i love swan queen and regret nothing


I mean what?


And it´s makes any sense cuz he kiddnaped her brothers but then he realized she is a strong independet woman that need no men and he likes that and he wants to protecte her from the bastard (I totally love my Arthur and I mean Merlin’s one) and she smiled at him so he just smiled back but in a shy way and he said “My queen”.

So i am totally blaming Ouat for this. 

I am blaming ouat for me, scrolling my tumblr like a crazy lil bastard cuz I need more merintosh fics cuz I don’t even now if he is returning to the show. 

why i ship them? I don’t even know but this is totally me:

and this: (Even knowing what Amy Manson said about Merida’s love life)

What happend to me? Is my mind searching for relief because all the captain swan pain? I don’t even know.

But Merida look at me you little red devil, did you just look at this bloody bastard? 

I know you did

  • Emma: the leader, Dorothy
  • Hook: the one without love, the tin man
  • Charming: the courage, the lion
  • Regina: the smart one, the scarecrow
  • Rumple: the wizard, Oz
  • Neal: the one that is always in danger, Toto

I already talked about how much i love Swan Queen? It’s kind of drug, obsession for me. I bought a t-shirt, a cover, a ring and a bracelet and I REGRET NOTHING! ‘Cause everytime I look at them, I’m feeling good. There’s something in that fact of bring with me something that refers to them! It’s like bring my perfect world with me when I can’t stay in it. I don’t know…kinda crazy?! Who cares. I LOVE THIS OTP.