i love that he still supports her so much

about the elephant emojis

taken from emojipedia


a sweet baby, wants to be friends. trying their best.


a blue boi !!!! hes really friendly but knocks things over a lot. i love him.


wow there he is !!!!! he sure walks!!! o boy hes doin fine !!!!!!


very loving and gentle, just a baby. needs to escape where she lives.


his name is bob and he’s a father of three. i love him and support him.


oh man!!!!! shes a little on the wild side, even though she looks a lil plain. she might steal ur water with her beautiful trunk!!!!


a noble elephant!!! they protect their family and yours. likes to pose.


awwww. she;s a little shy and doesnt think shes all that much but!!! shes so good!! she loves her friends! :’)))


a small boy, still a baby! really wants to be a firefighter and has to be told not to spray things with water sometimes. he likes to help ppl!


this guy may look pure, but theyre a little mischievous! they like apples. 


another blue !!! this guys on the older side, but he still tries to take care of his friends and family. loves babies. i trust him 100%.

like i feel fareeha has a lot of behind the scenes development.

in her comic, despite being conflicted due to wanting to live up to her mother, her soldiers still follow her into battle without hesistation. when the omnic on her team dies, he apologizes. shes a tough leader, yes, but she supports them and they do lean on her instinctively. yeah shes a little emotionally distant from her squad at first, but imagine trying to hide that your mother is alive, being bitter with that, while also being responsible for the lives of civilians and soldiers alike and constantly having to maintain a public image bc of your status with the raptora suit

but then u see how soldiers look at her, you see her smiling at reinhardt and going fishing with him  and having posters of him (clearly an old soldier who she has high respect for) and u see her literally state that she wants to protect others at all costs, that she stands for justice and equality 

likes shes a soldier but shes also a girl… shes got a lot of emotional depth even in just her laugh emote, wherein she starts laughing genuinely and catches herself, THEN stops abruptly– like shes trying to maintain an image that shes super tough and battle ready instead of admitting that shes human too and sometimes she just wants to damn giggle

imagine her meeting a kid who tells her that they have fareehas poster on their wall. imagine her face lighting the hell up. like she is to this kid what reinhardt is to her. shes an idol for a younger generation. she can influence kids to grow up kind, to stand up for whats right in the world, to be tough in the face of adversity

dont tell me fareeha wouldnt absolutely cry tears of joy over it

The Arrangement: Chapter Four

Author’s Note: Thank you soo much for all the support so far, everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying The Arrangement so far, I’m loving writing it :) 

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“She is stronger than we first thought,” Snoke’s hologram spoke.

“I agree,” Kylo replied.

“Accelerate her training. If the Princess is showing this potential after one day, she is ready to begin exploring her use of the Force.”

“Her combat skills are still lacking,” Kylo informed Snoke, remembering how he had easily struck and dodged her yesterday.

“But her mental strength compensates for that.”

“For the time being, yes,” Kylo said, “But I cannot forgo her weapons training, she will be useless with a lightsaber.”

“You underestimate the strength of the mind, Ren.”

Kylo lowered his head slightly. She’s my apprentice, not yours.

“Very well,” Snoke sneered, as if he had read Kylo’s thoughts, “You will continue with both mental and physical training. But be aware that her utilisation of the Force is different to yours. Clearly, she will not need to rely on her physical strength in the way that you do.”

“Yes, Supreme Leader.”

“I see the beginnings of an immensely powerful Force user here, Commander. I trust you will take care of her well.”

Kylo nodded, “Of course.”

It had been three weeks since you first arrived on Starkiller Base, and you were absolutely exhausted.

Shortly after your eventful first day, Kylo informed you that the Supreme Leader wanted your training to be accelerated. You soon found out that this meant training all day long. Even in the fleeting moments you had to yourself, you barely had to time to recover from the demanding days you spent with your mentor.

In the evenings when you would retire to your shared quarters with Kylo, few words would be exchanged between you. You could tell that he too would be tired from the day’s work, and in all honesty, you grew weary of one another’s presence after such long days together. In fact, he would rarely spend more than ten minutes in your quarters before leaving again and not returning until morning to wake you up. His behaviour left you confused to say the least.

As for the marriage, you two were barely acquaintances. Though you had spent more than enough time with one another to at least become friendly, you knew nothing about him. Your conversations were focused on your training, or perhaps a question about the First Order if you were feeling particularly brave that day.

You had grown frustrated with him. It had always been your understanding that a sort of bond was meant to develop between mentors and their apprentices. At the very least, you wanted to him to be a friend. Maker knows you needed one on this isolated Base.

“…Friends are weaknesses.”

Your eyes shot open and you suddenly remembered where you were. In the training room—of course— sitting on a chair that you could tell was used for interrogations. This wasn’t an interrogation, though it certainly felt like one. Kylo had restrained you to the chair, and had spent the last twenty minutes poking and prodding your mind.

“Get out of my head,” you seethed.


“Get out.”

Make me,” you heard him taunt you inside your head.

Tears were threatening to spill from your eyes as you felt him take every single memory in your mind. Every thought, every feeling.

“I hate you,” you growled.

“No you don’t, Princess,” he said, “Trust me, I know,” he said, gesturing to his head.

You had had enough. You hated his training method. Push you to the brink of a complete meltdown just to unlock the Force within you. Certainly, it worked. But you couldn’t stand it.

Please,” you sounded defeated.

“If you want me to stop, then you must force me to stop.”

“I don’t know how!” You exclaimed as a tear ran down your cheek.

“You’ve done it before. Focus.”

You felt him digging deep within your mind, settling on a memory of you and your brother chasing one another in the throne room. You smiled, oh how you missed your family.

“Stop getting distracted.”

He was right. You let out a deep sigh, trying to force his presence out of your mind.

“Good. Keep going.”

With every grunt of effort, you could feel Kylo’s hold on your mind growing weaker and weaker.

She’s doing it. You had nothing to worry about.

What? Was that just Kylo’s voice you heard in your mind? You kept your expression plain as you tried pushing further.

She’ll be stronger than you one day. The Supreme Leader already senses it.

