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Side to Side {Yoongi One Shot}

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A/N: I have returned! And y’all thought I wasn’t gonna write anymore. Well, school is almost done, and I have many ideas reeling in my head. Also…istg this started out as fluff, but I figured I’d take a crack at smut, so I’m really nervous how this turned out. I’d like to add that also kinda has a soundtrack (I was inspired by many songs, so if you want to know them, let me know)

Genre: smut? (idek if it’s that good though) 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2294

Bzzzt. I turned my head towards my bedside table, where the origin of the buzz came from, confused as to who would text me at this time. Granted it is 11 am, but it’s a Wednesday. Most of my friends should be working at this time..or sleeping, considering it was summer break. I reached for my phone, picked it up, and saw that it was Yoongi.

“Well well well…what a surprise” I noted sarcastically. I unlocked my phone to read his message.

Yoongi: Bring your earphones and iPod.

You: What?

Yoongi: I’m outside, hurry up.

What the hell? Surely he isn’t outside.

I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not, so I decided to get up out of my bed and walk towards my bedroom window. The moment I moved my curtain to the side and peeked out, there he was. Standing on my front lawn, his back to my window.

“Are you serious?” I scoffed. I stood in disbelief not knowing what to do, until he turned around, looked up, and gave me a smug smile. He raised his wrist and tapped it, signaling for me to get a move on. “Shit…I gotta get ready.” I rushed all around my room in my pajama shorts and tank top, figuring out what to wear. I ran to my drawer to grab a random pair of underwear and bra, not caring if they matched, and hurriedly changed into them.

Bzzt. My bedside table vibrated again. I ran over to check my phone.

Yoongi: Love the pair..

You: huh?

Yoongi: Purple and white lace for the top, pink polka dots for the bottom. ;)

I looked down and realized he perfectly described my bra and underwear, and typed angrily into my phone


Yoongi: Hey…you left your curtain wide open for your neighborhood to see. I’m just enjoying the show. Besides, it’s not like that’s the first time I’ve seen that bra and underwear.

I shot my head up and saw that I did leave the curtain open, all because Yoongi decided to show up without a notice. I ran to the window, and yanked the curtains closed.

Curious as to see how hot it was outside, I checked the weather on my phone.

“Great, 100 degrees. Shorts it is then.” I murmured.

I grabbed my favorite pair of shorts, and ran around my room looking for a shirt when I spotted a white oversized tee. “I shouldn’t be too hot wearing this” I said holding the shirt up in the air. I ran to my closet and grabbed the first pair of shoes I saw, scrambled for socks, grabbed my phone and rushed to the restroom to put on my make up.

Bzzt bzzt. I felt the phone vibrate in my hand.  

Yoongi: Aww..what a shame, I was really enjoying the show.

Yoongi: Also, time is money.

“Oh shut the fuck up” I hissed.

I put on my makeup, and bolted down my stairs. I ran around the living room, looking for my iPod, earphones, and charger. Once I spotted them on the coffee table, I grabbed them and made my way to the front door. A blast of hot air welcomed me to the outside world.

“What the hell Yoong!” I walked towards him. “It’s Wednesday morning! Why?”

He looked at me unbothered, “What were you doing?”

What was I doing? Why does that matter? Why did he have to drag me out of bed? “Nothing, bu-” 

“Exactly.” he interrupted. “You were free, so why not?”

“You could have texted.” I eyed him down, hoping he would see my point.

“I did.”


And like the savage he was, Yoongi started roasting me on how I waste my time in bed, have no life, don’t go out.. “Either way, you still would’ve been doing nothing”

I rolled my eyes. “ANYWAYS…why do I need all this?” I gestured to my iPod and earphones. Yoongi shooked his head. “Rule #1: No talking. Not even a sound, a peep..nothing.” I looked at him mysteriously. No talking? What does he have in mind? What are we going to do? Yoongi took my iPod out of my hands, pulled out an earphone splitter from his pocket and plugged the splitter into my iPod, and his and my earphones into the splitter.

