred and attempted to answer her pleas.

“At Nesta’s shouts, her raging, his eyes fluttered open, glazed and unseeing, an answer to some call in his blood, a promise he’d made to her.”

Wings and Embers

Nesta’s scent has a way of making Cassian almost lose control. Poor bat has troubling not just giving in and pressing his face in the crook of her neck!

“A blade given form - that’s what she was.” and “Fire - he reminded her of fire made of flesh” These two things  go hand in hand when forging a weapon…or in this case a bond being forged. Either way the parallels of these comparisons are too important to exclude. 

Cassian rage when he finds out Nesta was harmed by Tomas is extremely similar to how territorial males react when their mates are threatened. *Note that in TOG Aelin goes into a “killing calm” when Rowan was hurt and now Cassian is experiencing a “murderous calm”.

Nesta states that Cassian is the only one who could see through her shields. No one else. JUST CASSIAN.

“Cassian breathed in the smell of her into his lungs, stirring his cock as it latched onto some intrinsic part of him and sank its talons deep.” Intrinsic part = mating instincts. That is my theory at least.

When Nesta blames “some faerie magic” for a reason why she let Cassian nuzzle and lick her. NO GIRL THAT’S A MATING BOND!

A Court of Wings and Ruin

“You come between a male and his mate, Nesta Archeron, and you’re going to learn about the consequences the hard way.” I love how Cassian is the one bringing this topic up. And hopefully hinting that we will see this in action in the later books between them!

When Mor, Azriel and the other Inner Circle members can see the tension between Cassian and Nesta. AND AZRIEL SHOOTING A WARNING STARE AT MOR TO REMIND HER TO KEEP QUIET. They have clearly talked about connection Cassian has with Nesta.

When Feyre asks Cassian why he bothers with Nesta his response is literally: “Because I can’t stay away.”

The whole Bone Carver scene is a gold mine of information.

Cassian silently communicating to Nesta to get behind him when Amren is becoming angry.

Cassian experiences that “rage” when he finds out Nesta is in danger at the library with the Ravens. 

Nesta and Cassian’s interaction right before they go to the Court of Nightmares. How Cassian is trying to read her face and that they both look at each other with a “raging intensity, that blend of contempt and understanding and fire”.

Cassian is able to sense something wrong with Nesta after the High Lords’ meeting.

Feyre and Rhysand talk about Cassian and Nesta being bonded. (And how they both seem to think that the two are mates.)

Nesta being able to sense that Cassian is injured, even when Rhysand couldn’t.

Nesta roaring for Cassian on the battlefield. How could she have known that he was in danger if something didn’t warn her?

Cassian being able to hear Nesta over his warrior mode and the sounds of battle. He didn’t even think twice about flying back to her.

Nesta being unable to leave Cassian behind on the battlefield. “I can’t,” she breathed, voice breaking. “I can’t.”

Feyre and Velaris

I find Feyre’s relationship with the Night Court and Velaris to be truly beautiful. She always felt a pull to the quiet darkness that is the Night Court, to Rhysand, though she never realised it. And when she discovered her mate bond with Rhysand, she felt like she had come home- found her family. In A Court of Mist and Fury when Feyre is defending Velaris, I absolutely adore how she referred to them as her people, and it became her first instinct to protect them. That alone is so inspiring how she adopted the role so quickly and with no hesitation. She would rather die fighting than see her people suffer. I don’t know if anybody else feels this way, but I hope that one day I would love someone so deeply that I would sacrifice and risk myself just to protect the things my partner loves.

Harry Hook x fem!reader || Fixing

request nr.1 with prompts #36. “ You still love her ?” , #40. “ This isn’t the guy/girl I fell in love with. “ , #41. “ You’re hurting me. ” + Harry Hook x Reader

request nr.2 with prompts #36. ” You still love her ?“ #41. ” You’re hurting me" & #28 “ I have nowhere to go.” + Harry Hook x reader ( daughter of princess Tiana) @jugheadismyking

I hope you guys still like this, I decided to combine two similar requests , so I get to finish them sooner ! ❤ Also just so you know from 13 august ( aka my birthday ) I’ll be going in a one week trip around my country and I won’t be online. I try to post some one shots every day ( if I have WiFi! ) but I won’t respond to messages or things like that, also my master list won’t be upgraded until I came back home, thanks for the understanding ! Woah this turned out longer that I planned.

THIS IS NOT EDITED ! So I’m sorry for the grammatical errors !


Also this one kind of gave me an idea for a mini series which I might write after I’ll finish the requests ( which are a lot tbh )

master list

writing prompt list


“ You’re sure you don’t want to come with us, (Y/N)? You’ve been going there since your were six,” Tiana looked at her daughter compassionately, knowing that something wasn’t right.

Princess (Y/N) was always the happiest when their family went to the Isle of the lost to help people there; now , the 18 years old princess, refused to go, confusing her mother.

“ I’m fine , mother. I will just skip this time,” (Y/N) smiled

Tiana shook her head, “ You refused to come last year as well, there are no more excuses young lady, ”

“ But mother-”

“ No buts. Now put that pout away, ” Tiana said kissing her daughter’s forehead, “ You will come and stay there for the summer, just like how you always used to,”

(Y/N) groaned , “ I don’t want to stay three whole months there !”

“ (Y/N), the people there need us, until they’ll be accepted into Auradon , they still need us. ”

“ Fine,” she gritted

“ Great! See you on the ship in half an hour, sweetie. ” Tiana smiled, going to pack her own suitcase, leaving (Y/N) alone in her bedroom.

The (h/c) haired girl laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She knew very well why she didn’t want to go there anymore.

It all started on her 16th birthday; she saw her boyfriend kissing another girl, not any girl but also her best friend. That’s why (Y/N) tried to stay away as much as she could from the isle, from them.

(Y/N) walked cheerfully along the docks of the isle, it was her birthday and as a gift, her father let her pick two of her friends from the isle and take them outside the barrier for the day.

Of course, (Y/N) knew the perfect people, her longtime boyfriend, Harry Hook and her best friend, Uma.

“ Harry, I have great news!” she said in a singing voice as she opened the door to Ursula’s chip shop, but she wanted to ate her words as soon as she saw the scene in front of her.

Harry was holding Uma on his lap, her lips against his. (Y/N)’s mouth dropped open, “ What’s going on?” she asked, trying to mask her shaking voice as much as she could.

Harry and Uma both pulled away at the sound of (Y/N)’s voice, “ Love, this isn’t what it looks like,” Harry cried panicked

“ Oh really?” (Y/N) asked sarcastically, “ Then what it is ? Is it normal for my boyfriend and best friend to kiss when I’m not here ? ”

(Y/N) didn’t wait for any of them to respond, she just stormed out of the shop and let her legs carry her away, until a strong hand grabbed her wrist, “ Just let me explain, (Y/N),” Harry’s voice echoed in her ears.

