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Q: “Through this album, what do you want to communicate to those listening to it?
T: “Questions like this are the most difficult. This album’s title is ‘My Voice’. From the chorus, it’s only filled with my voice, and I put in an abundance of emotion when I was working on it. Personally, I believe that fans will recognize that emotions like that. I hope you will listen to it in the most comfortable position. Considering my records will come out countlessly going forward.”

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Oh my gosh it was amazing?? Like I loved it soooooOO much. I’m trying to refrain from screaming but !!! The acting was great, the cast was so talented, and it was overall an amazing show. I’m just gonna list some things I LOVED

-Chris’s first line was “look I didn’t want to be a half blood” (my friend and I were screaming when he came on stage)

-Good kid live sounded so great. He climbed the set and scaffolding and I almost cried. I probably will cry.

-Mr. D was hilarious! George Salazar is such a talented actor

“Tartarus” “-Like the fish sauce?!”

My favorite easter egg was in one song when they were going through some of the quest moments their clue to leave the lotus casino was when a girl with a floppy hat and a braid came out and said “my brother and I just arrived here yesterday, may 1st…1939!”

Carrie Compere’s voice is so beautiful. She killed it. Sally, Silena, Charon, she was amazing.

-Sally in general! She kissed Percy’s forehead, sprayed febreeze whereever Gabe went, and was so caring and sweet

-Annabeth’s solo song was amazing and really in character! Grover’s was about Thalia and how he could have saved her (again, tears)

-The little percabeth moments sprinkled in! “You drool in your sleep”, “seaweed brain” “wise girl” they held hands for a couple seconds, and idk if it was just me but at one point they looked close enough to kiss

-we can’t have a scorpion on stage?? Why don’t we just fuckin stab Percy in the back


-Like everyone except Chris McCarrel and Kristin Stokes played multiple rolls and they were all so great at what they did

-At the end of the show I (and a bunch of others) got to meet some of the cast members! They signed things, took photos, and were so so nice (my current lockscreen is my photos with chris mccarrel, george salazar, and kristin stokes lmao)

I could say so much more but it’s like almost 1am and I’m delirious.

TLDR: The Lightning Thief was an incredibly amazing play with great talented actors and it was definitely worth it! I loved it so so much

Soc psa

Fandoms love to do this but let me just remind you: Whenever you fancast Jesper, although I love him, please refrain from using any light skinned models, especially Reece King:

Instead, try using some other models/people that fit Jesper better in terms of skin color, features, etc. Here are some of my fancasts you can use in your edits  for Jesper Fahey (in no particular order):

1. Adonis Bosso

2. Dajé Barbour

3. Harry Uzoka

4. Oliver Kumbi

5. Ronald Epps

Please, feel free to use all of these men as Jesper for whenever you decide to fancast people as him in your edits, moodboards, etc. I might do another fancast list for Nina and Inej.

Chocobro’s Scenario's

The boys can’t stop touching their S/O.


  • Noctis would come home after a morning of training with Gladio.
  • Tired and exhausted, they would plop down on the couch and call out to their s/o to see if they’re home.
  • When he gets no answer, he wanders to their shared bedroom and lays on the bed with the intent to take a nap.
  • That’s when their s/o comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, having just gotten out of the shower.
  • Noctis turns over, giving them a small smile in greeting as they come over to the bed and give him a chaste kiss to the lips before going to the closet to change.
  • When they come back, Noctis is sitting up on his elbows, watching them.
  • His s/o comes over and crawls next to them in bed, kisses them, then he sits up, laying their head in his lap as he absently plays with their wet hair.
  • They look up at him, noticing he looks tired and suggests they nap, but he shakes his head and continues to play with their hair.
  • As well as drawing little patterns on their collar bones and shoulders, revealed by their sleeveless shirt.
  • His s/o just revels in his small touches, wondering why he’s being so affectionate and choosing to do that instead of take a nap, his favorite past time.
  • They choose not to question it and close their eyes, relaxing at his touch.
  • Not to long later, Noctis does choose to take a nap, but not before pulling his s/o as close as he can and snuggling up with them before they both fall asleep.


