i love that he keeps the lipstick with him throughout everything

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. 

You stare at the closed door in front of you and take a deep breath for the third time tonight. You’re standing outside your boyfriend’s apartment, like you’ve done a thousand times before. It’s the same chipped and faded paint on the wood you’ve seen that has been etched into your memory, along with the same useless doorbell that never works- But it all feels different, because of what you’ve come here to do.

You are completely, totally, hopelessly in love with Daveed Diggs. He feels the same way about you, you know he does. He’s expressed it breathlessly between kisses, in dorky love letters, and in a song coupled with Lin’s awkward beatboxing in the background. And because the two of you are in love, you want to do what people who are in love do.

In the year that you’ve been dating he has mostly managed to keep his hands off of you. You never went much further than the occasional hasty make out session on the couch, but lately you’d been wanting more. You came to his apartment with the intention of finally, finally taking that next step with him. You are worried about one thing, though, since you are an absolutely clueless virgin. You’ve never done this before, but have always imagined how it would go… your first time being so intimate with another human being. Thinking it through from the last couple of days, you convinced yourself you had nothing to worry about. He’s always been so caring with you, and you’re not a child. You know how this works.

You finally knock on the door, smoothing out your dress and fixing your hair as you wait. You’ve chosen to wear something that you know makes you look irresistible-a short, sleeveless dress, lace tights, and your lucky heels, all in black. It should definitely do the trick.

Soft footsteps come closer, and the door opens to reveal your boyfriend, messy haired and as cute as ever.

“Hey, Y/N,” He beams at you, his brown eyes shining with joy from your surprise of just randomly showing at his door. He’s so cute that you nearly forget to respond.

“Hi, Dave. Mind if I come inside?” You smile back, trying to add an edge to your voice that you hope is anything near sexy.

“Not at all, sugar,” He ushers you inside and kisses your cheek as you brush past him. “What inspired this visit?” He hums against your neck, slipping his arms around your waist.

“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to see you. That’s all,” You reply coyly.

“Well, you’re always welcome here. I can never get enough of you,” He’s still smiling at you, although it’s more of a smirk now. Maybe he knows what you’re up to. Still in an almost-embrace, you drift into the living room and onto the couch.

“Do you want a drink? I could get us some beers,” Daveed asks.

“How about something a little more… sophisticated?” You suggest sinking your vision to his eyes, hoping that you’re still being subtle.

He must have caught on to your plan, because his eyebrows quirk up, like they always do when he’s in a playful mood. “Coming right up, doll,” he says and whisks to the kitchen and returns shortly with two blood-red glasses. When he gives you yours your hands touch and linger. It’s as if every time your skin has come into contact, from the kiss at the door to this quick moment, sparks have flown between the two of you. Even making eye contact with him over the rim of your glass has you feeling hot all over.

It doesn’t take long before both of your glasses are drained and you’re basically in his lap, toying with the buttons at the top of his shirt. You kick off your shoes so you can bring your feet up on the couch. Looking down at you, he pulls you closer to him, as if it were even possible. It’s still chaste and innocent. You’re only playing with each other’s hair, looking into each other’s eyes. His gaze keeps flicking down to your lips, which you had agonized over for some time, delicately painting on the perfect shade of red. Then his lips are on yours, soft at first and then building up to something dangerous and reckless. There’s teeth, there’s tongue, it’s filthy and you love it. Your lipstick is definitely ruined but you couldn’t care less.

He pushes you onto your back, suddenly harsh and commanding. He has total control over you, and you’re just helplessly needy, arching into his touch and chasing those wonderful feelings he’s giving you. There’s that sinful thing he does with his tongue, and the way he keeps grinding his hips where your dress has ridden up… It’s too much and not enough.

“Maybe we should… Mmf… Go to your room?” You ask as he stops his assault on your lips to nibble at your collarbone.

He simply nods, holding your hand on the way there and looking at you like he wants to devour you. He throws you onto the bed, making you squeak in surprise. “I want you, and I’m going to take you… I’ll make you mine, babydoll…” He murmurs and literally tears your tights off your legs. The amount of force he’s using begins to scare you.

Your dress is the next to go. Thankfully, he manages to keep it in one piece. Now you’re fully exposed, except for a thin lace bra which he makes quick work of. He’s straddling you at this point, and you can feel his erection straining in his skinny jeans. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Y/N.” He growls as he takes in the expanse of your bare body. Even though it’s a compliment, it sounds almost predatory.

His clothes come off quickly. You want to take a second to let the fact sink in that you’re skin to skin with the love of your life, but he’s moving so fast you don’t have the time. It’s too frantic. Every touch is fleeting; every brush of your lips is too rushed.

“It’s been such a long time, sweetheart. You’re so gorgeous. I might have to skip the foreplay. I need to feel you, now,” He growls and pounces on you, and starts rutting his cock against your opening. It’s nice- but your eyes widen when you realize exactly how big he is. You were not expecting it to be so thick or so long, and you find yourself wondering how on Earth that is going to fit inside you. “Mmm… You’re going to feel me for days. You’ll be so wrecked when I’m through with you…” He’s pressing harder, sending prickles of pain throughout your body and your heart is racing. You want to back out, but it must be too late now. He’s starts to force it in you and it’s too much too soon- you cry out in pain.

“It’s okay, it will be better soon, it’s just been a while-” he begins to soothe you, his eyes closed and running his hands over your arms.

“No, no, no- I’m a virgin. I’m a virgin, Daveed.” You blurt out.

“You’re what?” He stops immediately, and pulls out to scoop you up in his arms.

“I’ve never had sex. I’m sorry… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” tears practically falling out as you admitted it. “I thought it would be fine, but you were being so rough, and you were bigger than I expected and…” You trail off, pressing your face into his bare shoulder.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry Y/N.” He strokes your hair, kissing your forehead softly. “I’m so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed that you’d done this before. I don’t know what I was thinking. Why didn’t you tell me? I would have made it better for you.”

“I don’t know.” You sigh. “I wanted everything to go smoothly.”

“That worked out really well.” He says sarcastically, trying to pull a joke. He must have noticed your worried expression because he adds, “I’m not mad at you, babe. Don’t worry. Just be honest with me in the future, okay?”

You nod meekly, and then smile at him, which he returns happily. Then he wraps you in another hug. “I didn’t say we had to stop. I only said we should go slower., You whisper, glancing at him and biting your lower lip.

“Will you be okay if I touch you?” he asks cautiously. He seems more afraid than you are, now. You find yourself unable to believe that he cares about you so much.

“Yes,” you breathe out.

He lets his hands run over you, in no rush. This time he worships you; he treats you like a queen. Daveed memorizes every dip and curve, delicately tracing every freckle and scar. It seems like an eternity before he reaches the place you need him to be. His fingers touch your clit hesitantly at first, but he moves faster as you let out whines and gasps of pleasure. “Do you like that, sugar?” he asks, smirking, obviously proud of the reactions he’s retrieving from you.

“Oh God, yes…” you cut yourself off with a moan when a finger enters you. It’s seconds before he finds the spot that has you begging for more and bucking into his hand. Then it’s joined by another, and you wince at the stretch but never stop the stream of noises and incoherent curses leaving your mouth.

“So wet… I think you’re ready, doll,” He retracts his fingers and guides you onto your back. He’s above you, now; knees braced on either side of you. You’re still shaking, but he’s still lending you soothing touches. Every time you look at him you find yourself reassured, somehow. It reminds you that all he wants tonight is to make you feel as special as he thinks you are. “I’ll be careful, I promise,” Daveed motions and kisses your forehead. Then he’s pushing in, as slow as he promised. He watches you carefully, ready to pull out at the first sign that you’re in pain. Your eyes are shut tight as you try to ignore the slight stretch. “Hey, look at me.” He tilts your chin up and you look at him. He’s absolutely bewitching like this, towering over you, beautiful eyes glinting and full of an intoxicating combination of adoration and lust. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” you say. He takes this as his cue to slide in fully, eliciting a pained whimper from you. Immediately he’s planting quick, sloppy kisses to your neck, mumbling apologies and promises about how good it’s going to feel. You’re not sure if you believe him until he starts to move. Somehow he’s managed to reach a place you never knew existed, and each time he rubs against it you’re overcome with such an intense want for him. You moan out loud, shamefully loud, and he grins against your skin. Heat spreads over you, radiating from every point where your body connects with his. He keeps making all these wonderful, lewd noises- groans and breathy “oh fuck”s and unintelligible praise. The unhurried roll of his hips is driving you mad with bliss, to the point where you’re almost delirious.

“You’re so perfect, Y/N,” He groans. You try to respond, but you’re so overwhelmed by aching need and the heavenly drag of his cock in an out of you that you can’t manage more than desperate panting. You’re trembling beneath him, consumed with unfamiliar feelings and a fire that keeps threatening to break loose in your body. Unfathomable ecstasy washes over you when he finds your clit again, rubbing it to the beat of his thrusts. “I want to see you become undone for me,” he purrs.

So you do. It’s everything you thought it would be- heaven, paradise, a high you know you could never get from any drug. Your release triggers his, and you watch his face contort in euphoria.

Still in a haze, you untangle yourselves. He pulls you close to him, your back against his chest. Both of you are sweaty and practically burning up from your previous activities, but you don’t mind at all. “That was… amazing. You’re amazing,” He mumbles into your hair.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” You giggle, exhausted from your adventure.

“I love you so much, you know that, right?” You turn to face him and he props himself up on an elbow.

“Of course I do. I love you, too,” you say, and you mean it. He smiles and pecks you on the lips.

“I am sorry about your underwear though…”

Creepypasta #1081: In My Line Of Work, You'll Learn That Cheaters Never Prosper

Length: Super long

I’ve always found it funny that people like to call prostitution “the world’s oldest profession.” It doesn’t speak all that highly of the human race’s priorities, does it?

Paint on cave walls. Discover fire. Pay someone to fuck you senseless.

Get that in Latin, and we could engrave it at the base of every statue the world over - or better yet, build new statues, all shaped like giant brass cocks at full salute. That’s the human mission statement in a nutshell right there: here, we have two types of animal, the ones with the dicks, and the ones getting fucked by them. And we will always - I repeat, always - be the ones with the dicks.

Yes indeed, the world’s oldest profession. I can think of an older one, but we’ll get to that later.

It’s outside of a motel called Restin’ Easy that we lay our scene. Picture this: a gorgeous woman stands up against a sand-blasted brick wall, dressed to the nines in designer silks and a leather jacket. She’s taking a long, sincere drag off a slender cigarette, and leaving blood-red lipstick rings on the unburnt white paper of the shaft. She’s got the good looks of a 1960s movie star - a regular Audrey Hepburn in the making. Her black hair falls just above her shoulders, and sways gently in the night’s breeze.

That’s me.

The balding middle-aged man in the tan jacket with a face like a slapped ass, that’s Dave. Yeah, Dave with the greasy skin that tosses back the neon rays of the glowing “VACANCY” sign above us. Dave the big spender, flashing the wad of hundreds in his faux-leather wallet.

Dave the asshole. Dave the John.

“Crystal recommended you to me,” He says in an unbearably cocky tone, like I’m a new brand of aftershave he’s been meaning to try out for a while, “She said you do things no other girl will do. That right?”

“More or less.” I say, feigning a provocative grin.

When you’ve been in the business for as long as I have, you get pretty good at sizing up your customers with a glance. Sometimes, it’s necessary to survival - you look the wrong way in this line of work and you’ve got a seven-inch stiletto buried between the links in your spine. Sex does weird shit to people’s heads.

Dave, for all his faults, is easy to read. He wears a look of contempt, like he’s too good for the situation he’s putting himself in. He’s wealthy, and entitled. He doesn’t know why he’s paying for sex - a man of his stature should be beating the ladies off with a stick, surely.

He probably sells used cars for a living, I think, suppressing a smirk.

“What can I do for you that Crystal can’t, sugar?” I ask with an innocent flutter of eyelashes.

He grunts, one side of his mouth curling into a sneer.

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You Look Good- Brady Skjei

Originally posted by laurastacey

(There are literally NO BAD GIFS of Brady!!!!! WTF?!?!?)

Ok so I know I’ve gotten a few birthday requests so this is the first one that came up! I was supposed to have it written for the 16th, but vacation and lack of imagines got me messed up. Thankfully @hotnhlplayers is a very forgiving person so this is late but here you go! Happy Birthday Boo!!!

Warning: a couple of cusses

@hotnhlplayers Request: Hey girl! My birthday is a week from tomorrow (May 16) & I was wondering if you could do a special imagine with Brady Skjei, Tyler Seguin, or Auston Matthews where it’s her birthday & he leaves a note for her when he goes to practice telling her to dress nice for later & when he gets home, he sees her in a fancy dress with her hair & makeup done all special & he can’t stop fawning over her, especially when they go out, he keeps showing pda & sneaking kisses & it’s just really fluffy? not really sure if that makes sense but you’re writing is amazing so I trust you! if you can’t do it, I completely understand! thanks anyways! xxoo


              You got home from school and dumped your backpack on the counter with a sigh.

