i love stormers

I can cry and talk for hours about how much Dan Smith has shaped me as a person. I am so thankful that this man came and stayed into my heart at a difficult time of my life and now I am growing so much y'all. He is one of the reasons for that to be a reality for me. I love you, Dan.

Newer fans can be against being called Stormers, but I’ve been and always will be a Stormer 🤘 even if Dan didn’t come up with it (receipts?? I’ve only seen him tweet it in response to a question), it’s clever and nerdy, and it’s part of the journey of Bastille and I love it.


I love Mary “Stormer” Phillips from Jem, and she’s easily one of my favourite characters of all time, so I was sooooo excited to see how well Integrity Toys managed to capture her design and marry the concept with their high quality fashion dolls.

Of course I despaired because I’m poor, but a few years on, and I managed to find a fully dressed Stormer in the price range I usually have for nude IT dolls. She was actually being sold for close to her retail price but the seller kept relisting her at lower prices til they wrote that this was the final time theyre listing her, so I grabbed her.

I’m in awe of her outfit details, including the metal stud on her top, and I just adore how she looks. She needs some slight restyling but I’m really loving her right now.