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(1) Hi Viria, I hope you are well :) I am sorry to bother you with this, but it's really important for me, and I wanted to share it with you. It'll be long and kinda sad at first, but it gets better, trust me. I'm a 23 y/o latina art student. When I was a baby, my mom left my dad and remarried, and my little sister was born when I was 10. She is the light of my life and I love her to no end. Our mom, however, had had and undiagnosed and untreated mental illness for years, and one day

(2) during a severe crisis she hurt us really bad. I was 12. She was taken away to a psychiatric hospital and Child Services prohibited her from ever getting near us again. Since then, I have been taking care of my little sister and practically raised her while my stepdad worked 2-3 shifts to afford our education and payment for my mom’s hospital, living and meds. He was always working and I took full responsibility for my sis. As you can imagine, even though I loved her with my life, 

 (3) the situation was very stressful and exhausting for me. By the time I was 15, I looked every bit a teen mom. One particularly hard night when my little sis had been crying about mom, I couldn’t sleep. So I turned to something that calmed me: the Harry Potter books. I read them online, and somehow ended up searching for HP fanart. That was the night I stumbled upon your DA account. And boy, did I love it! I know back in 2011 your skills weren’t what they are now,

(4) but I was blown away, and what’s more, I felt inspired to draw. I had never tried to make any art before; it wasn’t “my thing”. But that night, you inspired me. As time went by I kept drawing and closely followed your improvements. Your art was so relaxing, calming, and inspiring, that it really helped me during hard times. You kinda dragged me into all the cool fandoms, series and animes, and I found life to be far more bearable with so many awesome things to love and think about.

(5) Your DA and Tumblr were some sort of safe sapce for me. It always cheered me up and gave me joy, peace, inspiration. When the time came, I choose to study Art at college. It turned out you did too, and you kept up all the good stuff in your blogs. Weirdly enough, I kept feeling a sense of pride whenever you improved and got better. I was so strange that you were so so far away and didn’t even know I existed but you helped me so much.

(6) I got accepted at my country’s top University to study Fine Arts; I moved cities and took my sister with me; she grew into a wonderful, sensible, peaceful child, and her presence motivated me to be the best version of myself, while your art motivated me to keep expanding my academic/artistic abilities. Life was hard but good at college, and I had incredible opportunities. I am graduating this spring with an advanced studies specialization, and was recently hired to work at

(7) of a movie. It’s like living a dream. And tonight, just a couple hours ago, the most incredible thing happened. After dinner, my little sis came to me, phone in hand, and said “Hey Ana, you won’t believe what I found. There’s this girl who makes amazing art of all the fandoms you’re in. Her drawings are gorgeous and she has so many!”. She showed me your tumblr. I wanted to laugh and cry. She was amazed when she saw your old drawings and your current ones; speechless.

(8) She fell in love, and you know what? Immediatly after, she went to draw. She’s been doing so the past hours. I know this was offensively long, but Viria, I needed to thank you for what you did. Your art has always been SO much more than just digital drawings of fictional characters. It’s been the source of peace, safety and joy that so many of us crave. You have wonderfully impacted and influenced many people across the world with everything you make.

(9) I am so glad you exist and do what you do; you gave me the hobby that grew into my passion, thaught me so much, inspired me beyond belief and most of all, you helped make life more bearable. And now, you have made the same for my sister. Viria, the world wouldn’t be the same without you. You are truly a magnificent light among us, and for your existence and passion I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you, and may you always live the beautiful, happy, awesome life you deserve. Thank you.

I’m not even kidding I was sitting here peacefully chewing sandwich and by the end of these messages the sandwich was too salty so was my cappuccino I swear you got me to tears and now i’m just like

I’m a shaking emotional leaf but thank you so much for writing me! It means so much and i’m so touched and i just wish you and your sister all the best of luck, though it seems like you don’t really need it. Thank you, and I hope life goes wonderfully for you and your family! 

Background skills = closing on absolute zero.

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I figured I’d tag some artists that I really admire??? So a large and warm hello to iguanamouth, miyuli, viria, mud-muffin, maxvelocity, zhaana, prinnay, nikadonna, madidrawsthings, lousysharkbutt, choodraws, thugbishie, jakewyattriot, thepigeongazette, floccinaucinihilipilificationa, andrewheath, momalish

This accidentally turnedinto a recommendation post more than anything, I apologize.

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hey mars i seriously love your art and check your blog everyday because i love your art style so much. I hope you don't mind me asking, but can you recommend any other haikyuu art blogs because the only art i see is viria's and yours. I really want to expand to range of art I see. Thank you and enjoy your holidays!!!

