i love that she interacted with everyone

I think what bothers me the most about this faux concern over Molly (that somehow has turned into attacking Louise personally, because *that* is how you show concern over a character? WHO KNEW) is that everyone is missing the point that Molly continuously gets the upper hand in her most relevant interactions with Sherlock. She gets him, again and again, to say sincerely the things he has trouble saying. “I’m sorry”. “Thank you”. “You do count”. “I need you”. “I hope you’ll be very happy, you deserve it.” And now “I love you”. To paint her as lovelorn, mousy and weak is wrong and ignores every bit of development the character has had from the very first episode. Even in the “I love you” scene, no matter how heartbreaking it was for her, she still turns the fucking tables on him and says she is not going to do it unless he does it first. Has Sherlock used Molly before? Of course, he has (unfortunately) used everyone in his life that has the least bit of affection for him, but she is also the one that, time and time again, ends up surprising him the most, and she did it again this time. Molly Hooper isn’t a reductive character nor a weak one, Molly Hooper can metaphorically grab Sherlock by the balls every damn time. And if you’re missing on that then I have no idea what show you have been watching. 

celebrities who have never interacted with taylor swift in their lives: ugh taylor swift is so fake and such a horrible person. her music sucks, she doesn’t work hard for anything in her life. she’s just incredibly lucky

celebrities who have interacted with taylor swift (either once or more than once): taylor is such an amazing person. she’s a terrific singer-songwriter, a great friend. she treats everyone like she’s known them forever. she is super nice. she’s worked her ass off to build her career. i love her. 

Ok but J'onn has something happen that makes it so he can read everyone’s minds including Kryptonians BUT he can’t control it and so he reads everyone all the time

And everywhere Kara goes he can hear everyone around her fawning over her in their minds and literally every person she interacts with is in some kind of love with her like if she’s in the room that’s all anyone can think about

Meanwhile Kara’s thoughts are just a constant fantasy about food and what she’s gonna eat next

its really interesting to me when the demon inside of izzy says “always the favorite child” to alec. generally from what we saw before of the possession demon, it pulls out your darkest and meanest thoughts about a person (like what raj said to lydia) so we can generally accept that this is something izzy has thought before. which makes it doubly interesting, given that every lightwood family interaction we’ve seen so far has clearly prioritized jace and max over alec and izzy. as well as the fact that izzy knows for a fact that alec would never be the favorite child in her parents eyes after he came out. we saw izzy talk about her mother repeatedly and how she is scorned by her, and this scene also felt, to me, as a way for izzy to lash out and say, “i dont have to do the emotional labor for everyone else. i can be angry and furious.” which i really loved. its really cool to see the envy within that dynamic when we’ve always seen them as one of the most loving and stable sibling relationships. 

I think Maddy identifies as a rebel because the Mad Hatter destiny is pretty lonely. In Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter is cursed to spend eternity in his backyard drinking tea with the March Hare. Since there’s yet to be a March Hare character in Ever After, that means Maddy will have to sit there drinking tea forever with no one to talk to. Maddy hasn’t point blank said any of this but she LOVES her friends and makes a point to interact with everyone. Maybe it’s because deep down, she’s scared of being alone.

Why I love & appreciate Chessy:

1. She’s so sophisticated, mature & so thoughtful.

2. She sees the bad & the good in people (good at spotting a rat).

3. She’s so fucking funny, she’s a natural at being funny & it’s not fair to be honest, she’s a dream mutual to some people lmao.

4. Probably the most relatable blog ever.

5. She’s so sweet, has a big heart, always accepting everyone.  

6. She is so beautiful. I mean really really beautiful. I wanna give her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek :/

7. People may believe she’s intimidating because she’s a “big account”, but she’s really not she’s so approachable & I love that, it’s nice.

