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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! This is a slightly edited version of the #DCVDay twitterfic, coming in at 1.2k.  


Dean finds out the hard way that Valentine’s Day is the worst day to decide to show a guy you love him. He gets up early, makes eggs and bacon for everyone. He sets the table, puts out cloth napkins, and lays a flower next to Cas’s plate. Cas sniffs it when he first sits down, then sips his coffee.

He offers no reaction, like Dean gives him flowers on the regular. But he takes it with him once he’s done eating, which is something.

Sam offers to do the dishes since Dean cooked, so Dean leaves him to it and heads to the garage to think.  

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A Great Week (Hercules Mulligan X Reader)

Request!:  In honor of oaktober, Hercules and reader trying to make a cosplay for a upcoming con?

Prompt: Comic Con?

Paring: Hercules X Reader

Triggers:cursing? did I curse in this one, dogs, idk its just so much fluff

Words: 1216



“Hercules!” You called as ran into your husband’s shop.

“Yes, my love?” Hercules answered which told you where he was. You entered his office jumping up and down with a huge smile on your face.

“Guess what?! Guess what?!” You were jumping up and down excitedly when Hercules turned around in his swivel chair. He had his glasses on and it looked like he was just in the middle of a project.

“What?” He smiled at your excitement, and you hurried over to his side taking a seat in his lap like you always do. You shoved the piece of paper you were holding in your hands to his.

“Wha- OH MY GOD!” Herc’s eyes widened when he saw what was on the paper.

“UH HUH!” You nodded with the biggest smile on your face.”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Hercules asked while picking you up, setting you on the floor and getting up himself.   

“UH HUH!” You reassured with another head nod.

“YES!” He took your hands and you two started jumping around.

“NEW YORK COMIC CON!” You both cheered and jumped around, until you were interrupted by a new voice.

“Um… Hello?”

The cheering stopped. You and Hercules looked at the doorway to see a small woman smiling at the two of you.

“Miss Jackson! You’re early!” Hercules laughed nervously, and greeted his client.

“I didn’t want to be late.” Miss Jackson chuckled.

“Well, I’ll let you get back to your work. You composed yourself and gave Herc a kiss goodbye. You and the woman nodded at each other as you left the room and then the shop.


“We should dress up as Frozone, and his wife, Honey!” Suddenly hearing your husband’s voice and the shut of your front door made you jump. You book fell out of your hands.

“Really?” You asked while picking up your book, and setting it down properly on the coffee table.

“Yeah, we could make the costumes, and then Marco could be a little iceberg!!” Hercules motioned to your dog, Marco, who had piped up at the sound of his name. He jumped off of your lap and ran over to greet Hercules.

“That’s is….. A GREAT IDEA! I LOVE IT! Oh, and we should start ordering supplies right now we only have 2 months!” You picked up your tablet and started ordering materials unaware of the look of adoration on Hercules’ face.


“Babe? Did you put up the costumes last night?” You called from your shared bedroom.

“No? I thought you were going to.” Hercules said.

“Well, I didn't…” You answered.

“SHIT!” The both of you yelled. You sprinted from your room, down the stairs and into Hercules office. Hercules was just rounding the corner from the kitchen.

“OH NO!” You saw the damage done to your costumes you two had worked on so hard for the past month.

Hercules skidded to a halt beside you, and looked at the mess in horror. In the middle of the shreds of cloth, was your dog Marco, looking as innocent as ever.

“Marco, no!” You both scolded. You picked up Marco and stole away with him towards the back door. You set him down outside and shook your head at him, closing the door.

You hurried back to the office and looked as Hercules fell to his knees in the middle of the mess.

“All our work…” Hercules held up a price of fabric, and you realized what it was.

“Hercules…” You put your hand on his shoulder.

“It’s gone…” He whispered.

“Hercules.” You said more firmly.

“It’s all go-”

“Hercules!” You interrupted him and flung open the cabinet in the corner of the room.

In the cabinet were your costumes.

“But… the fabr- OHHHHH!”

“Yeah, it’s Marco’s costume. I guess we just forgot to put his up.” You chuckled.

“That scared the hell out of me.” Hercules sighed and you chuckled at his expression.

“I could tell.” You nodded.


Today was the first day of Comic Con!

“I’m so excited!” You felt jittery in your costume as you waited in line to get into the Convention.

Many people had complimented you and Hercules on your costumes when they realized who you were. You were surprised so many people knew Honey’s name was Honey, and even though they were her, she was never shown in the movie.

