i love that he wants to know the most inane things about people

Warframe personalities from how I see them, by my first glance at them.

Heads up, this is a long post. Enjoy~!

Ash: Aloof mofo with a stabbing habit. could rob you of all your money in texas hold ‘em. Too much damn side eye. Kills everyone is the room, then breaks for coffee like nothing happened. Ninja who steals the last slice of cake from the fridge.

Atlas: would kick your ass then be your best bro. is dead inside? somewhat likely but can’t tell anymore. makes shitty jokes. I get he’s a one punch man stone golem, but c’mon, the guy gives pretty good hugs.

Banshee: Resting bitch face, but is sound sensitive so she has a reason. Most likely up to god knows what hours listening to music enjoying synethesia sensations. Knows a thing or two about where to find the best obscure books. Caring protective friend.

Chroma: Moody guy who just wants some fucking peace and quiet. Hoards things like trophies from kills, bet this guy has so many hunting trophies? ffs, his ult is a dragon pelt, might as well be a dragon! Really good at pissing off people without even trying.

Ember: Sassy friend wants all the tea. Best booty to boot. You see that guy over there? He’s on fire. She fucking murdered him with sick comebacks. Don’t get me wrong though, she might like her bacon crispy but she’s a pretty loyal friend. Probably would come get your ass for a revive with intent to raze the fucking field with wildfire.

Equinox: Calm balanced friend??? Has two sides she shows to different people, everyone who talks to her might find something different about her. Likes keeping a lot of houseplants in her room in the dojo. Courteous and polite and gives the best backhanded compliments under a pleasant facade.

Excalibur: Average Joe. Good at a lot but not the best, really doesn’t give his best. Very athletic. rushes through missions impatiently. Might play too many hack’n’slash games in his spare time.

Frost: Stoic, quiet, probably has some thought going on at all times. Reads a lot of mythology from before the orokin era. Procrastinates and stalls for his buddies while holding down the fort. solid person to talk to if you need someone to listen.

Hydroid: The guy has enough mentions about tentacle porn, it’s safe to say he’s hoarding a hentai stash somewhere. or people assume. just a guy who loves the water, could talk for days about fish and where to find all the best seafood restaurants. has had enough people mentioning pirates around him. has a good, hearty laugh.

Inaros: Tired, always fucking tired. Sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. if you can kill me, that is. Mmm. nom. Corpus tastes metallic. Grineer tastes like really bad slimy chicken. I’m not sharing what infested taste like. Shields? What the heck is that? Appreciates old architecture and hoards ayatan statues.

Ivara: Sneaky sneaky~ I got an arrow for just about any job. Just because i am a cyclops doesn’t mean i don’t have depth perception, dumbass. Carefree happy lady, fun to talk to. Makes lots of banter with teammates on missions.

Limbo: Trolls might love this guy, why doesn’t he have a fedora helmet yet? I’ve not seen enough Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to know what those references mean. He’s a real gentleman, very inquisitive. He’s a scientist? Aw, cool. Prolly spacing out while carousing through the rift, thinking about his next project.

Loki: The Cheeseframe is what people call him. Knows where all the loot is, all the time. Giggling and pulling pranks 24/7. Can do shit effortlessly and stares at his team wondering why the fuck the had to trigger the damn alarm in a mission. Also, hammerhead shark. This guys likes playing card games too.

Mag: In a state of calm and panic at the same time. Doesn’t show much though. Magnetic personality? Could crush your heart in a minute. Has a good taste in interior design, rather good at art deco/ industrial. Has some walls to get through before befriending her, but melts like a marshmellow when ya do.

Mesa: 360 no scope!!! It’s high noon! okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s keep going. Keeps an orderly schedule, off doing solo missions all the time. Loves a good movie, could talk about her favorite film for hours. Deserts are dry? So is her humor. Would shoot you without even thinking.

Mirage: You thought Loki’s pranks were bad? At least her enemies get these night mare shows and not you. This chick loves horror films, special effects make up and disco. Pretty good at good at lighting up the room and your smile. She really just wants a good time, okay?

Nekros: Sick mofo who tells dead baby jokes. Has some interesting kinks. Rarely eats, if ever. Would look you dead in the eye and try to tell you bad puns seriously as possible. Has seen the dead walk again, thinks they’re best buddies. good guy to go to a graveyard with.

Nezha: Srsly good looking.. guy? girl? oh idc he can be genderfluid and i’d still think he’s attractive. Got serious hula skills. Never takes himself seriously and just loves going for long missions. Knows a thing or two about culture, rather classy guy but can be a bit childish. Never really grew up, but you don’t notice that behind the charm.

Nidus: This is the I-don’t-give-a damn guy. He wrecks everything he touches, spreads space aids, yet his personality is far from cancer. Very good with animals. A bit messy. Too many damn things talking in his head from the infested and ignores them like a champ. They bend to his will.

Nova: A Good Egg, if slightly cracked. Giggles at the mention of inane words. Everything explodes!!! ADHD in a frame. Good natured wholesome friend who loves everyone. Bad habit of breaking appliances and electronics. Geiger counters near her start playing Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive?

Nyx: Look at this frame. You took a good warframe and gave it anxiety, sheesh. Shy, kinda hard to deal with hearing everyone’s thoughts sometimes. ain’t got time for your drama. Loves talking about current events, but not much of a gossip out of respect for others. giant personal space bubble, do not touch!

Oberon: Royal pain in the ass, but a lovable doofus so you kinda just let it go. Very protective dad friend, complete with dad jokes. Probably would like to finish your sandwich if you’re not gonna eat it. Would open his home to you if you needed a couch to surf on.

Octavia: This girl loves all music, could help you find just the mix you were looking for. Got sick dance moves too. Might have been in band. Would happily binge watch any tv show with you and discuss everything about it. You don’t know what so charming about her, but you really like her so you always accept her invites. Had a bad habit of fidgeting.

Rhino: This guy could bench press a grineer ship in one hand and corpus ship in the other. you don’t move out of his way, he runs you over, simple as that. gym rat, for sure. somewhat impatient. watches way too many superhero blockbusters and devours the comics. Mows down the entire enemy wave just get your sorry bleeding ass back up and fighting again.

Saryn: Oh, good lotus, this chick has got good looks and a deadly touch. Cunning girl could outsmart anyone. Low key annoyed in general. Would back stab you without a thought, given a reason. Knows a lot about cooking. I mean, if you’re going to poison someone or at least know how to work in the biolab you should probably know how this type of chemistry works. dodges responsibility a lot tho.

Titania: flighty as fuck, gets startled easily. graceful; she has good fashion sense. you have no idea where she came from in the room. fairy tales are definitely her thing, but happy endings really aren’t true with that state of things right now in the solar system. too many butterflies, but is fine with it since they help her stay calm. Actually really good at flying archwings, I think?

Trinity: First one to rush into the fight, last one to leave until everyone is okay. Is the Mom friend. Likes to be helpful. Rather much a bitch to those she hates. She may have an open heart, but don’t walk all over this girl. Cross her once, shame on you. Cross her twice, she leaves you for dead on eris, end of story.

Valkyr: Look, she’s been through some shit, has ptsd, the very least you can do is give her a cat plushie and your support, okay? Gets angry easily and has meltdowns. She’s not a pushover. She knows what’s best, she can endure. semi serious, jokes fly over her head. it may take a bit for her to like you. literally a cat frame, you don’t know love until you’ve been loved by a cat.

Vauban: Forget Limbo being a troll. This is THE trollframe. Went to college for engineering, came back out a smart ass. Don’t loan money to him, he prolly won’t pay ya back. Pretty good drinking buddy tho. Reads a shit ton of shakespear to know what that sense of humor really is. Shit poster, meme hoarder extrordinaire. you can have a grenade! And you can have a grenade! YOU ALL CAN HAVE GRENADES!