“What—what are you doing?” You heard Kylo’s voice speak aloud, faltering slightly.

Don’t let her see how lonely you are. Don’t let her—

“Enough!” Kylo bellowed and in an instant you were freed of your restraints and flying across the room the way you had once done to him.

You hid the discomfort you felt and stood up, wobbling the slightest bit before glaring at him, “Don’t get angry at me. This is exactly how I feel when you read my thoughts!”

“This is part of your training!” He barked, “I am your ment—”

“My Mentor, yes. You think I would have figured that out by now since you like to remind me a thousand times a day,” you snapped before storming out of the room. It was night now, training for the day was surely about to end soon anyway.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Kylo shouted as he followed you.

Two Storm Troopers who were walking by you quickly diverted their gazes to the floor, absolutely terrified at the sight of two seething Force users.

Kylo didn’t try to stop you, not knowing what you were capable of in this emotional state.

You marched straight towards your quarters, slamming the code into the wall and rushing in when the blast doors started opening.

Kylo trailed in behind you, “You can’t throw tantrums when you don’t get your way!” He growled as he threw his helmet off.

“Hypocrite,” you huffed as you stormed into your bedroom.

“What do you think Supreme Leader Snoke would have done if I behaved that way during my training?” Kylo asked you angrily.

“I don’t care!”

“Stop being so ungrateful!”

“Ungrateful? Have you ever stopped to think about how I feel about all this?!” You exclaimed, “I’m the one who had to leave their home and family, I’m the one who has to be subjected to your ridiculous training hours!”

Kylo seemed taken aback by your words. He couldn’t help but think about how your situation reminded him very much of himself when he first arrived to Snoke. He ignored the thought.

“The Supreme Leader has given you the chance to make something of your life, not just waste away as a good for nothing Princess!”

Calm down, Y/N. Stay calm. You steadied your breathing, “You’re right.”

“What?” Kylo was genuinely surprised at your change in emotion.

“The Supreme Leader has given me an excellent opportunity and I will not allow you to ruin that.”

“I’m not ruining anything,” he mumbled.

“You’re ruining everything! I’m completely lost in this world, your world. And you make no effort to try and change that.”

“That’s not true,” Kylo hadn’t actually thought about you must have been feeling.

“You barely talk to me!”

“We’re talking now, aren’t we?”

You huffed, “This isn’t talking. This isn’t a proper conversation. You are my mentor, my… husband, and I know nothing about you.”

“And what exactly do you want to know, Princess?”

“Something… anything!”

He sighed, “I think you make a good student.”

“Something about you,” you said, crossing your arms expectantly.

Kylo hesitated for a moment before hardening his facial expression, “I don’t need to tell you anything.”

“Why do you leave every night?” You pressed. You needed to get something out of him.

“That is none of your concern.”

You laughed, “These were your quarters before they became mine. This was your bed before I started sleeping in it. I can tell when someone is avoiding me.”

“I’m not…avoiding you.”

You frowned, “I understand that this arrangement is hard for you too. You didn’t ask to marry a complete stranger just to gain an apprentice. But like it or not, I saw into your mind today, Kylo. You are the most feared man in the galaxy and yet you feel so lonely.”

He remained silent, “Why should that bother you?”

“I’ve been here almost a month! With the amount of time we spend together, do you realise we could have become good friends by now?”

“I told you,” he seethed, “Friends are weaknesses.”

“Then by that logic, apprentices are weaknesses. Wives are weaknesses. Anyone you let into your life can become a weakness if you make them one.”

He stayed silent.

“I’m lonely too, you know,” you said quietly. Kylo looked up at you curiously, “Most of my time here is spent with you, and you barely talk to me as it is. I haven’t made a single friend on this base. I’ve hardly even met anyone else on this base. For all I know, they could all hate me and I would be completely oblivious to it.”

“You are under my protection, no one will harm you here,” he said.

You were surprised by that. It was the first real sentence he had uttered to you that sounded as if might remotely care for your wellbeing.

“Of course I care for your wellbeing. You are my apprentice,” he said quickly.

“And your wife,” you mumbled, ignoring the fact that he had just read your thoughts.

“Yes, that too.”

“So why do you leave every night? The bed is huge, it’s not like we would even have to come remotely near one another.”

“I know we can share this bed,” he gestured to it, “But you shouldn’t have to. You said it yourself, we married strangers. You are my wife, but that doesn’t mean you need to submit yourself to me.”

You nodded, understanding where he was getting at. Sighing, you looked up at him, “You know, we really could become friends if you bothered talking to me more.”

“I know,” he said, picking up his helmet. “Goodnight, Princess,” he said before putting the helmet back on.

“Goodnight, Commander,” you whispered as you watched him leave your quarters. You just couldn’t figure him out.


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Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.

Every Rose Has its Thorn - Chapter 20 (FINAL)

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Every Rose Has its Thorn

I Hate That I Love You :

Victoria couldn’t believe she saw him but there he was, drinking and dancing his like there was no tomorrow. She had entered the club with Natalie and a few of her friends, this kind of thing still feeling like second nature to her. She only had Jiyong to thank for that. There he was entering her mind again. Well, he never left.

She was in the crowd on the dance floor. While he was at the bar, he saw her, but he convinced himself that he was too drunk to know for sure. Victoria had to do a double then triple take when she saw him. It was him, Jiyong. No, it couldn’t be him, how could it? When did he get here and why? There was only one explanation; Taeyang spilled the beans and now Jiyong was here looking for her. But still, she didn’t think he cared enough to go this far.

She thought about approaching him but would it be right? His state didn’t look good but it was most likely her fault anyway. He also most likely won’t remember a thing in the morning, so what would the point be? They had ended it, why couldn’t they both just accept that?

She kept her distance when he was on the dance floor dancing like a drunk would. She thought he would have accepted the other girls trying to dance against him but he ended up turning his back and ignoring them. How could he still care that much?

Even though no one else in the room (besides Natalie) would know about them, she couldn’t help but still feel second hand embarrassment when he got on top of the bar and started dancing and screaming like a nutcase. Victoria’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she looked up at him. He didn’t seem to be aware of anything else that was going on around him, so she didn’t waste anymore time and made her way to the front of the crowd.

