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Hello!! You def don't have to do this it here's a small Drabble idea: what if, during season 9 and when cas is a human, he's able to adopt a cat for the bunker bc dean is a softie even though he's allergic and cas happens to be allergic too and dean comforts him about it?? I love fics that are sweet and soft!! Anyway, have a nice day!!

I love sweet and soft fics too! Thank you for the prompt <3

I may have… gone overboard. Because Team Free Will and pets. Hope you enjoy!

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The dog is first.

Castiel catches it sniffing around their trash cans one night after Dean’s shoved him in the direction of the door, bags gripped loosely in hand and grumbling to himself. If you sleep here and you eat here, you help with the chores.

It’s bony and its fur is matted down by the rain, but it lopes right on up to him with its tongue wagging when he offers it the half-eaten take-out on the top of the garbage pile. Its limping gait and war-hardened eyes remind Castiel very much of himself, before the Winchesters kindly rescued him. Castiel looks uneasily back towards the door.

He sleeps here and eats here. He takes out the garbage. This is his home as much as it is Sam and Dean’s, he has been assured countless times since The Fall, so he is also allowed to say who comes and who goes.

“Alright. But just for tonight,” he tells it.

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By The Light Of The Moon (Cassian Andor x Reader)

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Actions speak louder than words, and when Cassian doesn’t believe you could love someone like him, you decide to show him just how wrong he is. 

Cassian never felt the need to announce himself. He preferred to be quiet and fluid—an observer—rather than an overcoming presence that captured everyone’s breath the second he entered a room. When it was prudent, he could make himself big. He could peel away at even the most layered egos in a quiet, intimate setting, where his voice barely had to raise above a whisper to sound dominant…but that was only when it was necessary. His interactions with others were always thought out, creating a sort of delicate ecosystem on the base where half of the people ducked their eyes down when he passed by, and the other half only knew him through vague rumors that were often written off. It kept him unpredictable to everyone except you.

Somehow you managed to figure him out, and the only thing about that that surprised you, was the fact that he was completely okay with it. You had a mutual fascination with one another, and soon, that fascination turned into a sweltering romance.

At first it was just sex with a purpose. You’d give each other a much needed release from the tension that the cause gave you on a daily basis, but soon, you appreciated each other for more than that. You’d hang around each other simply because you enjoyed each other’s presence. You kept things quiet, only interacting at night when he’d slip into your room and wrap his arms around you. Words were few and far between on both ends because you knew that if you started, you wouldn’t be able to stop, and that sort of vulnerability wasn’t an opulence you had as long as the fight was going on. It was a strange relationship. The sort of thing that only you both understood, but it worked.

And then, all of it changed.

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Chase the Shadows (Miraculous Ladybug, LadyNoir, H/C)

Happy Birthday, @wombatking! His prompt was: “how about some post-reveal fluff with them patching each other up and giving each other some TLC after a particularly tough battle?”

Birthday Fic Challenge 2017 | AO3

“It’s just…” The words come out slowly, haltingly. “…I thought… he was you. I didn’t… realize it until… he had my yo-yo… in his hands…”

Adrien hugs her to his chest. She’s badly wounded from the fall, but her emotional wounds may be worse—and without her yo-yo there’s no way to capture and cleanse the akuma. She never even got the chance to summon her Lucky Charm. He’s injured, too, bruised all over from Chat Nuit’s staff. It shouldn’t have been able to hurt him, but somehow it had. Stroking her hair, he murmurs, “I’m going to find him, Marinette. I’m going to destroy him.”

“No, Adrien… you can’t. That would destroy… you.” Her voice is thready now, and his ears want to bleed from the sound of it. “Just… get it back.”

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Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
Word Count: 1,389
Warnings: Swearing, sexual tension.
A/N: Let me know what you guys think of this one!

You loved watching her. The way she’d swing from bar to bar so effortlessly, a small smile on her face. She knew she was good. She knew she could get the gold. Her dismount was always perfect, she never faltered. She made it all seem so… easy.

But a part of you would always envy her, too. Your little sister. Living your dream now that you no longer could. You had taken a bad fall a few years ago, and now your entire left leg was all screwed up. It was hard enough to walk normally, let alone do gymnastics. At least Ashley would get to live her dream, right?

