i love that animation

so I’m rewatching TimeBreaker and on the one hand I’m in love with every single angry Ladybug “don’t-you-dare-touch-Chat Noir mode: on” frame

she’s literally /growling/

on the other hand…. I can’t believe ChAT DIED WITH A SMILE

he goes from *eyebrows knitted together* shielding his Lady to *hey I’m vanishing but that was so heroic* he almost seems smug? ugh I love them <3

Miraculous ladybug Animatic/Animation!!!! I present, “I Adore”

I’ve worked all week on this sorry for not uploading art. I mostly used this to practice different things in animation. I will be posting this on Youtube so DO NOT REPOST!!! The song is by Mindy Gledhill!

I may fix this up later. But for now, Enjoy!!!!

foggydaysinboston  asked:

I really loved the new animation! it was really beautiful, I loved all the little details. I'm happy that everyone is basically themselves, and they seem to be getting along really well! I've watched the video so many times, I don't think I can watch it enough XD

Same here, Maya! I cried with tears of joy when I heard Murdoc, 2D, and Russel speak. I missed hearing their voices. And their new look is so cool! Murdoc looks a bit younger, 2D is still adorable, Russel is still a precious guy, and Noodle is so beautiful. They all look like a happy family! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them together like this. I love it! <3


So i’m just going to talk about superjail a bit because if you guys can’t tell its my current special intrests and I’m so swept up in it I can’t think (i thought about making a side blog but I don’t think I’m going to)
Its been a while since I’ve been in a fandom so this is defiantly odd for me! There are a few nice and active people that i’ve seen (but I won’t talk to because I’m awful at sociallizing) and thats really cool considering the last episode made was 3 years ago.

The superjail art style is very odd but I love it a lot. The animation is so well done and fast with so many little details that it was hard for me to wrap my head around the first time I saw it and even know I’m noticing little things I didn’t. Its just so…animated. The background moves and there are things going on that sren’t egen relevant to the plot! Its great.
The color paletes are so nicely done that it makes most scenes very nice to look at (though some are a little bright and eye staining.)

I also love the facial expressions and body language. Its all so over the top and eccentric that I can understand it easily and know how the characters are! Its really nice.

Superjail is a really really great show with a lot of fun characters. I love the Warden (i mean who doesn’t? He’s also very oblivious and childish and has a lot of trauma so he’s relateable.) And Alice (strong, confident, transwomen. The best.) And Jailbot!! (Cute murderous robot son) and just everyone in all honesty!
Accept for maybe fatty he makes me uncomfortable but I think he’s suppose to make you uncomfortae.

I plan on cosplaying the warden this year and I would really like to contribute to the fandom! Unfortauntly i’m a little scared to post art or content or headcannons but I hope to warm up to the idea and contribute. I might post some screencaps I haven’t seen people on here share yet.

Sorry about ..talking?? I just really like the show and I’m enthusastic


I love this short

every bioware animation
  • back of the head scratch
  • a character shaking their head in disbelief or disgust with hand on their forehead, looking down
  • that kiss animation used since origins and in every mass effect game where they very slowly go in, hesitate, bop their heads around, and really go in for the kiss 
  • when a character, usually female, talks and puts their two hands in front of them like a robot and shakes them to illustrate their point
  • a character leans back on one leg with their arms loose
  • the exit-stage-right an NPC does after a conversation ends
  • angry limp wrist pointing
  • neck/collar bone scratch 
  • a slow crossing of the arms in times of suspicion
  • that punch animation 
  • drinking alcohol and violently shaking head
  • a character gives a half smile with an eyebrow raised
  • pointing behind with thumb, body turns very slightly

Can you hear my heartbeat? 
I’ve got a feeling it’s never too late.
I close my eyes and see myself,
how my dreams will come true.

the happiest of birthdays to the boy that completely stole my heart away~!

p.s. the full version of history maker is a blessing.