/excited Hinata noises/ I’D LOVE TO!! Thank you (/)u(\) 

Ahh okay, I’ll start with friends: 

  • Len is super cool and they have the cutest smalls and the funniest damn comics. 
  • Rhonnie, who’s got a super kick ass style and a really great personality 
  • Talli does a m a z  i n g things with paper (and art in general). 
  • Clara, who is both a sweetheart and always roasting people on twitter it’s fantastic. 
  • Fai draws the Most Badass Iwa-chans and basically you should all love Fai. 
  • Lina, Cat Master (also Cute Master. Just cute in general.)
  • Becca. Just trust me. Love Becca.
  • Amanda! !!!!!!!!!
  • Mickey, beautiful darling who is very kind with amazing coloring. 
  • Kami! Wonderful, helpful, sunshine child Kami. Blesses us with iwaoi and kisses.  
  • Ally, also a sweetheart with fantastic colors! 
  • Tangerine has an outrageously rad style. 
  • Gao is another one who has a really cool style. 
  • Cal has the be s t Kyoutani’s goodbye world. 
  • Teal’s colors are heart stopping just trust me. 
  • Lissa, literal angel and blessing. 
  • Mizu…them lines them lines…/wipes drool
  • Melissa has the softest warmest Kageyamas in the entire universe. 
  • Laurens art makes me cry sometimes because it’s really cute and ngl I want to eat it sometimes. 
  • And of course my favorite senpai, Gin

The artists I don’t know but I love nonetheless (in no particular order): 

Rui/ / / Rachel / / / Nat / / / Mochii / / / Alex / / / Wildcatfourteen/ / / Okerii / / / noranb/ / / bokuboks / / /taffydesu/ / / optimistic-rainy-day/ / / amaiamaiamai/ / / soodyo/ / / rynezion/ / / lazy-afternooner/ / / nikadonna/ / / silencedmoment/ / / pfeffersteak/ / / i-sabellas/ / / badlyplanned/ / / yuutayo/ / / milkybreads / / / iwaisumii / / / queenoftheantz/ / / ricebrandy/ / / sunsteez/ / / schaaf-art/ / / garbagebird/ / / feastings/ / / slimyhipster/ / / mookie000 / / / alcieart/ / / yaboybokuto/ / /5-30am / / / i-am-weis/ / / lightningstrikes-art/ / / oldmenyaoi/ / / rooo-oot/ / / flunflun/ / / johannathemad/ / / hellosailorsuits/ / / pontyk/ / / this-puppy-flies-too 

(also if I forgot anyone who I talk to a lot please come slap me I just woke up like 10 minutes ago rip) 

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hey viria i was just wondering..... maybe you might've answered this before.... but how did sasha and you first meet and got into, you know, love? im really curious (i've never fallen in love before!!) and what was your experience like? im sorry if it's too personal, but.... you were the reason i started tumblr, because i wanted to reblog your arts! i feel so happy for you!

Thank you! It’s okay, I think..I might not get too personal, but I can describe it overall:”)

So he joined our last year of the university. At first I didn’t really notice him at all? I was fairly shy, because I was surrounded with people I don’t know well enough since my group of people all joined the specialist course, while I was taking masters.

Sasha said once we were in relationship that he thought I was too cool, like i had that certain circle of people and uh. out of his league. 

So. I was shy, as I said. and when I’m shy I’m pretty quiet. At the beginning of the year I was always alone, or went off to see Tanya, or listened to the music because I wasn’t sure how to approach people. Then I kinda started to open up but still was keeping on a quiet side. It’s probably around October that Sasha started kindly teasing me? He asked a lot why I was sad, when I wasn’t, I always said it was just my neutral face. SO it all kinda started with teasing:”D

We all together (as a class) started to talk and laugh more, Sasha and me too. I am generally even more shy around guys, so at first I still couldn’t quite uh talk the way I can now. But with time we started to talk a bit more, and i wasn’t as nervous to be on my own with him (I always worried we wont be able to talk and there will be that awkward silence). He helped a lot, kinda cheered on me, I think we at some point started to flirt and one of my classmates said we have an interesting communication. Once he got sick, and I was waiting for my parents in the uni, everyone left, and Sasha kept me company. It was so easy to talk?? I think that’s kind of when it started to shift for me.

Then parents came, and my mother said that there’s a big cold (as a flu) going around, involving in people dying, and I started to worry about Sasha a lot, because he caughed very badly when we parted. So I got all my courage and wrote him to go to the doctor if he feels very bad and take care, stuff like that.

