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Harry looked good. Too good for someone who had just come back from a long day of press interviews. The baby pink of his shirt was sheer enough for you to see his tattoos inked onto his chest and collarbones and it was distracting you just a bit from the article you were reading. You watched him as he slipped his black blazer off and roll up his sleeves. You were broken out of your trance when you heard his soft voice

“’Lo love. How was your day?” you blinked a few times, both your eyes now focusing to his hands where he was taking his rings off one by one. Without thinking you push yourself off the bed and walk up behind harry and wind your arms around his middle, letting your face rest on his broad back.

“uhh it was good. I read a bunch and got some stuff done for work. How were the interviews?” he mumbles, lifting his hands up to where yours were resting on his pecs “they were fun, one interviewer dressed up as Shakespeare. It was funny.”

You only hum in response your hands sliding up and down Harry’s front feeling the softness of the fabric loving how it feels and looks not really paying attention to Harrys words.

“Love? Love did yeh hear me? Are yeh ok?”

“Hhmm what? Oh yeah I’m fine Harry. I just….harry is this shirt expensive?” the change of subject would make him smirk as he caught on to why you were so distracted.

“Yes, but it’s replaceable” he murmured softly his thumbs stroking your knuckles in a soothing way. You blush a bit realizing that he’s caught on but still pull at his shoulder so he could face you. His smirk grows as you start running your hands up and down his chest getting a better feel of the soft fabric. You could feel his intense gaze burning into you his lips pursed a bit as he let you play with the buttons and feel his sturdy chest.

After a few moments you’d stop right in the middle of his chest, right on top of his butterfly tattoo and hook your fingers between the buttons and whisper “you looked really handsome today h” making his smirk grow wider.

But before he could even open his mouth to answer, you make your move. The sound of ripping fabric pierces the air. Harry gasps in shock as buttons go flying everywhere. You both stand there for a moment with Harry’s shirt ripped in half, his chest stomach and tattoos now on full display, and a wild look in both your eyes before you hear Harry nearly growl, “Oh sweetheart, yeh in for it now”

Two Men, Three Angels, And A Baby, part 6

Part 5

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Lucifer’s announcement weighed on Sam’s mind, but he kept it to himself. He spent long nights continually searching for a cure, looking at the same sites and books that he’d already trekked through.

Time continued to pass and soon, the air turned crisp and the nights grew spooky. You’d always liked Halloween, and Sam wanted to celebrate the holiday with you, even if you were a baby.

One day, he walked in to find you and Dean in the living room. You were standing on his lap, your fingers gripped tightly around two of his.

“Look, Sammy! She’s weight-bearing now.”

“Look at you, Y/N!” Sam said with a smile, earning a giggle from you. He sat down next to his brother, finally noting what was on the TV. “Dude, what the hell are you watching?”

Friday the 13th. It’s some awful remake, but Y/N seems to really fancy that one guy.”

“Dean, she’s going to have nightmares!”

“Calm down, Sam. Y/N loved horror movies when she was normal. Why would that change now?”

Sam kept his mouth shut. He didn’t want to worry his brother.


Sam smiled and reached over, carefully taking you from Dean. “So, you can stand now, huh? Do you think you can walk?”


Sam carefully stood you on the floor, his fingers in your grasp. He stood, bent over; he realized how much taller he was than you. Slowly, Sam helped you take a few steps, earning another giggle from you.

Sam heard a click behind him. Turning, he saw Dean holding his phone up. “Dean, what are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Dean said, sliding the phone back in his pocket. “Definitely not getting blackmail photos.”

Sam scowled but felt himself being pulled away as you continued to try and walk.

“Hey! Go grab me a beer while you’re up.”

You were able to make a teetering way out of the room, but Sam’s back began to ache slightly. He swooped you up, which made you giggle, and made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed a beer for Dean and one for himself.

“Are you hungry, Y/N? You want a snack?”


Sam opened the cabinet and let you examine the snacks, finally pulling the package of Goldfish out when you pointed at it. He handed it to you, watching as you tried to unfurl the top, as he filled your bottle with water.

“Sammy! Just the man I was looking for.”

“Gabriel? What are you doing here? Have you finally found the cure?”

“Not yet, but we’re looking. Promise. But I do have a question for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Ahh!” You shook the package of crackers, still unable to open it.

Gabriel smiled and took the package from you, easily opening it and shaking a few of the fish into his palm. He held it out to you and you carefully took one, slipping it (and your fingers) into your mouth. “I was wondering what your plans for Halloween were.”

“Uh, I hadn’t really thought through that.”

“You taking Y/N out to trick-or-treat?”

Sam looked down at you. “Well, she might actually like that…”

“Of course she will! Kids love candy and dressing up. So, what’s her costume gonna be?”

“I… I don’t know, Gabriel. I’ll probably pick up some princess dress or something.”

“That’s no fun! And we’re not gonna rake in beaucoup candy if we can’t all coordinate.”

“Coordinate? All? What–”

“You don’t honestly think we’re going to miss her first Halloween, do you?”

“It’s not her first,” Sam pointed out. “And who’s ‘we’?”

“Me, Luci, and Cas, of course.”

“You… want to go trick-or-treating with us?”

“Duh. Well, I don’t know if Luci wants to, but he will. But we’ve got to go as a group, costume-wise.” Gabriel studied you and Sam. “Hmmm… you said you’re gonna dress her up as a princess?”

“I don’t know, Gabriel.”

“I can work with that.” Gabriel smirked up at Sam. “Has anyone ever told you you look like a young Judd Nelson?”


“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Shut up, Dean. It’s just one night.”

“But… look at this.”

Sam tried to hide his smirk as he looked at Dean in the blue tanktop. “I don’t see a problem with it.”

“Don’t give me that. Your costume is basically normal clothes!”

Sam had to admit, he’d lucked out. Gabriel’s costume for him was just a long-sleeved white shirt, covered with a red flannel, matched with jeans and boots. Sure, there were fingerless gloves and a bandana around the ankle, but Sam didn’t mind.


“Oh, you’re just loving this, too, aren’t you?” Dean asked, picking you up from the crib. He would never admit it out loud, but he thought you looked pretty cute in your sparkly pink dress.

“Come on, Mr. Jock. We’re supposed to meet the angels in ten minutes.”


Dean parked the Impala and got out, unbuckling you from the car seat. Sam buckled the baby carrier over his shoulders, tugging on it to make sure it was secure. Then he took you from Dean and slipped you inside.

“There you are.”

The Winchesters turned, finding the angels behind them. Dean started to laugh but covered it with a cough.

“I don’t understand why I’m dressed like this,” Cas said, fingers brushing aside part of the dark wig. He was dressed in all black, looking very confused indeed.

“I hate you,” Lucifer said to Gabriel. He was dressed in jeans and a green sweater.

“Come on! This is the best group costume ever!” Gabriel was dressed in his janitor’s jumpsuit from the first encounter he’d had with Dean. “Everyone loves The Breakfast Club.”

“Ah!” You kicked your legs out, intrigued by how it felt to be held up on Sam’s chest, but still have your limbs free.

“That’s right!” Gabriel said with a laugh. He handed you a small pumpkin bucket. “You ready to go get alllll the candy because you’re just the cutest member of the best 80s movie?”

Would you believe me (Taeyong Smut)

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You were at a small get together at Taeyong’s place with your boyfriend, Jaehyun. You were seated on the couch next to Jaehyun while Taeyong was seated on one of the chairs adjacent to the couch. Due to the amount of drinking Jaehyun was doing, he was constantly needing to excuse himself to the restroom, leaving you and Taeyong alone.

“You look beautiful tonight, Y/N,” Taeyong shyly complimented while playing with his glass of wine.