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Party Time // Kim Yugyeom (Got7)

Description: You two attend his surprise party and you’re curvy and you wear a dress that shows off all of your curves. While at the party, some people hit on you, which makes him jealous. 

Type: Kind of angst and implied smut…?

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Word Count:

Requested: Yes

i looovvveee your writing it’s really good :)))) i wanted to request a Yugyeom scenario where the reader is curvy (like, bigger thighs and all that stuff) and she goes to a party with him and she’s wearing a dress and he gets jealous? sorry if it’s confusing :) thank uuuu :D

Author’s Note: Hey y’all! How’s it going? Can’t believe I almost have 2,000 followers! I know I haven’t been posting a lot, but I’ve been busy with school. I’m sure you all understand since you’re probably really busy with school or work also. Hoping to post more often, but now I have a 500 point research paper coming up that I have to do for my Advanced Composition class. I’m probably going to have fail it, so it’s all good. 

Anyways, thanks for the love and support you’ve given me with this blog and I hope you enjoy this scenario! 

Also, I’ve edited this like twenty times and I keep changing stuff, so I’m just going to stop because if I don’t then I’ll never get it posted. 

The introduction is weak and not really an attention grabber, but I’ve been working with it for the past 2 hours trying to come up with something better and I’ve had no luck, soooo enjoy! 

The old clock that hung on the wall in the livingroom chimed and echoed throughout the dorm indicating that it was 7 o’clock. Currently, I was at the boys dorm with Yugyeom getting ready for his surprise birthday party that the rest of the members of Got7 and I planned for him. It is his 20th birthday and as of right now he thinks that I am going to take him out to dinner tonight, but instead I’m going to take him to where we are going to have the party at.

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Wedding Day

Summary: The day of Ian and Mickey’s wedding.

Word Count: 2159

Notes: Loved this request!

It was the morning of the wedding, and Ian and Mickey were happier than ever. They had just had the best morning sex ever so they were both practically glowing as they walked down the steps of the Gallagher house. Fiona insisted that they slept there for the night because she wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for the wedding. She could not have the two of them mess something up.

When the couple got into the kitchen, Debbie started to fake gag. “How many times do you guys fuck throughout the night? I can fucking smell it,” she rolled her eyes as Mickey gave her the middle finger.

Fiona stood up abruptly with a big smile on her face. “You’re getting married!” She ran over and hugged them– Ian hugged back, Mickey just sort of stood there. Hugging anyone other than Ian (and his sister) felt so strange to him– luckily the Gallagher family had never gotten offended by his lack of showing affection. Once the eldest Gallagher sibling had let go of the embrace, she watched as their enthusiastic and nervous eyes went from her to each other.

“We’re getting fucking married today,” Ian giggled in disbelief as he pulled Mickey in for a chaste kiss. After all these years, they were finally promising to spend their lives together.

Taking everyone’s attention from the two of them, the backdoor opened to Mandy. She looked different and beautiful as could be– her hair was lighter than ever, and she calmed down on wearing such heavy eye makeup. “Hi, assholes,” she smiled before dropping her suitcase and running to greet her brother and best friend. She hugged each of them tightly and placed a quick kiss on Ian’s lips.

“What the fuck, bitch?” Mickey scowled at his sister for kissing his soon-to-be husband.

Ian shook his head and wiped the girls lipstick off his lips. “What? I felt like kissing my boyfriend one last time,” she jokes. Ian ruffled her hair and pulled her in for another hug.

“I missed you, Mands,” he said in a warm tone. “Everything been okay?”

She nods. “Everything’s been great,” the Milkovich girl responds. “Enough of me, you guys are getting fucking hitched today!” She beams as the two standing in front of her smile. It’s nice seeing Mickey genuinely fucking happy for once. When she hears an excited shriek come from behind her, she turns around to hug Fiona, Debbie, Carl, and Liam. “Can you guys fuckin’ believe these two?”

“It’s fucking awesome,” Carl smirks. He’s proud of his brother for being able to keep such a strong hold on a Milkovich because no one’s ever done that before.

Suddenly Lip walks down the stairs. It looks like he’s still half asleep but once he’s eyes set on Mandy, he gasps and freezes in his spot. When his ex girlfriend gives his a soft grin, he relaxes and walks farther down the stairs and into the kitchen. He walks over to his redhead brother and squeezes his shoulder. “You excited, man?”

Ian vigorously nods. “Fuck yes. We’ve went through enough shit to finally get here. We’re so close to the finish line now.” He kisses Mickey’s head.

Fiona smiles at her brother and then turns her head to the side to see the time. “Oh, shit! We gotta get ready!” Everyone then proceeds to finish their breakfast before rushing to get dressed and prepared.

* * *

Surprisingly, in their previous search to find someone to marry Ian and Mickey, the Gallaghers found out that many of the regulars at the Alibi were ordained, but they chose Kermit to do the job. He seemed to be the least likely to ruin the whole thing.

As Kermit was waiting at the front of the VFW for his two grooms, he heard the wedding bells chime. Everyone excitedly shifted in their seats. Because no one really knew how this wedding would work, Ian and Mickey decided to walk out at the same time and meet in front of Kermit.

When the men locked eyes, the happy sounds of the attendees were suddenly drowned out, and it was only them. This is happening. This is real. Ian’s heart was pounding so hard that he could hear it, and Mickey’s hands were profusely sweating.

Once close enough, the redhead reached out and grabbed Mickey’s clammy hands. He felt as if he couldn’t wipe the grin of his face so he didn’t even try to. The affection and joy in Mickey’s eyes were making Ian’s heart melt.

Kermit then began, and after saying “I do” a few times, it was time for their vows. “I, Ian Clayton Gallagher, take you Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, to be my lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, and in joy as well as sorrow.” Ian chuckled as he started his vows in a traditional form. “I promise to love you through the crazy shit we have yet to face. I promise to never leave you again. I promise to be my best for you. I promise to laugh with you, cry with you, fight with you, love you, and cherish you until death do us part,” he says and holds back the tears that are welling in his eyes.

Mickey smiled and cleared his throat before speaking. It was hard to him to describe his feelings in front of this many people, so he steadied his gaze on Ian and kept his focus there. “I, Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, take you Ian Gallagher to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health,” he smirks and he thinks of all the times he’s taken care of Ian whenever he’d been hit with a bipolar episode. He started again, “in good times and in bad times. I promise to never let you go. I promise to never give up no matter what shit is thrown at us next– we’ve made it this far.  I promise to always take care of you, protect you, fight for you, hold you, love you, and cherish you.” He speaks in the most sincere tone anyone has ever heard. “And I fucking mean that,” he adds with a smirk.

They exchange rings then and Kermit grins at them both before saying his final words. “By the power vested in me by the state of Chicago, I now present you husband and husband! You may kiss your groom,” he starts to clap before their lips even connect. While they are in the middle of their kiss, Kermit raises his arms triumphantly. “I present to you the newly married couple, Ian Gallagher-Milkovich and Mickey Gallagher-Milkovich!” Everyone erupts into a loud cheer.

Ian laughs into Mickey’s mouth, but then proceeds to kiss him harder. They’ve never kissed with so much love in front of an audience like this, but they were thrilled about it. When they separated, they rested their foreheads against the each other. “We fucking did it,” Ian giggled.

Mickey nodded proudly. It was hard to believe that they’ve came this far. “I love you.”

“I love you too, husband,” Ian smiled and pecked Mickey on the lips.

Grabbing each other’s hands, they then proceed to walk down the aisle while everyone shouted and clapped for them, but obviously those plans we changed. Fiona and Debbie launched themselves out of their seats to gather their brother and his new husband in a hug. When the girls let go, the newlyweds were suddenly embraced by Mickey’s Iggy and Mandy, which was a huge fucking surprise because it was rare for the Milkovich family to show such affection. Once everyone backed off, it was time for the reception.

* * *

As everyone crowded into the Alibi the music begins to blare. Everyone gets their drinks and starts dancing, but Ian and Mickey hold back. Ever since Ian’s been on his meds, Mickey’s cut back on the alcohol because he doesn’t want Ian to go through it alone.

When everyone was congratulating them, Mickey started to notice that Ian seemed to be growing impatient. Once everyone cleared out from around them, Mickey cocked an eyebrow at his husband and Ian instantly grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward. “Need to taste you,” Ian whispered in Mickey’s ear and started dragging him towards the bathroom.

Mickey’s dick hardened the second those words came out of his husbands month. He’s been wanting for Ian to jump on him since they were getting ready for the wedding.

Ian smirked when he saw Mickey’s needy expression on his face. He locked the doors and sunk down to his knees. He couldn’t deny that the sight of his husband made his own dick twitch, but right now he needed to take care of Mickey.

As he unzipped Mickey’s pants, he grinned at the boner he had exposed. “So fuckin’ hot,” Ian said as he stroked his cock.

Ian had barely even begun and Mickey was already trembling in the knees. He knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to last long, but that was probably for the better. He tried to keep his eyes focus on his husband.

“What do you want me to do, Mick?” Ian teased.

Mickey let out a lustful sound. “Fuckin’ suck me off!”

With that Ian wrapped his mouth around Mickey’s dick and began bobbing his head up and down. His hand wrapped around the part of Mickey’s cock that Ian couldn’t fit into his mouth. He was doing all the right things with his tongue, causing Mickey to let out sexiest moans that Ian has ever heard. He was pretty sure these sounds alone were enough to make him jizz in his pants.

Ian seductively looked up through his eyelashes. He could see that Mickey was about to cum just from the look on his face– which was fucking hot. “Gonna cum,” Mickey panted. The redhead nodded and prepared himself to swallow. A few moments later, Mickey’s cum shot down Ian’s throat. When he finished, he licked up and down his husbands dick one last time, making sure he didn’t miss anything.

Once completely done, he pulled Mickey’s pants up for him and zipped him up. “Better repay me later,” he joked and kissed him.

“You know I will,” Mickey reassured him. His placed one last kiss on Ian’s lips before the walked back out into the crowd.

As they unlocked the door and made their way out of the restroom, Iggy yelled, “Hey! They’re back!” Ian laughed and Mickey blushed.

“Horny fuckers,” Fiona said to them with a laugh. “Time to make a speech.”

Mickey’s eyebrows shot up. “I have to make a fucking speech?” Publicly speaking was never his strong suit, and the only time it was was when he was making a scene to get his point across.

“Yes, Mickey, we’re making a speech,” Ian tells him happily. Ian grabbed Iggy’s beer and tapped the glass with a fork to get everyone’s attention. He smiled, grabbed Mickey’s hand, and began. “When I was fifteen I made the crazy decision to go after Mickey Milkovich, and instead of him beating the shit out of me, we fucked. Ever since that day I have been so hooked on this asshole. We’ve been through so much– way too much, but we’re still here and stronger than ever. Eleven years ago I wouldn’t never believe that this is where we’d end up, but I’m so fuck happy that we’ve gotten here. I love you, Mick.” He kisses Mickey’s head as everyone clapped.

Mickey took a deep breath and got ready to talk. When Ian saw Mickey’s leg tapping, he grabbed his cheek. “Hey, talk to me.” Mickey nods.

“I tried so fucking hard to hate you when he first started hooking up, but you were like a drug or some shit– I never wanted to want you, but I kept coming back for more. When you left that first time is when I accepted how much I loved you– that’s when I stopped fighting it. After all the shit– Terry, Frank, Svetlana,” he pauses and looks at her apologetically and she smiles at him, then begins again, “juvie, fucking Boystown, the Army, your bipolar disorder, that bitch Sammi, the list goes on forever– I’ll always be here for you. I fucking love you,” he said sincerely. Ian smiles so wide that his mouth hurt.  

Everyone erupted in a big cheer. Fiona had tears welling in her eyes while Lip went to go hug his brother. The Gallaghers told the newly weds how proud they were of them while the Milkovich cousins and siblings shook their hands and offered them a two month supply of weed– Ian accepted it because he knew that was their way of showing their love. Ian and Mickey along with their families have finally crossed the finish line, they’ve overcome so much and nothing could stop them now.

I’ll Cover You

daveed diggs x reader

prompt: can you do a daveed x reader who has anxiety disorder and daveed comforts them during a really bad panic attack

a/n: ah i don’t write enough daveed fics or anthony or oak or literally anyone who isn’t lin manuel miranda so here you are


You never thought that in your lifetime you would be cast as your dream role on Broadway. 

You always thought that your dreams of starring on Broadway were too unrealistic and that you would never be able to reach a point in your theater career where you were successful.