“Me too!” Hercules was currently in the more casual part of his costume and so were you. You would should the surprise until later.

Hercules was excited about how the designs came out. You were especially excited because you got to design your costume without any kind of original designs to go off of. Yours was completely unique.

The two people in front of you, who were wear Poe and Finn costumes, moved up in line and kept talking to their friend who seemed to be Rey.

In turn, you and Herc moved up.

You two had left Marco at home, he wasn’t feeling well, and had been acting up lately, but now you regretted not staying home to make sure he was okay.

“Hey, look,” Hercules turned towards you. “Marco’ll be fine.”

“I know, I just have a bad feeling that’s all. We did leave him in Alexander’s care after all.” You sighed.

“Eliza’s is there too, he’ll be fine.” Hercules assured you, and you nodded.

Pretty soon the two of you entered the convention and you gasped at the sight.

Thousands of people dressed up in different costumes surrounded you. See references from so many different countries and universes all gathered in one space was amazing.

“Oh, look! It’s Deadpools!” You pulled at your husband’s hand towards the hoard of Deadpool’s that were running around.

“Hey, wait up!” You called after them as they started walking. They all turned at once and you smiled. You let go of Herc’s hand and ran over to them. “Can I take a picture with you guys?”

They all nodded enthusiastically. You and the group planned what to do for the picture. Once agreed, you ran back over to Hercules.

“Herc take a picture!” You shoved the camera into his hands.

“Okay!” He held up the camera. You ran behind the group of Deadpools.

“Ready?” You asked all of them and they nodded, holding out their arms. You ran from your spot towards the small path the Deadpools created in between them.

Hercules took a picture.

You then jumped right in front of the group.

Hercules took a another picture.

The Deadpools then proceed to catch you just like they said they would.

Hercules took a another picture, chuckling at the exasperated smile on your face.

“Thanks guys, and gals and non-binary pals!!” You stole a line from your favorite viner/youtuber and waved goodbye to the multitude of Deadpools.

They waved back, a few of them saying “Bye, Honey!”

You let out a breath when you reached your husband. “Too much exercise, babe.”

“PBR?” Hercules asked.

“Yes, please.” Hercules kneeled on the floor and you climbed aboard his back. You rose up, and you got to look at everything from a new perspective.

“The weather is nice up here.” You smirked.

“I will drop you.” Hercules threatened, but you could hear the playful tone in his voice.

This was going to be a great week.


Say it With Flowers

A week before Valentine’s Day, Rose visits a florist she’s never been to before. John Noble helps her select a bouquet that says exactly the right thing… and manages to say the right thing himself.

Ten x Rose, flower show AU

Prompted by @dialechotty, who suggested having Rose in a flower shop and the Doctor tell her that she should be the one getting flowers. The whole meaning of flowers thing started just as a bit of detail to add, and then it just… well, I spent an hour googling it, so clearly it turned into its own Thing. But I think it works. 

AO3 | FF.net | Teaspoon (when validated)

The sign on the door said, “Noble Flowers: Prop. John Noble.” Rose hesitated for a moment, but the florist she’d been going to had gone out of business since she’d placed her last order, and her friends at work all swore Noble Flowers was the best place to go.

When a man in his thirties with the best sexy bedhead Rose had ever seen popped up from behind a huge bucket of daffodils, she thought she knew why her friends had all recommended this shop. And when he smiled brightly and stepped out into the open so she could see his slim body, she had to admit she couldn’t argue.

“Hello!” he chirped. “You must have good luck—this is the first slow moment I’ve had since February started.  I’m John Noble, owner of this fine establishment.”

Even his voice was gorgeous! Less than five minutes in, and Rose already had a slight crush on the stranger. “Pleased to meet you, John. My name’s Rose.”

His grin widened. “The perfect name for a girl in a flower shop. How can I help you, Rose?”

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anonymous asked:

ayy, what would the hosts' reaction be to walking in on their s/o dancing (Cooking or whatnot.) Just found this blog, so I don't know if you guys are still sick or not. (If you are, I hope you feel better soon~!)

Thank you so much! Yes we are all healthy now (: And I hope you love this because you are a lovely person !