Volt: Impeccable taste mixed with sharp commentary. Why does he have a helmet that’s a boob? maybe he has a high schooler’s sense of humor? would be honest with you and tell you straight up what needs to be done. This guy likes expensive suits. Has a tendency to be impulsive.

Wukong: Has loads of stories to tell. Good memory. Can comeback from just about any setback. determined and will happily grind with you in missions for hours. Also pretty damn stubborn and doesn’t listen well to others, kinda has to speak first.

Zephyr: Life’s a breeze here, right? Kinda goes with whatever and has a hard time deciding on things. Kinda clumsy too. Crashes raids and blows away the enemy. Usually minds her own business with her head in the clouds.


IMAGINE: Years ago (Y/N) and Steve were in a relationship, however something happened that made him cruelly break up with her. Now that the Avengers need her help, what will happen between the two of them? 

[gif is not mine. tell me what you think.] 

warnings: swearing, violence, angst. 

word count: 2 k+ 

(Y/N) fiddled with her pen as she stared at Fury and Tony sitting down opposite of her desk. She leaned back into the comfortable leather seat and smiled at them.

“Do we have an agreement?” Fury asked as he briefly looked at the contract.

Her smile became more predatory, “Fury,” she started, his last name coming off smoothly from her tongue. “You and I both know that my people look at every contract before I sign them.” 

“Get one of them here then.”

“Fury, if this is how you save the world then I really fear for the human existence,” she chastised. 

“(Y/N),” Tony waned.

She smiled, this time more friendly and happy, “Just having a laugh, Stark.” (Y/N), with her left hand pressed a button on her desk. A few moments later the door opened and walked in a well dressed man. 

“Timothy, look over this for me.”

(Y/N) looked at the Seattle skyline, enjoying the beautiful view. She paid no attention to the three men behind her, paid no attention as they debated the terms inside the contract.

“Miss (Y/L/N)? The contract is ready to sign.”

“So quickly?” She asked, not turning around.

“The terms are stated clearly, and obviously they learnt from last time.”

(Y/N) smiled as she remembered what happened the last time. Finally, she turned around and walked to them. Pen in hand, she grasped the contract and signed wherever it needed her signature.

She looked up at Tony and Fury, “Guess I’m working for the Avengers.”

Steve gawked as he watched (Y/N) strut into the conference room like she owned the place. He looked at Fury who refused to meet Steve’s gaze knowing that the super soldier was glaring at him. “What is she doing here?” He spoke loudly as she sat down.

(Y/N) smiled smugly at him, “They needed my expertise on something.”

“Like what? Killing people?” Steve tilted his head, “Or hacking into the government system illegally?” He tilted his head to the other side, his tone mocking her. 

Before (Y/N) could retort, Tony stood up, “Nope, nothing should come out of your mouth unless it’s something pleasant. Wait, no scratch that, just don’t talk to Rogers. Go to the other side of the room.” 

(Y/N) licked her lips and grinned at the two men. She pretended to zip her mouth with her finger, then flipped them off. Turning around she walked towards Nat who greeted her with a smile.

“Who’s the girl and why does Steve hate her?” Bucky asked as he and Sam watched from the other side.

“You ever heard of (Y/L/N) Enterprises?” Sam watched as Bucky nodded. “That’s her family’s company, she inherited it from her grandfather. She’s one of the most powerful people on the planet right now. In terms of money,” Sam moved his lips around. “And other things.”

“She’s a dirty criminal that’s what she is,” Steve grumbled as he narrowed his eyes at (Y/N), who was watching him intently. “She’s a stuck up criminal who plays with people’s lives for fun.” Steve turned to Bucky who was furrowing his brows. “Don’t trust her.”

“Steve and (Y/N) have a bit of history together.” Sam explained and Steve scoffed. 

Their conversation was ended as Fury called the meeting. Bucky, Sam and Steve sat directly opposite of their leader and listened intently to their new mission. Bucky, however couldn’t help but watch (Y/N). The way that she spoke when Fury asked her to, her confidence. He knew that he was looking too intently at her when she turned in her seat to face him, giving him a curious look. Bucky wanted to look away, to turn to the side, to shy away from her. But something deep inside of him urged him to look at her. It wasn’t until Sam nudged him that he looked away from her.

(Y/N) punched the bag harder, watching as the dust fall from the ceiling, she knew that one more punch and it would be hurdled across the room.

“What are you doing here?” A voice interrupted her. 

She paused in her movements, her arm in the middle of swinging. (Y/N) cocked her head to the side. Before she could turn around she was thrown against the wall, a hand enclosing her throat. She was faced with Steve, anger in his eyes. 

(Y/N) gave him a small smile. “Darling, didn’t you miss me?” The hand around her throat became tighter, “I guess that’s a no.”

“(Y/N),” Steve started. “What are you doing here?”

She gave him another smile, and with a kick to the stomach he landed on his stomach, she quickly straddled him -pinning him to the ground. “I got a contract Rogers. Your team needs me for that HYDRA mission you received.” 

“We don’t need your help,” Steve spat.

(Y/N) wrapped her hand around Steve’s shirt collar, pulled him up and slammed him down again. “Trust me, I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t need me so much.”

“You’re a fucking traitor (Y/N), just because the team is so enamored with you and can’t see you’re just here to fuck with us again, doesn’t mean I’m blind.”

She swallowed and let go of Steve’s shirt, (Y/N) quickly stood up. “If you really think that I betrayed you Rogers…”

“You were working with HYDRA!” Steve yelled. “I saw you! I followed you and I saw you go into their compound!”

“BECAUSE BUCKY WAS THERE!” She snapped. Steve looked at her, his anger now mixed confusion.

“Bucky wasn’t in that facility. Don’t lie to me.” Steve gritted out through his teeth.  

“They transferred him.” (Y/N) sighed frustratedly, she ran a hand through her hair, then exhaled loudly, “After the events of Washington, you told me that Bucky helped you. That he was the Winter Soldier.” (Y/N) paused and licked her lips. “You told me everything about Bucky, Steve. You were, you are his best friend, and he was yours. He was the reason why you couldn’t sleep at night, the reason why you still cried when I shared your bed. You were unhappy because there was a massive part of your life missing.”

“When you told me that, I knew that I could help in some way. Help you. So yeah, I used my fucking sketchy contacts and tailed Bucky and where he was kept. I fucking went there, I negotiated with those scum, pretended that I was one of them, that I was betraying the team so I could try and speak to Bucky, for you.” She stepped forward, hands now clenched by her side. “I was there for three months, I made progress with Bucky, little but it was there. He could still remember me from the previous times I snuck to see him. Remembered bits of you.” (Y/N) pushed him, Steve being too shocked again landed on the floor.

“Then you came at me that night, yelling at me. Accusing me of betraying the team, betraying you, betraying us! You humiliated me Rogers, the person that I loved and trusted humiliated me in the worse way possible.” She clicked her jaw in annoyance, “You fucking threw me from the compound. Banned me from ever seeing anyone, you sprouted lies about me!”

“How the hell was I supposed to know? I thought you were betraying us!” Steve fired back. 



“(Y/N),” Steve whispered brokenly. Tears threatening to spill down his face.  

She inhaled and looked at him coldly, “Just don’t. This is my last mission for the Avengers indefinitely. I made sure of that.” (Y/N) began walking away, only stopping to pick up her water bottle. “After this mission Rogers, you’re going to officially be dead to me.”

Steve gripped the rails tighter as he looked out at the New York skyline. Could it be true? He knew that it was. If there was one thing (Y/N) never did while they were in a relationship was she never lied to him. But some inane part of him wanted to tell the rest of him that she was lying, in order to get the guilt feeling of his chest.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

“Rough night?”

