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Ok I want your Top Ten Kellex moments from the live stream please and thank you. *grabs popcorn*


***disclaimer: if you weren’t a kellex shipper before… get ready to become one

#10: The look they give each other after they get the question: “What’s the best memory you have with eachtother?” …

(WHAT ARE THEY REMEMBERING BYE) ps. one of their memories was living together #best three months of their life.

#9: When they thank @ G O D for each other being there

#8: When Jim behind the scenes makes fun of Kelley and Alex doesn’t laugh and lowkey looks kinda pissed that someone insulted her lil squirrel her bff.

#7: Alex saying that not seeing Kelley in four hours is a long time,

and their psychicly timed coffee trips:


#5: Anytime Alex makes fun of Kelley + Stanford (because honestly, who gave them permission to become their own fanfic)

#4: Alex joking about Chef Kelley…

*However let’s not forget this gem from when they actually lived together:

#3: When Kelley blames Alex for getting her sick because she can literally hear when her voice is slightly raspier than normal……. 

#2: The Kellex Hug™️….. #thanks for scoring <3

#1: aaaaand the moment that has ended my life (and forever changed the way I look at squirrels????/?/)

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“Sakura’s fight with Shin was just so Fucking Epic and Perfect!!! I’m so fucking glad she finally had the screen time she deserved!! Naoki Koboyashi highlighted all her skill set!! Evasion, Strength, Speed, Medic ninjutsu!! He did her justice!! More than Kishimoto did cause he completely forgot about Sakura’s talent for 500 chapters!! And I’m so glad she finally had one again!! Anti’s (And by anti’s I mean Hinata and Karin stans) Do nothing but shit on Sakura’s character and worth!! They call her useless and weak!!(Look at your fav first!! As @amitds said “Get your fav prompted above chunin and than come at ours”) I really really wish SP gives us more badass sakura moments!! She’s no housewife!! And she sure ain’t hell useless!! She is the student of the 5th hokage, A pupil of the sanin, the holder of the yin seal and the strongest konouchi in the world!! She is Haruno Sakura and she is legendary!!”

-Submitted by anonymous

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give me those sweet lloyd headcanons bek (if u toss in a micah u can have my firstborn)