“Oh no.” Victoria sighed at the sight. The bartender was yelling at Jiyong to get down but he didn’t seem to hear.

“Oh wow.” Natalie said surprised but then laughed. “When did he get here?”

“I have no idea.” Victoria replied before approaching the bar and attempting to shout as loud as she could over the music and everyone else yelling and cheering, “Ji! Jiyong get down from there! You’re making an ass out of yourself!”

It was no use, he didn’t hear her. He ended up tripping and falling off the bar counter. He was caught by two security guards who immediately began escorting him out.

“Oh don’t do that,” Victoria whined as she watched the guards take Jiyong to the door, “Don’t kick him out.”

Jiyong realized what was happening and tried to get out of their grips but he was no where near as strong as those guys were. He kept slurring his words, demanding that they put him down. They tossed him out the door and shut it, leaving him outside.

“I, I have something I have to do.” Victoria went back to Natalie, “I’ll try to be back as soon as I can, okay?”

“Okay,” Natalie nodded, “Try not to be gone all night.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Victoria assured her with a grin then left the club. She looked around, not seeing any sign of Jiyong. Where could he have possibly gone to so fast?

Looking from left to right, she decided to go left. She kept a sharp eye out for him, trying to keep her worried feelings to a minimum. She shouldn’t have to feel worried for him anymore, but then if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be looking for him right now.

Just when she was about to pass the club building, she heard a stressed and agonized moan. Turning her head, she saw Jiyong sitting on the ground in the alleyway with his back against the wall. His eyes were shut but he was obviously still awake. His head kept tilting in all directions until he finally tilted his head back against the wall.

She took a deep breath of courage and walked towards him. His eyes fluttered open barely halfway and looked right at her but in the next moment he blacked out and his body fell to the side unconscious. Victoria sighed in stress.

“What am I gonna do with you?” Victoria shook her head. She definitely couldn’t leave him here, but she wasn’t sure if she could carry him. She kneeled down and grabbed one of his arms, draping it over her shoulder, “Okay, we can do this. In three, two one,” Victoria then tried to stand up and lift him but he was complete deadweight so she fell down with him. She tried again, attempting to use the leg strength he always said she had. She pushed as hard as she could and was finally able to stand while holding Jiyong. As she made her way slowly out of the alley and to the sidewalk, she grimaced at him while she breathed heavily, “I’ll tell you one thing. You definitely weigh more than you look.”

Victoria managed to get a taxi and go to a nearby hotel. The driver was nice enough to help her carry Jiyong into the hotel lobby. After thanking him, she booked a room and used the god-sent elevator to take Jiyong up to the second floor. She had to limp a little in order to carry him to the room since the taxi driver had to leave of course. She had both arms wrapped around his waist to support him but had to release one arm so she could take the room card key out of her mouth and put it into the lock.

She pulled Jiyong inside, breathing a sigh of relief when she finally got him onto the bed. She decided to do the nice thing and take his shoes off for him and put the covers over his body. He looked so peaceful now, like he always did while he was asleep. She tried to push those kinds of thoughts out of her mind and just leave. She helped him, she did all she could do for him. There was no reason for her to still be there. However, she couldn’t fight the aching in her heart when she looked at him.

She missed him, she missed him so much. She regretted everything and wished she could take it all back, but she knew she couldn’t. She didn’t think their breakup was hurting him this badly. She was wrong to run away like she did, it wasn’t fair. She thought she didn’t want to see his face anymore and be reminded of the betrayal and the pain, but she was wrong. She was surprised to see him actually here, but she had never felt so thankful. The fact that he was willing to this far was enough to let her know how much he really cared. Why did she doubt him?

She made up her mind in that moment. She removed her own shoes and placed them next to his. She crawled into the bed right next to him and put herself close to him just like how they always used to. She nuzzled her face into his neck and linked an arm over his chest. This was how it was supposed to be. She didn’t want to leave him ever again, she wanted to forgive him and tell him she was sorry for running away and for saying they should break up for good.

She closed her eyes and took in his scent, savoring it since it would be the last time she’ll be able to for a long time. She wanted to forgive him, she wanted to say she was sorry, she wanted to stay with him and forget all he mistakes, but that was just it. She couldn’t forget. The way they started was just writing the path to an end like this. If only they had started the right way, maybe all this wouldn’t have happened. With that said, she knew all they needed was time. They needed time apart. They needed to be apart for a while and take the time to move on from the mistakes so it didn’t hurt anymore. They could be together again, but not now. They weren’t ready before and they weren’t ready now. They needed to grow up, they needed to learn and forget.

“You look familiar.”

“I think names can be saved for now.” Jiyong whispered into her ear. She couldn’t help but feel like his voice was a little familiar, like she had definitely heard it before. “Tonight, I’m just some guy.”

“So, I can say whatever I want and you won’t understand me?” Jiyong joked. “How about if I say, pancakes feel good on my feet!”

“I, understood that.”

“Oh you can’t understand when I compliment you but you can understand me when I say I like putting pancakes on my feet?”

“I’ve never seen someone as handsome and sexy as GD! He’s literally a perfect human being!” Jiyong teased her, laughing as he recited her diary. “He’s handsome, cute, talented, charming, what more could anyone ask for in a man?”

“Okay you had your laugh, now give it to me!” Victoria grumbled but that didn’t stop him.

“I had another dream about GD last night. I was hugging him and I didn’t want to ever let go it just felt so good and right!”

“I said give it to me!” Victoria had enough embarrassment and reached across her bed to pull him down onto it so she could grab the old diary from him. Her doing that only made him laugh more. He held the diary up away from her and nudged her hands away so she couldn’t grab it and continued reading just to mess with her more.

“I had another dream about GD, it was very dirty. My mom would be so mad at me if she knew I thought about such things sometimes, but I don’t care! I think GD is the sexiest most handsome man in the world!”

“Shut up!” She got on top of him and reached for the diary, but every time she got close he moved his arm so she couldn’t have it.

“I love GD so much!” He laughed then looked at her, smiling in the most teasing way possible. “Aww you love me?”

