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An acotar AU where Elain is taken to spring court instead of Feyre. Thoughts??

This is an excellent AU because it solves ACOTAR’s biggest narrative problem (the fact that there’s like 300 pages where nothing happens except Tamlin and Feyre being awkward and emotionally inarticulate and it’s super boring) and replaces it with a fuckton of Lucien having internal conflict + Elain going after his dick, two of my favorite things.

Let’s assume it’s still Feyre who killed Andras/the wolf, because I do not see Elain doing that, but Tamlin found Elain first, assumed she was the culprit, and took her. And let’s also assume Elain figured out what happened and did not correct him, to protect Feyre.

So Lucien still kinda hates her the way he did with Feyre because he thinks she killed Andras, BUT ALSO HE’S GOT ALL THOSE WEIRD PESKY FEELINGS coming from the dormant mate bond that have him like ??????? and of course Elain thinks he’s the hottest thing she’s ever seen. Even with the mask. She’s Down to Hit That.

Tam “your hair is clean” Lin is still obligatorily hitting on her, badly, but basically Lucien and Elain spend the first half of the book with Elain trying to be friendly to Lucien (recall that Lucien is also just more available than Tamlin, even to Feyre) and Lucien being GRR I DONT LIKE YOU first because he doesn’t, or he’s at least telling himself that, and then increasingly because…. he does, and she for some reason seems to like him, and he knows he has to shut that down, unequivocally. Once lucien can actually admit to himself how he feels (he still doesn’t recognize the bond for what it is, but it doesn’t matter, he’d fall in love with her anyway) he has to choose to ignore his own desires and push her towards Tamlin anyway, even if he is experiencing Extreme Conflict about it. The fate of the world depends on her falling in love with Tamlin, and even if he really, really, increasingly cannot stomach the thought of that, it would be PROFOUNDLY stupid of him to get in the way.

Which….. of course he does anyway.

Elain has no idea about any of this. All she knows is that Lucien is weirdly standoffish sometimes but it’s not preventing her from really, really liking him. and the sexual tension is off the fucking charts. (it is NOT Tamlin she has an Encounter with on Calanmai, is all I’m saying)

It’s Elain confesses to feelings first and Lucien is so shocked he panics and rejects her. It comes off harshly and they’re both upset about it–not long after, Tamlin, who is Fucking Oblivious as Hell to all of this, makes lucien third wheel on his and Elain’s date (because they’re always AWKWARD, tam and elain have NO chemistry) and then promptly strands them together when he’s called away last minute on high lord stuff. Lucien literally cannot handle Elain being upset with him and breaks down and confesses that he loves her and he reacted badly before because they can’t be together because REASONS and they make out really angstily and proceed to have a secret relationship. Elain’s still not really sure why it has to be secret?? But Lucien is afraid Tamlin will freak out and accuse Lucien of sabotaging the whole BREAK THE CURSE thing, which…. is kind of what happens. Tamlin eventually walks in on them kissing and loses it and tries to fight Lucien, but Lucien manages to defuse the situation by confessing–to both of them–that Elain’s his mate. (He figures it out the first time they sleep together, probably) and like. you can’t really argue with that. Possibly they also find out Elain didn’t even kill the wolf so it never mattered anyway.

So then Elain and Lucien get to be happy together for like…. three whole days before the curse expires, and Lucien sends Elain away on some errand and when she gets back they’re all gone and she’s FREAKING OUT and alis probably explains stuff to her and also probably lucien left her a sappy ass love note apologizing for the stuff he couldn’t explain and how much he loves her and how she should go home and try to be happy.

so the question becomes HOW DOES THIS END and to that, I say:

This AU happens concurrently with my Feyrhys cupid and psyche au.

Nesta chooses this moment to show up. She has had TWO sisters get stolen by fae and she is NOT DOWN WITH THAT so she doubled her efforts to get over the wall and rescue them and succeeds! She found Elain! But there’s nothing left to rescue her from? And Elain is freaking out? Nesta gets The Whole Story and reluctantly agrees to go under the mountain with Elain, although she’s not overly thrilled elain has a faerie boyfriend who needs to be saved from an evil dictator, but whatever, they can look for feyre while they’re there.

They SOMEHOW manage to go undetected UTM and do find Feyre, who is now doing the trials to save Rhysand, and help her, along with lucien who they also find. He and Elain have a big gross emotional reunion.

As I said in the cupid and Psyche AU, i don’t know EXACTLY how the ending works, but Feyre still dies and is reborn, and she saves Rhys, and breaks Amarantha’s power, and Elain takes lucien’s mask off and they vigorously make out in front of everyone. Nesta has to cope with the fact that both her sisters have fae boyfriends now. Maybe Tamlin, who basically Did Nothing in this story, hits on her and she serves him the most stone-cold rejection Prythian has ever known.

the end. thank you all for taking this trip down the AU rabbit hole with me.

Photographs of Love

SasuSaku Month 2017

Day 10: Photograph


FF Link :D 


It is a known fact that Uchiha Sasuke – prodigy extraordinaire – is a man of many talents.