You held his gaze for a brief second before turning away. A deep scarlet shade ran across your cheeks as you murmured a small thank you. A moment of silence passed before Taeyong managed to catch you off guard with a seemingly forbidden question.

“Do you love Jaehyun, Y/N?” 

You processed his question, your mind an entangled state, before meeting his eyes. Those dark, intimidating eyes cautiously watched your deer in the headlights expression before breaking into a smile. 

“I asked because he told me he barely mustered up the courage to tell you he loved you.”

You let out your breath, unaware you had kept it in all this time, then you smiled and nodded, remembering the occurrence.

Although you and Jaehyun had been dating for over a year now and were regularly sleeping with each other, the two of you were not in the I love you stage yet. However, on the night of your birthday, while laying in bed fucked out and exhausted from the five rounds of sex Jaehyun had insisted on, he breathed out a sweet I love you.

You remembered you hadn’t yet answered Taeyong’s question and redirected your attention to him.

“Yes, of course I love him.” 

He smirked and looked up as Jaehyun approached the two of you. Taeyong quickly brought up Jaehyun’s new job when Jaehyun asked what you were conversing about.

It was getting late and you wanted to go home already but Jaehyun was too drunk to drive and you weren’t exactly sober. Taeyong offered the two of you to stay the night, and you reluctantly agreed as Jaehyun was already passed out on the couch. Taeyong showed you to the guest room and was nice enough to lend you some of his clothes to sleep in since your dress wasn’t exactly the most comfortable. You quickly threw on the pair of clothing and got into the bed ready to rest, giving Jaehyun no second thoughts.

You woke up a few hours later needing to go to the restroom. Quietly, you made your way down the hall looking for the restroom but slowed down when you heard muffled noises coming from the door at the end of the hall. You grew concerned, maybe Taeyong wasn’t feeling well. Since the door wasn’t completely closed, you peered through the small space and were in utter shock with the scene that was laid out before you. A gasp unwillingly left your mouth. Taeyong’s eyes shot up as you tried to move away from the door. Taeyong swiftly stepped out of his room and eyed you coldly. You attempted to explain to Taeyong how you ended up in front of his bedroom door. 

“I- uh… I was looking for the restroom and I heard something and I thought you weren’t feeling well so I was going to check on you but…” 

He crossed his arms and smirked down at you. 

“Since you distracted me and I wasn’t able to get off, why don’t you suck me off instead?” 

Your eyes went wide with his suggestion and you hurriedly retreated back to the guest room before you screamed at him for being extremely inappropriate and thinking with his dick. He grabbed your wrist before you were able to make it into the room and forced you to look at him.


“Why the fuck would you suggest something like that? I’m your best friend’s girlfriend. What the fuck kind of friend are you, Taeyong?” 

You glared at him angrily, seconds away from screaming your head off. He hurriedly apologized and thought it was best to not say anything to further aggravate you. He left and you went to sleep seething with rage.

The next morning, you woke up at the crack of dawn and immediately changed back into your dress. Luckily, no one seemed to be awake. You made your way to the couch Jaehyun was sleeping on, careful not to make any noise. You didn’t want to face an uncomfortable situation so early in the morning. Gently, you shook Jaehyun awake and told him you needed to go home because you were going to meet your mother for breakfast. He nodded half-asleep still and drove the two of you home.

It’s been two days since the incident with Taeyong and you decided it was best to keep it from Jaehyun. As you were waiting for Jaehyun to get home from work, your phone notified you of a message. You instantly checked to see if it was from Jaehyun. 

Fuck. It was from Taeyong.

Taeyong: “Hey, I wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t realize what I was saying that night.”

You debated on whether you should reply or not. He had had more than a few drinks that night, after all.

You: “It’s okay. You were drunk.”

Taeyong: “Ha, yeah. Probably. Y/N, I don’t want you to stop talking to me because of what I said. I was thinking with my dick and how hot you looked in my clothes wasn’t helping at all.“

You: “That was last part was totally unnecessary, Taeyong”

You: “but I won’t stop talking to you.”

You reassured him of your friendship and how it wasn’t going to change over something that had slipped past his lips. You understood the reason as to why he insisted on staying on good terms. Taeyong and you went way back; you had met him before you had even met Jaehyun.

Three years ago, you used to frequent this small restaurant every Friday night to sort of destress from college and eat good food. Every night, without fail, you had observed a winsome, white-haired teenage boy sitting at a table in the left corner of the restaurant. You both noticed each other as weeks passed, sharing small glances every now and then. After two months of frequenting the restaurant at the same time, the boy decided to introduce himself. As he walked towards your table, you noted his hair was now dyed a lavender tone and his amazing facial structure, one that you could goggle at for days. 

“Hi,” he spoke, his voice raspy in texture. 

You quickly swallowed down the fry you were chewing on.

“Hi,” you greeted, your full attention now on him.  

“Can I join you? You seem lonely and I kind of feel lonely.” 

That was the beginning of your beautiful friendship.

Weeks passed and you were rummaging through your closet for a nice outfit to wear to surprise Jaehyun at his new job. After a good half hour of searching, you finally settled for a rose pink long-sleeve laced dress and black velvet heels. He loved it when you wore heels, it made kissing you much easier. 

You drove to his job and parked your car in the company’s parking garage. You were beyond nervous. This was the first time visiting him at his workplace and you hoped he wasn’t too busy to spare you a couple of minutes.

The elevator ride up to the eleventh floor felt like an eternity. As the elevator doors opened, you were welcomed with toffee-colored walls and an extensive reception desk where a young woman kindly greeted you. You informed the receptionist you were here to see Jaehyun, and she escorted you to his office. 

You didn’t even consider knocking before opening the door, which you later regretted. You were completely taken aback by the whole scene. Jaehyun was shirtless and had his pants pulled down to his knees while a blonde kneeled just to the front of him. She had his dick halfway into her mouth when he turned to look at whoever had interrupted their fun time. When his eyes finally focused on you, his eyes went wide.

“So this is what you do at work, huh?” you choked, on the verge of tears.

You backed out of the room and slammed the door shut. You trudged to the elevator and repeatedly pressed the down call button. You felt your chest tighten and your eyes water as you waited for the elevator doors to open. You made it your mission to be out of the building and in your car before allowing yourself to shed any tears. As soon as you closed the door of your car, tears streamed down your cheeks. You hurriedly wiped the tears away and sped away from the parking lot. 

How could he betray your trust like that? He had told you he loved you. Did that have no meaning? 

You needed to talk to someone immediately. Your best friend was out of town and you surely didn’t want to ruin her vacation, so you decided to contact the next best person to talk to, Taeyong. 

Messages poured in from Jaehyun trying to explain and attempting to locate you in order to set this right. You ignored them all and stopped at a gas station to message Taeyong.

You: “Tae, are you busy right now?”

What seemed like a lifetime, but was really only two minutes, passed when your phone screen lit up.

Taeyong: “No, why? Do you need me?”

You: “Are you home?”

Taeyong: “Yes, I’ll be here. Is something wrong, Y/N?”

You didn’t answer. You desperately needed his presence to comfort you. You backed up from the parking space and made your way to Taeyong’s home. On your way there, you almost hit the car in front of you and ran a red light, but you managed to arrive in one piece.

You stopped crying and exited your car. You didn’t even bother trying to fix yourself to at least look presentable. You were aware of the mascara running down your face and the puffiness of your eyes, but your heart was torn and the only thing playing in your mind like a broken record was the scene you had witnessed moments ago. 

You rang the doorbell one too many times before a disheveled Taeyong opened the door. His now black hair was matted and his clothes unkempt. He must’ve just woken up. 

“What the fuck happened to you, Y/N!” Taeyong demanded, rather than questioned. His eyes scanning your face first for any bruises or marks.

“Jaehyun cheated on me.” 