“She’s talented, huh?” Her coach said cockily as he approached you, his eyebrows raised, making the skin on his forehead scrunch up. You nodded slowly, not bothering to pay too much attention to him. “She is. Very.” You replied softly, wrapping your arms around yourself. “I think she’s gonna take the gold in Toronto in two months.” He praised, and you nodded again, not taking your eyes off of your sister. “She’d love that.” You answered numbly, and you felt his gaze on you for a moment before he left, walking over to Ashley. “Your knees, Ashley, what have I told you about your fucking knees?” He hissed, and you saw a frown work its way onto your sisters face. “They’re too wobbly.” You heard her reply softly, staring at the mat under her feet. “If you wanna win the gold, you have to be perfect. You know I’m just looking out for you, right?” He asked her, his voice sickeningly sweet as he pushed a strand of hair out of her face. She nodded, smiling up at him. “I know, Coach Tucker. I know.”

You couldn’t help but think that if you had Lance Tucker as a coach, you never would have taken such a bad, life ruining fall. He’d make sure all of your techniques were perfect. He wouldn’t have let you do things that you weren’t 100% trained for, unlike your last coach. She didn’t give a shit if you had practiced before or not, she just wanted you to do the routines that everybody else was terrified to try. Hence your fucked up leg. Another reason you envy Ashley. Your mom made sure she got the best coach.

Lance made his way back over to you as Ashley continued her bars, your eyes never left her. “You miss it.. don’t you?” He asked you softly, and you looked over at him, seeing pity clouding his features. You shrugged, forcing a smile. “I’ll just have to live vicariously through her from now on.” You told him softly, and you heard him let out a sigh. “Look, Y/N, I could work with you. Maybe we can work out the kinks in your leg.” He offered, taking a few steps towards you. You shook your head, letting out a forced laugh. “No thanks, Tucker. I know what you’re trying to do.” You told him, and he looked genuinely confused. You rolled your eyes at him, letting out a breath. “I’m not going to sleep with you.” You continued, and you heard him let out a low growl. “I was trying to help.” He mumbled, and you bit into your lip, focusing your attention back on your sister. “I think it’s better to focus on Ashley right now. She’s got a real chance at gold.” You told him, and he nodded, still looking at you. “Yeah, so did you. Until that dreamkiller of a coach of yours screwed you over. I watched it happen. She should not have let you do that.” He said sternly, and you shrugged, feeling tears sting the backs of your eyes. “It’s over now.” You whispered, and he let out a long sigh before turning his attention back to Ashley.

“Knees! Your fucking knees!” He called out, making you jump. You felt him look over at you again, staring a bit too long. “If you ever change your mind, Y/N, just let me know.” You looked over at him, and he was wearing a soft smile on his face. Not a smirk, a smile. You nodded slowly, forcing a small smile of your own. “I’ll think about it, Lance. Thank you.” He nodded at you, his smile growing slightly before he looked back over at your sister. “Alright, Ashley. Hit the showers!”

You stayed in the gym with Lance, watching as he cleaned the mats. He was awfully handsome, but you knew he also had a reputation of not only being a womanizer, but also the biggest asshole in the world. You had only seen that side of him a few times. He was completely nice to you. “Y/N!” He called, snapping you out of your daze. You looked over at him, seeing him laying on one of the mats. “C'mere.” He yelled, and you slowly walked over to him, staring down at him once you reached where he was. “Yes, Lance?” You asked, confused as to what he wanted from you. "Lay down.” He ordered, and you let out a small breath before complying.

There you were, laying side by side, staring up at the ceiling. “Why did you think I only wanted to sleep with you?” He asked softly, and you felt your heart clench in your chest. “You know why, Lance. You’re the biggest womanizer in the state.” You chuckled, but he didn’t laugh. “I wouldn’t do that to you.” He said, his voice barely a whisper. “I just wanted to help you.” You let out a small sigh, turning your head to look at him as he stared at the ceiling, his face contorted with concentration. “I don’t think there’s much you can do, Lance. The damage was pretty extensive.” You told him, your voice just as soft as his. He looked down at you. "Can you at least let me try?” He asked, hope lighting up his eyes. You shrugged, “If you really want to.. but the nerves in my leg are still pretty sensitive.” He nodded, sitting up slowly, moving to where he was straddling your knees. “If it gets to be unbarable, tell me.” He told me, and you nodded.

He positioned himself between your legs, taking your left leg carefully and bending it to where your knee was almost against your stomach. “How’s that?” He asked, and you could feel your face flush. His thigh was right against your core, and you knew you shouldn’t be focused on that, but god, you couldn’t help it. “I-its fine.” You breathed, and he nodded, turning your leg side to side gently. “What seems to be the hardest thing?” He asked, laying your leg back down. “Dismount. Running.” You told him, and you felt his fingers start to dig in to the flesh on your hip. “Roll over.” He told you softly, and you did so, doing your best not to kick him in the process.