The young CEO of the Uchiha Corporation, being a son of a prestigious family, was trained as a young boy not just with how to run the business but also taught the different arts. But only three people know of his hidden hobby – photography. They include his brother Itachi, his best friend Naruto, and his fiancée, Haruno Sakura – doctor extraordinaire.

He has a secret interest in black-and-white photography as a child. It started when Itachi gave him a camera on his 8th birthday. Ever since, the lad made it a part of him. But he was not ready to show his art to the world. His brother urged him to have an exhibit, but he consistently declined. He thought that there would be a right time for it.

Now, as he looked out of the glass window of his office, Sasuke felt that the time has come. His heart was still full after Sakura said yes to his wedding proposal last night. He wanted to tell the world about it but in his own special way. The sunset lit up his face which held a small smile. Sakura deserved nothing less than the best, after all.

His family was shocked to hear his proposal for an exhibit, except Itachi who felt that his foolish, little brother is little no more. He intended the opening of it to be his engagement party as well. And so, invitations were sent, preparations made, and the photographs – the stars of the night – were handle by no one but Sasuke himself.

Sakura was especially excited for his fiancé, for she knows that his talent was meant to be shown to the world. The evening of the exhibit came, and no one shined brighter than the two engaged pair. Everyone was left in awe of Sasuke’s photos and wondered what this talented young man still kept in his sleeves. The black-and-white motif was stunning, so it came to a surprise for everyone present to see an entire wall full of colored photographs.



Colored photographs of a girl with pink hair and orbs more precious than emeralds.



Sakura was left flabbergasted, her hands covering her mouth. The entire wall was full of photos of herself, candid and not, all taken by the man she loves. At the center of it was a large picture of her and Sasuke, the day they became a couple back in high school. Below it were the words in the handwriting of her fiancé himself.


Dr. Sakura Haruno, the love of my life who brought color and light to my dark monochrome. She showed to me the rainbow when all I knew was black and white. I am the happiest man on earth, for I will spend the rest of my life with her, loving her forever.


She felt Sasuke’s hand around her back, and he leaned in to say, “Surprise.”

She looked at him, still shocked. “What does this mean, Sasuke-kun? You… you said only the black-and-white ones will be featured.”

He gave her a small smile as Itachi took a microphone from one of the ushers. “Good evening, everyone. I am sure you all enjoy this photo exhibit of my little brother. Actually, it is a double celebration for us. I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce the engagement of Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura.”

The audience, filled with their family and friends, congratulated the two and gave them their well wishes. It was a rather busy night, but Sasuke was able to slip his future Mrs. Uchiha away to the rooftop of the building.

“You are definitely a man of surprises, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura said as they sat on an empty bench. “I… I don’t know what to say still.”

He held her hands with his, and looked straight into her eyes. “I wanted to tell them how much you mean to me, how thankful I am to have you, how much I love you. How you,” he kissed her forehead, “brought color and life to me.”

Happy tears escaped her eyes. As they shared a kiss, the stars shined brighter for them. Both were too in love to notice a raven haired man taking photographs of the two.

“This will be a good present for them at the wedding reception,” Uchiha Itachi said softly as he gazed at the two lovers, knowing that a love like theirs will last a lifetime.

Ficlet-fest (Shalaska, Vatya, Katlaska, etc.) - Spoky

A/N: Hi guys! I wanted to celebrate the fact that people were kind enough to vote for me as a versatile author in the AQficAwards. So! Here’s some versatility! Thank you for voting!! xx [The voting for some categories is still open, so go vote, it’s fun! ^^ ]

This is a collection of ficlets that I wrote for the prompt thing that went around in Tumblr some time ago (so all pairings and the lines with them were suggested by readers, I didn’t come up with them!). Some of these have been previously published in my blog, some of them have not. (( I actually think all authors who wrote these prompts in their blogs should do this type of collection, because I read some amazing ones and the art of drabbles/ficlets is kinda missing on AQ!! <3 ))

A list, so you can see what’s there and don’t have to read all of them, or any, just to figure out if you’d like one (genre, word count):

1) Shalaska, “I gave you your chance, and you just used it to stab me in the back.” (fluff, 433)

2) NaoChi, “Did it ever occur to you that you’re hurting me too?” (fluff, humour, 141)

3) Shalaska, “What? Does that feel good?” (quick smut, 295)

4) Shalaska, “You can’t keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won’t do any good.” (breakup angst, 395)

5) Rolaskatox, “There’s been some real friction in our friend group lately. I suggest an orgy to save our friendship.” (almost smut, 460)

6) Vatya, “Forget the douche. He’s a dick. He’s a dickdouche.” (fluff, 250)

7) Shalaska, “You know I’ll kill him if he hurts you.”  (friendship fluff, 166)

8) Katlaska, “You seem like a friendly face, mind if I sit with you?” (very stupid humour, 234)

9) Ginger Minj/Katya, “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” “I’m not jealous.” (unrequited love, 402)

10) Adore-centric, “Rise and shine motherfucker.” (fluff, 548)

