i love that he wants to know the most inane things about people

Just A Dance

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Characters- Logan Howlett x Reader

Summary- Logan wasn’t fond of parties, but he was fond of her.

Warnings- Language, fluff.

Word Count- 1,150

A/N- My first Marvel fic! I couldn’t help myself. I have always had a soft spot for Logan, and the new movie ‘Logan’ was just the ultimate catalyst. So please, enjoy.

Tags- @redlipstickandplaid@fandommaniacx @mellifluous-melodramas

Logan wasn’t particularly fond of parties. Loud music, inane small talk, and stupid formal wear. Forced to not look like the most miserable person on earth, he pulled at the bowtie on his tux. When he’d signed on for being a part of Xavier’s school, he didn’t know that fundraisers were a part of the deal. Look nice, smile at the rich people who were willing to give money to mutants.

Charles promised he’d had a surprise for him if he went- and he hated surprises. Charles promised he’d love it and it’d make the night more enjoyable. He highly doubted that, but as he stood there in the sea of gowns and suits, he saw her. In that moment, he knew this was Charles’ surprise.

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[ here, have some post-war eighth year hansy for the @slytherdornet ship spotlight challenge ]

  • they call it an eighth year.
  • it’s ridiculous, and it’s stupid, and its entirely unnecessary. pansy had gotten through most of her own seventh year unscathed; she knew how to transfigure furniture, and she knew how to brew a batch of polyjuice, and she knew how to hide. she knew how to hide well. she didn’t need to return to hogwarts and watch the war heroes feign modesty and be confronted by a splintered house table and a decaying dungeon and an ashy scorch mark where vincent crabbe had burned to death. she didn’t have anything else to learn. she didn’t.
  • but. she didn’t have anywhere else to go, either.
  • that was the thing.
  • her childhood home had been ransacked, turned over to the ministry as evidence for her father’s crimes. goyle was under house arrest and blaise was in france and draco had all but disappeared after the final battle and daphne–daphne was going back to school, of course she was, because astoria was barely fourteen and family was important.
  • pansy isn’t astoria’s sister.
  • but she’s always kind of felt a little like daphne’s.
  • so pansy zips herself into a knee length black shift dress with a lace collar and long lines of seed pearl buttons running from her wrists to her elbows, and she steps onto the hogwarts express like it’s any other september, like she belongs there, and she inspects the dark purple polish on her nails and she tucks errant strands of blunt cut hair behind her ears and she doesn’t look at anyone as she saunters down the corridor because she isn’t quite sure that she wouldn’t scream if she did.
  • which is, obviously, how she runs directly into harry potter.
  • he’s–bigger than she remembers. taller. broader. less pale and less shaky and less tired. he stumbles backwards, instinctively reaching out to steady her, and she thinks, somewhat hysterically, somewhat inanely, that she can feel the heat of his hands right through the fabric of her dress.
  • “parkinson,” he says, sounding…surprised. “er. hello.”
  • pansy swallows. “hello.”
  • potter stares down at her, a slight furrow in his brow. his grip tightens around her arms. “right. uh.”
  • “right, uh,” she mimics, meanly, before glaring at the spot where he’s still touching her. he lets go so fast that she’s amazed he doesn’t injure himself.
  • and then he’s stepping away altogether, casting an irritatingly thoughtful glance at her over his shoulder, and she’s left standing there, confused and annoyed and breathless, maybe, because that hadn’t been nearly as awful as it could have been, as it arguably should have been, and–
  • she pretends that she isnt just the tiniest bit cold as she watches potter disappear into the next train car.
  • from then on, though, it only gets weirder.
  • the castle is a mess, crumbling and curse torn and ragged around the edges, and the hufflepuffs temporarily move in with the scant remaining slytherins. pansy is sharing a room with hannah abbott. hannah abbott braids wildflowers into her hair every morning. hannah abbott’s shampoo smells like vanilla cupcakes. hannah abbott compliments pansy’s extensive collection of muggle lipsticks, and hannah abbott is conscientious about picking up after herself before the elves come around, and hannah abbott is apparently dating neville bloody longbottom.
  • “what,” pansy bleats when she gets back from a late dinner to find longbottom and finnigan and potter sitting in the slytherin common room. a half empty bottle of firewhiskey is lying on a priceless sixteenth century rug. pansy drops her bag. “what is going on?”
  • hannah abbott waves cheerfully from where she’s perched on longbottom’s lap. “pansy! you’re home!”
  • pansy is not home. home is daphne and astoria and a world that doesn’t manage to find a new way to spin backwards every time she fucking blinks. pansy is in hell.
  • three hours later, hannah has dragged longbottom off to bed, finnigan has passed out in a nearby armchair, and potter has inexplicably moved much, much closer to pansy. he’s also poured her a drink, and chuckled at one of her more acerbic jokes, and flashed her a decidedly wicked grin.
  • pansy is still in hell, probably.
  • “why are you being so nice to me?” she finally blurts out.
  • potter squints at the fireplace, glasses reflecting bloody red and fading orange and hot, bright, bitter yellow. “hannah says you read muggle magazines,” he replies, like that makes any sense at all. “the, er, fashion ones. from france.”
  • “are you very interested in women’s fashion, then, potter?” pansy coos.
  • he smirks, looking summarily unbothered, and then shrugs. “it’s exhausting hating so many people. just. takes a lot of effort, doesn’t it? holding on to all that.”
  • pansy cocks her head to the side. “so, what, you had to–to reprioritize your shit list, and i didn’t make the cut?”
  • he laughs. “i died,” he says, kind of simply. “i don’t…want to have to do that again.”
  • pansy studies the chipped rim of her mug. firewhiskey is exactly as disgusting as it had been two summers ago. she sighs. “i suppose you have a point. i–i just wanted it to be over, when i–you know. and. well. now it is.” she hesitates. it’s warm in the common room, warmer than it usually is, and she suddenly feels hopeful. reckless. the difference between bravery and fear must be in the motivation, she decides, because she’s spoken up before. this isn’t that. “maybe that’s what matters, though,” she continues. “maybe we…maybe we get to start over.”
  • potter smiles faintly, like he can’t help himself, and then squeezes her knee.
  • the fire crackles.
Name Games

Pairing: Reader x Jeonghan
Genre: fluff??? friends-to-lovers
Summary: You and Jeonghan use nicknames for each other all the time. But recently, he’s been using one that you makes you feel a certain type of way. 
Word count: 1,971
A/N: This is just nonsense. Also sorry for the terrible title again I think I’m just doomed to shitty titles for the rest of my life

Jeonghan and you were very fond of nicknames. It had very quickly become a staple of your friendship. Light playfulness and excessive teasing just came in the package. There seemed to be a new one every month; sometimes they were witty observations about the other, or they were just dumb. Usually, it was the latter. More often than not, you were the one firing off at him; Fabio, Lucifer, and Sleeping Beauty had been a few of your favourites. Usually, he just called you his fool, or Pabo, or his muffinhead. They were always harmless.