He looked to his right and watched as Bucky walked towards the railing, a small smile on his face.

“Buck,” the other super soldier looked at Steve. “I have a question.” Bucky nodded. “(Y/N),” Steve started. “(Y/N), she said that she met up with you, at the HYDRA compound. 

Bucky nodded slowly.“When she walked into the conference room today, I couldn’t help but stop looking at her. I knew her from somewhere, every night I fall asleep and dream about this woman speaking so softly to me, I can never see her, I can never make out her face. Fuck, when she spoke Steve, it was like everything came back. Bits of information that she fed me about myself back then, about you.” Bucky shook his head, a small smile appearing on his face.

“You’re in love with her,” Steve acknowledged.

“Well she practically brought me back, how can I not be in love with her?” Bucky laughed. “I’m not in love with her Steve, but she helped me. Without her it could have taken forever for me to come back, or maybe never. 

“She spoke about me, huh?”

“She did, a lot,” Bucky groaned good-naturedly. “You could hear it you know? The love in her voice whenever she spoke about you. I’ve never heard anyone speak about anyone like that.”

“I screwed it up Buck.”

Bucky shook his head and clasped a hand on Steve’s shoulder and squeezed for a moment and returned his arm back to his side. “The love that she had for you is the kind of love that can last forever.” Bucky pulled out his wallet and pulled out two pictures. “She gave me this when I started remembering her,” he passed the first picture.

Steve looked at the image and he felt his heart clench. It was him, pre-serum and Bucky standing with ice cream cones in his hand standing somewhere in New York. “Look at the back.” Steve flipped the photo and saw (Y/N)’s familiar handwriting. On the back of the photograph it said: ‘This is one of Steve’s favourite moments with you. Look at this Bucky, remember this. Come back to Steve. Come back to your best friend.’ 

“She’s a bit pushy,” Bucky commented. “Really bossy.”

Steve laughed heavily, his throat closing up with emotion. “What’s the other photo?” 

Bucky hesitantly passed it to him, “I got this during one of her last visits. A guard came to check on me, she was almost caught. While I helped her hide, I may or may not have picked it from her pocket.” 

Steve looked at the second photo, this time a more modern one. It was him and (Y/N). Specifically him and (Y/N) on the couch, his head laying on her lap. He was looking up at her with a smile on his face, while she looked down at him with an equally great smile. Steve flipped the photo over. This time his heart hurt more than ever, he couldn’t help the tears streaming down his face, nor did he do anything to wipe them away. 

Bucky watched as Steve traced the photo and the writing over and over again. He watched as his best friend cry at what he lost. He knew the feeling, he knew what lost felt like. But then, he also knew that if someone believes enough in you, you can come back. 

“You’ll get her back.”

“Thanks, Buck.” 

“Anytime, pal.”

As Steve laid down on his bed, he carefully looked at the photo again, tracing their faces, her face. He turned off his light and cradled the photograph to his chest. As he fell asleep, his heart and mind echoed the words etched on the back of the photo. ‘My heart. My equal. My soul. My love.’

Just A Dance

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Characters- Logan Howlett x Reader

Summary- Logan wasn’t fond of parties, but he was fond of her.

Warnings- Language, fluff.

Word Count- 1,150

A/N- My first Marvel fic! I couldn’t help myself. I have always had a soft spot for Logan, and the new movie ‘Logan’ was just the ultimate catalyst. So please, enjoy.

Tags- @redlipstickandplaid@fandommaniacx @mellifluous-melodramas

Logan wasn’t particularly fond of parties. Loud music, inane small talk, and stupid formal wear. Forced to not look like the most miserable person on earth, he pulled at the bowtie on his tux. When he’d signed on for being a part of Xavier’s school, he didn’t know that fundraisers were a part of the deal. Look nice, smile at the rich people who were willing to give money to mutants.

Charles promised he’d had a surprise for him if he went- and he hated surprises. Charles promised he’d love it and it’d make the night more enjoyable. He highly doubted that, but as he stood there in the sea of gowns and suits, he saw her. In that moment, he knew this was Charles’ surprise.

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[ here, have some post-war eighth year hansy for the @slytherdornet ship spotlight challenge ]

  • they call it an eighth year.
  • it’s ridiculous, and it’s stupid, and its entirely unnecessary. pansy had gotten through most of her own seventh year unscathed; she knew how to transfigure furniture, and she knew how to brew a batch of polyjuice, and she knew how to hide. she knew how to hide well. she didn’t need to return to hogwarts and watch the war heroes feign modesty and be confronted by a splintered house table and a decaying dungeon and an ashy scorch mark where vincent crabbe had burned to death. she didn’t have anything else to learn. she didn’t.
  • but. she didn’t have anywhere else to go, either.
  • that was the thing.
  • her childhood home had been ransacked, turned over to the ministry as evidence for her father’s crimes. goyle was under house arrest and blaise was in france and draco had all but disappeared after the final battle and daphne–daphne was going back to school, of course she was, because astoria was barely fourteen and family was important.
  • pansy isn’t astoria’s sister.
  • but she’s always kind of felt a little like daphne’s.
  • so pansy zips herself into a knee length black shift dress with a lace collar and long lines of seed pearl buttons running from her wrists to her elbows, and she steps onto the hogwarts express like it’s any other september, like she belongs there, and she inspects the dark purple polish on her nails and she tucks errant strands of blunt cut hair behind her ears and she doesn’t look at anyone as she saunters down the corridor because she isn’t quite sure that she wouldn’t scream if she did.
  • which is, obviously, how she runs directly into harry potter.
  • he’s–bigger than she remembers. taller. broader. less pale and less shaky and less tired. he stumbles backwards, instinctively reaching out to steady her, and she thinks, somewhat hysterically, somewhat inanely, that she can feel the heat of his hands right through the fabric of her dress.
  • “parkinson,” he says, sounding…surprised. “er. hello.”
  • pansy swallows. “hello.”
  • potter stares down at her, a slight furrow in his brow. his grip tightens around her arms. “right. uh.”
  • “right, uh,” she mimics, meanly, before glaring at the spot where he’s still touching her. he lets go so fast that she’s amazed he doesn’t injure himself.
  • and then he’s stepping away altogether, casting an irritatingly thoughtful glance at her over his shoulder, and she’s left standing there, confused and annoyed and breathless, maybe, because that hadn’t been nearly as awful as it could have been, as it arguably should have been, and–
  • she pretends that she isnt just the tiniest bit cold as she watches potter disappear into the next train car.
  • from then on, though, it only gets weirder.
  • the castle is a mess, crumbling and curse torn and ragged around the edges, and the hufflepuffs temporarily move in with the scant remaining slytherins. pansy is sharing a room with hannah abbott. hannah abbott braids wildflowers into her hair every morning. hannah abbott’s shampoo smells like vanilla cupcakes. hannah abbott compliments pansy’s extensive collection of muggle lipsticks, and hannah abbott is conscientious about picking up after herself before the elves come around, and hannah abbott is apparently dating neville bloody longbottom.
  • “what,” pansy bleats when she gets back from a late dinner to find longbottom and finnigan and potter sitting in the slytherin common room. a half empty bottle of firewhiskey is lying on a priceless sixteenth century rug. pansy drops her bag. “what is going on?”
  • hannah abbott waves cheerfully from where she’s perched on longbottom’s lap. “pansy! you’re home!”
  • pansy is not home. home is daphne and astoria and a world that doesn’t manage to find a new way to spin backwards every time she fucking blinks. pansy is in hell.
  • three hours later, hannah has dragged longbottom off to bed, finnigan has passed out in a nearby armchair, and potter has inexplicably moved much, much closer to pansy. he’s also poured her a drink, and chuckled at one of her more acerbic jokes, and flashed her a decidedly wicked grin.
  • pansy is still in hell, probably.
  • “why are you being so nice to me?” she finally blurts out.
  • potter squints at the fireplace, glasses reflecting bloody red and fading orange and hot, bright, bitter yellow. “hannah says you read muggle magazines,” he replies, like that makes any sense at all. “the, er, fashion ones. from france.”
  • “are you very interested in women’s fashion, then, potter?” pansy coos.
  • he smirks, looking summarily unbothered, and then shrugs. “it’s exhausting hating so many people. just. takes a lot of effort, doesn’t it? holding on to all that.”
  • pansy cocks her head to the side. “so, what, you had to–to reprioritize your shit list, and i didn’t make the cut?”
  • he laughs. “i died,” he says, kind of simply. “i don’t…want to have to do that again.”
  • pansy studies the chipped rim of her mug. firewhiskey is exactly as disgusting as it had been two summers ago. she sighs. “i suppose you have a point. i–i just wanted it to be over, when i–you know. and. well. now it is.” she hesitates. it’s warm in the common room, warmer than it usually is, and she suddenly feels hopeful. reckless. the difference between bravery and fear must be in the motivation, she decides, because she’s spoken up before. this isn’t that. “maybe that’s what matters, though,” she continues. “maybe we…maybe we get to start over.”
  • potter smiles faintly, like he can’t help himself, and then squeezes her knee.
  • the fire crackles.
Name Games

