i love staring at different parts of the skull and watching now it changes


Word Count: 6,557 

Genre: Smut 

A/N: Now what kind of person would I be if allowed my best friend to just wreck me with Christian stories? I gave in and now she needs to do the same with his best friend. Luckily, I had made time to create a nice little story for her and I know she will enjoy it considering… I can already imagine the kind of reaction she will have and I am loving it. @bangtans-baby, this little fic is for you boo!^^

 You had just gotten off work and were heading home. You were beyond exhausted from working a ten hour shift and were looking forward cuddling up with your boyfriend… if he was home. Sometimes he spent majority of his time at the studio or making music with his boys but you didn’t mind. That was the life he chose and you were more than happy to support him. Not to mention the privacy and moments alone to relax before he interrupted it. You were about to call him but your phone rang out and vibrated in your hand, alerting you that you had just received a message. 

“Right on time.” You mumbled to yourself as you opened it. 

9:15pm- Zaddy D: hey baby, I know you’re tired but could you swing by the studio for a second? 

You made a turn at the nearest street, making your way to the recording studio. Your mind was racing with thoughts about what he could have wanted. There was one time he had called you to the studio after you explained how tired you were just for you to discover that all he wanted was food for him and the crew. You were beyond livid and made sure he knew it. That night, he had to do a lot of ass kissing and promise making to be forgiven. Thinking that he was in the clear, he let you ride him, only for you to climb off just as he was about to cum. He begged for approximately five minutes, before you allowed him to enter you again. This time you were the one doing the begging as he pounded into you hard. Yes, you were upset but he was the man in the relationship and made sure you knew that. He had you crying out for more and when it was all over, you went to bed in a delirious state. 

You shook the thought from your head hoping that you wouldn’t have a repeat of that night. Finally, you had arrived to the building. Before stepping out of the car, you checked over your appearance in your rear view mirror making sure that you still looking presentable for your boyfriend. You found him in the room, listening over a particular song. He turned his head to the sound of the door opening and smiled at your presence. You couldn’t help but smile too as he stood to greet you. 

“Thank you for coming. I know you are tired but I’m happy you came.“ 

“No problem,” you giggled taking a seat next to his. “So what’s up?" 

 He ran his hands through his hair nervously. "Well I was hoping that you would stay here with me and listen to a few tracks and tell me what you think…" 

"Dabin…” you groaned. “If that was all you wanted, why didn’t you say so? You had me nervous coming here. I didn’t know what to think." 

"You say that like I was going to have you kidnapped.” He raised an eyebrow at you. “It wouldn’t be the first… but let’s not speak on those times. I came here for music, so let’s hear it." 

Dabin didn’t say another word. He turned his attention back to the mixing console and played the first of many songs and beats for you. You slowly bobbed your head along to the rhythm of each song but one in particular caught your attention. You loved how smooth the rhythm flowed yet the beat was complex and different. Overall, it was very unique and captured your attention. Dabin noticed and replayed the song, this time rapping his verse. You looked on in amazement. Your eyes on his lips and your ears on his voice, listening carefully to each word. He was so talented and passionate about music which was one of many reasons why you loved him. You loved music just as equally and some days would harmonize to his songs while he rapped. 

You two were quite the pair and you were happy to have him as your man. A smile spread across your face as you watched him. It was like he was performing for an audience the way he was feeling the song. Dabin eventually stopped and turned down the volume but let the song play in the background. 

"What do you think?” He asked smiling back at you. You stood and sat down on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands rested on your waist. 

“I loved it! I have the most amazingly talented boyfriend on the planet.” You leaned forward and kissed his lips. He held you close kissing you back, letting his tongue massage yours before you broke away. Dabin groaned from the lost of contact, causing you to giggle. Although you were becoming aroused, you weren’t sure you’d be able to stop the moment you two got going and he needed to work. Hours in the studio cost money. “So were you going to have any features on the track or were you going to rap through the entire thing by yourself?" 

Dabin thought it over. "I already have someone on the track, but I guess I could go over it by myself and have him come on as a remix." 

"If that’s the case, you shouldn’t change it. I was just asking,” you stated. He kissed your lips again. “So who was mystery man was he coming to record today?" 

Dabin’s smile gotten bigger and it was almost creepy how he was looking at you. "He should be coming any second now." 

 Just seconds later, the handle on the door turned and the door opened to reveal who was behind it. When he walked in, your eyes widen so big they almost fell out of your skull. You leaped off of your boyfriend’s lap and tried to straighten out your appearance the best you could. Dabin just chuckled and shook his head at your reaction. But what did he expect, you were standing in front of one of your biggest crushes. The one and only Simon Dominic. Simon smiled as Dabin got up to greet him. "Right on time.” You watched both men shake hands and hug before turning their attention to you. “This is my girlfriend, y/n. She decided to join us today." 

Simon held out his hand which you were reluctant to take at first but eventually shook it. 

