i love that saree

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4, 29, 32 random lang hehe

4- 3 things I love
books. coffee. phone

29- favourite song
after the afterpart (nakalimutan ko kung sino kumanta haha sare)

32- someone I love



For those who may not be familiar with it, Onam is an annual festival celebrated in Kerala, India. It’s possibly the most fun I remember having every year growing up. Not only is the food amazing (the “sadya”), and the opportunity for entertainment endless (making beautiful decorative flower carpets or “pookalams” was something I waited for with the same impatience some reserve for Halloween or putting up Christmas trees), but it’s one of those times of year where everyone looks their absolute best. I may be biased, but I have yet to come across anything that looks as wonderful and elegant as the Kerala saree. I remember how much I wanted to be all grown up, so I could look pretty like my mom (I still don’t know anyone who can rock a saree better than her).

These pics are from Onam this year, which was just a week and a bit ago. I’ve always loved the white and gold combination of the Kerala saree, though admittedly the one I’m wearing here is a little less of a traditional version.

A belated Happy Onam to my fellow Malayalees!


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Rajjo waiting for Chulbul (Dabangg 2)

I always wake up imagining you are beside me. Staring at your angelic face while you’re peacefully sleeping, run my fingers through your hair and steal kisses on you. I just love watching you while you sare asleep. You look like an innocent baby and i want to trace and memorize your features. I just can’t get enough of you. I love to start the day with you, knowing it’ll be a beautiful day for the two of us. And i would love to wake up with you every morning for the rest of my life.
—  Someday this won’t be an imagination anymore