Pairing: Reader x Jeonghan
Genre: fluff??? friends-to-lovers
Summary: You and Jeonghan use nicknames for each other all the time. But recently, he’s been using one that you makes you feel a certain type of way. 
Word count: 1,971
A/N: This is just nonsense. Also sorry for the terrible title again I think I’m just doomed to shitty titles for the rest of my life

Jeonghan and you were very fond of nicknames. It had very quickly become a staple of your friendship. Light playfulness and excessive teasing just came in the package. There seemed to be a new one every month; sometimes they were witty observations about the other, or they were just dumb. Usually, it was the latter. More often than not, you were the one firing off at him; Fabio, Lucifer, and Sleeping Beauty had been a few of your favourites. Usually, he just called you his fool, or Pabo, or his muffinhead. They were always harmless.

This month, however, he had a new one for you. ‘Babe, can you come over today? I’m lonely.’ That’d be the first time. 'Babe, I’m bored, can we go to the park?’ You’d tried not to think about it too much. 'Babe, can you buy me an ice cream? I left my wallet at home'… 'Ah, babe, that’s not fair!'… 'Thank you, babe!'… You could’ve ignored it, if it didn’t happen so often. You didn’t exactly how why it bothered you so much. It shouldn’t. It was just another nickname. Right? It had started as a joke, after all. A mutual acquaintance had said that the two of you looked good together, and Jeonghan had never stopped teasing you for it. Hence, he’d started using that cursed nickname.It was just a stupid word, but it bothered you so much. That in itself annoyed you more than anything else.

“Jeonghan,” you moaned, snatching your phone off him. “You’re going to clog my camera roll.”
“Yes, but they’re pictures of me,” he drawled. “That’s far better than anything else that you could take a photo of.”
You snorted, swiping through the dozens of identical selfies of Jeonghan. “Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that.”
“Oh, you wound me,” he grasped at his heart dramatically, giving you a pitiful look.
“Oh, shut up,” you laughed, knocking him with your shoulder. “You’ll survive.”
“You should be kinder to me,” he smirked. “I know too much.”
“Well, I guess that’s true,” you chuckled, pressing the ‘bin’ icon on your screen.
“Hey!” Jeonghan whined, trying to grab your phone.  
“They’re all the same!” You laughed, trying to push him away with your free hand.
“No they’re not! They’re all subtly different.”
“Do I look like I care?”
“You truly are heartless.”
You smiled, leaning to rest your head on his shoulder. “That’s rich, coming from you.”
“You are on the offensive today,” he teased, wriggling the phone out of your hands. You let him have it. “Come now, let’s take a photo together.” He said, holding your phone up to get his ‘Best Angle’.  
“Because I enjoy indulging my vanity.”
“I don’t.”
“Shh, just take the photo.”
“I don’t look good today.”
“You look pretty, babe, don’t worry about it.”

You felt your cheeks heat up. There was that word again. You didn’t have much time to think before smiling for the photo.

Jeonghan looked down at the photo with a smile on his face. “Ah, you’re so cute, babe.”

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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 9  A/B/O ❤️

A/N: Okay this ones gonna be emo to the extremo *bursts into tears* But its a good emo nonetheless! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Warnings: Angsty as heck. Swearing. 

Series Masterlist

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Trope-A-Dope #1

@killingmeitsso2yearsago said: One of my favourite is when one of them is doing a liveshow and somehow they slip up and they coming out live :-)

I loved this, so I made it a 5 + 1 (I know, how many more times am I gunna do this with a simple prompt?)


And don’t forget to Send me prompts for this project with the most-used Phanfic tropes.

It’s Worth Deciding

(~5k, Fluff, coming out, 5+1)

The five times Dan and Phil nearly came out in a live stream. And the one time they did.

Title from Half Life by Duncan Sheik: “Before the truth goes back into hiding I want to decide ‘cause it’s worth deciding”


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Satan and Me, Natan. T, All of the Feels™

Summary: She loves him, and he’s gone and got her dead.. Natan. 1600 words.

(the last update fucked me up and i need them to be okay)

He’s failed her.

She told him she loved him – loved him, how long has it been since someone loved him – and now she’s dead, all because of him. Dead and in Hell, and there’s nothing, no one, who can bring her back.

“I’m sorry, kid,” he says, over and over. She deserves better than this, better than him, god, she’s just a girl…

Then Death shows up, and strikes a bargain.

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8. Dessert // Klance

« {Part 8 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: homesickness with gratuitous cuddling. enjoy!

“If you could have any food right now,” Lance asked, “what would you want?”

They’d been sitting on Keith’s bed going back and forth answering inane questions for the last hour or so. It was childish and sort of dumb, but Keith was also having the most fun he’d had in a while. A lot of the things Lance told him about himself were new to Keith. It shouldn’t have been that surprising, considering they’d only known each other for a few months, but they’d gone through a lot since they rescued Shiro from that government facility. Keith had a hard time remembering what his life had felt like without Lance in it.

“Hm,” Keith said, considering the question. “I guess I’d want something familiar—to remind me where I come from, you know?”

“Yeah…” Lance sighed, getting that homesick look he’d been wearing a lot recently. The expression quickly faded into something slightly more playful. “I’m not super familiar with Galra cuisine, so you’re going to have to give me some specifics—”

“I was talking about Texas, idiot,” Keith laughed. “I haven’t had Texan food in… a really long time, I guess.”

“Okay, hold up,” Lance said. “You’re from Texas?”

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I just want the fans to stop treating Rory like she was a porcelain doll or a puppet in Logan’s hands. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s normal, it’s how life goes even for someone incredibly talented and smart like Rory Gilmore.