The words pulled at your heartstrings and you felt a lump in your throat. You could no longer hold it in and began to bawl like a child, covering your face so Taeyong wouldn’t see how ugly you looked while crying. You felt a slight tug on your sleeve as he pulled you into his home, closing the door behind you. You felt his clothed arms enclose you and his hand begin to lightly massage the small of your back in a brisk attempt to comfort you. 

“Cry your heart out, princess.” 

He hadn’t called you princess since you started dating Jaehyun. Although the pet name brought back memories, thoughts of Jaehyun resurfaced and you began to sob even harder. 

You cried for what seemed like hours, all while Taeyong held you in the folds of his arms. You were all out of tears and resorted to sniffling. You didn’t want to leave the warmth of Taeyong’s embrace. He noticed you had ceased crying and asked you if you were feeling better. You looked up at him and nodded. He released you and smiled at you. You immediately regretted it because he let his arms fall to his sides. You still desperately needed to feel his arms around you.

“I should have never introduced you to Jaehyun. He never deserved to have you in the first place, Y/N.” 

Your glazed eyes followed his dark, doe eyes. 

“Y/N, can I kiss you?”

You don’t know what came over you and without giving it much thought, you leaned forward and pressed your needy lips onto his. At first, he seemed quite surprised but quickly complied and started to lean more into the kiss. His tongue begged for more than just your lips and you submitted to him completely. His tongue played with yours as his hands began to roam your body. He got a tight hold of your thighs and pulled you onto his lap; you felt his length hard underneath you. He carefully slid your dress up and momentarily detached his lips from yours to take off his shirt. You slid your dress over your head and threw it to the side. Your lips collided once more. You ran your fingers through his tangled hair as he held your waist and began to grind his hard member onto the thin fabric of your underwear. A small moan escaped your lips. You needed him inside of you.

Fuck me, Taeyong,” you begged, meeting his eyes and grinding onto his clothed cock even harder.

“I want to baby girl, but first I want to taste you.” 

With that, he lifted you from his lap and laid on his back. He gestured for you to get on top of him. You faltered over to where his face was, uneasy about having your crotch hover over Taeyong’s face. He hastily clutched your hips and positioned you, your thighs on either side of his face. He moved your panties to the side and started laying soft kisses on your inner thighs then moved to your intimate area. As you felt his tongue slide over your heat then into you, you let out a muffled moan. 

“Don’t hold back, princess.” 

Instantly, he pushed his tongue further into you and dug his fingers into the soft skin of your thighs to bring you closer to him. His warm, wet tongue made fast circular motions inside of you. Slowly, he eased his finger into you, your soaked heat aiding the entrance of a second finger shortly after. Your head fell back as your lusty, continuous moans began to fill the vast living room. His hot breath against your pussy only nearing you to your release. 

You were on the verge of cumming as you steadily grinded your lower lips on his face and tongue. However, before you could reach your high, he lifted you up from his face and commanded you to lay down. He swiftly removed his pants along with his boxers, his cock springing out. Surely, he was bigger than Jaehyun. Teasingly, he pulled down your panties with his teeth at an excruciatingly slow speed, his eyes firmly locked on yours. He positioned himself over you and began to place wet kisses along your neck and breasts, your breath hitching every time he nipped. You were growing impatient, so you began to stroke his erect member.

“Eager, are we?” he smirked and began massaging your throbbing heat.

“Yes. I’m begging you. Please fuck me now, Lee Taeyong.” 

He took his cock in hands and began to slide himself into you, slowly and painfully. His pace started slow, allowing you to adjust to his size. He steadily pounded into you once he knew you were no longer uncomfortable, his thrusts vigorous and precise.

“You feel so fucking good, baby girl,” he breathed shallowly, his hands clutching onto your hips to keep them in place.

The knot in the pit of your stomach grew and tightened then all at once, it uncoiled. Just as you had orgasmed around his length, you felt yourself being filled with his warm seed. 

After a couple of seconds of heavy breathing and intimate eye contact, Taeyong pulled out from you and laid down next to you. He cuddled you into the folds of his arms and kissed your forehead gently. You meet his pleased expression and smiled at him tiredly.


“Yes?” you responded.

“Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?”

What Day Is It?

a/n happy [extremely late] valentine’s day! This took me so long because I wasn’t exactly happy with it, but here you go <3


Felix absolutely hated seeing his boyfriend sad. Especially when he couldn’t do anything about it.

But he was mentally kicking himself as he sat in his office, because the reason Jack was upset was because of him.

Which just made everything ten times worse.

It was Valentine’s Day, and Jack had been dropping hints about what he wanted for the past week or so, and Felix had to pretend to not pick up on those hints.

They would be in the mall, and Jack would spot a oversized teddy bear, and casually nudge Felix in the ribs as he looked at it, and Felix was forced to respond with a “Oh, those are cute aren’t they?” and then walk off.

He knew his boyfriend thought he had forgotten about Valentine’s Day. He had the entire day planned, though, unbeknownst to Jack. He just had to wait a few more hours.

That morning Jack had been all giddy, clinging to Felix as he was making breakfast. It was obvious to Felix that Jack was frustrated when he asked what day it was. As much as he hated answering the way he did, he reminded himself it was all part of a plan.

“Isn’t it Tuesday?” He had answered nonchalantly, wincing as Jack’s face fell.

“Oh. You’re right.” Jack mumbled, busying himself with the pugs. 

“I’ve got a lot of work to do, baby, I’ll catch up with you later, okay?”

It physically pained Felix to lie to his boyfriend, acting as if he had no idea what day it was, considering today was probably one of the biggest days of their lives.

He had spent most of the day in his office, planning everything out; making sure things would go perfectly. He was more nervous than anything, as this entire plan was basically riding on Jack.

Felix was going to propose to his boyfriend today.

He had been wanting to for the longest time, and had finally decided to do it on Valentine’s Day, cheesy as it was. They had been dating for about three years now, and had both discussed it several times recently, and it seemed like Jack was just as eager to get married as Felix, if not more.

When he came out of his office so they could eat lunch, Jack threw him continuous glances, and again, Felix had to pretend like he didn’t notice.

They sat down to eat, the silence slowly killing the both of them.

“So..how’s your work going?” Jack asked, picking at his food. He hand his cheek in his hand, elbow resting on the table. He looked tired.

“It’s great,” Felix smiled, trying to lighten the mood, “I’ve got some really good ideas, you should totally help me with some. I think you’d like them.” Jack cracked a small smile, relief washing over Felix. “What’d you do while I was working?”

“I didn’t have much to do, recorded a few things then sat down to watch some Netflix.” he replied, looking up at his boyfriend. “You have anything special planned tonight?” he asked, clearly trying to jog Felix’s memory.

Again, Felix winced as he shook his head.

“I’ve got some errands to run, though, you should come with me.” Jack let out a quiet sigh as he nodded.

“Okay.” he murmured, picking up his dishes. Felix watched as he dragged his feet. He wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was upset by now.

“I love you!” Felix called after him as Jack walked back upstairs to their bedroom.

“Love you too.” Jack’s response was muffled as he threw himself on the bed.


“Babe!” Felix yelled across the house as he pulled his pink sweatshirt on, “Ready to go?”

“Coming!” Jack responded, making his way down the stairs. As he rounded the corner, Felix noticed he’d changed into a sweater he’d never seen before.

It was a white sweater with a small red heart in the top left corner. The sleeves were too long, giving Jack little sweater paws, which they both knew Felix adored.

“That’s a cute sweater,” Felix complimented, taking a step towards his boyfriend, “when’d you buy that?” Jack shrugged, tugging at his sleeve.

“A while ago, I just never got a chance to wear it.” he said quietly, giving his boyfriend a half smile. Felix gave him a quick kiss before opening the door for Jack, taking a deep breath before following.

The ring was in his back pocket, he had checked a million times. But he made sure one last time before he got in the car.

