i love taking pics of their sleepy faces

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May I request relationship headcanons for Reiju and Niji please? And thank you!

Thanks for the request and i’m so sorry it is so late but i didn’t have internet at all last weekend and this week i was super busy and i’m really sorry. ;–;

Relationship HC

Vinsmoke Reiju

  • anything cute/badass you wear/do will be followed by a tease from her 
  • she can also be a hypocrite sometimes
  • flirts a lot with her s/o and possibly makes them jealous most of the time
  • but you better not do the same to her 
  • she gets quite jealous
  • Reiju loves looking at your happy and sleepy face and finds herself smiling as well and most of the time taking pics lol
  • too open about stuff and doesn’t mind pda at all
  • she probably embarrasses her s/o in front of their friends always telling them how much she loves them and the private things they’ve sad/done, unless that s/o is Luffy ofc
  • she’s quite sly and manipulative and probably knows the best ways to get revenge on someone so that comes in handy most of the time
  • she probably loves spoiling the shit out of her s/o 
  • and cooks for them all the time despite being horrible at it
  • whenever she has trouble cheering you up, she’ll either ask Sanji or Nami what to do
  • her ideal date would be going to a fancy restaurant or something like that but she usually let’s her s/o decide on planning their dates

Vinsmoke Niji

  • like legitimately his short temper may be worse than Kidd
  • and that’s not good
  • he holds grudges a lot and never apologizes when he is wrong
  • and he may get physical when fighting with his s/o
  • so he’s definitely not the best boyfriend
  • but at least he always tells his s/o any time of the day how awesome/sexy/handsome/badass they are 
  • that raises their self esteem up a lot since at least he’s honest about that
  • and he probably brags to probably anyone about them and how lucky he is to have them
  • too open about stuff and he’s probably more into pda than Reiju
  • he probably lets his s/o to wear his goggles but i’m like just 50 % sure on that
  • and i like @blenheims headcanon that he is one of the most skillful when it comes to hairstyle and make up so if his s/o is a female or someone who in general loves that kind of stuff, he’d probably realize their wish, i’m just 67% on that though
  • Niji is the revenge mastermind out of the siblings so i bet you whatever someone does something that displeases him, they better pray 
  • like Reiju he spoils them a lot, but more with fancy stuff than words
  • he probably gets angry whenever he doesn’t know how to cheer you up so it is left to Sanji to do that because god help you if Niji does try
  • i have no idea what his ideal date would be like, maybe same as Reiju’s though i don’t know him that well and he’s like my least favorite Vinsmoke anyway