i love that she and jane have a sort of understanding

characterization, filters, and characterization to be found in the lack of filters

Talking about Jane earlier got me thinking, you know, Jane is not at all the only character that uses this device to show off the less desirable traits lurking in the psyche of all these damaged teens. Like. So many characters have these lurking deep seated issues that stay hidden deep down because the characters are pretty good at projecting a less damaged and more together version of themselves. 

If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s a fucking outrageously relatable quality and part of what makes the Homestuck characters RESONATE so much. Why they feel like they have all this dimension and depth that makes us grab on to them and never want to let go. 

I’m just going to run through some examples here while I’m thinking about it. The first OBVIOUSLY since thinking about her is what got me going on this – Jane. Crockertier Jane removing the layers of self-imposed filter on Jane’s festering insecurity, entitlement issues, jealousy and so on. I’ve already talked enough about that today.

Grimbark Jade! You notice Jade says what she’s thinking WAY more easily while she’s mind controlled, and she still sounds like herself – she sounds kinda like she does when she’s owning Karkat repeatedly, doesn’t she? Because angry Jade has that same effect of pushing her nice girl filter aside and letting the angry witch (not a cutesy slur, her literal witch class) within fly free. Grimbark Jade tells us that behind that nice girl front Jade Harley actually thinks some pretty uncharitable thoughts sometimes, she just keeps a tight fucking lid on it because – well, don’t most people? Relatable as fuck. 

Jadesprite! Since we’re talking about Jade anyway. Jade likes to think she has everything together, that her visions from Skaia and her scientific prowess and the tools her Grandpa left her are more than enough to handle everything that comes her way, she’s independent, she’s capable, she’s certainly never LONELY oh no of course not certainly never CRUSHINGLY OVERWHELMED by the responsibility of her own existence nah those are weak feelings for weak girls who aren’t as awesome as Jade! And then – Jadesprite. Why do you think Jade got SO ANGRY at Jadesprite? Because she was being confronted with something she knew deep down was a reflection of weaknesses in herself (totally normal ones that her later arc reinforced were a mistake to pretend weren’t there – Loneliness and fear and regret are all tied in with Jade’s character progression and learning how to deal with those things is where I imagine her arc would have gone if Homstuck’s ending hadn’t been the literary equivalent of chopping off a limb and cauterizing the wound.) Jadesprite is Jade without the filter of implacable strength Jade imposes on herself to fuckin cope with living on a hell island with the stuffed corpse of her grandpa who she grew up thinking literally killed himself at BEST.  god damn

Davesprite. Dave Strider with a slow long agonizing depressing arc wherein he realizes his coolkid persona won’t make anyone think of him as their best friend anymore, and in the absence of the security that persona afforded him when he was The Real Dave he has no idea what to do with himself. He’s lost, he feels aimless, untethered, incapable of being happy – and yes, Davesprite is his own character, but you can still infer a lot from Dave’s character about him – for instance, how he completely ties his self worth up in how useful he is to his friends or how worthwhile they find him and has no idea how to even BEGIN the hard journey of looking within for worth instead of relying eternally on changeable external sources. Davesprite is Dave not WITHOUT a filter but certainly with a VERY DIFFERENT one.

Homestuck does this with almost every single damn character on its roster at some point. Shows a version of them with a different or lesser or completely missing filter to highlight flaws and issues and internal struggles of all kinds. 

Homestuck is a damn deep dive into an exercise about analyzing nature vs nurture and what we’re predisposed to do and what comes from within and what is put upon us by forces out of our control, and how that line is blurry and messy and everyone has the potential to be either the worst or best version of themselves. Even Caliborn was given a choice. Hussie-The-Character explained it to him at great painstaking length. 

There are so many other examples. Jasprose is Rose without a filter, and the way Jasprose goes around gleefully calling every hot girl she sees hot and delighting smugly in knowing more than just about anyone else and lording over the information and playing smarter-than-thou games – that tells us a LOT about Rose! A LOT about what sort of urges Rose tamps down on every day in an effort to just be fucking cool! 

I bet you have things like this with yourself, right? Doesn’t everyone?

Tricksters! Look at how they act. They’re not themselves but there is plenty to glean from them. Jane immediately goes for Jake, the object of her desire, to pursue an exaggerated version of her idealized future. Trickster Jake is a passive fucking ragdoll who immediately acquiesces to everything everyone demands of him because their happiness becomes his happiness – Jake hates confrontation, so Trickster Jake is just a fucking doormat. Roxy goes for Jake AND Dirk because divorced from the guilt she normally feels for harboring desire toward either one of them she knows exactly what she wants! ETC ETC. Of course they would never do any of this shit if they weren’t high as balls and incapable of understanding the meaning of the word “consequence.” That’s the point. Seeing what they do in this situation is an interesting window in!

Brain Ghost Dirk is a version of Jake (yes, of Jake, not Dirk) without a specific filter Jake runs his own personality through before he’s comfortable presenting it to others, and you’ll notice, it’s EXTREMELY biting and critical sometimes. Jake knows what he’s about. He just buries it most of the time because that’s easier than dealing with it. 

I could seriously keep going. 

Homestuck loves to show us what our favorites do and say and ARE when basic filters go out the window. Those filters that most of us employ to make other people believe we don’t all have intrusive thoughts or bad desires or just plain old weaknesses we’re ashamed of and want to keep hidding at costs – or that we occasionally think things or think about doing things we would never ever ever do in real life are demolished or changed or temporarily suspended. 

It’s brilliant tbh. It lets us see facets of characters that would normally never really get full spotlight reveals by their very nature, especially with protagonists. 

Vriska vs (Vriska) – (Vriska) is just Vriska with some more self awareness and more willingness to let down her self-imposed filter and actually examine the shit she wants and why because watching Aranea fuck the timeline over out of motivations eerily similar to her own hardcore shook her enough to develop in that direction. (which makes sense since HER original motivations are copying Mindfang who IS alt-aranea lmao I love Homestuck)  (Vriska) is still Vriska, it’s just a very very different lens through which to view her character. 

blah blah blah blah etc there are so many examples

anyway I love Homestuck and good character writing what up

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hey there, i'm writing an essay about how destiel is real for a friend of mine and I was wondering what you think the most important pieces of meta that i should put in? can you recommend anything?

Hi - wow, that’s some dedication. All I did for my friends was send them some links - and, on one memorable occasion, I spent one entire 30 minutes conversation occasionally glancing at my (female&blinded by heteronormativity) friend’s lips instead of looking at her eyes, and by the end of it she was uncomfortable af and half convinced I was into her, and that’s when I presented her with a list of gifsets like -

- and basically dropped my mic and sashayed out.

(Man, I wish my hair was long enough to be flicked back.)

She changed her mind after that, by the way. And it’s really weird how most behaviours and gestures are used on screen precisely because we understand them as human things we all do on a deep level, and yet we’re suddenly unable to figure out what they mean if they’re not about a man and a woman. Uh.

(That applies to me as well, by the way. We see what we know about, not what is actually there, and that’s just inevitable - but can be unlearned, with some patience and many, many mistakes.)

Anyway, here are a bunch of things - I hope they’re useful.

Also, the entire S8, which was basically a demented Jane Eyre AU, and the entire S11, because, again, that Amara thing didn’t make sense without Destiel subtext, and finally @deanswingsbothways’ drunken rant (spoiler: contains the line “Destiel is not a story we are telling each other. Destiel is a story we are being told.” and bless).

You should also consider pimping your essay a bit, because there are a lot of posts and gifsets about how Destiel is regularly paralleled with canon couples on Supernatural, or follows the same rules as romantic relationships in movies. Here’s a bunch of them: Destiel and Sam/JessDestiel vs Dean/AnnaDestiel vs Sam/Amelia, Destiel vs David/VioletDestiel and Spuffy, Destiel and Clexa, Destiel and Phoebe/ColeDestiel vs Charlie/Gilda, Destiel vs every other couple on SupernaturalDestiel and Lucifer having funDestiel and romantic movies, Destiel and the Doctor, Destiel and Belle/Rumplestiltskin, Destiel and Tangled, Destiel and Saileen, and, of course, the beautiful and despairing trainwreck that was Repo Man.

And finally, there was that one time I went crazy and spent an entire weekend mapping every single love trope they’ve ever used around those two idiots in love, because I was just that fed up and the thing’s there, okay, and the more they say it’s not the more layers of tropes and mirrors and longing glances and narrative parallels they keep slathering on top of this thing, so, whatever and who even knows. At this point, you’re free to say it’ll never go canon because they’re homophobic or assume their audience is homophobic, and you’re free to say it’ll never go canon because of internal narrative reasons (God knows both Dean and Cas are never going to believe they’re actually good enough for each other), but to say there’s nothing there at all - that’s beyond whatever.

Anyway, my post is here, and these were the final conclusions:

As you may have guessed, this is something I’m sort of interested in - I came for the monsters and started to reblog stuff out of spite when I realized I was being treated like a crazy fangirl who sees love everywhere because women (right). If you’re looking for more sugary goodness, I tag stuff as destiel, spn meta (my own opinions), awesome meta (other people’s opinions), love tropes and parallels, and you can also have a look at some excellent meta writers who have eyes and therefore see Destiel and sometimes discuss it - people like @elizabethrobertajones​, @grey2510​, @tinkdw​, @bluestar86​, @mittensmorgul​, @floralmotif​, @k-vichan, @treefrogie84, @thevioletcaptain or @postmodernmulticoloredcloak (and I know I’m forgetting someone - that’s what sleeping four hours does to you, sorry). So, again - I know this post is a bit ‘join our cult’ (which is what you asked for, but still), but really - what I like about this fandom is that we can talk about stuff and we can disagree about stuff and still be friends, but this new idea currently spreading in the real world like wildfire - that not only you can have your own opinions (totally legit), but you can also have your own facts - nope. I hope your friend reads your essay (you’re welcome to share it, by the way) and sees that yes, there’s objectively something going on. If they still don’t, the final test is, “What if Cas were a woman? Would you see it then?” 