“ Explain what , Harry? That you’ve been kissing Uma while I was working my ass off to get you both of the isle today, since it is my birthday, thing you’ve forgo I assume. ”

She was planning to give them a gift for her birthday? Harry couldn’t believe, he was an idiot to ruin that and also their relationship, “ Look, I only kissed Uma because we were in a middle of an argument and I wanted to make her shut up-” Harry sighed, “ and then it evolved into something else, I’m sorry,”

“ Do you love her as you love me?” (Y/N) asked, her voice trembling, tears falling from her eyes. The pirate didn’t reply, thats when she tried to pull away, “ Let me go, Harry,” she cried, “ You’re hurting me,”

And he let her go.


(Y/N) whipped her tears away as she closed her eyes, trying to forget the memory. The princess got up from her bed , grabbed some clothes and threw them in a small suitcase, “ Honey, you’re ready?” her mother yelled from the other room, “ Y-yeah,” (Y/N) said closing her bedroom’s door and going to her parents.

“ Did you cry?” Tiana asked worriedly

“ No, I’m fine mom, let’s go,” (Y/N) smiled weakly, going ahead and hopping on their family’s ship.

The trip wasn’t long, (Y/N) was already used to it and in less than two hours they’ve made it to the isle, Tiana called Belle to lift the barrier and they passed through, “ Here we are, didn’t you miss it ?”

(Y/N) glared at her mother, “ Not really, but thanks for forcing me to come, ” she said bitterly

“ (Y/N)- ”

“ I’ll be fine,” she said running to the old garage that it will be her home for the summer, just like how it used to be .


“ They’re here !” Gil announced happily entering The chip shop

“ What are you talking about ?” Uma asked bored, sometimes she couldn’t understand Gil’s enthusiasm.

“ Queen Tiana and King Naveen with their daughter, isn’t it great?”

Uma dropped the plate she was holding, the daughter of Ursula couldn’t believe that (Y/N) , her former best friend, came back.

A smile appeared on her face but it faded quickly when she remembered the look on (Y/N)’s face when she saw her kiss Harry, “ You’re sure (Y/N)’s here? ” Uma asked

“ Yes, Captain, positive. I saw her. ”

“ Who did you saw?” Harry joined the conversation as he entered the shop, wearing his signature smirk.

“ (Y/N) !” Gil answered enthusiastic

Harry’s smirk dropped ,“ Tell me he’s joking,” he said looking at Uma.

“ Afraid not, ” she sighed, “ You still love her ?”

“ I’m not sure, Uma, ”

The teal haired girl nodded, as her eyes opened wide when she saw who was entering the shop, “ (Y/N),” she said softly, making Both Harry and Gil to turn around and see the princess holding a bag full of groceries.

“ Hi, so…these are for you guys,” she said awkwardly; Tiana made her go there herself and fix things between them and her old friend, “ Good to see you again,” she said showing a slightly fake smile.

“ It’s good to see you again, (Y/N)” Gil smiled, taking the groceries from her hands and handing them to Harry, “ I’ve missed ya,” he said wrapping his muscular arms around her.

Her eyes moved from Uma to Harry then she hugged Gil back, “ I’ve missed you too,” she said , her eyes landing again on Harry.

Slowly she pulled away, turning on her heels, “ I guess I’ll see you around,” she said running away from there, back to the garage where Harry’s eyes couldn’t follow.

“ I still love her,” Harry sighed, “ I knew it, but remember that our priority is to get revenge on Mal and her friends now, for giving us the fake wand, okay?”

Harry nodded slightly as he started to run after the princess he still loved.

“ Be back in a hour, Harry !” Uma yelled after him.


“ Mom, go away I’m not in the mood,” (Y/N) sobbed as she heard someone entering her room.

“ I ain’t your ma’, love.”

(Y/N) recognized the deep voice and the thick accent, she cursed herself for not locking the door, “ Go away, Harry. ”

“ We need to talk, (Y/N), please, I have to get back to Uma-”

“ Then just to back to her already!” (Y/N) snapped, getting up from her bed, “ This isn’t the guy I fell in love with, ” she screamed, “ You’re just her lap dog now, aren’t you?”

Harry was at a loss of words, he never heard (Y/N) yell at him, or anyone in fact, she was always known for her friendly and calm personality. He ruined that, “ I’m sorry…” he whispered, turning on his heels and ready to go.

And she let him go.


“ What took you so long , Harry ?”

“ Can’t you just give me a rest, Uma ? I’m your first mate-”

“ And as my first mate you don’t get to complain, do you Harry?”

The pirate glared at her, “ No, but as your friend I do get to complain,” he said

“ What did you just say?”

Harry sighed, “ Uma ye know I’ll always love ye and defend ye, but I can’t just give up on everything for ye. ”

“ So what you chose the princess over me?”

“ I didn’t want to choose, Uma. But I love her and I can’t just let her go, not again. I hope you understand. ”


“ You sure about this, (Y/N)?”

“ Yes, mom. See you two in three months ! ” the princess waved at her parents as the ship started to sail.

She told them about Harry, about everything that happened and Tiana decided that if (Y/N) couldn’t make things work with her friends, then she has the right to go back home.

So that’s what she was doing - leaving ,hoping to never go back again.


(Y/N) assured her parent’s friends that she didnt need help with the luggage, so she went alone to grab it from the ship, but what she found there wasn’t her luggage.

Harry was standing in front of her, smiling innocently, he noticed she was ready to scream so he ran towards her and covered her mouth with his hand.

“ I couldn’t let you go this time, love,” he whispered, “ Wanna know why?” he asked even though Harry knew the girl wasn’t able to answer, “ Because I love you and you’re my home, don’t kick me out,” he said with his voice a breaking at the end.

Harry took his hand off her mouth, praying she wouldn’t scream.

“ Why don’t you go back to Uma?” she hissed

“ Because I chose you,” he sighed, “ And if you don’t want me here, I have nowhere to go, so can I stay and try to fix things with ye?”

She didn’t reply, (Y/N) just turned on her heels and left.

“ (Y/N)?” he called out for her

“ You can start the fixing by taking my luggage and come to the castle. ” was all that she said

Thursdays [Part 1]


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Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

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A/N: I’ve been feeling very… strange lately. I don’t really know how to explain it - like empty, kind of sad, okay at the same time? But anyway, that’s not important. I haven’t written in forever and I am severely inspired by Thomas Brodie Sangster’s new photographs from the Boys By Girls Magazine so here’s a little dabble, it was supposed to be a one shot but i’m getting tired and it felt right to end it where it did for now but I’m hoping to continue it (I’m scared that i wont find the time though huhu) Oh, and for the purposes of this I’m just going to ignore that TBS is filming the Death Cure at the moment lol, I hope I’m not too rusty on writing lol and more so, I hope you enjoy !!

