i love that quote so f ing much

I think it’s really important so that you don’t get f—ed up by everything. It’s important so you stay in touch with yourself. If you lose touch with yourself, no one’s going to want to talk to you or listen to anything you’re f—ing doing. They’ll just point at you and laugh. At you, not with you. I’m very self-conscious that I have a kid, and I don’t want him being one of those dickheads, who grows up being, like, ‘Driver, driver!‘” *she snaps her fingers* “I have no clean clothes!” Well, have you washed them? I really don’t want him growing up like that. I’m very conscious of it.

about kaneki and his memories

Alright. I’ve been seeing a LOT of posts on both here and facebook saying “Kaneki is back!” or “Kaneki has his memories back!”, and even *cringe*, as quoted, “Dude…dont u know…that loser sasaki is gone and now…KANEKI IS BACK!” (someone even called Haise a pussy. like come on now, wtf man.)

So I figured I’d make a post on this.

First of all: Woooowww, harsh much? I love Haise. If you hate Haise, you also hate Kaneki and I hate you.. (Remember, in all simplicity, Haise is just Kaneki guarding his memories. That’s all he is. You take away his bad memories and give him false happiness- there you go, it’s Haise. So therefore you hate Kaneki. F***ing roewiwerhfkjhbvhkchvkcjchd oriuiouufh.)

Anyways. He doesn’t have all of his memories back. Yes, he has a few of them.. but why would Donato say that one of the keys to his memories is Amon? Ishida isn’t stupid, he wouldn’t put that entire conversation for no reason and completely invalidate it by making Haise’s memories come back all of a sudden. It’s easy to think he regained them by the recent events of the manga. He even said, when asked, that he IS Kaneki.. But upon looking closer, he clearly doesn’t remember everything just yet. He only remembers the parts his mind is allowing him to, and those just happen to be the BAD memories. 

You all have to remember that the issue with this kid is that he was (and still is) SCARED of his old self. I’ll even go as far to say he is terrified. He STILL doesn’t realize the Kaneki in the past wasn’t as bad of a person as he is making him out to be. The entire time, Haise had convinced himself that he had been “evil,” and by allowing himself to become “Kaneki” (aka the SCARY person) again, he has only allowed the bad memories to surface, and is now letting the “bad” side to take over. 

So he now believes he is playing the part of “Kaneki”- when in reality Kaneki wasn’t like this. He thinks this is how he used to be- evil, cold and scary- which explains why he is acting so strange and different from the Kaneki we used to know. So seeing this, it is safe to say HE IS NOT KANEKI. HE BELIEVES THIS IS WHAT KANEKI USED TO BE LIKE, AND IS THUS PRETENDING TO BE “BACK”. When. He. Is. Not.

When Amon comes back, THAT is when he’ll realize he wasn’t as bad of a person as he thinks he was. Don’t forget that he still thinks he killed Amon. By seeing Amon in person and seeing that he DIDN’T kill him, he’ll realize that he wasn’t as “evil” as he thinks he was, thus unlocking some more of his memories. 

Yet still after THAT, he’ll become once again conflicted- this time with the issue of HIDE. He will STILL think he was evil since he “killed” his best friend. But watch. When Hide comes back, that is when he’ll allow himself to fully unlock the memories, and THAT is when he’ll have all of them back in entirety.

TL;DR: So yeah. Kaneki isn’t “back”. He doesn’t have all his memories back. He is just ACTING like this because that’s how he believes he used to act. There.