(And we all know the answer to that question, don’t we?)

Seriously, good luck.

EDIT - More great meta

( @destielisgonnabecanon - you’re welcome! Go win that bet! 😁)

The Elsewhere Child

He was supposed to take my memories when he brought me here, the seelie knight, who had been commanded to escort me home with a simple “take it away, it’s too old now and it bores me” from the noble who had kept me for the past while. I traded him my singing voice for them though, and now where once sweet music poured from my lips only hoarse and untuned notes fall out without any of the tempo or melody they had before. Now I think I made a bad trade. It might have been better, if I didn’t remember, or remembered something else entirely.

I stare at the boy next to me in the circle, I was asked to join this circle as a way to make me feel part of something, part of a circle. They call the circle a support group for abducted children. Children who were abducted and got away, that is, I don’t think there’s a support group for those currently abducted. Their abductors wouldn’t allow them to attend, I suppose. The boy is speaking about the man who touched him, speaking of the horrible way he loved that man, because he was a child, and he had to love someone. Are his memories true? Or is he like me? Did a faerie take him away, and replace the memories from Under the Hill with these tragedies? Why? Did he commit some crime? I cannot say.

I am fascinated by the girl who sits next to the girl directly across from me in the circle. She tells us to call her Angie. She wears ratty clothes, not the sort of poor chic that seems to be an underlying trend, with jackets made of patches and ribbed cloth sold at malls, but real grunge. The tears in her sleeves reveal razor scars, her hair is short, she wants to look tough, she wants people to cross the street to get away from her when they see her coming. She is not tough. She is nervous, always nervous, always afraid, though she hides it well. None of these things are too interesting to me, those things I can see anywhere, but I thought context would be important so that the fact that she’s a pathological liar would not be the only thing you knew about her.

She is a pathological liar.

Her lies fascinate me.

After group chat, I take her aside and we talk, sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes for hours, and I watch her fabricate thousands of untruths, from tiny white ones to huge fantastical ones as bright and colorful as her life has never been. Some days, I believe everything she says and some days I question each word, trying to figure out her secret.

It’s a strange thing, I was taken before I really knew my name, and each faerie that’s kept me (I was a pet for them) called me something different. Do I even have a true name? I’ve been Jane Doe since I showed up, stumbling barefoot and confused into a police station moments after midnight (at least the knight knew to leave me near a place of authority), so I’ve been introducing myself as Roe, like the deer. They ran my DNA through the missing children’s database (I didn’t understand what that was at first, was shocked at how closely humans had approximated magic with computers), but there was no match. I told them I didn’t know how long ago I’d been abducted, and suggested that it might have been before the database was made. They laughed and said I was eighteen, and DNA technology had been around much longer than me. I tried to explain that time was different where I had been kept, but they simply patted me on my head and told me they were sure that it seemed that way to me at the time.

They stared at me worriedly when one of them brought me a McDonald’s Happy Meal, and I asked what she wanted for it. She told me nothing. No one here ever asks for anything besides courtesy in return for their food, but old habits are hard to break. Even now, in my foster home, I cannot help insisting that my hosts confirm that this food is a gift freely given. They asked me to help them cook and I broke down in tears because there was a cast iron skillet on the stove (“Please don’t make me, iron burns, iron burns, and it gets under your skin and makes you go grey and lifeless like a flower severed from its roots, plea-please, please don’t make me”). It took them an hour to convince me that they weren’t trying to force me to poison myself, and the food burned (“I said I would help you, you asked me to cook and I agreed, but, but please don’t make me, it burns, it’ll burn me!” “It’s alright darling, you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to.” “But I said I would! It was an oath!” “We’re sorry, we wouldn’t have asked if we’d known it would upset you, you can help some other way if you like.” “You… absolve me of my oath?” “Yes, of course we do darling!”).

I am more comfortable with iron now, I am not one of the Fair Folk, after all, it will not harm me. Correction, a blade of iron would harm me, but not because it was made of iron. It does, however, mess with my glamor.

It is a difficult thing, growing up bathed in magic and yet to have none of your own. A pixie once spoke of how she envied my hair, and I said, on impulse, “do you want it?” So a trade was made. She gave me the ability to change my appearance, and she walked away with my hair. I expected my hair to grow back after a time though… it did not. With my glamor I can have the appearance of having whatever hair I please, and sometimes I change it daily, but when I sleep or when iron is near my bare head is revealed. It is assumed by my hosts and everyone around me that I have many wigs, I have told them I do not, but they don’t believe in magic, so they insist on believing this instead.

I hide when I hear thunder, duck into a bathroom and put everything on backward and inside out if I’m in public, or simply sit quiet if I’m home. The first time I did this, it shook me to my core when someone told me “You know, your shirt is on backward.” I started to panic, until I realized that I could see myself too. It was a revelation, discovering that there was something humans could see that the Good Neighbors couldn’t.

It still boggles my mind how much people throw away, tears and menstrual blood caught on napkins, or gifts from that one aunt that they held onto for so long for the sentimental value but can’t keep now because they have to move into a smaller apartment, or the shirt they can’t wear anymore because it smells like their ex. They could trade these items to faeries for so many things, and yet they simply throw them away. What a waste.

My hosts insisted I should have a proper education, and after three years of homeschooling (to get me caught up) I applied to attend the local state college. There I found more people who fascinate me the way Angie does. There’s Lisa, who fights for animal rights, and Kyle, the leader of the Gay Straight Alliance group, and Riley, who’s going into the Peace Corps next year because they want to help the world. I ask them all the time why they do what they do, what they expect to get back, and they tell me that ideally they’ll make the world a better place, and that will pay them back eventually, but that they don’t do it for what they’ll get back, they do it because it’s right. I don’t understand. There’s Cheyenne, who always gets into intense political debates with other people over dinner in the cafeteria, and she believes so intensely about things that don’t even affect her, and she fights for them, and she tells me she does this because it’s right, and I don’t understand. I’ve never met anyone who cared about anything other than themselves Under the Hill. Faeries can’t lie, they can’t go back on their word, they honor their deals and make sure you honor them too, they repay debts and ensure they’re repaid in turn, they amuse themselves playing or squabbling over power, but they do not do things for free. They don’t care about things for free. They don’t defend the innocent, protect the weak, or forgive the ignorant. The culture shock coming here is bewildering.

If I could I’d honor my debts, leave a pile of gold at the doorstep of everyone who’s done me a kindness, but I have not the magic to do so. The drainage ponds hold no sirens, the falling snow has no frolicking pixies between its flakes, there is no magic for me to use here… or is there?

Perhaps I can’t call upon the magic Under the Hill, perhaps I can’t summon gold or make deals with darklings, but I can find magic here, I’ve seen others do it. I’ve seen a moon so beautiful it sends shivers down your spine captured by a little lense-box and put onto thick shiny paper. I’ve seen songs and stories written with such emotion that it moves those who hear them to tears, to laughter, to dancing, to life. I’ve seen kitchen witches cure colds with hot chicken soup, and I’ve seen holy men ward off tricksters they can’t even see with the power of their belief.

Perhaps I can find a way to create my own magic, and do what other people seem to strive to do to repay their debts. Perhaps I can make the world a better place, and learn the magic of humanity. And as for the places where magic does live? Where the boundary between worlds is thin and the drainage ponds and snowflakes carry faerie magic within? …I think I’ll be staying far away, for my part. I might still have a lot to learn, but I think I like it better here.

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Dr Who but each incarnation is swapped with one of their companions.

omg?? I love it??

The First Doctor: 

She’s not completely unfriendly, exactly, she just doesn’t have time for humans being idiots. In the right circumstances, she can actually be very warm. She loves history, which is lucky because her granddaughter Susan does too (they tell people Susan is her daughter, but even then it’s a bit of a stretch, human ages are weird). Of course, then two of Susan’s teachers follow her home one night, and next thing the Doctor knows she has a crotchety old history teacher and a handsome young science teacher on her spaceship with no way to get rid of them that isn’t morally questionable. 


The humans help her lose some of her haughtiness. She leaves Susan in the 22nd century to become her own woman. 

Along the way and against her better judgement, she falls hopelessly for Ian Chesterton. He wants to stay with her forever, but she knows it would never work, and encourages him to go with John Foreman in the Dalek Time Machine to get back to his own time. 

Later, in other lives, she checks in on him occasionally. 

The Second Doctor:

The baby face is a problem. It takes a good twenty minutes on a lot of occasions to get anyone to take her seriously. On the bright side, a lot of Polly’s clothes fit her now. 

She finds a best friend in Scotsman Jamie McCrimmon, whose rather naive approach to futuristic technology is extremely refreshing, as is his unique insightfulness. 

After Ben and Polly leave them, they rescue Victoria, who Jamie is utterly taken with. Victoria is unsure about living a life so unsupervised by someone older and won’t listen to the Doctor’s insistence that she is in fact perfectly qualified to look after them all. 

She and Victoria spend a good many nights aboard the TARDIS talking about women’s history and the things to come for women in the future and how women act on other planets. Victoria is fascinated, occasionally horrified, and often quietly thrilled at the things she learns. 

It’s a shame to see her go, but all she ever wanted was a family and security, and the Doctor can’t provide that. 