But here you were, many years later, standing strong with ample theater experience and a strong and powerful mindset that refused to lose.

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Chris Evans Fic: Cabin in the Woods

Fluffiest of fluff for a Saturday!

This was originally a request from @alievans007 that’s been a very long time coming. Apologies for the wait but it’s taken me forever to envisage the perfect scenario. So, hope you enjoy!


‘Babe, I know you’re super excited about this secret plan of yours but I don’t think security are going to let you take me on a plane blindfolded, somehow.’ You’d been beside yourself since you’d arrived home from work, only to be all but bundled into the car by your much bigger and much stronger boyfriend, assured that everything you needed was already packed. He’d insisted that you wear the blindfold but you quickly realised that it was more for show than for any practical reason.

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gangster ceo!jungkook

Originally posted by jjks

  • yall dont realize how fast i got to work on this as soon as i got this request
  • originally it was like “gangster or ceo” but u know.. me….. i cannot chill
  • so!!! background
  • jungkook grew up as your typical spoiled rich boy
  • he had the fliest cars, biggest parties, and everyone was in love with him
  • he woke up everyday on satin black sheets tangled in gold blankets with a new person tucked into his side every early morning, only for said person to get escorted out of the house by his father’s long line of personal assistants
  • as the heir of jeon group, jungkook is a very, very precious person not only to his family but to the press, and he has to keep some semblance of a favorable image if he doesn’t want his father to send out an employee while he’s in Sicily to give jungkook the talk
  • the “talk” consists of a lot of scolding, all of which jungkook is not listening to lmao
  • despite being the heir, jungkook is super ignorant as to where the money that pays for his yves saint laurent shoes really come from
  • he kinda thinks like “oh yeah i’m gonna be the ceo and just dump everything on everyone else nbd”
  • in short, jungkook only finds out what he’s in for on the night of a very big gala being held at the jeon house, in which usually he’d crash and leave five minutes later with a pretty young thing before his father could stop him
  • but this year, his father asks jungkook to help put it together
  • now jungkook has had a lot of bodyguards throughout his life lol
  • mr. jeon is super serious about jungkook getting a stable one who will both protect him and not take his shit
  • jungkook is already mentally groaning at the thought of being assigned a line of bulky, no fun bench pressers and he can feel his freedom slipping away again at the very thought, but he decides not to protest cause he doesn’t want the night to be any more agonizing than it’s already going to be
  • halfway through the gala, jungkook is tucked away at the personal bar in the ballroom, downing his third hennessy and listening to his good friends taehyung and jimin whine about how their families were taking them to the french countryside instead of la for the summer, or how their new bugatti got scratched by one of the butlers, when jungkook spots you
  • you’re not paying him any attention, talking to a young entrepreneur a few feet away in your pretty little red dress
  • to most, you’d look really intrigued by what this guy is saying, but not to kook
  • he can see the scowl behind the curve of your champagne glass, can see the twitch in your fingers as you desperately ache for something to do besides listening to this guy talk about how many successful stock investments he’s had this year
  • bored, and kind of sick of his friends’ talk, jungkook decides he’ll be your knight in shining armor tonight and smoothly sidles up to you, his hand slotting easily into the crook of your elbow as the man before you two frowns like?? um
  • “baby, i didn’t know you got here already. you should have come for me right away” jungkook purrs beside your ear, fingers tightening around your elbow as he begins to slowly inch you away
  • you don’t miss a beat, smiling “apologetically” at the boring stranger, “oops! seems i got lost in conversation with this fine gentleman, darling. we really should be going, hm?” you ask, your free hand reaching around to playfully pop a button on the top of his tux, and he has to strain his legs closer together, mind forming with all the possibilities of what that brown lipstick staining your mouth might look on him
  • “we should” he groans through his teeth, and then shoots the perplexed stranger one last look before whisking you away between the dancing couples on the floor
  • he’s halfway through saying you’re welcome when you wrench your arm away, letting out a frustrated sigh once emerged in the crowd
  • “where’s your room?” you inquire, and immediately jungkook is leading you through elites and socialites from all over the country, up a spiral marble staircase and down four different hallways before he reaches his room
  • as soon as the door is open, you shove him through the crack, much to jungkook’s amusement
  • “i have to say, i’ve never met someone as bold as you before. can’t say i hate it though” he grins, reaching out for you as you begin to stride toward his king sized bed 
  • but as soon as his hand makes contact with your wrist, you wrench it backwards, sending a light kick to his backside and making him tumble unceremoniously onto his sheets, whispering a light “what the fuck”
  • you completely ignore him, walking over to his wall of windows overlooking the moonlit beach before wrenching the dark curtains closed, leaving only the light of the lamps in the room to illuminate jungkook’s shocked expression
  • “it’s like you’re asking for trouble” you murmur, taking a good look around his bedroom before rushing over to his closet, ripping article after article of clothing off the rack to his shock
  • “what the hell- do you know who you’re-” “of course i do, mr. jeon. now put on something comfortable, preferably to run in”
  • you toss a tee shirt at his face and it smacks him in the eyes, leaving him stunned and sitting awkwardly on his bed as he attempts to reach whatever conclusion you’ve clearly already drawn
  • finally, he finds his words again
  • “w-why…?”
  • you shoot him a glare over your shoulder that could freeze hell, as his mouth instantly clamps shut
  • “because someone is here to kill you, mr. jeon”
  • in fact, as soon as you say this, someone is knocking on the door to the room
  • jungkook just abandons the cocky asshole thing in total fear of his life and starts shaking from head to toe, little whimpers falling from his mouth as he realizes the gravity of the situation
  • you don’t finish picking out clothes for him, and instead shove him far into the back of his walk in closet before ripping up the carefully sewn slit in your dress to reveal a set of like four different knives lmao
  • you toss him one and he watches in horror as you use another to hold to his throat, your eyes trained on his shocked expression
  • “do not, under any circumstances, come out of this closet until i say the word. if someone breaks down this door, you stab them and run, understand? don’t look back”
  • all jungkook can do is nod bc he’s nearly pissing his pants
  • he wants to ask so bad why anyone would want to kill him
  • like his family donates to charity religiously, and as far as jungkook knows, a lot of the money his dad makes goes toward research funds for rare diseases and what not, and he, personally, doesn’t think he’s fucked anyone over enough to get a hitman on him
  • you just shoot him a fleeting look that he thinks for a second is sympathetic, and then you shut the door to the closet and disappear
  • unable to contain his curiosity, jungkook peeks outside to see what’s going on
  • as soon as you’re a few feet away from the door, the door is suddenly kicked down and a group of like five guys barrel in
  • jungkook’s knee jerk reaction is that you’re going to die and he wants so badly to go out and help you but you also told him to stay put
  • it’s getting harder tho bc even tho you can handle yourself for now, they’re starting to gang up on you the more irritated they get
  • they’re starting to corner you, their backs turned to the closet, and jungkook thinks this is his only chance
  • he jumps out of the closet and heaves his knife at one of the goons
  • it hits him in the back of the leg, hilt first
  • so now not only are these guys gonna kill him, you are too :)
  • all five turn to look at him at once, and he thinks this is the end, and when he imagined his life ending with him and a pretty girl this was not his first choice tbh
  • suddenly, you reach down and grab one of your stilettos, twisting the heel off, and there’s a hissing noise that fills the room before you toss the shoe at one of the stunned goons and rush past them before they can react
  • you throw yourself against jungkook and shut the door to the closet tight, and seconds later, there’s a loud explosion in his room
  • “here, keep this over your face. whatever you do, don’t breathe until we get outside. and listen to me this time” you hiss the last part as you hand him one of his scarves, making jungkook laugh sheepishly 
  • “but i mean, didn’t i technically just save us back there-” “i still have knives to maim you with, mr. jeon”
  • the party is in complete chaos, but you manage to smuggle him out between all the scared patrons, and soon, you’ve got him in the backset of a bmw with his father in the passenger seat and another guard driving you two to the city
  • “what about mom?” jungkook asks, looking out of the window frantically for her
  • “we got her to your father’s penthouse in seoul already, she’s safe.” you tell jungkook, running a hand through your hair as you let out a tired sigh
  • jungkook finally gets to take a good look at you now, and even though you’re covered in sweat, your makeup is smeared, and your hair is a mess, he’s convinced this is the fastest he’s ever been endeared by a woman 
  • when you notice him staring holes into your head you just shoot him a glare “i hope you know that stunt back there almost got us killed, idiot”
  • usually, jungkook would not settle for someone calling him an idiot, let alone someone he just met
  • but jungkook goes from O.O to heart eyes so quick 
  • “who are you?” he asks
  • “that’s (y/n), your new bodyguard.” jungkook’s father chimes in, with a small, pleased smile on his face as he watches his son’s reaction in the side mirror
  • for once, jungkook does not put up a fuss
  • his father ends up having to explain that their company is aligned with a few powerful mafia families in asia, and that a rival was beginning to rise and wanted to take out jeon industries’ heir as a way to halt income for some of the mafias
  • it takes jungkook a long time to get used to the fact that his family is so linked with crime, and at first he honestly doesn’t even want to believe it
  • his family is also a fifth generation family of notorious gangsters, as he finds out
  • apart from becoming the actual ceo of the company, jungkook was also expected to deal in the crime business that his family had been keeping for decades
  • his father even goes as far as relocating jungkook to the city to live on his own in preparation for taking over the business
  • so far, it’s just him, you, and a few other guards living there who work round the clock
  • the first few weeks with you are kind of hell and heaven for kook
  • any time he attempts to bring home anyone you literally card them at the front door, look up their identity to make sure it matches, do a facial and fingerprint scan, and then when (if) they finally pass your test you honestly pat them down before and after they’re about to leave
  • jungkook is like lol i dont care if they stole anything i can have it replaced
  • but you’ll be damned if you don’t do your job so you do it anyway and jungkook is kinda amused?? he thinks it’s funny that someone actually has to do this for him and you look so cute fussing over his one night stands
  • some of them don’t even come back bc of u and before, he might’ve been pissed but honestly he doesn’t give a damn
  • you’re much more entertaining
  • when he attends one of his first meetings with a few mafia bosses on updated territory negotiations after he’s promoted to ceo, he’s so nervous and pacing back and forth outside the meeting place and he so badly wants to run and hide bc like? people?? social elites he can handle but crime bosses???? no
  • you too are nervous but you can’t show it, especially not with jungkook looking like he’s abt to faint 
  • so instead of panicking too you just place your hand on his shoulder and look him in the eyes with a stern expression and tell him “don’t be nervous”
  • he scoffs bc of course it’s easy for you to say
  • you’ll be standing in a corner and the only thing you’ll have to do is look invisible and make sure a fight doesn’t break out. he has to do a shit load of talking and has to be smart abt what he’s doing and he’s just not ready
  • “i know you’re afraid of them. they’ll know that too. do you know what my physical defense trainer taught me when i got hired to my company?” you ask, and he just shakes his head side to side with wide eyes
  • “she said to imagine yourself as a lone wolf, entering a new pack. you’ve got to be strong, hold your head up high, and show them you mean business. you’ve got to prove yourself worthy. you can be scared, but whatever you do, don’t let them know. even if they try to make you look stupid, do not let them know. they can and will only attack if they sense weakness”
  • part of him is a bit stunned, bc?? you being scared doesn’t really mix in his mind
  • you’re one of the most fearless people he knows
  • but to know that even someone like you could secretly be scared on the inside takes him aback
  • he’s silent for a little while, fiddling with his thumbs, and then he swallows down his fears and steels his face into a stoic expression “alright. let’s go”
  • more often than not, jungkook needs reassurances like these
  • even years down the line, when jungkook is in his twenties and running the crime business like a pro, he still sometimes needs that calming look from you, or that squeeze on his bicep to tell him that everything is alright
  • even though kook has grown into quite the man, he’s very much still an annoying little shit
  • the people he brings home dwindle more and more until you literally have to ask him if you’ve scared all of them away and kook just laughs like “nah i don’t really care about them anymore is all”
  • you know jungkook has three moods
  • ceo jungkook: charming, flirty, conversationalist
  • gangster jungkook: cunning and ruthless
  • jungkook: dances around his living room in his underwear on the fourteenth floor to big bang
  • when you deal with ceo kook, it’s a mix of rolling eyes and resisting the urge to sock him in the throat
  • he really knows how to pack on the cringe-y compliments to make his clients fall for him
  • he’s always sitting around his office, feet propped up on his desk with the first few buttons of his white button up undone, his suit jacket draped over the back of his chair and his tie loosened
  • whenever he has an unexpected visitor however, he always asks you to clean him back up
  • he’s all smiles with his hands deep in his pockets as he watches you fix his tie and one day he even has the audacity to wink at you when you’re done and say “thank you, honey”
  • gangster jungkook is calculated. he likes everything to go his way, and he wants complete control over what’s going on in his company from the ground up
  • rumors aren’t appreciated
  • jungkook once caught one of his goons talking shit and spreading rumors to a few others about you, of all ppl, about how jungkook was keeping you on the side as a quick fuck and that you weren’t worth anything to the company besides that
  • what made it worse is that you’d heard, unbeknownst to anyone but jungkook
  • as soon as jungkook walked up to the guy, the goon immediately dropped to his knees and started apologizing and asking for forgiveness
  • “why are you apologizing? did you do something wrong?” jungkook feigns innocence, giving him one of his charming smiles that he reserves for the fake elites he works with at the company everyday
  • the guy just keeps apologizing, saying he shouldn’t have said anything about you in the first place, and starts wailing like a moron until jungkook is so annoyed with the guy he yanks him back up by his receding hairline and brings him face to face
  • “do you know how badly i want to kick your ass for disrespecting my bodyguard right now? she has more worth to me and this company in her pinky finger than you do in your whole body”
  • the guy is really scared now, begging jungkook to spare him, and everyone is just looking on like lmao he had that coming
  • and then you walk over, peel jungkook’s hand away, and give him an appreciative smile, “it’s fine, jungkook. you don’t have to hurt him”
  • and jungkook is abt to argue with you 
  • and then you just. raise your knee and sock the asshole on his knees in the chin, knocking him out cold on the ground “i can do it myself”
  • he falls in love with you more honestly
  • normal kook is your favorite tho
  • when he really lets go it’s just the two of you, being silly
  • sometimes he asks you to play hide and seek with him and claims he’s “fine tuning your skills”
  • the dancing to big bang thing is a common occurrence
  • when you’re off duty, he gets you to change into a pair of boxers with him and dance throughout the house
  • he’s even filmed a few of these dances on his phone and occasionally plays them back on long, stressful flights from here to there, smiling down at the screen
  • even tho you have a place of your own, he tends to ask you to stay over at his
  • he claims it’s for maximum security but really, he just likes having your presence around
  • he likes having an excuse to send his chef away so he can make dinner for two, or to have someone he can talk to abt his worries with business, or to simply just see
  • he’s a lonely man, working on top of everything, and sometimes it hits him just how lonely he is when you’re not around
  • you’ve steadily become a constant in his life he never wants to lose
  • at first you thought it was a bit strange, but sometimes he just asks to hold your hand
  • it might be in the car on the way to the airport or even while he’s attending a press conference
  • when you ask him why he likes to hold your hand so much, that rare sliver of jungkook shines through when it’s not supposed to, “you make me feel safe”
  • you’ve seen a lot of jungkook too
  • from quarrels with his family to actually seeing him butt naked he said he wasn’t embarrassed but he was red all over??
  • jungkook, tho you’d scold him for saying so, would jump in front of a bullet for you before you could for him
  • it made him frustrating when he fretted over you after a fight bc “kook,,, this is my job, i should be asking if you’re okay”
  • sometimes jungkook wonders if you should even be his bodyguard anymore
  • he thinks he cares too much about you to see you hurt like that
  • he thinks about it for a long time, but it only becomes clear to him when a meeting with a potential new crime ally from the states goes horribly wrong
  • the new ally  is unsatisfied with how much jungkook is willing to give to him in exchange for connections and goods, and push comes to shove until bullets are flying
  • you immediately shield jungkook and throw him under the table, but a miscalculated bullet hits your side and fall to the floor, unable to stand much longer
  • jungkook is so frozen in shock he doesn’t realize why you’re kneeling until his people chase the others out of the room and he sees your hands glistening red
  • immediately he’s screaming “no no no no” in his head, and you’re holding on quite well but the look of sheer pain on your face makes jungkook want to never see it again
  • he’s grabbing at you as you slump again him, and he quickly starts dialing the number for his private medical team to get to you asap
  • “i don’t think it hit anything too serious-” you start, but he’s muttering for you to shut up, that he can’t believe this happened, that he should have been more careful
  • all you can do is frown up at him through the pain, “jungkook, how many times have I… had to tell you…? your life comes first”
  • but he keeps shaking his head, holding you close to his chest as he wishes the ambulance to come faster “not to me”
  • thankfully, the bullet hadn’t hit anything bad
  • but it still hurt a hell of a lot
  • jungkook insists that he set you up in the best hospital room, and he keeps taking off time from work to visit you
  • he floods your hotel room with flowers of every color and size, has you on paid leave, and even offers to get you a emotional support dog
  • just bc
  • “do you want a puppy? i’ll get you a puppy. what’s your favorite breed? i’ll even get it a wardrobe for the seasons. we can take it with us to work”
  • having jungkook feigning over you is far more adorable than you expected, and you just let him ramble for a few minutes before he tires himself out and you just peck his cheek and tell him “thank you, but i’ve got a good enough pup right here”
  • yeah…….. he’s blushing
  • no matter how much he pleads you to take lit any other job than bodyguard, you tell him that it’s what you want to do, and that you will protect him until he no longer needs protecting
  • the time you spend in the hospital only reminds jungkook that he never wants to lose you
  • you know even though he’s trying to joke with you and do silly things to lighten the mood, he’s trying to hide the fact that the day you got shot was one of the worst days of his life
  • he truly believed he almost lost you and that alone had left him speechless for hours, waiting anxiously outside your surgery room
  • “you know you’re… you’re the only person i trust this much, right?” he tells you, gently grasping your hand in his
  • you hold it back just as tightly, a soft smile taking over your face as his eyes never leave yours. just being here with him, knowing he cares for you so much… it’s enough to make your heart stutter “i won’t let you down, mr. jeon”
MC in Wonderland Part II