The drive into town was quiet, and Felix couldn’t help but feel bad. He knew Jack was frustrated, and he wanted nothing than to just blurt out his plans, but he bit his tongue and continued to drive.

It was dark by the time they parked, and Felix watched his boyfriend out of the corner of his eye. He was starting to realize something was up. They were on the other side of town, for one.

But Jack said nothing as they got out of the car. He slipped his hand into his boyfriend’s, though, a hint of a smile on his lips.

Felix was sweating by now. Everything was set out for him. He just had to start talking.

“Remember our first date?” he asked, squeezing Jack’s hand. “When I took you to this park instead of the coffee shop?”

“Yeah because it was closed, ya big doof.” Jack laughed, “You didn’t check the hours it was open that day.” he shook his head as Felix laughed with him.

“Yeah yeah, live and learn, I guess.”

There were lights strung up all over the trees in the park, and they gave everything the same soft glow that had been there on their first date.

“What about that time we fell in the fountain?” Jack asked, gazing over at said fountain in the center of the park. Felix chuckled.

“That was all your fault.” he scoffed.

“It was not!” Jack said defensively, “I wasn’t the one not sharing the cotton candy!” He gave Felix a playful shove.

“I would have given you some if you’d asked nicely! Maybe you shouldn’t make grabby hands at my food!” Felix shoved back, rolling his eyes. Jack snorted. Suddenly his face fell and he looked over at his boyfriend.

“I thought we had errands to do?” he asked, biting his lip.

“We do. I just thought it’d be fun to take the long way.” Felix improvised, looking straight ahead again.

“Oh. Okay.” Jack looked at his toes as they continued to walk through the park. Felix let out a quiet sigh and looked around.

This was it for him. They were nearing the fork in the path, and one way led to the fountain, the other to the rest of the town.

Jack suddenly looked up as he was being pulled in the opposite direction that he expected. Felix started to lead him to the fountain, every fiber of his being on edge. The fountain was lit up a light shade of pink, a nice way to set the mood.

“Fe, the store is that way..” Jack murmured, looking behind him.

“I know, Jacky, I know.” he replied softly, slowing as they neared the fountain. Jack said nothing as Felix let go of his hand, but the look on his face said he was curious. “Seán William McLoughlin..” Felix started, slowly getting down on one knee, “I love you with everything I have.”

“Felix what are you doing?” Jack breathed, hands flying up to his mouth as he watched his boyfriend reach into his back pocket.

“From the moment we met up at that closed coffee shop I knew I would fall in love with you forever. You make me happy beyond words and I want you to be with me every day of my life.” He was surprised how well he was doing as the words spilled from his mouth. Felix hadn’t expected to get this far without breaking down.

Jack was crying by now, not bothering to wipe the tears away as he laughed at himself.

“Oh my god..” he whispered, hands still covering his face.

“Will you please make me even happier,” Felix continued, opening the little velvet box, “by marrying me?” The ring was simple, just like Jack had wanted. A little green jewel sat in the middle of it, and if you looked hard enough, and even smaller blue jewel was inside of that.

Jack was sobbing now, falling to his knees in front of Felix as he nodded frantically, unable to put his emotions into words.

Something snapped inside Felix and the tension he had been holding in suddenly melted. He scooped his boyfriend up, holding him close and mentally thanking his lucky stars he’d run into this boy.

It was only then they both realized people were clapping for them, and Felix stepped back to take a bow, earning himself laughter from the crowd.

“I-I love you..” Jack sobbed, “so much.”

“I love you too, baby, it’s okay, stop crying.” Felix smoothed his now fiancé’s hair down and wiped the tears from his cheeks. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” he whispered, sealing Jack’s lips with a kiss.

He pulled away and took Jack’s hand in his, slipping the ring on his finger. They looked up at each other, this time both of them bursting into tears.

Felix kissed Jack again, pulling him close. Jack wrapped his arms around the back of his fiancé’s neck, leaning back into his grip.

“And I’d thought you’d forgotten about Valentine’s Day..” he murmured, shaking his head.

“Do you really think I’d forget something like that?” Felix asked, kissing his forehead.

Then everything happened at once. Jack lost his balance, and instinctively grabbed Felix’s shirt, pulling him backwards into the fountain, soaking them both.

They both began to laugh hysterically, the entire situation just being too much for them. In a good way.

“Again?! Seriously!” Jack groaned, letting his head fall back into the water. 

Felix pulled his fiancé to his feet, water cascading off both of them. People were cheering for them again, laughing as Felix waved to them.

“Thank you! Thank you!” he called, “I’ll be here all night.”

“Ya know,” Jack started, wringing the water out of his sweater, “if you had told me three years ago when we were in that fountain that we’d be there again as fiancés, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

“I would’ve.” Felix said softly. He placed his wet hands on Jack’s face, rubbing his thumb over his cheek. Jack blushed, a smile playing on his lips.

“I love you more than I love life.” Jack mumbled, bringing his hand up to look at the ring again. His brain still wasn’t fully comprehending that Felix had asked him to spend the rest of his life with him.

“What do you say we go home and change, and then go out to eat?” Felix asked, nuzzling Jack hair with his nose. Jack giggled.

“What about those errands of yours?” he asked innocently, batting his lashes. Felix pushed a hand through his hair, laughing nervously.

“They can wait.” he said, giving a half assed smile.

anonymous asked:

85. “Did you just whistle at me?” - vmon, could be nice if contains a lot animals

“Did you just whistle at me?” Namjoon squeaks. 

He’s up to his ankles in animal feces, covered in dirt and spit. Underneath the long-sleeved flannel and his undershirt, he’s perspiring heavily. To say he’s not exactly at his best is an understatement.

But the boy on the other fence is looking at him, soft pink lips parted invitingly. He blinks at Namjoon, taking him in, then stutters. “Ah, um–”

“Look,” Namjoon says, “I appreciate the interest but–”

“No, um,” the boys says, waving a curled fist inarticulately. “I was, uh, talking to the goats.” 

He lowers his fist slowly and opens it, revealing a small pile of the feed pellets they keep in the quarter machines at the petting zoo. 

“I just,” he stutters and blushes, “really like animals. I thought if I whistled, I could get that little black one to come over.” 

Now Namjoon’s the one blushing, embarrassed that he’d assume something like that. 

“Not that you’re not cute,” the boy rushes to say, his deep voice vibrating with genuine apology. “I mean, you’re very cute. Sweaty, but cute. I love a farm boy.” 

Namjoon kind of wants to die. Could this get any worse? “I’m, uh, not really a farm boy,” he stutters. “This is my uncle’s farm. I’m just helping out for the summer.”

“Oh,” the boy says. “Well, um, maybe if you’re bored, I could show you around sometime. I live over on County Road 12. Our barn’s got flowers painted all over it. You can’t miss it.” 

“That’d be really nice,” Namjoon mumbles with a flush of gratitude, wondering how this conversation had taken such a turn. 

“Yeah.” He kneels down, extending his hand between the fence so the goats can lap up the pellets. They swarm, of course, the little hellspawn, butting each other out of the way to get the food. “I know it seems like there’s not much to do around here if you’re not local, but there’s fun to be had. You’ll see.” 

The boy, this beautiful boy with his long dark hair and quick grin, looks up and smiles in a preemptive invitation. “By the way, I’m Taehyung,” he says, and then turns on his heel, walking away from the pens. 

“I’m Namjoon!” he yells at his retreating back. 

“I know!” Taehyung shouts, spinning around in a flash. “Your aunt loves our tomatoes! She talks about you all the time!”