  • The boys had just made it to Lestallum, it was later in the early afternoon and made their way to Talcott’s hotel.
  • Noctis decided to take a small nap, while Ignis choose to go to a nearby store and pick up a few thing, and Prompto wandered off, with the passing words that he would go take some pictures around town.
  • Gladio chose to stay in the hotel along with Noctis, going out on a balcony that accompanied their room and pulled out his book to read, waiting for his s/o that promised him a visit when him and the boys arrived.
  • He got a text from his s/o. “Hey, I just got to the hotel, where are you?”
  • He texted them back with, “I’m upstairs in room 110, the doors open for you babe.”
  • He waited the short time for them to come upstairs and when they do, he hears the door open and little shuffling sounds that he can easily tell is his s/o trying to sneak around the bed to avoid waking Noctis.
  • Gladio chuckles to himself before setting his book down and turning around in the chair he was in, to look right at his s/o as they walk onto the balcony, smiling brightly as they see him.
  • He extends his hand out to them, which they gladly take before Gladio pulls them towards him, moving his hands to their hips and pulling them into his lap.
  • His s/o chuckles but turns sideways on his lap so they can still see him as he tilts his head up to give them a kiss.
  • Gladio quickly deepens the kiss before just as quickly pulling away, choosing to wrap his arms around his s/o and rest his chin on their shoulder.
  • They then sit there, trading recent stories back and forth, having been apart for a while now, all the while Gladio is running his hands up and down their arms.
  • And moving his hand to their back to rub gentle circles along their spine.
  • And then moving his other hand to the top of their thigh and running his fingers up and down the length of it absently.
  • His s/o then trails off in favor of savoring the feeling of his gentle touches, Gladio just smiling happily, watching them relax in his arm.
  • After a few minutes in silence, they speak up and ask Gladio why he was being so affectionate today.
  • To which he only answered that it was because he missed them after being apart for quite a while.
  • But really, he just couldn’t get enough of touching his s/o, and showing his love in such a gentle way.


  • A day at the beach!
  • Prompto, his s/o, and the rest of the chocobro’s decide it’s as best a time as any to take a day off and go to the beach in Galdin Quay.
  • Noticing that people were staring at his gorgeous s/o from the minute they got there, he decided it was time for a distraction.
  • He drags his s/o to the water first, grabbing their hand and walking into the water.
  • His s/o smiles as they watch Prompto doing funny swimming maneuvers in the water, making ridiculous puns about him being a fish.
  • The both of them laugh and he gives her a quick kiss, enjoying their time swimming in the water together while the other chocobro’s do their own thing.
  • That’s when Prompto starts a splash fight.
  • It’s on.
  • His s/o retaliates his splashes with their own before Prompto dives in the water and grabs their waist to drag them under with him.
  • Once he resurfaces, they look around to see where his s/o is and notices they haven’t come up yet.
  • Worried, he looks all around, fails to see them and starts to panic.
  • That’s until they pop up behind him, wrapping their arms around his shoulders and say boo in his ear.
  • Prompto jumps and blushes embarrassed that his s/o managed to surprise him, and suggests they get out of the water to sit on the rock near by and relax after their play fight.
  • They agree and Prompto takes their hand, grabbing a towel and leads them to the rock, helping them climb up first before going up himself and sitting behind them.
  • He wraps his arms around them, as his s/o snuggles closer and they watch the other people on the beaches around them.
  • Prompto takes the towel and slowly dries off his s/o’s arms, then legs, then belly and they complain that it tickles.
  • He sets the towel and snuggles his face in the crook of their neck before whispering something to his s/o.
  • When they ask what he says, having not heard his muffled words, he replies with, “You look super cute in that swimsuit, and I wanted you for myself, away from everyone’s eyes. So stay here with me?”
  • They couldn’t say no.