 "It’s nice to meet you.” You said timidly. His hand was so warm and soft that you almost didn’t want to let go. 

 "I’m glad that you are joining us this evening. You know this goofball told me a lot about you.“ You glanced over at your boyfriend who was staring at you with a half smirk on his face. 

"He did?" 

"Yep. He told me that you majored in music and was a fan of AOMG." 

"I’m just a fan of music in general. I like everything.” You laughed in embarrassment and stood right next to your boyfriend who held you close to him. You couldn’t believe that they had been talking about you when you weren’t around and even more curious to know what else they had discussed about you. 

“I’m happy to have your opinion on this track then. I gotta make sure that my lines are up to par with your standards." 

You nodded in agreement and for the next ten minutes, you watched as both guys talked and joked around with each other. They discussed upcoming events, parties, and videos and you listened knowing that Dabin was going to drag you to each one with him. 

 "Alright, enough chitchat,” Dabin stated. “Let’s get to work." 

 Both you and him sat at the mixing board while Simon entered the booth. The song played again and you both watched Simon spit his magic. Not even thirty minutes ago you watched your boyfriend do the same thing but now you were staring at your celebrity crush. You were still in awe and couldn’t believe that the man you use to have wet dreams about was standing right in front of you working with your boyfriend. You were internally screaming. 

Dabin watched you practically drool over Simon with smile on his face. He shook his head and focused on the recording, making sure Simon’s vocals were good. He figured any other guy that would be in his shoes right now, would be pissed that their girlfriend was eye fucking another man but Dabin wasn’t. He found your behavior quite comical. It was like you were a little school girl drooling over the popular quarterback. But at the end of the day, you were coming back home with him and not Simon and he was proud of that.  

Simon’s part ended and he came out to hear it for himself and get a few opinions on how his verse went. He pulled a chair right next to yours and very close that if you moved slightly, your chair would hit his. Out of respect for your relationship, you tried hard to focus on everything little thing Dabin did to stop thinking about Simon. Although everything in your body screamed ‘jump him’, you knew things between you and Dabin would come to an end if you acted on it. You smiled as you listened to the song again with the added vocals. 

It was coming together nicely and you couldn’t wait to hear the completed version. It was then that Dabin’s phone rang out gathering everyone’s attention. You watched him chat, thinking that it was going to be a quick call. He smiled at you, letting you know that everything was okay. When you turned to Simon, he had his phone out as well, texting away at it. Your eyes traveled around his head, taking notice of his now blonde hair. Since his head was down, it hung in front of his eyes but you could see them scanning his phone. He had his bottom lip tucked inside his mouth, making you unconsciously lick yours. Your eyes drifted to his long fingers and wondered how it would feel to have them all over your body. You were so focused on Simon that the clearing of your boyfriend’s throat, startled you. You quickly turned in your seat to face him. 

 "I’m sorry guys but this call is going to be a while. I’ll just step outside the door." 

"No problem, bro. Take your time.” Simon stated, getting up from his seat. You almost ran after Dabin, not wanting him to leaving you alone with this man. Who knows what could happen. You honestly couldn’t trust yourself with Simon in the room. 

The door closed and the room became silent. You feared moving an inch because you were nervous of where he might be and was afraid that any little thing you did could start a conversation. You saw the chair Dabin was sitting in, move in your peripheral vision. Simon took a seat and scooted forward to play with the mixing board. 

“You don’t mind me taking your boyfriend’s seat, do you?” His deep voice spoke. 

You quickly shook your head. “No, knock yourself out." 

 As the music played, you pulled out your phone to fake as though you we busy on it but you found yourself checking to see what he was doing. Simon bobbed his head to the rhythm, listening to his voice. When he spotted you looking at him, he smiled in your direction, chuckling when you quickly turned away. Your face felt as though it was on fire, with him sitting next to you. Everything he did intrigued you and you couldn’t help but watch him. 

 "You know, you never told me what you thought of my verses.” Simon spoke to you. 

“Oh!… uh… it was good. Very… uh… nice.” You stuttered but he only laughed. 

“That’s it?! Was there something about it that you didn’t like?” You thought it over. 

“No, not really. The song itself is amazing but with your and Dabin’s voice, I think you guys got a hit." 

Simon rubbed his chin, a smirk forming on his lips. "You know, your boyfriend said that you wouldn’t have anything bad to say about my verse." 

"He… he did?” You swallowed hard. Simon turned in his seat to face you. 

“Let me tell you what else your boyfriend said,” he pulled your seat closer to his. Your legs now rested in between his. “He told me that you were a big fan of mine. Is that true?" 

You felt your entire body heat up and your hands started shaking as you tried to answer the question. "W-Well, I-I like all of AOMG members b-but I-I did feel draw to you. I’m not sure why. But this was before I started dating Dabin.” You admitted, rushing out the last part. You were nervous, looking everywhere but at him. 