They meet an eccentric man on a space station, with funny trousers and an obsession with the recorder. The Doctor and Jamie like him instantly, and invite him on board only to learn that the man had been considering stowing away if not invited. 

The Time Lords take her friends away from her. She is forced to regenerate and exiled to Earth, as punishment for her interference. 

The Third Doctor: 

Shrewd, passionately devoted to science, and not one to take kindly to interruptions or anyone trying to talk down to or even disagree with her, it’s a wonder the Doctor even gets hired by UNIT at all. But then again, beggars can’t be choosers. 

On the bright side, this fellow John Smith from Cambridge seems to be the one person around with an actual brain and not just a penchant for attacking first and thinking later. 

They’re friends instantly. Or, they are once she makes it perfectly clear that she is the cleverer of the two. The look on his face when he realises is a memory she’ll treasure forever. 

He eventually leaves to go back to his own research, upon realising she doesn’t need him. 

It’s a shame and she misses him, but then Jo Grant comes into her life. Despite an awful first impression, the two women are soon fiercely devoted to each other. Jo keeps going on about women having to stick together amongst all the army boys, and while the Doctor could usually not care less about gender politics, if it means Jo hangs around her more, then so be it. 

The Master turns up. It’s exhausting and exasperating and oh so much fun

Meanwhile, the Doctor’s told herself to not let herself fall for humans, after how much Ian hurt. But with Jo, it’s impossible not to. (Not that she hasn’t noticed the Brigadier’s lingering stares, or failed to appreciate him in his uniform. But he’s far too professional to ever do anything, and too trigger happy besides.) 

Jo is like sunshine and she’s always there and smiling and pressing herself against the Doctor out of fear or shock, until one day they’re in the supply closet of a spaceship and they’re kissing furiously instead of listening out for their pursuers. 

It’s wonderful, being with Jo. Until Clive Jones comes along, and the Doctor has to tell her to forget about her and marry the nice young man who can grow old with her and give her the life she wants. 

She drinks more champagne than she is proud of that night. 

Luckily, along comes Sarah Jane Smith, who is exactly the kind of human that the Doctor automatically adores. Inquisitive, sharp, and a vocal feminist. What a woman. 

Of course, then giant alien spiders happen, and it’s time for a change.  

The Fourth Doctor:

Or… not. Apparently, she’s doomed to be young, attractive, humanoid, and pale skinned throughout all her lives. There are worse fates, but she wouldn’t mind a little variety, frankly. And being so small is getting infuriating. 

Harry takes a long while to take her seriously, but once he does, he is steadfastly loyal. Sarah Jane takes the regeneration in stride for the most part. 

And after them, Leela, who is so strange and savage but so utterly charming in her honesty. They share a few kisses, but nothing more. 

Then comes Romana. A young Time Lord who looks older than her, is far taller than is sensible, and has an even more absurd grin. She can’t stand him, with his bragging about his grades and thinking he knows everything. 

She soon teaches him that experience wins every time. 

Of course, then he spots some pretty princess on Tara, and next thing she knows, the moment the whole Key To Time mess is sorted, Romana is now a less taller, less ridiculous, utterly beautiful Time Lady in her first regeneration. 

She tries to argue against what she can only consider body theft, or at least copying, but it is a relief to not have to crane her neck up to speak to her companion. 

Romana becomes a most dear friend. She’s missed being around someone like her, someone who understands. It makes it all the worse when she leaves, leaving the Doctor with only Adric and his incessant questions. 

The Fifth Doctor: 

There’s something about this body, a regality, that commands a little more respect than the ones before it, despite it following the pattern of her others. 

Adric’s questions exasperate her, while Tegan’s demands to be taken home are met with gentle requests for patience and promises of Heathrow airport, and this Traken prince she’s picked up is thankfully one of the most polite people she’s ever had in the TARDIS. Decent brain on him, too. 

Tegan’s smile sometimes makes her stomach do backflips. The Doctor ignores it. She’s learned her lesson. It’s almost a relief to see Tegan reach her breaking point and leave, except it isn’t, because for a long while it feels like a part of her is missing. 

Turlough is a curiosity, but a nice one who makes for surprisingly good company in the absence of the others. 

Perpugilliam Brown is a surprise. The Doctor remembers why she has tried to avoid America where possible in her travels. Americans are loud. But in the case of Peri, it involves shouting at the Master, and as such, the Doctor decides that Perpugilliam Brown can stay as long as she likes. 

Between the two of them and soon Erimem, uncrowned Pharaoh of Egypt, they make quite the team.  

The Sixth Doctor:

It’s about time! Finally, a more weathered model. Peri is surprised to say the least, and seems a little disappointed to lose out on her best friend who had until now looked a very similar age to her, but soon realises very little has changed. 

And now she lets the Doctor take care of her a bit better. Thank goodness for that! The maternal instincts in this body are absurdly strong, she has no idea what she would do if she couldn’t express them. 

Now, the borderline narcissistic but quietly lovable history professor she accidentally picks up some time after losing Peri is a trickier matter. Still, at least he shares her love for chocolate cake. 

The Seventh Doctor: 

Bright, bubbly, and able to get most people to like her within ten seconds. Now this is a regeneration she likes. Plus, her most impressive set of lungs yet. Handy, for calling companions who like to wander off. 

She tries to not encourage Ace’s use of explosives, but it’s difficult when she sees how genuinely happy they make the girl. She’s getting soft in her old age, she knows. 

Still, at least her brain makes up for it. She can out-think a computer, easily. The universe is her chessboard and she’ll do whatever the hell she pleases with it. 

The Eighth Doctor: 

She’s a jolly thing. Always keen for adventure, ready to shout at anyone who deserves it, and just wants to have a good time, really. 

After a rather rocky start involving amnesia and kissing the cardiologist who had caused her regeneration in the first place, the Doctor is just minding her own business when she accidentally messes with history. 

It seems that saving this stowaway on the R101 might not have been the best idea after all. But he’s so charming and sweet and genuine, sharing her utter passion for life, that by the time she realises her mistake, she’s not willing to part with him. 

That goes… about as well as one might expect. 

The Ninth Doctor: 

It’s funny, being a weathered old war veteran with a guilty conscience, and simultaneously looking like someone who could be on the front of a magazine. 

Life is hard, after the time war, but she meets a man with big ears and blue eyes and things get better. A lot better. It feels good to smile again. 

The addition of Captain Jack Harkness is an interesting one, but she’s always said the more the merrier. Their other companion is not quite as happy about this development, but before long they’re the best of friends. 

The Tenth Doctor: 

She’s gentler now, somehow. Oh, she has her anger and her snark, and boy does this body have a set of lungs on her. But she’s so much softer, underneath. 

Losing her friends from her last body takes its toll. She at least manages to avoid comparing Martha to them that came before her. Martha is wonderful, always completing even the most impossible tasks that the Doctor puts to her. They part on good terms, after the Master’s ravaging of the Earth. (The Master had not been so impressed with this version of her. He had trouble seeing the strength within, seeing that she was more than the duality of compassion and shouting.) Martha needs to look after her family, and that’s probably for the best. 

And then there’s the skinny idiot in the suit. He actually talks faster than she does, which is absurd, but she wonders if that’s simply because of his questionable family. Perhaps not letting them get a word in is how he survives. 

Either way, they get along like a house on fire. Losing him, wiping his memory and seeing him stare right through her and smile that stupid smile, is almost enough to break her. 

No more companions, she swears. 

The Eleventh Doctor: 

It’s all about fun, now. Impressing the little boy whose garden she crashes in and then impressing him when he’s grown up and has waited 14 years for her. (To hell with her rule about no more companions. Her old self was full of dumb ideas anyway.) 

Oh yes, she likes Rory Williams a lot. And his best friend John isn’t bad either. Mind you, that nose… 

She has her spaceship, and her boys, and life is good. Well, there’s River Song to worry about, but she can never be sure if the archaeologist is more interested in her or John. Just one more mystery, it seems. 

Losing Rory, and then John, is hard. But she knows that they’re happy, and that’s enough. 

The Twelfth Doctor:

Short, bossy, a control freak, and a slight obsession with tartan. Also, her English teacher companion is secretly a rock star wannabe, disguised as a reclusive Scottish nerd. 

What’s a girl to do? 

(Apparently, find out that her best enemy is alive, and now also female. And Scottish like her companion. The first kiss had been… shocking to say the least. The ones after, against her better judgement, decidedly less so.) 

She cares about her companion more than she will ever say, and when faced with losing him, takes things too far. Further than anyone should ever take anything. And when it is all said and done… she can’t remember his face, or his voice, or how he sounded when he mocked how large her eyes were. 

River is there to comfort her, though, in those 24 years on Darillium. 

And then Bill. Brilliant Bill. Oh yes, they make quite the team. And Nardole helps sometimes too. 

Send me an AU and I’ll expand on it! 

Recommended Reads of 2016

(in which I realize how horrible I am at describing books)

As 2016 draws to a close, I decided to make a list of ten of my favorite books I read this year (not necessarily books published in 2016 though).  I hope you all appreciate this, and I’d love to know what books you loved this year as well!

In no particular order:

1. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord: This was one of the first books I read this year, and it was so adorable I just had to put it on this list.  It’s about a girl whose first and only boyfriend died, so she is now living her life with a lot more caution.  Basically, it just chronicles how she copes with this and lives her life (I’m so sorry that was a horrible synopsis haha).   By no means was the writing beautiful, and there were plenty of cringe-worthy moments, but it was just a nice and (mostly) fluffy read.  All the references to literature (specifically to Pride and Prejudice) made my nerdy heart happy.  Also, I am such a sucker for a cute nerdy guy (both in books and real life, haha–honestly, if you know of a good book with this kind of guy, let me know) so I understandably loved Max.

