i love stealing my cousins phone

Short Jack Gilinsky imagine (gilinsks_lover)

Imagine jack was out with the boys and your older cousin Rosco was in town, you posted a snapchat of you two hugging with the caption “my boy Rosco😚😚💕” and you immediately got snap back from jack saying “Rosco?” Jack got a little jealous sometimes and didn’t know Rosco was your cousin, you text jack and explained who Rosco was and he replied saying - “thank god for that, I was worried someone stole you away from me, I’m kinda jealous he’s with you and I’m not though😏” you smiled at your phone before saying “you never have to worry about someone stealing me away from you, I’m always gonna be yours” a few seconds later jack replied saying “ditto, I love you y/n”

✌️ sorry this wasn’t the best