“Is that so?…” Simon grabbed your legs and pulled you on his lap, straddling him. You were taking by surprise by his sudden actions and knew that you probably looked like a deer in headlights. Your hands lightly held on to his shoulders while his hands cupped your ass. “I’m gonna share a little secret with you.” He whispered. “Dabin told me that you moaned my name when he caught you masturbating last week." 

You were sure that he could see the blood rush to your face through your dark complexion. You remembered that day vividly. You were home alone while Dabin had a guy’s night out with the fellas. While he was gone, you sat on the couch, scrolling through your phone and listening to music. Everything was going good until "You Are Always” by Simon D, Gray, and Hoody came through your speakers. That song changed your mood and you started to think of him. There was a good chance that he was out with Dabin right now and your mind began to wander. What if they both came back? What if Simon stayed the night over? What if he surprised me in the bathroom or cornered me in the kitchen? Before you knew it, your hand was inside your panties and the other was under your shirt, palming your breast. You knew it was wrong to think this way because you were in a relationship but you couldn’t help it. Low and behold, your own boyfriend watched and caught you red-handed moaning another man’s name during that time. Your heart sunk and your mind thought of how Dabin must have felt at that moment. 

 You tried to get up but Simon held you down. He hands tightened around your waist, preventing you from getting up. 

“I need to get up. I have to go.” You tried again but Simon held you even tighter. He pulled your body to him. Your faces centimeters from touching. 

“Dabin is busy with his phone call. Let’s not disturb him with nonsense. He knows, I know, and now you do too. But I want to see for myself how that pussy feels about me." 

Your heart leaped at his words and before you could protest, his lips crashed against yours. You gasped from shock and Simon took that as his chance to shove his tongue in your mouth. His wet muscle rubbed against yours trying to coax yours into joining him and he didn’t have to wait for long. Your arms wrapped tightly around his neck as the kiss became heated. You were caught up in lust that you weren’t aware of the sin you had just committed. Both of Simon’s hands gripped your ass to help you grind on his crotch. Right away, you felt his bulge pressing against your clothed center. You broke the kiss to moan out, throwing your head back. Simon kissed a path down your neck biting at your covered breasts. He lifted your shirt, pulling your bra down to latch on to your pierced nipples. His tongue roughly licked over the harden bud, nibbling and pulling on your piercing with his teeth. Your fingers worked themselves through his blonde strains, holding his head closer to your body. You couldn’t believe this was happening. All of your fantasies about Simon Dominic were finally coming true. It was hard to explain all the feelings and emotions you were going through. In fact, you were so caught up that you didn’t hear the door. When you leaned your head back down and opened your eyes, your boyfriend’s face was the first thing you saw. At that moment, you were sure that you had stopped breathing. Your heart was pounding so loud in your chest that you couldn’t hear a thing. He stood there emotionless and you had a hard time reading him. He didn’t look mad, shocked, or upset but he didn’t look happy either. He was like a brick wall. Simon, who could feel the change in your attitude, still continued to kiss and rub you even though another presence was in the room. You were almost scared to say something to him for fear that his mood would turn sour. 


"Please, don’t stop on my behalf.” He interrupted. You weren’t aware but your lips had formed into a pout. 

 You were sudden lifted into the air by Simon and to keep from falling, you had wrapped both your arms and legs around him. He carried you over to the black leathered love-seat while Dabin stood against the wall and watched with his arms crossed and his legs crossed at the ankles. Your eyes kept wandering over to his person, worried about what will happen when this was all over. 

“Eyes on me, sweetheart.” Simon stated, grabbing your chin and turning your head towards him. Your eyes instantly focused on him, staring up at his face. “Good." 

Simon immediately went to work removing your pants. Once they were gone, your panties soon followed until you were naked from the waist down. He kneed in front of you, spreading your legs apart as far as they could go. You leaned up on your forearms and watched him get situated. You were still in shock that something like this was even happening. You couldn’t believe that your boyfriend was letting this happen. When you looked back over at Dabin, he was still standing in the same spot with the same nonchalant look on his face. You wanted to say something to him but just one lick to your slit, turned your attention back to Simon. You fell back on the couch, letting him have his way with you. 

He stared in your eyes as his tongue slowly rubbed over your clit, playing at your entrance. He gave you two long rough licks before dipping his tongue inside you. Immediately, your back arched off of the couch and your hands went out to hold onto anything for support. Simon sucked your lips into his mouth before flattening his tongue against your clit repeatedly, listening to the sweet moans that left your throat. His tongue roughly licked every inch of you, searching for that magical spot. Your hands reached up and massaged your already exposed cleavage to add on to the feeling. Your voice was the only sound that could be heard as it echoed around the studio. He used the tip of his tongue to rotate your now sensitive nub in a circular motion before sucking it between his lips. Your body jumped at the feeling of two digits entering you. Simon worked his fingers at a slow pace but made sure they pumped deep inside your walls. You were floating on cloud nine and his mouth was taking you higher. You were embarrassed by how aroused you were. You hated to admit it but the entire situation was turning you on. You were lying there, letting your idol crush eat you out while your boyfriend watched. How sinfully delightful. Simon looped his arms under your thighs and held on to your hips, pulling your body further towards his lips. His pace began to speed up, kissing, licking, and nibbling all over your pussy while his fingers pulled out your wetness with each movement. Luckily the couch was leather because it was becoming just as wet at you were. Your fingers tangled in his hair, gripping close to his scalp as he French kissed your heat. 