only the sweetest for u rose *finger guns*

  • Will sing Tangled all day long cause when he was a kid he was trapped in the bounty all the time and he has golden hair so he is naturally Rapunzel
  • Nelson: call me THE PURPLE NINJA
    Lloyd to one of the nurses: is this child up for adoption
  • He’ll be like “I’m just doodling” and before he knows it he’s drawn this massive flawless landscape that people would sell their soul for
    • “Haha Kai I drew an ugly picture of you” *shows Kai the most beautifully detailed picture he’s ever seen, better than any selfie he has ever taken*
  • “Honestly who in the hell thought pea green was a good colour. It’s so ugly. Like, how am I supposed to jump out at bad guys in this ugly suit? Ooh, be careful guys!! Pea boy might set his entire allotment of vegetables on you!! I’m so scared!!”
  • “Lloyd remember when you had a bowl cut” “how did any of you not shave my head"
  • Oh him and Kai being best bros?? Completely platonic best bros?? Brothers?
    • I put this in the tags of something I can’t remember but consider: Kai lost his father and he did have his sister, so he wasn’t alone, but he never had someone who he could rely on as a dad. He had to step up and be that himself. So when Lloyd loses his dad, he steps in and acts like the big brother Lloyd always needed because he would’ve wanted someone to do the same for him. And being his bro means he can be an older influence he can trust to take care of him without making him feel as if he is replacing his dad
    • cause let’s be honest Kai will stay up with him until the morning looking at all possible ways to get his dad back
    • That makes it sound like Kai is responsible but he is not ajdjsj
    • “Hey Lloyd I just bought a giant bottle of coke and 7 packets of mints, wanna see how many we can put in the bottle before it blows up?”
    • Lloyd can be the ultimate wingman or the bane of his existence when it comes to Kai trying to flirt with someone
    • Anyone: you’re so smooth Kai ;)
      Lloyd: that’s what you think. Yesterday when he was sleep deprived he tried to hit on a movie poster and when they didn’t say anything back he cried.
    • One time when Lloyd was still a shorty Kai woke up in the middle of the night and turned over to see Lloyd standing by his bedside just staring at him and Kai screams so loud he has a squeaky voice the next day
    • “I wanted to know if you ate my ice cream” he’d said.
    • Kai: Lloyd doesn’t skip leg day, right Lloyd?
      Lloyd: no I don’t.
      Kai: good man! because every day is leg day am I r-
      Lloyd: no. I don’t skip leg day because there is no leg day. I don’t work out. no day is leg day.
  • Lloyd is so good at building dens you have no idea. He had to look like an evil mastermind back at darkleys and you can’t be an evil mastermind without a sick headquarters
  • “I love when people are telling me I’m like 2, 9 years old. I’m eleven so shut the f up”
  • He cannot go on holiday anywhere that requires a passport, because you know, it says he’s like 10 years old and he has a baby photo so
    • He got in so much trouble because he completely forgot and tried to use it at the airport and the security guard was like “is this a joke. You have clearly taken a passport that belongs to a 10 year old child. This is not you”.
    • Lloyd cries.
    • They all get home and they’re like what do we do?? And after a long discussion, cole, who is in the background, just slowly puts his book down and goes “I know a guy who knows a guy. He can hook you up.”
    • And he sounds so sinister when he says it like what does he mean? What will the guy who’s known by a guy that cole knows do??
    • Turns out he just fiddles with the date on his records but still, why does cole need to know someone who can hack into legal documents. Why cole. Why.
  • Jay: Lloyd your mom needs you
    Lloyd: *puts on sunglasses* I can’t read suddenly I don’t know
  • Lloyd: I’m not 10 anymore stop treating me like a baby!!
    Wu: Lloyd you need to come help me with-
    Lloyd: sorry uncle Wu but I am only 10
  • Everyone’s like “oh Lloyd I bought you this green item of clothing because you love green :)” and Lloyd is like :’’’’’’) thanks?? Because he wants to be grateful but he doesn’t even like green he just feels obliged to wear it because it’s his ninja colour ajdnan
  • has so many vintage comics that if he sold them he would probably be a millionaire
  • his reading wasn’t so sharp cause again, he just aged up magically without school or life training etc, but he made himself read more so he’d be better at it and now he would die for a good book
  • pls… don’t go to him with your struggles. he will be more than happy to listen and give you advice but the bean boy has enough on his plate just let him sleep
  • the king of hide and seek? once they couldn’t find him for 7 hours and they assumed he had been kidnapped again
  • “oh, I can be chivalrous, watch this. ahem, wilst thou accompanyeth meen to the theatre where they shallst be showing thine desired movie this fine nightynoon”
  • he once convinced the group that his powers diminished if he didn’t get to eat some candy every few hours
    • how does he still have pristine teeth please tell me
  • Wu: if you don’t stop it right now I will… i’ll… tell your mom i’m mad!!!
    Lloyd with heavy sarcasm: well now there’s no need to take drastic measures here uncle
  • try and pull the “i’m disappointed in you” card and he’ll be like lmao me too, you can’t guilt trip me if i’m already guilt tripping myself *taps finger on his head*
  • one time he pulled the lid off of a tub of cereal too hard and honestly, they were still finding pieces of it a month after it happened. it went everywhere. Lloyd just went straight back to bed
  • “oh, get some sleep??? I don’t know her. I do not sleep. no, only my respecting ninjago juice keeps me going, I don’t need breaks. Breaks are for the weak and sleep is for losers.100% 24/7 365.” “…” “please send me on vacation”

Also some brightshipping for you because it cleansed my soul and cleared my skin and watered my crops