The smell of new magazines were never really your favourite. It was this strong, almost rusty smell that punched you right in the nostrils when you pull back the plastic it had been encased in. Sure, when it was just one new magazine it was okay but the girth of the amount of glossy papers you had in your hands counted in a pile of eight. The stench was far from pleasant and this was what? The fifth bundle of new magazines you were placing in the cafe?

A sigh escapes you as you gathered the magazines and tapped their bases on the table to fix them properly before placing them face up on the table. The magazine at the very top of the pile had a masthead that read “Boys By Girls” with a photograph of a dashing young man with long chestnut hair slicked back, alluring dark eyes, toned arms peeking out from a black sleeveless top that was accented with red, and a crooked almost-smile on his lips.

“Ah? Finally fancy one of us English folk?” an accented voice teased as it passed behind you.

You straightened up immediately, eyes wide as they found your always teasing coworker who you were happy to call as not only your new best friend but also your flat mate. “I was just admiring the layout!” you defended as you followed her towards the front of the cafe.

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Nesta + Cassian “Shredded” Theory

I’m just going to put my thoughts down here about a possibility that will occur in ACOWAR. It’s been bugging me SO MUCH and if you all have any ideas about this please share! 

So in ACOMAF Feyre is describing to Cassian about how fiercely Nesta would protect those she loves. It seems as though the only person on that list of loved ones is Elain. Even Cassian remarks on it.

“She barely seems to care about anyone other than Elain.” (ACOMAF pg 559)

Obviously I think Nesta cares for Feyre as well in her own way. (Even if Feyre might not see it clearly.) Nesta has been willing to defend and fight for Feyre since ACOTAR when she was taken away by Tamlin. 

“Nesta snorted, her face grave and full of that long-simmering anger that she could never master. “He stole you away into the night, claiming some nonsense about the Treaty. And then everything went on as if it had never happened. It wasn’t right. None of it was right.”

My hands slackened at my sides. “You went after me,” I said. “You went after me—to Prythian.” (ACOTAR pg 264)

Fast forward to the release of ACOMAF in which we are introduced to Cassian. What struck me the most while reading was the use of the word “shredded” when Nesta and Cassian were brought up. The most notable and heart-wrenching case comes from when Cassian protected Azriel at the sacrifice of his wings.

“Cassian twisted, wings flaring wide as he shielded Azriel.
His wings—his wings—
Cassian’s scream as his wings shredded under talons of pure magic was the most horrific sound I’d ever heard.” (ACOMAF pg 602)

Then with Nesta it is stated that she too is willing to lay her life on the line for her loved ones.

“But the few she does care for … I think Nesta would shred the world apart for them. Shred herself apart for them.” (ACOMAF pg 559)

Now imagine this coming to play in ACOWAR. Since Cassian defended his “brother” Azriel then perhaps this means Nesta will rush in to protect her sister Feyre from a potential deadly attack. I say Feyre, because this would be a pivotal moment for Feyre, Rhysand and the others to realize that Nesta TRULY loves her youngest sister and would be willing to die for her like she would if it was Elain in her place.

I’m not saying that this is some sort of “redemption” tactic. I just think that the parallel between Cassian and Nesta toward their loved ones may foreshadow a major act of sacrifice on Nesta’s part. I EXTREMELY doubt this will result in Nesta’s death (’cause her and Cassian NEED their own book), but what if she is injured to the point that it spurs Cassian into action with a mating bond? 

He is more than likely going to be torn up about not keeping his promise to Nesta about protecting her and Elain after the Hybern incident. This may have him pushing Nesta away in the beginning of ACOWAR, because of his guilt. But once Nesta is severely harmed in battle defending her sister, this could be the catalyst that sparks Cassian’s fire to admit his bond to her. Or maybe she might confess to him if she believes it may be her dying moment???

Everything I Gave You - Young!Sirius Black Imagine

Fandom: Harry Potter - Marauders Era

Pairing: Sirius x Reader (ft. James Potter)

~Third person’s POV~

The day Y/N found out that her, now ex, boyfriend James Potter had cheated on her with Lilly Evans, she had left him that moment. He tried to get her to forgive him but she never had, they were in love and he had betrayed her and she could never forgive that. James realized his mistake and tried everything to get back together with her…but she never wanted. 

A year has passed since Y/N and James broke up, and with the help of her friends Y/N managed to get over James. She actually fell in love again. Her heart now belongs to someone else, and that someone is Sirius Black. Sirius was there for Y/N since day one, they were best friends from first year in Hogwarts, and now that their seventh year has arrived, they became something more. Sirius always loved Y/N, he was there for her when no one else was, and his heart broke when he found out what happened to Y/N. He was very angry at James for what he did. And as some months passed Y/N realized that Sirius was always the one for her, the one who loved her with his whole heart and who treated her like princess, not James.

Y/N sits in the common room alone, reading a book. Everyone else is at the quidditch game Slytherin vs Ravenclaw. Sirius would usually stay with her but he is in detention for starting food fight the other day. Suddenly someone walks into the common room and Y/N looks up from her book to look into the way too familiar eyes.

“Do you remember how we met?” James asks Y/N with a small smile on his face. She takes a deep breath and closes her book.

“I can’t do this now, James.” She replies and starts to head towards the stairs but his voice stops her.

“You ran into me in the hallway when you were hurrying to class in the first year. That’s also exactly the same way you left me, except you ran from me..not into me..Do you remember, or did you forget?” James speaks, his voice low and full of sadness and regret.

“I remember.” Y/N whispers taking one more look at him with tears in her eyes before running up the stairs to her dorm.

Do you remember 
Or did you forget
How you left me
Or how we met

Y/N went into Sirius’ dorm because she was feeling lonely and she was lucky that he was there alone. Soon two teenagers in love took most of their clothes off, leaving them both in their underwear. Suddenly James opened the door and saw Sirius kissing Y/N on her neck, her arms on his chest and his hands on her hips. The couple jumped away from each other and Y/N shrieked quickly taking the blanket to cover her bear body.

“What the fuck?!” James and Sirius yelled at each other at the same time.

“Mate get the fuck out!” Sirius yelled at James, putting on his trousers.

“Do you have to do that in our dorm? She was my girlfriend first!” James says pointing his finger at Sirius.

“WAS! Now she’s mine! You treated her like shit and I treat her as the princess she is, she deserves someone who will love her with a whole heart and not someone who will go around the corner and cheat!” Sirius defends himself and Y/N. James opens his mouth to shout back but Y/N stops them both before they kill each other.