He moved to where he was now sitting on your ass, and you could feel everything through his training pants. His fingers began to knead at the flesh at the top of your hip, and you let out a small gasp. He hummed, continuing to massage your skin gently. “You’re so tense.” He murmured, and you bit into your lip, letting your eyes flutter closed. His fingers dipped below the waistband of your pants, and you let yourself ignore it, until he spoke again. “When was the last time you were fucked? And I mean really fucked?” He asked, his tone the same, and you huffed, turning your head to look at him. “Really, Lance?” You spat, and he feigned innocence. “You’re so tense, you need to loosen up. If you were fucked properly, on a regular basis, it would help.” He stayed, matter-of-factly. You growled, pushing yourself out from under him so you could stand up. “Is that an offer? Are you saying that you’d fuck me right?” You snapped, dusting your jacket off. He stood up, too, shrugging. “I could.” You rolled your eyes at him, walking back over to where Ashley’s duffel bag was sitting. “I’m not going to sleep with you.” You called to him, and he shrugged again, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he grinned at you. "We’ll see.”

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Dude, I LOVE your twin demons au! Billi is adorible! I saw the thing you made with him playing ddr and I can't stop imagining him beating tompson at that game. Kid just keeps going on like its nothing on hard mode, and tompson is doubled over on the ground just trying to catch his breath.

Well you’re not far off, Nonnie 8D

Being 12 has its perks, like bottomless energy.

Thompson quit after round 5. Billi then commandeered the entire mat for a double round and put everyone to shame.

the most cheesiest collection of natepat monster aus bc how perfect can these two be for one, amiright

1. Ghosts

Mat knows he’s not afraid of the paranormal; why go into the business if he was? He’s been investigating occurrences in LA for a good two years and loves nothing more than getting to the bottom of the paranormal. Even places out of LA he’s gone to because of this business.

But when he says he’s not afraid, this maybe the one time he is. Well, afraid isn’t the word, more like curiously speechless.

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Hello there~ May I have a scenario where Mikas, Kimizukis, Crowleys and Ferids s.o says "I love you" for the first time and are really shy about it? ❤


“I love you, s/o.”

His s/o’s heart drummed loudly in their ears as they stared blankly at the blushing blonde vampire prince. His averted his blue eyes to the tiled floor, rubbing his arm as he stood clad in boxers and a white cotton shirt.

“I love you, s/o.” He repeated, looking at his s/o straight in the eyes this time. His cold body suddenly felt a foreign warmth from being in a vampiric state for so long, yet it was welcoming; just as welcoming as s/o. His s/o’s body was pressed against his, face buried in his chest as they snaked their arms around his torso.

“I love you too, Mikaela.”

Kimizuki (fucking finally);

The sound of rain beating down on the roof echoed against the hollow walls of Kimizuki’s room as his s/o and him lied underneath the comforting covers of his queen sized bed. His s/o’s fingers threaded through his carmine hair as he shut his eyes, sighing in content and leant into their gentle touch.

“I love you, s/o.” It was nothing but a breathy whisper. Only loud enough for them to hear, yet despite how quiet it was, it had spoke volumes to them.

Their breaths had caught at the same time. Realization suddenly running its course, making him redden and slip under the covers. His s/o chuckled and wrapped their arms around his warm body, snugging into the crook of his burning neck.

“I love you too, loser.”


Morning light had filtered into the room and carved around the curves of his s/o’s delicate features. Their matted hair golden in the sunlight; they practically were glowing with beauty. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, he had fallen in love with a human and he had no intention of soiling her with eternal life, not until they gave him the word.

His fingers grazed against their cheekbone. “I love you so much, you pesky human.”

“I love you too, you stupid vampire.” They grumbled, smiling from ear to ear. His suddenly felt embarrassed, the heat rose to his cheeks and his ears burned as he tried to find the right words to say. To somehow take back what he said but alas it was already said and done. His s/o giggled as they scooted their body closer to his and pecked his nose before drifting off to sleep. He sighed, grinning like an imbecile as he slowly followed their suit. Maybe being in love with a human wasn’t so bad.


His twirled his s/o around, a mirth of laughter emitted from their throat as his playful gesture as he hummed a tune. He couldn’t help the smile that seemed to be growing on his face and they had once again returned into his arms. His s/o’s giggles had died down as they gazed up at him, his eyes suddenly soft, vulnerable.