 Remembering that you two weren’t alone, you glanced back over at Dabin. His lips were slightly parted and his eyes locked on the connection of Simon’s mouth on your lower half. You opened your mouth to speak but only your sweet sounds of pleasure escaped as your stomach tightened. The vision of him disappeared as your eyes closed shut. Your body arched of off the couch and you squealed out as you came. Simon felt your walls squeeze his fingers but still ate away at your pussy which also helped you ride your way through your orgasm. Your chest heaved up and down, trying to catch your breath. You gripped his head, holding his head still but his tongue continued to assault your pussy. Anymore of that and you would be coming a second time. His fingers slowly exited your pussy and you felt his tongue detach from your body as well. He nibbled his way up your pussy, biting your mons pubis before moving away. 

"Tsk tsk, you naughty girl.” Simon stated with a smirk on his face. You watched him stand to his feet. “I don’t remember telling you to cum." 

You bit your bottom lip, unsure of how to answer. "I… I…" 

"Stand up and undress." 

You obeyed, removing your last bit of clothing and standing to your feet. Simon slowly circled you like a predator would do its’ prey. As he walked passed you, you saw him licking his lips as well as sucking on the fingers that were just inside you, humming in satisfaction. He suddenly stopped behind you, turning your body to face your boyfriend. Your eyes scanned over Dabin’s appearance. He went back to being a stone wall, only watching what was happening. His eyes looked over your naked body before locking eyes with yours. You felt almost bashful that you were in such a position. 

 Simon pushed your body forward, bending you over. You held on to the nearest chair for support as you waited for further actions. Soon the sound of a belt unbuckling, filled your ears. Was this the moment of truth? Was Simon Dominic about to fuck you? You swallowed hard, waiting for him to enter you but what you got was the complete opposite. A painful sting came across you ass followed by another one and another one. Simon wasn’t fucking you, he was spanking you. You felt like a kid in trouble getting disciplined by your parents. A whimper left your lips with every strike and you had to hold on to the chair. Then suddenly, it stopped. 

"Do you have something you want to say?” Simon asked but you didn’t say anything. You picked the option of defiance over obedience. “How about being a naughty slut and cumming when you’re not supposed to. Or giving into me when you have a boyfriend." 

 You could tell that he was smiling as he talked. Your eyes had narrowed at his words and you weren’t aware but the left side of Dabin’s lips had curled upward into a smirk. He had found your punishment quite satisfying. But you were the only one that didn’t find this amusing. You didn’t force yourself on Simon and if you recalled correctly, he was the one who started this entire situation. 

 "I do have something to say,” you stated, not letting him get the upper hand. “You were the one that came onto me knowing I was dating Dabin so that makes you just as guilty. And not once did you mention anything about not cumming. So how am I getting in trouble for rules you failed to create?" 

You smiled to yourself knowing that Simon couldn’t argue against that. His silent further proved that he knew you were right. So you weren’t surprised when you felt the sting from the belt again. You just braced yourself on the chair, digging your nails into the leather. Biting your tongue, you fought the urge to argue back but you knew that he would just punish you more. Finally after a minute had went by, you chose to speak up. 

"Hey! I-" 

Simon grabbed your hair and pulled your body back until it was pressed against his. His other hand had dropped the belt and was now wrapped around your throat. You were silenced immediately and you felt his lips against your ear. 

 "Shut the fuck up!” He barked out. “When I spoke with DPR, he didn’t mention what a stubborn brat you were. But I know what will put you in your place." 

Simon thrust his hips forward, burying his cock deep inside your pussy. You were dipping wet from how he just man-handled you that he slipped right in no problem. You groaned out, closing your eyes at the feeling. You weren’t even aware that he had gotten undress too. Right away, he fucked you fast and hard, making sure he reached deep inside your walls. You didn’t have any choice but to hold onto his arms, otherwise you risked stumbling due to his movements. Despite his rough treatment, you needed to feel more. You pushed your ass back and spread your legs wider allowing him to go deeper. You shuddered as he brushed over your spot. Your mouth opened but nothing came out. 

 "What’s the matter? It’s it too much for you? I bet you don’t have any more smart-ass comments, do you?” Simon grunted, rubbing his nose against your jaw line. 