“Rule #2: No choosing songs from the playlist. Let them all shuffle.” he added.

“Rule #3: Just go with it. And rule #4: If any of these are violated, unless needed, there will be consequences. Think of this as a friendly competition. A tally will be kept as to who broke the most rules.”

I looked at Yoongi questioningly  “What kind of consequences?”

“The usual.” He smirked and began walking.

The usual typically meant that one person has to do what the other wants for the rest of the day. While some days we don’t go too far, there are days where one is just screaming for the other to stop…or actually, to keep going.

I’ve had this iPod since I was 12. This means Yoongi is going to hear just about everything from then until now. And what can I say, there have been many phases: My kiddy pop phase, my indie phase, oh god…my emo phase. At least the majority of the music is danceable. The moment Yoongi taps the shuffle button, my heart drops.

Wait a minute! Oh shit! I haven’t heard this song in forever. The upbeat electronic feel, this totally came out when I was 13. My heartbeat begins to pick up with the energy and we start walking towards an unknown destination. As the song is playing, I’m really enjoying myself. Popping my shoulders, making flowing movements as we walk. I notice that even Yoongi is hooked on the beat a little. I wouldn’t blame him, this song is just so good.

I continue dancing down the streets and not caring about the looks I’m receiving from other pedestrians. Yoongi however, doesn’t seem to be bothered about my head rolls, arm movements, or even small body rolls.

As we continue walking, one of my favorite uplifting, optimistic song comes on. While it’s not an energetic pop song as the last one, nor does it have heavy electronic uses in it, this song is more acoustic and authentic in sound. No matter what mood I’m in, whenever I listen to this song I’m instantly happy.  

“OH, ANNA SUN, O ANNA SUN” I yelled. The immense happiness I feel hearing this song makes me feel like a young kid again. And while Yoongi isn’t really feeling the song, I think he’s too busy watching me enjoy the song. Trying to hide a smile, but ultimately breaks when I get close in his face and “WE GOT NO MONEY BUT WE GOT HEA AH AH ART!” I sang out of tune and moved my head left to right to left in sync.

“You’ve just broken a rule” Yoongi cocked his eyebrow, and smirked.

“WAIT! You said talking! NOT SINGING!” I refuse to be ordered around by Yoongi. The last time it happened…well, let’s just say I was left unsatisfied 3 times. There is no way in hell that that’s happening again.

Yoongi kept quiet at my protests, and raised his index finger to indicate the first rule, then puts it to his lips. Essentially telling me, to shut up.

By the time the song ends, we reach a bus stop. Why the bus stop, I thought. I mean…he knows how to drive. Until it occurred to me that every Wednesdays, the bus fare is reduced to ten cents. These are days that people typically ditch their cars and take public transportation. We waited no longer than 5 minutes for the bus to arrive. And boy was it packed. When we walked in, Yoongi and I squeezed between the crowd in the bus and settled between two parallel stainless steel bars that were there for support.

Yoongi decided to stand behind me. His arms coming around me to hold onto the bars in front of him, while I held onto the same ones as him. Our hands inches away from each other. It wasn’t until then that I realized the feel of the song that was playing. It was slow, sensual, and heavy. While it did have a feel of weightlessness to it.

I couldn’t breathe. The number of people in the bus…well, it was shocking how we could all fit. One small hand movement and you’d basically be groping someone. Perhaps that’s why Yoongi stood behind me. But still…my back to his front. The proximity between us: tight. The atmosphere: electric. I don’t know if it’s because Yoongi is standing so close to me, or that the two of us are hidden in plain sight that I start to feel daring. I smiled a wicked smile when an idea came to mind; Time to have some fun.

By the next song, just like its predecessor, it was slow, sensual, and heavy. But, instead of weightlessness, this song had a bounce to it. A bounce that I know I could dance to just by moving my lower body, and hips. I took this opportunity to finally tease Yoongi. I slowly backed into him and stuck my ass out for him to feel.