8. She interacts for others constantly & is such a light in what can be a negative space!!!.

9. The way she interacts & compliments other people (it brought up my self esteem a lot so thank you very much).

10. Finally, her actual name is cheesy.

Btw I do not care how cliché is this.
I do not care if this sounds over the top.
Because it is the truth╭(╯^╰)╮

I once had a swim instructor who played “Simon Says” during game time. And not, “Simon says kick your feet,” or “Simon says blow bubbles,” but “Simon says pat your tummy.” There’s nothing wrong with Simon Says, but she wasn’t intentional about it; she didn’t take full advantage fo the learning opportunities in the game. I think we often forget in training our puppies that we can make the same mistakes, so I thought I’d share a little bit today about one the ways I try to be extremely intentional in training: interacting with people in public.
Everyone loves our puppies (unless they hate them), and everyone wants to interact with them. Here are a few of my “rules” for the “game.”

1. If they don’t ask before reaching for the dog, the answer is always no. Always. Depending on the situation it might be gentle, “I’m sorry, she’s working right now, please don’t distract her,” or “Oh, you need to always make sure you ask before petting a dog in public, especially one in a vest like this.” Or it might be quite firm, “She is working; do not touch her or distract her.” I’ve even, on very rare occasions, had to say, “It is a federal offense to interfere with a working service dog and you can be arrested for assault and battery if you touch her again.” I try to keep in mind that it’s not only our puppies in training that we’re advocating for, but all working service dogs, vested or not, and the safety of the public, who often don’t even know they ought to ask before touching a dog, any dog, in public.

2. If they do ask, I try to do a quick evaluation of the situation. Is it already high stress without adding this distraction? Will the dog be successful? Is the person asking low or high energy? Do I have the energy right now to interact with the public and also be able to maintain training standards? If the answer to any of these is no, I try to go with a very gentle, “I’m sorry, she’s working right now, but thank you for asking.” Whether I allow it or not, I always make a firm point of saying, “Thank you for asking,” or, if I’ve just said no to someone else, “Thank you for asking first.”

3. If I do allow it, I have some ground rules for the interaction. “Yes, right now would be a good time to say hello. However, she needs to maintain her position, and please don’t let her lick you.” Sometimes I have to explain, sometimes it’s just a matter of managing the situation. I’m very intentional about this because avoiding all public distraction will never teach the puppy to choose me over them, but I want to be in control of the situation and I always want to work for success.

I require the puppy to maintain position so that they learn that moving towards a distraction will always result in the distraction being removed. If the puppy is in a sit and stands to move towards the person, I give a gentle, “ah-ah” and step away, doing a “stir the pot” to bring them back into position, setting them back into a sit, and then allowing the person to try to approach again. If, after two tries, the puppy hasn’t been successful, I say, “I’m sorry, she’s struggling to be successful right now.” If they are willing and have time, I might invite them to stand a few steps away while we work for success, but most at this point will give up and leave. If she chooses to remain in position, she gets praise, and if she turns away from the distraction to look at me at all, she is cued with “nice” and given food reward. Worth noting, if you start this early (by 12 weeks), they will almost always look to you immediately when presented with a person distraction in public.

If the puppy is in a down and has been successful thus far, I often invite the person to give her a gentle press on one side and scratch behind her ears, effectively simulating a layover. Again, by choosing to be intentional and thinking about our training priorities, we can use the public to serve our needs as much as they use us and our puppies to get a cuddle fix.
Of course, the no licking is a given, and I try to explain that not everyone likes to be licked, so we always try to limit the opportunities they have to engage in that behavior.

4. When it’s time to disengage, I try to make sure it is on my terms (or the person’s terms), not the puppy losing interest. Whether they stand up and say, “Thank you,” or I have to set a limit and say, “That’s enough,” and take a step away, what we don’t want is for the puppy to control the situation by wandering off. It’s not horrendously bad form, but it does break one of the cardinal rules of training, always end before they lose interest. I also re-engage immediately with a new training behavior. “That’s enough, let’s go,” is the most common, because we’re returning to good position. If they disengage nd re-engage immediately, I’ll mark it with the cue and feed. 

Just some thoughts from today on being intentional about our training opportunities, especially after sitting in Starbucks for an hour and watching the very unsubtle way in which the two ladies at the table next to me kept staring at Joanne and then making loud, pointed comments in an effort to engage either her or me (nothing negative, just a very obvious attempt to “key” both of us).