This month, however, he had a new one for you. ‘Babe, can you come over today? I’m lonely.’ That’d be the first time. 'Babe, I’m bored, can we go to the park?’ You’d tried not to think about it too much. 'Babe, can you buy me an ice cream? I left my wallet at home'… 'Ah, babe, that’s not fair!'… 'Thank you, babe!'… You could’ve ignored it, if it didn’t happen so often. You didn’t exactly how why it bothered you so much. It shouldn’t. It was just another nickname. Right? It had started as a joke, after all. A mutual acquaintance had said that the two of you looked good together, and Jeonghan had never stopped teasing you for it. Hence, he’d started using that cursed nickname.It was just a stupid word, but it bothered you so much. That in itself annoyed you more than anything else.

“Jeonghan,” you moaned, snatching your phone off him. “You’re going to clog my camera roll.”
“Yes, but they’re pictures of me,” he drawled. “That’s far better than anything else that you could take a photo of.”
You snorted, swiping through the dozens of identical selfies of Jeonghan. “Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that.”
“Oh, you wound me,” he grasped at his heart dramatically, giving you a pitiful look.
“Oh, shut up,” you laughed, knocking him with your shoulder. “You’ll survive.”
“You should be kinder to me,” he smirked. “I know too much.”
“Well, I guess that’s true,” you chuckled, pressing the ‘bin’ icon on your screen.
“Hey!” Jeonghan whined, trying to grab your phone.  
“They’re all the same!” You laughed, trying to push him away with your free hand.
“No they’re not! They’re all subtly different.”
“Do I look like I care?”
“You truly are heartless.”
You smiled, leaning to rest your head on his shoulder. “That’s rich, coming from you.”
“You are on the offensive today,” he teased, wriggling the phone out of your hands. You let him have it. “Come now, let’s take a photo together.” He said, holding your phone up to get his ‘Best Angle’.  
“Because I enjoy indulging my vanity.”
“I don’t.”
“Shh, just take the photo.”
“I don’t look good today.”
“You look pretty, babe, don’t worry about it.”

You felt your cheeks heat up. There was that word again. You didn’t have much time to think before smiling for the photo.

Jeonghan looked down at the photo with a smile on his face. “Ah, you’re so cute, babe.”

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Cherik Regency AU - Undisclosed Desires

Here we have part of the first chapter of Undisclosed Desires. Why just part of it? This is a little gift for @bambimarri who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday my lovely friend!!! I had hoped to have the entire chapter done for you (and I got so damned close!) but, alas, life got in the way.

If anyone out there would rather wait to read the first chapter in its entirety, I completely understand.

If, on the other hand, you pine as desperately as I do for Regency Cherik, then consider this a sneak preview of more to come!

I give you Mr. Lehnsherr and Lord Xavier, at a ball.



The first thing he noted about Lord Xavier was his eyes.

Erik hardly considered himself a romantic and was certainly not prone to noticing the eye colour of anyone he met. However, Xavier’s were a difficult thing to miss. Even across the crowded ballroom, they shone impossibly blue. He suddenly, fully, understood that these were the sort of eyes that might cause poets to pen preposterous phrases using words such as “azure” or “cerulean.” They shone all the brighter as it was clear Xavier was in decidedly good spirits.

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Satan and Me, Natan. T, All of the Feels™

Summary: She loves him, and he’s gone and got her dead.. Natan. 1600 words.

(the last update fucked me up and i need them to be okay)

He’s failed her.

She told him she loved him – loved him, how long has it been since someone loved him – and now she’s dead, all because of him. Dead and in Hell, and there’s nothing, no one, who can bring her back.

“I’m sorry, kid,” he says, over and over. She deserves better than this, better than him, god, she’s just a girl…

Then Death shows up, and strikes a bargain.

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8. Dessert // Klance

« {Part 8 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: homesickness with gratuitous cuddling. enjoy!

“If you could have any food right now,” Lance asked, “what would you want?”

They’d been sitting on Keith’s bed going back and forth answering inane questions for the last hour or so. It was childish and sort of dumb, but Keith was also having the most fun he’d had in a while. A lot of the things Lance told him about himself were new to Keith. It shouldn’t have been that surprising, considering they’d only known each other for a few months, but they’d gone through a lot since they rescued Shiro from that government facility. Keith had a hard time remembering what his life had felt like without Lance in it.

“Hm,” Keith said, considering the question. “I guess I’d want something familiar—to remind me where I come from, you know?”

“Yeah…” Lance sighed, getting that homesick look he’d been wearing a lot recently. The expression quickly faded into something slightly more playful. “I’m not super familiar with Galra cuisine, so you’re going to have to give me some specifics—”

“I was talking about Texas, idiot,” Keith laughed. “I haven’t had Texan food in… a really long time, I guess.”

“Okay, hold up,” Lance said. “You’re from Texas?”

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Trope-A-Dope #1

@killingmeitsso2yearsago said: One of my favourite is when one of them is doing a liveshow and somehow they slip up and they coming out live :-)

I loved this, so I made it a 5 + 1 (I know, how many more times am I gunna do this with a simple prompt?)


And don’t forget to Send me prompts for this project with the most-used Phanfic tropes.

It’s Worth Deciding

(~5k, Fluff, coming out, 5+1)

The five times Dan and Phil nearly came out in a live stream. And the one time they did.