I started slow. Moving my hips from left to right to left, then a smooth and quick roll upwards. I followed the beat, having it instruct me on what to do. Hips swaying, sharply moving back and forth. Out of nowhere, I began moving my hips in a circular motion, making sure that every time I moved, my ass would grind on him. Side to side, left to right, back and forth, up and down. Slow, but steady.

I can feel his breathing hitch a little, especially when I would work my way up. As I backed my ass up into him, I could feel him getting hard. It didn’t help him that I was wearing my shortest shorts either because every time I stuck my ass out even more it felt like he was fucking me in the ass.

By the end of the song, he was more than turned on. I knew that if I continued, there would be no chance in hell that he would last. While other passengers were completely oblivious to what I was doing, Yoongi obviously wasn’t. I could feel him breathing behind me, on me. The soft hot air coming out of his plump lips. The very lips he uses to kiss me. Kiss my neck, my nipples…

His breathing was short and ragged. Yoongi was desperately trying to hide the fact that he was so turned on.

If we weren’t in public, at this time, Yoongi would have already gotten all my clothes off and have me then. Fucking me, hard and fast. He would nip at my neck as he was doing so. Kissing that sweet spot, undoing the tight knot that was starting to build within me. The feel of him kissing me is so realistic. His tongue putting light pressure, while also swirling around. Sucking at my skin that was starting to become sensitive.  Lost in the music and my own thoughts,  I didn’t realize that Yoongi nipping at my neck until I shot my eyes open and remembered where we were.  

Yoongi knew that if he were to continue, I would moan at any moment. “Rule #1: No talking, not even a sound.” Nope. Not again. I will not break this rule. I will not. Two can play this game. Time to up the ante. I decided to slow down even more that what I was originally moving to. Making sure that he felt every single movement.  When I grinded up against him, I made sure that he was able to feel his dick straining against my ass. And rather than hearing a sound from me, it came from Yoongi. YES! I BROKE HIM.

“If you don’t stop this, you’ll regret it.” He muttered in my ear. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder and turned to his ear, “Don’t forget rules #1 and 3” I whispered and continued grinding into him. While it did start off as teasing Yoongi, I couldn’t help but think of all the things Yoongi would do to me.

Fuck me until I was just a mess. Slap my ass and ram into it like there was no tomorrow. Eating me out, or just simply make me cum by sucking my oversensitive nipples. At this point, I could feel my underwear getting soaked. Yoongi pulled me out of my thoughts the moment he let go of one of the steel bars and grabbed me by the waist. He closed any space that there was between us, and pushed himself more into me, and that’s when I let out a small moan.

“Shhh…people will hear” Yoongi responded. Probably happy that he was able to get a sound out of me. At this point, it was the two of us moving along to the music. Both going at it. Slow, gradual, and heavy. My mind was reeling at his intoxicating motions. The moment I was going to push myself into him, Yoongi opened up the space between us and turned to push the button to signal the bus driver to stop.  

We both made our way to the rear exit, got off the bus and continued with the day, praying that no one noticed what happened between us two.


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Larry , Adam, Bono and Edge

All snapped by Edge and put on his @360FromTHeEdge twitter acount back then. 

I love these sort of things S.F.M. and I’m a bit bummed out that the JT tour doesn’t have as much “personal” shots as the 360 and I+E tour had. 
A lot of it seems too polished. 

I thought I’d dig up some of the oldies and post them. 
Probably more coming up :D 

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Hongseok - Relax

“hi!! first of all, oh my gosh, this blog is a dream, bless you for sharing your talent with us;; i look forward to everything that you post in the future!! so! request time ♥️ i was wondering if you could do a hongseok scenario, where he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed by how quickly things are moving for him and for pentagon, so the first time the both of you have a free day you orchestrate a whole afternoon where you do nothing but pamper him? thank you so much!!!♥️~”

(A/N: This request has been in the ask since like day 3 of this blog’s existence and I am so, so sorry for not getting to it sooner ㅠㅠ I honestly don’t go in order with requests, I more just do the ones that are easiest to do first.. regardless, I sincerely hope this was worth the wait, enjoy!)