I’m queueing some more hcs that I’m finishing this Sunday before I officially go into hiatus tomorrow, so you might see them popping up on your dash throughout the next 2 weeks (they’re already in various stages of writing, I just have to tie up the loose ends).

Here’s part two of the (wild) Alice AU as promised. Enjoy!


[Part I]

Part II - Crazy Party Wonderland

  • You notice the water level receding as you went further downstream
  • You’re finally able to let go of the log you were holding on to and wander into a forest of sorts
  • But were dripping wet and it was cold
  • No, not “wet“ in the fun way. Get your mind out of the gutter
  • Hearing voices from beyond the bushes, you go towards it
  • You find several distressed-looking birds who were grumbling and squeezing water from their feathers.
  • Wait, no. Weren’t those people in animal suits? You never know.

Yoosung / Dodo bird

  • “Excuse me…are… are you guys okay?“
  • The guy in the white birb suit turns, and it’s… Yoosung?!?
  • “Oh? Yeah, we’re fine, it’s just that it suddenly flooded, and it didn’t even rain! Can you believe it?“
  • “Yeah, and now we’re soaked! Oh dear, and I still need to meet my sister’s fiancee!“ another person in a pink flaming-o suit piped in (Sarah?!?)
  • You laugh nervously because they were talking to the cause of the flood, a.k.a. YOU.
  • “Ahahaha. I wonder what caused it too. But this is Wonderland, so stuff like this happens once in awhile, right? “
  • “Uhuh. Miss, excuse me if it’s rude, but it’s the first time I saw you around here. What’s your name?“
  • “Me? It’s MC. And you are….? Oh, wait, let me guess… you’re a dove, right?“
  • “Nope. We’re relatives though. I’m Dodo Dodgson. Nice to meet you, MC!“
  • No, MC. DON’T LAUGH. Pfft.
  • However, the flaming-o throws a tantrum and stomps around
  • “Ugh, stop talking already! I have a dinner to attend!”
  • Ugh, still a b*tch even in birb form
  • Yoosung rubs his chin thoughtfully, seemingly deep in thought
  • “I guess we’d get dry faster if we race in a circle.“
  • “Race in a circle? How would you determine the winner?“ a vulture who looks like Dr. Lee asks
  • “Well, you can stop anytime you want, but because it’s a circle with no determined start and finish, everybody wins when they stop! But… the prize… maybe MC can give us prizes?“
  • “Me??? I don’t know, I don’t really have anything in my pockets.“
  • “Check your pockets?“
  • You follow Yoosung’s advice and check them, and true enough, you find hair clips, a lipstick, a round glass, and space candy (konpeito)
  • You were quite sure they weren’t there before, but… how?
  • “Will these do?“
  • “They’re perfect!“
  • So you join them in the race until your clothes dry, and awarded the prizes to everyone.
  • Yoosung was the last to stop, and you gave him the clips.
  • He looks so grateful to you, especially when you put them on him
  • “Th-thank you, MC! I love them!“
  • Cute, blushing mess
  • Precious baby aaaaaaa
  • However, because you gave everything away, you didn’t have a prize for yourself
  • Yoosung points this out and you shrug, saying that it’s fine.
  • Not on his watch though. There has to be something!
  • “Well, if you insist, then I’d like to have the directions to the Queen’s castle. Do you know how to get there?“
  • “Y-you can’t go there as easily, but you would need an invitation from the duchess, MC. Oh, but I can accompany you to her house if you want!“
  • You readily agree, talking about this and that on the way there.

  • Not long after, you see the mansion, but Yoosung declines to accompany you any further because of the duchess’s cat.
  • “But why? Aren’t you good friends?“
  • “How… how can you say that, MC? He tried to eat me three times! Three!“ he cries, running away before you register that he meant “eat“ literally.
  • It wasn’t as far anyway, so you walk the rest of the way.

Vanderwood / Duchess

  • You were about to go up the porch steps when a hand touches your shoulder and you find no body attached to it.
  • RUN MC
  • A familiar, disembodied voice laughs, and the rest of the body appears before you to reveal… Saeyoung.
  • “Ahahaha, you should’ve seen your expression, MC! You looked so scared, I thought your eyeballs would pop from their sockets!“
  • “I’m also happy that some things never change even in Wonderland, Cheshire. I need an invitation from the duchess to see the queen; will you help me?“
  • “Oh, um… that…“
  • The door flies open and Vanderwood comes out wearing a huge purple headdress and a black gown with leopard print linings.
  • “Get back here, you lazy ca—- I’m sorry miss, but we don’t take visitors today. Come back in, hmmm…. Maybe never,“ he turns to shut the door, but you keep him from closing it by wedging your foot between the door and the frame
  • “Please, I just need an invitation to the queen’s castle! Won’t you help me? I promise to let you lock up Se– Cheshire so he can finish his job for the agency!“
  • Saeyoung in the background : “MC, HOW COULD YOU?!? I THOUGHT WE LOVED EACH OTHER????“
  • Vanderwood opens the door a little wider and steps back a bit
  • “You should’ve said so earlier. Wait here,“ he says, disappearing inside for a few minutes as you wait with Saeyoung outside
  • He returns after a while, and shoves a sealed envelope at you and pushes a screaming Echo girl at you.
  • “Her cup D’s don’t interest me if her brain doesn’t work, so take her with you. Cheshire will lead you to the castle, but don’t forget your end of the bargain, MC“
  • He shuts the door in your face and you stare for a few minutes, dumbfounded at how easily he gave you the invitation

  • Echo girl comes with you willingly, but you and Saeyoung suffer under her never-ending rants about Vanderwood’s cold treatment and how she was going to tell her father about it
  • You were getting ready to push her down the hill when it suddenly went quiet
  • Looking behind you, you find Echo girls clothes lying on the ground and a small, pink pig oinking furiously in her place
  • Saeyoung licks his lips and rubs his palms together
  • “Mmm, I could certainly use some roast pig now,“ he says, reaching out for the pig
  • She runs away into a clump of bushes before he has a chance to catch her
  • You pull Saeyoung by his tail as he attempts to go after her, and you are surprised when he moans and slumps on the ground, covering his crotch
  • “It-it’s a sensitive spot, don’t pull it!“
  • He’s full-on blushing, and you can’t resist glomping him and hugging him for a few minutes