“Stop! I’m gonna go.” Y/N says as she puts her shirt and shorts back on, fixing her hair in the end, “And Sirius is right, he does treat me as a princess, and he truly loves me.” 

“I love you as well.” James says quietly.

“You should’ve thought about that before you broke my heart.” Y/N replies coldly, all she ever did was love him and in return he broke her. By cheating on her he gave her a complex, she thought she wasn’t good enough, since then she thought she was never good enough for anything until Sirius convinced her otherwise and showed her real love. Yes, Y/N does feel bad about James but he should’ve realized sooner that he loved her, not when he lost her, “I’ll see you later.” She turns to Sirius and after that leaves, a small tears escaping her eyes.

Walk through the doorway
Just to find you there
As he’s kissing your neck
In your underwear 

James sits in the courtyard thinking about Y/N and Y/N sits on the other end of it thinking about Sirius. Both of them have free periods and James is leaning on a trunk of a tree looking at Y/N across the courtyard and thinking about the days when they were together and happy.

On the other end, Y/N is doing her homework to kill some time before Sirius joins her, but she’s not managing to do very much because a long, black haired boy is all over her brain. She’s not aware of the eyes watching her from afar. She fell for Sirius even more when he defend her from James, after she heard him say those words she knew she has found the one.

James, however, has lost his one. He can’t get Y/N out of his mind, he knows it’s completely his fault that she broke up with him. He should have never hooked up with Lilly, she was a mistake, a huge one which cost him the love of his life. He’s blaming himself for everything, which is right because he was the reason they broke up. He’s never going to get over her, Y/N could love like no one in the world, and now only Sirius is getting the greatest love in the world, the purest one.

After the class ended Sirius run to Y/N and she got up to hug him. He picks her up and twirls her around, both of them laughing, happiness and love written on their faces. James watches from afar as they kiss, puring all their love and time apart into the kiss. Boy with glasses closes his eyes and leans his head back against the tree, not bearing to watch them together as he sits there broken.

I’m busy missing you
While you’re busy
Missing someone else
You’re out there kissing him
And I’m sitting here
Blaming myself

Y/N and Sirius sit together in the common room, cuddled up by the fire. He has his arms wrapped around the girls body and she has her head leaned on his shoulder. Every now and then he kisses her temple with a smile, he couldn’t be happier and more grateful that she is his, and he intended to keep it that way.

In the meanwhile James is lying in his bed in the Marauders dorm throwing his golden snitch. He’s thinking that if only he could convince himself that Y/N left him on the side for nothing, with no reason, that then it would be a tad bit easier.

She’s giving Sirius everything that James once used to give to her. She’s giving him bear hugs. 

Ohh tell me why (why)
This ain’t the truth (truth)
You left me on the side
And gave him
Everything I gave you

She’s giving him smiles whenever she sees the long haired boy.

Gave him everything
I gave you

She’s giving him kisses full of love.

Gave him everything
I gave you

She’s giving him her hand.

Gave him everything
I gave you

She’s giving him all I love you’s.

Gave him everything
I gave you

She’s giving him to brush her hair.

Gave him everything
I gave you

James used to call Y/N’s name all the time whenever he saw her. She just pretended not to hear him and sped up her walk. She ignored them all, there was no turning back from what he did. A betrayal like that could not be forgiven. She loved him and he payed her back like that.

I gave attention
Didn’t return my call
Oh did I mention
You just erased them all

Y/N saw James in the Great Hall looking all messy and tired. Suddenly some flashbacks stared attacking her brain. She just closed her eyes and for once let those memories attack her, for the last time. She remembered how she used to jump on his bed until he woke up. How he sneaked up on her and picked her up and started running around with her on his shoulder. She remembered how he used to look at her before they stepped into the relationship. Then she realized one thing, there were no butterflies in her stomach. Every time she used to think about all these happy memories she got butterflies, but not this time. 

She opened her eyes with a huge smile on her face and turned to Sirius. She grabbed his face and kissed him so deeply and passionately that he was left in shock after she pulled away.

“W-what was that for?” Sirius asked stunned.

“I love you.” Y/N replied with a sparkle of love in her eyes. 

“I love you too.” Sirius said back with a lovestruck smile on his face. And indeed it was, that memories attacked Y/N for the last time that day.

Showed you places
Then you closed your eyes
You get no butterflies

James is thinking about all the things Y/N used to like when they were together. He knows he’s only making it harder for himself but he can’t get her out of his mind. At least there’s some peace in the library to think about Y/N in silence. And then his eyes lands on her perfect figure, she’s looking for a book with a small smile on her face.

While Y/N searches for a book she can’t stop thinking about Sirius and how she made her feel like a complete queen, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. And just as she was thinking about her boyfriend he wraps his arms around her from behind, burring his nose in her hair. She turns around and wraps her arms around his neck. He smiles back at her kissing her nose softly. She giggles making Sirius’ heart flutter, as well as James’. The couple lock their lips together as James once again blames himself for loosing the best thing in his life.

I’m busy missing you
While you’re busy
Missing someone else
You’re out there kissing him
And I’m sitting here
Blaming myself

James wishes he could turn back time and make Y/N his again. Sirius is the luckiest guy in the entire universe. Y/N keeps giving Sirius everything that James once used to give to her, at least that’s what James is trying to convince himself.

Ohh tell me why (why)
This ain’t the truth (truth)
You left me on the side
And gave him
Everything I gave you

Y/N is giving Sirius her attention.

Gave him everything
I gave you

She’s giving him little gifts.

Gave him everything
I gave you

She’s giving him little cute pet names.

Gave him everything
I gave you

She’s giving him her heart.

Gave him everything
I gave you

But there’s one thing Y/N and Sirius are giving to each other that James never gave Y/N..and that is unconditional love.

Gave him everything
I gave you

James Potter finally realized that he will never get back together with Y/N. He watched Sirius as he showered her with kisses, love and attention, something he never gave her enough. He listened as Sirius declared his love for the girl every single day. That memories haunted James in his sleep, the fact that Y/N is much happier with someone else finally getting to his brain. He never wanted to know how much more Sirius loves her, he never needed to know.

Let me go, let me go
I never want to know
Let me go, let me go
I never need to know

James couldn’t get away from the stories Sirius was telling to Remus about Y/N, about his Y/N. Except that Y/N will never be his again. He lost her for eternity, she has found her prince on white horse, and that is not him. He’s still staring at her, silently praying that she will return to him, but his hopes faded every time she kissed, smiled or looked at Sirius. Another man captured her heart, and James couldn’t do anything about it, except watch and remind himself that it’s his fault they ended.