About after that we started to talk in the evenings constantly, it was like a tradition. So we talked a LOT. Eventually he got the courage to ask me out on a concert? I think the concert was just a way to do it fairly subtle:D 

We went out, I was very nervous getting ready, but when I got there I was okay, and Sasha was the one who seemed to be nervous this time:”D Still, it went out great, the concert SUCKED, but we had something to talk about on the way back home and I felt so lifted afterwards! So we started to go and see each other more and more, but we still kept it on a modest side? Like we said goodbuy and gave each other awkward high fives for A WHILE. We both are shy potatoes. But it was still perfect:”) 

Then one time Sasha asked me out to go ice skating, because I love it, even though he can’t skate. So we went there, I asked Sasha to trust me and I wanted to ride with him like I did with my cousin and other friends, but I didn’t realize Sasha is bigger than those girls, and heavier. And so I. Uh. I dropped him by accident. he felt badly and didn’t skate after that, because he hit his elbow quite bad. Kept saying it’s okay, go and skate without me, you love it, etc. But I couldn’t because I was  so worried and I felt so guilty? We left soon enough, and were just walking and went to the cafe where I has seen his arm, and it was getting very bruised and fairly swollen. And it’s his right arm and for an artist it’s not the best thing to injure.

I couldn’t stop blaming myself even though Sasha kept saying it wasn’t my fault (tho I think it kind of was), so I kept asking him how he feels, got him the medicine against swelling, and then once we parted, we still talked in the evening, and I didn’t want Sasha’s arm to hurt so I FINALLY had my reason to call him. and then we talked on the phone for the next three hours and I honestly don’t even remember much of that anymore.

Sasha later said it was when he seriously fell in love. so. Tadaa! that’s kind of it! After that it’s more personal and more domestic, so! Sorry it’s so long, but you asked for it:D


Thanks to google for the images :)

(Art by Viria)

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Hey bud could you recommend maybe some other like comic/art blogs for me? I love ur style and I need more art on my dash! Thanks (◕‿◕✿)

hi there! most of the people I follow are phanartists so I hope thats close to what you’re looking for, although I added the majority of blogs who art here ^-^  

@arthrit , @chocolattea , @coldpines , @cyarindraws , @erikaschnellert , @ikimaru , @incaseyouart , @lightninginthenightsky , @lunarjelly , @maddox-rider, @makehmatsuoka , @moaninghowell , @nyannai , @omocat , @phantheraglama , @philslesters , @raszberry , @riu-sen , @smileshowell , @sunnyaalisse , @ttrram , @twibbley , @viria 

Thanks so much seawedebrain for the awesome cover for my punk!Percabeth collection! It looks so great, and I love it so much! The original art belongs to viria, and this design belongs to seawedebrain

The Scene At The Bar: Normally, Percy didn’t make out with random girls that he met at bars, but he couldn’t really think about anything except for how pretty she was. Part 1 in the AU Punk!Percabeth collection. Complete.

The Next Gig: Percy was surprised to see her standing in the crowd, swaying to their music, but he grinned anyway. It was the best thing ever for her to be here just for him. AU continuation of “The Scene At The Bar.” Part 2 in the Punk!Percabeth collection. Complete.

Sneaking In Through The Window: Percy froze when he heard her dad coming up the stairs. He barely had enough time to slip under her bed right before the door opened. In which, Percy may have climbed in through the window for some alone time with Annabeth, and her dad definitely knows what’s going on. Part 3 in the Punk!Percabeth Collection. Complete.

Meeting The Band: They’ve finally reached a milestone in their punk rock relationship, and it is time for Annabeth to meet the band. There are a few problems though. Percy is worried that his friends will embarrass him, and Annabeth is afraid that they won’t like her at all. And, thankfully, both of them are sort of wrong. Part 4 of the Punk!Percabeth AU Collection. Complete.

Coming Across Something Better: Percy really didn’t plan on running into her, but it seemed kind of fitting that he did. In which, Percy’s friends demand a guys’ night, but they don’t object when they meet some other people. Part 5 of the Punk!Percabeth Collection. Complete.

The Next Date: Percy found out that she wasn’t punk, and hey, that was more than okay. In which, Percy meets Annabeth for lunch, and she’s still not what he expected. She’s better. An AU addition to The Scene At The Bar. Complete.

His Two Girls: Percy knew that he really liked Annabeth, and he figured that it was about time for him to introduce her to his mom. The only problem was avoiding all of the embarrassing stories that the both of them were bound to trade out. How was he supposed to keep his punk rock credibility when his mom and girlfriend were bonding over embarrassing him? AU continuation of The Next Date.