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Thinking It Over

 So I’ve decided to write a mini series of what happened after the mid season finale.

 This is based on several prompts I’ve received after the mid season finale aired.

 Hi Ailing, first off, love your stories! I saw this come up on twitter via Bren‏ @xocaterina “when Amelia arrives to LA —- Charlotte: get back to Seattle and fuck major Hunt” (there was a gif on the post, but I can’t link) – wondering, can you write a story of a possible interaction when Amelia rocks up in LA? Love Amelia and Charlotte. And Addie and everyone. Thank you :)

 So we don’t know what happens to Amelia after she wrote that note or what it really means. But let’s say for this she leaves him and moves back to LA. Could you write a fic of her moving back and maybe Owen eventually chasing her.

 Prompt: “no woman seems to wanna have my child..” Owen.

A very big thank you to Sandra @omeliashipper for helping me to proofread the details! :)


 Owen Hunt’s heart sank as he read the letter that his wife left him.

 Dear Owen,

 First of all, it’s not your fault. Please don’t make this all your fault. I know you, it’s what you do. So please, please don’t do that. It’s me, not you. I just need some time to be alone. I need some time to think things over and reevaluate. Now please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with us. You’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met. We’re amazing together. It’s just that I feel we’ve been moving at such a breakneck speed and I need some time out to think. I need some space to breathe. I don’t know for how long I’ll be gone for. But wait for me patiently ok? One day I’ll be back, better and stronger than ever. Then we’ll have the life that we want. Until then, please be strong. Don’t blame yourself. I love you so much, and it hurts me so much to see you hurting. So please, promise me you’ll go on with life, but wait for me. Remember, we are worth fighting for.

 Love Amelia.

 As Owen reread the letter, he noticed a wet spot in the middle of the letter. It was then he realized that he had let a stray tear roll down his cheek and land on the letter. At the same time, he noticed a dried up spot at the left side of the letter. Apparently, Amelia had let a stray tear roll down her cheeks as well when she was writing the letter.

 Gone. His wife just left like that with a simple letter. He had no idea where she went or how long would she be gone for.

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“Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Never think even for a minute, that she won’t defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals. It’s the fans. People whom of which she has interacted with thanks to the band. That band might of saved her life, or just made her smile everyday. That band has never broke her heart and has yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music.”
Now that I’ve had time to compose myself, I just wanna say thanks to everyone who made the past 5 days the best experience of my life so far. The band, the fans and the shows in general could not have been more wonderful. The lack of sleep, the travelling and the sitting outside in the cold for hours were ultimately worth it to see my favourite band at all 3 of their UK shows, 3 ½ years since they were last over here, and I can’t wait for it to continue in July!

I did loved one thing of episode 11: 

Yuri Plisetsky. 

Seriously guys, Yuri Plisetsky was amazing in this episode, and I loved everything. For small things like having Yuko as people who inspire him love (she was there you guys, she was there, and that’s so cool I was squealing), from his small interaction with Otabek, all the faces he did when Otabek was competing, SMOL YURI DANCING BALLET, to the best part of course, that fucking score. 

He’s so young and talented and he has such an amazing career in front of him and he already broke his (and everyone’s) idol’s record. That’s such a huge thing! He did so good, he skated so good, he was so good in this episode!

I know some people is still upset by his behavior with Viktor in last episode. But Yuri is still a teen, and young man, and he’s still learning and growing and understanding what are relationship and how he should express himself. 

But he was so good in this episode, the way he did agape, ughhhhuhuhuhu, I loved it. 

Jesus Christ that’s the smile that nightmares are made of.

Also she seems to live in a…. medieval sort of world? 

Oh… well this is already explaining a few things.

So Star’s…. parents? Seem to be royalty which would explain her princess status, and for some reason they send her through a portal to what I imagine is our world.

Hey Marco!

You seem to like karate? That’s a pretty cool ccharacter detail.



I guess.

That skater looks pretty fucking cool.

I hope we see them in the future.

Marco’s face says “Oh shit I can’t punch this.”