Title from Half Life by Duncan Sheik: “Before the truth goes back into hiding I want to decide ‘cause it’s worth deciding”


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anonymous asked:

hey, i found it very interesting, that thing you wrote about Harry being an introvert, could you maybe share more examples of why you think that? i would be really greatful PS you have a lovely blog and i adore your tags! have a nice day xx

Thanks for the compliment!  As to the Harry as introvert discussion, let me start with a HUGE disclaimer.  I do not know Harry.  I have never met Harry.  I will likely never meet Harry.  Only Harry can say with any certainty whether he’s an extrovert or an introvert.  This is merely my own opinion, thoughts, musings, etc. based on the limited evidence I have seen.  I also understand that my opinion is in the minority on this topic.  

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The office health check-up doesn’t quite go as envisioned but at least Kurt finally learns more about his co-worker’s relationship status.

A/N: This is the original Klaine-as-Vogue-Interns oneshot I mentioned at the end of my Klaine Advent Vogue Verse! :) The two fics are completely different except for being set in a verse where Kurt and Blaine both intern at Vogue.com.

beta’ed by @a-simple-rainbow who saves my fics from being scientifically inaccurate ;)

Rating: PG

Read on AO3

“Alright, preppy interns, ready for your health check-ups?” a voice says right behind Kurt’s ear, making him flinch and literally jump up from his desk chair.

Blaine has a similar reaction a desk away from him, though the person who approached him was much kinder, merely touching his shoulder to get his attention.

Still. Blaine is almost always so deep into his work that one could talk to him about aliens and dragons and whatnot, and he would nod and mumble, “Yeah, sounds great.”

And not just theoretically – it actually works. Kurt knows this because it’s his regular five-minute break entertainment.

“Wait, what health check-up?” Blaine asks, thankfully just as confused as Kurt.

The girl behind Blaine’s chair frowns. “The whole office is doing health check-ups today.”

“We just assumed that would just be for actual employees,” Kurt replies, trying to be kind. After all, she wasn’t the one who scared him half to death after all. “We’re just interns here.”

He spares a look at the other girl – and, yep, still scary. She has her hands on her hips and a piercing gaze, seemingly ready to roll her eyes at people 24/7.

And then she actually does roll her eyes at Kurt. “Interns have bodies, too, you know? Even Vogue interns. So, health check-up. Now. Deal with it.”

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don’t mind me I’m just over here getting emotional about Sourcery and how most of the people Rincewind meets in the book for longer than five seconds is trying to be someone else

from Conina the born warrior who wants to be a hairdresser to Nijel the spindly awkward grocer’s son who wants to be a hero to Creosote the seriph without an ounce of poetic talent who wants to be the poet

and Rincewind, of course, the wizard who can’t do magic, but who insists that he’s a wizard anyone, and he’s the one who says, “It’s vital to remember who you really are. It’s very important. It isn’t a good idea to rely on other people or things to do it for you, you see. They always get it wrong.”

and he says this to a small boy who has never been allowed an identity of his own bc all his life his father’s been training him to take part in his quest for vengence

and like, none of them end up exactly where they want to be, but equally importantly, none of them surrender who they really are, either

wanting to be something doesn’t always make it happen but not being it yet doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen, either

wanting is a start, it gets you somewhere, and it’s up to you to go the rest of the way

Character Musings #2

(Just me pondering things or 10 random head canons.)

(It somehow turned into ‘how to write Xanxus’ which people have trouble with)



Xanxus is really intelligent and highly capable. I can’t say this enough. In one of the Lussuria interviews, it mentions that Xanxus can speak TWELVE languages. If you’ve ever met any linguists or someone that took a few linguistic classes you should know that they can read a lot more languages than they can speak fluently. He can probably read more. 

He also makes guns as a hobby, case in point making his X-guns. That’s not something an idiot can do considering how well-designed his guns are. Like there’s the fact they absorb flames, transfer them to the ammo and can withstand having Wrath Flames shot from them, but also that they allow Xanxus to ‘fly’ by propelling a stream of Flames behind and below him. He takes ideas and builds on them and makes them his.

Beyond that, he was considered you know, a better choice than Nono’s actual sons as Decimo in terms of leadership skills, charisma and all the things that the mafia demands a Boss to be.

Like legit, aside from the Ninth and Iemitsu everyone wanted him to be Decimo.

Not even in the same league. That’s pretty damning for Nono’s sons who you know had Vongola Blood and Hyper-Intuition?

There’s also the fact that you know, he’s Varia. Assassinating someone and fighting someone are two very different things. Assassination takes planning, tactical knowledge, a wide range of technical knowledge and skills, a sense of timing and the will to kill for money. Xanxus does the Vongola’s dirty work and does it well. He does it well enough and is charismatic enough that eight years later two of the characters that could be considered ‘least loyal’ out of the Varia -Bel and Mammon- are still highly devoted to him.

Xanxus is extremely intelligent and probably one of the most capable characters shown in the series. He just doesn’t show it off so it’s all understated and shown in little things due to how little screen time the Varia gets.


Xanxus had pronunciation issues at one point. It’s something he generally struggles with the most when learning a new language/dialect because he knows it’s important to use words precisely. Sometimes how you say something alters the meaning and Xanxus knows this. He uses words and body language precisely to get what he wants from others; that’s charisma at its most basic.

Let’s face it, Xanxus went from the street full of slang and open insults to a very rich mafia famiglia heir where veiled insults and insinuations are the norm. They pronounced things differently, had markedly different accents and intonations. Worse, similar phrases could mean something far different.

More so as a son of the Vongola, he acutely felt his status as THE bastard son. There was where he found formality and ritual words for formal events and more. That was pretty gratifying to have because unless he forgot the words there was practically no way to fuck that up. Xanxus spent a lot of time watching, observing and learning which meant keeping quiet.

In short, Xanxus went through a phase where he tried to be formal and proper but it really didn’t stick even before he found out he was adopted but he tried. As a result his language -depending on his fluency- switches between formal and casual depending on his comfort in the language, how comfortable he is with the people around him and his general mood.

See read:

“Trash.” “You are ALL SCUM!” “Brat.” “Sawada.” “Tsunayoshi.” “Kazusame.”

You get the idea right? If you read that, you’re reading it with various inflections to his words. Match emotions to the words.

Compare to this:

“Trash!” “You’re all scum.” “BRAT!” “Sawada?” “Tsunayoshi!” “Kazusame?”

One of the best things about writing Xanxus is you don’t need adverbs like ‘excitedly’ or ‘happily’ because it’s all atmosphere and action. It’s all in his dialogue’s inflection/actions.