Jumin / Mad Hatter ・Zen / March Hare・Jaehee / Dormouse

  • Continuing your journey, you come across a signboard pointing to an establishment called “The Mad Teahouse“
  • “‘The Mad Teahouse’? This looks like a nice cafe. Cheshire, can we go see?“
  • “Do you play Japanese mahjong, MC?“
  • “No, why?“
  • “Nothing in particular. After you, milady. But keep to the shadows and make no noise or you won’t be able to get out until you play strip mahjong.“
  • Yikes, that didn’t bode well.
  • But you were curious, so you went in anyway
  • “The Mad Teahouse“ wasn’t as you imagined it
  • Upon entering, you see pachinko slot machines, roulette tables, a pool table – it was a casino, but it was void of customers, save for the mahjong table with three occupants at the far end of the room.
  • “Tenhai, I win — again,“ Jumin exclaims triumphantly, laying out his tiles.
  • He was dressed in an immaculate, navy three-piece suit with a black victorian puffed tie instead of the ones he usually wore. He also had a black top hat on, the hat panel adorned with a purple satin sash, and antique-looking bronze aviator goggles
  • “Dammit Hatter! this is the third to the last piece of clothing I have on! Stop winning every match!“ Zen grumbles, revealing his tiles and removing his shirt and exposing his sculpted muscles
  • Were those rabbit ears and tail real, or were those fake?
  • Either way, you thought he still looked good in them~(❤ω❤)
  • “It’s not my fault you play so badly,“ he replies, calmly taking a sip of his tea.
  • “No more cat projects, Mr. Hatter,“ Jaehee sleepily murmurs from her pile of tiles.
  • She was dressed as she usually was, but her blazer was haphazardly thrown over the chair and her hair was mussed.
  • She also had huge mouse ears the same color as her hair, and you couldn’t stop a giggle from escaping because you thought the ears were cute
  • “Who goes there?“ Jumin inquired,squinting to see who it was from where he was sitting
  • Saeyoung was signalling for you not to answer, but you were already in a trance due to Jumin’s sexy voice.
  • “It’s me, MC.“
  • “We can’t see you, MC. Come into the light so we can have a better look“
  • “MC, no,“ Saeyoung whispers from your right, clutching onto your sleeve
  • But it was only Jumin, Jaehee, and Zen, so what could be wrong with showing yourself?
  • You were about to step foot into the lighted area when Saeyoung threw a doll and red ribbons shot out of nowhere to tie it up
  • “RUN!!!“
  • “After them!!!“ Jumin commanded, and the ribbons elongated, chasing after the two of you
  • You snapped out of your trance as Saeyoung pulled you along, using his claws to shred the ribbons that came close to you
  • Jumin almost catches you, but you step out just in time and the ribbons go back inside

  • “Now, do you know why it’s called the ‘Mad Tea House’?“ he asks, bent over and out of breath
  • “I do, but damn, I should’ve kept quiet until Zen stripped down completely.“
  • You were almost forced to play strip mahjong and all you could think of was Zen in all his naked glory???
  • Yep, you definitely had your priorities in order.
  • You thought Saeyoung only had a bad case of side stitches (that abdominal pain you get after exercising/running), but looking closer, you see blood dripping from the gaps on his fingers
  • “Cheshire? Cheshire!!!“
  • “I’m… sorry, MC. One of them got to me,“ he chuckles, but you could see how pale he’s getting
  • He collapses eventually, and you do everything you could just to staunch the bleeding
  • You were helpless and crying, and was considering going back inside to ask for help
  • But would they come to your aid? Or would they still force you to play?
  • Just as you were about to take the risk, you hear footsteps from behind you
  • “Red…The queen wants her white roses painted red…“
  • “Saeran!!! Oh, thank goodness you’re he—“
  • You stop in your tracks as you see that he was accompanied by several card soldiers
  • “You weren’t able to find me, MC. I found you first,“ he smiles, his eyes glinting dangerously

Rika / Queen of Hearts・V / King of Hearts

  • You were presented before the court
  • They treated you roughly, dragging you and forcing you to kneel before the queen and her subjects
  • But at least you got help for Saeyoung

  • “I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll willingly come with you or whatever, please, just help him,“ you plead in between tears
  • Saeran snaps his fingers and the guards surround you, waiting for his orders
  • “Take the girl to the queen and treat the cat,“ he says, and turns around, disappearing

  • “Rabbit, who is this, and why is she here?“ you hear the queen ask, and you look up to find a pair of familiar green eyes looking down at you — Rika
  • She looked almost the same as the first time you personally met her at the Mint Eye headquarters except, this time, she was actually the queen and not a crazy cult leader
  • Saeran bows before addressing the question
  • “My queen, this is the alleged foreigner who flooded the green valleys and convened with the hatter and his cohort of rebels“
  • “What?!? The flood, I can account for, but I never had a meeting with them! They even tried to capture me!“
  • “Silence! Did I ask you to speak,  girl?“ she rises from her throne, walking in your direction
  • Handing her scepter to Saeran, she crouches down and holds you by the hair so that you are forced to look up at her
  • “I could order to have your head cut off right now, you insolent pest. But since you’re a feisty little thing, should I play with you first?“
  • She lets go of you and addresses her subjects
  • “What do you think? Should we play with her for a bit before severing her head? Hmm, I think I fancy a game of croquet right now. What do you think?“
  • “Off with her head!“ one of her subjects yells overhead
  • She smiles, her red, painted lips glistening in the light
  • “You heard what they said dear, off with your head,“ she says in a singsong voice
  • But just as the guards start to drag you away, the door bursts open and V walks in, but dressed as the king of Hearts this time
  • “Enough! I’ve let you corrupt my land long enough, my queen. I think it’s time I atone for my sins,“ he declares, unsheathing his blade.
  • No, don’t even go there. I know what you’re thinking, stop
  • “My king! Surely, you don’t mean…?“ you notice a fearful hint in her voice and she backs away as he advances to her
  • “Rabbit, break the scepter and take the girl back into the portal with you.“
  • “But your highness….“ Saeran hesitates, clutching the scepter to his chest
  • “NOW!!!“ he orders, and Saeran hurries to obey him
  • A portal opens as the scepter breaks, and Saeran pulls you up
  • The queen tries to make a run for it, but V anticipates her move and has the guards hold her
  • “V, come with us!!!“
  • He smiles, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he does so
  • “I’d love to, MC, but that would disrupt the balance. As two enters the portal, so shall two come out from it.“
  • “But V…!“
  • “I’m really sorry, MC. Tell Jumin… that I’m sorry and that I’m always watching over him. Farewell… and be safe.“
  • “I promise,“ you say, tears fogging your sight as you look at him a final time, before letting Saeran take you into the portal.

  • “MC! MC, are you alright?!?“
  • Your eyes fly open to see both brothers looking worriedly at you
  • “Cheshire… and White Rabbit? I… made it home?“
  • “See, Saeyoung? I told you she hit her head or something. I’m going to call an ambulance.“
  • “No, no, don’t call one! I’m fine, guys, really. Did V… make it?“
  • Both of them exchange surprised glances and Saeyoung gently strokes your hair.
  • “MC, have you forgotten? V’s been gone for three years now.“
  • “Oh. It must have been a dream then.“
  • “I don’t know what you were dreaming about, but it must’ve been weird. No, wait, don’t tell me. Can you sit up, noona?“
  • “I can. What happened anyway?“
  • “We don’t know either, but Saeran heard a loud sound and found you passed out in the kitchen. MC, were you trying to sneak out some of my chips again?“
  • “Of course not!“ you shout indignantly, but the force of your tone gives you a headache and you lie back down in Saeyoung’s lap.
  • “Wait there, I’m going to get you some ice for that,“ Saeran stands and makes his way to the kitchen, but you notice the bushy white tail peeking from under his shirt.
  • “Sae—“
  • “Shh,“ Saeyoung winks and gives you one of his mischievous cheshire smiles.

Drabble Game + Klaroline + Number 41 + “You’re going out dressed like that?”

“You’re going out dressed like that?”

Caroline suddenly felt self conscious, looking down at her fitted, black dress that skimmed mid thigh and her red, sky high Manolos. “What’s wrong?” She asked, smoothing down her golden waves as she said it. “Is my lipstick smudged or something?”

“Your lipstick is just fine,” he murmured. “It’s just, uh, do you think maybe something a little longer and looser might be better?”

“I’m going to my Bachelorette Party Klaus, how else do you expect me to dress?”

“Well, not like Katherine for starters.” Caroline didn’t respond just placed her hands on hips, her eyebrows raised. “Look, all I’m asking for is some extra fabric, love,” he pleaded. “I don’t want men drooling over my girl.”

“As flattered as I am by the compliment even though it feels like I’ve been transported back to the 1950s, I don’t think it really matters given I only have eyes for my extremely jealous fiance."  

"It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s them, sweetheart,” he growled, moving closer and running his hands down her sides.


“Those strippers and whoever else Katherine has lined up for this evening,” he replied, pulling her closer and placing his hands strategically on her taut ass. “I don’t want anyone looking at you like I look at you.”

“While that’s extremely sweet and protective,” she murmured, combing her fingers through his curls. “This is my last night of freedom and you had exactly the same opportunity last weekend.”

“I escaped as soon as possible and came back home to ravage you senseless. Which by the way Kol will never let me live down.  I seem to recall you were extremely happy with my little wake-up call, love.” Klaus growled, finding her neck with his lips and placing kisses along its length.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, lost in the moment. “That’s not fair.”

“How is me doing this not fair?" Klaus mumbled into her skin as he continued his assault.

"I love you,” she panted. “But I deserve this night, it’s a rite of passage after all and I would also pay to see Rebekah pole dance.”

“Now, that’s a visual I didn’t need,” he drawled, finally relinquishing his hold on her neck.

“From tomorrow onwards you have my full and undivided attention which includes all of my last minute, bridezilla demands.”

“I suppose,” he pouted uncharacteristically, those crimson lips and impressive dimples tempting her to stay in tonight.

Caroline wasn’t interested in strippers but she was a stickler for tradition and she was going to experience everything she could as a bride to be. She didn’t like to admit it aloud but she loved being the centre of attention.

“Just remember that you don’t need to stuff $1 bills in my underwear to get what you want, love.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Mikaelson,” Caroline grinned, capturing her lips with his hungrily, not caring about the state of her lipstick. In two weeks Caroline was going to be Mrs Mikaelson and she considered herself so unbelievably blessed.

A car horn sounded out and she broke the kiss prematurely. “I love you.” She was gone before he could reply, her cute ass wiggling in retreat in that dress.

“Klaus,” she whispered. He awoke with a start hours later, the vibrations from her voice causing sensations to ripple throughout his half asleep body.

“Mmmm,” he murmured, loving the feeling of her hands making their way down his bare back and settling on his tight, black boxers. 

“Turns out after all the hype bachelorette parties aren’t all that exciting,” she sighed, biting into his shoulder. “Although I admit I did bring sexyback tonight.” Klaus turned over slowly, regarding her curiously his eyes finally adjusting to the darkness

“I certainly have no doubt about that, although your sexy never disappeared, love, in fact it’s rubbing against me as we speak." 

"And that’s exactly why I’m marrying you. You know nothing compares to being right here with my future husband. I just wish we were already married.” .  

“I know how much you appreciate tradition and as much as I want to be your husband, I’m willing to wait until we say ‘I do’. I can’t say I’m not happy that you cut your night short to see me.”

“It’s always going to be you,” she grinned, stradling him possesively and unzipping her dress seductively. “I might have even saved you some $1 bills, fiance."     

Wedding Jitters

Oh lookie lookie. Another story for yall. I’m glad I am able to get these stories out for you finally. It’s been awhile since I have been able to be active on this blog. T-T


Genre: Fluff

Characters: Chen/Jongdae + Reader

Today was the day. You had been waiting for this day for close to a year now. Jongdae has proposed to you on your third year anniversary. You had started to plan almost immediately, the excitement you had felt and the nerves that had flooded you for months as you prepared every single detail. The only problem you came across was the date, every time you and Jongdae had agreed on a date his schedule would eventually get in the way. Every. Single. Time. It had stretched the time out until 10 months had eventually passed and Jongdae had forced his company to finally give him a day off.

Now you were here in the wedding hall, your hair sporting a million and one products to make it look perfect and your face perfectly accented with just the right amount of makeup. Your lips covered in his favorite lipstick. You glanced down at your dress, the white material smooth against your hands as you fiddled with it nervously. You didn’t know how it was possible but the ridiculously tall heels you had to wear were already making your feet sore.

You glanced at the mirror for what felt like the hundredth time and stared at yourself, your veil causing a misty haze of white to block your view. You jumped and clutched at your chest as your maid of honor burst into the room. Your chest tightened and your heart started to beat frantically as you watched her wide eyes scan you quickly to make sure everything was ok.

“We have a problem.” you shook your head frantically and gathered up your skirts, quickly making your way to the door.

“What is it? We only have thirty minutes-”

“Whoa whoa. You are not going out there. Just tell me what to do. Jongdae is having a nervous breakdown right now.” you froze immediately, pausing in your efforts to push away her hand.

“What? He is? But… why?”

“I can’t do this man. This is a mistake isn’t it? We should have waited longer? What if something is wrong with her dress? What if she regrets marrying me after like a month or something?” he was pacing back and forth in the tiny room, the walls seemingly pushing in on him and making the room even smaller. There were too many thoughts going through his head and the fact that he couldn’t see you all day long just made everything a thousand times worse.

“Hey. Jongdae chill. She isn’t going to regret it, one of the brides maids said she was already dressed up and ready to go.” Junmyeon placed his hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Take deep breaths. It’s not like you are going on stage in front of thousands of people ok?”