11) Alexis Michelle & Violet Chachki, “Don’t you think you’re a little too old to be using cheesy pick up line?” (friendship fluff, 437)

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Rewatching the early Rebecca scenes and she’s characterised so much like Robert it’s unreal. Her relationship with Chrissie has so many parallels with Robert’s relationship with Andy. According to Chrissie she’s always been jealous and money-minded. As soon as her initial act falls apart Rebecca goes about integrating herself in the family business and checking the accounts. She finds out exactly how much Lawrence gave Chrissie to invest in Tree Tops and demands the same for herself. (This reminded me so much of how Robert was really angry over Andy having Jack’s ring). Chrissie describes how Rebecca only ever comes to Lawrence and plays the loving daughter when she wants a ‘hand out’. Not to mention that Rebecca is quite frankly vile to Chrissie over her not being Lawrence’s biological daughter. She’s got a complex that the non-biological older sibling is more loved than her, which is exactly the issue Robert has with Andy.

She’s manipulative, she’s scheming. She’s very flirtatious and knows how to use her sexuality. She really is very much like Robert. She can be charming and get people to like her, but she has no issues with turning on them for her own gain.

The way she and Chrissie fight over Robert is very similar to how Robert and Andy fought over Katie. One was engaged while the other was sleeping with their partner behind their back. That’s almost an exact parallel!

I suppose this is why I’m now struggling, because I’m so used to the new version of Rebecca (which kind of feels like a rewrite, unless the show is being VERY clever), that seeing this other version is uncomfortable almost? It makes all this stuff about Bex being the victim who can’t stand up for herself and gets constantly trampled on not really make any sense?

The Rebecca I’m currently watching is a force to be reckoned with. If she was on Game of Thrones she’d have one hell of a good shot at the Iron Throne!

I’m starting to get more and more on board with the theory that Rebecca has had her own agenda this whole time. I just can’t believe they’d leave behind that much of her characterisation to make her the person she seems to be now. Don’t get me wrong, I love this sunny, sweet, vulnerable Bex, but that is NOT the person I am watching in her first few months on the show.

Have they made her more fragile to make Robert appear more villainous? Did they panic and think people wouldn’t like her enough as a schemer and decide to change who she was? I know I’ve made that point before, but it’s starting to look likely. That’s just such a shame because Bex vs Robert would have been gold. Instead of that we’re seeing a ‘trampled’ Bex being utterly mistreated and almost bullied by Robert… which makes no sense because she’s been shown to be his absolute equal in almost every way???

It really does seem like when they brought her in they were basing her on a female version of Robert. The similarities are that strong and even noted by other characters in the narrative. I think it’s Chrissie who says that Rebecca and Robert are so similar they should have got married instead of her and Robert.

Maybe we’re all wrong to trust Rebecca now. Maybe this whole sunshine thing is an act. Can you imagine how satisfying that would be as a viewer? If we’ve all been played. Because we really should have seen it coming, considering they spent Bex’s first few months showing how talented a schemer she is.

If they have made later additions to her character to make her more ‘likeable’ then that’s super frustrating because a) it makes all those early months of her interactions obsolete, and b) that’s sexist as hell.

I’m even starting to wonder if Rebecca even slept with Robert. Just watching this old version of her makes me think she’s the sort of person who’d do anything to get her own back. I mean she was willing to double cross her sister (who she actually does really love) (again major Andy and Robert vibes!!!) in order to get her inheritance. This is a woman who can look out for herself. Seriously, she’s no victim in any sense.

Also, one last note before I get back into the rewatch - Rebecca really does go in for the kill where Robert is concerned. Even when he knocks her back twice, she’s still desperate to be in his orbit. I’m struggling to believe that’s because she’s been trampled by him and is in love. From what I know of Bex, I’m honestly starting to come round to the idea that she’s got an agenda, and she’s going to try anything to get what she wants. God knows what that might be, but i’m excited to find out.

Please Emmerdale, be clever about this. Don’t let me down!

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can you write a drabble about k+p after they breakup?? and can you make it rated m please :)

Sorry, this turned out a lot longer than I planned. Oops.


Summary: After three years of struggling to get over her, Peeta Mellark randomly chances upon the only girl he’s ever loved.

Rating: M (for obnoxious smut and a tad bit of shady language)


He’s carefully examining a peach for bruises when he hears it for the first time. The sound makes his blood feel slow and thick like oil in his veins, the hair on the back of his neck rising. Jolting from shock, he clumsily bobbles the fruit a little before turning to the side, watching the woman poke around a bin of gala apples as she giggles into her cellphone.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, Ms. Cresta. I’m sure Leo will cheer up by lunchtime.”

It’s like everything flips upside down, like his entire world is inverted as he stands there and idiotically gapes at her. He knew it was her the instant he heard her laugh – she’d never done that often, but when she used to, it always seemed to be with him – because he could never forget that damn sound. It had haunted practically every dream for that first year after it had abruptly ended.

But, despite the sickening feeling of his stomach being shoved down an imaginary garbage disposal, his heart does a little flutter, because it’s her.

Katniss Everdeen.