Xanxus is probably the quietest person within the Varia.

No one is going to beat Squalo in sheer volume, but while Xanxus can be loud when angry he often doesn’t speak much. Like he speaks the least out of all of them.

Because Xanxus is smart, he knows how to use his words and even his moods to best effect. So he commands, orders, demands, insults/complains or whatever, Xanxus is not a person you sit down and have an inane conversation with. That stuff is a bit more formal so dismissal happens afterwards and Xanxus doesn’t have to deal with them for a while.

There’s a reason that he’s only had a proper conversation with Squalo out of all of his officers. Xanxus is not chatty at all.

He’s more likely to shoot you than even have a conversation about feelings or whatever. Asking for his opinion on something is probably the best to get Xanxus to say something even if it’s to mock how ridiculous the question is.

It’s not a conversation if he dismisses you, even after he answers the question.


Xanxus is far from a heart-on-the-sleeve person. In fact, the less he appears to care about things, the more he probably does. Some things he really doesn’t care about, even if the average person does which is probably a combination of how he was raised and assassin sensibilities.

This ‘hiding what you care about’ is part of a holdover from the streets he grew up on. This is only further enhanced by dealing with mafia politics as THE bastard son.

He doesn’t overcompensate while trying to hide how he feels, so it’s not easy to see if he cares. He’s certainly not going to say it, or say it outright but he will show it in loyalty; if people can earn it and his respect.

Xanxus can be compassionate should he want to be but it’s very much tough-love and he generally has to have more than one reason to actually act on it.


Xanxus’ greatest fear is actually entirely psychological and not as irrational as it might seem; it’s not ice or cold or whatever from being frozen for eight years. He doesn’t like the cold because it makes his scars hurt and that’s a lot of hurt considering how many scars the Zero Point Breakthrough left him with.

His greatest fear is losing his damn mind, for real, permanently. Going mad and delusional like his mother.

It’s not something he’s ever going to mention to anybody. Ever.

But knowing that some psychological illnesses are inheritable? You better believe that Xanxus read up on psychology. He’s smart and put what he read to good use.

Knowing how people think, act and behave means he really knows what to do with all his charisma.


His knowledge of psychology means he’s also very self aware and honest with himself. It also means he’s very aware of sexuality in himself, others and generally doesn’t care what people get off to or on. That’s their personal business, not his.

Xanxus will say he’s bisexual if asked; people really don’t ask because to most people it’s a touchy subject in the mafia and Xanxus is not someone you casually ask a potentially insulting question to. So he has no problem answering this question, so long as it’s private and he’s in a question-answering mood.

He actually falls more in line with pansexual but he knows Lussuria and wants no part in screwing that or others of a similar nature. He doesn’t mind okama being okama -he knew drag queens and more prior to his adoption- but he certainly doesn’t want any okama in his bed.

So he’s bisexual, if anyone asks. No one really has, but Xanxus doesn’t lack for a sex life if and when he wants to have one.

Have you seen this guy’s charisma?


Xanxus doesn’t have a high opinion on romance, love or the like. He knows love doesn’t often last, and people lie which makes him even more dismissive of it.

Italy may not have a high divorce rate, but there are plenty of people that have affairs despite being married or in love. The Varia’s killed a lot of cheating mafia spouses if someone’s willing to pay them for it, so time and work hasn’t improved his view on either.

He’d rather avoid that mess, should he ever get married.

He hasn’t found anyone he’d want to marry in the first place anyway.


Xanxus excels at mind games, which can be hard work. Part of it is the need to excel at politics that being Decimo entailed and part of it is just fun.

This means he’s always paying attention, being observant and thinking. He not only works hard, but works smart and uses all of his resources to the fullest extent possible for the optimal result. Not just in the short-term, but long-term as well.

Squalo might be the Varia’s Strategy Captain, but Xanxus is the one that plots ideas, navigates the politics associated with each mission the Varia accepts and prepares for the political fallout of Varia operations and more.

The problem with the series is that we don’t see it. Xanxus is normally shown eating, drinking, sitting down and relaxing if he’s not angry and fighting. 

He gets his work done and then he relaxes or eats. Or in this case gets dressed, after a night of paperwork followed by sleep. Assassins don’t keep regular hours. Look at that desk. All that completed paperwork, because you put the done papers to the right.

See, this is Xanxus being smart. He just figured out why Mammon wanted something and is using that to leverage more information from Mammon.

Mammon’s not even charging Xanxus. Xanxus is making Mammon pay him information because very few people know the specifics of the Arcobaleno Curse. Xanxus is practically getting this information from Mammon for free.

Combined with canny observation, psychological knowledge, ruthlessness and practice against his mafia peers, Xanxus is very good at mind games. 

If there’s no mind-games or underlying goal for whatever Xanxus is doing or not doing, you’re not writing Xanxus right. There’s always something he’s doing or he’s always planning something.

Any Boss with initiative is a schemer.


Concerning Nono, there’s a lot that Xanxus feels about him and very little of it is good.

Xanxus tried. He tried and tried to please that man and make him proud. Considering how sparse Xanxus’ education was prior to his adoption, it took a lot of work and effort to catch up to his peers much less surpass them. Xanxus exhausted himself with reading, practicing, training and more and it was never good enough.

There was always something he couldn’t get right in Nono’s eyes. Too aggressive, too casual, too hard, too cruel, too wild, too young… the list went on and on. Xanxus could never get Nono’s approval and without that, become Decimo. Iemitsu was even worse, for some reason; more dismissive.

Xanxus had asked, demanded to know why he couldn’t get that -although he had phrased it as ‘become Decimo’ or as other questions like ‘what did I do wrong?’. The lies were noticed, the deflections stopped working and this eventually led to Xanxus breaking into Nono’s private study and discovering his adoption.

It explained a lot.

It also broke his heart, which was a state of affairs that Xanxus found intolerable, which led to the Varia and eventually led to the Cradle Affair.

In short, Xanxus might miss him once Nono’s dead and is grateful for getting off the streets but that doesn’t mean he likes or even loves the man that adopted him.

He has eight years of being frozen and the time between being adopted and being frozen filled with lies as reasons to hate the man.