“I think I’ve fallen in love with you, s/o.” He murmured before capturing their lips. Their eyes were widen with shock, cheeks brimming with a soft rosiness as they gently closed their eyelids, melting into the kiss. Their latched lips barely broke apart as they whispered back.

“I think I might’ve fallen in love you as well.”

New Recruit-Deadpool Imagine

A/N: I’m not very comfortable with swearing in my writing but it’s Deadpool so we’ll see what happens.

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Fury was seething with anger at himself while Wade Wilson made yet another wisecrack. Fury’s associate, Charles Xavier, assured him that Wilson would be ideal for the mission Fury had for him, but now Fury believed that Charles lied just to get Wilson off his back—not that he could blame him. Wade never seemed to shut up. 

Finally, the elevator doors parted to the common area, where Nat, Clint, and Steve were playing cards at the coffee table. They all looked up when they heard Wade whistle.

“This place is the sh—t!” he exclaimed. 

“It should be, it cost over a million dollars to build and costs as much to maintain,” Tony said as he entered from the kitchen.

“Stark, this is Wade Wilson but you know him as—”

“Pool, Dead,” Wade said. 

“Uh huh, why are you here, Deadpool?” Tony asked.

“Super secret assignment that Mr. Eye Patch doesn’t want me talking about to anyone.” Wade put his finger up to his masked lips. 

“I was just showing Wilson around before he met his partner.”

“Partner? What the f—k am I gonna do with a partner?” Wade exclaimed.

“You’re going to stop a very bad man from doing a very bad thing,” Fury said.

“Whose the lucky partner?” Tony asked, silently praying that it wasn’t here.


Steve, Nat, and Clint breathed out sighs of relief then their eyes went wide. Wade wasn’t an idiot, he could tell that his partner must’ve been pretty dangerous since they were all surprised. 

“Oh, well, you should have fun,” Tony said, hiding his wide grin behind his mug.

“Oh, I will.” 

Fury dragged Wilson back into the elevator and pressed the button to go to the training floor. “You’ll have to get your act together before you meet Y/LN. She has a bit of a temper.”

“And if I push her too hard, she’ll snap?” Deadpool teased.

“She’ll snap your neck.”

A few seconds later, the elevator doors parted and they were standing in front of the training area. It was a large gym with mats, punching bags, and a mile track. However, Wade wasn’t able to fully appreciate the surroundings since 2Pac’s “California Love” was blaring from the surround sound speakers.

In the corner was an athletic woman wearing a gray SHIELD t-shirt, athletic leggings, and black Nike sneakers. She was beating the living crap out of the punching bag, its stuffing coming out on the floor near her shoes. Fury and Deadpool approached her carefully.
“Are you sure this isn’t a bad time? Maybe we should come back later, when she isn’t beating on a poor, innocent punching bag,” Wade said.

“You’ll be fine.” Fury smirked. “Agent Y/L/N!” 

Y/L/N looked up and grabbed the punching bag to make it stop swinging. Her y/h/c hair was matted against her y/s/c face. She had fierce y/e/c eyes and sharp features. She ran her hand through her hair and straightened up. 

“Fury,” she said. 

“Do you mind turning down the music?” Fury asked.

“You heard the man, FRIDAY.” 

Suddenly, the music stopped and she eyed Deadpool suspiciously. 

“Nice choice, but I’m more of a DMX man myself.”

“Y/L/N, this is Deadpool, he will be accompanying you on your mission tomorrow.”

Y/L/N frowned. “But I was already assigned to go with Bucky, sir.”

“He had to go on a last minute mission with Sam so, you’ll be working with Deadpool. You two will be flying to Greece in the morning.” Fury turned around and began walking to the elevator. “I’ll leave you two to get acquainted.”

Deadpool eyed Y/L/N’s form up and down and did not hate what he saw at all. “So, do you have an actual superhero name or do I have to keep calling you by your last name?”

“They call me Lioness,” Y/L/N said as she pulled off her boxing gloves and tossed them off to the side.

“Why? Do you turn into a lion?” he asked.

“No, it’s called feral mind, I go into it under extreme stress. Basically, I turn into a half lion with claws, fangs, and even a bit of a mane. I used to be uncontrollable but I’m better now,” Y/L/N said. 

Deadpool’s eyes widened under his mask. “I have to see this.”

“No, I don’t want to hurt you…yet.” Y/L/N sighed. “So, how did you get like this, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“It’s a pretty short story. I got cancer, guy gave me a card saying he could help me, got tortured for a while, blah blah, now I’m this!” Deadpool gestured to himself.