He never thought he’d see her again.

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OUAT Rewatch Ficlet: Episode 1x02

Summary: A little Snow & Emma feels for your Wednesday afternoon.

Episode: 1x02 - The Thing You Love Most | Words: 425 | Rated: G


“Who does he think you are?”

“Oh, it’s silly.”

“I just got five minutes of silly. Lay it on me.”

“Snow White,” she says with a shake of her head.

She’s stunned. She’s surprised her jaw doesn’t hang all the way down to the ground, and she stops herself from taking a step back. Her heart does a weird double beat thing and then clenches, and she hates herself for the way Mary Margaret’s answer makes her chest feel warm.

She shuts that down before it can spread.

“Who does he think you are?”

Her eyes are green. Emma wants to roll her own at the thought as soon as it flashes across her brain. And her cheekbones…

Don’t be ridiculous, she thinks loudly, trying to drown out her spiraling thoughts. She shakes her head, unsure if it’s a means to tell herself to stop it or a answer to Mary Margaret’s question. It’s probably both. This woman is her age, or close to it, she reminds herself, and is most definitely not her mother. “I’m not in the book,” she finally whispers.

Emma pushes her thoughts down, locking them away somewhere behind where she keeps her childhood fantasies, and then straightens her shoulders.

“Can I ask you a favor? Regina mentioned the kid’s in therapy. Do you know where I could find the doctor?”


She feels giddy as she walks down the aisle of the hardware store. It might be because of the boxed chainsaw in her hand, or it might be the way she can’t get Mary Margaret’s words in the station out of her head.

I trust you.

Emma thinks she might trust her too, even without the Snow White thing, and that’s a problem.

She drops the chainsaw at the register and wonders if there’s a place to get a drink in this town. It’s probably not a question she should ask while buying heavy machinery.


“You look like you need to talk.”

And the funny thing is she’s tempted.

She doesn’t know this woman, and can’t remember the last time she wanted to tell anyone anything. But here she is with tears in her eyes that she can’t blink away and an aching need to talk to her.

She should go. Back to Boston, back to her quiet apartment and her quiet, drama-free life. Back to where she can’t hurt people, and they can’t hurt her.

She almost steps towards the stairs but then stops. Dropping her shoulders and letting out a breath, she takes a step inside instead.

Enduring Love

I lament the death of Love.

Though specifically this short essay is more about explaining both the words Sakura says to Naruto aboutlove, and Kishimoto’s words about Sakura and how her changing to pursuing Naruto would make her a ‘terrible’ woman. Also going to discuss Hinata and her actions, and also why her seeming indecisiveness in the Last is entirely in character, not a regression. Additionally, I’d like to touch on something I’d noted, and something a follower pointed not long ago as well: many of the people making so many anti- arguments seem to have little to no grasp of how love works, or seem to hold the idea that a romantic bond will be the most important bond a person has, even to the point (as the anon follower said) “literally outstripping every other bond.” They also seem to rely on the idea that love, and indeed a 'love story’ is the same thing as a 'romance story.’

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The boys discover that the pop culture download Metatron gave Cas included innuendo when one day, after Dean eats an entire pie in one sitting, Sam says, “I didn’t think you’d be able to fit all that in there” and Cas comes back immediately with, “That’s what she said." Sam doubles over laughing, but Dean just stares at Cas in absolute shock. 

Cas starts making dirty jokes all the time because he loves that Sam laughs at them and he likes making his friend happy. Every time he does, Dean gets grumpy at how affectionately Cas looks at his brother while he laughs. Sam notices and the next time it happens he catches Dean’s eye and mouths "Sastiel” and winks. Dean just leaves the room. 

Hotel Ceilings

Request: Sam X Reader to the song “Hotel Ceilings” by Rixton.

Sam X Reader


Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

Darkness envelopes me as my eyes open. Trying to find my phone in pitch black, I nock my glass off my side table. Finding my phone, I flip it over; the bright screen causes me to squint. (Y/N)’s beautiful smiling face fills my screen. My finger can’t move fast enough as it swipes the screen to answer.

“(Y/N)?” Silence fills the other end. “(Y/N) is that you?… Please talk to me!” I start to plead, wanting to hear her voice more than anything.

“Is this Sam?” A strange male voice speaks. Confusion and anger fill me. Is this (Y/N)’s new boyfriend?

“Yes, who the hell are you? And what are you doing with (Y/N) phone?” I don’t know if I want the answer.

“I’m officer Wilson. I’m sorry to tell you this Sam, but we have found (Y/N)’s body.” He paused, but I couldn’t speak; horrified at what I’m hearing. “We found her about an hour ago in the woods here in Colorado. It looks like she was mauled by some kind of animal.” Again he pauses. “Are you still there?” I can hear the pity in his voice.

“Yes.” Is all I can manage to say. Tears fall down my cheeks as the initial shock starts to wear off. He continues.

“You were the only person favorited in her phone, and we couldn’t find a number that said mom or dad, so we thought you were the best person to call.” He starts to explain why he called me, but I don’t care. (Y/N) is gone. It has been a week since we broke up. It is all my fault. She decided to go off on her own, now she is dead; because of me. The love of my life is dead.

