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HOLY SHIT DUDE i can't believe you drew takeru and tabi?? #blessed (sobs because everyone forgets wakunan and they are beautiful) anyway i love your art!! it's super motivating and funny and i LOVE the way you draw second gen caps and dateko! (also you're super cute and really kind <3)

!!!!!! YES YES OH MY GOSH HELLO A WAKUNAN ASK /SLIDES IN/ and thank you very much for the kind words, I’m sobbing I hope you have a beautiful day!!


i don’t normally post things like this here but these gdrawings i made while trying to explain jojo’s overall plot to to a friend during a skype call crack me tf up every time i see them on my screen

autistic julian bashir: exhibit A


Oh Michiru. How long has it been? Do you still have to test Haruka’s resolve?

Of course you do. You have to make sure Haruka’s prepared – truly prepared – for everything that is to come. And if she might not be, YOU must prepare her.

Here’s what I love most in this though: like all things Michiru, it’s meaning within meaning. Is Michiru saying that Haruka might die? Certainly. But that’s far from all

What I think Michiru is REALLY saying here isn’t that Haruka might not survive, but that USAGI might not. Or if Usagi does? That she’ll want nothing to do with them again.

Though I can’t quite decide if Haruka sees it that way or not right now. I’m looking at Haruka’s expression in the second cap, and I can’t quite tell. What I see there is “C’mon Michiru, you know I won’t die!” (To which Michiru would be “Of course you won’t, for I won’t allow it.”) It’s got such a touched element to it, like “You’re so sweet to worry though!” I see Haruka giving Michiru this same look when Michiru frets about Haruka racing, something Haruka feels she has every ounce of confidence and control over. That expression has a naive innocence to it that is very Haruka.

Michiru’s expression is the opposite. She looks amused, like she’s playing a game, but it’s not the same one Haruka thinks they’re playing. But she’s serious. She is at Factor Ten Michiru Serious.

Michiru is preparing Haruka for the worst, and in that we have to remember what the worst means FOR HARUKA. That’s not death. Dying for The Mission has never been Haruka’s problem. It’s everything she might have to do to ensure the world lives. Are you ready for that, Haruka?

Are you?

(but wait, here’s part two!)

okay, but Jokes Aside?  as you all know the Good Old me, i’ve noticed few smallest details in the cap of this episode, and Pluto Mays is here to tell you just how Important and a Good Friend  /  Person mondo actually is. if anyone on this site hates him, okay, but don’t come to me, because i will  NOT  speak with you. mind you, but i put effort in developing mondo’s character. anyway, here we go.

the immediate little detail i noticed is how mondo is the  ONLY ONE AMONG EVERYONE  who rushes over chihiro and helps him carry the heavy boxes. like, either leon or ishimaru could have dropped everything and helped him, but they were busy wiring up the blockages. or, for all we know, he certainly dropped everything he was doing and went to help a friend. if this isn’t a sign of being a good friend, i have more details i noticed.

notice the look on his face.  HE SEEMS SO GODDAMN FOCUSED TO HELP THIS POOR BOY…….  it isn’t even out of pity or mere sight of how fujisaki is physically meeker than mondo, he wants to FUCKING HELP HIS FRIEND, no matter what. and yes, mondo may or may not have a Weakness for this petite boy, but LISTEN, HE CARES EITHER WAY. another thing i noticed is the look on FUJISAKI’S face, he seems so surprised at this sudden offer, though it just gets him to admire mondo even More because of such cute selfless offer he done, like wow that is so Noble of him, man look how strong this boy is. ( also ishimaru is one strong motherfucker for holding that heavy blockage by himself jesus christ son )

THIS. this is the important cap to me. there are SO MANY details i noticed. first, if you look closely, NOTICE THAT MONDO IS HOLDING A THUMBS UP, that seems to be pointing at himself. it definitely has a meaning of “leave it to me, fujisaki.” , and the assurance of him helping fujisaki, no matter what. secondly, NOTICE THE SMILE MONDO HAS ON HIS FACE. it’s so,,, assuring and comforting, like he wants to let fujisaki know HE CAN BE TRUSTED AND RELIED ON. he’s all “i got you, homie, i’m here for ya” . and THIRDLY, look at this smol boy, look how…. STARRY EYED HE IS @ HIS IDOL…. HE’S ALL “aaaaa my idol look at him oh my GOD teach me all of ur tricks i admire you so much” . all in all, this cap just tells us how pure both of these boys are and are SO GODDAMN WILLING to help one another. 

though, another thing i noticed, seeing that they were AWARE of the tragedy going on outside, because they WERE building up the fences for despairs not be inside, how come mondo wasn’t concerned for his gang? like, was the tragedy still small while they were doing this? it’s obvious their memories weren’t wiped away at this very moment, so why did mondo not go outside and search for his gang he oh so preciously kept together and promised to his brother to keep? maybe he wanted to stick with his friends? or was he just not allowed to go outside? that one slightly confuses me. let me tell you, if mondo were to get out and find his gang, he’d save himself from the horrible fate. 


The first 10 seconds of this video are SO daddy omfg😭😭😭🔥🔥👅👅👅