Usually, when he told that story, people were filled with even more questions or were shocked. But Y/L/N’s eyes darked with familiarity and she pursed her lips.

“Did this guy who tortured you have a British accent?” she asked.

“Yeah, he was an a–hole,” Deadpool said. “Why?”

“Was his name Ajax and he was indestructible no matter what you did?” Y/L/N asked.

“Yeah, don’t tell me that he,” Deadpool gestured to her.

Y/L/N sighed. “I didn’t have cancer or anything. I wanted to be a better Marine so one of my colleagues got me that guy’s card. Then, I ended up in hell for a year. The entire time, Ajax called me an animal and that I deserved to be treated like one.” She played with her hands. “I tried killing him so many times that I ended up in solitary. Finally, I managed to escape after going berserk on him and his minions. SHIELD found me shortly after and I became an Avenger.”

“So you believe in all this hero stuff?” 

“Yeah. Someone’s gotta step up.”

“I guess. So, whose a– are we kicking tomorrow?”

“Some corrupt government worker.” Y/L/N smirked. “You haven’t worked out since you got here, have you?”

“Are you trying to say I’m not in shape?” Deadpool yelled.

“No, I’m saying that maybe we should spar a little so you’re not rusty or anything.” 

Deadpool smirked. “Oh, I see what you’re doing. You’re on, Lioness!”

“It’s Y/N, you can call me that since we are partners after all.” 

“First name basis, I must’ve done something right.” Deadpool wiggled his eyebrows at her. 

“Just go to the end of the gym, I’ll need space.” 

Deadpool nodded and went to the other side of the gym. He had his swords ready, prepared to go easy on the young woman. Y/N focused all of her rage in going outward. Her nails elongated into claws, her teeth became fangs, and her hair grew into a small mane. When she opened her eyes, they were amber, like a lion’s. 

“Holy sh–, I’m gonna get my a— handed to me,” Deadpool said.

“FRIDAY, play some DMX,” Y/N said in a deeper voice.

Seconds later, “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” began blaring through the speakers. Deadpool smirked as he and Y/N began charging each other. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Favourite Time of the Day (GOT7)

MARK: 12:31 A.M  “You still there?” “Where else would I be?” Due to your long distance relationship, you find yourself in this position more often than you should. You laying whilst facing one side of the bed, squeezing the soft texture of your pillow to comfort your thoughts of having to spend another night alone. You talk every day yet you don’t make enough memories with each other leaving your phone calls growing with tranquility as time goes on. Although there was an amplifying nothingness, it wasn’t unproblematic. In fact, both of you deemed it soothing. Without each other’s acknowledgment, the two of you always smiled through these late night phone calls even through the silences. “I’m sorry.” He softly broke the everlasting quietude and was left with a longer period of nullity. “Mark, come on you have nothing to apologise for. This is your job. You have to do this.” “I know, but i mean, wouldn’t it be better if I was there? I mean you’re an amazing person, you should be with someone who could be there for you. Laugh with you, cry with you, get mad with you. You deserve it. And yet here I am, far away, and I don’t even know when I could meet you again. I’m just, I don’t know, is this worth it?” You knew he always felt like this yet he never actually said it out loud, needless to say you were surprised. “Mark, it would be amazing if you were here and it would make me so happy. But listen, if you were here with me, would YOU be ultimately happy? You won’t be living the dream you worked so hard to get. And knowing that, I wont be truly happy as well. We can work this alright? Just don’t give up on me.” With that you heard Mark scoff through the phone. “Never.” 

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Good Little Kitty

“Harry, c’mon! Seriously?” Y/n huffs, rolling her eyes at what Harry has presented from behind his back. A pair of silky black kitten ears that he holds in front of her face, grin wide as his eyebrows wiggle.

“Baaaby,” he coos, batting his lashes as he brushes a thumb over her already pebbled nipples. “Want you to be my kitty.”

This was seriously unfair, she thinks, gasping when he tucks down to suckle at her breast. Harry had waited until she was practically soaking for him, weakening her defenses for his little fantasy. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to necessarily, sometimes she just wanted to do away with the theatrics and just fuck. Of course, she’d chosen Harry so that was not to be. Harry was all about the show in the bedroom. He liked extravagant lingerie, and big mirrors, and roleplay, and cuffs. Sex was a production with Harry and as much as it turned her on, right now she just wanted to ride him at two in the afternoon, skin on skin and nothing else. She’d been sooo close, naked straddling his lap on their king size bed. But of course, he’d whipped out the little ears that were standing between her and a mindblowing orgasm.