“Yeah but I’ve done that before Hyung, I know what to expect from that.” he pushed off Junmyeon’s hands and started to pace again, his hands fluttering up to thread through his hair, only to stop half way there and realize that it would have messed up his hair.

“Look Jongdae. The only thing you need to expect from this is love. She loves you, you love her. You’ll be legally pronounced husband and wife and live a wonderful happy life together.”

“It’s not that simple.” he could hear the whininess in his voice leaking out once again but he didn’t care right now.

“Yes it is. You lived with her for an entire year now. You guys already act like a married couple already. Would you please just stop pacing?” He simply shook his head at the older man. How could he tell him to calm down so nonchalantly? It’s not like he knew what he was going through right now. A knock on the door echoed throughout the room and made him stop, his eyes landing on Baekhyun’s head as he poked his head through the crack.

“You ready man? You gotta get to the front. Junmyeon has to go find his bridesmaid and get in line as well.”

“No. No. No. No. I’m not ready. Delay it for a few more minutes. Get chanyeol to go with you and entertain them or something I’m not ready.” he moved towards the door and pushed Baekhyun’s head out, moving to close the door before he could push it back open.

Before he could get his hand back through the crack a hand grabbed onto his and made him freeze. He tried to pull the door open but another hand was holding it where it was. He knew it was you the moment your fingers wrapped around his, he had held your hand for three years now and he memorized the softness of your hands and the strength of your fingers. He wanted to see you but whoever was holding the handle was determined to keep the door in that spot.

“Jongdae.” he moved his position and tried to see you through the crack of the door but could only see the silky material of the dress your bridesmaids were wearing. “Are you ok?” hearing your voice just made him pull on the door handle more and the small grunt from Baekhyun told him that he wasn’t going to give in that easily.

“No I am not ok. Baekhyun open the door.”

“You were just trying to close it earlier. Make up your mind.” he groaned loudly at Baekhyun’s joke, his hands yanking at the door handle once more and causing everyone to stumble into the room.

You stood there with a smile ghosting your lips, the effort of you trying not to laugh at Baekhyun sprawled on the floor causing a tight smile to spread across your face. He stepped over Baekhyun and pulled you into him, his arms wrapping tightly around your shoulders.

“It’s alright.” your hands rested carefully on his back and moving in slow circles as if you were trying to calm a child.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he lowered his voice so only you could hear him, not wanting everyone to hear his insecurities. You slowly pulled away from him, your hands grabbing his when he tried to pull you back to him.

“There is nothing I want more than to be your wife Jongdae. I have wanted this for years now. There is nothing you need to worry about ok? I made sure everything was fine.” You let go of his hands and reached up, carefully cupping his cheeks between your hands. He stared down at you, his eyes frantically searching for the reassurance he needed.

Your eyes were filled with worry but you could tell that it was only worry over him. He mentally started to scold himself. How the heck could he have been so dumb as to have made you worry about him, adding one more thing on your list of things to fret over.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have made you worry like this.” you shook your head at his apology, your thumbs gently rubbing against his cheekbones.

“No need to be sorry. It’s the job of the wife to worry about her husband.” Your laugh was the most precious song to him. The light bubble of giggles that pushed it’s way past your lips calming him more than any song could.

Suddenly Junmyeon’s words about how you two were already like a married couple rang through his head. He had a point, he already looked at you like you were his wife and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, pulling you into yet another hug.

“Alright. Let’s go get married then.”

“I planned on it Jongdae.”

clarygaywood  asked:

21 with clizzy bc fraywood are the brotp

best friends sibling au (this has been sitting in my inbox for a bit but i figured your birthday would be the perfect day to post it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY)

Clary was never the type of person to have a huge group of friends, she was always perfectly happy with the handful of people close to her and during her freshman year of college, Alec had become one of those people.

They’d met when he and Magnus started dating and Clary knew she would like him, if for no other reason than the smile on Magnus’ face whenever Alec’s name came up. But, as time went on, she and Alec started talking and hanging out more, finding a common interest in reading and art (although Alec can’t draw to save his life), even bonding over coming out, an experience that had been very different for each of them.

They even developed a routine of going to get coffee on Saturday afternoons, either just to catch up or do homework, sometimes inviting Simon and Magnus to join them, but that was about the only thing that ever changed about their little routine. So when Clary came in to the coffee shop one Saturday and saw Alec sitting with a beautiful girl, she was a bit caught off guard.

“Hi,” Clary said as she approached the table, causing both the girl and Alec to look up at her. Shit, she was even prettier up close, with her shining eyes, red lipstick standing out against her skin and her hair looking so soft Clary couldn’t help but imagine how wonderful it would feel between her fingers.

“Clary, hi,” Alec said, breaking Clary out of her trance a bit. “This is my sister, Isabelle, she’s visiting for the weekend. Izzy, this is Clary.”

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I’ll Make an Exception

A/N: A request from @summerinavonlea for a Derek x Reader where the reader is really into that retro swing look (think Candyman by Christina Aguilera). One night, she invites the team out to a bar she goes to because they have theme nights and they’re doing swing dancing that night. Normally, shy and reserved, the team is surprised to find she’s a really good dancer. Both she and Derek like each other but have never said as much. When guy after guy asks the reader to dance, Morgan gets a little jealous. Many members of the team dance with her throughout the night, including Morgan. @coveofmemories

P.S. Here’s the dress and shoes I pictured!


“Okay, I have to ask,” Garcia said, walking out of her office after a long day cramped up in her tiny, but terrific office filled with computer screens. Y/N had been working at the BAU for nearly a year, and every single Friday they were home, she had a separate bag from her go-bag. No one had any idea what was in it, and until now, no one had ever asked. 

Y/N turned around, realizing that the statement had been for her. “Have to ask what?” She smiled, her red lipstick perfectly reapplied after an entire day of downing cup after cup of coffee. For months now, Derek had had a hard time keeping his feelings for Y/N off of his face. She was his opposite, shy and unassuming, but she was also vastly intelligent, kind and funny. They were just such opposites, he always imagined she’d be more into Reid than him. Garcia looked at her bag and motioned toward it. “Oh this? Well, any time we’re home on a Friday, I like to go to this bar downtown, Harbor Q. They have dancing and drinks, and they do theme nights.” She started to blush; she hadn’t intended to admit how much she enjoyed the themed dancing they offered, but she had been working with them for a year. 

“Tonight’s theme is swing dancing,” she finished, looking quickly around the room at her friends. “If anyone wants to come, I’d love it. I’m sure you’d all have fun.” Immediately, Rossi and Hotch said they were in. Given that they were the oldest on the team, they had an appreciation for that kind of music even more so than the rest of the team. Garcia quickly said she wouldn’t miss it and darted out of the BAU to go get changed into a theme-ready outfit. After JJ found a babysitter for Henry, she said that she and Will would absolutely be there, and soon after, Emily, Spencer and Derek agreed as well. Derek wasn’t really the swing dancing type of guy, but he didn’t want to miss a chance to see Y/N out of the office doing something she loved. He imagined she’d be even more beautiful than normal.

“Cool, I’ll see you all in a little while. I have an outfit in here so I’ll get changed there.” With that, she left, thinking about the adorable outfit she’d change into once she got to Harbor Q.


Within an hour and a half, the team managed to assemble themselves and make their way to Harbor Q. Y/N had texted them to say she was already inside. When they walked in, Derek nearly stopped in his tracks, causing Garcia to walk into his back. “Just ask her out, Hot Chocolate,” she laughed. “I’ve never seen the Derek Morgan have it so bad for someone and not say anything about it.”

Just ahead of him, Y/N was dancing with someone he didn’t know, dressed in a red, swing-style dress with black and white polka dots on the top and bottom. Her shoes were black and white too, and her hair was pinned up. “Wow, you have it bad Baby Boy,” Garcia laughed, waving toward Y/N as she caught her eye. “Ask her out. She’s single. I’ve asked.”

“I might just have to,” he said in a daze, unable to take his eyes off her. He’d been dancing (pun intended) around his feelings for too long. “But right now I just want to watch her dance. She’s actually really good.” She was great at basically everything, so he wasn’t sure why he was so surprised. It was probably because she was exceptionally shy inside the office. Here though, here she seemed like she was in her element. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she wasn’t the same person. In the office, she was shy and reserved, here she was animated, her smile as wide as the sea as she twirled around in the hands of her partner.

Minutes later, the song concluded and she walked over to the team. “Hey guys,” she said sweetly. “I’m glad you came.”

“We wouldn’t miss seeing you dance like that,” Emily said as she pointed toward the dance floor. She was stunned, as were they all.

Everyone stared at her in awe. It was unlike the woman they knew. “Where did you learn to dance like that?” Reid asked.

“Well, my grandmother was always really into this type of music, and then she bought me a pair of shoes like this,” she said, turning her ankles toward them. “At that point, I started listening to swing music all the time, and when I got a little older, I asked my parents if I could take classes. Throughout high school and college, I did it all the time, until the very end when work, school and dancing became too much, but I still do it as often as I can.”

Rossi especially loved this kind of music. He was a little more into smooth jazz, but he appreciated the carefree nature of swing music. “You’re exceptionally good at it,” he said. “Is everyone here trained?”

“No,” she laughed. “That’s Connor.” She pointed to the dance partner they’d seen as they walked in. “He is, but most others aren’t.”

“Well then,” Rossi said, straightening his jacket and making his way up to Y/N with his hand extended, “I won’t feel bad asking for a dance. You have to teach me how you’re so light on your feet.”

A pang of jealousy rang through Derek’s stomach as Y/N took his hand and ushered Rossi, JJ and Will, and Reid and Emily onto the dance floor. Apparently, she was going to try and teach them as well. Why was he jealous? God, he really needed to just take Garcia’s advice and ask Y/N out. It was killing him to sit idly by as she flitted around with everyone else, even his own teammates - though he had no reason to be jealous of them.

He couldn’t help but laugh when Rossi started tripping on his own two feet though. Rossi may have claimed to be a smooth-talking Italian, but he undeniably had two left feet. Derek was about to go ask Y/N for a dance when the song ended and she switched partners with Emily. Now, she was attempting to teach Reid how to dance, and surprisingly enough, he had an easier time than Rossi. 

Garcia had been floating between the bar, where a very handsome gentleman was making a movie (to which she was very receptive considering she’d just broken up with Kevin), the dance floor, and Derek’s table. “Are you sure she’s single?” he asked as she approached him with his drink. “She looks like she’s into Reid.”

“No,” she said firmly. “She loves Reid, but it’s more of a best friend kind of love. She’s actually been trying to set him up with one of her good friends from outside the office. Ask. Her. Out.” Again, he was about to get up as the song concluded, but she pulled Hotch from nearby and made him dance with her. Rossi was catching on quickly, dancing circles around Reid who was now tripping over his clumsy feet. 

Nearly 45 minutes went by, with Y/N switching between members of the team, including the ladies, and other men in the bar. Every time Derek wanted to go ask her to dance with him, she’d go to someone else without giving him enough time to even move from his table. Alright Derek, he said to himself. Get up. 

“It’s about time you showed up out here,” Y/N said with a smile when Derek finally made his way to the dance floor. “I have to know if the incomparable Derek Morgan is as light on his feet as I think he is.” She grabbed his hand and twirled into him. Without missing a beat, he gathered her by the waist and started moving his feet in time with hers, catching on much more quickly than any of his friends. 

“Since when does my sexy Chocolate Thunder know how to swing dance,” Garcia asked, reaching her hand toward him. Playfully, Y/N slapped it away.

“He’s mine now, Garcia!” Everyone paired up again, except Rossi and Garcia, who paired off with people they met there. “I’m glad you came.” Although it had taken over an hour to get a dance with her, Derek was glad he’d come too. Now to actually say something and not draw the attention of his teammates. 

“Me too,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back. “You look beautiful by the way.” Red really was her color. It made her eyes pop. “And I had absolutely zero idea you were as talented a dance as you are an agent.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, Derek,” she winked, her tongue pushed up agains the roof of her mouth. “And thank you. I fancy myself a great agent, so that’s quite the compliment.” 

“Y/N…” he started. “I was wondering if sometime soon, you might want to go out…just the two of us.” When he looked up, he could see Garcia giving him a wink and a thumbs up.

“I’d love that, Derek,” she replied as the music started to slow down, a much more mellow tune blasting its way through the bar. “I was wondering when you might ask me out.” Reid, Emily and Hotch looked on, knowing exactly what was happening, but they paid them no mind.

“Am I allowed to have two dances in a row?” Derek asked cheekily, feeling better now that he’d gotten his feelings off his chest. She’d danced with each member of the team more than once, but never two in a row, so despite an upcoming date, he wasn’t sure if she was going to move on to someone else.