“No! I haven’t written in that thing for a long time. Now give that back before I hurt you.”

“You didn’t give me a chance to say it back.” Victoria grinned as she snuggled against him, her head resting on his chest.

“Then say it.” His lips formed a small smile as he stared up at the ceiling, his mind repeating all the recent events and feelings over and over again.

“I love you.”

Those were the good times. Remembering them only made her feel sad. Why did things have to go wrong? Victoria whispered as she fell asleep, feeling a tear fall from her cheek, “I hate that I love you.”

Time. Time was all they needed. Hopefully after that, they could be together again…

By morning Victoria was gone. She awoke early and was thankful Jiyong was still asleep. She slipped her shoes back on and left the room key for him to return. She forced herself to turn away and walk out the door, knowing if she looked back she would change her mind and stay. She couldn’t though, seeing her would only get his hopes up, hurt him more, and force something that was no longer there. She understood that he came all the way here to tell her he was sorry for everything, and she wanted to say the same, but there’s just some things that sorry can’t fix.

Before leaving the hotel, she asked the girl at the desk to have her name kept anonymous. Who knows if the girl would actually keep her word, but she needed some assurance that Jiyong wouldn’t know she was here. It’s what would be best for him anyway.

Victoria walked the entire way back to Isaac’s house, not caring about the pain in her feet from walking the distance in heels, or the fact that her hair and makeup looked slept in and was out in public, or even though she slept next to Jiyong the entire night she still felt as if she got no sleep at all.

Victoria’s phone ringing brought her mind back to reality since it was wandering while she walked like a zombie down the street. Looking at the caller ID, she saw it was Natalie.

“So much for not being gone all night.”

“I’m sorry, there was just something I had to do.” Victoria replied, her voice sounding tired and sad.

“What happened?”

“Jiyong passed out so I took him to a hotel. I stayed to keep an eye on him.”

“But you guys broke up.”


“So, are you guys like, back together now?” Victoria could’ve sworn Natalie’s voice sounded more hopeful than confused.

Victoria frowned. She made herself keep the tears in until she was alone back in bed. “No, we’re not.”

“I’m sorry.” Natalie’s voice now sounded sincere. “This is all my fault.”

“What are you talking about?”

“If I hadn’t kissed Jiyong that day then he wouldn’t have left, you wouldn’t have gotten upset with him, those incidents with Missy would’ve never happened, and you guys would still be together right now.”

“Nat, it’s not your fault so quit blaming yourself.” Victoria assured her, “It was Missy’s fault, and Jiyong’s stupid guy brain doing stupid guy things.”

Natalie laughed a little, “Yeah, that’s true too. Which reminds me, if I ever see that cousin of mine again I am slapping her across her prissy little face.”

“I already did that.” Victoria smirked, knowing Natalie would get a kick out of that visual.

“And this is why I love you.” Natalie laughed, “And I already disowned her so I guess that’s good enough don’t you think?”

“I think so.”

Natalie’s voice suddenly became sincere again, “I really am sorry, Victoria.”

“Don’t dwell on it.”


Victoria had hung up the phone by the time she got to Isaac’s house. There wasn’t any sign of him so she quickly made her way to his room and shut the door. She changed into shorts and a t-shirt, then climbed into bed, ready to lay there and hate everything.

Shortly after, the door opened and Isaac walked in.

“You’re back.” He commented, “Nat called me a few times last night worried about you.”

“What are you doing in here?” Victoria said with the covers pulled up to her nose. She was sure to wipe the tear she let slip down before he walked in.

“This is still my room,” He chuckled, “Hate to break it to you but I’m still granted full access. You’re just a squatter, remember?”

“Shut up.” Victoria tried to hold in the giggle that threatened to come out but she failed.

“So what are you doing in bed in the middle of the afternoon?”

“I’m tired.”

“Tired from what? Staying out all night?”

“None of your business.” Victoria turned and pouted then turned her back to him once again.

“Ri, I know you saw that Jiyong guy last night. Nat told me all about what happened at the club.” Isaac said as he came over and sat at the edge of the bed.

“You here to laugh about it?”

“Of course not. I feel bad for the guy actually.”

Victoria sat up, “You feel sorry for him?”

Isaac nodded, “Yeah. He’s going crazy because he realized what he lost.”

“Will you stop talking like I’m some awesome person or something? I’m really not that special.”

“Yes you are,” He reached over and tucked a piece of her long red hair behind her ear so he could see her pretty face better, “Are you planning on getting back with him?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“If you don’t, would you-would you consider-”

“I’m sorry,” Victoria already knew what it was he was trying to say; asking if she would consider taking him back, “Even though there’s no reason why I shouldn’t, I just don’t feel that way about you anymore.”

“Because of Jiyong?”

“No, it’s not because of Jiyong. I changed a lot since we broke up. Hell, you never thought I would have a friends with benefits relationship yet I was the one who initiated it.”

“You did?” His eyes widened a little at hearing that.

“Yeah,” Victoria nodded then lowered her head and sighed, “I can’t even remember why I did.”

“Because you liked him. I know that hasn’t changed about you.”

“Yeah, I did. I still do. I love the crap out of him, even after all this I still love the crap out of him.” Victoria felt herself starting to cry again. Isaac gently pulled her in so she could cry on his shoulder while he patted her head.

“I let myself think that guy was no good for you, and I let myself get my hopes up for getting back together with you. I guess that was stupid of me, right?”

“It was really stupid.” Victoria said through her tears.

Isaac chuckled slightly, “Try to finish up crying. We need to go.”

“Go where?”

“To your parents place. I think they’ll be happy to see you.”

Victoria lifted her head off his shoulder and pouted cutely, “Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“Hell yeah, I want my bed back.” Isaac ruffled her hair and got up. Of course she knew the real reason. He know fully understood that they were never going to get back together and her staying here wasn’t really needed for him anymore. It was for the best though, she didn’t want to burden him any longer and it wasn’t like she could stay here forever.


Victoria smiled in content, knowing everything was going to get a lot better now.

One year later…

Jiyong ruffled his orange hair as he walked down the hall, making his way to see Taeyang.