I hit the end call button, unable to listen to him anymore. I head out to the library, I am going to find and kill whatever did this to her.

Entering the room, I see dean sitting there, reading something. He looks up, greeting me. When he looks back down, he does a double take; realizing I am crying. He stands abruptly. “What’s wrong? What happened?” Sitting down, I start to tell him about the phone call. About (Y/N). About killing the woman I loved.

We are in Colorado to hunt the thing that killed (Y/N). It has been a week since the worst phone call of my life.

“Man I know that was hard to see, wanna go hit up a bar?” Dean says, a look of sadness and sympathy filling his eyes. I just shake my head.

“No, I would rather be alone.” Dean nods in understanding.

“Okay, I’ll go to the bar. I’ll be back later.” He puts his hand on my shoulder, trying to make me feel better.

The only hotel room available was a penthouse at one of the nicest hotels in the state. Dean just paid for it, knowing I need this more than anything.

Sliding my key into the door, I let out a sigh, going straight to the bottle of Jack I brought with me. pouring glass after glass, I don’t feel any more relaxed. I need something to detract myself, starring at the hotel ceiling was not helping.

Walking over to the piano that is featured in the middle of the room I start hitting the keys, and making my own song.

I can see it coming round full circle my friend.
On the TV they said they had reported you dead.
It was my fault ‘cause I could’ve sworn that you said, It was easy to find another for your bed.

I think back to the argument we had, the one that ended it all.

You and I, standing in the kitchen of the bunker, both of us drunk. I make a joke about some waitress that was hitting on me, you start yelling. You said I was rude for making a joke about sleeping with someone else, that I should love you enough not to think about someone else like that. I call you stupid for thinking I would sleep with someone else. You get angrier. I say “Well if anyone should be worried it’s me. I know your past. Hell you cheated on your last boyfriend with me!”

I can still feel the sting from your hand on my cheek. Your face, streaked with tears will haunt me for the rest of my life.

How does it feel to leave me this way?
When all that you have’s been lost in a day?
Everyone knows, but not what to say.
I’ve been wondering now.

My tears fall on the keys.

I’ve been staring at the hotel ceiling, drinking everything I’ve found this evening, trying to hold on to the sweetest feeling, so I’ll never let you go, don’t you leave me lonely.
Start to see this, everyone I know cannot believe this
Trying to hold on to the sweetest feeling, so I’ll never let you go, don’t leave me lonely now.

Taking a small break, I down the rest of my glass. Refilling it to the top once again, I drown my sorrows.

When my eyes open, morning pulls me into the view, no I guess I’m only acting in the way that you do.
Just being alone, no only time tells me more than I hoped, all that I know is
I’ll be fine in a fortnight, lo and behold, I knew I shouldn’t have let you go.

Pain fills my heart, as I picture (Y/N) smiling face. The way her eyes would light up when I told her I loved her. I never I said I love you enough. I should have told her I loved her.

I’ve been staring at the hotel ceiling, drinking everything I’ve found this evening, trying to hold on to the sweetest feeling, so I’ll never let you go, don’t you leave me lonely.
Start to see this, everyone I know cannot believe this.
Trying to hold on to the sweetest feeling, so I’ll never let you go, don’t leave me lonely now.

I Finish my glass once again, feeling the burn of the alcohol momentarily relieve some of the pain of her loss. Rubbing my eyes, I picture the news reporter, showing your picture, warning others of the mountain lion on the loose. Cursing her for being able to smile at the end, not realizing the pain she is causing me.

I can see it coming round full circle, my friend.
On the TV they said they have reported you dead.

Putting the cover back on the keys, I grab my bottle and head to my bed. Hoping maybe, just maybe, I will be able to see you in my dreams.

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South and Tex! I don't care what, just South and Tex :)


Fic: Bedtime Story

[AO3 | FFN | Fic Tag | Send me Femslash February Prompts!]

Agent Texas doesn’t remember falling asleep.

The mission she remembers, sure, the routine extraction of scientific intel necessary for the Director’s latest vision for the project. Which means, of course, that she spent the whole time kicking her heels at the LZ, because for once the team managed to hold together and get the job done. And hey, good for them and all, but there’s only so many shitty field manuals you can page through before you get bored and have to start patching into the not-so-secure stash of pulp fiction some anonymous pilot keeps uploading to the mission link.

So yeah, okay, she remembers perching on the edge of a rock under a starry sky and scrolling through some crap about hardboiled detectives and dames with legs down to, you know, wherever. She also remembers the training session afterwards, the quick snap of her fists, the tension bleeding away. Beat her training routine PB by five seconds. Hell yeah.

But when FILSS says, “Agent Texas?” she jolts awake sitting bolt-upright in the chair in her quarters, and she doesn’t remember how she got there.

“Yeah,” she says, and brings up a hand to rub at her eyes. Presses a kevlar glove to her helmet’s faceplate instead. Dammit, didn’t even make it out of the armor before passing out. How many times has she done that lately? “Yeah, FILSS, I’m up, what’s happening?”

