i love that she and jane have a sort of understanding

:y  i just wonder how many of the prevailing opinions of Toriel n’ Asgore stem from the framing of them from a game-obstacle sort of view? 

A really long character analysis under the cut- Toriel specifically, not Asgore.

# Undertale spoilers ahead! Seriously, maybe don’t read this if you haven’t beaten the game at least once.

(Jane you may or may not want to look at this. :u I’m critiquing toriel’s behavior by comparing it to Asgore’s actions in game, so I’ll leave it up to you. I don’t wanna make u have a bad time, so just… be aware.  )

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okay i’ve always loved the idea of lily and the other marauders and always imagined them having a brother/sister kind of relationship and her becoming a sort of honorary marauderette.

lily and remus bond over their bisexuality. sharing their experiences and who’d they’d like to snog the most (besides james of course) (they both said marlene). they both have a fondness for muggle literature, something they both find highly under appreciated at hogwarts. they love sitting together in the common room, drinking a warm cup of tea, reading the classics together like jane eyre and moby dick. a two person book club. lily helps remus in potions and in turn he helps her in ancient runes.

lily recognizes the pain in sirius’s eyes whenever he walks past regulus in the corridors. she understands that pain. she has that pain. she comforts him when his family officially disowns him. while she may have parents who love her, she knows the sharp sting of guilt and heartbreak that comes with being rejected by your own family. your blood. sirius helps her loosen up when he thinks she’s working too hard and lily helps ground him when she thinks he’s gonna go too far.

lily who helps peter do well on his work, never once making him feel less than or inadequate, never once speaking to him condescendingly. always ensuring that while helping him, he does it himself, that he is learning. she always remembers to include him and tries her hardest to ensure he feels like he’s equal to the other three. they have inside joes and laugh together. she shows him kindness that he has never experience before.