Let me go, let me go
I never want to know
Let me go, let me go
I never need to know

All of James’ hopes that Y/N will be his again faded in one day, in one moment. Sirius has decided to do something for Y/N, something that never even occurred James’ mind. It was lunch time and everyone was in the Great Hall when Sirius walked in. He made his way to Y/N and took her hand gently and pulled her up.

“Y/N, ever since day one we met I knew you were special.” Sirius started with a smile on his face and Y/N looked at him confused. Everyone stopped what they were doing to see what’s happening, including James, “I loved you for a very long time and I still love you, now more then ever. You are so special, your love can never be replaced and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that your heart belongs to me. I love every single thing about you, and I never want to lose you. I can go on and on about how much you mean to me and how perfect you are but I’m afraid we’ll stay here another seven years. So Y/N…” Sirius spoke from his heart, every single thing he said was true and even more. At the end he took something from his pocket. A small box, and he opened it to show a beautiful diamond ring. Y/N gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, she was already crying from all the beautiful things Sirius has said to her, “I’m not asking you to marry me yet, we’re still a bit young for that but..this is a promise ring. I promise you that I will love you with my whole heart till the day I die. I will protect you and care for you and treat you like a princess, just as I did till this day. I promise you that I am yours and that one day, I will ask you to marry me.” Sirius finishes his heart-melting speech and puts a ring on Y/N’s finger. She pulls him in a deep and passionate kiss full of love as everyone around them claps, except James.

“I love you so much and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” Y/N says to Sirius when they pulled away. She’s crying from happiness but she’s glowing. True love makes her glow.

And that day, James walked out of the Great Hall, not looking back.

Gave him everything
I gave you

Y/N has never been happier. She looks at her ring with a smile on her face every day. That’s her happiest memory in her entire life. But for James..that’s the worst memory in his entire life.

Let me go, let me go
I never want to know
Let me go, let me go
I never need to know

Y/N’s life is full of love and happiness. She has her friends and she has the best boyfriend in the entire world. Sirius is the one for Y/N, he’s giving her everything. Sirius loves her more than life itself. There’s not a thing they wouldn’t do for each other. Their life together is just starting.

James is trying to get over Y/N, but he’s not very good at it. Wherever he goes he sees some pieces of her. Y/N didn’t think about James, but he thought about her every day and night. He wanted memories to fade, to let him go. He never wanted to be this miserable, he never knew he could miss someone this much. But he knows it’s all his fault, he made a huge mistake that cost him something that can never be replaced. He had her love, and he threw it away. 

Let me go, let me go
I never want to know
Let me go, let me go
I never need to know


Protect- Alec Voltouri

Hi! Just found your blog and I love it! :) Could you do an alec imagine where you’re his human mate and he tries to hide you from the volturi but they find out and want to meet you and caius and jane threaten you to test you and Alec protects you? - Anon

Word count: 584

*Requests are open*

“They know. Oh goodness, they know, Y/N.” Alec said, pulling at his hair and running in. I sighed, propped up on the bed.

“Who knows what, exactly, Alec?” I asked. It was like him to run in saying vague things and expect me to know what he was talking about. I almost laughed at him, he was ridiculous sometimes.

“Jane and Caius. They know about you, that you’re human. They know everything! Aro probably knows, too, then. This is very bad, Y/N. Do you know what would happen if people found out that the Voltouri were breaking their own rules? Particularly, what the Cullens would do?”

“Well, I can’t imagine that it would be very good. So, what then? Are you going to kill me in order to save the Volouri’s image?” I asked it with a smile on my face. I knew that it wouldn’t happen. For the last six months, I had been hiding away. Alec Voltouri had a human mate, and what a scandal it would be if anyone found out.

“They want to meet you.”

The smile was wiped from my face almost immediately. Jane and Caius were two that I had heard a few horror stories about. Jane, who could bring anyone into excruciating pain just because she wanted to. And Caius, who just didn’t care about anything.

“Oh god. Alec, you do realize that they will likely actually kill me, don’t you?”

“No they won’t. I will kill them before they have the chance. Killing you would cause more problems than it would solve. Don’t be afraid, sometimes I think that Jane can smell fear.”

Somehow, he still managed to make me laugh while leading me down the halls. My heart rate was going crazy, which probably didn’t help my case at all.

“Relax.” He whispered, pulling me into a room. I’d never seen Jane or Caius before, but I wasn’t shocked. They both had the same red eyes as Alec, as any vampire would. Or atleast, as any vampire should.

“So, this is her, Alec? Well, she doesn’t seem too special to me.” Spoke Caius. I tried not to be offended, and mostly succeeded.

“True, Caius. Y/N, was it? Well, Y/N, let me give you one very clear warning, and only one. If you put our secret or reputation in danger, I will kill you and everyone you love.” Jane said. She stood close to me, very close.

“Could you stand to kill your own brother?”

She snarled and Alec jumped between us. He had his arms up in defense from her. Jane looked shocked, almost like she didn’t expect him to defend me.

“Leave her alone, Jane. She isn’t a threat. You will not touch her, because I will not hesitate to end your immortal life.”

Jane rolled her eyes and walked back to Caius, who just stood there watching the whole ordeal. Alec did not move from his defensive position as he spoke.

“Y/N is my mate, and you cannot touch her. That is final.” With that, he rushed me from the room.

“Well, that went better than expected.” I laughed. He simply smiled and shook his head.

The Cauldron Made A Mistake part 2 (pt. 1)

okAY so finallYYYY here is the part 2 to the Lucien vs Azriel fight! took kind of a different turn than I expected but I like it. 

@moreludicrousthanthou, @rugrat-mama, @a-throneoffeels, @acotar-tog-trash, @refreshtoexpress, @nightcourtstarlight

Azriel turned away from the now empty doorway and looked to Lucien, whose face reflected the same confusion and worry that Azriel was sure flashed across his own face. All of a sudden, Cassian’s frame filled the empty space Elain had just left.

“Cass…” Azriel began.

“I know, I know!” Cassian nodded and ran a hand through his hair, nervously. “I’m sorry. But she could hear you in the garden! I couldn’t just stop her especially when your damned shadows were pouring out of the window!”

Azriel cursed quietly and shook his head. He had to learn how to control his darkness. He looked up to find Lucien staring him down with an accusatory look. This is unnecessary, I might as well try to help the situation.

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Happy Birthday jenny03suki!

We wish @jenny03suki a very belated Happy Birthday! In order to help you celebrate your day @mega-aulover has written a Everlark story just for you! We hope you like it :)

Prompt: Werewolf/Incest. Peeta and Katniss are half or full blood siblings. They have been having a secret relationship when their secret of being mates comes to light when Katniss’s heat cycle happens and blows up when the pack see Katniss’s body changes as their forbidden pup grows inside her.

