i love steam powered giraffe


some steam powered giraffe fanart! i always like,, knew that they existed, but i actually decided to like look into em and there whole thing a couple days ago and. i am in fucking love. like never have i seen a more endearing and charming group of people. in my entire life. there so fucking good. so yea! i decided i had to draw some fanart for em!

-crawls out of sewer and slaps this onto table- H e y

I’ve been listening to SPG’s cover of Diamonds for the past hours. 

To be frank, I hated that song cause I heard it all the time at work. It was just one of those songs that got to you after hearing it a million times. 

But Jesus Christmas this cover is as immaculate as a good piece of cheesecake.

The Spine’s self harmonization is my choir teachers’ dreams come true. How flexible and versatile his vocal range is, it’s incredible. He goes from a baritone to a mezzo-soprano (if not soprano) in a matter of a few seconds. It’s not easy to do that. Plus in the music video he is incredibly animated which is a good thing to be cause your mouth is open more, causing more sound to be produced and whatnot. His performance would win my choir teachers’ hearts immediately.

Because of this cover, I suddenly love this song and it really takes alot for me to like something I initially disliked. The Spine really is a diamond. :)