His teeth graze the side of her neck, tongue flitting out to lick stripes along the heated column of her throat and she whines, bucking a bit against him.

“Please baby,” he whispers, gripping tight to her bum, cat ears still held tightly in his fingers.

“No,” she says, reaching for his straining member between them. He bats her hand away at the last second, pulling away from the heated bubble they’d created.

“Gotta wear the ears if you wanna cum baby,” he tells her, dangling them teasingly in front of her face.

“If you like them so much, you fucking wear them!” she growls, flipping her leg over to get out of his lap. He’s too quick however, rolling with her and pinning her beneath his solid frame.

“Such a feisty little kitten,” clicking his tongue as his eyes dance with mischief. His movements are lazy, holding her wrists down as she squirms beneath him. His cock is hard and leaking against her thigh though he shows no evidence in his languid movements, exhibiting control in all he does. Y/n however, feels a blush rising from her chest across her face when he grinds their hips together. She’d been so close before, practically tasting it when he’d interrupted them. She whines against his lips when he buttons them together for a lazy kiss, straining against his hold on her wrists. Harry just shakes his head, denying her any movement beyond her neck, the length of his body pressed hard and flush against her.

“Just wear the ears and I’ll give it to you, love,” he coos into her ear, sugary sweet and devilish as she waits in tortured agony. “However you want it.”

Harry was stubborn, but so was she, fighting against every urge in her body to give in, to let him place the ears in her curls and fuck into her however she told him to. God, he was practically handing over the controls and all he was asking for was a little flimsy headband on her head. But he’d tease her all day if she gave in, never letting it go when she succumbed to his little whims after she’d put up a big fight. Still, his green eyes bored into her, spit slicked lips just inches from her own.

“Fuck it,” she bites out, squeezing her eyes shut as he slips his cock teasingly along her slit.

Harry’s head snaps up, eyes hopeful and bright when they lock on hers. “I’ll wear the damn ears.”

Harry’s grin turns sinister, letting her wrists go as he slips the little headband just behind her ears.

“Such a pretty kitten,” he murmurs, smirk tugging at the corners of his lips when she rolls her eyes.

“I want it fast, Harry,” she tells him, maneuvering her legs from beneath him while he’s distracted. Her heels dig into the curve of his taut bum, “And I want to cum twice. C’mon.”

“Anything you want, kitty.”

Harry’s fingers run down the column of her throat, pushing in all the way to the hilt. Huffing out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding at the unexpected fullness. Even after so much time, she still needed a moment to adjust to his size. He didn’t give it to her however, hips snapping hard against hers, green eyes gone dark when they find hers. The air between them is hot, her walls clenching down around him as he thrusts inside her. Fucking shit he was too good at this. Her head rolls back against the mattress, thighs tensing around his hips. Harry’s muttering something about what a pretty kitten he is, how much he loves the noises she makes. Harry pistons into her then, knocking the air from her chest with his unexpected pace. His eyes never leave her face, harsh and hot pants leaving his open lips. The sound of their bodies coming together fills the stagnant air of the room. Little mewls fall from her lips as they slide against each other, beads of sweat forming above his furrowed brow.

“Harr-ryy,” eyes rolling back as she gasps out his name.

“Purr for me baby,” he tells her, hips rolling, reaching places inside her that make her toes curl into the expensive sheets.

“God!” she calls out, “i’m so close. Faster.”

“Be a good kitty and cum for me,” he pants, hot against her throat. His hips thrust up, once, twice, three times and she’s shuddering beneath him, crying out as the waves of her orgasm roll over her. He doesn’t let up however, not even pausing as she pulses so hard around him.

“Too much!” she whines out, pushing at his shoulders with her eyes clenched shut. Harry grabs both of her wrists in his long fingers, pinning them once again above her head.

“You can do it, this is what you wanted baby,” he breathes, mouthing with wet lips across her sticky chest. The headband digs in, through the sweat matted curls that stick to her neck. She’s delirious, a painful tingling in the pit of her stomach, the definition of ‘hurts too good’. She can’t believe she could actually come again, especially when Harry shoves his free hand between them, hiking up on his knees a bit to thumb messily at her clit. Her eyes shoot open, locking on his determined stare as she cries out, biting the inside of her cheek to suppress her sounds of pleasure.

“Wanna hear you,” Harry commands using his leverage to piston into her so hard her mouth drops open, a drawn out moan ringing through the air.

“Fuck, fuuuuck, please!” She groans, wound impossibly tight.