  • The first time they meet Micah trips and falls on him and is like ‘oh no he’s cute’ and just goes “oh are you an angel cause guess I really fell from heaven on you right now and it probably hurt haha b ye” and just gets up and runs away, and Lloyd just lays there on the floor like ???¿??¿¿??¿? what is happening
    • And he brushes it off, but he can’t stop thinking about him for some reason and he’s like “he had really cute hair and the biggest most beautiful eyes that stared right into my soul- oh no Kai had been talking to me for the past 5 minutes I have not been listening”
    • Micah is like pls let me never see him again I’m so embarrassed
    • He sees him again and is like God if you’re out there please let him not notice me
      Lloyd: oh hi fancy seeing you here :)
      Micah: wth @ god I said no what is up with this
  • Wu: I’m going to the mall do you want anything
    Lloyd: something sparkly would be nice
    Micah, dropping to one knee: will a ring do
  • Cuddled up on the couch playing i spy all day and Lloyd keeps saying “I spy the love of my life” and Micah is like that is not how you play the game Lloyd but thank you I love you too
  • One time lloyd is sad and Micah just boops him on the nose and he is healed
  • Lloyd: I still can’t drive
    Micah: are you kidding I’m going to teach you to drive
    Lloyd: Micah… we are .. the same age… you can’t drive…
    Micah: i am going to teach you to drive.
  • I seem to remember somewhere that you said Micah works in a flower shop?
    • So Lloyd and Micah have been getting to know each other for a while and Lloyd is like “I can do this I can buy the cute boy some flowers come on Lloyd”
    • so he marches into the florist and slams $20 on the checkout and is like “I need your gayest bunch of flowers stat”
    • he is shook when Micah turns around and gives him this glowing smile and goes “oh hey Lloyd what brings you here :)” and he’s like “if I ever needed a sign it’s right here”
    • So he asks Micah his favourite flowers that he would “recommend” and Lloyd ends up with a beautiful bunch of flowers and as soon as he finishes paying he screams “WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME PLEASE” and shoves the flowers back in his face “THEY WE’RE FOR YOU ALL ALONG DO YOU LIKE THEM”
    • and Micah is the colour of the carnations he picked out and goes “of course I like them you loser I picked them out myself”
    • Micah loves them so much he used his best preservation techniques to make them last and then gets one of them pressed so he can keep it forever
    • Shows up to the date with one of the flowers in his hair and Lloyd nearly dies
  • Speaking of Micah makes badass flower crowns and Lloyd is only too happy to try them out
  • Micah: *knocks on Lloyd’s door* oh fancy seeing you here in this part of town ;))
    Lloyd: Micah i live here this is my bedroom
    • Alternatively:
      Lloyd: *comes out of the bathroom*
      Micah: hey come here often beautiful? ;))
      Lloyd: I was sat with you 30 seconds ago
  • Micah: why is our ship name brightshipping?
    Lloyd: because you are the light and love of my life and my source of joy comes from you and whenever you walk into a room everything lights up and I feel like everything is going to be ok just as long as you’re here
    Micah: *clutches heart* I can’t breathe
  • I mentioned that he sings Tangled so the answer is yes he and Micah will duet with “I see the light”
  • Lots of forehead nuzzles
  • Lloyd makes him blush one time and he’s like “he’s so dreamy- hang on are those FRECKLES”
  • Micah: Lloyd I have a gift for you! *kisses him on the cheek* do you like it?
    Lloyd: I don’t know…
    Micah: :(
    Lloyd: I think I want to return it ;)
    Micah: :D !!
  • Whenever Micah is doing anything remotely competitive Lloyd will be in the crowd waving a bi flag with Micah’s face on it screaming “GO ON BABY KICK HIS ASS”
  • Lloyd while doing pushups: 1…….. 2……. 3……..
    Micah: *walks past*
    Lloyd: 166!!!! 167!!!!! 168!!!!!!!
  • One time Micah pulls up on his bike mid battle and Lloyd is like “what the hell are you doing here?!?!” And Micah just goes “you forgot your lunch”
  • Micah: I am so cool, honestly nothing phases me I can handle anything
    Lloyd: do you have any tape babe I broke something off my bike
    Micah: you can have my liver and my hand in marriage will that suffice
  • Lloyd is the master of light/energy or whatever idk they keep changing it, but that means he can make fireworks and pretty swirly lights in the sky in all sorts of shapes and colours for when they’re on a late night date
    • In the most cliche moment I have ever written, Micah is like “they’re so beautiful” and Lloyd is just looking at him the whole time and goes “yeah you are”
    • because he hasn’t even been paying attention to what he’s doing he’s just looking at Micah
    • the reason the lights are the most beautiful things you’ll ever see is because Micah is the most beautiful thing Lloyd has ever seen
    • and he’s just making what he feels inspired to make when he sees his bf’s beautiful face
  • I could write you a novel on the things that are wrong with Lloyd due to past trauma. But the main thing is that he hates sleeping and he gets really anxious about it, but watching Micah sleeping with this little smile on his face and his messy red hair makes everything so much easier because how can he think of anything else when he has this angel in front of him
  • A battle for who has the softest hair
  • Micah is so extra, he will constantly walk up to Lloyd and dip him just to give him a kiss
    Also Lloyd: *trips over a rock*
  • Not to be gay but Micah had a scrapbook of his and Lloyd’s favourite moments and pictures ((also the flower he got pressed))
  • *On Lloyd’s 18th birthday*
    Lloyd: oh you know what this means ;)
  • They aren’t allowed to adopt all the orphans because Wu ruins everything but they do adopt a dog
  • Morro @ Lloyd: hi.
    Micah: *picks up Lloyd and spins him around so he can kick Morro in the face*
  • one time Micah falls down the stairs and when Lloyd tries to help him he goes “wow there are stars in your eyes” and Lloyd is blushing and goes “aw thanks” and Micah is like “no really I’m seeing stars I hit my head really hard I think I need to go to the hospital”