Tamaki: You danced around the room, relishing in old memories as you cleaned up the space you and Tamaki shared. You remembered following the maid around and helping her clean when you were little, and it still brought you to a calm place when you cleaned, especially to music. You shimmied your hips as you tucked the sheet under the mattress, humming to yourself. Rounding the corner, you started to sing as the rest of the sheet found it’s way safely under the mattress. The rhythm was vibrating the floor, and the comforter was next. You flung it in the air, watching it fall to the bed in slow motion, before walking around and fixing each corner. Lastly, the pillows. Each had to be perfectly fluffed as the guitar solo came on. Each strum of a string, you mimicked on the pillow until it was fluffed to perfection. Content with your work, you stepped back to take a look at your masterpiece.

“Perfect!” You exclaimed, crossing your arms and nodding. Strong arms were wrapped around your waist and you looked up to see the smiling face of your boyfriend.

“Extremely.” He whispered, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips, and you knew he wasn’t talking about the bed.

Kyoya: You had spent the night at Kyoya’s, and wen the sun broke through the blinds it had awoken you, but obviously not the boy beside you. His arms were wrapped around your waist and his face was in the crook of your neck. Seeing this, it caused your heart to flutter, before your stomach ruined the moment and voiced it’s need for food. Slowly and carefully so you didn't wake up the shadow king, you inched out of his arms and the bed, throwing on his sweatshirt and making your way into the hallway, where you were met by one of the Ootori family maids.

“Good Morning Miss (Y/L/N), would you care for some breakfast? I’m afraid everyone else has already left for the day.”  You smiled at her as she bowed at you.

“I’ll put something together, thank you though.” You said, bowing lightly to her which caused her to blush. You knew she wasn’t always treated the best so giving her a break from feeding you was the least you could do. You made your way into the kitchen, turning on the radio which always sat on the counter for some reason you never truly understood, you’ve never seen anyone use it. Your favorite song cam on while you were making pancakes and you began to shake your hips and bob your head to the rhythm of the song. After the first few pancakes were done, you began to sing, pouring more mix into the pan. You were so into the song, you didn’t hear anyone walk in behind you. Kyoya leaned against the wall and crossed his arms, watching you intently.

“If you are always this cute in the morning, I think you need to come and make me breakfast for the rest of your life.” You jumped before looking over your shoulder at your boyfriend, smiling.

“Good morning sleepy head, pancakes?”

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Tomco Headcanons

-Marco gets tickets to Love Sentence for him and Tom, as a totally brotonic thank you for the Mackey Hand thing, but they end up sharing their first kiss during the finale performance of “Too Little Too Late”, after laughing about the irony and singing along
-start hanging out regularly after that
-Tom’s dumbass life coach keeps screwing everything up to the point where Marco, in a fit of frustrated bragging, claims he could do a better job as Dr Marco PhD
-ends up getting really invested in researching actual demon psychology from a library that Star found in another dimension, where they have sources for literally EVERYTHING
-finds out that not only is a demon’s anger necessary, but helps them harness their powers in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. the only caveat is that it can consume them completely if they don’t exercise mental checks and balances to keep it at a manageable level, which is what Tom should’ve been learning instead 
-Marco shares this discovery with Tom and starts helping him find healthy ways to be the true DEMON he should be, instead of the average human he was trying to be
-Tom fires Brian, but keeps the bunny. he’s really grown attached to the little thing
-soon becomes much more centered and in control, only after a short month of training with Marco, and now can actually get angry without losing himself, even taking pleasure in a therapeutic rage smite like other demons
-his possessive feelings towards Star also disappear, much to his amazement, like a huge weight has been lifted from his heart
-probably helps that he and Marco have been smootch buddies this whole time
-even trying polynesian
-neither of them really want to admit anything about feelings, so just resign themselves to a close-friends-with-benefits title
-Marco still argues that his crush on Jackie comes first, and he read that sexual releases can help demons to focus their energies, so defends that it’s mostly for Tom’s benefit rather than his own urges
-Tom just doesn’t want to screw up the only great, stable friendship he’s ever had
-Star calls bullshit and, once she’s past the my-ex-and-my-bestie-are-hooking-up weirdness, decides extreme matchmaking intervention is in order
-tries EVERY not-so-subtle chance she gets to pair them off together
-even going on fake double dates just to ditch them in the movie theater
-or park
-or bubble lounge
-or romantic dimension where couples go just to make out
-eventually Marco’s like STAP and Tom actually talks to her about it
-Star, surprised by his maturity and actual ability to rationalize his thoughts towards Marco’s feelings and the uncertainty of his own, rethinks her hastiness and realizes just how GOOD they are for each other
-decides to play the long con instead
-gives them their space but still organizes little ways to nudge Marco or Tom into opening up to each other, especially about each other
-eventually BIG SCHOOL DANCE happens
-Marco tries and fails desperately to ask Jackie out
-Tom, even though they’ve still been intimate, is supportive of Marco going for it, trying to help him succeed with each new plan
-after all they’re just FRIENDS
-however, the Big Day looms nearer and Jackie ends up getting asked out by someone else, whom she says yes to
-Marco is crushed
-Star huffs about it, knowing the OBVIOUS answer to his problems, but doesn’t want to pressure him 
-so instead calls Tom
-convinces him no it won’t ruin ANYTHING if you just go with him, come on, you can go with friends to dances it’s better than him just moping around the house watching karate marathons and bingeing on Sad Marco Nachos
-but still makes him bring his boom box, for reasons Tom
-which is how Tom wound up in Marco’s living room, holding a boom box above his head, blasting Love Sentence’s “Girl, Don’t be Sad, Let’s go Stag” at top volume while a pajama-clad Marco drops all his nachos in shock and Star’s eyes grow way too dilated in excitement behind them
-so Tom and Marco go have a grand ball (get it) of a time and even when they run into Jackie and her date later in the evening, Marco surprisingly doesn’t… feel all too bad… about missing his chance with her
-because he realizes, while watching Tom hex the punch bowl to never quite fill any glass all the way to the top, laughing along when they spot someone’s frustration and catch each other’s eyes, maybe he took a much more important chance instead