2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: The Start of Me and You was actually what convinced me to finally read this classic, and boy am I glad I did!!! Honestly, I’m so obsessed with this story (which I don’t think I need to summarize).  Like, this obsession is unhealthy.  I’ve only read the book once, but I’ve watched the miniseries like three times this year and the movie (from 2005, obviously) probably (and I am not even kidding) 20 or 30 times this year.  Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen (if you’re as in love with him as I am, you HAVE to listen to him reading some of Pride and Prejudice – I want him to narrate my life omg) are literally my faves fajkldjgaoi I AM OBSESSED AAH.  But I digress, because this is about books.  Basically I love it.

3. First & Then by Emma Mills: Okay so this is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice (are you noticing a theme?? – I could literally read/watch nothing but P&P adaptations for the rest of my life and be perfectly content).  As the blurb on Goodreads said, it’s like Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights.  Basically, it follows this girl named Devon and the football star, Ezra.  I’m so obsessed that I completely ignored my complete and utter abomination for all sports in order to enjoy the P&P aspect and it was so cute I finished it in less than a day.  

4. Winter by Marissa Meyer: I loved the entire Lunar Chronicles series, but this one was my favorite.  Basically, the series is a sort of sci-fi/dystopian fairy tale retelling with cyborgs and space travel and I really enjoyed it .  Also, the cover??? Amazing.

5. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: This is a well-known classic, so I’ll spare you the details, but it was just so good (and it’s nice and short if that’s something that interests you) and so scarily accurate for a dystopian novel.

6. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Again, a well-known classic about racism and basic human morality in a southern town during the Great Depression.  I have nothing to say that you haven’t heard before, so I’ll just say: it was absolutely wonderful.

7. Paperweight by Meg Haston: I want to preface this by saying it heavily discusses eating disorders, so that is something to be mindful of. It was such a raw and captivating story and I felt it handled the topic well.  I really felt for the characters.  The story was sad and disheartening (an intrinsic quality when it comes to mental illness) but I just felt Haston did a really amazing job with it.

8. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon: This book is about a girl with an illness so severe she can’t leave her own home.  It follows her life as she becomes interested in her new neighbor (I am blowing myself away with my horrible synopses hahaha - if you really want to know, click the book titles to go to their respective Goodreads pages).  It was a really interesting story that I flew right through.

9. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon: I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but I’ll do it again.  It’s about a Jamaican girl whose family is about to be deported and a Korean boy who doesn’t want to follow the plan his parents have set out for them.  They spend a day together in New York City and it’s pretty great.  I loved the little in-between perspectives we got and the blend of science and romance/fate/destiny kind of stuff.  I loved it!!

10. The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork: This is another book about mental illness – specifically depression, suicidal thoughts, and schizophrenia.  It’s about a girl who, after attempting suicide, gets to know three other kids with problems like hers.  It didn’t romanticize mental illness or sugarcoat anything, and it made me cry (and I don’t cry often at books) but it was a really captivating story.  

There you have it, folks! My top ten from 2016.  I sincerely wish you all a wonderful 2017 filled with happiness, love, and new memories!!! I love you all! 

“This isn’t an intentional bribe I just happened to be baking at 4am.” The voice startles Natasha who freezes on the sofa she’d just strewn herself gracelessly onto. Her eyes snap open and her body tenses. But there’s not eminent death, the voice is unknown but no one is attacking her so they can’t be here to hurt her. Lazily as if she wasn’t just startled she turns her head toward the kitchen stark had set up in their common area. The young woman standing there is holding a dripping whisk over cookie sheet and has flour smudged across her forehead. The likelihood of death shrinks even further in Natasha’s mind. She arches a brow. All her questions in one. The girl must belong here. She’ll know.

“I’m Darcy, I help with the Science! and make cookies at odd hours.” She says and slowly splatters more dough onto the sheet. Both her hands stay visible and she’s moving in measured movements like she knows she’s started the assassin and is trying to prove she’s a friendly. 

“Bribe?” The word comes out rougher than intended but Natasha hasn’t spoken in a few hours and needs a drink. The girl relaxes and begins to form her cookies more confidently. 

“It’s just that, Well I’ve mastered the Eye Twitch . I’m good. But Barton? Barton has achieved this like Vein Forehead Bulging thing that makes the Eye Twitch look mediocre. And you get it, I can’t be mediocre next to Clint. But nothing bothers Phil enough.” 

Natasha smirks and lets her head fall into the back of the sofa to watch the curious girl. 

“Clint does” 

“Oh. OH!


After that night, Natasha watched Darcy charm the hell out of every Avenger to cross her path with a mixed batch of stubborn acts of Bad-Assary  and adorableness. 

Clint and Thor were wooed by her tasering of Thor and ceaseless bitching about her Ipod in a time before Natasha. Clint loves to bring up the seven different triplicate filed forms she submitted stating how the thift was unnecessary and just freaking rude. Clint of course has a weakness for people who are bitchy via paperwork so Natasha counts him as an easy win. 

Steve Rogers, however is not an easy win. He’s sad and grumpy lots of the time, and working the rest of the time. So he doesn’t care for the seemingly flippant girl at first. Eventually Steve falls into her clutches when they’re mid battle and Darcy, who happened to be downtown to meet some friends, rushes to the front of a crowd of trembling civilians and told the monologuing Doctor Doom to “Get Bent” before lobbing a rock at the tallest and ugliest robot that was probably meant to be RoboBear or something similar. Darcy’s defiance makes the stern Captain bark out a laugh into the stunned silence before he can stop himself. Doom turned in Rage to the man laughing at him and the New Yorkers emboldened by the brunette begin throwing anything not tied down at the monsters. 

After that the Captain laughs more. He smiles down at Darcy like she’s a miracle and he’s not sure how he got so lucky to have her near.  Natasha understands that more than she’d like to admit. Darcy’s 4AM cookies have bribed more than the girl intended. Thankfully it doesn’t become an issue when Steve admits one day during lunch that she reminds him of Bucky. 

Darcy of course preens a little and pinches Steve’s cheek. 

“Awwweee you big nerd!!!”

Bruce had been a slow turner as he is in most things. She brings an array of teas by his desk swapping out the cups while he mutters and scribbles like a mad scientist. Natasha watches with interest as Darcy buys a thousand and ten flavors and Bruce drinks them all without complaint, even tho he only enjoys a few. Then orbit each other like that for the longest time but when Bruce turns up to the gym one morning for Yoga to find Darcy drooling lightly onto a mat, he’s done for. She had tried to catch him at it many of the previous days and had only been met by the smells of freshly put of candles and his rolled up mat. So She’d gotten up even earlier or perhaps went straight from 4AM Natasha time to the gym to stake him out. Natasha suspects this as Darcy’s shirt is still a little icky form where she wipes her hands on it after she cracks eggs.

Bruce looks at Natasha and then fondly back at the brunette before shaking his head. Sucker, Natasha thinks, but can’t fault the man because she knows she’s hooked too.

Tony’s probably the easiest and it honestly could have gone either way. Everyone’s passing threw the kitchen in search of some form of breakfast. Steve’s fresh in from a run and Natasha had only just woken up herself but not Tony or Darcy. They’ve been up all night doing Science! They’re not even here for food really just coffee. They blunder toward the coffee pot and sort of have a stand off when they realize they others goal. 

“We’re on a 36 hour break thru” She says calmly. Tony frowns thoughtfully. 

“I just got off a plane form Tokyo” He counters.

“I live next door to Thor and Jane and they bang a lot.” Steve chokes on whatever he was eating. 

“Pepper made me sit in chair meetings?” He offers weakly. Darcy’s eyes light as if she knows she’s going to win. 

“I had to take loans for my degree and I’ve never ridden in an Aston Martin ” She says smugly. Tony blanches and waves her ahead. 

“We can fix that if you ever get done sciencing,I’ve got a few in the garage.” Tony offers searching for his blend at the back of the cabinet. 

“Nice I’ve never had a sugar daddy before! Can we make it like a sugar uncle tho? because I’m on an no dude diet” Steve chokes again. Tony however laughs.

“Yea kid no problem” He switches the filter not looking at Darcy. The brunette gathers her victory coffee and leans in to kiss Tony on the cheek. 

“Thanks Tony!” and she’s off like a breeze threw their airtight tower. Tony adores her. 


It’s during 4AM cookie time when things change again for Natasha. She wonders into the kitchen to find Darcy baking but also drinking heavily. The brunette hic-ups loudly and grins at the assassin. 

“Welcome to my midnight kitchen Tasha,” Darcy waves her spoon around in wide fast motions, a glob of batter flings across the face of the fridge.

“What’s the occasion?” The red head nods at the bottle. Darcy grabs is and examines the label as tho she had forgotten it was there. She hums slightly with a frown. 

“It was a courage shot, but I think it’s closer to a courage bottle now” She admits placing it slowly back on the counter. “Oh Darcy,” She rests her elbows on the counter and her head in her hands. “messing things up” She sighs. 

“I don’t think you need that for courage, little one, you are incredibly brave” Natasha says kindly. Darcy snorts and pops the spoon into her mouth.

“Not about you” Darcy says around her spoon. “Just wanted to say I love youu” she muttered her cheek still packed with dough and a spoon. Her eyes water slightly in the dim lights of the night. Natasha’s heart clenches with a sudden and strong hope. 

“That’s very good news, but I think you should tell me again in the morning” Natasha says taking the spoon from her mouth and pulling Darcy’s hand to bring her closer. The brunette folds effortlessly into Natasha’s arms and the red head smiles into her curls. 