A hesitation. “We have a… situation with Agent South.”

Tex’s armor is running some sort of diagnostic routine she doesn’t recognize; she glares at the icon on her HUD until the progress bar fills and disappears. “Surprising absolutely no one.”

“Agent South has just passed her fifty-third hour without sleep. Prescription of sedatives thirteen hours ago has had no effect.”

“Sucks to be Agent South, then, doesn’t it?” Tex actually feels pretty well-rested now that the grogginess is starting to wear off, but she indulges in a yawn and stretch. Her neck doesn’t even feel stiff after sleeping sitting up. Benefits of power armor. “What, does she need a bedtime story?”

“She has requested your presence.”

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Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book
by Johanna Basford
2015, 80 pages, 10 x 10 x 0.4 inches (paperback)
$10 Buy one on Amazon

Who knew one of my favorite childhood pastimes would make a comeback in 2015 as a stress-relieving, anxiety-reducing, and therapeutic way to deal with life? Coloring books today have definitely evolved from the simple line drawings I remember as a kid.

Johanna Basford, a pen-and-ink artist from Scotland, has done work for H&M, Hallmark and Crabtree & Evelyn to name a few. Her newest inky handiwork is in the form of a coloring book for grown-ups entitled Lost Ocean. The hand-drawn pages show a world beneath the waves. Lost Ocean is filled with intricate black-and-white images of starfish, coral, shells, flowers, mermaids and of course, lots of fish, just waiting for a splash of color.

I used ink pens and water color pencils to fill in my pictures; I noticed the more time I spent coloring, the more details I found buried within the drawings. Circles within circles, lines leading to nowhere, and hidden objects made each illustration unique. I love the designs that fill the entire page. So much room to create! There are double-sided pages and even a four-page pullout at the back of the book just waiting to be brought to life. Lost Ocean kept me busy (and relaxed) all afternoon.

Fun Facts: Basford says she starts every illustration in pencil and draws 50% bigger than the final required size so she can fine tune the details. She does not do private tattoo commissions and is a self proclaimed pen addict. – Carole Rosner

October 15, 2015


Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto ( A Girl & Three Sweethearts) EP 1

Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto is everything I hoped it would be - funny and breezy but also heartfelt with characters which are just waiting for you to fall in love with them. Kiritani Mirei and the brother trio are all perfectly cast. Mirei’s Misaki is such a fabulous female lead you will root for from the first moment you see her on screen - vulnerable with many insecurities but also strengths which makes her so very relatable. At 27, she lives only for her patissier job at a small bakery and because of her obsession with work she hardly remembers how to kiss. Everything changes when she gets fired and if it weren’t enough she gets rejected and laughed at during a job interview at a posh hotel because of her lips-puckering cake dolls, which is bound to happen when your last kiss was 4 years ago. However, later she accidently meets her former high-school senpai and first love Chiaki who invites her (after she lies to him about her specs and job to save face) to live with him and work at his restaurant. So Misaki gets herself some much-needed make-up, girly nightwear and instagram account and sets off to get that long-overdue kiss and some cohabitation hijinks. Only it turns out she got more than she bargained for as Chiaki lives with his two brothers - the youngest Touma and second oldest Kanata who is the opposite of his easygoing siblings - a gruff and broody perfectionists who is the chef at their restaurant.

It’s Kanata who MIsaki accidently meets after arriving to the seaside town. Be it a chance or fate it’s him whom she asks to take a photo of her for her new instagram account - he is curt with her because he needs to get to the restaurant on time. It’s then when he accidently sees his brother’s photo on her phone and starts to regard her as some romance-crazed girl. She wants him to take the photo just when she is in the air but she lands on a lost melon-looking ball and falls right on her face and it’s the exact moment Kanata takes a picture of her with an amused smirk on his face. LOL! The outraged Misaki complains that in such situation he is supposed to be polite and help and apologize to the injured party - so he does and returns the ball to the little boys and pats them on their head! HA! And then he puts on his sunglasses and walks away like James Bond who has just blowed up a factory behind his back! Double LOL! I’m already half in love with this show. The things get even more hilarious when she enters the bathroom at the Shibasaki house to wash away the dirt and make-up, only to find the reason of all her troubles there - STARK NAKED! This is what I call cohabitation hijinks!


Sultry rhythms of the bossa nova persuasion surrounded Michonne as she entered the studio, her step perking up as she strolled towards the front desk, her hips swaying in sync with the music.  The place was larger than she expected but was still just as quaint and imaginative as the pictures from the website.  It was simply perfect.  Rick had arranged a girl’s night out for her and her close friends. Let me do this for you.  His words imprinted on her heart.  Insistent that she take some time out with her girlfriends and have a good time for one night, Rick planned the entire day for them.  First they’d have a few hours at Sip & Seraut, the painting and cocktails studio Michonne had been dying to go to for months.  And they’d wrap with dinner at Craft Izakaya, a very posh sushi restaurant that Michonne absolutely adored.  He even arranged for a car to take them just in case they had a bit too much to drink at the studio.  His thoughtfulness would not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Michonne had some things planned for him this evening for this sweet treat.