Uh… I’m guessing this screenshot kind of shows how these characters interact? Demon guy clearly has a crush on Star, which she does not reciprocate and Marco is either scared of him or his interest in Star.

Please no love triangles.

And a bunch of pretty normal looking mosters because of course.

Okay I’ll admit this looks pretty fucking cool.

And our character cast, everyone!

I can see a few character clichès in there and I really hope this show is subversive.

Well that was a…. weird opening.

It might grow on me in the future.

Hopes for Sunshine season 2:

Chika tells Riko that she loves her too
Sub-Unit interactions
Ruby helps with costumes
Chika fucking responds to Riko’s “I love you”
YohaMari get into some shenanigans
You is appreciated???
More gay shit
Chika confesses her fucking love for Riko??
DiaYou bond over third wheeling
Chika finds Riko’s doujinshi
Everyone is canonically gay, even the dog

Feel free to add to the list!

            OK, one year ago, February 14th of 2016, I received on the mail the Volume 2 and 3 of Star Wars Legacy, and I had no choice, but to make a blog for Darth Talon. I didn’t cared it was Valentine’s Day, and I didn’t cared if she was an underrated and objectified character, she was still strong, and a Sith, and that was enough to make me fall in love for her. I brought her to tumblr with low expectations, thinking I would talk to like 5-6 blogs only and that it would be fun anyway. Instead, I was received by a big fandom, with incredibly good people, whom I befriended, and even now, one year later, still talk to.  

             Talon is my first long term muse, and even if these days I haven’t been much on her, I still love her and everyone who I interact with using this blog. You are all very special to me and I hope you all know this much.  ❤

             I could be all sentimental about you all, like I did on New Year’s Eve, but I will try and keep it short, ok? I PROMISE I WILL TRY NOT TO MAKE YOU ALL BORED! 


                                           ❤   My special beans who I would take a bullet for  ❤

            ❤   @artcfwar   -   It would be absolute bullshit to have this post without talking about you. U G H. But yes, we first spoke on Feb 15th, one day after I made this blog, and I remember I was RIDICULOUSLY INTIMIDATED by you, your blog, your writing, I followed you like.. “ ok, if they follow back great, if not, I will just watch from afar” but well, you followed me back and LOOK WHERE WE ARE NOW. It didn’t took me one year to know now that you are an actually very nice and dork person. And after all this time I really can’t see myself being on tumblr this long without you to make me motivated to be on my blogs and all that jazz. I DON’T WANNA BE EMOTIONAL OK SO I WONT BE ALL NICE, I HAVE A REPUTATION TO KEEP.   PS.: I would still throw a cabbage at you tho.  

            ❤  @khagaan​   -   You are another person I was completely terrified to talk to, Balby, but once I did… BOYYYY, I WAS HAPPY. You were always someone that I felt that cared about me, for real, and that I could open up to even if you heard me talking about it 293834639012 times, and you would still listen and try to help. You are someone that without I couldn’t have ever reached to this one year mark. I consider you like a sister from another mother and another country, and even tho sometimes we don’t speak for some time, I am glad to know that you will still be there and we will still have fun talking about anything, from pasta to how doges are cute.  

            ❤  @captaxn​ / @firebcrn​  -   A N T O N , my darling german, I just need to tell you that I never, ever expected to grow this close of you, but WELL HERE WE ARE. Your snapchats never fail to cheer me up, and how you are always worried and always bother to talk with Lil ol’ me even if I am quiet means that you care. We also only recently grew close, but that already is a great thing to me, to have someone who I share so many similar things with, and who I can ramble about random Star Wars stuff and that just !!!!! SIGHS. I love you a lot and I plan on some day hit you with a pillow too for the painful Maiko ideas you once gave me. 

            ❤  @nxgotiator​   -  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I love you so much Tay you are so terrible, please never leave me. The past few months we grew closer and you shoo away my bad mood in like 0.2 seconds with some painful or funny idea. You are someone who I care a lot about and I hATE YOUR SCHOOL WORK SO MUCH but well, I try to help at least! I just want you to know how dear you are and that if adulthood calls, I am here to keep one of your feet on the Fun, and I don’t plAN ON LETTING YOU GET RID OF ME ANYTIME SOON.