“This isn’t an intentional bribe but I just happen to have Gatorade and painkillers in my apartment and you’re gonna want it in the morning.” Natasha offers. 

“Awwe isn’t that what I said to you? You’re so cute Tasha, cute and funny and smart and you helped me make Phil’s forehead do the thing” Darcy taps her temple with an adoring smile. Natasha chuckles and presses her lips to Darcy’s temple lightly. 

“Well it was a good bribe”  

Forbidden Feelings (Chapter 2)

Summary: Being married to a man you don’t love or want anymore is taking a toll on you, but the way out is nowhere to be seen. When your husband hires a you a new sexy bodyguard, the man suddenly turns your world upside down, giving you hope to step up and take control of your life again. | Bucky x Reader
: reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark (mentioned) and my sweet plum Gen ( @bucky-plums-barnes )
Warnings: none
Word count: 1389
A/N: oh boy


Originally posted by dailyevanstan

You managed to avoid Bucky Barnes for three whole days. You always booked a meeting with a client before he got to the house, which he unfortunately came to every day of the week. When you didn’t have business in or outside of the house, you mostly stayed in your bedroom or in the small reading area Tony built for you in the beginning of your marriage. It’s where you were currently sat, lounging in one of the plush armchairs by the window. The window was slightly creaked open, letting in the warm summer breeze.

You were reading one of your favourite books: Jane Eyre. You were nearly at the end when the sound of a roaring engine filled the room. You sat up straight to look out the window, to see where the commotion was coming from. The view was something you weren’t expecting. A shirtless Bucky was driving around in the backyard on a ride-on lawn mower, steering the machine around easily. Your breath hitched at the sight of his bare torso, glistening in the sun, droplets of sweat running down his broad back. A frustrated sigh left your lips as you sat back in your chair, determined to finish your book, but the image of him wouldn’t leave your mind. His messy medium length hair and slim jeans were every girl’s dream. You shut your book with another sigh; you weren’t going to get any reading done with these thoughts.

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The Effect of Emotional Abuse on Each Type: ISFJ

SUBMITTED by hannah-elizabeth-j


I mean, obviously what Sansa went through is more intense than the average case of abuse but if you wanna actually see the journey it sends an ISFJ on (I’ve never read the books but TV Sansa is an ISFJ) then just watch Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones and you’ll see it.

I’ve seen a few posts/requests on here about the effects of emotional abuse and the affect that it has on each Myers Briggs type so, as someone who works with a lot of domestic abuse victims I thought that I’d give my two cents worth. I wanted them to be quite detailed to give people a fair amount of information so this will be the general format; a general description of what it will look like, how this differs from similar types (ie. the ENFJ compared to the INFJ and ESFJ) and a character in fiction who acts similar to this (may not be for the same reason and I might not get one for each type but I’ll try).


There will be some variation depending on when the abuse took place in their life but there are somethings that will remain the same.

Okay so, as I’ve said this will vary depending on when this happened in their life with all types, but that will be the case for Si doms even more so. Think about it, everything Si is and does is taking in their past experiences and trying it into a personal mythology. For this reason, when the abuse is happening (particularly if it happens as a child) for an Si dom it is, for want of a better word, normal.

Let me give you an example, I was talking to a girl who had an abusive father, he was awful to her brothers and mother too but was arguably a lot “worse” to her. And this was her whole life, if you asked her if what he did was wrong then she would have said “no, he just gets angry, he always has, it’s what he does” it’s heart-breaking but this has come out of the mouth of almost every abused  ISFJ I’ve ever met with only the personal pronoun changing. This isn’t to say that ISFJ’s can’t stand up for themselves by the way, of course they can and do, but because of the emotional manipulation used it just becomes hardwired into their brain that everything is fine for a while.

For this reason, ISFJ’s just tend to sort of carry on when they are going through abuse, it can last ages. They will still do things like, try in school, have hobbies ect. In fact with the combination of Fe this often becomes even stronger. There is a model used to help abuse victims called  ‘The Island of Power’ it basically describes that state that an abuser sets up where everyone on the ‘island’(so either a family or just you if it was a romantic relationship with no kids) is set up in a state of compaction with each other, where the prize  is the abusers attention and love. Often ISFJ’s try to achieve this by being the golden child. They will kill themselves to get good grades, be polite, be compassionate always, ect.

Until the line is drawn.

It can come either from, something they have read, seeing other people’s families, the abuser becoming even worse, the development of a stronger moral code(what I mean by this is that if the abuse was from childhood and  they’ve gotten to the age of like 12/13 when everyone really starts to question their parents) or well, a whole manner of different places. But after this, if the ISFJ cannot get out straight away then they will into survival mode. They loop. They close themselves off from everyone, always want to be alone ect. They then start to push back against the abuser more and more, they start subtly and build up over time.

It is really common for the abuser to try and ‘change’ and since this is often really believable and victims have been set up to want the abusers praise, most people (regardless of type!) fall for it at least once. If this happens then it will be back to the stage of “carry on” then to “pushing” and this will ping-pong until they decide they need to get out. 

Now once they get out, as I’ve said the grip is very common but in ISFJ’s I’ve actually seen this far less. They tend to go from extreme guilt to extreme rage. One day it will be “I should have done more, it was me, I should have been better, I should have fixed them.” The next day it is  “How dare they do that? That is not what a parent/partner is supposed to be. I was filling my role and you did this to me? This goes against everything that the world should be! I feel sick at the thought of you.”

Then a few weeks/months later Ti kicks in hard. “But why would they this? No humane person could. So, they must be mentally ill in some way. Time to look up things like narcissism, psychopathy and anything else I can think of until I understand exactly why they could do this.”

But the truth is, even if the abuser ends up having something like (which they often do but not in all cases) it doesn’t make Fe understand, it makes Ti understand and since Fe comes first, it really isn’t that satisfying. All you are left with is, “okay I get why they did this, but I still don’t and never will be able to understand how they could actually do this to someone.”

How will this affect them long term? Si is not prone to making the same mistake twice in general but in these cases that will be even stronger. They can think they are going fine for months’ years even then something crops up that reminds them and dam, spiral.

Romantic relationships often become really hard to, I know a guy, ISFJ, his boyfriend had to wait 3 years for him. Why? Because he had seen what being in an abusive relationship had done to his mother and vowed never to make her mistakes. As much as he pretended  he wasn’t, he was terrified at the thought of getting into a relationship.

But  although that if taken too far the never repeat mistake thing can be a weakness, it is also a massive strength. I refer you back to Sansa Stark, season 6 Sansa takes no shit from anyone, she is tough as all hell and fights the people who hurt her. She saw how being who she was had gotten her into that state and completely changed herself. (Again I am talking about the TV show and I always loved her but…not the point). The fact is when an ISFJ is recovered enough they are the type that looks  the most different afterwards (tied with ISTJ’s actually) because they are so adamant about not being the person they once were, changing themselves. 


  • Who they talk to, ISFJ’s want to talk to people about what happened, they need to ISTJ’s just don’t  really
  • ISFJ’s tend to have a desire  to find out why what happened did, ISTJ’s have more of a “I’m way to angry or confused to even think about getting into your head” attitude
  • ISTJ’s stay more withdrawn from people and large crowds for linger


  • Difficult as things like depression make most extroverts look like introverts but…
  • See if you looked  outside  the home/relationship and tried to escape by surrounding yourself with others
  • What hit you harder, seeing a normal relationship/family and comparing it to yours (higher Si) or looking at other people in your life and seeing how different they were to you because they hadn’t been through it(higher Fe)

Finally, as I’ve said Sansa Stark(Game of Thrones TV) is an amazing example of an abused ISFJ.

Other examples, (I know she wasn’t being abused) but to see an ISFJ when they are convinced or at least trying to tell themselves that it’s all fine Jane Bennet from (Pride & Prejudice) is  one.

This for the other types will be coming soon. If there are any further questions I’d be happy to answer (send them to me not this blog).


Why the general public didn’t like this wonderful album is beyond me. I thought we were over this, but Elton John’s comments reminded me of a post I had intended on making back in 2013 when the backlash started.

Basically, ARTPOP is fucking amazing. Here’s why:

You have Aura, which opens with a lyric about Born This Way Era Gaga’s ‘death’ (”I killed my former and…” is literally the first lyric of the first song) which then transitions to the 'birth’ of ARTPOP Era Gaga with Venus (get it? birth of Venus… btw, an A+ song for talking about both the planet Venus as well as the goddess Venus, and also vaginas), followed by G.U.Y. which deconstructs the terms “guy” and “girl” and re-defines them in terms of the other (G.U.Y. = Girl Under You, G.I.R.L. = Guy In Romantic Love) while making a brilliant CEO-type analogy in the music video and using a sexual metaphor to call out the music industry’s need to put everything in a top 10 chart (”I don’t need to be on top to know I’m wanted”).

Additionally, Gaga included, not random references, but in-context references to Greek and Roman mythologies in the following songs: Aura (the goddess Aura), Venus (self explanatory), G.U.Y. (Himeros, Aphrodite, etc.) Sexxx Dreams (”You could turn to stone or the color of man petrified by a woman” =   Medusa), and Mary Jane Holland (the second verse directly mentions Apollo and the whole song sort of mirrors the story of Apollo and Daphne).

And in terms of literature…an “1984" reference in Sexxx Dreams (”we could be caught, we’re both convicted criminals of thought”) that fits thematically with what the song is about, and a “Lord of the Flies” reference in Swine, a song that many people still don’t realize is about rape, In the aforementioned novel, to explain it lightly, a group of boys are stranded on an island and start to succumb to animalistic behavior, painting their faces and later even putting a sow’s (female pig! swine!) decapitated head on a stick (a very important part of the story and a very iconic part in the film adaptations). Hence the lyric in Swine“Pain your face and paint his face and catch the beat.”