  • Ignis had a full day of working for the crown in the capital city while his s/o had a full day of working at their job as well.
  • He came back to their shared apartment before them and got started on dinner.
  • When his s/o came home, exhausted and sore, they hear noise in the kitchen and make their way to see what’s going on.
  • An immediate smile graces their face at the site of a tired Ignis making them dinner.
  • His s/o walks right over to him and hugs him from behind, a bright smile on their face as they kiss his shoulder.
  • “Aren’t you tired? You had a long day at work too I assume, you don’t have to make dinner too, we can order out.”
  • “Don’t worry, I could never be too exhausted to refrain from making my love dinner.”
  • “You amaze me everyday Ignis.”
  • He smiles and continues cooking, telling them to go take a quick shower to relax and he’ll be done with dinner when they’re done.
  • And that he is.
  • They both eat his delicious meal he made for them and talk about their day.
  • After dinner, both sharing the dishes responsibility, they head to the living room to watch a light hearted movie together and relax.
  • Ignis lets his s/o stretch out, with their feet in his lap as he gives them a foot massage.
  • His s/o insists to give him a massage as well but he refuses, saying he wants to pamper his love.
  • They shake their head but accept anyway, before snuggling into his side.
  • Ignis spends the remainder of the movie giving his s/o little kisses, and running his fingers up and down their arms and side.
  • They eventually both fall asleep, with Ignis’s head resting on their shoulder and his arms wrapped tightly around them.
Detention [Zack Taylor x Reader]

Request: Hi do you think you can write something where the reader meets zack in detention and she wasn’t the biggest fan of zack at first but they start to talk get to know each other a little and eventually make plans to hang out Outside of detention and the reader starts to realize she may have a bit of a crush on him

Word Count: 3,277 (idk how this became so long…)

A/N: Hello Darkness my Old Friend. I feel like the pacing could have been better. And also I feel like I could have written Zack better. Because of the way this ended, I would not mind writing a squeal for it. If you all wanted one of course!

Tag List: @zacktxylor@weasleygirl7@themorphinggrid

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Midsummer Queen - Thor x Reader

@audreythetealovingcat, There was indeed a few request for the batboys, but surprisingly enough, Thor was also up there…So here, I’m giving you some Thor dude, hope you guys’ll like it (mehmehmeh) : 

Summary : Reader is in an established relationship with Thor, and he decides to finally take her to Asgard. She’s not sure she likes the idea…

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


You almost threw up. 

You weren’t really expecting the travel from Earth to Asgard to be this…special. Your entire reality warped, extended, everything went so fast and was so bright and oh my god why so many different colors…and then all of a sudden, it stopped, leaving you wanting to vomit your guts everywhere. 

You didn’t though. Thank God (or Gods ?). You held a bit tighter Thor’s hand though, and wished really hard that the world would stop spinning. He misinterpreted your clinginess with excitement, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. Great, more support. You let your body slumped on his side, glad that sometimes, your boyfriend was so oblivious to things. If he knew you felt ill, he would have freaked out and you’d have been ridiculous in front of the little audience that was there…

A few people were waiting. You didn’t know most of them but you recognize Thor’s friends, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun and…Sif. Damn, she was beautiful. Thor told you about her when you asked about previous girlfriends, apparently, they had a thing, but it never really worked out…She was staring at you coldly. Great. A new friend already…

-Welcome to my home, my love. This is Heimdall, the gate keeper. Good friend of mine. You already know those four, and that’s my mother, Frigga, and my father, Odin. Everyone, may I present to you Lady Y/N, my woman.

You couldn’t help but smile at how he called you. “My woman”. On Earth, most people would think it was a bit rude to call one’s girlfriend like that. But Asgard wasn’t Earth, and obviously, it was totally normal. But as soon as you realized you were actually in front of Thor’s parents, you started to get extremely nervous again. You knew it was a bad idea to come here…

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Dearest Rey,
It was such a joy to hear your voice when I contacted you telepathically, the other day. Even if it was mostly you shouting for me to go away. For so long, I have wished there was some other way to express my feelings. Then I saw something in the First Order gift shop that might help you understand that I could never be anything but sweet, to you. Please accept this gift, from a sweet warlord to his sweetheart.