Art By: @saionjiakane
Colored By: @jczala
Link to Original Art: (x)

I saw this post of @saionjiakane about an Edo Period AU where Miyuki and Eijun are stepbrothers, and I couldn’t resist coloring this beautiful art. This was done with permission, of course! I also ended up writing a short fic about this scene.  (●´艸`)ヾ

It was a gathering between the lords of the land, with the Shogun as the esteemed guest—quite a tedious chore for one such as Kazuya Miyuki, in spite of its importance to discuss the unrelenting politics of their fine government. Nevertheless, Kazuya was a responsible one, regarded by his peers, though some detested his overly sharp tongue and words. He wasn’t one to deny his seemingly nasty personality and he had never paid attention to people speaking ill of him.

While the discussions and debates have long ended, the festivities continued with music and geishas for their entertainment.  Kazuya was never one for merrymakings, regardless of how delicious the food and sake were. Many of the lords were enjoying the company of the lovely geishas, as they wasted away with expensive sake. For formalities’ sake, Kazuya simply acted as expected no matter how bored to death he was.

Just then, a spectacular sight walked into the banquet hall.

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anonymous asked:

things you said with no space between us + that boy in a pink sweater + a date on a spring day :) plssss

(photo cr.)

Part of the “things you said…” drabble series: Things you said with no space between us.

Seunghoon wasn’t going to bring it up, but she looks way too comfortable in something that isn’t hers and quite frankly, way too adorable for him to pass up.

‘’Is that a new sweater? It looks good on you.’’ Seunghoon asks with a faint smile, tipping his chin up to the bubble-gum pink sweater that complemented her so pleasingly.

She beams, stretching her fingers out of the too long sleeves and plays with the edges, ‘’Of course it does, it’s yours, Hoonie.’’

‘’I want it back, thanks. I don’t trust you and your clumsy ass.’’ He retorts, failing to mask the fact that he’s still admiring the oversized clothing.

In return, she rolls her eyes a little, mumbling something about how spilled things just happens, it’s not like I intentionally do it.

‘’Ugh, fine. Why do you love it so much?’’ She gives in with a loud sigh, then shoots him a knowing smile, almost too cheeky for him not to notice that she’s just mocking him.

She knew exactly why and Seunghoon scowls in response.

‘’I’m offended that you had the nerve to ask me that.’’

The memory plays visibly in the back of her mind, clear as the spring’s day she saw him first, exactly a year ago beneath rows and rows of cherry blossom trees as pink as his sweater.

And an over excited Italian greyhound that managed to tear off his leash, chasing her terrified dog with a mortified Seunghoon flailing after them.

“You know it was all Haute, the fluffy sweater was fortunately blinding enough to make you stand out and have me notice you, Lee Seunghoon.’’ She says, tone nonchalant as she scans the menu that sat between them.

“Okay, now you’re just being mean.” He mutters, making her look up to flash him an ear to ear smile that still does things to him.

‘’I’m kidding. How could I possibly miss you?’’

It’s nothing but the truth, Seunghoon indeed had her at hello.

“Haute! Come back here, you-”

Her eyes grew wide at the young man in pink, all legs and arms as he whizzed past her and presumably after his dog that took a liking to her own. Clearly distracted by his sudden appearance, it took her a little too long to realize that her dog had ran off for dear life, making her race after the three in a spur of panic.

They rushed along footpaths, across roads and down back-alley short cuts until they reached a dead end. Seunghoon was practically wheezing by the time he caged in Haute who was still filled with energy to the brim.

“I’m so sorry,” He heaved in between breaths, tucking the squirming dog in between his arms tightly, “He’s too friendly sometimes.”

She was midway of kneeling down, scooping her dog into her hold, “No, no, it’s fine. He’s adorable!”

She spun around to see a frown of concern on his face, beads of sweat lining his awfully soft hair parted through the middle.

“He scared your pup though.” Seunghoon sighed.

Her dog whimpered into the crook of her elbow and she made a face, almost apologetic, “Yeah, a little.”

He said nothing, remorse flooding his flushed face by the second.

“Was it Haute? Oh, you’re so cute.” She opted to lighten up the mood, perking him to look up at her, sharp hooded eyes that were nothing but tender.

No one could miss the way Seunghoon brightened as she reached out to tickle a pleased Haute under his chin.

“He takes after me-” Seunghoon bit back his tongue when her eyes flicked to him, “I mean, p-people say he takes after me.”

A laugh so hearty bubbled out her lips, bouncing against the brick walls of that alley way and Seunghoon was breathless for an entirely different reason.

She looked away a little too quick, a shy smiled etched on her face as she cooed closer to Haute and to him, “Sure they do. To be fair, I’d say the same.”

I’ll Do The Laundry One Day

Chris Evans x reader

Warnings: none

Words: 781

All credit goes to Marvel

A/N: I got this idea directly after posting “Flowers” but I like my fics spread out so this was supposed to be posted sometime on 1/16. But Flowers was kinda a flop so I wanted to put something else out. Also tumblr froze right after I finished tagging so I had to start all over (:

You sat patiently in your makeup chair, closing your eyes when you were asked to and pouting when someone was applying lipstick on you. This day was by far one of your favorites. It was shortly after Civil War had been released and you and the cast began doing press tours.

Sure, you loved filming and having a great time with the cast, but press tours made the whole thing worth the bad times. You loved interacting with fans and it helped that your husband, the one and only Chris Evans, was the star of the movie. It was even better that you starred along with him, playing Natasha’s friend from the Red Room that she had recruited when the fight was on. You and Chris had surprisingly many intense scenes together, and the fans were absolutely eating it up, as it was a stark contrast to the PDA you two were known for.

You donned a simple white t-shirt and light-wash ripped denim jeans with black booties. Your hair fell in tousled, beachy waves, and your makeup was eyeliner and a red lip. “Y/N, we’re ready for you and the cast.” Nodding, you stood up, thanking your beauty team and meeting up with Chris outside the dressing room. He leaned back when you tried to kiss him.

“Uh-uh. There’s no way I’m walking out there with a red lip stain. That can wait.” You rolled your eyes and smirked. He was always adamant about him not wanting your makeup on him before a press tour, and that never managed to deter you.

Following the rest of your cast onto the stage, you all waved your hands as the fans cheered excitedly.

When you sat at the table, Chris slipped his hand into yours underneath the table cloth. Things like these always made him anxious; as much as he loved his fans and interacting with them, he was also aware of the fact that sometimes, it can be a lot. You gave his hand a slight squeeze, rubbing the pad of your thumb against his knuckles.

The first few fans came up to the platform, asking the typical questions such as: “How was filming as such a big cast?” or “Sebastian, how did you like having more lines to read and finally being on the good side?”.

Scarlett had just finished answering her question about how it felt having her fight scene with Jeremy, as the two of them were heavily shipped in the fandom. You had just laughed at something Chris had chimed in with when another fan took the microphone.

“I have two questions for Y/N, if that’s alright.” She looked to be around 17, with long blonde hair and wearing a hot pink long sleeve shirt and jeans.

“Sure, sweetheart, go for it.” You said sweetly, smiling at her. Making the fans feel comfortable and making them feel as if they were just talking to a friend was not only important, but something you loved doing. Like you said, you love your fans.

“First question, you’re a couple years younger than Chris, did you ever read fan-fiction before you knew him?” You laughed, a blush rising to your cheeks.

“She wants to say no, but her cheeks are saying yes.” Mackie said, pointing at you from two seats over. You laughed again, covering your mouth before clearing your throat.

“I mean, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to imagine what dating Chris Evans would be like?” You admitted, much to Chris’s amusement as he dropped his head down, laughing to the point where his shoulders were bouncing up and down, before looking back towards the fan.

“Okay, second question: does it measure up to actually dating him?” You smirked. Normally, you’d give a cheesy answer about how he’s the most amazing husband and working alongside him is a dream, especially having never imagining it in your wildest dreams. But today, you were feeling good. You were feeling playful.