“I normally like to switch it up,” she said, looking up from where her head was leaning against his chest. “But for you, I think I’ll make an exception.”

Change - Mark

Somewhere along the way, we lost touch. Even though the last time we made love was a month ago, our life together is still as dry as ever. The marriage rings on our fingers became fine jewelries without meaning. We sleep in bed quietly like roommates forced to live together. I wonder if he sees my body slowly changing. Does he notice that he too is changing? I must have done something wrong that I am unaware of, but so did he.

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All That Matters

Originally posted by btsfunboyz

requested. || Anonymous.

genre: angst / fluff

characters: Min Yoongi.

word count: 10,332 (I didn’t edit anything IM SORRY)

a/n:  First off, I feel like my writing style is so strange in this and I’m sorry if it turned out weirdly…. I got carried away ^^’ Honestly this entire thing is just a big mess so apologies in advance but I hope you all still like it :’) Tagging @pjiminnie thank you for talking to me about all this and giving me advice hehe even though it turned out quite differently from what I had thought of originally ;-; also tagging @zephyoongist and @taesthetes I hope you guys like it! I hope you’ll enjoy it too anon (you know who you are, hopefully), sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted ;;;

warnings: very tiny hints of smut (not explicit)

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Secret Love part 2

Harry Styles - 1772 words (Requested)


“I’m actually really glad the night has come to an end. Ow my feet.” Sally groans as she kicks of her high heels as soon as we’re seated in the limousine. A chuckle leaves my lips, my fingers kneading through my loose hair as I sway it from side to side to get the knots that have appeared at my neck out. “How about we go out later? It’s only nine right now.. We could get dressed real quick and head out? Make-up’s already fixed anyway.” Lena proposes, Anne immediately nodding her head.

“Oh, guys, I kind of promised Harry I would meet him after this ended.” I cast my guilty glance downwards, somehow feeling remorseful about constantly ditching my bandmates whenever they go out for a secret rendez-vous with Harry. I see sympathetic looks cross over all their features before they grant me with tiny smiles. “It doesn’t matter, we see each other every day. Sometimes you have to miss Harry for weeks. Coffee tomorrow?” I nod my head frantically at Lena’s words and cross the limo to wrap my arms around her neck and haul her into my chest, Anne and Sally soon following as I feel arms embrace me and Lena in a group hug.

“What are you doing tonight?” Sally asks as she smirks my way, crossing her arms over her chest, all the girls eyes now on me as they await my answer. “Uhm, he said he was going to pick me up right after and that I should keep the dress on..” I trail off, tapping my chin as I try to come up with something Harry would want to do tonight. Of course I was spending the night and we all know what that meant, and it had been a while so I was eager to get him alone. Although I wonder what he wanted to do that meant I had to keep on the dress.

“He wants to peel it off of you himself!” Sally bursts into hysterics, drawing giggles and chuckles from all of our lips. “Miss, your stop.” The driver sweetly states as he comes to a halt and I kiss all of the girls goodnight and tell them to have fun, stepping out into the harsh wind as I try to keep my hair out of my eyes, walking as fast as my heels will let me to get out of the cold.

I take five minutes to sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet before I try and gather everything I think I need while staying a night. Usually that means I take a tube of lipstick and some mascara, tossing them into my purse before I give myself a once over in the mirror to see if I still look okay. I grin when I see Harry’s name flash on the screen, fingers swiftly tapping away to open the message.

I’m outside. xx H.

I feel the butterflies erupt in my belly as I grab one of my more dressy coats, hugging it close to my body as I leave my flat almost ten minutes after I answered. Ever since Harry had some more time for me, I never spend a lot of time here. It’s cold and lonely anyway and I’d rather hang out with either my girls or Harry and his mates. I was never someone who could be alone for a long time, only when that meant I could sleep for as long as I was alone.

My eyes widen when I see a limousine outside, not Harry’s typical Range Rover waiting for me to enter. The window rolls down and a friendly, elderly man smiles at he as he raises his hat.
“Hi miss. Harry told me to pick you up.” I grin at the man and instead of stepping in in the back, I pull the passenger door open and slide in next to the old man, smiling brightly at him as he raises his eyebrows at my movements. “Do you mind?” I chuckle as I point to my lap, indirectly asking him if it was okay to sit here.

“Well, that’s something new.” He chuckles as he puts the car into gear and takes off, a giggle leaving my lips as well as I kick my high heels off. “It’s lonely in the back. I like it out here, I can see where we’re going.” I wink, the man laughing again as he takes the familiar route to Harry’s house. We make small talk throughout the short drive, asking him about how he came to be a chauffeur and if he likes working for one direction.

“Well, Y/n, I hope you have a lovely evening.” Albert, which is the elderly man’s name I have learnt during the ten minute driving, smiles my way as he squeezes my hand.
“Thank you Albert, enjoy the night out with the wife.” I grin, winking at him as I turn my head to see my boyfriend waiting outside for me in a long trench coat, a scarf around his neck while he grins at me. “Guess this is my stop.” I say as I open the door and Harry seems perplexed when I step out from the front, waving at Albert before treading in a light jog to the steps where my boyfriend is waiting me.

“Why were you in front?” Harry kisses my cheek briefly as I push him to turn and head inside, the temperature outside dropping drastically now that it nears the night. “Albert is a nice man, I wanted a chat. I’ve missed you.” The latter leaves my lips as I wind my arms around one of his, pulling myself closer to him as he guides me into his flat. “I missed you too love.” Harry sighs as his lips press briefly to my temple before he stops, his hands gliding over my shoulders to retrieve my coat.

“Why did you want me to keep this on?” I grab two handfuls of dress and lift them, eyes glued to the dress before I gaze up to see Harry grin at me as he steps closer.
“All I wanted to do tonight was dance with you, and I couldn’t so.” Harry puts on a song on his iPhone and I shake my head with an eye roll when I hear the song I had been singing earlier slowly start as he holds out his hand. “You are unbelievable, dork.” I let my hand slide into his and he pulls me close, his other hand resting on the small of my back.

“It hurts me that that is your work.” Harry frowns, one of his hands brushing some hair behind me ear before his large hand cups my neck, thumb slowly brushing over my cheek in the process. “You don’t like it?” I frown, fingers brushing under his suit jacket to rub over his dress shirt, feeling his heat scorch through the flimsy fabric.

“I love it. But the message is quite glum, isn’t it?” Harry twirls me and I sigh out, resting my flat hands against his chest while his hands roam gently over my back. “Harry –“
“I know this sucks and I’m sorry I make you go through this.” Harry interrupts me and I dig my nails into his chest to shut him up, with helps after I have received a scowl that leaves his lips, brows furrowed. “I don’t love you any less for it. Sometimes I just – Wish I wouldn’t have to hide you.” I smile pressing my lips to his chin, Harry tilting his head so our lips can catch one another in a swift, loving kiss.

“I do this for you, you know.” Harry breathes and I know he does, he is just looking out for me, but somehow I’m willing to receive hate, be followed around and lose a bit of my privacy if that means my boyfriend can smile at me from across the room. “I know H.” It’s not the song that makes me glum, it is the conversation. I know it will never be like what I want, because Harry cares for my wellbeing. “As it says, I’m in love, and sometimes I want to shout it from the rooftops.” I chuckle drily, hoping I can put a light tone in the conversation and Harry smiles, his dimples on show and I poke one of them with my finger while winking at him.

“I have waited all night for that smile to be directed at me.” I breathe and grasp his hands pulling him towards the bedroom. “I have waited all night for something else as well.” I grin, winking again as I nod my head in the meantime, a smirk raising on Harry’s lips before he sneaks closer, his arms underneath my bum and he hauls me over his shoulder, my feet and arms dangling into the air.

“Harry put me down!” I giggle, slapping his bum repeatedly as he slowly stalks towards his bedroom, loud, rumbling laughter emerging from his stomach as I feel his whole body vibrate. When Harry lets go of me, a shriek leaves my lips and I feel my back collide with the mattress of Harry’s bed, my fingers clutching the sheets as I stare wide-eyed at Harry. “Be glad I love you.”
“I am, love you too.” Harry waves his hand at me while grinning before he slowly unbuttons his shirt and I just watch. “You know the gala next week?” Harry hums as he crawls on top of me, kissing the tops of my breasts before he inches his way to my jaw. I simply hum in response, letting my eyes drift closed at his gentle touches. “Come.”
“I’m invited Harry, I’ll be there none the less.” I breathe, his lips pressing to mine, tongue swiping over my bottom lip before he retreats. “No, is not what I mean.” He pants against my lips, pushing himself up on his arms before he smiles warmly at me, slowly blinking as if he was taking in my appearance for the first time.

“Hm?” I hum, hands rubbing over his shoulders to ease the tension that has settled there over the course of the evening, Harry humming in appreciation before he replies.
“I mean as my date. Come with me, as my date.” My eyes widen and my hands freeze on his shoulders, eyebrows furrowed as I stare stupidly at him. “What? Why?”

“I’m wondering to why I can’t hold you in the streets.” He smiles, pressing our lips together and making this a night I’ll never forget.

Lots of love,
L. xox

Best Friends

Jack Maynard x Reader

Request: I have no idea for plot, but you should write something with Jack Maynard💛

Warnings: fluff? 

Thank you for requesting Jack because honestly he is life. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I watched his mouthguard challenge video today


Tonight was the night, Jack was going to tell his best friend that he has feelings for her. He had called her yesterday to make sure she wasn’t busy so he could take her out to a nice dinner to celebrate. He hadn’t told her what for and she didn’t ask. Jack always liked to celebrate the smallest of things, like when the sun came out in winter or when he finished the book Y/n forced him to read. He only took Y/n out to celebrate, she, like him, understood why the small things in life mattered and was happy to join him. All of his other friends thought he was ridiculous for celebrating those minuscule events, but not Y/n. They typically dress in their best outfits and go out to fast food restaurants, ordering fries and milkshakes until they feel sick or sharing their plates because she could never decide what to order. They didn’t celebrate every week, so when they did go out, it was special to them both. He was too nervous to come up with an excuse and he knew he wouldn’t be able to tell her the lie.

Jack had begun to develop feelings for Y/n last year when he met her. He had no idea that they would become fast friends. At that time Y/n was dating a guy who treated her terribly. Jack knew it wasn’t his place to tell her how to live her life, having just met her, but he designated himself to being her hero, whenever she needed it. Y/n didn’t like to tell her personal life to others but it was so easy with Jack. She knew she could trust him within the first few weeks of them being friends. When she broke up with her boyfriend just a month later, Jack was there. He was able to make her laugh and realize that she deserved more than what her ex offered her. He didn’t want to tell her then about his feelings, recognizing that she was still moving on.

His feelings deepened once he helped her move out of her flat and into one that was coincidentally closer to his. After they had brought everything inside, they were too exhausted to unpack anything and instead ordered Chinese food. They used some moving boxes as a table and sat on the floor across from each other, laughing at childhood stories and sharing their dreams. Y/n worried that it was too late for Jack to go home and so he didn’t object when she asked him to stay the night. Y/n’s mattress laid on the floor while she quickly found sheets to make it into a bed. They laid on their sides and continued to talk about their quirky beliefs and hidden talents. Y/n was drifting off to sleep and Jack couldn’t help the smile that came to his face. He knew then that he was in too deep and craved her affection. He woke up multiple times that night to notice that Y/n had cuddled up to him, he couldn’t stop his heartbeat from racing as she mumbled his name in her sleep.

Y/n was thrilled when she received the call from Jack. She had a long week at work and needed to relax with her best friend. She ran out from the office that day to make it home in time to change before Jack came to get her. She wondered where they would go tonight, maybe the diner they constantly occupied or the pretzel stand on the corner.

After locking her front door she slipped her shoes off, unbuttoning her blouse as she jogged to her room. She already had an outfit set out since Jack called yesterday and she hurriedly pulled the dress over her head, letting is slip down her figure. She turned to look at herself in the mirror beside the bedroom door, smoothing out the dress and buttoning it closed behind her neck before slipping a different pair of heels on. She pulled her hair down from its loose clip and fluffed it around, making it seem fuller. Y/n just finished applying her red lipstick when a knock sounds from her door.

She opens the door brightly to see a smart looking Jack standing across from her, carrying a bouquet beautiful red roses. He’s never gotten her a bouquet of roses before, usually tulips or sunflowers. Her eyes widened at the sight, along with her smile, Jack’s stomach erupted in butterflies.

“Come on in!” she ushered him inside as he handed her the flowers, “they’re beautiful, thank you Jack.”

“Of course,” he took in her appearance as she filled a vase with water before placed the roses inside, “you look stunning Y/n, absolutely gorgeous.” She felt herself blush at his compliment and turned to face him, “why thank you,” she brushed her hands down his suit jacket, straightening the lapels, “you look rather dashing yourself.” She gave him a small kiss on the cheek before leaving the room, “I just need to grab my purse and we can go!”