 You didn’t respond not because you didn’t want to but because you couldn’t. All this man-handling was becoming too much for you and you were on the verge of cumming. Simon could feel your walls contract around him and removed his hand from your hair to find your clit. Gathering your juices that were dripping down your legs, he rubbed it on your clit in a circular motion. At that moment you, found your voice letting out loud moan. You wanted out of his arms and off of his cock but Simon held you in place, fucking you harder and torturing your sensitive nub. You suddenly froze before your legs began to shake. Your hands held onto his for dear life as you came a second time. 

“OH GOD!” You screamed, trying to dislodge him but Simon had other plans. 

He lifted your leg in the air and continued to pound into you. At this new position, Dabin had a good view of you getting fucked. He wasn’t aware but he had tucked his bottom lip into his mouth, biting on it. Simon had one hand on your clit and the other now played and pulled at your nipples. His switched back and forth with his thrusts, slowly pounding deep into you before increasing his speed. You cried out, knowing your third orgasm was right around the corner. Your head fell back against his shoulder and your hand went to tangle in his hair. You tried to hold back as much as you couldn’t but the moment Simon found your spot, you were melting in his arms. This time you screamed even louder as you came and your body became jello, falling limp in his arms. You could no longer hold yourself up and Simon didn’t help you. You fell to the floor, twitching from the aftermath of your orgasm. He walked over you and grabbed your hair. You were still trying to catch your breath when you saw him stroking his cock in your face. His hand was moving fast on his shaft trying to repeat the speed he just gave you. You had closed your eyes right in time as his cum painted your face. Simon groaned, releasing every drop of sperm he had in his body. When nothing else came out and his cum slowly dripped from the head, he let you go. 

“You look much better this way,” he teased as he gotten dressed. “Maybe one day, we will do this again." 

You lay there, listening to the footsteps around you until you heard the door shut and the room became silent. You wondered what was going to happen now that you had fucked Simon. Was your relationship with Dabin now over? Did he think of you differently now that you had cheated on him? You felt your heart slowly break at the thought of losing him. The door had opened and you heard footsteps walk over to your body. Due to cum on your face, your eyes remained closed. You suddenly felt a warm towel against your skin, wiping away the traces of sex. When you were able to open your eyes, you found your boyfriend’s face staring back at you. But to your disappointment, he still remained emotionless. 

He helped you dress and then the two of you left the studio and headed home. Dabin was quiet the entire car ride and you knew this was the end. There wasn’t a way to come back from betrayal. The trust in your relationship would forever be broken. You signed to yourself, ashamed for what you had done. 

When you made it home, Dabin held the door open for you as you slowly walked through it. After removing your shoes, you both remain quiet until you finally found the courage to speak. 

 "You’re not mad, are you?” You asked, timidly. Dabin’s head flew in your direction and he stormed up to you crashing his lips against yours. 

 "That was the hottest shit I’ve ever seen. You looked so fucking sexy getting destroyed.“ 

Your eyes widen at his words and before you could respond, you were being lifted to the bedroom. Dabin turned on the lights and threw you down on the bed, helping you remove your clothes. It was then that you saw his bulge pressing against his pants. He quickly undressed, tossing his clothes in any direction before climbing onto the bed. As you scooted further back on the bed, he crawled towards you until he was right above you. 

 "Are you sure you’re not upset with me?” You wanted to make sure that he wasn’t getting your hopes up on the relationship just to leave once he fucked you one last time. Dabin kissed you hard forcing his tongue inside to massage against yours. You kissed back, wrapping your arms around his neck until he broke away. 

“Why would I be upset or mad when your attention was on me the entire time?" 

He didn’t allow you to respond. He kissed your lips before kissing a trail down your neck to your chest. Dabin latched on to your areola, sucking on them as if he was an infant. His tongue flicked your nipple, instantly hardening in his mouth. He pulled, letting the soft mound fall from his mouth with a pop. He tapped your thigh as he moved to lay on his back. 

"Climb on top of me.” You were about to straddle him but he stopped you. “The other way, baby." 

You stood on the mattress and turned around, sitting down with your ass facing him. Dabin grabbed your legs and pulled you down his body until your ass was in his face and your pussy was right above his mouth. He wasted no time burying his tongue deep inside you. You moaned out, laying your head on his thigh and stroking his cock, watching as precum leaked from the tip and dripped down to your hand. Licking up your fingers, you placed your mouth over the head. You sucked him into your mouth as your hand worked to stroke him. Your tongue moved around, tracing along every vein on his shaft. Dabin groaned against your heat, he licked back and forth over your clit before sucking on it. Using his fingers, he spread your lips wide for his view and began licking everywhere. There wasn’t a part of your pussy that went untouched. Now it was your turn to moan. You ground back against his mouth, wanting to feel more of his tongue. You removed your hand, placing them on his thighs. Your head bobbed up and down, taking him deeper into your mouth and it wasn’t long before he was hitting the back of it. Making sure you were relaxed, you gave him access to your throat. Dabin placed his feet on the bed, lifting his hips in the air. He fucked your mouth, massaging his cock against the wet muscles. He groaned sticking his tongue as far as it would go in your pussy moving it a long your walls. His fingers played with your clit, pinching and pulling at the bundle of nerves until you were tightening around his tongue. You whined around his shaft, grinding against this little pink muscle as you rode out your orgasm. 