“Hey Youngbae,” Jiyong smiled as he greeted, “How was the photoshoot?”

“It was good,” Taeyang replied with a smirk, “You would think we would get some rest after the album before the tour but nope.”

“I have not once thought that.” Jiyong laughed, “We really need a vacation don’t we?”

“Yes we do. After the tour, where should we go?”

“I don’t know, we’ve been to a lot of places.” Jiyong pouted in thought.

“Yeah, for work.” Taeyang chuckled, “How about we go to Hawaii or something?”

“Sounds good.” Jiyong nodded.

“Hey, I’m about to go get some new headphones since these are no good anymore.” Taeyang showed him the old headphones, “Want anything while I’m out?”

“No, that’s okay.” Jiyong shooed him off while he played on his phone.

“Okay.” Taeyang made his way out of the YG building and down the street. A street food stand caught his eye and since he felt his stomach starting to rumble, he decided to go towards it. He greeted the man with a big smile, “Hi, just one.”

“Youngbae?” Taeyang heard an oddly familiar voice next to him. It’s been so long since he’s heard it, he would’ve thought he would have forgotten what she sounded like.

Taeyang turned his head to see exactly who he thought it was, “Missy?”

“It’s been a while.” Missy looked at him with big puppy eyes.

“Yeah,” Taeyang nodded awkwardly, “I thought you were in Japan.”

“I am. Can’t I visit here once in a while?”

“I didn’t say you couldn’t.” He tried smiling, “I just wasn’t expecting to see you here. It’s good to see you.”

Missy gave a single nod of agreement, “It’s good to see you too. You know, Youngbae, I’ve missed you a lot you know that?”

He saw her puppy look as anything but innocent. His expression was nonchalant and unamused. He was sad she was still exactly the same.

“I think that’s obvious.”

“What do you say we leave the past in the past and start over?” She tried to get close to him but he wasn’t phased at all.

“Sorry, I have a new girlfriend now.” Taeyang smiled confidently and took a bite of his food, “But thanks for the offer though. Enjoy your time back here!”

He gave her a wave then headed off, leaving her with her mouth hanging open. Did he just straight up reject her? Missy screamed, groaned, and stomped her feet where she stood, finally getting her ultimate comeuppance.

“I hate you Dong Youngbae!”

Victoria couldn’t help but feel so relieved to be back. In a weird way, it was like she created more memories here than she ever had back at home. She didn’t expect anything to seem familiar but it surprisingly was. It was like she never left.

She checked into her hotel and put down her suitcase and carry on. This would be the first time she’s ever apartment hunted here. Before, she already had a place and a roommate before she even arrived.

She received a message on her kakao from Natalie,

“Did you arrive yet?”

Victoria smiled as she replied, “Yes. You and your boyfriend don’t need to worry anymore now.”

“I’m not her boyfriend,” Isaac replied in their group chat, “Not yet anyway.”

“Shut up,” Natalie replied.

Victoria couldn’t help but laugh at the two of them, “Just stop messing around you two and just get together already!”

“Fat chance,” Natalie replied with a tongue emoji.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Isaac replied with about a dozen worried face emojis.

Victoria snickered and put her phone away to let them sort it out for themselves. She wanted peace for her walk anyway.

She left the hotel and let herself wander to wherever her feet would take her. She looked around at the stores, people walking to their destinations while she wasn’t sure what hers was yet. What made her decide to return here? She didn’t think to figure it, but it was finally time.

She stopped walking once she realized where her feet had taken her. She looked up at the familiar building, not quite sure what to feel. YG was the place she had wandered to. She simply stood there and stared at it for a minute or two, debating on whether she should try going in or not. Did she even feel ready to? It’s been so long, was there even a point anymore?

Jiyong shut down the computer and tossed his Gatorade bottle into the recycling on his way out of the room. Taeyang still hadn’t come back but it was okay since he felt like going home anyway. He planned on getting some well deserved rest just so he could wake up the next morning and work his butt off again and again like usual.

Jiyong took out his phone again as he walked towards the front doors, scrolling through comments on his Instagram. He didn’t even look up as he pushed the door open and walked out.

Victoria had turned around to leave. There was no point in being here. She stuffed her hands in her pockets and started walking away, trying to convince herself to never wander here again, not even to beg for her job back, she could easily find something else now.

Jiyong looked up to see which way he was supposed to go so he could remember where he parked his car. He suddenly froze when he spotted a girl with red hair walking away from the building. He tried to get a double take but he couldn’t get a good look at her face. He decided to try it.

“Victoria?” He called her name and to his happy surprise, she stopped. She slowly turned around, and there she was. It really was her. She had finally come back. He’s imagined this moment a thousand times in his head but now that it was actually happening, he had no idea what to feel.

“Hey.” She looked at him nervously, obviously feeling the same way he was right now.

“Hey.” He mimicked, seemingly in a daze just by being able to look at her face again. “You came back?”



“Today.” Victoria shrugged.

“What made you come back?”

“Oh well, I thought I would since my internship with this company recently ended, and I guess I sort of missed it here.”

“I see.” Jiyong nodded. “I’m preparing for a big world tour.”

“I know,” Victoria smiled sweetly, “I’ve been supporting your comeback.”

“Figures,” Jiyong smirked teasingly, “Do you still write in your diary about me too and stuff?”

His comment made Victoria laugh, “No.”

“That’s too bad.” He took a few steps closer, making them at arms length away now. “You know, red hair is a pain, how do you live with dying your hair that color all the time?”

Victoria shrugged again, “I don’t know. But I like the orange color, it suits you.”

“As does everything.” He grinned concededly.

She sighed as she smiled, “Yes, as does everything.”

Jiyong’s smiled changed from conceded to sincere. She couldn’t help but notice the way he was staring at her, as if admiring her in the most loving way possible, “I’ve really missed you.”

“You have?”

He nodded, stepping closer, “It’s really good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too.”

“Want to get some crappy coffee out of a vending machine?” Jiyong asked as he pointed his thumb back towards the YG building, “And maybe catch up a little?”