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Hey Viria! I often come onto your blog to check out your PJO/HoO art because I love it. It always make me want to draw art of my own, but I'm bad! People tell me that it's all about pratice, but do you second that? I mean, you're super talented so I thought I'd ask you. It's just that I get frustrated sometimes because I want to draw a particular scene or character from a really good book but it always turns out bad! Any recommendations? And if it IS true, how can I get better? Thanks a million!

I definitely second what people have told you! It IS about practise! 

And, to be honest, I don’t quite see myself as “super talanted”. I didn’t draw as good from the start. I had the stage (A LONG ONE), feeling like you do right now, not being able to draw a scene I see so well in my head because my hand just wouldn’t cooperate. It will turn out not as good as you want it too for a few years, at least.

Building up a skill is like growing a tree. It won’t grow overnight, and you have to regularly water it or else it will just stop growing and die. So, you can get better by growing and watering your tree! Don’t get discouraged to the point when you just stop, because it will not get you anywhere. Also, there are things you can’t yet draw, that’s true. But look at all the things you CAN draw at this point. Look at it this way: when you were a baby, at some point, you couldn’t even hold a pencil. Couldn’t even WALK, and look how good you are at it now, you can even run!

It’s the same with drawing really. Keep on and it will be great!

Test the cut of your sails

Happy Birthday, Viria! I decided to do something different for your birthday and drew one of your past loves - Treasure Planet! All I can say to you is to just take the helm and chart your own course. You’re so talented and you will definitely go places. You’ve influenced my art style so much and shaped my knowledge on, like, everything to do with art!

So, thank you and best wishes, Viktoria!

From Marion :)


Viria!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I can’t begin to explain how much of an inspiration you are to me. Your art has always encouraged me to push myself farther and to never give up on my art. It is hard to put to words how much you have inspired me. You are so talented and wonderful and I hope you know that. When i first found your art back in middle school I thought it was impossible that anyone could be better than you and i have loved watching you progress farther and farther past what was already perfection. You are also super nice to everyone!!!!

I wanted to draw your character nia since her character design is amazing and her story is super interesting (the puppet weapon thingy). I drew her hanging from a red thread because she is kinda like a puppet and weapon to kio (if I am remembering correctly) and he is in love with her so the sting symbolizes the red string of fate and the puppet thing.

Sorry for gushing, I hope you like it! thank you for always bringing a smile to my face with your art and have a great birthday!

Artists who make me smile

An appreciation post for all the artists that make my dashboard lively and warmer. Sadly I didn’t get to thank everyone, and do something for each one of them. I will surely do them one day, but it’ll be too late for this week. So I’ll mention a bunch of them that really make me happy. Maybe I’ll miss some of them, and I’m sorry if I do. But consider yourself concerned if you see this post. 

hidebot | blackberrymilkshake | mookie000 | jackykisaragi | caelsium | watagashi710 | neilund | pomelopasta | soumeki | suzuyajesus | chibimoka | senju-swag | amanduurr | temariart | neimana | qouinette-not | raaawrbin | viria | johannathemad | shouty-y | naixyai | houdidesu | falsehero | sui-zakki | cheesecakeri | okolnir | viella-art | oekaki-chan | farbsturz | jonn-lock

And so many more. All of you guys, consider yourself as amazing, never let anyone bring you down. You are perfect as you are and every single one of you, with your talents, make other people happy. And that’s an amazing power. Believe in yourself as I do belive in you. Thank you for being your own perfection! 

this is super scribbly  and rushed i’m sorry viria //sweats;;;;;;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE WHO INSPIRED ME TO START DRAWING SERIOUSLY /LMAO/ AND START A TUMBLR ACCOUNT!!!! if i hadn’t discovered your tumblr back then, i won’t be here posting my trash everytime ; u ; <33 thank you viria, i owe you so much hehe <333 *sprays with love and kisses and hugs and whatever is lovey dovey* don’t stop being awesome and im sure you’re gonna inspire thousands of people out there! :’) <3

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Hey Viria! I was reading The Trials of Apolo, and I remembered that comic you were making with Minuiko about Percy's death. You said you weren't going to finish it because it was to painfull for you to kill Nico in the end. There is a solution for that (in case you want to finish it, of course! This is just a sugestion): look for the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. I hope I'm not being annoying when I talk about this. I don't want to upset you. I realy love your art! You made PJO much brighter!

Thank youuu!<3

And actually, this myth was exactly where I was going with it! I even sketched the major part, but didn’t have the time to finish it really.

The first scene was Nico and Aid, but the reader couldn’t see what they talk about.