Galaxies of love,

PS. Notice how I have refrained from any innuendo, involving “sucking on” and “me” in the same sentence? Do you see how gentlemanly I can be?

PPS. Please answer my Force Bond calls. …………………

To be continued….

Your Fav is Problematic : George Blagden
  • ships Enjoltaire more than you
  • can speak French
  • “does France have the same moon?”
  • can’t draw hearts
  • is a menace
  • pls somebody arrest him I need a break
i should have left you the moment i saw you smile.

or, that’s what i tell myself. i tell myself that your smile wasn’t the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen, but the opposite. it was the thing that ruined my life. the thing that took my happiness, pulled it from its core, and never gave it back. the thing that destroyed my heart in every way.

am i being too dramatic? sorry.

in all honesty, i did this to myself. i let you in, showed you where my happiness hid, told you what scared me, allowed your lips to wander my skin and show me love that you never really felt for me. maybe you were in love with the idea of me; the idea of loving someone so imperfect. maybe you love trying to fix people, but i was too far gone, wasn’t i? so you decided it wasn’t worth it - scratch that, i wasn’t worth it.

you were so unexpected, but i thought you were so right. i thought we were supposed to have that one love story where you come into the sad part of my life just to show me what real happiness was like. to show me what it felt like to really smile about something, to show me how it felt to brush my lips against someone else’s. to feel my heart speed up at the sound of someone else’s laugh.

i hope i put on a good enough show for you.

but the thing is, it wasn’t a show for me. i refrained from allowing myself to love you because life had been cruel to me before, and i wondered, how was life going to dig its talons into my skin this time? except after a few months, i gave myself to you. i gently slid my heart into your hands, begged you to keep it safe, and trusted you with my last breath. you looked at me with your ocean eyes, a smile on your face, and you promised.

that’s the most fucked up thing. you promised you would keep it safely tucked away, next to your own heart. somehow, you managed to keep yours safe while simultaneously shattering mine. what you gave back to me at the end of the day was something that resembled a puzzle piece. it was missing its parts to become whole, and you told me you lost them. and you were sorry.

you weren’t really sorry, were you? instead, you kept my pieces hidden with you, somewhere i was never really allowed. and now you have me completely blocked out, except you’re still carrying those pieces of me with you, everywhere you go.

what i’m trying to say, is that i’m not sorry we ended, i’m sorry that you had to destroy me in the process. and i wish i could take myself back from you.

—  8:44 pm thoughts / a letter to my ex
Rain Drops-(Stiles Stilinski)

Originally posted by winterdaddario

Characters: Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Word Count: 894

Warnings: sad stuff

Pairing: none/hint at Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles and (Y/N) no longer keep in touch. But memories change that. 

(A/N) I was listening to James Blunt whilst writing this, I’m sorry how depressing this is honestly, I just needed to write something sad.

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AKB48 38th Single: “Kibouteki Refrain” requested by anon

“Every time I take a breath
I fall in love with you again
An unending refrain
I fall in love with you
A hopeful refrain”


Redrawing Old Doodles

I cleared out my old room a week or so ago and came across a A5 sketch book with a few doodles I did, I think, while practising character design in lectures. I love drawing new characters, so to bringing them to life digitally was a lot of fun :D I really recommend doing this with old art you come across - it makes you really appreciate the improvements you’ve made. I’ve certainly improved in body proportions and clothing (and referencing!), which I’ve always struggled with when it comes to art. I look forward to seeing where these characters go in the future, as well as my own style :D

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them!