“Sure.” Victoria nodded and followed him into the building. He took her to the break room and got her and himself a coffee. They sat together and told each other what they’ve been up to for the past year. Jiyong’s doings of course were a little more obvious since he and the rest of BigBang released an albums following music videos and now an upcoming tour and all.

“Would you like to walk with me for a little bit?”

“Why not?” Victoria accepted and stood up with him. They walked around the building, continuing to tell the other some stories on what else they’ve been up to. Jiyong realized there was one more thing he forgot to ask.

“So, have you been seeing anyone?” He asked nervously.

Victoria shook her head, “Nope.”

“Really? What about that other guy? Was he mean?” Jiyong playfully punched his fist into his other hand, “Do I have to teach him another lesson?”

“No that’s okay,” She laughed at his silliness and he laughed with her, “What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Have you been seeing anyone?”

“Oh.” Jiyong shook his head, “Nope. It’s been just me for a while.”

It suddenly became awkwardly silent. They still slowly walked around together but didn’t say anything more. What should they do now? She hoped and hoped he would say something but he seemed to be nervous. What was he thinking about?

Jiyong suddenly paused, making her turn to look at him to see why he stopped walking.

“Hey, now that you’re back and everything,” Jiyong finally spoke, “Would it be okay if we met up again later or something?”

“Like, a date?”

To her surprise, he blushed as he shyly smiled, “Yeah, a date.”

She continued to tease him, “Like a real date?”

He laughed, “Yes like a real date!”

“Okay. I’ll see you later then.” Victoria gave him a shy smile in return and walked past him to go leave. He turned and watched her walk off, biting his lip as he thought about calling after her again. Should he? Did he want her to?

She did want him to. She thought about turning around and going back over to him but did he want her to do that? They already made this mistake once, messing around like this wasn’t what they needed to do anymore.

Just when she was about to stop and turn around, he finally called her.

“Hey Ri?” He called her by her nickname and she turned around.


It seemed like he wanted to say something else, something really important, but he held it in. I still love you more than anything. Just seeing you again makes me realize I never stopped, “It really was nice seeing you again.”

She nodded with a small smile, “You too.”

If that was all he wanted for right now then she figured it was best that she leave. It wasn’t like she wasn’t going to see him again, they already promised to meet up again later, but could they really wait that long after being apart like this? They finally got the time they needed, what was left? Only their own hesitation; fear of messing it all up again, fear that what they had would no longer be there, fear that it just wouldn’t be the same.

Once she was gone from his sight, he made up his mind. There was nothing to worry over anymore. It didn’t have to be the same and he didn’t want it to be. He wanted it to be better, and so it will be if they were both willing to try. He realized he couldn’t take being away from her for another moment. Enough time passed for all that.

Jiyong ran after her, never feeling more determination in his heart than right now.

Victoria stopped once she reached the door. She didn’t want to leave again or wait another moment. When she turned, she heard running footsteps who she soon saw was Jiyong. She sighed in relief and desperation. He did feel the same. She took her hand away from the door and ran after him too.

Their bodies clashed together but it was perfectly okay. His hands found her face and brought it to his in a passionate kiss. Feeling her lips against his again was better than he imagined. He wasn’t going to let go, not ever again.

He linked his arms around her and hoisted her up so she could envelop her legs around his waist. He bit his lip and smiled as he spun her around, hearing a giggle escape her throat.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

He kissed her again,“For everything.”

Sure, it might not ever be perfect. But they were both now very willing to be okay with that.

Because everything perfect always has its flaw.

Out of all the actually S-supportable ships to completely fall for i pick these two nerds. I don’t really know why but something about their supports makes me love them so much??? He really tries?? And he’s not mean?? And despite her hating Nohrians she also tries to get along and both just… want to get along? It’s super nice. Also they’re two of my favourite Fates characters so that helps, too.

The Only One I Want

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Request:  may I request a Beenzino one where his ex girl is in town and he starts hanging out with her(just as friends) which makes you feel a little insecure, so he lets you know you’re the only girl on his mind with a little special lovin

I got this request from the lovely eyerolls-r-us. She’s been such a supportive reader and I hope I delivered on your request <3

The Only One I Want 
Rating: Mature

For the past few weeks Sungbin has been spending time with his ex girlfriend. Much to your dismay, she was visiting Seoul, taking a break from her worldly adventures. Sungbin insisted on the two of you meeting since he still considered her a good friend. Why couldn’t he just be like everyone else and completely cut his ex out of his life? Oh right because it was Sungbin and he was perfect. He didn’t bother wasting his energy and time harboring negative feelings. It honestly was a quality you loved about him. But that did nothing for your lowering self esteem.

His ex girlfriend was interesting, and beautiful, and kind. You weren’t really sure why they broke up, and at this point you were almost too afraid to ask. You just figured you wouldn’t be able to handle it if she was the one that got away. Sungbin was one of a kind, like a masterpiece that couldn’t be replicated, because even in his faults there was this unmistakable beauty. And she seemed to match him well.

You knew that they were just friends. He would always invite you out with them as they went to art exhibits, or shows. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to go more than a handful of times. It was like you wanted to hate her. But the more you around her the harder it was.

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I cried through at least half of Finding Dory after I realized how much I identified with Dory. I saw how supportive Dory’s parents were of her disability and I could not stop crying. I saw how her friends would get impatient every once in awhile but they were still mostly supportive. The one friend that didn’t really get impatient with Dory was Nemo, he understood her because he had a disability as well. When Dory got sad when she was a baby and said “Oh, did I forget again”, her parents comforted her and made her feel better about who she was. They showed so much of what it’s like living with a disability. I love this movie.

There are so few movies that have been made that show how living with a disability isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to you. I’ve been feeling so down lately and really needed this. I’m so glad that I went and saw this.

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I've always been a Carol fan primarily she's the best but rn I am so emosh for Daryl he has come so far and lord knows no one else on the show has done more to support her without asking for anything in return he is so pure of heart even though he has some flaws and makes some bad decisions

I was a Daryl fan at first (before Carol won my heart at season 2) but my precious baby is SO PRECIOUS.