 Dabin removed himself from your mouth and pushed you off of him. You were still recovering when he got behind you and lined his cock up to your entrance. He entered you quickly, burying his cock deep inside your pussy causing you to moan out and grab the comforter. He was surprised by how tight you were, even after just getting fucked. Dabin bit his lip to focus on not cumming to soon. Your pussy always felt like heaven to him and he had to concentrate when fucking you to keep from finishing too soon. At first his strokes were long and deep but after a while, he felt the urge to go faster. You release a series of cries as he pounded into your already sore center. Simon had already fucked the shit out of you but it was like your boyfriend was trying wreck you. Like he was trying to erase the imprint of Simon’s impressions and carve his own into your walls. If he kept it up, you wouldn’t be having sex for the next couple weeks. Knowing you like the back of his hand, Dabin rotated his hips, finding your spot and pounding into it. You were definitely were seeing stars by then. 

"Tell me, y/n… how was he? Did he fuck you as good as I do?” Dabin asked with a smirk on his face. You moaned louder into the mattress unable to form a complete sentence to answer him causing him to laugh. “Come on, baby. I asked you a question." 

You shook you head. "No, Dabin.” You mumbled. 

He leaned forward, covering your back with his body. His hand tangled in your hair and he yanked your head back so he could see your face and hear your voice. “I didn’t hear what you said. What’s my fucking name, y/n?!” He asked, thrusting deeper inside you. 

 "DADDY!“ You screamed out. 

 "I asked you a question too." 

 "No daddy! He doesn’t fuck me like you do! Simon could never fuck me the way you do!" 

Satisfied, Dabin pushed your head into the bed as he thrust hard into your pussy. He spread your legs wide and rode your ass fast and deep. You gripped the bed crying in pleasure. You were pretty sure the neighbors knew what was going on at that moment. Dabin licked his fingers before bringing them around your body to your swollen clit. You tensed up at the extra feeling to your body, trying to hold it all in but couldn’t. 

"Fuck daddy! I’m cumming!” You stated as your fifth orgasm washed over you. 

He grunted at the death grip you had on his cock and continued to pound at your firm walls. His hands squeezed your hips as he gave one final thrust inside you and released his seed. You felt his cock pulsating but you were too exhausted to move or speak. 

Both of you laid on the bed, breathing heavily. Dabin moved to lay by your side, pulling your body close to his. When you had the strength, you turned over on your side to face him. Your eyes traced over every detail in his face. You were truly in love with this man and couldn’t image him not in your life. You leaned forward and kissed his lips. 

“Baby, I was really sorry for what happened with Simon today. It wasn’t my intentions to have sex with him." 

 Dabin just chuckled and kissed your lips again. "I’m not blaming you for what happened, y/n. I know it wasn’t your fault." 

"You do?” You asked confused. He nodded. 

“You can think of what happened today as consequences for what you did last week." 

You let his words run through you mind until it hit you. Even Simon’s words repeated in your head. ’He knows, I know, and now you do too.’ You sat up in bed and looked over at him. "Dabin… are you telling me that you set up this entire thing? Payback for masturbating to Simon?" 

 A smile spread across his face and your heart sunk in your chest. This entire time, you thought you had went outside your relationship and cheated. Low and behold, your boyfriend had tricked you. You picked up the nearest pillow and hit him with it. 

"You asshole! I thought I had hurt you fucking him! You bastard!” You shouted as you continued to hit him. Dabin laughed, grabbing the pillow from you. He pulled your body back down with his, holding you in his arms as you fussed. When you were able to calm down, he spoke. 

“I’m sorry baby. I wasn’t trying to make it a ‘payback’ thing. I knew you crushed on Simon but I didn’t think you went as far as thinking about him while touching yourself. Now I can’t say that it didn’t bother me because it did. But after I had a talk with Christian, he told me about the experience he had with his girl and Loco, and I thought we could try the same. That way, you can get out all your feelings for Simon." 

"First off, I’m going to cut the chat time between you and him before you guys come up with anymore ideas. It’s a shame what he puts his poor girlfriend through. How she keeps up with his freaky libido is beyond me." 

"What are you talking about? He tells me about the ideas she comes up with too. Those two are made for each other, just like you’re made for me." 

He cuddled your body close to his, wrapping his arms around you. You snuggled against his chest listening to his heartbeat. You were beyond tired at today’s events. 

 "One more thing…. you’re not going to leave me for Simon, are you?” Dabin joked causing you to slap his arm. 