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Two Pink Lines

I had to write the thing.  Couldn’t help myself.

Two pink lines.

               Felicity tosses the test aside, picks up another one. Because the first can’t be right. It can’t.  But there it is, impossible to mistake, written once more on the second test.

               Two pink lines.

               She knows that five is overkill, but her life is such a mess, and this… this can’t be happening.  But written over and over, on five different tests, always the same result.

               Two. Pink. Lines.


               She hears Thea open the door, but she can’t bring herself to respond to the question in the younger woman’s voice. It was her, that had convinced Felicity to do the tests, even though she had said over and over that it was just stress. With Oliver… not Oliver, and Laurel a mess over Nyssa, and John a mess over Lyla being put in danger, she just figured it was stress.

               Five tests don’t lie, and now she stares blankly at Thea, whose inquisitive expression fades into sympathy.  She walks to the bed and sits next to Felicity, taking her hands in her own.

               “You’re not alone,” she assures her, and Felicity feels her breath catch, and suddenly it’s difficult to breathe.  She knows what Thea means, that she doesn’t have to do this alone.  That Felicity will have her and John and even Laurel.  She’ll have this whole support system that will love her and… her and…

               She can’t even say it.

               “I am,” Felicity gasps out, because she can have all the support in the world, but she won’t have Oliver, and what the hell does she know about being a mother?  She thinks back to her own, how Donna would kiss cuts better and work double shifts, and it was never something she had really imagined for herself.  Not any time soon.

               Not without the man she loved there to do it with her.

               “I don’t… I can’t…”

               She stops talking, and the tears begin to fall. Deep, heaving sobs – sobs for her, for Oliver, for the child that will never know its father, because he sacrificed his life to save his sister.  Thea gathers her into her arms and holds her close, and Felicity grasps onto her, holding as tight as she can.  The brunette is strong, just like her brother, and God, but Felicity wishes this could be something they could be happy about.

               They should be happy about it.

               “Shh,” Thea hums, stroking her hair as Felicity hiccups against her shoulder.  “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.  Ollie… Ollie isn’t here, but I am, and you are not alone.”

               Felicity hasn’t seen Thea look this fiece since she shot Oliver with an arrow to save John’s life, and her gaze reminds Felicity so much of Oliver’s, that she finds her breath slowing down, finds that she can calm herself, that she can maybe believe that this isn’t entirely a disaster.

               “You’re strong, Felicity,” Thea tells her, grasping her hands. When Felicity sniffs loudly, she breaks her hold to grab a tissue, and Felicity takes it thankfully, wiping her nose.  “You’re strong, and this baby is going to be so lucky to have you for a mother.”

               If only it would have a father…

               But down that path lies more panic, and Felicity manages to push it away, to ground herself with the strength in Thea’s hands.  She squeezes them with her own and nods her head.

               “She’s going to be lucky to have you, too,” Felicity says to her, because now that she’s calming, she thinks it will be a girl. With her father’s eyes and her mother’s brains, and the fierce spirit of the woman who is smiling at her, as she realizes that while this baby might be Felicity’s child, it’s going to be her niece.  “The best aunt in the world.”

               “Yeah,” Thea agrees.  “Yeah.  I’m going to stay.”

               Felicity blinks for a moment in confusion at the sudden change, but then she remembers that Thea knows about Roy, that she must have been planning to join him and –

               “Thea, no,” she says, shaking her head.  “You need to be happy.  You need-”

               “- to be her for my niece.  I love Roy, Felicity.  And I probably always will.  But leaving you right now?  I won’t do that.  Not unless Ollie walks through the door, back to himself and I know that you and my niece will be safe.”

               There’s a pause at the end of her words, and they both tense slightly, as though hoping that maybe, just maybe, Thea’s words would come true, and Oliver would walk through the door.

               It’s a foolish dream, Felicity knows.  Because the door to the room stays closed, and it’s just the two of them.  Thea closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

               “We’re going to make it through this.  Your daughter is going to be happy and healthy, and I’ll tell her all about Ollie.  And you’ll tell her about Oliver.  Between the two of us, she’ll know every version of her father that matters.”

               Not this one, the dark one that would threaten his brother’s wife, that would kill Nyssa on Ra’s’ orders.  That Oliver will stay hidden from the child.  Al Sah-Him will not be a name that haunts Felicity’s baby. It won’t be a name that even exists for her.

               “Thank-you,” she whispers, squeezing Thea’s hands once more.

               “What are sisters for?” Thea replies, before she crinkles her nose and points at the tests still scattered around Felicity.  “But I’d really appreciate it if you got those off my bed.  And maybe washed it.”

               Felicity lets out a watery chuckle, and for the first time two pink lines doesn’t seem quite as impossible.

“Why are you ok with this?” - Part 2

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It was strange to process his own divorce forms.

Hinata signed them weeks ago, but they only just arrived on his desk.

