i love that game so freakin much

birth by sleep more like how many times can one small cast of characters totally screw everything up in 40 hours



we won an award for best singleplayer game of pax east from the lovely folks at marooners’ rock! :D pax was an incredible experience working with an absolutely killer team, i feel so freakin’ humbled and amazed to have been a part of it - and i’m so, so proud of this little game that i believe in so much. HUGE congratulations to the whole team on an excellent show !! ♥

Honestly though Bendy is probably an ideal character for me to cosplay, even if I don’t get as into his game as I am into GR or MSA or anything like that.

He’s the perfect balance of goofy, cute, and creepy – he could fit practically any context, and the suit will cover me completely (including my physique), meaning I can totally ham it up while wearing it.

I’m so excited for Hal-Con.


Preparing some prints for the upcoming convention (COSMANIA 2016)–

some mystic messenger boys~ (and girl <3 )

:3 thinking how i’m gonna color these cuties but we’ll see ;) :3

I used so much references to get their poses freakin right – gosh i hate this but i love it too! trying to be more sensual with my drawings be like —

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What youtubers do the 2ps watch ~? BTW your Blog is amazing!! I love it!

((Ugh i hate how much i’ve been wanting to do this scenario so freakin’ bad! You have no clue XD Though, since this goes over the 6-character max, i’ll have to make this a gif scenario. Thank you for the compliment, btw! > w < i’m getting blushy))

Warning! Most of these are gaming youtubers, since i’m not very familiar with Vlogging/Beauty Gurus/Directing/Collab channels that much. (Though, for one of these guys, i made a very necessary exception with the help of a friend)

Scenario: *Youtubers that the 2P’s watch*


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(Markimoo~ XD)


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((This guy doesn’t technology))


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((he can get more in touch with modern society, while still retaining his mathematical/scientific/historical superiority XD))


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((He does technology, just not Youtube XD))


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((I know this guy knows of nothing else besides beauty, so watching Beauty Gurus is only natural XD I didn’t even know these channels existed until i asked my friends, so you’re welcome guys~))


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((oh honey yes, this man has good taste XD This was more of a honorable mention (PitbullVevo) but more than anything else he just watches:))

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((Sly is coincidentally, also bae XD))


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((Lutz loves his humor above anything else tbh. They actually have pretty similar laughs too XD))


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((Cry always sounds like he doesn’t give a single fuck about anything, and Kuro respects that XD))


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((I have no clue, but this Luci gave me a kinda CaptainSparkles vibe. I can’t really explain tbh XD the point is, this guy is ALSO pretty damn fine))

Dear Asagao Fandom

You guys are crazy badass. Seriously. I’ve said it on twitter, but I wanted to say it here too.

Y’all are so welcoming and loving and supportive of one another. It’s amazing to have been able to watch this community form. (I have been lurking like a right creep.)

Anyways, I just wanted to say my thanks. Thanks for playing our game and enjoying it so much and being great, creative, open-minded, amazing people!

- Cara

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Do you have any headcannons about the Courfeyrac Enjolras friendship?

Let’s Liberté&Fraternité this baby up!

  • They met the first week of high school. In detention. Courfeyrac had refused to do his maths homework because the instructions were sexist as fuck while Enjolras had punched a guy bullying Jehan (whom he didn’t know from Adam at the time)
  • They spent the whole time talking about equality and social justice and just clicked so damn hard
  • Later Enjolras discovered how warm and loving Courfeyrac is with everybody, a literal balm for the soul and he developped the fiercest friend crush because YES. THIS PERSON. I WANT TO FREAKIN STAY UP TILL 3AM TO RANT AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES WITH YOU
  • On the other hand, Courfeyrac was so happy to have someone who was on the same page, someone to feel passionate with, not in a romantic way but “we are going to change the world” way.
  • Enjolras was the first person to know how much Courf loved Combeferre, not because he had been told, but because he just knew.
  • Courfeyrac keeps Enjolras cheerful, because sometimes it’s hard to keep fighting when change is so slow to come by. But Courf is always here to remind him how worth it it is and how much they have done already

Prompt:  Please write a one shot of your latest Dean imagine!! I love it! // Dean’s staying at Bobby for a while after Sam left for Stanford, and the last thing he expected was another stray joining the older hunter’s household and throwing him off his cool, collected game.

Word count: 3,879

Warnings: None, I don’t think

Author’s Note: do I need to remind you guys of how much I love pre-2005 Dean? He’s so..different.

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what are your headcanons for childhood toys les amis had (or still have) as kids

I’m so sorry this took me so long, I hadn’t forgotten you at all! I’m going to make this all 90s toys/games because nostalgia and ridiculousness!

  • Combeferre : Was that kid who played marbles way too much and used freakin maths to work out angles and strategies to win. He still has two shoeboxes worth of marbles in his room
  • Courfeyrac : Had an insane collection of troll dolls
  • Grantaire : He couldn’t stay away from his Etch a Sketch
  • Joly : He had like 4 tamagochis I swear. Also : Operation
  • Bossuet : Fisher Price shoe skates. I’ll let you picture the havoc
  • Feuilly : Still has his LIFE board game set and could swoop your ass in one roll of dice
  • Bahorel : NERF GUNS, SO MANY
  • Jehan : Were that kid who liked furbies and tried to get them to crazy mode by any means imaginable