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

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Why is everyone talking about some new trailer?

There is a new trailer out!!! :D So much happy Lance, I’m alive. But also dead at the same time because there’s very little Keith, he’s gone from most group shots and looks unhappy when he is finally shown >.<

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On a scale of 1-10 how gay are the vamps from the lost boys?

15 minimum. taking into account their general Look + their aggresively anarcho-punk lifestyle (living in the basement of a destroyed hotel?? god how Iconic) + the fact that david sensually says michael’s name at least fifty times throughout the course of the movie.

facts are they’re gay and i would legit die for a prequel movie about how their whole gang came to be. i mean paul (i think that was his name?? correct me if wrong) and marko obviously were already dating before the start of the movie, and they had recently turned a literal child which i would like to know the backstory of, and then there’s star’s whole deal which is also a mystery.

why is star’s aesthetic different than the rest of the group’s? why is their vampire dad a dumbass nerd who works in a video store?? how resentful is david that he’s still single af even though he’s the teen leader of a powerful vampire gang??? these are the real questions. “are they gay?” that’s beginner’s stuff!

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asfgdhjdak I NEED ANSWERS!!! I wish I could look into Iwa's mind in the fighter Au!! And see his thoughts!! He spent the whole night with Oikawa and took care of his drunken ass! Listened to his rambling! Heard all the complains!! So how does his day go now?? Does he think about? what does he do? He will only see Oikawa that night for the fight so what about his hours until then? What doe she think?? Any thoughts?

Iwaizumi has a lot to think about following Oikawa’s drunken night in chapter 8. 

I’ll put this below the cut, because some of this might be spoilers for those not caught up on the You’re now rockin’ with the champion/it’s a bit of insight into Iwaizumi’s POV, so if you want to be totally surprised with the coming events, don’t read this!

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+ (continuation of future baby) Lance gets super excited that he was going to have a family in the future, but all the sudden Pidge shows (who wasn't there before because she was working on something) and the little boy that was from the future looks at her all excited and yells "MOMMY!" he jumps out of Lance's arms and runs to Pidge all happy. The other paladins just stand there in shock, and Lance gets really flustered. Pidge that doesn't know what's going on just stands there really confused.

Holy quiznak, it got better

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Can I request a Drabble of dramionarry as parents? It is very hard to dramionarry stories so I am asking if u could write me one. Thank you!

Harry’s hands were hurting, but he could hardly tell from the way his heart felt like it was about to explode. Few times had he been so nervous in his life, specially when there was no danger around, no imminent threat or risk to his wellbeing. If anything, this was the exact opposite.

Draco was next to him, responsible for the pain on his right hand, in the same way that Hermione was responsible for the left’s. They were both quiet, walking determinedly with him, and probably with the same thoughts in mind. 

The familiar building came into view and Harry tried to make all of this seem normal. He came here every single day, there was no reason this one should be any different, so he inhaled deeply.