Maybe if the man had been more concerned with being a Father instead of a Don, they might have never had that sort of situation.


Xanxus finds his subordinates annoying on a good day, but none are so annoying as the would-be Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi.

The kid is so soft and naive, he’s embarrassing to be around. There’s also his very obvious lack of academic prowess, lack of useful skills and… he’s not even intimidating. More fluff than threat or danger.

Xanxus is willing to admit that the brat had improved but not by much. He could at least defend himself in a serious fight.

Xanxus may not have the bloodline to be Decimo, but he’s not going to let the Vongola fall because some idiot thinks he can transform the mafia through the power of friendship and nostalgia for a ‘better time.’ You know, Giotto’s Golden Era? That ended before Daemon Spade and Secondo made Giotto step down and retire to Japan.

Idiot hasn’t realized that the mafia was the way it is because people and changing circumstances made it so. There was no way to undo it either. Not unless the brat wanted to kill just about every non-allied famiglia.

But if Tsuna ever attempted to destroy the Vongola purposefully or incidentally then the brat shouldn’t be surprised if Xanxus kills him. Tsuna might have Hyper-Intuition but really, that’s not foolproof or something to rely on.

Assassins exist to take advantages of weakness like that and Hyper-Intuition can be fooled; Xanxus has had practice with Nono, Nono’s sons and Iemitsu. He can fool it..

The most important and difficult thing would be getting the ring to accept him but better a false Vongola than the real Vongola who can’t even or desires to do anything that would harm the Vongola.

He may not be able to become Decimo himself, so it’s a dim second-best to make sure that idiot doesn’t get himself permanently dead or the Vongola damaged beyond repair. Xanxus being the Head of the Varia gives him a lot more time to devote to other things including those that threatened the Vongola than being Decimo would.

Plus he’s become fond of the Varia’s autonomy.

Psstt @simple-symphonia!! Here is a super-duper belated birthday fic for you! Hope your studying is going well my dear meme!!! ┻┳|·ω·)و ̑̑

Matsukawa had been looking restless for a while now, Hanamaki noticed with a little frown.

They, along with Oikawa and Iwaizumi, had been sitting in the school’s library for a little over an hour, but Matsukawa, usually the most focused of the four (Oikawa and Iwaizumi bickered almost as much as they studied, and Hanamaki found it almost impossible not to join in half the time), had barely written anything in his notebooks and had answered much fewer questions in his practice exams than the others. He kept pulling his phone out of his pocket and then shoving it back in, occasionally looking disappointed, or else just twitchy. It wasn’t quite like him, and after what was probably the sixteenth time he had put his phone away again, Hanamaki couldn’t take it anymore.

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My daughter died on her sixth birthday. A man just handed me photos of her seventh.

I cannot describe to you how I feel right now. What I’m experiencing is so detached from the normal, I’m almost convinced I’ve finally gone insane.

My wife, Bea, died during childbirth. She was gorgeous, funny, intelligent – stubborn. A woman whose laugh was so loud eating in restaurants was a challenge, and whose stare was so intense it made my hands shake. I lost her, as she gave birth to our daughter.

Of course, I could have resented Sam. For taking away what was once mine in a way nothing else can be. For taking what was so truly and utterly pure. But I didn’t. I knew Bea wouldn’t have wanted any resentment. She wouldn’t have wanted our only child to have a life ruined by hate.

But this isn’t about grief. This isn’t about the physical sucker punch of losing forever something you loved. This is about something far more sinister.
My daughter was lively, always running and screaming, leaping up and down the climbing frame – causing havoc in her nursery classes. So for her sixth birthday, a trip with friends to the movies had left her so pent up with energy I could barely keep up with her as she dipped and dodged between people on the pavement. She’d occasionally turn back, through the sea of people and shout “Daddy, come on!” in a tone that was almost petulant. I couldn’t help but love her.

I tried to chase her, I really did. She was too busy looking at me when she dashed out into the road, and the bus didn’t have time to stop. A sickening crunch, and the world fell silent. I cradled her broken form in my arms, too numb to weep, too hurt to move. All I could feel was the warm blood gently seep into my clothes. In the state of shock I was in, I could just think about how I was going to wash my jeans. It sounds horrid, I know – but a loss like that tears everything away from you and leaves you with only the bare thought process that make us human.

The next week was a blur. I cannot place a single memory to a time, in between friends and family extending their condolences, and the howling sobs of mine that would break out at any moment – a door slamming, the gentle hum of the fridge or voices laughing on the radio.

I attended her funeral dressed all in black. By dressed, I don’t mean merely clothes, my very essence was dark. I couldn’t feel, or think and the day continued as I went through the motions, like a dying man treading water. Everyone wanted to tell me about Sam, and how perfect she was – what an angel she was, as if I didn’t know. As if I didn’t realise what a gift my own daughter was.

The man, stood out from the rest, as he walked up to me and handed me this large leather book. I assumed, at the time, he was a parent of one of Sam’s friends, handing me a collection of their photos together. Or maybe I was too numb to even process his cold hands, and how he never mentioned my daughter once.

For a month, I was lost. I drank, and stayed in our now empty apartment alone, watching old boxsets – too numb now to even cry. It was only when my sister arrived, when she held my hand and talked to me that I began to come out of my shell. She’d sit and listen to the most inane things I said, and gently coaxed me out of my depression. Not completely, but enough for me to begin to live what was almost a real life again.

That was when I opened the book. I’d decided to remember Sam for all the joy she gave, and was prepared to reflect on her life without feeling miserable.
I opened to the first page. It was essentially a binder, full of Polaroid photos of my daughter growing up. I furrowed my brow. They were taken from a distance, blurred slightly – and I was in a few of them.

I began to feel sick, but hoped that the following photos would provide some explanation. I came up with every excuse of how the man obtained these photos, desperate to view the moments of my daughter’s life without a sense of trepidation. The photos grew closer and closer to my daughter’s birthday. I could see the day I gave her a tiny bike after she turned five, and the skinned knees that ensued. The book had so many more pages, that I assumed the rest were empty.

But there was a photo of her just before the movies on her sixth birthday - I could recognise the pink raincoat she insisted on wearing, and my hands on her shoulders.

There was no photo of the crash.
Instead, her life continued inside this book. Her seventh birthday had a photo of me and her in the garden, covered in paint – with a huge canvas on the floor and an extremely messy painting. Her seventh birthday.
Her seventh birthday.