            ❤  @graysided​  /  @stcrmqueen​   -   You lITTLE EVIL PERSON WITH LITTLE EVIL IDEAS. I hope you know how much I adore you and your muses and how much I am impressed with the time and effort and details that you pay on your OCs, and how much I love to ramble with you about them and how they would fit here or there. You are one hell of a writing partner and I am lucky to have ever met you c:           

            ❤  @tyranusss​  -   CONAL!!!   I know we don’t talk much but you are also one of the person who keep this fandom whole and who makes me come back to this evil red bean’s blog. And I know I will probably have to stand up on a chair to talk to you but HEY, THAT’S PART OF LIFE. I hope you also know how much I think you are great and that if you ever need anything, I am one message away. Please never leave this shithole we call Tumblr. <3 

                                                    ❤  My cute beans who I watch closely. ❤

          ❤ @outlawjedi  ❤ @warknown  ❤  @empireworthy  ❤ @empireled  ❤ @rcguecne  ❤ @rebelsacrifice  ❤  @theeternalsun  ❤ @thedestrcyer  ❤ @txrkin  ❤ @unsith  ❤ @indomitablle  ❤ @ovalbound  ❤ @oftwileks  ❤ @obscuruus  ❤ @porticosdaughter  ❤ @prcphvcies  ❤  @ahphra@alderaanheir  ❤ @astramilitus  ❤ @astramessiah  ❤ @astramajestic  ❤ @starksprincess  ❤ @saggitariisms  ❤ @spacewagoner  ❤ @fulcrumm  ❤ @fcrcepilot  ❤ @fineknight  ❤ @finelendal  ❤ @gallowsgrove  ❤ @helenaiism  ❤ @jaigvision  ❤ @khuravhi  ❤ @lightlived  ❤ @zeltrcn  ❤ @vckarian  ❤ @vezely  ❤ @blckvcnom  ❤ @norulcs  ❤ @moranument  ❤ @murderchased ( AAAAA EU N VO TE FAZER TEXTÃO MAS EU TE AMO MT )  

                             ❤  I might have forgotten someone, but MILLA LOVES YOU ALL OK  ❤

The reason I’m so mad about Kaede dying for a male characters development as opposed to Chiaki and Chisa dying for their love interests is because the other two had other roles in their story. Chiaki lasted a long time in the neo world program. She was everyone’s friend and she interacted with everyone not to mention she was a great help during the investigation. She was a good character. Chisa is a very different case. At first we think she’s very sweet and innocent and only died to further munakata’s development. But we got to see more of her and how she became a victim of despair.
Kaede only lasted a chapter. And as soon as we meet her we meet saihara. And literally all she does is interact with him and tell him how great he is. That’s it. She doesn’t do anything else in the story other than to be a false protagonist and make saihara sad.

Digimon Adventure tri. 30 Day Challenge
Day 04:
Favourite Adventure character — classic VS  tri.

It’s difficult to pick a single favourite character in Adventure because I love everyone. Over the years I’ve had a consistent triad of absolute favourites (Yamato/Takeru/Sora) and as I got older Jou has definitely joined that group.

But I have to pick one, so I guess I’ll go with Sora!

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Sora is a really underrated character who is complex, multifaceted, and has plenty of depth. In Adventure, she has significant interactions with virtually all the characters, an interesting background, plenty of action and emotional scenes (The whole Crests arc!! The Dark Masters arc!!) and enough flaws and qualities to keep her interesting. She’s fun to watch and analyse.

 (I’m going to be lazy, because I’ve already answered a similar question in a previous challenge, and link you there.) Bottom line: Sora freaking rules.

In tri., though, it really isn’t a competition…

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Yamato has been the freaking star of this series so far.  Even though most of his actions revolve around other people, I don’t think any character has had so many significant, important, and versatile moments as he has.

For one, his characterisation is on point. One really gets the idea that he’s still the same guy with the same issues, but he’s grown up since Adventure and actually learnt from his past experiences and mistakes. tri. fortunately didn’t succumb to the temptation of portraying him as “vain Yamato” or “bad Yamato” or any other ugly stereotypes some of the fandom loves.