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All Kylo Ren/Hux stuff from the TFA novel

For my fellow Kylux fans who can’t/don’t want to read the novel, but still want to know about every single interaction between these two.


General Hux was waiting for him. As expected, the interrogation had not taken long. The senior officer did not have to ask if it had been successful. No matter how determined the prisoner, no matter his or her individual resolve, Ren’s questioning invariably produced the same results.
   The metal-covered face regarded the general, the voice that emanated from behind it dispassionate. “The pilot does not have it. The map to Skywalker’s location is in a droid. An ordinary BB unit.”
   Hux was plainly pleased, though that meant nothing to Ren.
   “That makes is easy, then. The directions are in a droid, and the droid is still on the planet”.
   “Even a single planet offers innumerable places for concealment,” Ren pointed out.
   Hux did not dispute this. “True enough, but the world below us is primitive. A simple droid will gravitate toward support facilities for its kind. Of these, Jakku has few enough.” He turned away, planning. “With any luck we may not even have to search for it ourselves.”

(The rest can be found under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

Hey, do you think it's still possible that the writers might drop the whole Hannigram thing in the finale? That it might end up unrequited or something like that? It sure didn't look like it when Bedelia asked her big question and Will replied with silence, but I've been really happy and hopeful after 3x12 and of course after the high comes the low and I'm really, really scared they might not give us any Hannigram after all.

Not gonna lie nonny, it’s a definite possibility that we could have our hearts ripped of our chests in the finale, or we could all end up weeping tears of joy as we watch our lil graham cracker literally ride off into the sunset with his murder husband…

But in order to decide what is the more likely scenario, let’s look at what we know so far…

The official finale synopsis

In a desperate bid to slay Francis Dolarhyde (guest star Richard Armitage), Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) engineers a cunning ploy utilizing Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). Upon learning of his plan, Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) voices concerns that Will’s actions may not only put his life in peril, but the lives of those around him. As the end draws near, Will remains unflinching in his game with Hannibal-even when it means coming face-to-face with his own darkest fears.

So Will is going to lure Dolarhyde in using Hannibal, and since I doubt these two will be communicating via phone any longer since Dolarhyde won’t be stupid enough to call back after he found out their phone calls were being monitored, I think this is going to involve Hannibal being transferred away from the hospital and it being highly publicized in an attempt to draw Dolarhyde near. There were promo photos of him on the street with a gun, and I’m assuming he will try and ambush them to get close to Hannibal.

When I first read the synopsis I thought for a moment she was worried that Dolarhyde would be the threat, but it’s clear to me now that she’s talking about Hannibal. Letting him out like that is a huge risk, it would endanger the lives of ALL of them, hers included, if he’s given a chance like that to escape. No more 5 doors safely keeping him from the outside world, and if he does manage to utilize those magazine staples he has a prime opportunity to get away.