Then you have the brilliance of the tracks that explore contrasting ideologies. For example: Mary Jane Holland vs.Dope (one very much being a marijuana anthem and the other essentially being a huge “Don’t do drugs, kids!” ballad) and, of course, Donatella vs. Fashion! (the first talking about fashion in the shallowest manner possible, and the latter from a purely artistic perspective).

Plus, not to mention the amazing Bowie shout out in Fashion! (”There’s life on Mars, where the couture is beyond!”)

Don’t even get me started on how brilliant Do What U Want‘s lyrics are. It’s literally a big middle finger to the haters and critics. The single cover is literally her saying KISS MY ASS. Lol. It’s not even about sex, although upon first listen you think it is, which is actually the point the song is trying to make about media sensationalism. By proclaimed “do what you want with my body,” she’s telling the public to do what they want with her body of work - i.e. choosing to ignore the symbolic, metaphorical, and artistic implications of a particular outfit or performance. With lyrics like ”Write what you want, say what you want about me” and “I stand up and then I’m okay, but then you print some shit that makes me wanna scream,” it’s difficult to understand how some people STILL think this song is about sex.

On that note, a lot of people fail to see the double entendre in MANiCURE too. It is not about literal manicures. She needs to be “man-cured.” Whether that means she’s craving a man’s touch and needs to be cured,  or she’s replacing male intimacy with female-female relationships and that’s the cure is entirely up to the listener’s discretion. One thing’s for sure though: it’s not about actual manicures!!! Literally so many people I’ve talked to have not noticed this.

Lastly, the way art talks to pop in the first verse of the song ‘ARTPOP’ ("come to me, in all your glamour and cruelty”) and the way pop talks to art in the second verse (“come to me, with all your subtext and fantasy”), and the way they end up coming together in the chorus (”a hybrid can withstand these things”), is one of my favorite things Gaga has ever done as a songwriter. Also, the fact that ARTPOP is not the opening track or the last track on the CD. It’s right in the middle. It’s the heart of the project.

A lot of thought went into ARTPOP. You’re entitled to dislike the album because it may not be your cup of tea or because you enjoyed TFM and BTW significantly more, but don’t you dare say it was stupid or bad when in fact it was freakin’ remarkable.

P.S. I didn’t even talk about Gypsy but it’s, without doubt, one of the best love songs Gaga has ever written. Watch these two performances: this one and this one.

P.P.S. How cool is it that the album cover is Renaissance art (Birth of Venus) and a baroque art (Apollo and Daphne) with contemporary art (Jeff Koon’s gazing ball) and pop (Gaga).in front?

P.P.P.S. Sorry if there are typos but I’m not editing

anonymous asked:

hi! do you have any strong opinions or hcs about the dirk+jane friendship? i really like your dirk stuff and i love this relationship and it would really make my day to see some of your hcs or meta! (not as a couple tho thats ew)

I basically think that Dirk and Jane are the closest, purest platonic friendship in possibly the entire comic and I love them deeply?? The alphas feel closer to me than any other group, and the Dirk<->Jane relationship is the only one among them that isn’t tinged by either romantic interest/pining or repressed resentment. 

Like. Roxy and Jane, they are best friends, absolutely, but we know from canon that Roxy honestly and actually felt quite bad about Jane literally just not believing even the tiny bits of the reality of her situation that Roxy let slip (her “mom” being dead is the one she talks about) and felt awful about having to “lie” about living in post-apo future partially because Jane would never have believed them anyway. Like. There is a lot to unpack there. Add that to their weird thing with Jake, too – not competing over him, exactly, that’s the wrong word, just, Roxy constantly being frustrated about the situation and Jane just willfully refusing to see that, and blah blah. 

Jane and Jake’s relationship is obviously weird because of the way they dance around each other’s romantic inclinations and Jane sort of holds Jake on this pedestal as her Crush before she thinks of him as her Friend, and part of Jake’s relationship to Jane is having to always be vaguely receptive and live up to that view of him while not actually giving her an opening to make anything official. So that’s weird. They’re close but there’s a performative element to aspects of their relationship on both sides that’s hard to look past.

And of course, Dirk and Roxy have the one sided pining, the last people on earth baggage, the mutual guilt, they love each other more than anything in their own weird way and are so fucking close it hurts but that guilt and resentment between them is a wall covered in thorns and spikes and poison. 

And then Dirk and Jake, which is as far as I can tell and I’ve mentioned this before, a story about two boys who have loved each other for basically EVER, but Jake never let himself think about it that way until it was too late and he’d already given Dirk the impression that he COULDN’T and then the AR happened and everything got weird and difficult and frustrating fast. 

So Jane and Dirk. There is NONE of this there. Like maybe it is just me but I NEVER got the impression that Jane found Dirk romantically appealing, which means that Dirk doesn’t have that swirling self loathing about being unable to reciprocate like he does with Roxy. They are just two actual best friends who share a bunch of interests and enjoy talking to each other and respect each other’s opinions and capabilities, they’re just FRIENDS.

As a side note – I think it’s so cool that (what I think is) honestly the closest most purely platonic friendship in homestuck is between a man and a woman, because I see it so rarely, media creators rarely extend the self control to keep man/woman relationships platonic from all angles, even when they DO there’s often a sub-arc where one side or the other freaks out like BUT DO I LIKE THEM LIKE THEM OH NO or DO THEY LIKE ME LIKE ME OH NO and neither ever happens with Jane and Dirk. And I love it. So many of my personal platonic friendships throughout my life have been with men and I get so fucking tired of the overarching narrative that it’s impossible. Okay. Side note over. 

I loved Jane and Dirk’s conversation on the quest beds so fucking much. Like. I think there is still a lot more for them to work out, and Jane’s lingering resentment/jealousy over Dirk ending up with Jake after all is something they need to deal with – I think that conversation indicates they WILL deal with it though. They weren’t quite ready right then, they were still in the anger phase of everything (not at each other, but partially at Jake and partially Dirk’s own self loathing at work), but I think they will work it out and go back to being best friends. 

The only “negative” things I have to say about it is that they both mutually do not seem to “get” each other’s biggest flaws – but uh, none of the alphas really do and that’s part of why when they all get together in person everything gets shitty so fast – but I think they will get better about this, too, and the REASON they miss the mark at first is because they are both so anxious to think well of the other, they don’t let themselves look too hard at the bad stuff. I think they can reconstruct their friendship on earth C with a better understanding of one another and end up closer than they were before all the shit went down because of it. 

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Just curious-- what makes the 2009 Emma adaptation a work of art?

*cracks knuckles* *pulls out color coded binder* I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve seen a lot of Emma adaptations: Clueless, Emma (1996), Aisha, the other BBC series (the one with Kate Beckinsdale and Mark Strong), Emma Approved, and of course, the 2009 BBC Miniseries. The 2009 version is my favorite, it always has been, and it always will be. Most of that comes down to characterization, but it is also about the way it captures Austen’s story magnificently though language, set design, costuming, and music.

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Drabble- Before I realised I had begun

In which Klaus writes a letter to Caroline after hearing about recent events in Mystic Falls.

AN: The piece of writing in quotation marks is not my own, but is an absolutely beautiful quote written by the wonderful Jane Austen. 

Let’s see if this one gets plagiarised as well ;)


I’m not sure if this letter will make it into your hands, or if you’ll tear this up before even reading it. I would hope that the familiar handwriting would pique that ever present curiosity that made you such a delight to be around.

I was sorry to hear about the recent events in Mystic Falls. I received scattered reports from my hybrids, one of whom reported a disturbance of some sort while he was just passing through some time ago.

I had no need to keep tabs on you, especially after seeing Stefan in New Orleans and recognising that the depth of his affection for you went far deeper than I had ever realised. I could accept that you had moved on from our perfect afternoon in the woods, that you had found someone to love and respect you and put you first like you had always hoped for.

I had my reservations, but I also hoped. For you. That Stefan could be that person for you.

Stefan and I have a long and at times complicated history. I’d be acquiescent to telling you everything you’d like to know, especially now with the memory of his passing still so fresh, the wounds still deep.

People grieve in different ways Caroline, and I would never begrudge you yours.

I was surprised to learn that Stefan had been given the cure. Although it might not seem like it, the Bennett witch made the right choice. Her life in danger, her partner dead, it was the only option that she had, especially with her magic gone.

Self preservation is one of our most base instincts, both as a human and as a supernatural.

Don’t blame your friend, Caroline. You’ll want her around in the coming years and ensuing decades, especially when she starts to age and grow.

I’m sorry that you never got to have your June Wedding. I’m sorry that you lost Stefan in such a tragic way. I’m sorry.

If you are concerned that my feelings and desires for you have changed, they have not. I know the enormity of my affection and respect for you is a scary thing, and I understand the reservations that you may have had all those years ago when we first crossed paths.

And permit me to borrow a quote from one of my favourite writers, because sometimes I realise that my own words are never enough. But you are. You always have been enough, and more for me.

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”

I made an offer to you years ago to show you what the world had to offer. You weren’t ready then, and I suspect that you still aren’t ready for that. And that is okay.

Our time apart has changed us both, and you may not recognise certain parts of me, things that have come about only through hard times and a steep learning curve.

But I think that I would keep you safe. Keep you happy. Keep you loved.

You always have, and always will have a place in my home, my bed, and my life should you choose it.