The reality of what I was seeing hit me then and I slammed the book shut. I sat there, at the kitchen table staring at the leather. This must be some sadistic photoshop, I hoped, someone had taken the time to pull a horrid prank on me. I say I hoped, because essentially – I couldn’t believe the other explanation. If there even was one.

Gritting my teeth, I decided I had nothing to lose and kept reading.
I can’t explain the emotions I felt whilst I read accurately, listening to the sound of the page turning. I can try, but nothing could prepare you for something like this.

Her life continued, showing her losing her baby teeth, her first day of senior school. My turning of the pages became more frenzied, and I began to notice something. The photographer was getting closer. Closer to her. As she grew older – not in every photo, but a general trend – the photographer was getting closer and closer. More daring, perhaps.
She was beautiful. Stunning. As a teenager she looked just like her mother, all curls and smiles. I grew older too, but the photos began to include me less and less.

Her sixteenth birthday was strange. A group of her friends, sitting outside, drinking from little plastic cups at a picnic. But there was someone in the background. Near the bushes of the park where this was taken, a dark figure stood. You wouldn’t have noticed him, if not for the small shadow he cast on the grass.

I leant back for a moment and exhaled. This was too weird. I’d been so caught up in watching my little girl grow up I hadn’t thought about how this would end. Moments like this, are so utterly surreal that sometimes you remove yourself from them. I almost felt like I was watching myself read these, like this was a dream, or a program on the television.
I continued.

The dark figure became more and more present in each photograph. I could almost make out features. His presence was towering, and as I turned the page I expected to see him disappear. But instead, as the photographs grew closer to her eighteenth (each birthday was marked by a caption underneath the Polaroid saying “Another year.”) she was no longer somewhere I recognised.
Instead, the photos were of her in a dimly lit house. Her face contorted by fear, striking all sorts of weird poses. Sometimes she would be dressed like an ancient queen or she would be dressed like a maid scrubbing the floors, the figure was there even closer now. His legs, or his arm would appear in each and every one. No matter how she was dressed, in every photo her face had this desperately pained expression. It killed me. There were bruises on her face. She looked thin, ill even.
I couldn’t do it.
This was sick. Properly sick.
My girl.
I soldiered on.

The last photo I looked at, before I slammed the book shut and swore to never, ever look at it again was of her eighteenth. The caption underneath read “At last!” in sloppy writing.

She was looking straight at the camera, crying. She was on her knees, dressed in a black evening dress – with an apple in her mouth and her hands bound behind her back. Her makeup was ruined by her tears. It was as if she was pleading me, begging me to help. But I couldn’t.
I closed the book and left the room, my whole body convulsing with sobs.
I couldn’t call the police, of course. She was dead.
The thing that keeps me up at night, isn’t the content of what I saw.
It’s that there were so many pages left.

Bad Omega

A little fluffy drabble that would actually be fun to expand into a longer story. But not now. I’m sleepy… 

“And how much for a second date?” Talia Hale asks, flicking through the paperwork.

Stiles raises his eyebrows. “I’m not sure you understand the arrangement, Alpha Hale. There will be no second date.”

This is awkward. From the moment Talia Hale walked in, Stiles has been fighting the urge to leap up and flee. Okay, so she’s sitting between him and the door of the coffee shop, but there’s probably a back entrance through the kitchen, right? Because the thing is, Talia Hale knows him. And she doesn’t just know him, she also knows his dad. Because she is the mayor of their small town, and Stiles’s dad is the sheriff, and this is something Stiles would really hate for them to bring up in small talk before their weekly meetings at Town Hall.

“Alpha Hale, how are things?”

“Good, Sheriff. Oh, by the way, did you know your son is as good as prostituting himself while he’s away at college?”

Because while it’s not actually true, it also kind of is?

Stiles is an omega. Omegas still get looked at sideways for going out after dark without a chaperone. So setting up an online service where he’s paid to go on dates? It walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck but, really, it’s not a duck.

Because alphas are bound by just as much stupid tradition as omegas. But more than a few of them resist the hell out of the matches their parents make for them. Which is where Stiles comes in. Stiles is the alternate omega the parents present in the spirit of fairness. The one that suddenly makes their first choice look a hell of a lot better. The one that makes the alpha think they’ve just dodged a bullet.

Stiles is very, very good at his job.

“This all seems very…” Talia Hale trails off before she can finish that thought.

Mean? Sneaky? Underhanded? Stiles has heard it all before. But also, he has a student debt to repay.

“Is stacking the deck such a bad thing when it’s your child’s happiness at stake?” Stiles asks.

It’s blatant manipulation. Most of the parents Stiles deals with don’t give a damn about their child’s happiness. They only give a damn about the size of the dowry their chosen omega is bringing, the reputation of the omega’s family, and their future grandkids’ pedigrees. But the parents all love it when Stiles flatters their egos by pretending it’s not about those things at all.

“No,” Talia says with a smile. “I suppose it’s not.”


Stiles sits in his shitty apartment and eats his ramen and tries to think about which terrible life choices he’ll highlight on his upcoming date with Derek Hale. He knows Derek Hale in a kind of ‘holy Zeus that guy is burning like the sun and oh my god Scotty he’s looking this way—hide!’ way, but he doesn’t know him, know him. Derek is a few years older than Stiles. He was already in college by the time Stiles hit high school. Derek Hale probably vaguely knows who Stiles is because of their parents’ jobs, and because when they were growing up an awkward six years apart they sometimes had to go to the same boring community events, or fundraisers, or whatevers. From what Stiles knows about him, Derek is taciturn, kind of weirdly intensely glarey, and he wears clothes that cost more than Stiles’s Jeep.

So Stiles should probably go with his skinny jeans, his faded ACDC shirt, and his favorite Converse, right? The pair where the right sole is peeling, and sometimes makes a weird sucking noise when he walks.

He checks his email, and finds out that Talia has filled out the questionnaire.

Derek is currently doing his Masters in Comparative Literature. Which, comparatively boring, but beside the point. He has a totally unblemished record—both academic and criminal—and really doesn’t seem like the sort of guy who would refuse to marry the omega his parents chose. Like, really. Derek Hale seems about as rebellious and unpredictable as a pet rock. But Stiles supposes still waters run deep and all that.

