i love that couple

isn’t it incredible how, once they’re in a relationship, the passion behind klance’s rivalry easily transitions into determination to show their love as much as possible? it’s so great how their desire to one-up the other becomes the way that they constantly inspire each other to fall even further in love. i’m just amazed by how their deep, beautiful relationship makes itself known in only the most ridiculously loving ways possible.

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didn’t butch like fire him or smth? i did know someone else ran the better part of the show, but.

I dont know if he left or was fired, and I doubt it will ever be confirmed either way cause its never a good idea for people in that industry to go into to  much detail about that sort of thing. Could jeopardize future jobs.

I do remember hearing that it either way it had to do with Butch and Marmel not agreeing over the direction DP should take. Marmel wanted it more serious and to have more over arcing plots and Butch well….you can see what he wanted with season 3.

like you know all those plot threads that were set up in season 1 and 2? The ghost kings ring and crown, vlad having the fright knight serving him, valeries whole subplot, set up with clockwork and future danny. Yeah that was all Marmel and it was building to something big for season three. But Butch wanted to keep the show more simple and FOPish, so all that was thrown away. Instead we got lost chessmaster vlad and got mwahahaha twirly mustache vlad.

Marmel supposedly had most of the base plot of season three planned out, but thats all lost to the sands of time, because out of respect to Butch he decided to keep it secret.