He forgot to exhale until they were past the threshold of the Black Star Foundation.

Inside, the receptionist, Anne, greeted them with a small smile. “Good morning Mr. Potter, Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy,” she nodded politely. “Everything’s taken care of, you can go see him now.”

“Thank you Anne,” Hermione answered, patting Anne’s hand with a smile. Harry found it difficult to speak, so he simply nodded and hoped that Anne knew that they were very grateful for her help. Draco couldn’t even nod.

They kept walking, all knowing where they were supposed to go. The three of them knew this place like the back of their hands, and the nerves made them walk unusually fast, so they arrived at their destination rather quickly, and then they simple froze.

The window overlooking the nursery was very wide and it made it impossible for them not to see. It was nearly empty, a soft light illuminating the room with only two people inside. One was Mary, the St Mungo’s nurse who was sitting in the corner, reading a knitting magazine. The other, was a small newborn baby that Harry, Hermione, and Draco had just adopted.

Harry wasn’t sure how long they stood there quietly, just looking at him sleeping in his small crib, the only crib in the nursery that wasn’t empty.

Since Harry founded Black Star, this nursery had never had any residents. There had been older kids in need of help, but never babies. The already small wizarding world had taken a hit with Voldemort’s return, and people stopped having babies for a while. Things were starting to go back to normal, but the living conditions were better since Voldemort was defeated, and the fact that the foundation hadn’t had to take in any orphanaged babies was one of the best things Harry could have ever hoped for.

But this tiny boy wasn’t so lucky. His mother passed away at St Mungo’s briefly after delivering him, and there were no records of his family, so he was taken here, where everyone knew he’d be welcome with open arms and oportunities.

Harry had found out that same morning about his situation, and he told Draco and Hermione immediately. It wasn’t a hard decision, they had already discussed the posibility a while ago, so they left their house and rushed to Harry’s workplace as fast as possible to meet their new son. 

Harry couldn’t believe how small he was; with wisps of dark hair on top of his round head, and his body wrapped in a white blanket like a caterpillar. He had only been in this world for a few hours and he was already a fighter; strong, healthy, and with so much life ahead of him. 

Draco let go of Harry’s hand as he touched the glass from the window separating them from the baby. “We haven’t…” his voice was strained so he cleared his throat. “We haven’t thought of a name.”

Hermione let go of Harry’s other hand and dried a few small tears with the back of her hand. “No, we haven’t. There are so many to choose from.”

Harry felt himself holding back tears at the sight of them being so affected. 

“Draco liked Scorpius,” Hermione said with a smile as she sniffled. 

Draco smiled, his eyes still glued to the crib. His voice was soft and clear when he spoke again, “There’s also James.” 

Harry couldn’t help the rush of tears, and he removed his glasses in order to wipe them away properly with his hand. He felt the warmth of Draco’s and Hermione’s bodies as they each wrapped arm arm around him. 

It was hard for Harry to imagine his heart feeling fuller than it was right then. But as he looked up again to the small pair of eyes that were slowly opening, he realized that as much as he was completely, head-over-heels in love with the two people holding them, there was always something left to love.

dear every fanfic writer that introduces shiro as an insanely, ungodly sexy mysterious stranger, thank u sm, I love you & you give me reason to live

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Your name it's Jinbei, Jinbe, Jimbei or Jimbe ?

ohhh this is a good question, it’s due to illegal scans and his very early first mention but very late appearence (mentioned in 1998)!

ジンベエ  is Romanized to Jinbē. This is what appears on merch from japan. However that ē is normally printed as an e.

Jimbei Is the licenced Viz translation and the Official English Name which came when one peice became officially translated.

Jinbei is often seen in the illegal scanlation! This is a merge of the two official translations and a ‘spelling error’. The same applies to jimbe, it’s a merge of the two real names!

I used the name printed on the official merch I own, because I feel that’s the closest spelling, to the pronouncation of the word ‘ ジンベエ‘ However there is no ‘canon’ spelling.

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Did someone request strange sibling affections? I'm the oldest of four, two brothers and a sister. I support all my siblings and their antics. I support my sister in her art style, my younger brother in his cooking and my kid brother in pranking everyone.

I love that kind of affections. It’s very Sans-like <3