“Well in fan-fiction, he does something sweet like cleaning the house or doing the laundry.” A collection of “oooh”s sounded throughout the crowd and panel and Chris opened his mouth to speak, poking a finger up before Sebastian piped in.

“I can agree with this, his trailer is by far the messiest and unorganized.” The rest of the cast chimed in with their various agreements and stories about Chris’s messiness before he finally got the chance to speak.

“Say what you will, but one day you’ll come home to a clean house AND the laundry done,” he waited for the crowd’s laughter to die down. “Maybe I’ll even do the dishes.” You laughed, nodding sarcastically towards the crowd and creasing your brows in disbelief. He looked at you again, “One day.”

New hair

Request: Could you write an imagine where Bucky gets a haircut and he looks like 40’s Bucky but you have a 4 year old daughter and when he walks into the house your daughter is frightened because she doesn’t recognize him so she tries to get away from Bucky. 

Word Count: 1397

Warnings: none

Your four-year old daughter Sarah sat idly in your lap as you plaited her hair, she had seen a girl on the television with hair like that and immediately ran to you asking if you could do her in the same style. You said yes of course because your daughter had some of the best hair you’d ever seen just like her father. Bucky was out with Steve, he didn’t say what he was doing because apparently it was a ‘surprise’ not that you cared much because you were happy sitting at home watching Frozen with your daughter and braiding her hair that reminded you so much of Bucky’s.

“Mummy are you nearly done?” Your daughter asked, just like any other four-year old she was incredibly impatient and asked a hell of a lot of questions that always left you on edge. The last time she asked you, “How are babies made?” And answering that question was the hardest thing you’ve ever done (except give birth because that hurt like hell.)

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@cecilos-is-my-otp-4evah asked:What does Cecil really wear to the radio station?

As much as I love the fanart of Cecil in a suit and tie, that simply is not what he would wear. Sure, he may wear a suit on important occasions, such as a wedding or the opening of an opera, but for the most part, he would not dress that professionally. He has his own sense of fashion, and according to the fashion sphere, it’s a good sense.

This is the Cecil that, for a first date, wore his “best tunic and furry pants”. If that doesn’t already say something about his fashion sense, then I don’t know what is. Later on he also wore a honeycomb hat, a Hawaiian shirt, and leather pants. Therefore, I have accumulated this about Cecil’s fashion sense:

1.       He loves to wear various types of pants. Be it fur or leather or whatever else you can make a good pair of pants out of, you can be sure that Cecil would wear it. I don’t think he’d ever wear normal jeans unless they had some interesting pattern or symbol stitched into them.

2.       His shirts never “match” his pants. A tunic with furry pants? A Hawaiian shirt with leather pants? Sure, these shirts can be worn even today, but they’re usually a bit out of place and when you match them with the pants in question, they’re definitely out place. At least, by our standards. Therefore he’d wear pretty outrageous shirts depending on the pants. He’s wearing black crocheted pair of pants? Then his shirt is a hand-stitched multi-colored collared shirt with a bow tie to match. He’s wearing denim shorts? Then his shirt is a long sleeved pink cotton V-neck with black fir on the cuffs and maybe even a poodle picture on the front. The crazier the better for Cecil Palmer.

3.       He loves hats. Granted, we only know of him wearing the honeycomb hat once, but I think he’d be one to wear hats a lot. Just to clarify, Cecil did not wear an actual honeycomb on his head. A honeycomb hat is a type of pattern for a knitted beanie that one can wear. Because this strangely seemed like the most normal type of hat, I think Cecil’s hat preference would actually be kind of modern for us. No cowboy hats or propeller caps or the hotdog head of a costume. He’d probably wear baseball caps or beanies or other ‘normal’ hats that any of us would wear. It’s normalness only serves to seem out of place against the strangeness of the rest of his outfits.

She's Mines, Back Off!

Genre: Fluff, Slight!Smut
Y/N’s gender: Female
Keywords: Y/N= Your Name
Warnings: Sexual Content, vulgar language, triggering
Summary: Y/N and Dan had a fight over a man who was too touchy with Y/N, and things turned out— well, different.


Dan and I had a fight over some boy that was being too ‘touchy’ to me. I ranted over how I could stop the man myself, without help. He kept on lecturing me about relationship boundaries, and threatened to end our relationship. I ended up with tears swelling my eyes, and I ran out from his apartment. It was a twenty-minute walk from my apartment to his’, but it’s worth the time, feeling the cold breeze puff on my face.

It has been four days, and I found myself lost in my own mind, and my body couldn’t really function without him lingering on my mind. God, I hated it so damn much. I don’t know whether our relationship was over or not, but I guess I could be the one to blame for walking out of it and avoiding his calls and texts.

Dinarah is my roommate, but I don’t really know where she is now. She’s living the life of a party, and she crashes over so many people’s houses. I was left there to let guilt smother me.. Don’t get me wrong, Dan was a prick to threaten to end our relationship, but some part of me wanted him back. But I’m just too scared to ask him to come over and talk about it, and possibly— hopefully— get back together.

As thoughts wash over my mind, I heard the door being knocked one I reckoned it was Dinarah, so I creaked the door open. There stood Dan with a bouquet of my favorite flowers ( up to you ) and looking so stern. He extended his arms awkwardly to hand me the flowers. “Thank you” I gushed, as I motioned him in. I placed the flowers in a vase and tipped some water in it.

“Can we talk? Please?” He begged. “What is there left to speak of?” I doubted. He flinched from my words, and shook his head. “Y/N! We need to talk.” He exclaimed. My breath was uneven, and I was breathing quickly. Since it would be polite of me to ask if guests are in need of a beverage, I and to do so.

“Would you like a drink of something?” I asked him, plastering a smile on my face. “No, thanks” he grumbled. I sat down beside him, eying him with suspense.

“Y/N, I’m s-sorry” Dan stammered. I was struck by silence. “I’m such a cruddy boyfriend” he sighed, “So, please take me back. I promise that I won’t behave like a jerk to you, well, I’ll try” he said. “Dan! Baby!” I cried, pulling him into a hug. I hugged him, while my legs wrapped around his waist, and arms hugging his upper body. “Darling, I love you, don’t doubt that.” I whispered softly, pressing my lips against his’. He kissed back instantly, deepening it.

He lifted my shirt up, revealing my lacy, black bra. His mouth gaped open in awe, as his eyes were locked on my chest. I giggled, and closed it. “Dan..” I gushed, looking away from him with my cheeks pink, and smiling embarrassingly. “I’d be damned if someone else had someone had your amazing body” he said huskily. He pulled off my skinny jeans forcefully.

I lifted up his black, long sleeved shirt up, revealing his body. I also pulled out his jeans, revealing Calvin Klein boxers, and um— an excited member. Then the moment of realization hit me. Shit! I’m on my monthly. Period sucks. “Uh, Dan” I yelped, panicky. “I-I’m on my period” I said embarrassingly. “That’s okay, love” he reassured. “That doesn’t top me from loving you” he added.

“But I could still give you um.. You know.. Oral..” I shyly said, pointing at his member which hardened. “Ah, fuck Y/N” he moaned. “You’re the best girlfriend ever” he said, feeling my hands cupping his boxers. “And I love you” he said.

“Why, I love you too Dan” I answered in a heartbeat. “I’m not just saying that” he said sternly. “I mean it, I love you” he said.