“I like Simon, but why would I leave the perfect man? I love you too much even after what you did,” you admitted. Dabin kissed your lips before cutting off the lights and holding you close. “I hope you know, you’re in hot water for doing that to me.” Your voice called out in the darkness. Dabin groaned out loud.

anonymous asked:

Howdy!~ How about UT & UF Sans & US & SF Pap in a car and they're in the back while somebody else is driving and the crush falls asleep on their shoulder and then the car takes a sharp turn and the crush just falls into said skelly's lap. Instead of waking up, the crush just curld up into the lap and smile and say the skele's name? In a sweet, "I trust you" way. Sorry if its long!! Thanks in advance♡

Asked by @hoot-eggs before I moved the blog

Sorry that these aren’t exactly like the request, but I can only write one scenario so many times without changing it up a bit. I tried to keep the general theme the same though.

US!Papyrus: The most annoying thing about car rides were the fact that he couldn’t smoke. Being forced to spend hours in a metal contraption traveling at over 60/mph was bad enough, not being able to calm his nerves while doing it was straight up hell. And since Blue didn’t support his smoking habit, he refused to pull over. In fact the only time Papyrus had gotten a chance to smoke a cigarette had been when you needed them to pull over at a gas station so you could use the bathroom. After that he had jokingly said that if Blue could pull over to let you pee, he should give him a smoke break too.

Neither of you had been very amused, to say the least, and he should be thankful for the small break he had been given. But that had been hours ago, and he could feel his hand subconsciously shift towards his pocket, itching to light another cigarette. He resisted the urge and resigned to let his leg tap an annoying rhythm against the floor, the sound of the engine drowned the tapping anyway. Leaning forward a bit, he tried to listen to Sans’ and Alphys’ conversation in the front seat, but he quickly grew bored and turned his focus to you. You weren’t asleep, despite looking like it. He could tell the differences, in your breathing and in the way your face twitched when a loose thread tickled your cheek. He’d spent hours staring at you throughout your friendship, silently admiring you when you weren’t paying attention. And he refused to feel weird about it. He liked looking at you, and you weren’t bothered by it, so why should he stop? You shifted a little, trying to find a comfortable position with you head against the window. After watching you squirm around for a while, unable to find a way to lean your head just right, he reached an arm out and hooked it on your waist.

Your eyes shot open and looked up as he quietly pulled you against him. Your gaze was dimmed and your eyes hazy, you looked like you were minutes from falling asleep. You made an attempt to speak, but only quiet mumbles could be heard. He hushed you and placed your head on his shoulder, still holding his arm around your waist. You seemed content with this, and closed your eyes as you snuggled into him. A minute passed, and your breaths turned deeper and found a steady rhythm. He loved that sound. It was calming. And if it weren’t for the fact that his mind was occupied with his want for a cigarette, he would’ve probably fallen asleep right then and there, with you in his arms.

He felt content with the situation too, though. And he’d gladly take this over a boring car ride of trying to sleep in the backseat. He’s zoning out while looking out the window, thinking back on his life, from living in the underground to meeting you and then to late nights together at New Muffet’s.

He’s in the middle of reenacting a pun battle he had with the king once, when the car turns sharply and his skull is smacked into the window. Sitting up and rubbing his head to get rid of the pain, he’s sure that he must have gotten his sense knocked out of him, because he could’ve sworn that he heard Blue curse. Before he can ask what happened, Alphys turns around in her seat to ask if he’s alright, and tells them that a car almost pushed them off the road.

Holy fuck, he didn’t expect that. And for some reason he feels almost guilty for zoning out, like it was his fault because he didn’t notice the other car before Blue did. He shakes off the guilt, at least everybody is safe. And nothing happened, nothing’s out of the ordinary.

Except you’re laying down on his lap, which you definitely weren’t before. And holy hell, somehow you’re still asleep. Clutching his hoodie like a life line, face scrunched up in sleepy confusion over what happened. The sudden turn of the car must have shaken you, and maybe triggered a nightmare of sorts. Because your face turns from confusion to fright and you’re almost whimpering, your fists tightening around the fabric of his shirt, and your eyes pressing together.

He doesn’t know what to do, he wants to wake you but that would only scare you further. Moving carefully, he slowly pets down on your head, flattening your hair down and moving his hand in soothing motions. He hushes you quietly, hoping you can hear it over the car engine and your own nightmare. You flinch when his hand makes contact with you, but slowly your whimpering stops and you’re not moving around as much. After a few more seconds of petting you’re breathing normally, face relaxed as you start to calm down. When he decides that you’re no longer having a nightmare he tries to pull his hand away, but yours shoot up to keep it close to you. Your eyes doesn’t open as you quietly breathe out his name, more asleep than awake and still oh so adorable.

‘’I’m here, kiddo.’’ is all he says as he continues to rub your scalp, dragging his hand down to your shoulders every now and then. Your face is once again pressed against his hoodie, and he swears that he hears you inhale deeply into the fabric.

‘’I’m here,’’- he repeats, still rubbing your hair,- ‘’I’ll stay here, hun.’’