However it goes down though, I think we can be pretty certain that Hannibal will be escaping, because a season 4 with Hannibal still behind bars would not be anything new or exciting and if this is the series finale (AND IT’S NOT OKAY IT’S. NOT.) an ending that involves Hannibal locked up would feel anti-climactic to say the least. 

Also, we know that Will and Hannibal will be talking about their relationship in this episode, and specifically what they discussed when Will broke up with Hannibal in Digestivo:

Will’s motivation has always been hard to read. Should we believe him when he says he wants Hannibal out of his life?

Fuller: We come back to that moment in the final episode of the season and break it down between those two characters, and they address it themselves. Will is telling Hannibal, “I don’t need you anymore, I don’t want you anymore, I release you.” And Hannibal is saying, “No you don’t. You’re telling yourself that. You don’t want to know or think about where I am? I am going to give you the knowledge of exactly where I am and let that eat away at you for as long as it takes you to come back into my orbit, and I am patient enough to wait.”

and also from this same article: 

For Will, a magic door presented itself that he could step through and leave Hannibal and all of this behind him. But what Hannibal knows is going to come around again on the cannibal carousel is that that Will can’t live without him.

So they are going to talk about it, and Will now knows that Hannibal is in love with him, and with that unanswered question from Bedelia that has to be addressed here as well. But Will addressing that he told Hannibal he didn’t want him in his life any longer and that he wouldn’t miss him would feel like a re-hash of Digestivo if this conversation weren’t intended to reveal that Will does in fact want Hannibal in his life, that he in fact cannot live without him, and that he in fact did miss him during those three years they were apart. Otherwise it’s just another breakup and we’ve already been there this season…

Also, if Hannibal is the devil, Jack is God, and Will is the lamb of God that Hannibal asserts is becoming a lion, we’re looking at another “whose side are you really on?” set-up. And if we consider that we have already had this set-up several times, once last season with Will warning Hannibal at the last second to get away and being unsuccessful in his desires to join Hannibal in the end, and once this season with Will trying to actually kill Hannibal, it would again feel very anti-climactic to have Will side with Jack especially if you consider the increasingly hostile tone Will has been taking with Jack lately.

There’s going to be a lot going on in this episode, Hannigram aside they also have to address what Dolarhyde has done with Reba, Katherine Isabelle is going to be in the ep so I assume we will be seeing Alana and Margot and their baby, even though Will knows his family has pretty much been taken from him we haven’t actually seen him talk with Molly about it so that will also have to happen, there has to be some more time dedicated to what happened to Chilton, and I think we’re also going to see a character killed by either Hannibal, Will, or the two of them together (Bedelia and Alana are the most obvious candidates for this, but I still maintain that I don’t think Jack is safe either at this point).

So if we take alllll of this into consideration it’s going to be a wild and fucking stressful ride and I predict it will take at least 3 hours for me to get through the episode due to having to frequently pause it to breathe into a paper bag or sob into my hands but I do think we are going to get major Hannigram payoff either way, but that doesn’t guarantee us a “Murder Husbands riding off into the sunset” happy ending. 

I do think Will is going to reveal he is in love with Hannibal, and I do think he’s going to reveal that he doesn’t actually know how to live without him… they are soulmates, that much is clear, but being someone’s soulmate does not mean it works out. It just means you end up broken and lost without them… I think it’s slightly more likely at this point tho that they will run away together only because Hannibal running away alone would make season 4 feel like a re-hash of early season 3, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see nonny…

anonymous asked:

Sorry if you've been asked this before, and I didn't notice, but I need some help. ;w; Do you happen to have any tips in understanding a character more in depth? Instead of just "oh they're a calm person, so I'll just write them as someone who's chill." I ask you, since your stories seem to really portray your understanding for the characters (which I really admire and love a lot. 'w') Thanks!

Hm how best to answer. Let’s see.

Imagine them as people, who are as complete and fleshed out as you are yourself. You can run through a checklist of things to give you a better feel for them.

What makes them happy/mad/sad/scared/wary/uncertain? Not all of these things are the same for every character. I imagine Nino would be more hesitant about being in front of people than Alya would be.

What things are they confident about? What are their insecurities? What are they defensive about? What are things that someone else could say that would trigger their temper faster than something else would? What do they think is funny? What do they imagine to be mean, unfair, cruel or excessive? Some people are firmer than others and can turn a blind eye to a lot of things while some people cant stand by and watch even the tiniest injustice. 