Feel free to draw them yourself if you want to!
I’d love to see them in your own style!

please refrain from reposting (reblog instead!), tracing and/or claiming as your own!

anonymous asked:

Hi I noticed you mentioned a while ago about the stage layout in London being unconventional and I was wondering what it was like? Bc when I went to see it when it came to my area it was "theatre in the round" so the stage was the floor and the audience rose up in a circle around it. It was really cool and Graffiti Pete danced right next to me during Carnaval del Barrio.

it’s sort of like that, but instead of the audience being in a circle, the stage is one long line and the audience rises on either side,,  the theatre is an old platform from kings cross (i think?) and they do an amazing job at like integrating that, like the sets of seats are platform 1 and 2, and it’s just really cool

the sets are on each end so you get the bodega and abuela’s stoop and the balcony on one side, and the salon and rosarios and a subway exit and the fire escapes (which the cast moves around in when your home and finale and it’s just amazing and very impressive) on the other so you have to spend a lot of the show looking from side to side and some of the stuff happens facing away from you? but they’re really good at turning around and like splitting dance scenes up so it’s like half face one side of the audience half another, or everyone faces the middle of the stage and they’ll bring all these set pieces to the middle SO FAST to change location,, and i mean like CRAZY FAST YOU HAVE NO IDEA ITS IMPRESSIVE

and the stage is the basically ground too, so the actors can get really really close because the front row had the tiniest isle between the seats and the stage, and the actors dance up and down it, and in some scenes they just chill in the audience,, when i saw it last the opposite front row was really empty bar this one lady, so during piragua reprise the piragua guy just sat with her for a while

this is my view from when i sat last time,, so everything is really really close to you and its just so fun (just fyi thats not the same barrel thing, theres a really big gap where most of the action happens between these two pictures)

and the ensemble will often sit on those sort of barrel things or at the edge of the stage which makes them eye level with the front row so that’s really fun because then they’ll interact with you

it all makes for a really like immersive show and i love it a lot


Sometimes one life, if it’s the right life, it’s enough.

And then there’s this smile. The finale smile. A smile so incredibly emotional and tender. John is happy because Harold is going to make it. Harold is walking away to his happy ending. John doesn’t care about dying. He’s accepted death as inevitable a long time ago. What he cares about is everyone else. What matters to him is what he does in the meantime. And above all, protecting Harold. Because Harold saved his life, and saves lives. Harold is one of the those persons the world can’t afford to lose, and that John can’t afford to lose. He couldn’t save Jessica, he couldn’t save Joss. But he saved Harold. And really, that’s all that matters to him.

And in that smile, you can read the affection and gratitude for the man who saved his life, and gave him another chance. The man who gave him the opportunity to be the hero John always wanted to be. And in that smile, you can read the satisfaction of having finally succeeded in saving the one life that matters.

Yes I cried, yes it still hurts. Yes, it’s just not exactly the same to look up at a surveillance camera, cause now if my number comes up, it’s not John who’ll come to my rescue. I cried, but at the same time, I never felt as much love for John, because this is exactly why I love him so much.

John is one of the most selfless persons in the world. He always puts you before him. He literally puts himself between you and danger. He takes the bullet for you. That’s just who John is. It’s in his DNA. He protects people. And that’s his purpose in life. That’s who he chose to be, who he wants to be.

So that smile means everything to me. It tells me that John died a happy man. At peace with himself, with the satisfaction of knowing the mission was accomplished. In the show, he’s cheated death more than once. He even died twice in simulations. Every time, those deaths would have been defeats. Betrayals, unexpected lucky shots or even his own hand…. But here, on that rooftop, it was his moment, his choice, his victory. For Harold, for the team, for the world.

So it’s like that smile is also a little bit for me, telling me “it’s okay, I’m happy. There’s nowhere I’d rather be.”

(Sidenote: I know lots of fans didn’t like the finale and have strong feelings against it. I respect that, but I would ask you to respect the fact that I do love the finale, and thus to refrain from using this post to spread negativity against the show, the finale or the writers. Thank you ♥)

And one day I’ll write up why I love the finale.


Official #BlackoutDay Masterpost (Created: March 29, 2015. Updated: March 6th, 2017)

Welcome to the official #BlackoutDay / #TheBlackout Masterpost.

This post was originally hosted on WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow and is now on @theblackoutofficial.

In this post you’ll find the history of the movement, including important changes to the team and format, and FAQ. 

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