He checks out the competition instead.

Kate Argent. Older than Derek, but totally hot. She’s got a degree in journalism, and a job as a reporter with a local TV news station. She’s from a rich family too, and looks like she’s just at the right age when those omega urges will kick in and she’ll want a bunch of gorgeous babies. Stiles actually can’t see why Talia Hale needs him to make Kate Argent look good. Because Kate Argent already looks pretty damn perfect.

Derek Hale’s an idiot if he’s stringing Kate along.

He needs to lock that down. And, once Stiles shows him how exactly non-green the grass is on the other side of the fence, it’ll be weddings bells and babies as far as the eye can see.


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EXO as mythical creatures

This request is the reason I wrote that Xiumin incubus imagine - now I can’t stop thinking about it!

Xiumin: There is no one who knows how to use his perfect mixture of cute and sexy as this incubus. He stars in every wet dream and feeds on sexual energy, leaving them tired. In everyday life, he’s a successful romance author.

Luhan: He’s an angel assigned to one human and then the next to be their guardian angel. Though he’s happiest when he can brighten the days of others just by playing games with them or drinking coffee with them like a human.

Kris: Dragon. Not surprising. He’s not a not a fiery western dragon, but a long Chinese dragon, powerful but benevolent. He protects the people and the place where he lives along with his hordes of basketball shoes and plushies.

Suho: The helpful wizard - he helps gardens grow and makes groceries feel lighter for the old ladies carrying them. Late at night, he practices flying on his broomstick. Plus he has the most spectacular fireworks at New Year’s.

Lay: He would be the kindest and most comforting reaper that anyone could ask for. He would be sympathetic, hopeful for their future on the other side, and show care as he attends their soul through death to the afterlife.

Baekhyun: If you call him a fairy, expect a nasty trick - he prefers the term sprite because his mischievous nature puts him on the same level as Puck. His magic is mostly used for good, though he’d never admit to helping out.

Chen: His singing is so beautiful, it could certainly lure someone to their death. As a siren, it is his entire purpose in life to perfect the beauty of his voice, though his songs are mournful because he doesn’t want to kill anyone.

Chanyeol: He is definitely a werewolf, though for the most part, he is still just a pup who play fights with the others. He loves running with his pack around their territory, but enjoys going into town just as much to visit the shops.

D.O: This vampire has been around too long to put up with the inane ramblings or teasing jokes from young puppies (Yeol). Over the years, he has gained much more self control over hunger for blood, violence, and sex.

Tao: He is a ghost, though he has not realized that he died yet, which is probably a good thing because he’s so afraid of them. Once, after one talked to him, he hid behind Suho, who had to warn him silently not to tell.

Kai: Jongin’s perfection in dancing and looks make him the quintessential muse to artists - the next manifestation of the muse, Terpsichore. He has lent his help to aspiring dancers, choreographers, musicians, and visual artists.

Sehun: A very accomplished demon, he has bought the souls of many mortals through bargains and his dangerously stunning looks. As seductive as he is during the bargain, he is just as cruel when it is time for payment.

- Admin J

anonymous asked:

Any delicious angesty damian thoughts? I love that bean, especially with angst lol

(Yes please ask me because I have so many. Thanks for this :D )

Damian’s upbringing was the kind where he was taught everything, at some point he realized he was more knowledgeable than many of the members of the league around him. At some point he got used to knowing more. He was expected to after all.

Fast forward to Damian with Bruce and Dick. The realization that he’s no longer the one with the most knowledge comes slowly. First its things he can understand, things that make sense for him not to know about. Gotham focused things, or fighting techniques. Father has been trained by the best after all.

‘That isn’t how you work with a team Damian.’ ‘That’s not the way Penguin does things.’ ‘This is how the lenses in your mask work.’ He hears these a lot in his first days as Robin and he gets used to it. Its like when Mother would bring by a new tutor.

Then he starts to notice other things he doesn’t know. The first he counts as a fluke. He can’t use the coffee maker in the manor because it’s one of those expensive kinds with lots of buttons. Then Dick is explaining something to him and he misses the meaning of a piece of slang Dick uses.

The things start piling up the more he gets out of the manor and mixes with other people. He doesn’t understand the culture. Why are people so busy in Gotham? Why is the language so informal? Doesn’t anyone respect their elders?

His frustration builds and Dick notices it, but his advice is just that ‘it will get better.’ And he offers to explain anything Damian is confused on. Except he doesn’t understand. Damian should know this. He knows everything. Questions are a weakness.

Damian learns, he studies culture, history, people, mannerisms. Tim gets convinced that Damian’s plotting something when he catches him watching him for days on end.

And still he misses things. Easter comes around and Dick is gushing about some inane thing called an Easter Egg hunt. Tim is explaining he and the barista are just ‘talking’ Damian doesn’t understand how speaking to one another means they are dating or not dating.

And he won’t ask. It’s not that questions are weakness to him anymore. Grayson taught him to question things. No. He cant ask because he refuses to see the pity on Dick’s face. Or hear the scoffing laugh of Tim. He doesn’t want Father to look sad about what Damian missed.

So he bottles up his frustration and keeps going. Keeps trying to get back to that place where he knows everything again, where the world feels right, and where he feels like he belongs.

In My Way - Chapter 6

AO3 link, First Chapter

Genre: Chaptered. Actor!Dan AU, fluff, bit of angst, slow burn, getting together (eventually)

Summary: Fiction. Daniel Howell is 21 and Britain’s newest star. He’s just been cast in the much-anticipated film adaption of Last Man Standing, the popular teen fantasy novel with a huge fanbase hanging off his every tweet. In other words, Dan has made it big.

Phil Lester couldn’t care less. He’s a stressed out PHD student working part time at a bookshop while he struggles to get into post-production. He’s 26 and still lives in a tiny flat on the fifth floor of a building with a lift more broken than it is in use. He loves books, but he thinks big film adaptions screw with the plot too much.

Needless to say, Phil is less than impressed when Last Man Standing is getting filmed in his hometown. And he certainly doesn’t want anything to do with obnoxious, arrogant, so irritatingly perfect leading actor Daniel Howell.