He shocked her when he asked about a divorce nearly half a year ago. She never expected it. He sat down with her, waiting for her to question him. He wanted her to ask what he’s been doing for the last few months, what was wrong, why he wanted a divorce, but she asked nothing. Naruto explained himself to her when she failed to ask him anything. A small part of him hoped she would come to understand him and change their routine.

‘Look, it isn’t going to work like this. We have to be partners, but it’s like I’m leading and you’re following along with no input.’ No response.

‘It seems like you’re content looking at me and watching me, why aren’t we able to interact more normally? Aren’t we married? There’s like a wall between us that you won’t climb over or tear down.’ Nothing.

‘Please, speak up. I want to talk to you about this. I’m not trying to hurt you-ttebayo. I’m sorry. Why are you content with this? It’s like we’re distant friends, not husband and wife.’ She cried.

She excused herself. She refused see him or speak to him for weeks. Maybe she had hoped he would come running back to her and apologize and ask to forget about the divorce. When he asked a second time, she gave in and signed the papers. His son was furious, their daughter was heartbroken, but he expected that.

He gave Hinata the house and much of their belongings. He only took what he needed to live to his new place of residence. She wanted to keep his surname, he didn’t protest to that. It made things easier for her. He ensured that the kids were taken care of financially, not that he planned to stop interacting with them. He figured they wouldn’t want to see him for a while, but he looked forward to spending some time with them after this. The dread he held significantly decreased once he and Hinata separated.

Guilt clung to him when he realized how relieved he was over the divorce. He stared down at the staring at the unprocessed papers on his desk, second guessing himself. Is it really that big of a deal if she wanted to keep things as they were? She wasn’t doing anything wrong. It’d be ridiculous to ask for her to change, she’s been that way since they met. Couldn’t he adapt?

Wasn’t he being selfish? Maybe HE needed to do more. Maybe he needed to try and interact with her more. Maybe he needed to try harder… but the loneliness of working by yourself was hard to bear. It tired him out. He tried to make things work, forcing himself to fit in, forcing himself to ignore his doubts and go with the flow, forcing himself to act a certain way even when his heart felt nothing. How long can someone do that before things fall apart?

It already fell apart. Silently. Slowly. Or… maybe it was never together. Their ideas of marriage, of love, of many other things, were too different. He refused to be frustrated playing out her idea of an ideal relationship any longer. Someone out there must be better for her. Someone who held her beliefs and lifestyle. Someone better than him.

Someone knocked on the door to his office. He discreetly covered the unprocessed document under his scrolls.

“Come in.”

She came again. In fact, Sakura had come every day since he came to her house a year ago. Her persistence on the issue surprised him. It seemed she was doing more to save his marriage than to fix her own.

“Need something, Sakura-chan?” He smiled. His smiled so easily now. His heart fluttered and his mind was clear as a whistle. How had he forgotten this feeling? “If you’re here to talk about that, I’ve already told you I won’t change my mind.”

A few times he had caught her off guard with his smile, she hadn’t seen it very much either. It didn’t trip her up this time. She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.

“I can’t believe you.” How many times had she said that already the past few months? She acted like THEY were getting the divorce.

“Sakura-chan, you know how much I’ve thought about this.” He leaned back in his chair, resting his arms behind his head. “It’s better this way. So p-”

“But she loves you!” She came closer to his desk. Nearly every day she came into his office pleading like this. Her mood ranged from from anger to sadness. At times, she hardly allowed him to speak over her shouting. Sometimes she sat quietly and listened to what he had to say. And sometimes she did this, pleaded to him. “What did she do to deserve a divorce? You’ve been married for… for over ten years!”

His smile turned into a frown and he leaned forward. He didn’t want to argue about this with her again.

“I already explained she didn’t do anything ‘bad’… we don’t work, Sakura-chan. And sometimes, you have to try something different.”

“You keep insisting on that. Naruto, we aren’t children. Sometimes, this is how marriage works. You can’t just abandon your wife for such superficial reasons!”

He narrowed his eyes at the papers on his desk.

“I’m not abandoning her. Sakura, my parents weren’t like this. YOUR parents aren’t even like this. You keep insisting it has to be like this. I don’t know why you WANT it to be like thi-”

“Naruto, you already made the commitment!”

She made this argument a lot too.

‘You already married her, you can’t back out of it.’

‘You already have children together, what are the children going to think?’

‘What is everyone else going to say about you, divorcing a perfectly capable woman because of a little trouble in a marriage!’

“Sakura, things change.” He stood from his chair. His height outmatched hers. In fact, she looked feeble. Tired, stressed, upset. Why should his divorce stress her this much? Or did she always look this exhausted…

“I have my own ideas of how a marriage should be, none it it appeared in this marriage. I ignored my feelings, I ignored my happiness, and I ignored the happiness of others. I thought that what I was doing was the only possible way to make everyone happy, the best way to include everyone in my idea of ‘happiness’, but I was wrong. And I intend to fix that, no matter how long it takes.”

She stared into his eyes, refusing to back down, so different from the Sakura he saw when Sasuke was around. He always wondered why. Why did her ‘love’ for him cripple her?

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