Hongseok finally woke from his 14 hours of sleep, groaning as he rolled over to check his phone. As his groggy vision cleared and his senses slowly became more aware, he noticed that someone had left his favorite breakfast pastry on the table next to the bottom bunk. A note was stuck to the rail of his bed, facing him.

‘Hongseok~ You can sleep in today. When you wake up, text me, I have a surprise for you other than the food. Love you!’

He smiled to himself; there was only one person that would do this. He picked up his phone and shot you a quick message. Within a minute, he heard footsteps and the door opened.

“Good morning,” you smiled, well aware that it was 2 in the afternoon.
“Mmm.. morning,” he said back. His voice was still dripping with exhaustion.
“Get enough sleep?”

You picked up the plate off of the table and reached up to put it next to him before climbing up to his bunk.

“If you sleep too much, you’ll mess up your sleep schedule,” you reminded him quietly.
“What sleep schedule?” he said, half-joking.
“Eat up, dork.”

He wasted no time in tearing apart and devouring the pastry. As he ate, he woke up more and more.

“So what’s the big surprise?” he asked, dusting crumbs off of his sheets.
“Well, you’ve been really stressed lately. Busy, tired, all that…” you began.
“Today is no regular day off. Today is /your/ day off. Let me take care of you, okay?”
“You don’t need to go for the hard sell babe, I’m 100% fine with that.”

You smiled and leaned over to give him a small peck on the cheek before climbing back down from the bed.

“I’ll go do the dishes and laundry, though, you shouldn’t have to take care of all five of us in this dorm,” he piped up.
“Too late, I did them already,” you hummed.
“Yep. You’re going to relax today.”

Hongseok sat dumbfounded for a moment before realizing what luxury he had. He yawned a bit before hopping down from the bed and following you out to the living room.

He began to space out momentarily, partially from still being sleepy, partially from thoughts of practices and schedules crossing his mind.

“I went and picked up the fans’ gifts for you, too,” you gestured to the enormous pile of bags by the door.
“Huh? Oh, thanks,” he said flatly, his focus riding completely on responsibilities.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, why?”
“You’re stressing. I can see it in your face.”

The look on his face quickly went blank in an attempt to hide from you. Shaking your head, you gently squeezed his and and pointed to the couch.

“Go start a movie, I’ll give you a back rub and we can get your mind off of everything,” you said.

He had no objections, just a grateful smirk, and did as you suggested.

The movie was one of his favorites, one he had seen many times yet was still completely invested in. You slipped in behind him, taking off his shirt and rubbing your hands together to warm them up before massaging his neck. As the movie played, you were slow and gentle with his muscles, and you could feel them loosening more and more.

“Honestly, Hongseok, do you eat bricks of protein?” you mumbled to yourself.
“I heard that,” he laughed, shifting forward a bit to give you more room.

The atmosphere was light, and to your relief, he seemed to be less serious, more relaxed.

“That feels amazing,” he said after you’d ground your thumbs into his upper spine.
“Your back is really tense, I bet it does,” you replied, beginning to work your palms into his shoulders.

After a while, your hands were aching. Your pace slowed, and you eventually came to a stop. A well-kneaded Hongseok stretched before looking back at you.

“Hey, lay down,” he said. His eyes has returned to looking tired, and you knew exactly what he wanted.

Your head rested on a pillow by the arm of the couch, and he didn’t hesitate to move on top of you, resting his head below your chin. It was really unusual seeing him this way, but you loved that he was finally relaxing. You began brushing your fingers through his hair slowly, and felt him exhale contentedly.

“You’re the best, you know that?” he whispered.

Though accomplishing his dream was a matter of hard work, the best part was that he had you to support him.

Blending In - Crowley x Reader

Requested by Anonymous. Thanks anon! 

Request:  Can you a Crowley x reader where they have to go undercover and show affection toward one another when they are like really witty/flirty towards another and kind of had a love/hate relationship? sorry for it being so confusing if it was

Note: Hope you all enjoy! I enjoyed writing this one!

