i love that he loves the packers

James Potter buying Remus a packer and binder

James Potter going with Sirius to buy more fem clothes

James Potter learning to do hair really well from years of doing Sirius’ hair 

James Potter sitting with Remus for hours as he cries his eyes out from dysphoria 

James Potter always having chocolate on him just in case 

James Potter always knowing Sirius’ pronouns 

James Potter just being pure and lovely 

My brother and his girlfriend got a kitten, so I chased it around with my camera for a while. The lighting was pretty bad, so I had to crank up the ISO to 3200, which I try to avoid whenever possible because my camera (a Canon 60D) gets a little spicy up there.
His name is Packer (after the American football team) and he’s a little hellion! (but I still love him)

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have you decided on whether their kid will be a boy or a girl? omg i know everyone loves harry with a daughter as his first but CAN YOU IMAGINE HARRY WITH A SON AND HE'D BUY HIM MATCHING OUTFITS AND GET JEALOUS WHEN BABY BOY GETS ALL OF HIS MISSUS' KISSES AND HE'D TEACH HIM ALL ABOUT THE PACKERS AND WOW IM GOING TO CRY

Hmmm I think I have but it’ll be a surprise love! And SHUSH I KNOW oh my good God imagine Harry taking his four y/o son out to the football field and trying to teach him how to kick the ball around but his baby boy would get too distracted in the grass (like Harry always did as a child) and they’d just run around the grass instead then on the ride home his boy would be babbling on about how much he loves space but after a few minutes the car would get quiet and Harry would look over to find his precious baby boy fast asleep and wow ok i’ve said too much bye 

OTRA Milwaukee concert report

I don’t even know where to begin. That concert was so, so fun. It was so different from the Chicago show and both were so amazing in their own ways. That’s what I love about this band and their performances.

Watching Harry tonight was like seeing him perform to his hometown crowd. He was LOVING being around Packers fans. He wore a cheese head, a packers flag, pom poms, and a giant hand thing. He joked around with a dad in the crowd who was a Bears fan. He told everyone to boo but then said stop because he didn’t want people outside to think it was a bad concert. It was so cute.

Harry knew a guy named Ian in the crowd and was telling everyone that he was single. He found a girl in the crowd who was 7 and sleeping! He talked with her mom and literally yelled “WAKE UP!!!” He also talked to a woman who was 7 months pregnant and of course he was so cute with her. Harry seriously had the time of his life tonight. He was all smiles and interacting with the crowd so much and sounded so freaking incredible.

Liam never ceases to amaze me. He kept singing a little after Through the Dark ended and it was absolutely beautiful. It seemed like he changed some harmonies up as well and they sounded fantastic. He showed a lot of love to the crowd. A fan threw a Packers flag on stage and he wrapped it around Harry’s shoulders which was so adorable. He put a hoodie on and looked so snuggly. He danced around with some pom poms at one point and Niall was distracting him and he missed the beginning of a solo. He was laughing so hard, it was really cute. And oh my god did he have fun with Louis tonight, but I’ll get to that later.

I don’t know what it was but Louis was BEAMING tonight. Literally every time he was on the screen he had the biggest smile on his face. He was in such a good mood!!! He came out with an Adidas zip-up but took it off and wore just the grey tank for the rest of the night. He sounded fantastic and really seemed to put everything he had into his solos. I seriously could not stop watching him tonight.

Niall was his lovely and sweet and amazing self. He came out in a black tee, then put on a red sweater, and then changed into a blue long sleeve shirt. He killed it on the guitar and sounded great. His talks with the crowd were super cute, he acknowledged some signs and was really smiley. After DMD he was saying how he was so amazed with the crowds reaction to the song. He mentioned the music video too. He had a lot of fun watching Louis and Liam tonight and he went all out during Act My Age. And of course he ended up on the floor at the end.

Louis and Liam were WILD tonight and it was so freaking fun to watch. Louis mentioned how someone tweeted him to get payback at Liam for the silly string and boy did he try. He poured water over Liam sooooo many times. There was silly string as well. And then he took some bananas that someone threw on stage and mashed them all over Liam’s head. It was so funny. I got a lot of videos of them that I can’t wait to post.

I thought seeing them twice in 3 days would be weird but they were such different shows. They changed up harmonies and riffs and stuff and had different crowd interactions. They all looked SO happy, I really can’t stress that enough. At both shows. I am in awe of them and how amazing they are on stage. They are at home on stage and they love being surrounded by fans. The crowd was massive (saw a lot of guys!!!) and the boys loved the venue since it was different as it was a baseball field. It was seriously such an absolutely amazing show, I loved every second.

Hey guys, I don’t ask for many favors but I really need you guys to give this lovely gelding a signal boost, he desperately needs it!

FREE TO A GOOD HOME: JJ is a teenaged OTTB who has evented through prelim/CCI*and took one of his former riders to Young Riders, in his more recent years he has become a lovely BN/N packer and is consistently in the ribbons. JJ is an athletic and talented horse who has many lessons to teach any rider at any stage in their progression. Easy on the ground, but requires some maintenance when in work; he has been out of work for the past year, but has many miles left in him. This guy is one of my favorites, and his well being is on the line as his owners no longer wish to pay for his expenses. I would take him on myself but I do not have the funds to support a second horse. This guy desperately needs a soft place to land, he has done more than enough to earn it! Please message me if you are interested - I will not respond to anonymous messages. I also ask that this caption is not deleted and that there is no negative feedback on this post, thanks so much guys!


In Milwaukee, jennfur and I spent the afternoon making 10 Packers hair ties for Harry. We were front row at the concert and had a sign telling him that we had them for him (RIP Jenn’s lipstick). He told us that he wanted them, so I tried throwing one unsuccessfully on stage. We ended up giving them to Paddy and telling Harry that. He was seen wearing one yesterday. We love you, Harry!

  • teacher on the first day of class: okay so everyone tell us something about yourself so we can get to know you better
  • johnny: hey, i love the green bay packers and i am in a band.
  • cindy: hi, i am studying international relations because i love travel.
  • me: hello, yes, zayn left the band but i am doing a little better now especially now that he dropped naughty boy. not over louis' baby drama but we are working through our issues. thank God liam is normal though. all you REALLY need to know about me is that i am a harry girl and i am saving myself for him, crazy but true. by the way, would you guys mind praying for niall to regain full knee control one day? that would be great. thank you for your time.