“I love you too, Dan”

I feel like a girl most when I’m cutting my own hair
over the bathroom sink and leave the pieces
for my mother to clean up. He calls and tells me
of a dream he had where we moved in together
and all I wanted to do was leave. I’m texting
in all-capitals and writing in lowercase cursive
and I don’t know when this began to matter,
but it does. When he wears the sweater I bought
for him I cry into the sleeves because I know
he doesn’t love just anyone. Months later,
I am still keeping the light on for as long as I can
without having to explain myself. I see pretty teens
everywhere, pink-faced from laughing,
teeth glittering in their mouths. It makes my
heart sore. Remember driving around in your car
with the windows rolled down and the wind
in our faces going who knows where? The sun
so bright the streets couldn’t do anything
but shine. Happiness was your car and how
we were together in your car. Even now I am still
turning to you out of habit. Even now I always
look for you in the split second before laughing.
And I list the places I’m in love with but am unable
to visit. And I miss you. And the radio plays all
of our favorite songs. And I still can’t remember
how I was before.
—  Kristina Haynes, “Notes on Loneliness”

poppetwidge  asked:

May I please ask for Akashi and his s/o deeply in love but she gets pregnant. Since he has a bright future, she leaves during the night and disappears. Years later, Akashi could be a speaker for career day and sees his s/o walk into the hall with a little boy but what stops him in his tracks is this child's red eyes. I love your writing owo please and thank you.

I feel like @kisekinodrabbles did something very similar to this but with Nijimura instead…but I hope you enjoy! If you don’t mind I changed the child from a boy to a girl for some variation. -Admin Fyre

Accompanying soundtrack: Nine from Tokyo Ghoul: JACK

When Akashi proposed to you, you were at a loss for words. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, you said that your answer was on hold - it was not a no, but it was not a yes, either.

A month later you disappeared without so much as a note to explain why. Akashi didn’t know what to feel, then. He didn’t know what to do.

And now, eight years later, here you were, with a girl - a child, really - standing next to you and staring at him with wide, scarlet eyes.

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Adore You: a one-shot


When you say you love me, know I love you more.  Boy, I adore you.


His cheeks were tinged a light shade of pink, burning slightly from the cold.  His neck hidden from the air, a scarf wrapped tightly around him, almost strangling him in warmth.  His never ending torso was shielded underneath a multitude of layers; a long sleeved shirt that clung to his skin, a loose fitting sweatshirt, and an overly puffy winter jacket that added about ten pounds to his regular body weight.  He looked clumsy carrying his snowboard in his hands and she could only imagine his feet proving to be a challenging obstacle for him in the snow, their tendency to point inwards causing him to stumble often.

Her eyes traveled along the page of the magazine, her gaze reluctantly falling on the girl that stood in front of him.  Tall and slender, a model’s body for sure, she couldn’t help but feel a few pangs of jealousy sweep through her veins.  Her long dark hair, pin straight in texture, was pulled up into a high ponytail, the ends barely touching the middle of her back.  Unlike his face, which was covered in a gigantic pair of ski goggles, her face had been left exposed.  Her eyes matched her hair color, a beautiful dark brown, which appeared almost black in the print of the magazine.  Her naturally tanned skin was a bit pale, but it worked for her, making her eyes pop more against the lightness.  Her cheeks were sunken in just slightly, her cheekbones protruding a little in a naturally dramatic look, proving once again that modeling was her calling in life.

She found it hard to be happy that he was enjoying time with friends.  Jealous in the fact that she was closed off in her bedroom, her head already dipped low in study books as the semester got underway rather than enjoying the winter fun in the States.  Daydreaming of all the possible moments they could’ve spent together.  Cuddling by the fire in the cabin after a full day of “hitting the slopes.”  Nursing sore limbs by lazily tangling themselves in one another.  Spending any free time they had wrapped up in bed or on the couch underneath blankets.  Silly selfies of them with their ski goggles, making ridiculous faces at the camera.

She felt selfish in wanting to be with him twenty-four seven during his time off, knowing that it was always on the clock, always close to expiring before he went on another tour for an extended period of time.  And she felt increasingly more selfish for wanting to keep him by her side around girls that looked like her.  Never the insanely jealous type, she always believed that it only led to distrust and that was the last thing she wanted him to think of her.  Nothing good ever came of distrust.

But it still got to her, especially when he was off in a different country and she hated herself for it.  She wouldn’t have felt so bad if he was somewhere in the UK, or even in the Alps.  Places that weren’t so far from home and more accessible to her.  Places that were easier for her to surprise him on a weekend and spend a few days with him before having to go back to classes.  Places that made it easier for them to have a few Skype dates without having to worry about time differences.

Her eyes scanned the page for what felt like the hundredth time, her eyes ghosting over the fine print meticulously, picking out details that she knew shouldn’t have mattered to her.  Things such as how the two of them spent dinners laughing or how they occasionally would graze each other’s hands.  Details of how they acted on the slopes, taking a ski lift together and practically being cuddled in the chair.  Or how he would wrap his arms around her when she fell trying to stand up on the mountain.

She’s pretty.  It was sent before she even knew what she was doing, her phone screen illuminating her face in the darkness of the night.  Her fingers subconsciously typing out the words that she was meant to keep to herself.  She couldn’t help but gasp just loud enough for only her ears, her heart thundering as it began to race against her chest.  Her fingers frantically typed against the screen, trying her best to cover up their mistake.  Please ignore that, she typed.  I hope you’re having a blast xo.

She waited, her eyes glued to the screen as she debated whether or not she wanted to get a response from him.  Yes, she wanted to talk to him.  She wanted to maybe hear his voice telling her that she had nothing to worry about.  But at the same time, she didn’t want to hear him question her, question whether or not she was fully committed to their relationship like they had discussed.  In the end though, she couldn’t help but feel her heart sink just a little bit when twenty minutes had passed and he still hadn’t said anything.  Not even a “Hi.”


She had walked around town for what felt like all day when in reality, it had been a few hours.  Constantly weaving in and out of the crowds of people that cluttered the sidewalks, she tucked her chin into the top of her jacket, her head remaining down.  Bundled tightly to fight against the nighttime chill, she felt like a marshmallow, her jacket resembling the one that he had been wearing while skiing.  She popped in and out of quaint little shops; small bookstores that instantly greeted her with the smell of old paper, vintage record stores that made her want to buy the stores entire collection just so she could hear the sound of the needle winding around the record surface.  Vintage clothing stores that made her envious of everybody who threw away old band shirts, wanting so badly to be able to go back in time and experience the concerts firsthand.

She had eaten dinner by herself at one of her favorite delis.  Just a simple cup of chicken noodle soup and a half of a sandwich warmed her numb limbs, an instant smile appearing on her cheeks as the waiter cleared the table for her.  Having left her phone at home, she didn’t have the pleasure of burying her nose in the likes of Twitter or Facebook and she quiet enjoyed the solitude of not having to answer to anybody, forcing her to entertain herself with people watching. 

“Reckon they’re fighting?” She shook her head, startled as the waiter leaned slightly towards her, his voice hushed as he looked at the young couple a few tables down from her.

“Uh…” She hesitated.  “I’m not sure.”

He took a quick seat across from her, flashing a small smile before his eyes returned to the couple.  They couldn’t have been any older than her.  They had been quiet throughout the entire meal, until now and it hadn’t been pretty since.  The young girl, a natural redhead, continuously tugged at the ends of her hair.  Resting just at her shoulder blades, she twisted her fingers in and out of the strands nervously as her eyes darted from side to side, widening slowly.

The waiter shifted, “Oh no.  It’s a breakup.”

“How do you know?” She asked him softly. 

He glanced at her, his eyes narrowed knowingly.  “He’s doing all the talking.” He answered.  “And she looks like she’s about to burst into tears.”

She looked at them again, immediately noticing the tears that welled at the girls’ eyelashes.  She watched as she tried to interject, her lips parting just enough to tremble before being forced closed again when the boy denied her.  “Seen a lot of breakups in here?”

The waiter shrugged, “A few.  But no one is really that ballsy to actually break up in public.  They all just say that they need to talk and end up walking out before someone starts crying.”

“Do they always cry?”