*i was cleaning out my drafts and found this post from back when AYitL first aired, and that post above was something I wanted to reference but not reblob with my entire screed, so here is my entire screed:

I feel like people don’t really look at Rory’s entire character arc previous to season six and always see the things that have added up over time to make the decisions she does leading up to the end of season five. She can be a character who seems like she doesn’t have a lot going on under the most surface emotional levels, but it’s partly because she processes everything in an extremely interior way and doesn’t seem to reflect on things until the moment she’s about to have a major rising moment of crisis. (It’s also because Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote her seasons with the end-point in mind when she started, which meant the lead-up to those moments was so protracted and spread out it often seemed like she was wasting time in the early to middle days because she was working up to things leisurely-like. And part of it is also that they give Alexis Bledel a lot of scenes where she’s contemplatively looking off into the middle distance to indicate she’s upset, and as Rory, she really shines when she’s working off someone else, so these moments don’t always do enough heavy lifting. Also someday I’m gonna do a blow-by-blow S4 recap showing why all the inane and seemingly filler episodes of Rory drifting around Yale are actually incredibly important even if they’re not always very interesting, because I am nothing if not a Rory Gilmore apologist and S4 enthusiast. (eta I will probably never do this but I wrote like a million words of fic about it))

Things I think lay the groundwork that lead up to this point that I think are easy to miss because they happen far apart under the cut: 

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anonymous asked:

Hope this isn't a bother but i've been a bit down, I was wondering how the main 4 Paps and Sans' would react to an s/o who's gone through a lot of emotional abuse at the hands of friends and family, and is a little paranoid about trusting people for it?

I’m sorry this took so long school’s been kind of a pain in the ass. Also, I don’t have much personal experience with emotional abuse, so hit me up if I get something tragically wrong

I’d like to take this time to make a distinction. The skelebros are not perfect. They will not always handle your mental issues in the healthiest way. But they care about you. A lot. 

Also…..I don’t think I’ve written enough detail to be triggering, and I’m tagging it obviously, but if any of you guys need it I’m happy to put this under a cut

UT!Sans: “a little paranoid about trusting people”….yeah, could be the title of his biography honestly. Different reasons, but he knows what its like to have a hard time opening up, to worry that other people can’t be trusted with all the hurt inside. He doesn’t push you to be open, he just tries to be worthy of your trust, by being there as much as he can. It sucks that people in your past have been like this, but he hopes he and his friends can take care of your present and future.

UT!Papyrus: He doesn’t understand as….personally as his brother does, but he knows how to deal with it. A lifetime with Sans has taught him he doesn’t have the right to pry into every door. And sometimes, yeah, he asks questions when he shouldn’t, he pushes too much. But in general he tries to respect your boundaries. He doesn’t bring up your family if you don’t, but in his own way, he’s trying to make up for them by being the best he can for you.

UF!Sans: He understands baggage. He’s got a lot of his own. There’s an unspoken rule between the two of you that you don’t ask questions about each other’s past. If one of you volunteers information, that’s fine, you comfort each other, are there for each other. But in general both of you prefer to act like the world didn’t really exist before you met each other. Its not necessarily healthy, but its what works for you, at least. 

UF!Papyrus: Your family pisses him off a LOT. Ironic, considering his history with Sans (what they had wasn’t quite emotional abuse but there were points where it wasn’t far off) but then we always do hate the sins that we see in ourselves. Every time he finds out you’ve been internalizing shit, every time he tries to be genuine with you and you can’t respond as you want, because there is a part of you that cannot be sure of his intentions no matter how much you want to be…..it makes him want to hurt them. Badly. But he does his best to be there for you. To understand when you need to withdraw. To know that its not a reflection on him when you struggle to trust. And to give you your space when you need it.

US!Sans: He’s an intuitive guy. Even before you told him he kind of sensed that it was something to that effect. He picked up pretty fast that there was a lot you didn’t feel comfortable saying or doing with him, things that you didn’t feel okay telling him. He doesn’t really do it as much himself, but like Tale Sans he kind of understands the need to keep things to yourself. That’s part of why he developed his cheerful demeanor. It made it easier to mask that sometimes being treated like everyone’s little brother really got to him. So he knows better than to confront it directly. He goes at it from the side, more subtlety than usual. He just does his best to make you feel as protected and safe as possible. He makes a point of listening to you when you talk, responding to it no matter how inane the comment. It may upset him that you may never feel ready to be totally open with him, but until you’re ready he wants to make sure you know he’s listening.

US!Papyrus: ever met someone where you’ve only known them for a few days but somehow they’ve got you spilling life secrets that even your close friends don’t know? Paps is one of those people. In your case it takes more than his usual effort, but he’s good at getting you to open up, and he’s pretty good about respecting boundaries when he can’t. In general he’s okay with however much you’re comfortable sharing, and won’t talk about your family if you won’t.

SF!Sans: To be perfectly honest, he doesn’t understand why its so hard for you to trust him. He may be the terrible and Maleficent Sans, but don’t you believe him by now that he would never hurt you like that?! It’ll take him some time to understand, and when he does, it just makes him pissed at those people in your past. But slowly he becomes very good at giving you your space when you need it. In many ways Papyrus has some similar needs, and while the situations aren’t exactly the same he learns to apply some of the skills he learned with his brother to yours and his. He won’t always hit it out of the park, but above all he won’t hurt you intentionally. In his mind its his job to protect you from people like that in your life, not be one of them

SF!Papyrus: He’s probably the most okay with the need to isolate since he does that a shit-ton himself. As for the trust issues…..well, ot him trust is a two-way street. Once he gets comfortable about you, he starts being more open, about his past, his emotions, etc. Nothing too big or overwhelming, he won’t use you as a therapist or anything. But when the moment is right he’ll let you in just a little more, let himself be just a little more vulnerable with you. He’s hoping that him being exposed like this will help you feel more comfortable around him, especially with the vulnerable stuff. If that time never comes, its fine, he can’t fix everything for you. But he wants you to know that its okay. That you don’t need to spill your guts for him to know that you love him. And that he knows that your family has screwed you up deeply, and that he’s willing to deal with the sacrifices they foisted upon both of you because of it.

New Leadership - Kenny Omega Imagine (Part 1/2)

(Okay, quick note. Please know that I love Kenny Omega more than pretty much anything. But I wrote this just out of intrigue for it more than anything else. Please forgive me 😳)

She could practically feel the stunned energy that came from not just Kenny, but the entire venue, as the bottom of she and the Buck’s shoes connected with the former leader of Bullet Club’s face. She’d skipped back slightly, looking to the two Bucks who both beamed at her, both spreading their arms out towards Omega with exaggerated bows for her to go ahead and she strode forward, standing over the man who was slow to lift his head looking obviously dazed.

She stepped over him, making sure that her foot connected with his face in another hard kick to make sure he stayed down before she leaned in against the turnbuckle. She was the first woman in Bullet Club. Now the first female leader of Bullet Club. Kenny had liked her because of how treacherous she was. Because of how strong she was and how low she was willing to sink in order to get things her way. Treacherous was right and she didn’t like being told what to do. Besides, this was a long time coming. If she didn’t do it then someone else was bound to. She just wasn’t about to be beaten to the punch.

She crouched, pushing down the padding on her knee until the bare skin was exposed and she crouched slightly, hands gripping the ropes on either side as she waited for Kenny to start trying to push himself up before she charged at him in her finisher. Her knee connected with his head and she spun on the floor after to charge again and hit him with another before he could fall down far enough. Afterwards she spun and dropped so her fists could start flying at him and she only stopped once she was satisfied. She got back onto to her feet and motioned for the Bucks to move Kenny’s motionless body from the ring. As they did that she took the microphone that Marty held out for her to take with a nod of her head in thanks.