Discover their lines as people. Every human being has lines that can’t be crossed, a limit. Some people’s are way way farther than others, to the point where they would be classified as ‘pushovers’ but every single person has a limit, even if it’s an extreme one. Determine whether they think more of themselves first or others, and to what degree. This is important because it bridges the subtle gap between selfishness and just looking out for themselves, as well as the line between heroic and reckless. The things people defend and how they defend them, as well as how they react to people seeing or exploiting their insecurities tells a lot about them, as well as how they react to theses things happening to someone they care about. 

Also determine how much, if anything, your character can do without thinking about it. This is a huge narrative tool because having a character clearly drawn out can change how you see them. An example is if I write someone overlooking someone else’s emotions simply because they weren’t paying attention, you as the reader need to know if that is a part of their character. If it isn’t and the person is typically much more attentive, it is a red flag to the reader and the characters motives change. So character A pretended not to know that character B was having a hard time, but they have always been so on it before with noticing the small things and remembering things about their friend, so they did it on PURPOSE. why? 

These conclusions can only be drawn if you set the rules about the character and maintain them, or explain and provide reasons for changes in the rules (ie. Character growth). Okay now that you know what you need, let me tell you how to find it in existing characters.

Now here it depends. Is it a main character? You probably have a lot to work with. You can probably review the material and find the creator’s rules about a character, because in order to write them they need to be in place. In the case of ML, both Adrien’s and Marinette’s ‘rules’ have been carefully and completely fleshed out as they stand now, though they may change (ie. Character Growth) in the future. So all of those details have been thought of, however, they might not have been shown. So though you might be proven wrong in the future as more stuff comes out and what you decided conflicts with the creators predetermined rules (See: Volpina) if you want to write with them you need to fill in the blanks and write the missing rules. Usually certain rules being in place can allow you to infer what other rules may be based on context clues and your general feel for the character based on what you have. However, if you are doing this with existing characters and its a rule without a lot to go on, you might be wrong later on, but thats okay. Because for now you made them feel really real. 

This is best compared to my Nino. I filled in a lot of stuff with Nino. I wrote insecurities, habits, thoughts and his entire emotional process based off of like two episodes and his body language in the background. He’s a side character, so a lot of his rules were left blank because he isnt the main focus so they didnt need to be filled. In order for me to make Nino the main character in my story I had to write the other rules. I paid as much attention as I could to the tiniest details available (how he stands, where he looks when hes talking to people, how much he pays attention) but in the end there wasn’t really a lot. I do run the risk of being completely and utterly wrong, like a Nino centered episode might come out and blow my things out of the water, but in order for us to have stories to enjoy now we have to take and understand that risk. Also as a writer you have the ability to explain your reasons for everything, so you can sort of back yourself up. Like in TWOJ (im referencing my own stuff here sorry if you havent read them all or at all) a lot of Nino’s current actions and things are true to my version of Nino and the things that have changed his character in my stories. I presented him with situations that made him more balanced, wiser, and not so impulsive now that he’s Jade Turtle. This was me developing his character, and it is backed up by my writing if canon comes out to contradict it because I had my reasons, ya feel me? However, if my Nino at the start of WTAS was totally wrong, I don’t have a lot I can say to defend myself, I was just wrong lol. 

Did this make sense? If you need more please send another ask haha

anonymous asked:

This question is in 3 pts, I apologize for spamming your ask box, but I have a lot of feelings and no Sterofriends. I come to you for your wisdom. I 'm thinking back to episode 6x08, where Stefan keeps saying that Caroline is just his friend. I think of 5 episodes later, thanks to 6x19, Stefan is thinking about a romantic future with Caroline. First of all, makes 6x13 even sweeter, which I didn't know that was even possible.

Second of all, it kind of shifts what I think is the Steroline time line for me. Beginning of 6x08, insists they are friends. So that ending Steroline scene in 6x08 holds even more weight now, since 6x10, the wooing of Caroline Forbes begins (then pauses, but he tried). So if he was playing around with the idea in 6x13, then “it scared me, so I pushed it away”, isn’t in reference to Damon’s very bad advice in 6x15, but before 6x08. Which many said, but I think this scene supports it in canon.


It also gives more weight to that beautiful look on Stefan’s face in the “why did you have a thing for me.” One little scene in one episode seemed to make some good scenes, much more telling about the progress of Steroline. At first I thought, “Uh… this doesn’t support anything that’s happened in the show before?” but I had to go to work right after the episode and had a lot of time to think. I’m new to the Steroline fandom, so I was hoping for the perspective of a more seasoned viewer.