Yours, Klaus

drunken kiss | finn shelby

reader kisses finn when drunk, finn rejects her, so reader goes into hiding cos of the embarrassment

send requests here and prompt list is here 

Originally posted by bonniebird

The hangover you was feeling was nothing compared to the embarrassment. After a long night of drinking, you believed it would be a good idea to try to kiss your best friend, Finn. He pushed you away, causing you to trip and fall in Tommy who ended up carrying you home. The sudden boost of confidence that you suddenly had when you was drunk always ended in disaster. It was either dancing on the tables or trying to kiss any guy in you could. The aftermath always ended up with you feeling like an idiot.  

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A Pearl In The Rocks VI

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2481

Paring: LokixReader

Summary: On your return from your mission with Bruce, you discover that Loki is ready to take the next step in the relationship. However, when you push him away, Loki is forced to turn to his brother for advice.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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(Requested by  lovelykensley) (Part 1 of this imagine here) (Part 2 of this imagine here) (Part 3 of this imagine here) (Part 4 of this imagine here) (Part 5 of this imagine here)

You’d been with the Volturi for precisely four months and you had loved practically every minute of it. You could have done without the vampire lawbreakers trying to kill you every now and again but apart from that you truly loved living in Volterra. There wasn’t a thing you’d change about it. The Volturi, you’d found, were much different than what you’d been told growing up but you supposed that was because no one in your family had ever seen what they were like from the inside. No one from your family had ever joined their family before and really from an insiders perspective they weren’t all that bad. 

If someone had told you four months ago that right now you’d be lounging across Caius’s lap as he sat in his throne, throwing scrunched up bits of paper at the back of Demetri’s head you’d have laughed in their face. You’d probably of gone on some rant about how Caius was terrifying and would have you killed before you even got to be on his lap, let alone would he let you lounge across it and torment a guard, yet, here you were. 

“Y/N amore mio.” Caius purred in your ear, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into a more upright position. “I think Demetri might appreciate it if you ceased your activities.” 

You turned your head to meet Caius’s eyes, his breath on your neck had sent shivers throughout your body and a pang of desire somewhere you didn’t even want to think about. You were pretty sure you were falling for Caius and falling fast. Marcus had taken to giving you sly looks and winks when Caius’s back was turned which only confirmed it in your mind but you’d yet to say anything to the blond vampire king. You found it easier and easier to get lost in Caius’s deep red orbs these days but today you were terribly bored so keeping your wits about you to get answers was paramount. 

“Perhaps he would, but I’m bored Caius. Why am I here?” You asked a slight whine to your tone. 

You really didn’t understand. Caius had insisted that you come and sit with him in the throne room today and he’d insisted on Jane, Alec, Felix and Demetri being on guard duty. Usually if they were all on guard duty it meant there was some sort of trial going on and yet, no vampires had appeared and there weren’t nearly enough guards in the room for that. 

“Patience angelo mio.” Caius’s sweet silvery voice sent another tingle straight down your spine. “You’ll like it I promise.” 

With a slight huff you relaxed back against him realising he wasn’t going to say anymore. Caius wasn’t the type of man you could coerce in any sense. If he wasn’t going to explain he wasn’t going to explain and that was that. 

You toyed with the hem of your blood red tank top where it met your black jeans. They were both some designer or another, you didn’t rightly know which, only that Caius had spent an extortionate amount of money on your wardrobe because when Jane and Heidi had taken you shopping they wouldn’t hear of you going into a normal high-street shop. 

Just when you were beginning to get bored enough to start throwing paper at Demetri again, the throne rooms large oak doors opened and the people that walked in you would have recognised anywhere. 


They were looking to find fault, they could admit that much and so, when the doors to the throne room swung open the first thing that Rosalie noticed wasn’t how her daughter’s face lit up, it wasn’t how Caius watched Y/N adoringly as she hopped down from his lap and bolted across the throne room into her fathers arms and it wasn’t how her eyes danced with happiness. It wasn’t even how healthy she looked. No the first thing Rosalie noticed was Y/N was dressed like one of them. Black and red. Just like the Volturi. 

When she finally got to hug her daughter however, Rosalie did notice that Y/N was healthy, she noticed Y/N was warm, she noticed Y/N was happy, she noticed Y/N was excited and most significantly she noticed the way Y/N turned searching out Caius with her eyes and finding him almost immediately. Rosalie noticed the beaming smile her daughter shot at Caius and the wink he responded with, taking it all in with a confused frown. 


The Cullens spent two weeks in Volterra. During that two weeks they observed a number of odd things. The Volturi, for the most part, acted no different around them than before. They openly glared at them a good portion of the time and at least one Volturi guard member was always present when they spent time with Y/N. However, Y/N would joke with the guard members. The first time she made a quip at Jane all of the Cullen’s openly admitted that if they could have had heart attacks they would have. They were shocked to find Jane responded with a smile. A genuine smile and a quip of her own. 

Actually Jane, Felix, Demetri, Alec, Aro, Marcus and every other Volturi member would joke with Y/N although the Cullen’s did notice it was possibly a lot more stilted than it would have been if they were not there because the Volturi were completely professional at all times. In fact the only person that seemed to have a problem with Y/N was the human secretary and Jasper assured everyone that was jealousy. 

Jasper commented on the feelings in the Volturi castle a lot during those two weeks. He commented on the positive feelings of all the Volturi members towards Y/N and he commented on her positive feelings towards them. Mostly though he commented on Caius and Y/N. 

Emmett really wanted to be given a reason to rip Caius apart. He wanted it because Caius had his little girl and Emmett was every inch the overprotective father. Watching Caius with Y/N though he couldn’t of faulted him. Caius was understanding, loving, he humoured Y/N, he supported her, hell the vampire king doted on her, he clearly thought the world of Y/N. Even more of a surprise was seeing Y/N’s responses to Caius. She adored Caius. Perhaps Caius didn’t realise it but she did. A blind man could see how happy Y/N was and Emmett was thrown through a loop, he wanted to be angry and yet, he was just so very pleased. 

The Cullen’s had expected to find Y/N putting on a brave face, they had expected her to ask to come home. They half expected to find Caius treating her awfully and yet by the time they left all they had found was that their expectations were completely wrong. Y/N was happy in Volterra. She might have started dressing like a Volturi which all of the Cullen’s could have done without (especially Alice who lamented on all the colours missing from Y/N’s wardrobe) but Y/N really did fit in well. She was clearly friends with the majority of the guard and to the Cullen’s great surprise Y/N and Caius obviously had a very happy, very healthy and very loving relationship. 

Although they were sad when the time came to leave, the Cullen’s couldn’t help but admit they were all pleased with what they found on their trip to Volterra. After all Y/N’s happiness was all they’d ever wanted.

A/N: Heyyy there(: I know I was gone for a while, but here you go. Please don’t hate me too much <3

“Is this how I’m supposed to spend my days? Reading?” Loki scowled when you slipped some books on his table.

“If you had other plans, than perhaps you should have thought about what you were getting yourself into when you invaded Midgard and caused havoc… You killed innocent people, Loki.” You replied back calmly before turning around to face him. Your hand reached out to touch his arm, but he pulled away and faced out of his cell.

“…You sound like my mother.”

“Wise woman are alike.” You smiled though he couldn’t see it.

“So… Have you met the mortal?” He scoffed.

“You mean Miss. Jane Foster? Yes she is a lovely woman? Thor did well.”

“Thor is facing the inevitable. She’s nothing but a mere mortal.”

“Have you forgotten that you too bleed? That you breathe oxygen? Or that you also die? Granted, you do have a few thousand years more than them– but ultimately you see your end in Valhalla.”

“Or Hel.”

“…Or Hel…” You asked more than stated. The God of Mischief turned around to face you, a sort of smirk upon his face.

“Do you honestly believe Odin–”

“Your father—” You cut in quickly.

“Odin,” He repeated again to correct you, “Would actually let me dwell there with all his beloved warriors.”

“He’s your father Lo–”

“He is nothing of the sorts!“ He yelled, taking a few strides toward you.

"First and foremost your mother raised you better than to yell at women. Second, He loves you Loki!” You raised your voice back at him. “You’re just too stubborn to realize that. It’s sort of ironic you want nothing to do with the Allfather yet you are most like him.”

“I am not.” He growled in your face.”

“Whatever you say.” You smiled causing him to roll his eyes and walk away from you. “But Odin is not the reason why I’m here.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Loki asked sarcastically.

“Tis’, I’ve come to check on my husband.” You gave him a smile and that was all he needed to give in. He shook his head and looked around the room smiling. You wrapped your arms around his waist and looked in his eyes. “Did you forget that we wedded? Because being the God of Mischief will do that to you.”

“Of course not, I just don’t understand why they call me that when you clearly are the one. One smile stricken across your beautiful face and I’m a fool.” He said embracing you in his arms.

“Ahh yes, my Loki, you are a fool.” You laughed before pulling him closer to you for a kiss.  

captcassian-andor  asked:

Why do you have Elizabeth Bennet under ENTP? I've seen her listed as an INFJ on multiple sites and I was just wondering... as an ENTP it's always confusing bc the two types seem to share a lot of personality traits. Thanks!

I find that people typing Elizabeth as INFJ happens a lot for the same reasons we see Jane Eyre typed as INFP. A lot of people who mistype as these love these characters and want them to reflect their own type because of this strong relation to them. This deep connection shouldn’t have any eyes rolling at it. Many women feel a strong connection to these characters for good reason due to how they address life as a women in a patriarchal system. It is good that people identify with such stand out woman. But relating in this manner doesn’t make them the same type. Nor does triter attributes like she likes reading just like me!