You finally had a day off of hunting and was spending it in the mall looking for clothes because you decided you were tired of the same flannels you wore all the time.

“Hello, love.” You heard a deep voice from behind.

You groaned and kept walking while a hand grabbed your shoulder and turned you around. You came face to face with the King of Hell.

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Hey you guys so I’m at work so here is a glitch photo of the new family/friend shot of my babies ! From left back to bottom right Zira (lion king ) , Melvin (Madagascar), Gloria (Madagascar ) , Nala (lion king ) , Marty (Madagascar) , Alex (Madagascar) , Timon (lion king ) , Pumbaa (Madagascar) and Simba (lion king)

I need to update the chart , also I was thinking of making Marty related to pumbaa cause I love them and then timon looks so much like Melvin so idk should I relate them and alsoooooooo zira is just randomly there what do I do about him ?

Also thinking of putting them up for download if anyone would like them !!!!!!


Lomography LomoInstant Automat Glass, examples of what you get and how to get it using the closeup lens.

Top Left: Stock shot, focus set to closest setting, “Closeup” - 1’ away from lens to subject.

Top Right: Closeup attachment lens on camera, camera focus set to Infinity - approx 10" away from lens to subject. Note nailing this takes a few shots noting the exact distance from the lens on the camera to the subject’s eyes or whatever is the main focus point.

Bottom: Closeup lens on camera, camera focus set to Closeup - approx 4" away from lens to subject. I love the way the edges start to distort and get a “lomo” look when you get this close.

2nd two shots, I diffused the flash through some white plastic so it would not blow out the shot or my glasses. You can put 1-3 strips of matte “invisible” tape over the flash to get this effect. it’s how my other instants are shot almost all the time as I rarely want the flash at full power esp for selfies.

Note you have to be a little more precise with the LIAG vs the LIA because of the larger aperture but it’s easy to nail and worth it, the depth of field and image quality is worth the effort.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any Hollstein sports fic?

Again, this is based on my bookmarks so I won’t have all the sports AU out there d:

Kind of sad there aren’t any more xD (like basketball, figure skating, or volleyball…)

F-F-F-Falling (Oneshot)

AN: So I finally got some inspiration to do another request. I’ve been away for a week on vacation so I’m sorry for being hella inactive lately. I’m hoping this is okay. I just wanted to write something and get it out there to show my blog is still active lol It’s 3 AM here so excuse any errors for now. I’ll go back and fix them later. Feedback and requests are always welcome! Thanks for reading!

Prompt: 38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go  to such extremes…” (And Bucky as the one fainting)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol, swearing, fainting, horrible flirting

The title of this one came from the song by The Rasmus. (Are all my fics from now on going to be named after song titles? Probably lmao) Listen to it here.

Gif is not mine.

It was after a particularly hard mission that you and the team had ended up at the bar a couple of blocks from Avengers tower. Nat and Clint were practically draped across each other on your left while Bucky and Steve were laughing at one of Thor’s jokes on your right at the bar. Sam and Tony simultaneously tried to flirt with some girl in the corner. Wanda and Vision had decided to return back to the tower and Scott had a tea party with his daughter to attend to.

Usually you would have something fruity with your alcohol, but tonight you straight up needed some whiskey. You were sore and tired from the mission you and the guys had just accomplished. With a sigh you turned to see Thor pouring an amber liquid into his, Steve’s, and Bucky’s glasses. Your eyebrows shot up at the unmarked bottle he seemed to pull from thin air.

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[ I keep thinking I’m gonna want to change Bal’s theme, but the more I look at it and think about it, the more I want to keep it. As much as I’d love to give a minimalist theme a shot, I feel like this fits Balmung as an administrator and .hack as a whole. I tried my best to mimic the UI of the games, going as far as I can without pulling the entire theme apart (but that might be a project for another day. I’d love to get spinning icons for the bottom and have that aligned to the left side of the screen). Long story short, I adore what I have going right now, aside from a few access issues, and I’ll be doing my best to fix those! ]


Double Twist Seax: Heat Treat

The first shot is the blade after its final forge for straightening. This show it with the fire scale that has to be ground off during the final shaping process.