Warnings: Swearing, Ace!Phil, Bi!Dan, slight a- and bi-phobia, discussions of sexuality

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random aus

They’ve prolly been mentioned before somewhere else but meh i’m gonna do it anyway have some aus

  • “I’m a dancer and was trying out this new move in public but accidentally crashed into you and you got hurt so I brought you to a nearby clinic and I am so fucking sorry about that what can I do to make it up for you (also fuck I broke a hot person’s arm I am absolute trash)”
  • “I am legit the BEST fucking cheater in this classroom I have never been caught once but then YOU came along and found out that I had marked the windows with a special ink that is only visible through the type of material I made these glasses out of and I REFUSE to be beaten by you I’m gonna find a way to cheat successfully in your class I swear”
  • “I am a new teacher and I encourage all of my students to try and cheat through my class because the subject I’m teaching centers around problem-solving and critical thinking and if you ACTUALLY find a way to cheat without me knowing then you’re utilizing the knowledge properly”
  • “There’s a curse on this entire city and we literally cannot speak without it being a direct line from any song at all which is why I’m explaining it to you using this note also my singing voice is terrible”
  • “I accidentally wrote your last name instead of mine when I was writing my full name in the test and I totally forgot about it but then the teacher suddenly started giggling to herself in the middle of the class and I didn’t know until she called both of us to the front”
  • “My dog escaped last night and so did your dog but when my dog came back your dog followed her and is now trying to bang her and um this is kinda awkward”
  • “We accompanied both of our little siblings/cousins to this birthday party and now we’re handcuffed together because the shitty magician they hired fucked up his trick and is now trying to convince all the kids that the reason the cuffs wouldn’t come off is because destiny is binding us together do you wanna corner him later and beat the shit out of him”
  • “I just asked the most inane question in the entire world rhetorically but then you barged in and gave a legit response and I actually didn’t know that and now I am ashamed”
  • “My little siblings LOVE going to this trashy pizzeria so I pass the time by beating all the high scores on every single arcade game they have but then one day someone beat all of my high scores by exactly 100 points and I KNOW it’s the same person because they used the same fucking name on the scoreboards each time my pride is on the line who the hell did this I will fight them”
  • “So this couple just passed by and they’re singing to each other and all of a sudden the passerbys just joined in and it’s become one huge musical number and suddenly I know the song and start dancing along then started dancing with you and we had the same confused/horrified looks on our faces and then the music stopped and everyone went back to normal like nothing happened and we’re just looking at each other and we’re so confused are we in a Disney movie”
  • “The local government hired me to paint a mural on this extremely long and blank wall and I’m pretty sure I only started at end of the wall I didn’t do the stuff at the other end but somehow the entire thing is coming together as this panorama story thing and I NEED to know who that other artist is because really they’re making my job easier plus their work is beautiful”
  • “I’m the English lit teacher and no one must know that I write fanfiction of my own students and publish them online so I’m TERRIFIED when I learn that you - the art teacher - know about everything but turns out you make fanart for them and turns out we’re both fans of each other’s work online do you wanna work together and hook these guys up”
  • “This really fast paced song came on and I started dancing to it using these dance moves from this very specific video somewhere and it turns out you know the moves too so we end up dancing together and now everyone is staring at us I don’t even know you’re name”
  • “Am I cross-dressing at this costume party yes yes I am and it’s fantastic”
  • “We’re both at this costume party held by mutual friends and you’re dressed as the person I heavily ship with the person I’m dressed as also you’re cute can you pls make this ship come true for a while for me I’ll buy you a honey bagel”
  • “I just met you but I’m PRETTY sure you’re literally Captain America no really what is a perfect specimen you doing in this danky-ass coffee shop that I work at is that your drawing oh my gods you really ARE Steve Rogers aren’t youuuu”
  • “Did you actually fucking make a fully functional technological suit of armor for this cosplay competition- oh my gods you DID I’m gonna have to step up my game during the presentation. What the hell though you should be making a self-sustaining energy source or something not wasting your talents on a fucking cosplay convention”
  • “I animate a bunch of music vids on YouTube and decided I’d try out doing a cover for this one song so I go out of my way to use and actual recording studio because my mic is shit and I’m really flustered about singing this in front of a total stranger but you’re being really supportive and keep giving me tips for making my voice sound better and eventually we end up singing a duet and it sounds amazing and I am subjected to listening to it over and over again and I end up animating a love story using our vocals and it’s got so much positive feedback and they want us to do another duet? What? No, I didn’t make it a love story bec I fell for you at first sight what no”
  • “My jam went on while on the bus and it’s REALLY hard not to dance to it in my seat and you’re staring at me weirdly I apologize for being a strange creature but you don’t understand this song is perfection”
  • “We’re the only two people in the class who know how to sing this one Russian lullaby and the whole class goes totally silent while we do a duet and apparently it sounds REALLY creepy when we sing it wanna dress as dead Russian children and sing together in random dark alleyways”
  • “The teacher accidentally left his music playing on his laptop so when he opened it it started playing a Japanese song very loudly and we just start belting out the lyrics we’ve memorized by heart and I’ve never really talked to you but you seem like a cool person plus you’re singing voice is great why is the teacher looking at us with sparkly eyes
  • “I make really cheesy/nerdy pick-up lines and usually when I tell them to people they groan at how terrible they are but then you overheard me telling one and cut in with an equally cheesy/nerdy pick-up line so now we’re just shooting each other pick-up lines back and forth”
  • “I play the cello really weirdly and you play the guitar really weirdly so our friends decide to hook us up and now we’re composing a hella good song it’s gonna be a huge hit”
  • “You are literally sparkling in the sunlight are you okay you’re not a Twilight vampire or a shoujo character are you?”
  • “I am a tech wizard and am so sorry for your loss, and I will do my best to try and restore your laptop to its former glory with minimal pay, also you should probably avoid looking at funny videos and drinking milk at the same time”
  • “What the hell kinda vine are you tryna make that involves me holding onto your legs as you dangle haphazardly out your apartment window that is on the eighteenth floor”
  • “That is the most neon shirt I have ever seen a person bear to wear pls burn it”
  • “As your doctor I would advise you to stop from using yourself as reference I don’t care if it’s for your novel you can’t just walk into a bar and ask the biggest guy you can find to punch you really hard in the shoulder my gods”

I’ll add more when I think of them if yer gonna use them tag me maybe idk