Hey Anon! No worries spam away! You came to the right place because 6x19 was literally the final piece in the puzzle in regards to Stefan’s feelings for Caroline and what’s actually been going on in that crazy boy’s head for the past two years. So everything prior to 6x07 was actually the reference Stefan makes in 6x16 “It scared me so I pushed it away.” Stefan’s growing romantic feelings towards Caroline started sometime in season 4 but he pushed them away because he was still in love with Elena and he didn’t think Caroline felt the same way. Also when Lexi says in 5x22 “wow you really don’t see it” she’s referring to Stefan not seeing Caroline’s feelings for him (Stefan’s self-loathing playing a huge part in that) but Lexi telling Stefan she knows the reason he stayed in Mystic Falls is because of Caroline is her saying to him, look I know you have feelings for her, I saw you two spooning in that station wagon! So when Stefan says “pleas just make me understand how I missed it!” it was because he didn’t want to miss it! He never saw it himself “I’m sorry for not seeing it” but when Caroline tells him she hates him (which we now know crushed him by reference in 6x14) he becomes grumpy, dismissive and salty in 6x08 when interacting with Damon and Alaric. Stefan uses a key word when he says “I don’t think about her that way” rather than “I don’t feel about her that way” and me and my fellow shippers tried to explain that to everyone earlier this season but of course they didn’t listen.

So in 6x08 after he speaks with Elena and says “he was in love with her that’s why he wanted her to know everything” he goes to speak to Caroline to tell her everything, i.e. why he pushed her away the most. It’s in that moment when she smiles at him and says thank you for saying what he says that he finally gets it, he’s falling in love with her without even realizing it. It should be noted the song “when you fall in love” plays right as the scene ends and Stefan is staring at Caroline walking away. Now Stefan’s first order of business was to get Caroline’s friendship back before heading into a romantic relationship because everything needed to be fixed, it needed to be perfect. He gets the friendship back in 6x11 but he puts the brakes on any romance because “the timing isn’t right” (which OMG I’ve been saying how much these two have the worst timing all season) but when he holds Caroline’s hand on her porch he’s signify that what’s going on between them isn’t one-sided but he’ll wait for her “I’m a patient guy.” I also don’t think Stefan planned on kissing Caroline in 6x14 but what happened was the moment became so perfect he couldn’t help it, Caroline even says this “I just wanted everything to be perfect” and he decides to “go for it.”

Now the reason Stefan gets cold feet in 6x15 never had anything to do with him not wanting to pursue a relationship with Caroline it was that pursuing one right after her Mom died was the exact opposite of what he wanted. It would be surrounded by grief, pain and loss, the only thing that made Stefan question his feelings is Damon pointing out that it didn’t feel the same and that’s why HE believed Stefan was getting cold feet. Stefan had so much riding on his relationship with Caroline because of who she is to him, his past messed up relationships and his desire to be perfect for her. The epiphany that Stefan had in 6x15 was never him realizing he was in love with her it was him realizing he needs to stop listening to his insecurities and start listening to his heart. He’s so completely in love with her and he never even realized it, that’s why his charade didn’t work in pretending to have his humanity off. Whenever Caroline touched him or kissed him his resolve completely faltered, in fact his plan started off as an epic fail because he was so worried about her hating him for burning the letter he couldn’t think fast enough to prevent it from happening.

Golden Maknae (Jungkook Fluff)

Request: school scenerio with jeon jungkookie :-) bangtan are the most popular boy group and your (reader) group are the girl ver of them.. everyone in the group except for you and jungkook like eachother (romantically) until you both are paired for a big project! angst (getting angry and fed up with eachother) and fluff (skinship, being playful) please <3 if you can add a bit of how your relationship is afterward thatd be great too!! keke thank you!!

Part: Two

Word Count: 1918

You walked down the hallway as if you owned it, which in a way you did. You were the maknae of the most popular girl group of your school, the rebellious, smart-mouthed maknae that everyone loved. You were best friends with the most popular boy group, Bangtan Boys. You loved all of them, considered them brothers. Except for one.

Jungkook. The golden maknae. You could say it was a petty rivalry but it’d been there since childhood when he’d scored a point higher than you on a test and gloated about it for weeks. You liked to be the center of attention, to be the special one. You couldn’t do that when he was around because he was just as smart, just as good, just as talented as you were at everything.