The second shot is the blade after it is rough ground. I start with an angle grinder them move to a belt at 80 grit and finish with 120. All the final profiling is done at this point and the edge is left roughly as thick as a penny or nickel.

The third shot is the blade after heat treat with just a scrub from #0000 steel wool. The pattern popped right away during heat treat. It was awesome!

The bottom four shots show the blade exactly as it looked when removed from the quench and then scrubbed at different angles.

I really felt the soul of this one as I went through this process. Building a multi-bar seax really is something special. This is my fourth multi-bar blade and I fall in love with this process the more I do it. There is something magical about it. Something beyond the science and the art and the production that I must explore further. I feel really relaxed and at peace about this blade now that it has gone through the extremes and turned out solidly. I noticed a definite mood shift during the process. I will have to repeat again to fully be aware of this shift next time. The shift took me from feeling anxious, nervous and excited to relaxed, peaceful, accomplished and powerful.

Not So Hush, Hush [Part 2 / 7]

Alternate Universe Series

[Read Part I]

Pairing: College!Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, Sexual Reference, Alcohol Reference, Fluff, and Mild Smut.

Word Count: 3,604

A/N: The long awaited Part II of Hush, Hush! Be ready for basically everything because if the Avengers were in college, this is how I’d picture it. Hope you guys enjoy! x. T

Your name: submit What is this?

           You stared at the closed door for a few moments, before regaining your composure. It probably was deadly obvious he was here too, because of the ruckus you two made trying to get him out of the window. You sighed softly, before furrowing your brow, and checking what time it was.

           It was five o’clock in the morning, you and Bucky had only been asleep for two, maybe three hours. You pressed your face into your hand and groaned, knowing you’d never be able to get back to sleep. Plus, Natasha wasn’t supposed to be at the apartment until Monday morning, and she’s here Sunday morning.

           Then, you heard a very loud shout from outside the apartment. You rushed over to the window and tilted your head, to see Bucky frantically dodging the sprinklers that were coming on to water the grass. He was racing to the parking lot, and he wasn’t wearing shoes, which made the sight ten times better. You raised your hand to your mouth as you watched in amusement, and he now stood on the sidewalk, panting with his hands on his knees, and his jeans and t-shirt soaking wet.

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i used to be your one and lonely. but now im just lonely

oh calamity-all time low//miserable at best-mayday parade//twin size mattress-the front bottoms//tiger teeth-walk the moon//i dont love you-my chemical romance//eyelids-PVRIS//youve go to hide your love away-the beatles//need you now- lady antebellum//i miss you-blink 182//photograph-ed sheeran//the boy who blocked his own shot-brand new//stay-mayday parade//everything we had-the academy is…//northern downpour-panic! at the disco

its funny how your smile used to be the sun and how i thought the stars were in your eyes. i used to pull you into the waves with me but now im left in the middle of the sea and i think im drowning in memories. we swore to never let each other go, but you left and i am here clinging on to anything i can save.

cover/title: x


Look at him

Muffin Man’s all grown up oh my gosh
No words can describe how much I love his coat. None
And he does still have his gourd! Just like in ‘The Last’, but with an extra belt and no chain. Me likey
I was kinda hoping his pants would be tucked into not-quite-knee-high boots, but whatever

Look at the bottom left head shot he’s smiling!!!!! *dies*

i’m not the person i used to be. you touched me, turned me into the person i always wanted to be. making me soft to the touch, nice to look at, the girl everybody envied you for. then you left, just like that. i turned sour, bitter, started doing things you told me to stay away from. hoping to find you there, catch a glimpse of you on the bottom of my seventh shot, feel your name burn into my throat as i inhale the smoke, exhale everything that’s left of you inside me. i can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror now. i just want to go back to the start, be a blank space again no one dares to look at twice.
—  why did you leave me like that? // l.m.m.