Jack stayed standing where she left him, “tonight” he whispered to himself. He was confident in his relationship with her that it would go according to plan. Soon he would be able to wrap his arms around her with purpose and kiss her in ways that he dreamed. Y/n came back out and together they walked to the lift. On their way down, Y/n noticed that Jack didn’t have his nose ring in, “what happened to your piercing?” Jack’s hand moved to his face automatically, then shrugged, “I wanted to take it out for a while.” He knew that he didn’t need to remove it to impress her, but he wanted to make sure he looked his best.

“Where are we going tonight?” Y/n asked as she took a hold of his hand, looking up at him as he tried to hail a taxi. He tightened his grasp, squeezing her hand gently, “You’ll see.”

The taxi pulled up to a beautiful restaurant front, with dark colors illuminated by small fairy lights. Jack pulled her toward the hostess counter who in turn, led them to their table. Y/n couldn’t stop looking around at the beautiful architecture; the atmosphere made her flush, this is not a place where they usually went. What was Jack celebrating?

Jack held the chair out for Y/n, as Jack himself sat down, he noticed her stare and smiled, “Do you like it?”

Y/n nodded slowly, drifting her eyes towards his “Okay now you really have to tell me what we are celebrating because this is way different than what we normally do.” He shook his head, “I’ll tell you after.” She grabbed his arm in excitement, rubbing it affectionately, “This is honestly amazing.”

Y/n and Jack chatted throughout their meal, making each other laugh and filling the other in on their lives. Their waitress came by to refill their empty wine glasses when she spoke, “You two make a beautiful couple.” Jack opened his mouth to protest, “Oh we aren’t-.” Y/n cut in, “Thank you.” She tossed the waitress a small smile before turning back to her conversation when Jack’s eyes lit up, “What was that all about?” he teased, somehow hoping she would profess her undying feelings for him.”

She shook her head laughing, “It’s better to agree than to have an awkward conversation, and plus we get it all the time. We know that we’re just friends and that’s enough right?” Jack gulped, his voice shook as he replied “Yeah, just, well yeah just friends.” He gave a nervous laugh that caught Y/n’s attention. “What’s going on?” She went to place a hand on his but he pulled away, “nothing, I’m fine” He chugged down his wine, Y/n staring at his actions, “Should we go?” Y/n nodded but Jack didn’t even see as he flagged down their waitress, asking for the check.

Why was Jack acting so off? Everything was going great, but then Y/n’s comment made him recoil, is that really all she thought they would be? Everyone they knew thought they were madly in love but was she so blind to the feelings he possessed for her?

They walked out of the restaurant, none of their usual hand holding or light conversations taking place. Y/n wrapped her arms around herself, pulling her coat closer to her in the chill of the night while Jack has his hands shoved deep into his pockets. He needed to tell her, otherwise he didn’t know how much longer he could handle it. “Y/n I need to talk to you.”

Y/n stopped, “Jack, what’s going on?” She was so confused, why was he so nervous all of a sudden?

Jack let out a small laugh, “I don’t want you to deny anything I say okay?” Y/n nodded, but realization soon came to her face. The roses, the romantic restaurant, the wince when she made her comment about being just friends. He wasn’t going to-? No, he couldn’t possibly, could he?

“Y/n you mean the world to me, you’re my best friend and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. You understand me and you’re always there for me at a moment’s notice. From the minute I laid my eyes on you, I knew you would be someone special to me. I know you keep saying that we’re only best friends but I can’t help but wonder if we were more than that. I want to be more than that with you. I want to really mean it when we tell others that we’re a couple and I want to hold you close, always.” He pulled Y/n close and slammed his lips onto hers, gripping her arms like he was going to lose her.

Y/n was beyond shocked, she had no idea that Jack felt so strongly towards her. Of course Y/n felt the same way, she always enjoyed their time together, even if they sat on opposite sides of the couch on their computers for hours. She loved how passionate he was about his work and when he could bring her flowers or visit when she was sick.

Suddenly something ran into Y/n’s legs and she pulled away looking down to find a small child who had just ran out of shop they were standing outside of. The child’s parents apologized profusely before walking away. Y/n looked up at Jack and she suddenly felt parched, and couldn’t form any words to say to him. He watched her speechless expression before sighing, thinking he had lost the battle. They were silent, taking in the moment when Jack spoke, “I’ll walk you home.” Jack walked ahead of Y/n and she struggled to catch up. Her emotion dropped as she thought Jack might have regretted what happened, did he not want to talk about it? Just forget everything as if it didn’t happen?

The silence was deafening as they entered the lift together, trying not to make eye contact with the other in the mirrored walls they were enclosed in. When the door opened on her floor, Jack dashed out, feeling suffocated from the awkward setting.

Y/n followed behind, both making it to her door, when she found her voice, “Jack.” He turned to her, “I’m sorry that I-” but he didn’t let her finish. He didn’t want to hear her say that she doesn’t feel the same way or was sorry for not wanting to be friends anymore.

“No, no please don’t, it’s okay. I understand that you don’t want our relationship to change.” Jack looked behind her to the lift.

“Jack-” She started again but he interrupted her once again, “I really need to go Y/n.” He stepped around her pushing the button for the lift. He felt his eyes tear up, “no,” he told himself, “stop.”

Y/n called out to him as the mirrored doors opened again, “Please don’t leave.” Jack faced her, feeling humiliated, “And why not?”

“Because you’re wrong.” Her voice became stronger now. Jack stared at her as she ran her way to him, “I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything back, but I’m going to now. I want to be more with you too Jack, you have no idea how much I want to. I never thought you would ever feel the same about me but well, I just.” Y/n trailed off, “oh screw it,” She grabbed the back of Jack’s neck and pushed her lips to his, waiting for him to return the action. He didn’t. She pulled back, already forming the idea to push her door open and hide when he leaned back in. The kiss was gentle, Jack caressed the side of her face before slipping an arm around her waist, pulling her in even closer. Y/n wrapped her arms around his shoulders, their kiss becoming heated and messy. His tongue swiped her bottom lip and she gladly opened, their tongues immediately battling for dominance. He pushed her against the wall and broke the kiss. Jack leaned his forehead against hers.

“Well Y/n, would you like to date me?” Jack brushed his fingers over Y/n’s lips cleaning the smeared lipstick.

Y/n giggled into his fingers, “Yes, I would love to.” She gently pushes him off of her, and grabs his hand leading him to her flat and shutting the door.


Hoped you like it! If you think there is a mistake please let me know so I can fix it!

Say You Love Me.Pt1.joe sugg.

The sound of laughter echoed throughout the flat as I witnessed my grown friends film a YouTube video. My iPhone became more interesting by the minute though. My manager , Stacy, texting me all the tour dates I would attend with my friend Conor Maynard. He and I sing, we’re kinda good. We would be opening for the vamps tour 2017. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

It was late when I decided to leave, my apartment being in the same complex. I had my own filming to do plus I didn’t want to be sat around joe anymore. Everything was set up by 9, quickly I fixed my makeup and hair before starting the music. The keys to drive by Miley Cyrus began.

Feeling very passionate about the song and as it explained how I felt it wasn’t hard to pick. I posted the video straight away although it would take half hour to post. I added a sassy comment in the description before linking my socials before I checked my phone.

‘New cover in 30. I love the song hope you guys do too’.

I received a bunch of retweets and replies back. Some standing out more than others. Not in the mood to reply I ignored them and began playing music off my tv.

'So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans’ I sang along with ed, spinning and dancing around my flat.

'Oh you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen’ a voice shouted/sang loudly behind me causing me to jump. I span around to stare at my best friend of 12 years Emily. She stood almost crying of laughter at my reaction.

“EMMMM LEE” I shouted rather loudly, I’m sure the boys would’ve heard it from their flat. Jumping onto my great friend both of us laughing as she fell to the floor. We haven’t seen each other as she’s been in our hometown visiting her parents for the past 2 months.

'Em’ this time I spoke quietly before the tears began.

'Oh no baby what’s up’ she quelled, hugging me as we sat on the couch.

My head moved towards my ceiling, hoping the tears would go away. But they stayed consistent. She used her fingers to wipe a few away before just hugging me until I finished crying.

'Umm’ my voice shook. I didn’t want to explain. 'I umm slept with joe’.

Her expressions were confused and I understood why.

'That’s good though right? I thought you liked him’ her head slated as she asked.

'We were drunk’ I scoff after the shirt sentence.'I listened as he walked out at 5 in the morning. He thought I was asleep’.

'Oh no baby’ she hugged me.

'It gets worse’ she looked confused again. 'He had um left his bank card’ she nodded ’ I woke up again at 9 to Caspar knocking my door asking for it back. He claimed I had taken joes by accident’.

'Wow. How stupid do they think you are’ she stated obviously pissed off at the situation.

'Obviously very stupid’ I spoke softly my head held low.

'You should’ve called me (y/n/n), I would’ve some home early’ I shrugged.

'Anyway’ I wiped my wet cheeks ’ how was home?’.


'I’m so damn excited for this party’ em squealed as she checked her outfit in the mirror.

'Yeah me too’ I lied. I was definitely not excited.

It was December 1st. Meaning Zoe’s and Alfie’s annual early Christmas party, more like gathering really. She had done a secret santa this year for everyone, I ended up getting josh. My ginger haired friend was brought a new hair comb, new microphone for filming as he broke his two weeks ago and didn’t have enough money to replace it and some perfume.

Emily had gotten joe, so she had simply brought him a new ‭phone‬ case which contained holders for bank cards. Sarcastic as fuck.

We had left our hotel room around six thirty pm, the zalfie house only down the road. Jack and Mikey waited patiently for half hour for us to get ready in the lobby. Hey we’re also sharing a room but a few floors below us.

'Hello babe’ jack hugged me as Emily greeted mike.

'Hey jacky’ I kissed his cheek before pulling away, I was possibly closest to him now me and joe are no longer friends.

'Coy, (y/n/n) you look amazing’ Mikey spoke loudly, like usual before hugging me tightly.

'So do you lp’.

It really did take two minutes to get to zalfies. Everyone else already there and waiting for us.

'Alright then guys. Now everyone is here’ Zoe jokingly gave me,em,jack and Mikey a glare before continuing ’ were gonna begin with secret santa’ she squealed 'everyone circle’ she shouted this time.

Everyone followed her commands after we recovered from laughing. I sat crisscrossed between jack and Emily, directly across from joe, Casper and josh. Our presents rested in the middle of the circle. Each of us would get our bags, one at a time, and guess who they were from.

Tanya had started first, she giggled at most of her presents, I recognised most as I helped jack buy them. We had brought her a few of lipsticks and eye shadow palette from her own make up range and a pair of beautiful burgundy high heels in her size as I had remembered her complaining she had none. She had guessed Zoe or Emily had brought them before asking me before realising it was Jack.

Jim was next and Casper was his secret santa, getting him those mouth things.
Conor was jacks, he had brought jack a bunch of fake piercings.
Josh was caspers and brought him a pair of primark daps in a horrid colour.


A hour, it took us a hour to simply open some presents. I had received a beautiful blue necklace from Mikey and some makeup items that Zoe and Tanya helped him buy. We were now playing a game of truth or dare, I know. It was Alfie’s idea so please don’t judge.

Zoe had to do jims makeup. Conor and josh had to kiss, wasn’t done though, they complained like baby’s. Mikey and Emily kissed. Caspar had to go next door naked. Joe had to allow Jack to tweet off his ‭phone. Now Alfie was asking me.

’(Y/n/n) truth or dare?’ He asked with a smirk, I already knew I was done for.

'Truth’ he moaned at me before continuing.

'Lame. Whatever fine. Uhh have you ever had a one night stand with anyone here’ my eyes quickly shot to EM before looking towards joe who was staring at me.

'Yeah’ I simply shrugged. Everyone began going insane, asking me who, when and how.

'Oh my fucking god spill the tea’ Zoe spoke quickly, wanting to know all.

'It doesn’t really matter, we were both drunk and he left before I even woke up, so it meant nothing. Really’ everyone kinda looked sympathetic towards me. Joe and Casper sat awkwardly.

'Was it my brother? Cause I know how close you two are’ Conor stated, moving his finger back and fore me and jack.

We chuckled before Jack stated 'nah, even though he’s here the guy is a piece of shit’. I looked towards him with confusion, he didn’t even know who it was.

So I’m back. And I know this is kinda crappy but it’ll get better. Request part 2. NOT PROOF READ.


she doesn’t believe me

just some random thing i felt like writing based on these pics 

Los Angeles had brought Brighton a lot of things; a part time job in an upscale cocktail lounge, friends who encouraged her to buy shoes that were far too expensive for her bank account, and him. 

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