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anonymous asked:

This may be a stupid question but why do you think the knife throwing scene has sexual subtext? I just always thought of it as Kate using hers and Richie's connection/feelings as tangible motivation to hit the target. Before it was just a stripper holding the target. Not saying he didn't care about hurting the stripper but he was especially motivated to not hurt Kate. Again sorry if this is a stupid question. Just trying to understand the psychology behind the thought :)

Actually its not a stupid question anon and I’d be more than happy to answer. Although there was a post I saw around here explaining it more thoroughly than I can. If I ever find it again I’ll be sure to post it for you.

The reason why the Kichie knife scene is sexually symbolic is because of the way it was portrayed. For instance it happened shortly after Richie and Kate had just shared their first kiss. So they’d just experienced their first real intimate moment with each other. When they hold hands [skin touching skin as in sex] its referencing that of a lover’s unbreakable bond. And of course their instant emotional connection with each other plays a vital part in that bond. This brings it all the way back to when Richie had that vision at the pool [of Kate asking him to undress her] where he basically foresaw himself and Kate becoming lovers.  

There is also an unusual innocence about Richie and Kate. Despite their age difference Richie is emotionally an adolescent especially when it comes to sexual experience which compliments Kate’s virginal lack of sexual experience. He’s no where near the level of Seth. So the two of them resemble a couple of curious teenagers weaving their way through the complicated waters of adulthood and first/true love. 

The way they were immediately drawn to one another when they met, the joining of their hands, and their kiss all happening in the matter of a day feels very much like an arranged marriage. As if some unwritten fate had stepped in to betroth Richie and Kate. Silly as it sounds but how do you explain their mysterious connection which seems to go deeper than just a simple understanding?

Richie wasn’t supposed to develop any type of feelings for Kate and vice versa. He was just supposed to go to that pool and kidnap her like his brother instructed. But the moment he saw her and felt her pain; the moment he had that vision of her asking him to undress her the atmosphere between Richie and Kate shifted to harmless flirting and an obvious attraction. It was very cosmic which is also why I refer to Kichie as Romeo & Juliet of the Underworld

There’s a very star-crossed aura between them; like their meeting was destined in the sense of not just the kidnapping. They are anything but platonic anon. Their comfort and trust in each other emulates that of lost lovers from a previous life finding each other all over again; as youthful as they are they’re both old souls at heart. Richie and Kate give off incredibly romantic yet tragic vibes without realizing it. And that’s why their pull towards each other is so mysterious just like that kiss was.

So when we get to that knife scene where Kate challenges Richie to hit her target in order to win her family’s freedom it feels very much like the moment where the groom has to prove himself worthy of his bride and claiming her virginity. Remember Richie already envisioned himself and Kate intimate in the future back at the pool; something significant will happen between them down the road because he wasn’t picking up on anything she’d done in her past [like kissing that boy behind a church]. And Santanico hadn’t interfered in his mind during any of his crucial moments with Kate. 

Kate’s target represents her carnal flower and femininity just as Richie’s knife is power and masculinity. Their eyes are locked firmly on one another the whole time during the knife scene. Richie doesn’t want to hurt Kate but trusts his knife will miss her just as Kate trusts he won’t miss her target. Combined with the power of their simple human connection which I believe is what willed the knife successfully at the target. He didn’t have any kind of connection with those strippers which is why his knife nearly grazed that one stripper girl’s hand. When Richie hits the target without harming Kate its symbolic to the foreshadowing of their intimate future together. 

The eye carving on Richie’s knife also resembles his clairvoyant powers and culebra powers as well. And ironically the eye is on the hand where he not only got shot in the pilot but also shared blood with Kate. He has the power to see things that others can’t, he sees the future and the truth in people. And now as a culebra he is the vision serpent. What’s interesting about his special culebra power is it manifested at the moment of Kate’s death in the form of her eye; another significant layer into Kichie’s bond. She is technically a source of his power as much as she is a link to his humanity. Which makes the mystery surrounding their connection all the more fascinating and mystical anon.  

The romantic undertones surrounding Kichie are just as significant as the sexual contexts. Like their hands. So you see that knife scene was as much about their emotional connection with each other as it was their intimacy. It foreshadows that Kate is Richie’s true love which is why his knife successfully hits her target [virginity]. I hope that explains it.