“Get him out of my ring.” She snarled quickly as the Jackson brothers finally tipped him out through the ropes so he landed in a heap on the ground. Once he was out she took in a deep breath to calm herself then let a smile slide slowly across her face. “For too long now Bullet Club has been run under the inane belief that cartoon heroes and villains were real things. That that is how you are intimidating to the rest of the world. It’s not. It makes you a joke. Kenny Omega has made Bullet Club into a joke and I am here to bring it back to it’s former glory. And I’m issuing out a warning for everyone.” She turned to one of the cameras and looked straight down it with a challenging snarl “to every wrestling company that any member of Bullet Club is or can be a part of. Be that Ring of Honor, New Japan, WCPW, PWG, Progress, Attack, all of them! Bullet Club is coming for everything. Every belt, every championship everything that can be taken, will be taken.’ She paused, smirking slowly “and to anyone who even thinks about trying to stand in our way? You better watch your back because Bullet Club is back to being the biggest, nastiest, and most brutal faction in the history of wrestling and we won’t hesitate to trample anyone who stands in our way.’

She’d trailed off then, snarling at the boos that had rose from the crowds “what? Am I supposed to feel bad cause you don’t like what’s happening? Because I don’t! This is my club now!” The boos picked up and she just laughed, twirling back in to shrug at the men around her who all sent her matching ones back. “Okay. Well, Kenny was my first line of business but before we go I’ve got… two more things that need to be taken care of. Boys?’

At once, before they even had a chance to react, the Young Bucks were restrained by the other members of the club. Gasps of surprise reigned in from all around them and the shock and confusion on the two brother’s faces made her pout mockingly. “Aww boys. Come on. Did you honestly think that I was gonna let you stick around? I mean how many different people have you sworn loyalty to in this club before Super-kicking them in the back? Do you think I’m stupid? I’m not AJ, I’m not Adam, I’m definitely not Kenny. I’m not about to think that because you’re saying you’re loyal now you’re going to stay loyal forever. And if it makes you feel better then this wasn’t a unanimous decision. Bullet Club isn’t a democracy anymore. I don’t care if Kenny ever gave you a say in what happened. It’s a dictatorship and as leader I say that your tenure with Bullet Club has finally come to an end.” She paused then turned around to where Kenny was lying outside and leaned against the ropes, arms crossed and one hand raised slightly so she could talk into the mic “and before they go crawling back apologising to you Kenny and there’s a chance that you might actually take them back then I want you to know that they were the first ones to turn on you. That they took literally zero convincing. Everyone else took time. Took a little bit of work to make them realise how bad it was for the club to have you as leader but those two just jumped at the chance of having something new.” She turned back to them slowly, eyes narrowed “so why the fuck would I want two people like that behind me?” She stalked towards them, shaking her head in disgust “you two aren’t worth the bottom of my boot. So I’ll just leave you to them. And they can do whatever they want. Cause guess what boys?” The mic dropped to the floor with a clang and her hands shot up to grip both of their chins tightly and she smirked at their glares. Her words were slow and obvious. People couldn’t hear her but they could tell what was being said. “You’re not the favourites anymore. And now you’re gonna remember what the real world’s like. Have fun on the outside.”

Part Two


Tea Mood Board as H+L Fics

I made this tea mood board, and started thinking about each as a different type of fan fiction:

Top Left: Pining Fic
It’s winter, and it’s been four months, six days, and thirteen hours since Harry had Louis in his bed. He knows because he’s counted every one, and felt every minute more deeply than the last one. His friends give him such shit for falling in love with someone he could never have been with. Harry knew Louis was leaving, they both knew it, but it hadn’t stopped them from getting so tangled up in each other it was hard to tell where one of them began and the other ended. So Harry goes to work, and he comes home, and he sees friends, but mostly he just misses Louis. And he tries to distract himself from the deep ache in any way he can.
(Obviously this one has to end with a knock on the door as Harry is looking out the window at the falling snow – and when he opens it, Louis is there.)  

Top Middle: Bookshop AU
Harry works at a bookshop and Louis is incredibly smitten, going in every day on his way home from work. Harry periodically mentions books that he loves, and Louis agrees wholeheartedly (except Louis’ never read a single one, and he panics one Saturday and goes to the library to check out fifteen books that Harry’s mentioned in the past few weeks. He spends hours poring over them, basically unable to retain anything as he sits at his table chugging tea). The next time he goes in, Louis throws out a reference to Harry’s favorite novel, but he mixes up the characters from another of Harry’s favorites, and Harry calls him out on it. Louis confesses, and Harry asks him out on a date. 

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sing-for-your-lover  asked:

MEGHAN! pls do ronsey for the ship thing 💕😘

ADRIANA!! I can always count on you to add trc to my inbox thank you babe <3


who is more likely to hurt the other?

look….. ronan hurts so bad that it kind of gets on everything and I feel like gansey’s in the splash zone?? Gansey hurts ronan by caring about other people more than him but ronan hurts gansey when he hurts himself ie: all of book 1&2

who is emotionally stronger?

Like probably gansey sorry to say I think he has a lot of practice with being absolutely pristine and tucking his emotions into his waistcoat pocket, etc

ronan is resilient and rebellious but he is an open nerve man he takes everything deeply personally

who is physically stronger?

EXCELLENT question let me break it down: Ronan is the obvious choice - boxer, brawler, carries the weight of his huge crushes on his friends 24/7. buT Gansey has those rowing club arms and if it came down to it you best believe gansey would throw any member of the gangsey over both shoulders and carry them to safety

who is more likely to break a bone? 

I’m gonna go with ronan because he’s reckless as tits and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna skid too far at some point. gansey is a quester & he’s hell on history books but he’s so so cautious

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

uhhhlmao its ronan NEXT

wait actually im pretty sure gansey could be like “im going on a study date w adam” and ronan’s head would explode but that’s more his deal than dick’s, u feel

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

ronan would apologize to god himself that’s it. Gansey is like…….. never the source of an argument but he desperately wants everything to be mended and back to normal so he spends his time glossing over their fights. It’s a process. It’s paint over cracks in a wall, they’re still there buddy!!! fix the wall!!!!!!

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

>_>>_>>_> gansey literally probably held ronan together after he was shredded by his subconscious and I have no doubt that it never really stops like self loathing coupled w night horrors is a killer

(gansey never stops helping him, delicately at 3 am w blood on his hands, composure crumpling when he turns towards the sink to rinse them, holding ronan’s face still and then keeping his hands there).

who is in constant need of comfort? 

boooooth really really both. ronan is so outwardly ruined, he’s a building in the process of falling down, and like gansey’s gotta be support beams BUT that means he’s getting crushed?? like he helps so hard and he gives so much he hacks his own limbs off and hands them to the people he loves. he has trauma up to his eyes. He needs someone to unconditionally love him w their eyes & arms open

who gets more jealous? 

LMAO ronan jealous lynch from the jealous boys the jealous thieves jealous lily lily jealous and the jealous king

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

“i’d take you all everywhere w me if I could” did u read that me too neither of those fuckers are moving an inch

who will propose? 

u know i think ronan would?? my instinct was gansey but the truth is that ronan is all action and gansey still has the smallest shrapnel bit of uncertainty about where he stands with ppl so I think ronan would leap for him. he’s a leaper

who has the most difficult parents?

one pair is dead so take a wild fucking guess buddy

(if alive it would be a toss up: wild and dangerously intangible liars or high-brow, tongues so gilded w gold that they’ll cut you liars take ur pick)

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

surprise it’s both ! ronan reaches for gansey bc he’s defiant and tactile and generally has never given a shit nor will he ever!! not one!!!!

gansey reaches for him because he knows physical contact brings ronan back from whatever shitty corridor his brain is tumbling down, and he loves to have people close like it’s thrilling to him. ronan’s pinky brushing his gives him fucking chills

who comes up for the other all the time? 

again if u mean in conversation idek maybe just by sheer probability of actually engaging in conversation for long enough to bring their bf up it would be gansey 

who hogs the blankets? 

ronan’s a messy fucking sleeper for obvious reasons and he can and will find the most inane ways to piss someone off so it’s him 

who gets more sad? 

everyone’s sad bish!! they’re both sad they’ve lost a lot times is hard

who is better at cheering the other up? 

ok maybe this is controversial but it’s ronan.. tbh…

he does THE dumbest things like idk proposes some sort of race between his dream creatures or shows gansey a fuckin meme or starts compiling a comprehensive list of compound swear words, like just dicks around so hard that gansey is busy pretending to scold him and his worries pack their gd bags

gansey is like. ronan’s life support like don’t get me wrong, but ronan’s just purposefully juvenile enough that it helps. it rlly helps

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly (dad) jokes?

gansey says THE most ridiculous garbage and ronan can and will punch him in the arm 

who is more streetwise?