Yamato is also one of the most involved and proactive characters in tri. He’s the one who realises that Taichi isn’t in a good place and tries to do something concrete about it — even if his methods don’t always work. It’s interesting how, by Kokuhaku, he no longer tries to change Taichi’s mind by being aggressive and pushing him around — instead, he tries to take some of the pressure off him, by reminding him that they have more fighting options now. This switching of tactics shows that Yamato is self aware enough to realise his previous strategy wasn’t working, and wise enough to change. The delicate balance between him and Taichi is so important, that he almost instinctively steps up now that Taichi is down. Yamato’s introspective, empathic side is very important in this.

While in Adventure Yamato wasn’t that interested in being a leader and would rather work alone, in tri. we see him displaying actual leadership skills. With Taichi down in the dumps, he’s taking the initiative to lead the fight. Moreover, he’s interested in going deep into the problems and trying to figure out out what’s going on — either by trying to interrogate Taichi, or by going to Himekawa and Nishijima with his questions. He puts his safety on the line to save Meiko, not once but twice. He encourages and comforts people around him. His style is very different from Taichi’s, but we’re starting to see that, when it comes to being a leader, Yamato has some potential. (If this is meant to show Yamato has what it takes to be an astronaut and fight enemies in space, or somehow it ends leading up to his choice of career, I’ll be thrilled.)

And thankfully tri. has given us plenty of fun Yamato, with his ridiculous band names (he knows they’re corny), who gets owned by Gabumon and Takeru and Taichi, and who is pissed that his partner doesn’t win a contest (never mind what the contest is!). His relationship with teenage Takeru is also everything I ever wanted (including how Takeru still has Yamato wrapped around his little finger).

The constant theme in Yamato’s story throughout all three Adventure series is that he freaking cares. A lot. The problem is that he has trouble admitting it, and is even worse at conveying it. By tri., his friends mostly understand this sometimes frustrating aspect of his personality, and he’s getting better at it as well — and this allows for him to shine in multiple different ways. Whatever the context, Yamato’s scenes in tri. are always sure to be good.


 —everyone who has ever interacted with me


  • @kleptomxnia​: my second wife, the third part of the unholy trinity with me and @juliethenerd, i love her so much and all her other T R A S H blogs like @sepxrant
  • @lxnely-paws: [pmu flashbacks]
  • @vallablooded: MEGAN IS A GOOD!  A VERY GOOD!  I like Megan very very much she’s a good friend
  • @wielderofsiegfried: Excellent Xander, love to annoy this noodle dad with Laslow xD
  • @vallite-royal: Mana and Laslow are so cute together!! <33  Thank you for making such an excellent OC!
  • @sakuradreamerz: I’m legit not gonna lie, if there’s any girl I ship Laslow with, it has to be Claire.  These two shy dorks are just SO CUTE and I kinda want to just make Laslow spit it out already.
  • @dulce-diviinity: You’ve been a friend to me since my Starcatcher days and now we’re doing vocaloid roleplays together with Fukase and IA!  Thank you for being such an interesting person to talk to and a fun friend <33
  • @subakalicious and @pulveriizer: roasting buddies!  you guys always bring a smile to my face, and I thank you both for that.
  • @princepsmarmoreum: Luci is so supportive and kind!  My self-proclaimed internet mom, and I’m very honored to be her internet daughter >:D  She’s such a wonderful person and a blessing to have around, truly.

other awesome people that i love, in no particular order

@wildcardkinshi // @royal-botanist // @armsthriift // @dragon-from-two-lands // @maidfaire // @madkingtrashking // @highlandladylyn // @berceusesonata // @charminggrin // I DON’T NEARLY INTERACT WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS I USED TO, I CRI


the most progressive trans representation in a mainstream show in argentina is from the satire superhero show Nafta Súper i love it, like they call her princess and she has a boyfriend and stuff. shes satirized but not bc shes trans. everyone is satirized in that series. and i just??? im so happy i love her if you understand spanish and want some trans main characters, definitely watch Nafta Súper