I remember that Nico was supposed to find Percy in Elysium, asked to go with him (confused Percy did go), they talked about something I have to actually read to remember. Then Nico asked to follow him, no matter what. It was successful, then, Percy ended up on his own funeral, saw everyone so…lost and broken. Then there was a reunion, Annabeth punched him a lot, lots of group hugs.

Then Nico went for Hazel, to talk with her. I remember they were supposed to hug, but Hazel was really confused as to why. After then, Jason (who is clearly the brightest person out there) joined them and said that hey, Nico, your father didn’t just give you Percy’s soul back out of kindness? Nico was just quiet, it started to settle in to Hazel as on WHAT Nico did and What he promised Aid. She is on the verge of tears, asking her brother not to go, but Nico has to and he shadow-travels.

Everyone was asking Percy how was it possible, he DIED, why is he HERE, what did he DO, but he said something like “You all should thank this guy”, pointing at where he thought Nico was standing, but he is no no longer there.

They all come to a picture of crying Hazel and really, really angry Jason. And the ending was something like:

-What…what happened? 

And Jason had a cool close up shot like “We’re going on a quest”.

I guess I won’t have a chance to finish it anyway, so I thought I at least tell you what was supposed to happen there. 2-3 years later..sweats..


I just hit 1k+ followers, also 2014 is ending, so I thought that it’s a good time for my first follow forever!

First of all, sorry if I forgot someone, most preferably I would list all my mutuals and all the other amazing blogs that I follow here, but shit that would be a veeeery long list, and putting this up was already harder that I thought it would be, so…

Second of all, to all those who I follow, listed below or not: thank you for making this year on tumblr such a great experience for me, even if you don’t know who I am, or you do but we don’t talk, all of you make my tumblr as it is and all of you are such amazing people, I wish you all the best in the world, and thank you for being there.

Third of all, to all my followers, mutual or not, old or new: thank you for following my dumb ass. When I first joined tumblr I never even imagined that there will be so many of you, I’m so happy that you’re all here, thank you, each and every one of you.


mutuals faves (but don’t take it too seriously)


absolute-pancake • adventurer-in-my-wonderlandarcanabreak (arcana-break) • avannak (jellybeanjeans) • avatarsarny axonmanage bates–motelbatmangetsthehiccupsbenjayminebittersilencebooks-turn-muggles-into-wizards • celticdragonmastercreativityguardian • curiouscaseofthewinchesters


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Happy birthday Viria!!

ok so..I was not gonna draw anything but i felt like I really had to because you were really the first artist I came across on deviantart who made me fall in love with art and made me realize just how happy it makes me

so I guess I’m just saying thank you for teaching me so much and I hope you have an amazing birthday! 

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Hey Viria! I love you and your art, you're my inspiration and i started to draw again because of you. I even bought graphic tablet because of you hahah. and i just ADORE your lines, I just can't make that long and soft lines. Tell me, please - it is just your huge experience (and i have to practice more, obviously) or it's a matter of your tool settings? Could you tell what settings do you use? I'm fan of yours, I check your blog everyday (and it starts to scary me a little bit :D).

thank you:)

actually, I never draw in long strokes, whenever I make a lineart I always use short strokes coming from other short strokes, haha I don’t know how exactly to explain it. It may look like one line, but most of the time it isn’t. (for folds I do use long ones though)

aaaand here are the settings I use the most lately:

though I put the blending on 52 when I colour (but with lineart it doesn’t really matter)

I use it whenever I need soft strokes like those on cheeks or hair because brush ones a little too hard for me;

also, keep in mind to play with the size because it always depends on what is the scale of a canvas you draw on, so choose whatever is more comfortable for you:)

Happy Birthday Viria!!!

Oh bother I don’t even know what to write here… Viria, you have been a great, great inspiration for me. Ever since I found one of your Marauders drawings on DA years ago, I have been in love with your art. When it comes to your drawings, you are always so delightfully passionate and honest, never trying to impress anyone or bend to their will, just doing your thing and being amazing at it. I just wanted to say, thank you so, so much for the great time I’m having going through your blog, it’s always something I look forward to when having one of those bad days. And there is nothing more motivating than seeing how you have progressed over the course of the years… because it makes me believe I can, too.

Please have a humble Ari doodle… as a gift I guess (though it’s really not worth that name arrgh), hope it doesn’t get flooded by things of better quality ^^; I wanted to draw this petite lady for quite a while now, she seems like that kind of girl who looks fashionable and classy without even trying. and I wanted terribly to draw her in high waist pants ok

Again, thank you so much for being an awesome senpai for all of us, and basically

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