(gansey’s probably wearing a salmon polo shirt rn why don’t u tell me)

who is more wise?

gansey’s an ancient forest & he keeps an aspiration journal ://

who’s the shyest? 

they ain’t shy my guy they just flat out refuse to show their true colours. like buried under ronan’s ritual of blistering eye contact and aggressive engagement there’s a real shock of anxiety and discomfort 

but under gansey’s plastic face there’s a whole lot of squirmy uncertainty and hatred of superficiality as well so……. like who knows

who boasts about the other more? 

they’re always bragging about each other dude if you say gansey’s name and ronan’s in the CITY he’ll be smug and impossible, and u don’t even need to mention ronan for gansey to be talking about him like at any given time he’ll be like have u met my boyfriend ronan lynch or my boyfriend henry cheng or my boyfriend adam parrish or my girlfriend blue sargent or my boyfri-

who sits on who’s lap?

don’t even joke about this ronan would sit in gansey’s lap like it’s a custom throne made for his ass, he needs to be held to live

I’m sorta high on coffee, so Lord knows how this is going to turn out. I also can’t make graphics to save my life, so. SO. You all get this thing? I mean it’s got Amon on it, so you can’t really go wrong. Unless you dislike Amon. In that case I’m sorry. ( Also are u lost, this is a blog for him. ) 

I thought 123 followers was a– sorta amusing number to do this on? Like a weird follow forever. Because I’m a child. And I love you all, so didn’t want to wait much longer. 8′>  

Anywho. Hold on to your hats boys, this is gonna get sappy.

The squad - A.k.a the people I consider the closest to me. 

@bacieciambelline - YOU. You are the biggest ray of sunshine I know, my very best friend. I would do anything for you, expect from maybe eat spicy curry for your entertainment. I’m so grateful I’ve known you for 7 years, every single moment spent together has been one of sheer and total joy, be it watching Spongebob at 4 in the morning or simply talking about spatulas and hoses. We’ve had countless laughs, across places like TinierMe to Club Penguin. I will cherish our friendship forever.

Basically. I love you, Feli. Thank you for being in my life. I hope it never ends. ♡♡♡

@just-a-simple-otaku - MY AMON LOVING PARTNER IN CRIME!!! You are an absolute sweetheart. The nicest person on this site. I’m so grateful you messaged me on my main account, I truly am. And you’re so gifted. Your writing, your art, everything. Also screaming about Amon and your OC gives me life? They’re adorable? Even if it’s hurting me? Why is this happening, why– And omg our ocs interactions are amazing too. I want to draw them sassing each other. 

But honestly, ilu so much? This friendship has been such a blast so far, here’s praying we continue to meme it up for a long, long time. ( Yee! ) ♡♡

… I need to put these all under read more I’m so sorry. 

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anonymous asked:

hey, i found it very interesting, that thing you wrote about Harry being an introvert, could you maybe share more examples of why you think that? i would be really greatful PS you have a lovely blog and i adore your tags! have a nice day xx

Thanks for the compliment!  As to the Harry as introvert discussion, let me start with a HUGE disclaimer.  I do not know Harry.  I have never met Harry.  I will likely never meet Harry.  Only Harry can say with any certainty whether he’s an extrovert or an introvert.  This is merely my own opinion, thoughts, musings, etc. based on the limited evidence I have seen.  I also understand that my opinion is in the minority on this topic.  

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Out of the Frying Pan (4/?)

“What about pleading for you to get on set? Is that allowed?”

Emma made a noise in the back of her throat, tugging on her dress again self-consciously. “Look who doesn’t want to do this whole thing now,” she said, letting Ruby push her bodily towards the prep kitchen.

“Look who was spotted away from the group, flirting with Killian Jones. Again.”

“You promised you weren’t going to say a single word.”

“I’m a great, big, giant liar.”

AN: This is like 8.5K words of talking and quasi-flirting and I will never have any concept of word count ever. I am perpetually screaming from the rooftops over how fantastic @laurnorder is for her beta skillz and for general delightful-ness. 

As always, also up on Ao3 and tagg’ed up on Tumblr.

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Going through @myriamsaviniart‘s Valerie tag was just the inspiration I needed to get this finished (and uploaded tbh cause it was just sitting) because, as always, canon cheated us out of a good Valerie narrative and that sideline “smile and clap” will not be tolerated. ((2.5k words, Valerie centric, minor appearances by Casper High’s supporting cast) Ao3)

Casper High was like a prison to Valerie, and considering her night job was to bag and tag all sorts of supernatural criminals, the irony was not lost on her. Of course, back when she was one of the a-listers, life was much simpler; no double shifts at the Nasty Burger, no bagged lunches on the football field with the other losers and most importantly… no ghost hunting.

It was bad enough when she was just using the equipment that Vlad Masters had given her, at least then she had some illusion of normality- she was a teenage girl working a high stress job that had to be done- but now, ever since her encounter with Technus and Phantom, even that shred of humanity had managed to slip through her fingers. 

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Another Day, Another Cliché.

Pairing- Brendon Urie + Dallon Weekes. Brallon.

Era- Vices And Virtues.

Word Count- 1,995 Words.



 Mentions Of Drug Abuse.

 Mentions Of Alcohol.

 Terribly Written.

 Unnecessarily Long.

Author’s Note-
This wasn’t requested or anything, I just felt like writing something so I wrote this catastrophe. Feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism, and to point out my mistakes. Also, please send in asks or submissions or stuff, I don’t bite, I swear. Unless you are into that kind of thing…
-The Sentient Potato.  

Dallon Weekes had never felt complete contentment. The sheer happiness and fulfillment that it brought. The elation and general sense of gratification that it brought. Its not like he couldn’t feel it, no he could have felt it at some point in his life. It just never happened, until now.

Lying on the cool surface of the expensive cotton threads in the hotel room with the sun just breaking the horizon, Dallon felt content and he liked it. Liked the way he felt, as if he were floating on a cloud up and high near heaven, though it could have been the sheets and the mattress. He liked the constant buzz that he had in his palms, fingers, feet, and toes. It felt like he had warm, melted chocolate flowing through his veins instead of blood. He also had a permanent grin on his face. Sometimes it was visible, too.

Sitting against the propped pillows in the dawn light lit room, he couldn’t help but grin. Grin at the fact that he was in love with the marvel asleep next to him. Yep, the cyan eyed man was in love and he wasn’t afraid by the prospect of being in love anymore.

Had it happened a few years ago, there would have been a giant Dallon shaped hole in the dry wall of the home studio where he had admitted his feelings to his boyfriend. That’s how people will know where Dallon had stood after Dallon’s demise, the Dallon shaped holes in walls and doors because he’d rather avoid responsibilities and feelings, but not anymore.

The room’s silence was only broken by his lover’s snores and the skip of his stuttering heartbeat. Dallon chanced a glance towards his boyfriend and practically felt the rush of Dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin when he managed to make out the sleeping outline of his boyfriend in the dimly lit room. Everything was a varying shade of black and blue because the sun was just breaking the horizon. Long streaks of yellows and oranges were chasing away the azure and black of the previous night.