“Almost there…kitten?” Harry growls out, hand that holds her wrists tangling behind her head. “God! …gonna…fucking cum!”

With her free hands she holds tight to the sides of Harry’s face, “Together,” she breathes, nodding slightly when the pressure in her core hits its tipping point, a high pitched cry ripping from her throat as Harry releases deep inside her. He’s incoherent, mumbling her name into the mottled skin of her chest. Y/n continues to pulse heavy around him, fighting the tingling in her limbs to rake a hand through his curls, holding him to her.

“That was so good, baby,” he tells her after a while, hissing when he pulls his softened cock from her overused core. All Y/n can do is hum, smiling through unfocused eyes as his fingers brush matted hair from her forehead. “God, I love you.”

“Love you too, H,” she promises, holding his wrist tight and pressing kisses to his pulse point, “Even when you’re being a little shit.”

Harry scoffs in mock offense, “A little shit that made you cum twice, or did you already forget?” flicking at the ears still perched on her head.

Y/n flinches away from his hand, wincing when she feels the soreness already blooming between her legs.

“Don’t think I’ll be forgetting that for a few days, no,” wrinkling her nose at him and making him burst out in a laugh. His cheeks spread wide, dimple popping in and letting his bright white teeth show through. The afternoon light filters through the window, making Harry’s hanging curls glow golden. He’s perfect and gorgeous and all her’s. She’d wear cat ears every second for the rest of her life if it meant she got to see him like this. A warmness blooms in her chest, spreading all the way through her limbs, “Love you.”

His smile turns soft then, leaning toward her slowly with light eyes. His breath fans across her lips and she lets them fall open slightly, tingling to be pressed to his. PFFT. He blows a raspberry into her heated cheek, cackling heartily at his clever trick. Y/n just rolls her eyes, feeling herself giggle in spite of herself. Wrapping her arms around her giant goofball she can’t help but think she wouldn’t have him any other way.

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hey I've seen one of your guides for beginners and it's awesome!!! you're so gorgeous to share all your tips, and I was thinking what another guides do you have? or where I can find them? Thanks love and keep that great job, I really appreciated your help!, xoxo sav!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Thanks too you darling:

Poses, How to:

Guides/ Sequence

I hope this ones helps you, if you don’t see some guide, pose or theme, please feel free to ask me, I will be more than happy to help you!



I can’t remember the first Regina song I heard. I change my mind about it depending on the day – today I think maybe it was “That Time”, a song about tangerines and mania. Tomorrow I will believe something else. Like so many artists I love, she seems to have always been here with me. Still, “On the Radio” is one of the first I remember noting. I don’t remember if I liked it (maybe not) but I do remember it feeling significant, in the way things are sometimes achingly, horrifyingly significant especially when you are very young. I hesitate to say that I have a Regina philosophy but this song exemplifies all the things that make me feel so vulnerable about my love for her. It’s so, you know. Not just cute but it makes me feel pressed right up against the inside of my skin. We were on our knees, praying that disease would leave the ones we love and never come again. In many ways Regina is a prophetess, in many ways Regina is a speaker of unspeakable truths. I cry a lot because I am so worried about the people I love but I would never put that in a song. She does, though.

“On the Radio” is an instructions song. “This is how it works, it feels a little worse.” Put your world together this way—this side up.  This is how it works, a thing so perfect it is impossible to argue with. You’re young until you’re not, this is how it works. Sometimes the difficulty of listening to Regina, for me, is that she writes things so perfect it is difficult to do anything but believe them. Wrapped in a towel in the early gray of the morning, keeping a close eye on the clock because I walk to work, I was trying to write this piece—despite the tired fuzziness at the outside corners of my eyes and the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink this song is still devastating. It is still significant. Not even just by the immensity of it, not just by we were on our knees / praying that disease / would leave the ones we love / and never come again—also by the way “never come agaiiiiiiiiinnnnandontheradio” slurs together in a strange howl. The way she needs to charge forwards into the chorus to avoid crying. The catch in her voice, the swallow. Maybe even more that. Maybe without that nothing is true or devastating at all.