Like really, he is just… he is amazing. The writers really try very hard to screw him over but still, he is one of the best characters of the show. He developed so much, he is so selfless. He is not perfect, and for that I love him even more ❤️

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  • Why they are the best

BECAUSE HE’S USAGI’S BIGGEST CHEERLEADER. BECAUSE HE SUPPORTS HER ENDLESSLY. his growth as a character. his snark. his loyalty. his love for usagi & chibs (still crying over the panels of them sleeping in the same bed from infinity). his selfless acts of sacrifice, even in classic when they were hardly more than strangers on a street. 

  • Why they are the worst

his lack of belief in himself. he offers SO MUCH MORE than he realizes. i hated seeing him wallow in self pity about being unable to protect her, when jesus he protected her more than her senshi did sometimes. 

  • a canon fact (that shouldn’t be)

90s anime: he’s like a million years older than usagi. 

  • a non-canon fact (that should be)

mamoru is really great at karaoke. 

  • a piece of advice I would give them

dont buy expensive dishes. usagi will break them. 

Best Friends.

Hey guys, it’s twenty minutes to midnight and I should be doing homework, but tbh, I can’t be bothered. I was wondering, which point of view style do you guys prefer? I tend to switch it up depending on how I want to write the story, but I want to see what you guys like best. Also, I’ve read some stuff of people not like Y/N so would you prefer for me to use an actual name, or to just use Y/N? Thanks so much for all of the support that you guys have given me. The last time I checked You’ve Changed [Part 2] it had 89 notes which is amazing! I’ve never really liked my writing, but so many of you guys seem to love. Requests are still open and yes, I will be writing them… soon. I love you guys, xx.

Justin ran into his best friend’s room who laid sleeping under her covers, sniffling softly. “Wake up!” He yelled.

Y/N woke up with a start, groaning as her gaze fixated on Justin who was eagerly jumping up and down. Rolling her eyes, she hid her face in her pillow as Justin laughed, laying down next to her.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her to his chest.

Y/N felt a little flutter go off in her chest at Justin’s arm being around her, the scent of his cologne intoxicating her. She opened her eyes and looked up at Justin.

Shrugging, she said, “I’m feeling a bit better. I’ve haven’t thrown up today so that’s a plus.”

Justin chuckled and slid off the bed, and she already longed for the warmth that he provided. He grabbed the bag that he brought with him and carefully took out the soup.

“My mom made it when I told her you were sick.” Justin smiled a cheeky smile and grabbed Chinese takeout from the bag, aswell. “And this is for me.”

“Not fair.” Y/N playfully huffed and sat up, taking the soup into her hands, “thanks, Jay.”

Justin climbed onto the bed with his food and sat next to her, pulling the covers over himself as he got comfortable. “I have to tell you something.”

She looked over at him, nodding her head as she took a spoonful of the soup into her mouth.

“So,” Justin sighed and raked his fingers through his hair. “Lilah and I have been talking again.”

Lilah. Y/N nearly choked at the sound of the girl’s name who broke Justin’s heart. He had fallen for her so quickly, but Y/N couldn’t blame him, Lilah was beautiful, smart, and kind. When Lilah came, Y/N began to get pushed away. She felt her feelings being crushed every day as Justin turned her down because he already had plans with Lilah. He still made time for Y/N, but it always seemed force and eventually, Y/N just stopped asking to hang out. After a year and four months of dating, Justin had asked Lilah to marry him. She agreed, but four days before the wedding, she left and claimed that Justin was moving too quickly. Lilah left Justin with a broken heart and it had taken Y/N a long time to mend it back into shape.

“I see,” Y/N shoved another spoonful of soup into her mouth so that she didn’t have to say any more because when it came to Lilah, anything she said was wrong.

“Yeah, and she’s so different, Y/N. But she’s still my Lilah.” My Lilah. “I’ve never loved anyone like I have loved her.” Ouch. “We’re meeting up again… to talk.”

Y/N stared at her soup, moving the spoon around in the liquid. “You’re setting yourself up for heartbreak, Justin.”

“You’re just saying that,” he huffed and shook his head. “I know what I’m getting myself into. Lilah is different now, we were young and naive. I don’t blame her for leaving, but this time it’s going to be different.”

“You say that, but is it really Justin? You cried day and night for three months. THREE. Not one week, not two, but three months.” Y/N sighed as Justin abruptly stood up.

“Don’t,” Justin shook his head and grabbed his car keys from his pocket. “Just, don’t.”

Y/N dropped her head as Justin walked out of her room, leaving her with a loss of appetite and a broken heart.


Y/N watched Justin leave the house on the night of the date. He had panicked, calling her and begging her to come help him get dressed. She couldn’t turn him down and found herself rushing to his aid, just like she always did. Justin had picked out several outfits and had laid them out on his bed, but even those, he didn’t like. He huffed and puffed and she managed to get him out of the door looking impressionable. Not that he needed an outfit to make him look impressionable, Justin was perfect in every way.

She plopped on the couch, exhausted from forcing smiles and laughter the entire time she helped Justin. They talked about their argument and hugged it out. Y/N couldn’t help the butterflies that erupted in her stomach at Justin’s simple touch. She looked over as Ryan, Justin’s roommate and long friend of the both them, walk in. He dropped his keys on the table and jumped when he saw Y/N.

“You’re too good to him.” Ryan laughed, catching on to why one of his best friends was here.

Y/N played with her hair and shrugged, “I know.”

“You have to tell him you know, or you’re going to regret it.” Ryan sat down next to her and put his feet up on the coffee table.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Y/N couldn’t help the blush that crept up her cheeks as she said that. She knew damn well what he was talking about.

“You can’t live your entire life loving someone, Y/N.” Ryan told her and stood up, “he has the right to know.”


Y/N went home after Justin didn’t come back at the time he said he would She was already having deja vu from when Justin and Lilah first dated, the misinterpretation of time and how she never could predict if Justin would be early or late. She couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning at Ryan’s words. She had decided that she would go and tell Justin today. She wanted to make sure that Justin didn’t reciprocate any feelings for her before Justin and Lilah got too serious… again.

She woke up confident, yet scared at the same time. Only Justin could make her feel this way. She pulled up into Justin’s house at around 11 p.m. and immediately, she wanted to turn around and go home. Y/N forced herself out of the car and went up to the door, knocking ever so gently. 

