i love taking pics of their sleepy faces


“@BTS_twt: 홉이에영!! 이야~~~~ 오늘 스카이페스티벌 부터 많은걸 느끼고 배웠던 나눔콘서트까지 !!와주신 많은 팬 여러분들 감사드려요!!! 항상 사랑합니다 오늘은 졸려서 쓰러진 정국이와 한컷 얼굴은 매너 *@@* pic.twitter.com/c5QBW8XX2e”

“It’s Hopie!! eeyah~~~~ From the Sky Festival to the Share Concert, where I learned and felt a lot!! To our many fans who came, thank you!!! I love you always. This is a pic of me and sleepy Jungkook, who knocked out. I cover his face as an act of manner *@@*”

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