Some of my favorite things about this song, about Regina, are accident. Walking arm in arm you hope it don’t get harmed. Every time I hear this I can’t remember if I think that word is “harmed” or “hard” and every time I make up my mind in a new way. I hope it don’t get harmed, I hope it don’t get hard. I hope we’re safe, I hope everything is easy for us forever. I feel constantly newly reverent about this possibility for ambiguity in a song I have heard so many times.  This is nothing but it’s also everything, you know? In certain moments her voice sounds like a breaking egg-yolk, too soft to hold its own edges together. Sometimes when I listen to Regina I also feel too soft to survive anything at all.  Yesterday I cried because I dropped a soft-boiled egg on the ground and it broke and spilled bright sunset yellow all over my kitchen tile. Regina’s bird voice: no, this is how it works, you peer inside yourself. It’s a thing that makes you vulnerable, to let yourself be swayed by a voice like that. It’s a leaning into your own unreliability, into your own silliness. God knows why we feel anything when we listen to music, you know? God knows why we feel anything. In this song Regina’s voice is everywhere, singing “badum bum bum bum badum” and to delight in that is an act of making yourself very gentle, too.

Think about the chorus of this song: “we heard November Rain / that solo’s awful long / but it’s a pretty song”, then “we heard November Rain / that solo’s awful long / but it’s a good refrain”. This shift in meaning: “awful long” becoming “November Rain”, “pretty song” becoming “good refrain”. A description becoming a name that is also a time, a whole song becoming a-song-played-twice. Every small thing is also everything. Think about the shift in rhyme scheme. Awful long and pretty song and we leave out the beginning: the hearing, the radio. November rain and a good refrain, a beginning and an end cupped like two hands around the center of the phrase. Many things are immense and complicated but life also rhymes. “November Rain” is a pretty song that goes NOTHING LASTS FOREVER AND WE BOTH KNOW HEARTS CAN CHANGE / AND ITS HARD TO HOLD A CANDLE IN THE COLD NOVEMBER RAIN. But November rain isn’t not also rain in November. We are so stuck in the sticky depths of summer now that it is difficult to imagine it but I am trying anyway—the cold ruining my cuticles, the rain matting my hair, the radio on. The end of something coming. Nothing lasts forever and we both know hearts can change. This album is a Gemini and it, too, was released in the bright hot mire of summer, but I love the way this song yearns for endings very quietly, and the way those endings are also just a thing to be set to melody, repeated. You’re young until you’re not. You love until you don’t. You try until you can’t.

All solos are also refrains. All songs are listened to twice, even if only accidentally, even if only because the DJ is asleep. An instructions song: don’t change the station. Something beautiful enough for a chorus could maybe only be an accident. Small things are important, too, the way eyelashes or beetles or inhales are important. Did you know that we pulled grains of pollen off the bodies of bees that died 50 million years ago so that we could save the bees of today? I feel impossibly soft about that. Everything is everything.

- s

so I decided to do my first follow forever basically because you guys are amazing and light up my dash every day <3 some of the guys i wrote down here I haven`t really talked to, some of you dont follow me back, but anyway I love your blogs and if you`re not mentioned i love you too, you`re all v important to me. the highlighted ones are absolute baes. here we go:


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Imagine Spock coming back to the Enterprise in the middle of the night. He tells the gamma shift officer that it's not necessary to alert the Captain and heads straight for their quarters. He finds Jim curled up on his meditation mat, fast asleep, one of Spock's candles burned down to a stub. Spock picks Jim up and settles them both into bed, whispering "I missed you, too" into an ear before falling asleep.

Imagine Jim waking up before Spock the next morning and wondering how he ever got so lucky. How he ever deserved his ship, all of space to explore and someone to love more than he ever thought was possible.

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon

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For the pairing number thing if you are still doing it then ereri and number 44. P.s I love all your writing and art it's so awesome!

Oh, thank you so much (//w//)

“If you die, I’m gonna kill you,” Eren says from between gritted teeth, under his mess of brown hair that is matting to his forehead, stained with blood. The young man tightens his grip on Levi’s hand. Levi squeezes back in response and he wonders if it is Eren’s hand or his own that trembles.

A low sound escapes Levi. It is something of a forced out chuckle, maybe even more of a cough than anything.

“That makes no sense at all.”

Eren laughs too, and he actually does cough, from blood that is staining the corner of his lip, and probably pooling in his throat. “Does anything make sense anymore these days, sir?”

“Not really. You’re a fucking titan shifter and I’m supposed to ride on your shoulder into this final battle?”

Eren releases Levi’s hand first. He drops it to press his palm against Levi’s chest, right above where his heart thunders. For a second, it is loud enough to drown out the distant titan roars.

“Remember our promise, Corporal.” Eren whispers.

Levi brings his hand up to cup the back of Eren’s neck. He pulls Eren forward to press their lips together in a hasty kiss. He swipes his fingertip across Eren’s nape. He hopes it will not have to be his own blades swiping across it later today.