Justin opened the door after a minute or two, looking groggy and disoriented. He was only wearing boxers and Y/N couldn’t help but smile at the fact she was telling her best friend that she had feelings for him.. in his underwear. 

“Hey, can I come in?” She asked, swaying back and forth.


“Justin, where did you go?” She heard the ever so familiar voice say and Justin’s head quickly snapped around to look over at Lilah.

“Over here, babe!” He yelled.

Y/N squinted her eyes as she looked at Justin, “babe? What happened to taking things slow?”

“It’s complicated, but things went really well last night.” He said and Lilah came into view.

She wore one of Justin’s shirt and it just so happened to be a shirt that Y/N had gotten him for his birthday. It had sentimental value because it’s when she surprised him with tickets to see their favorite band. Meanwhile, Justin ditched the concert to go to Hawaii with Lilah. He gave her the tickets back with an apology and Y/N sold them on ebay, crying the rest of the night with a bottle of whiskey in her hand.

“Y/N, wow. It’s so nice to see you.” She greeted. How long has it been?”

“Three years.” She replied, forcing a tight-lip smile at her, “nice to see you again.”

“It’s nice to see you too,” she warmly replied and Y/N hoped that Justin or Lilah were picking up on her hostile attitude. “I’m going to go get something to eat, baby.”

Justin nodded and watch her walk away before turning his attention on Y/N. “So, why did you come?”

Y/N looked at Justin and thought of Ryan’s words. “I was just coming to see how the date went. I’m glad it went well.”

“We’ll talk later, okay?” Justin tried to look into Y/N eyes, but her gaze was fixated elsewhere. 

Y/N nodded and turned on her heel, wondering how she could have ever thought that if she told Justin she loved him, that he’d feel the same way. Boy was she wrong.

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         Margaery had not been sure how Renly would react to the news.
They had hoped to a son right away so they could be done but now 
they would have to do it all again. Still he kissed her cheek and she
knew that he was fine with it or so he acted.

          It truly did not surprise her though. While Renly did not love her
he did still support her. As he sat down she handed him the little girl
even if she did not want to let her go. 

         She watched Renly with their daughter, resting her head against
his arm and smiling. “She was worth every bit of pain. Our perfect
little princess- I love her so much, Renly.”

Yay!!!!! I’m back to drawing 2k12 Raphril and guess what else!!????? I just graduated today! Done with school! :-D So freakin excited! *parties*

I did have a little story to go with this piece but it’s still in progress (sometime this week I’ll put it out) but the basis synopsis is that Raph gets hurt protecting April. She feels tremendous guilt because it was her distraction that cost him his injuries and he’s just trying to calm her down – and to get her to shut up and stop blubbering over him – he kisses her. Yeah, my story will lay it out better but it’ll do for now. I’m actually running late for my own graduation party but I just wanted to thank y’all for your support!

Love you all so much and lots more Raphri to come! xoxo

I was almost on the verge of crying as I saw one father at the the corner of the street embracing his daughter tightly as she was crying with her face buried into his chest, complaining of how her marriage was falling apart and her husband wasn’t supportive nor was her in laws. His father stood still listening to her with his teary eyes, of how he had brought her up with so much love and pride. Indeed marriage if successful it is the best thing in this world but if not for girl’s being a divorcee is regarded something as very bad in this society which SHOULDN’T be that way as girls have a life too, they equally have emotions which need to be listened by heart. Heard all these years that misunderstandings should be settled between the couple themselves, but please don’t let your daughters or sisters become silent when oppression and injustice gets unbearable instead ask them to be vocal and be courageous of telling their problem to their loved ones as you are behind their back and ready to help rather than her becoming a punching bag, bearing everything while she slowly destroys her life once and for all.

I hope the best for all you women out there, hope you find the best partners which are equally loving and supportive and your marriages last forever. Amen!

ok I know there's been a lot so far already

so much Jen and Colin amazingness to take in and reblog and scream about

but can we talk about the little things some more? like how Jen stood up to clap for Colin when he came in for the panel? and pulled out his chair for him? can we talk about how she encourages him to answer their joint questions when he would usually defer to her? but still steps in when she sees he’s kind of uncomfortable and rambling?

he supports her so much, and I love talking about that, but let’s talk about how she supports him too


This moment right here choked me up.

Felicity has tried staying so positive, strong, and understanding for everyone around her. But this one moment she exposes her fear and vulnerability to Oliver. She is affected by Oliver not being at the hospital. She fears that Oliver doesn’t see her the same way anymore, that is why he hasn’t come around, and wants to end things. And she is giving him an out by stating that they haven’t taken their vows and she would understand. 

Oliver, the brooding, in denial,completely in love with Felicity Smoak, fool that he is, cuts her off because that has not crossed his mind once. I want to believe that it is this moment that he realizes Felicity needs his support and that not being at the hospital was a mistake.

The beautiful part is, they love and respect each other so much that even in the face of this life changing event, they are still communicating with one another. This is raw emotion, vulnerability, despair. They are about to hit a rough patch as a couple and individually, but this proves they will get through this for better or worse.

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I loved Lydia Branwell so much in this episode??? Like, she was so respectful of Alec’s choices, even though she knew he didn’t actually want to marry her for her and was still respectful even when he chose otherwise like holy shit

I mean, I know Alec shouldn’t have gone through with the wedding but everyone was wanting him to reconsider and I guess it was just nice to have Lydia support his choice either way and let him make it on his own. She even comforted Alec saying he should go for it when he was at the altar.

I also love how she didn’t condemn Clary for thinking she was the mole.

I hope she’s not dead. Is she dead. Please don’t be dead. She was such a fabulous character from start to finish

“If I protect the woman from the man harassing her, the man will get hurt and press charges.”

Guys, this quote, which I’m assuming is said by the P5MC, just further strengthens my love for him.

He knew of the consequences yet he still did what was RIGHT because he knew that woman needed his help. Joker did nothing wrong and I just wanna hug him and tell him that everything’s gonna be okay, that I believe in him and support him ;w;