Rated:  M (Trigger Warnings:  Minor violence & Suggested incest)

A/N: A major thanks to @norbertsmom for helping me with this prompt. She gave me the idea for the story and for betaing it at the last hour.

Forbidden Love

The alarming sounds of howling disturbed Katniss as she returned back to her den with food. Everything looked off. The ground looked disturbed. Concerned, Katniss called out, “Peeta.”

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Y'all know what I'm really ready for in ACOWAR?

Cassian and Azriel to see Feyre again. Yes, the Feysand reunion will be amazing and beautiful and I’ll probably cry for a year.

But y'all. Cassian and Azriel still have no idea Feyre is their High Lady now. And they already respect and love her SO. MUCH. and that is only going to triple when they find out that their best friend’s mate, THEIR friend, the woman who defended Velaris so faithfully, the woman who is the missing puzzle piece of their Inner Circle is now leading them alongside their High Lord and literally sacrificed herself back into the Spring Court where she was so traumatized in order to protect them and their people.

I’m so emo over this. I can’t wait to see their reunion. Where they thank her for what she’s done, where they pledge their loyalty to her as High Lady, where they thank her for bringing the light back into their brother’s eyes.

I just… give me more AzrielxFeyre and CassianxFeyre friendship. Please.

Everything that happened yesterday was awful. The cast that we support make fun of us and it sucked.

Katie (bless her) defended us all day and even thought I’m extremely thankful and I wish there was some way of let her known how important is for us what she did; I have this weird feeling that this will bring a lot of consequences to her. Not maybe as is loosing her job, but with the cast.
She blatantly contradict everything that Jeremy, Melissa and Chris said. And there is a video after the hole song thing where she says to Jeremy that she doesn’t want to fight.

So I don’t know but this, for me at least, kind of adds to what she did. Because not only she defended a non-canon ship and a hole community of people (I don’t care if you ship or not Supercorp, but they were mocking all the non-heterosexual community), but she did it knowing that it will cause her problems with her friends and cast mates.

Yes Daddy: Part 1

Master List

A/N Hey guys just an FYI never watched the season finale (11) so I know Chuck and Amara make up but not sure on everything else. So after Chuck and Amara make up everything is happy (ish) in this story. Message me for with any sequel ideas I’m interested in what you guys want to see for this or Reopened Scars. I’m kinda stuck.

 Pairing: Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Daddy! kink(towards the end more in next part), angry god

Characters: Dean, Sam, Sister!Reader, Chuck/God

“So…” You begin. You dated Chuck for a couple years in secret from your brothers. When he left you went into a huge depression. And now here you were sitting on your bed in the bunker with Chuck or God sitting next to you.

 “I’m God. Are you freaked out?” Chuck looks at you tentatively. You giggle at the thought of the, all powerful creator of everything is scared that you might not want him.  

“I mean it’s a little weird that I lost my virginity to God and that I love him but that doesn’t change anything. I still love you Chuck. Now do you love me?” You ask hoping that hasn’t changed either.

“Of course. Baby girl how could you even ask that? I’ve loved you since you were born.” Chuck grabs you and pulls you into him for a bone-crushing hug. Pressing a kiss to your forehead just like he used to. You never let yourself think about him really until he came back. It hurt too much to think that the man you loved, lost you virginity to and would have died for could just leave you. You hadn’t even let yourself consider that Chuck had died. You had to believe he was still alive.

“But you left me Chuck,” you let a sob slip out. “I thought you stopped loving me. You didn’t even leave a note. You never said goodbye.” And before you know it your body is shaking with sobs. Chuck is holding you and trying to calm you. 

“Baby girl I am so sorry. I will never forgive myself for the pain I have caused you. You are my everything.” Slowly you stop crying and kiss Chuck on the cheek.

“Honey look at me,” you command softly as you force Chuck’s chin up. Looking into his wonderfully blue eyes. “I love you so much Chuck. Please forgive yourself. I will get over it and at least you’re here now. And you are not allowed to leave me again ok? We will get through this and whatever else comes our way together.”

“Ok but I need one thing from you first ok. Well maybe two.” 


“Will you move in with me? I’m moving back into my old house and I would love it if you would come with me. I know you probably don’t want to leave Sam and Dean but the house is only about a ten-minute drive from here. (A/N not sure where the house is but in the story it’s ten minutes from the bunker) Please Y/N. I need you to live with me. I want to wake every morning with you by my side and go to sleep every night right next to you.”

“Of course I’ll move in with you. But I still will be away on hunts sometimes but I’ll keep them short Sam and Dean won’t be to happy but oh well.” You pause when you see Chuck’s eyes harden with a foreign emotion.  “Honey what’s wrong?” You reach out for Chuck’s cheek but he turns away and gets up. Silently pacing the room.

When you try to break the silence you are cut off by a glare from Chuck. After about ten minutes of pacing he comes down kneeling in front of you taking your hands in his.

“You think you’re going to keep hunting?” He chokes out looking as though he is in pain. It tugs at your heartstrings seeing the love of your life in so much pain. But for him to think you won’t hunt anymore.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I?” You’re confused Chuck never said anything before. But your answer seems to anger him and he stands up abruptly dropping your hands.  

“Because you are my mate! You’re my soul mate! I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONTINUE HUNTING! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” Chuck roars. You’ve never seen Chuck this angry. You don’t even know if you have ever even seen him shout. Chuck softens slightly when he sees you shake in fear but holds his ground. You hear footsteps coming down the hallway and Sam and Dean are at you door in a second.

“Everything ok in here guys?” Sam asks giving you a questioning look.

“Chuck doesn’t want me to hunt anymore.” You breathe out.

“Chuck c’mon man. We need her and she’s our baby sister we keep her safe.” Dean defends you. You’ve never been so happy to have you brothers.

“I mean half the time all she does is research.” Sam adds. You smile at each of them.

“I don’t care she’s my mate I will not have her in danger.” Chuck growls pulling you into his arms and your legs automatically wrap around his waist as your arms go around his neck. You nuzzle into his neck missing his scent and he buries his face in your hair. “I love you baby girl. So much. I can’t let you get hurt.” He whispers to you.

“Wait you mean our baby sister is your soul mate?” Dean asks. His temper rising.

“Dean c’mon. Chuck and I love each other. It’s ok Dean. Chuck won’t hurt me. And I’ll always need you and Sam.” You try to soothe him and he melts all he has ever wanted was for you to be happy.

 “Fine. But I don’t care if you are God. I will kill you if you make her unhappy or hurt her in anyway. Got it?” Dean says trying to maintain his protective big brother act. Chuck nods. As Dean and Sam walk towards the kitchen you hear Dean shout, “After all you have us to thank for not letting her have any one night stands while you were gone.”