Originally posted by just-google-it

Elizabeth does not face inward with Ni, but outward with Ne. She feels out of sorts with society because she lacks high Fe (secondary to an INFJ) and therefore doesn’t possess typical and expected feminine qualities of the time. It is not due to Ni distance, looking at reality an arm’s length away. Elizabeth views things differently, but she isn’t disembodied in the dominant Ni form. Her Ne makes her fully participate in the world and quite reactionary. It is what makes her a bit more rash and jump to conclusions about Darcy and other situations. 

Her tertiary Fe makes her interested in observing people and social situations. Combined with her Ti doubts of society and Ti skepticism we see how she is so witty and snarky to those around her. She doesn’t really think before she talks and can come off as blunt and out of her “place.” These are all a combination of ENTP functions, not INFJ. Elizabeth lacks INFJ diplomacy with others. 

Her Ti makes her Ne focused on systems, including the romantic ones. It is why she isn’t typical and not fond of the traditional idea of marriage. She finds falseness in the romanticism her sisters try and embody. This is not only very ENTP, but also very un-INFJ. INFJs can be critical of such things (especially once they are disenchanted and find a lack of authenticity in such things), but INFJs are probably the most Romantic type as the same time and that shouldn’t be forgotten. They are far more whimsical you could say, than their ENTP counter part. 

Her Ti also makes her competitive and what probably attracts her to Darcy. He is stubborn, smart, and challenges her intellectually. This challenge is really what sparks their romance. Her tertiary Fe also leads her to need approval of her intellect and is why she is so put off by Darcy at first, and again feels challenged to prove him wrong. 

Her inferior function is also why she is so put off by marriage and making up her mind. Her Si demands that she find something stable in her life, something concrete. But this conflicts with her Ne need for potential. If she actually settles down she feels she loses her sense of freedom to do as she wishes independently. She doesn’t want to lose herself in the system of marriage and lose her potential. With Darcy she learns she can have both and her Ne-Si don’t have to tug at one another; she can have her cake and eat it to. 

As to why INFJ and ENTP relate and can get conflated

This is something I have struggled with as well. I relate so much to Lisa Simpson and wanted her to be an ENTP. But deconstructing the character indicates how much of a freaking INFJ she is and how although I relate to her, I don’t perceive and judge the world the same way she does.

But we both know this happens, but why? I can’t tell you for sure to be honest. But they have stark differences that become apparent when we properly deconstruct a character, rather than view them in general terms. It is important when typing to not think, you they are organized so they are a J type or this character babbles they must be an E. How does a character/person perceive and judge the world? Which do they do first? I love Lisa’s sarcasm, but where does her sarcasm come from? My Ne-Ti makes me much more participatory in the world and leads me to reflect on what I did rather than what I am going to do. INFJ is the latter.

I guess my theory is when we look at characters generally we can conflate most types together. General terms can be dangerous in MBTI and to truly understand types, ourselves, and typing characters we musn’t hesitate to deconstruct. Even if it means characters we hold dear are not our type. In the facebook describe yourself in three characters only one shared my type. THAT IS OKAY! Just because a character does or doesn’t share your type shouldn’t mean you should either relate or not relate to them. 

Taming the rage

Original Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki he has to marry and its you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he chuckles knowing the duties you will have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t exactly fond of you either but can’t help looking forward to the challenge.

Chapter: #14
Author: Lokilover9

Still thinking about Colton, and not wanting to upset Erika, Loki was silent escorting her back to her chambers.

“Thank you again for the flowers, they’re lovely.”
“You’re welcome.”

More silence passed between them.

“Why did you ask me to come today?”
“Well, it really is your duty.”
“I know, yet still you asked. Why?”

He was hesitant at first but felt it best to be honest.

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“Hold on, hold on. ‘Bannerman Road?’ You’ve just taken us to contemporary Earth, haven’t you? Contemporary for me, I mean.” Clara squinted. “Are we just in Ealing? You promised me an adventure.”

The Doctor’s glance back at her was perfunctory at best. “The adventure’s been delayed. I need to check in on a friend. Her robot dog is on the blink. You can wait in the TARDIS if you want, or…” He waved a hand, vaguely. “Find a shop to loiter in.”

Clara scowled. “No, I’m coming. You never take me to meet your friends.”

“You’ve met Missy.”

“You never take me to meet the friends that don’t try to trick you into killing me. You do have friends like that, right? It’s not just a long string of murderous sociopaths throughout time and space?”

The Doctor paused a little too long. “I’m fairly confident it isn’t.”

Sarah Jane Smith seemed reassuringly ordinary, a woman of ambiguous maturity (Clara was pretty sure she was older than she looked, which might mean anything from decades to millennia, knowing the Doctor), living in a house in greater London with her daughter who, as Sarah Jane proudly informed them both, was called Sky. Sky looked about sixteen but Clara would come to have the impression, from the way Sarah Jane and Sky both danced around the issue, that this was not her chronological age.

“Doctor!” Sarah Jane called out as soon as she saw them. She put her hands on her hips in a maternal sort of way. “And how many faces has this been in the last five years alone? It’s the third I’ve seen. You need to be taking better care of yourself. I like this one, though; it’s like the one you had when we met. And who’s this?”

“Clara Oswald,” said Clara. She put out a hand.

“Clara. That’s a lovely name. How did you meet the Doctor?”

“She was in a Dalek,” said the Doctor.

“That’s not how we met,” said Clara. “That was just last week.”

“I didn’t mean this you, I meant Dalek you. Wait. Did I even tell you that story?”

“No,” said Clara. “No, you did not. You’ve been frustratingly vague about how many versions of me you met before you met the real me. I know about the Victorian one, and the one who fought in the Russian revolution, and the crime lord in a decaying city full of masked vigilantes, and the one who lived in a Remote colony in the far future, and I know about the one who married your friend Charlotte Pollard, but you did not tell me about a version of myself who was a Dalek.”

“Mm. Boring story, really. Amy and Rory divorced for no reason and reunited ten minutes later. I don’t understand your human relationships.”

Sarah Jane nodded politely. Clara gave her a helpless shrug. “I don’t know who he’s talking about either.”

Sarah Jane gave them both a fond smile. “That’s the Doctor, for you, always name-dropping historic figures, obscure figures from Venusian culture, and what not. I’ve learned to filter out at least half of what he says.”

Sky looked up from her phone. “I think he means the writer, Amelia Williams. Her husband was called Rory.” She went back to playing her mobile game.

Clara stared at the Doctor. “You did not tell me you knew Amelia Williams. You know I love Amelia Williams. Why did you not tell me you knew Amelia Williams? Wait, I met her as a Dalek? Oh, God, I’m getting second-hand embarrassment because I met Amelia Williams as a Dalek. Is it second-hand embarrassment when she’s an echo of you? I didn’t try to exterminate her, did I? Can you take me to meet Amelia Williams?”

The Doctor looked uncomfortable. Sarah Jane interpreted his look and intervened. “Sometimes it’s best not to, love.”

Clara looked crestfallen, but changed the subject. “How did you meet the Doctor?”

Sarah Jane laughed. “I stowed away in the TARDIS. I was pretending to be my aunt. We got along famously, but being hypnotized every week got old. He dropped me off in Aberdeen, of all places, and I didn’t see him again for twenty years.”

Clara sighed. “I assume you weren’t living in Aberdeen?”

“I wasn’t even living in that decade. I was from 1980, and he dropped me off in 1976. It was… something of a head start for my career, I suppose, or it would have been if it weren’t for all of the witch cults getting in the way. I saw the Doctor next in 1996, when he left his friend Sam Jones at my flat to live with me for a year.”

Clara gave the Doctor an appalled glare.

“You were never from 1980,” said the Doctor.

“I think I know what year I was from,” said Sarah Jane. “I’m sure I told you several times.”

“I met you in the UNIT years. That was the 1970s.”

“It was the 1980s. Some of us keep track of what decade they live in.”

“How could it have been the 1980s? The Brigadier retired in 1976.”

Sarah Jane opened and shut her mouth, silently. “I guess… he did? Oh, Doctor, I know this is your fault, somehow.”

Clara nodded. “This is clearly your fault.”

“It wasn’t me. It was Borusa’s time scoop. It’s a violent, primitive form of time travel dating back to the Dark Times. The Time Lords put history back together badly afterwards. I blame Narvin.”

“Oh, you would blame someone else,” said Sarah Jane. “The Time Lords didn’t make you drop me off in Aberdeen.”

“They did, actually. They summoned me; I couldn’t bring you with me to Gallifrey, then. It was a xenophobic time, just before Greyjan the Sane’s administration. They would have erased your memory, all of our time together. I’ve… seen it happen before.”

“I didn’t need you to bring me to Gallifrey, Doctor. I didn’t need you to leave me in Scotland, either.”

The Doctor blinked. “Aberdeen’s in Scotland?”

“I keep telling you that Aberdeen’s in Scotland!”

Clara looked at the Doctor. “How can you not know Aberdeen’s in Scotland?”

“I’m not actually Scottish, you know.”

“I know that. Of course I know that. But you said you went to university in Scotland.”

“In Edinburgh. I studied medicine under Joseph Lister. Is that near Aberdeen?”

Clara sighed. “Not really. Look, this conversation is going downhill and I’m going to make you a notecard, okay?”

The Doctor gave her a long-suffering look. “Fine.”

Clara pulled a neat white rectangle from her bag and penned ‘IT WAS MY FAULT, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN YOU DIDN’T LIVE IN ABERDEEN.’ “I’m just going to show this to you whenever we meet with Sarah Jane in the future, okay?”

Sarah Jane looked delighted. “We’ll have tea sometime. I’ll introduce you to Sam, and Jo, and Liz, and Luke, and Rani, and Clyde.”

Clara grinned. “Sounds like a date.”