He shook his head, looking at her now rather than the couple.  “Not all the time.  But when they do, it’s like the floodgates have opened.  Balling.”  She chuckled as his face scrunched up as if he was about to cry, his hands running in front of his face to simulate the buckets of tears he described.

She sighed, “You should become an actor.  Or at least a mime.”

He smiled, his lips moving as if about to say something just as the girl bolted up out of her seat, running towards the door.  Her chest heaving in sobs as she tried her best to cover the crying that slipped from her mouth.  The waiter hissed, “Must not have been an amicable split.”

She shook her head, “I hope she’s okay.”

“Do you have one?”

She looked at him, her eyebrows creased in confusion as she watched him stand up, his body towering over her.  “Huh?”

“A boyfriend.” He repeated.  “Do you have one?”

“Oh.” She smiled, “Yeah.”

“Well, for your sake, I hope you don’t get dumped in a deli.”


He hadn’t expected her to be gone.  After knocking thirty times – each time more forcefully than the previous – he assumed she had just gone to bed.  He wanted to find her asleep on the couch, her body curled into itself underneath a blanket, her face so peaceful he always felt bad for waking her up.  Or he wanted to find her asleep face first in one of her textbooks, like he had known her to do during school.  Her pen always still grasped loosely in her hand, hovering over her notebook beside her.  He always laughed when he woke her up during those incidents; she was always so disappointed in herself that she had done it again, but she was never surprised, blaming the material for literally “putting her to sleep.”

The eleven-hour flight left him with a lot of time to imagine what he would come home to, but a dark apartment wasn’t one of them.  He had called her phone numerous times and she never answered, leaving him somewhat frustrated and a bit worried, hoping that nothing had happened to her.  He cursed at himself when he realized he forgot the key to her place, knowing exactly where it was at his house, but too lazy to actually go get it.  He racked his brain to try to remember where she left the spare key, pacing in front of the door for a few long minutes before he nearly jumped out of excitement.  Remembering to sweep his fingers along the edge of the top of the door frame.

He noticed her phone right as he let himself in, all of his messages and missed call notifications lighting up continuously against the dimly lit living room.  He flipped the closest switch he could find, his fingers fumbling along the wall until the light on the end table turned on.  Her books were left strung along the coffee table, a bundle of pens towards the edge.  Notebooks lining the front as he pictured her furiously taking notes.  A blanket left underneath the table to warm her feet, her dislike of socks never a good thing during the wintertime, and a blanket thrown on the edge of the couch for her shoulders.

He sighed heavily, making his way towards the couch.  Sitting carefully on the edge, bringing his hands up to cover his face as he finally settled from all the traveling.  His body was exhausted, completely spent.  Between skiing and snowboarding, traveling to and from the ski lodge, traveling to and from Los Angeles…he wondered how he was even functioning.  He didn’t have enough time to even let his body recover from the world tour he had finished just a few months prior before he was whisked away yet again.

He hadn’t planned on being home so soon and honestly, he quite liked the sunny 70-degree weather of Southern California.  But as soon as he got that text, he knew that his time was up.  He was at Walgreens, casually perusing the aisles for food that looked appealing when his phone had buzzed in his pocket.  Originally he smiled when he saw her name flash across his screen, but his smile soon fell as he scanned over her words time and time again.  The world slowing down around him as his heart sunk to the floor, his stomach immediately bubbling with nerves.

They had talked about his friendships with other girls, including his friendship with Kendall and she had never seemed to have a problem with any of them.  They had discussed how her being okay with them made it easier on him, how her approval was a vital key to their relationship working, especially during the grueling months on tour.  And she was just that, she was okay.  She was okay with seeing him photographed with other girls, knowing full well that he only wanted her.  Knowing that she had nothing to be jealous of when he was with them because his heart belonged to her. 

His fingers massaged his temples, the pressure pushing at the tension that had settled in rather permanently.  A headache that seemingly only grew bigger and bigger each day and today was proving to be a tough one.  His head perked up the minute he heard her keys jiggling in the lock, the knob visibly turning.  His heart hammering against his chest in anticipation.

“Oklahoma!” She gasped as she entered the apartment, her hand flying to her chest as she found him on her couch. 

His face wrinkled, “Oklahoma?”

She closed her eyes, trying her best to settle her racing heart.  “Shut up, I just watched We’re The Millers the other day and one of the characters says it.”

He only nodded, an unsettling silence falling between them as they both fell mum.  He watched as she unraveled herself from her multiple layers, smiling slightly as he noticed his old Ramones shirt against her body.  His eyes followed her movement as she hesitantly walked towards him, stopping just a few feet shy of the couch.  Arms crossed against her stomach, eyes lingering on her feet, refusing to meet his already questioning gaze.

“You know we’re just friends.” He whispered.

She nodded, her head still hanging in guilt.  “I know.”

“I promise you, that’s all we are.”

She finally looked up, her dark eyes immediately locking with his own.  His heart warmed as they connected gazes, always loving the fact that they seemed to magnetize towards each other.  Whether it was across a crowded room like seen in movies, through crowds and crowds of people or if it was just the two of them doing separate things – he could’ve been mindlessly plucking the strings of his guitar while she washed dishes or did homework.  They always seemed to find each other’s gazes and it was secretly one of the things he loved most about their relationship. 

“I know.” She repeated softly.  “I know.”

He reached for her, quietly pleading for her to join him so that he could wrap her up in his arms.  Needing to feel her body close to his, wanting so badly to cuddle her up and take away her insecurities, despite how unnecessary they had been.  But she hesitated, and he noticed.  The way her teeth pulled her bottom lip between them, gnawing nervously on the already broken skin.  They way her hands wrapped themselves tightly around her elbows as if holding herself together.  The way her eyes glistened in the light, tears welling up against her eyelashes.

“Baby…” He sighed, pushing himself up off of the couch, taking only one long stride towards her before he forced her into his arms.  Burying his nose against her dark hair as he felt her latch onto him, her hands winding around his torso tightly.  Her hands fisted the back of his sweater as she nuzzled her face deeper into his chest.  “Shhh.”

She shook her head, “I’m so sorry.”

“Shh.” He repeated, “It’s okay.”

She pulled away, glancing up at him as he towered over her.  “I don’t know why I sent that text.  I didn’t mean it, I promise.”

He nodded, his brows creased as he watched her, worry coursing through his veins.  “I know.”

She gulped down a breath, her chest heaving as she continued to cry.  “It’s just hard sometimes when you’re away.  And I know that I have no reason to be jealous of anyone.” She drew another breath, “But when they look like she does…”

“Hey, hey, hey.” He stopped her, his hands shifting so that they cradled her head.  His thumbs swept against her cheeks softly, cutting off the tears that rolled down her face.  Their eyes locked in an intense gaze, their orbs darting from side to side.  “You have nothing to worry about.  Do you hear me?”  She nodded reluctantly.  “Nothing to worry about.”

“I know, but – “

He shook his head.  “No buts.  You are the one that I love, the one that my heart beats for.  The one that makes me heart explode at just the mention of your name.  You are the one that is constantly on my mind, whether we’re together or apart – “

We can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start.” She whispered, a small smile tugging at her lips.

He laughed, his eyes closing as he shook his head playfully.  “You are the one that I love.  You are the one that I love to the ends of the world and back, the one that I obsessively love and no one can take that away from you.  You are mine and I am yours.” He continued, not losing a beat of the rhythm he had going for him.

She smiled.  “Okay.”

He leaned forward, his lips capturing hers in a sweet kiss, an important kiss.  A kiss of reassurance.  Their lips molded to one another’s, a slow rhythm forming as they held each other close.  His hands remaining against each side of her face, her hands winding their way up to his hair, her fingers twisting themselves in between his curls.

They pulled away reluctantly, their lips both slightly swollen.  He kissed the tip of her nose softly before he touched his forehead to her own, smiling down at her.  “You are my girl.”