Chuck growls at the thought of someone toughing what is his. You see you and Chuck had more than one secret about your relationship. You had a daddy kink that only Chuck knew about. You had been to scared to every tell anyone other than him. It turned out it was a shared kink and you loved every second of it. Sometimes you used to do something dangerous on a hunt knowing Chuck would find out and punish you.

“Baby girl?”

“Yes daddy?” You answer out of habit.

“Good girl,” he praises as he slaps your ass making you squeal in delight. You really have missed this. Missed Chuck. “Baby girl this is not a request you are not to do anymore hunting,” you start to protest but he puts his finger to his lips silencing you, “you may do research and tag along on some cases if I approve the case ok?” You nod slowly knowing for now this is as far as you will get for now.

“That’s my girl.” Chuck snaps his fingers and suddenly you are back in his house and in his bedroom.


“Rhys “, I said as I was looked around the room for him. ‘Rhys’, I said through our bond but I was met with his solid mental shield. He wasn’t in bed with me, the guy could hear me from miles away, if I needed anything but today-I didn’t know where he was. I needed to tell him something of great importance. I was pregnant. He had to know as quickly possible. I was currently nibbling on a cracker to keep my food down and got up, changed out of my nightgown, went downstairs to find Mor. I found her sitting on the couch and reading a book.

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Tour of Prythian PART 10


Laying in bed that night he reflected on the evening, his conversation with Mor, the easiness in which Elain discussed having a family, and the hilarious thoughts of Cassian and Nesta with a huge family. What a sight to behold, Nesta smiling and laughing and his brother… there were no words to describe the emotions in Cassian’s eyes.

3am. Azriel’s shadows whispered to him, he flew to the townhouse and Elain.

Rhys and Feyre had gone to the cabin after dinner. Cassian hadn’t returned Nesta to the townhouse yet. There standing on the roof he saw Elain and Lucien Vanserra.

The wind was blowing and her silk dressing gown clung to her body. Elain had tears in her eyes and she was begging Lucien to go. The tears started to overflow in anger as Lucien lunged for her but Elain had reached behind her and blocked him with a shovel.

Azriel shot down like an arrow from the sky, landing in between her and Lucien.
E: Thank the cauldron.

A: What are you doing here? Were our instructions not clear? Did you not understand Elain’s wishes?

L: I am not leaving this territory without her. She is my mate. I cannot bare knowing she is with another male.

A: You have no choice but to do just that.
L: A duel then.
E: Are you mad? He will kill you.
L: You don’t think I can fight for you, my mate, and win?

For a moment Azriel felt sorry for the male that so desperately wanted his mate that was in love with another male. Azriel was still surprised though when she defended him and was apparently negotiating this fight for him. He’d happily end Lucien if that was what Elain wanted but he knew it would hurt her. His end goal was just to get Lucien out of the Night Court.

E: No, I do not think you can win against Azriel. I’ve seen him fight and train Lucien. I don’t think you would walk away with your life.
L: Mates are supposed to defend each other. You are supposed to be mine ( he sounded so defeated).
E: I cannot defend you Lucien, not when I love another.

Azriel could see the pain on both their faces, the cost of giving up their bond. He turned to face Lucien fully.

A: I promise you Lucien that Elain will be well cared for, loved, and she will want for anything. There is nothing in this life that I wouldn’t give to her. If Elain told me to fall upon my own sword I would do it.
E: No!

Azriel put a hand up to let him continue
A: Lucien, Elain will have everything that she has ever wanted or needed. If the day comes when she decides she’d rather be with you, I will not stop her from finding you. I love her. I can stand here and tell you not to worry but that will do no good; but I can stand here and say male to male, that I will give her the best life I can and if I do not succeed I will bring her straight to you myself. If Elain ever feels through you bond that you need something, anything I will be at your disposal. I do not wish to fight you Lucien but I will if it’s necessary. I love her, ( he faced Elain) I love you.
E: and I you

Lucien made a sound which Azriel could only assume was Lucien’s soul agreeing to leave a part of itself here with him for safe keeping.

A: Where can I take you? Or would you prefer Rhys or Cassian?
L: Rhysand, the continent. I’ll go. I’ll go where I’m wanted and where I am needed.

Lucien faced Elain, his mate
L: If you are in ever want of anything, if there is anything that I can give you, please Elain, please let me know.

Elain only nodded as Rhysand winnowed in.
E: Goodbye Lucien

Elain walked straight into Azriel’s arms, as soon as they touched the knot in his chest released. He loved her so much and knew how fiercely she loved him. Azriel considered himself a lucky male to have Elain as his bride.

Simon: I’ve Never Stopped

Requested: Anonymous ‘Can you make a Simon imagine where Y/N and Simon have been dating on/off since they were younger and they’re still really good friends and all the sdmn can see they still have feelings for each other and tease them about it. Thank you.’

Warnings: Zero

A/N: Did you miss me? Haha. This isn’t really how I wanted this to plan out, but I’m happy with the outcome and I hope you do too :) Thank you for requesting and enjoy! x

“Texting your girlfriend?” JJ teased Simon, noticing your name on his screen.

“Knock it off will you? Besides she’s not my girlfriend.” He huffed, rolling his eyes at him.

“But you wish she was again, right?” JJ asked, cocking one eyebrow up.

“No.” Simon answered too quickly, 

“Oh, so you do?” JJ taunted, grinning smugly.

“I never said that!” He defended himself, trying not to blush.

“Whatever you say mate. We all know that you both love each other, you can deny all you like.” Jide told him.

“I-I do not love her! We agreed to stay as friends, nothing more than that.” His phone pinged saying that you’ll be there soon. “Can we just drop this now? Y/N will be here shortly.” He informed, texting you a response back.

“I’m telling the truth and you know it.” JJ said, getting up from the sofa and upstairs leaving Simon to his thoughts.

JJ’s discussion with him just a moment ago made him really think. Does he love you? Does he secretly want you to be his? Does he want to hold you in his arms and never let go?

The doorbell rang, making him jump up and collect himself before opening it and see your cheery face.

“Simon! How are you?” You exclaimed, stepping inside and embracing him into a hug.

“I’m good thanks, you?” He asked, pulling away.

“I’m great.” You smiled, taking your shoes off.

“Okay, what’s up?” You questioned, pausing the game and turning around to face Simon.

“I don’t know what you mean.” He nervously said, trying to avoid your eyes.

“Simon, I’ve been your friend since forever, I think I know when somethings up.” You stated, chuckling.

“It’s just something that JJ said earlier on and it got me thinking.” He sighed, looking up at you.