Dallon could only see a part of the ever expanding sky through the narrow slit between the drawn peach curtains. The velvet of the curtain blocked any other ray that tried to filter its way into the room. The sun was taking it’s time with the rise and Dallon was taking his time to fall further in love. He always thought that he’d have a clichéd love story, boy meets girl, the world stops revolving around the sun and starts revolving around them, everything turns in a slowed down mesh of an artistic European movie, vibrant and pretty but so boring and after a few tragedies and end of the world fights he’d marry her and have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, and then he turned 30 and watched the girl of his dreams turn into the boy of his dreams.

Dallon had walked into the audition without knowing a damn thing about the band’s songs and with his heart and mind in their designated places along with his bass. He had walked out without his heart, his mind in frenzy and his bass guitar.

Dallon had fallen for Brendon the moment his blue eyes had landed on the boy in a white button up, black skinny jeans, converse, and so many drugs in his system that he was still high from the weed that he had smoked two days ago.

Dallon had initially found his feelings for the lead singer childish and stupid. He was a 30 year old man who knew what he preferred sexually, his didn’t develop crushes, that’s what he had chalked it up to, over the course of 10 minutes of being in the same room as the person of his affections, but there he was in his apartment smiling at the very thought of Brendon.

Dallon had quite a few inhibitions after his realization. The most obvious one being that he couldn’t possibly fall for a 24 year old, he didn’t even remember what his life was like when he was 24. The age gap jarred him, a lot, but then he started hanging out with Brendon and after the drugs were cleared out of his system, Brendon wasn’t half bad. He had a great sense of humor, an amazing music taste, a liberal, and was very open minded about things. Dallon hated tunnel visioned people. Dallon still didn’t give in, though. He remained adamant about not being in love with Brendon, that he just had a school girl crush on him, he certainly acted like one around him. But then the fateful night at the studio happened.

Brendon had knocked back 3 glasses of scotch and smoked a few puffs of the blunt before his smile had dropped along with his walls. In the bright yellow lights of the soundproof home studio, Dallon could almost see the charismatic confidence and Brendon’s calm, cool and collected ways leaving him. Slowly, very slowly Brendon started coming out and showing his true colors. His scared and doubting colors. His big brown and expressive eyes were dilated and were screaming to be held. He was shaking as his wet lips enunciated all of his troubles and doubts. He was being self-destructive. A broken string of incomplete pleas were falling past his lips and diminishing in the heavy air of the room.

Brendon was hyperventilating against Dallon’s chest when all of Dallon’s inhibitions had fallen into a dark abyss, also known as ‘Fuck it, I am in love with him.’ and it scared him. It scared him so fucking much, but he didn’t care, he was in love with the exhausted person who had cried himself to sleep in Dallon’s denim covered lap.

Dallon muses that he fell in love with Brendon’s vulnerability, Brendon muses that Dallon fell in love with his ability to take cock.

Dallon’s heart still stuttered and broke when he had flashbacks of that night. His limbs still alternated between being cold and numb and hot and sensitive.

The sun had completely risen now. The narrow slit was allowing a bright strip of light into the room. It burned a long, narrow, and diagonal rectangle into the soft grey carpet. The dust particles that hung in the air were being showcased in the bright light of the yellow sunlight. Everything around the slit was illuminated by a glow that got weaker as the distance of the things progressed. The shadows danced as the curtains moved because of the cool air that the A.C was humming out.

Dallon turned to his left and leaned on his arm as he marveled at the aesthetically pleasing human who was breathing deeply next to him. He had one hand thrown over his bare chest while the other was lying lazily between him and the man about whom he was dreaming. His head was lolling towards Dallon and his nose kept twitching. Dallon smiled at his boyfriend.

Dallon was certain that he fell for Brendon because of his soulful beauty and his vulnerability, but god damn was his boyfriend good looking. His big and well defined pink lips, his deep lip dimple, perfectly centered nose that had a gentle dip, freckle dusted cheeks against which his long lashes rested, and his expressive brown eyes made him the most beautiful sight in a room full of future super models. Hell, it made him the most beautiful person in a room with super models. He was beautiful, inside and out and always chuckled when Dallon gave him the compliment. He was an easy going, easily excited person, but he had the lowest self esteem. Good thing that he was great at hiding it.

Sometimes the strength of Dallon’s feelings for Brendon scared them. Dallon got scared because he thought that Brendon found it overbearing. Brendon got scared because he wanted to reciprocate the feelings to the same level of intensity but couldn’t do it without sounding like a cheesy romance novel writer.

Brendon sighed lightly and snuggled into the crease of Dallon’s supporting elbow while Dallon smiled at his boyfriend. He realized that he used the term boyfriend a lot, but it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t ever think that Brendon would go out with him, even deem a second glance. Dallon smiled again as Brendon mumbled something inane in his sleep.

Dallon leaned back a little to look at Brendon’s sleeping face and decided to do the corny and clichéd thing of waking him up with a kiss. He licked his lips and grimaced at the dry feeling and chapped slivers that lightly poked his tongue. The fact that his lips still tasted like sleep did not help matters either. He leaned to his right and blindly started closing his fingers around one of the many bottles on the side table.

Once his fingertips finally came in contact with the plastic ridges of a mass produced plastic bottle that probably carried more carcinogens than actually water, he closed them around it and chugged it down. He released a silent burp after chugging it all down and allowed the bottle to drop on the floor unceremoniously. The grey carpet muffled the sound of the free falling empty bottle coming in contact with the floor.

Dallon leaned at an awkward angle and expelled one last breath before he leaned in. He could feel the slow movements as each muscle worked to transition his jerky and uncertain movements into a lean. He could hear the pre kiss drum roll, He could feel Brendon’s breath tickling his upper lip’s lip line. Dallon could almost taste the kiss. His eyelashes had just fallen shut when his brain went into overdrive and produced scenes of Brendon laughing and mocking a tomato faced Dallon. All of Dallon’s confidence evaporated and he leaned out of the kiss. Dallon could feel the heat from the hypothetical situation staining his cheeks a pale red. He shook his head and tried to convince himself that he was being over-dramatic. His brain started producing even more stupid and over the top productions with the same story line to counter it’s logical side when the logical side tried to convince the brain otherwise.

“Just kiss me already.” A sleep laced tone spoke from Dallon’s left, his lover’s voice was soft. In the dim light of the powerfully glowing sun lit strip, Dallon felt his heart melt and bleed into his veins after he heard Brendon’s morning voice. It made him feel fluttery and fluffy, like he was lying on one of those gigantic bears that were bigger and heavier than most fully grown human beings. Dallon felt his brain stop the blown out of proportion production of the over-reaction complete with background music. He felt calm, he felt content.

“What makes you think that I wanna kiss you?” Dallon questioned Brendon in a tone of faux confusion as he furrowed his arched eyebrows together for the full effect. Brendon’s eyes were closed, but Dallon still managed to make out the eye balls rolling under the lids.

“Well, if you won’t do it, I will.” And with that Brendon leaned up on his elbows and slotted his pillow-y soft lips with Dallon’s equally soft and damp ones. The kiss was drawn way past it’s necessary time period and when the couple did pull away, it left them breathless and wanting more. They were greedy when it came to kissing the other. They wanted to feel the butterflies and fireworks, wanted to feel that desperation and drive for more, they wanted to feel like a young and naïve couple that was experiencing its first love, passionate but immature. They wanted to feel the love and felt it every time they kissed. It was beautiful, raw, and so, so desirous. It was love, actual requited love and it made them grin like idiots.

“Good morning, Baby.”

“It certainly is, Angel.”