“Well, it must’ve been pretty serious if you’re acting like this. Tell me please, I want to know what it is so I can help you.” You replied, grabbing his hands.

“Alright-” He sucked in a deep breath before carrying on. “You know when we dated back in high school and how we broke it off and promised to never be more than friends?” He asked, making you nod your head. “Well, I don’t want to carry on being friends anymore. I want to be more than just friends Y/N. I-I think, wait I know that I love you.” He finished, too scared of what you will say or do next.

“Well, it’s a good thing that I love you too Si. Actually, I’ve never stopped.” You confessed, squeezing his hands.

“Then do I have the permission to kiss you right now?” He asked, leaning closer.

“Yes you may.” You smiled, before meeting his lips and kissing him.

Sisters Just Don’t Understand (Alec Volturi Imagine)

Request: can you write an imagine about bella’s younger sister who is in love with alec. so bella and her had a fight about and Alec heard every single word of their conversation and confronts bella’s sister when she is alone. ( it would happen after the volturi come to forks bc of the newborns)

Writer: Admin Madz

Word Count: 464

A/N: So I’m guessing reader knows about vampires.

Warnings: Some curse words

(Y/N P.O.V)

I was walking to my room when my older sister Bella stopped me. “(Y/N/N) can we talk” Bella asked in her most sweetest and innocent voice.

“About what” I ask since I have an idea of what she wants to talk about.

“You crush on one of the Volturi” she said trying to be all nice and sisterly.

“It is not a crush I’m in love with him and he loves me back” I told her angrily. She’s been trying to get me to break up with Alec all week.

“How do you know he really loves you. His coven wants me dead if I don’t get turned into a vampire” Bella yelled at me. Thank god our dad wasn’t home.

“That’s his coven not him” I defended my boyfriend.

“(Y/N) you don’t even know what love is” Bella asked me.

“Do you know what love is, you fell head over heels for Edward after you saw him for 2 seconds and didn’t even speak to him” I asked.

“I’m Edward’s mate” she defended herself.

“And I’m Alec’s blood singer and at least I fell in love with a guy after I talked to him” I said.

“Really, (Y/N) you just met him” she told me.

“Bella, get the fuck away from me right now and don’t try to mess with my love life again” I spat at her and continued my journey to my room.

(Alec’s P.O.V)

“Bella, get the fuck away from me right now and don’t try to mess with my love life again” (Y/N) spat at her sister Bella and left to another part of the house. (Y/N) told me her and Bella were having arguments over the past week so I decided to come as a surprise and try to cheer her up. I knocked on the door of the Swan residence. Bella of course opened the door since (Y/N) seemed to annoyed to come downstairs.

“Hello Bella” I said.

“I’ll go get my sister” she said.

“No I want to talk to you actually” I stopped her.

“And what would that be about me turning into a vampire” she asked.

“No, about you not approving of me and your sister’s relationship actually” I told her.

“How would you know about that” she asked.

“Take a guess” I told her.

“That bitch” she said referring to (Y/N).

“(Y/N) may be a female but she is far from a dog” I said. “And I really do love your sister” I continued.

“You barely know her” she told me.

“I know more about her than you know about her probably” I shot back at Bella. She looked very uncomfortable after I said that. 

“Go hang out with my sister” she said. And I went up to my love’s room.


I hope you enjoyed the imagine

~Admin Madz

  • me @ myself: don’t think about Rhysand
  • me: okay but can you believe all the horrible things Rhysand had to do to keep Velaris and its residents safe from Amarantha? he literally had to be her sex slave, her hit man, and either kill or break the minds of every single person who knew about Velaris that was captured. Rhysand let his own mate be with another man for months and months because Feyre thought she loved Tamlin, and he had to feel the two of them having sex through their bond. Rhysand saved her from a marriage she wasn’t ready for and he cared enough to see that she was sick and wasting away and helped her recover. he didn’t even tell her they were mates. he let them form a proper friendship and relationship instead of just forcing the bond on her. Rhysand helped teach her to read, helped teach her how to properly defend herself, and taught her that she was extremely powerful in her own right. he knew she was fragile at first but he didn’t treat her like glass, he helped her grow. Rhysand trusts her so much that he lets her go when she asks because he knows she’s doing it for the greater good.
  • me: fuck :’)

anonymous asked:

Sam and Lara get in a fight at a club and when some guy starts flirting with Lara/Sam the other one gets upset and starts a bar fight?

Prompts currently closed.


Lara slammed the heels of her hands into the bathroom door and brushed into the small room. She should have been used to Sam’s incessant need to make friends everywhere they went, but sometimes it felt like too much, like a nightclub? When she’s there with her girlfriend? Why would she feel the need to reach out to the guy next to him and start chatting when she knew how much Lara hated club’s to begin with?

She sighed and gripped the sink, willing her heartbeat to slow and her head to cool. She knew Sam was social. Getting angry about it at every opportunity was not the way to go. It never was. Nor was growling out an excuse to leave her alone at the bar.

So all in all; less than good.

Her hands reached up to fix her ponytail out of habit before glancing once more in the mirror. It was never easy apologizing, but she needed to. She was mostly at fault. After leaving the bathroom, she weaved her way through the throng of swaying bodies until she caught sight of her girlfriend exactly where she left her.

But the guy getting handsy next to her was not what she wanted to see.

Sam’s face was the picture definition of a polite, if uncomfortable, smile. Her body was half turned away from him as she could get and she was on the edge of her seat, leaning away. Whatever was going on was clearly not what Sam wanted. So Lara decided to do what she always did; save Sam.

“Excuse me” Lara interrupted once she was close enough. Sam whipped around and grinned with relief, but the man just frowned at her in confusion. “I don’t think she wants to talk to you anymore” As much as PDA wasn’t her thing, she slung an arm around Sam’s waist to hammer home the point. Her girlfriend leaned into it and Lara could have smiled.

“If she don’t want me here, she’ll say so, yeah? Piss off” He leaned closer into Sam. Naturally, this was where Lara should have taken Sam’s hand and lead her some where else, anywhere else. The dance floor, another bar, even home would have been better.

“How about you piss off, mate? You’re too thick to see she’s clearly bothered by you” She felt Sam’s wary hand on her arm but it was too late.

“I’ll do whatever I bleedin want-” And then Lara’s fist flew.


“I’m sorry, Sam”

“It’s alright. You were defending my honor. I probably could have been more forceful too”

“He should have taken the hint, it’s not all on you”

“No, you’re right”

“Sam, I’m sorry for earlier”

“I know”

“I love you”

“I love you too”

“Also, I’m sorry about making us spend the night in a prison cell” Sam adjusted against Lara’s side and settled into the creaky cell bed.

“I know. But hey, it’s not the worst place we’ve slept”

“I wish that wasn’t true”