But you don’t hear that last part. And as he leans his head back and look out the window, he’s not sure if that makes him relieved or disappointed 

SF!Papyrus: The worst thing about long car rides, were the fact that despite his impressive height, Papyrus was always assigned to sit in the backseat. And while sharing the backseat with you meant one good thing, he couldn’t help but envy his shorter brother and the royal scientist as they sat in the front seat. Both quite a lot shorter than him.

And after hours of sitting hunched over, he could feel his spine grow stiffer. He’d do anything to stretch right now, and feel his joints pop. He absentmindedly popped his fingers as a form of substitute. And averted his gaze from the spacious front seat, he turned it to look out the window. Only three more hours to go. Amazing, he thought.

To lighten his mood, he turned around again to look at you. And he watched you look out your window. The afternoon light made your features look sharper, but it also painted you in a soft, warm glow. Angelic, almost. But it didn’t suit the picture of an angel the underground held. Their view of a savior had been tainted with their violence, their fight to survive. It had been a crueler being they’d imagined back then. He still felt like you were a savior, though. If only to him, although he couldn’t tell you that.

You seemed to notice him stare at you. But when you turned your body, he kept his eyes on you. There wasn’t a lot else to look at, so he figured he could get away with it this time. And when your eyes met his, you smiled and leaned back in your seat. Keeping your gaze leveled, you smiled at him softly, looking even prettier than before. Until your face scrunched up and you yawned loudly, involuntarily bringing your hands up to your face and covering your mouth. The sudden yawn made him laugh, even when you sent him a dirty look, still covering your face as you tried to regain your composure. You really were too adorable.

‘’You should sleep, hun,-’’ he said. Voice quiet but still loud enough to reach you over the engine. ‘’We still have a few hours left, no point in making it longer by bein’ stubborn.’’

Another yawn escaped you, and it apparently convinced you to follow his suggestion. But instead of leaning your head on the window next to you, you put your legs on the seat and your head on his shoulder, wiggling around until you found a comfortable position, using the fluff on his hoodie as a makeshift pillow and smiling at your own handywork. He scoffed at you, but still pulled his arm out from where it had been stuck under your body, letting it rest across your stomach and holding you in place. A minute or two later, he felt his hand rise and fall as you’re breathing turned into a steadier pace. And he leaned his head back to get some rest, letting the rhythmic motion and humming of the engine lull him to sleep.

He woke up by yelling, and then felt his seatbelt tug on his ribcage as his body jerked forward. His arm reached out quickly, holding you back and safe before his eyes were fully opened. Sans was still screaming in the front seat, accompanied by violent gestures and quite a few death threats and profanities. Whatever happened, it must have jarred him. Listening to the chaos in the front seat he managed to gather that someone tried to push Sans out of the lane, aware of what they had been doing. And he felt a quiet rage that they had endangered your life in the process. Just because they didn’t like monsters didn’t mean they had to harm you too.

But you, amazing and weird thing that you was, didn’t even seem phased. Instead you were laying across his lap, face on your arms and body pressing against him. He felt his breath hitch a little, letting you sleep on his shoulder had been one thing. But this was almost too much, and his soul both ached and fluttered at having you oh so close.

He willed his hand not to shake as he carefully touched a scrape on your arm, probably from his jacket as you fell. It wasn’t deep, not even bleeding. But he hated that you’d gotten it anyway, especially as he’d been asleep and unable to hold you up when the car turned.

But when his hand made contact with your skin you squirmed around in his lap, pulling his hand closer and in your sleep, held it under your chin like you would a teddy bear. You murmured a few words, and he caught his name in the middle of them. And if he thought his soul had felt light before, it was practically soaring now.

He let you keep his hand there, and gently traced your face with his other. Until it ended up tangled in your head, massaging your scalp.

You obviously trusted him, otherwise you wouldn’t sleep with your head in his lap. You wouldn’t murmur his name like that. He played with the idea that maybe you liked him the way he found himself liking you. Maybe he could turn what you had into something more.

It was a nice thought. He held on to it for the rest of the ride.


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 17.)

CHAPTER TITLE: We Need to Talk

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. - Part 12. - Part 13. - Part 14. - Part 15. - Part 16.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
After witnessing Negan’s brutal attack, you keep your distance from both men until they decide that they need to talk to you and admit something very important. 
Word Count: 3,383
Warning: SMUT!!! (voyeurism)
Author’s Note: Yessss. I am all for make-up, slow sex in stories especially with these two! Anyway, I did a time jump simply because I think the Reader needed to just gather her thoughts. Aside from that, it finally happened!! I wonder when the Reader will admit it too? Hm… Enjoy! :-) Also, thanks to RoxtheRoxie on AO3 for suggesting the new route I will be taking that will involve tons of angst! :-)

(GIF Source: @jeffrey-daddy-morgan​ || @stevenblogg​)

You couldn’t sleep for the past few days since Negan attacked the group that you familiarized yourself with the other night. The sounds of his bat connecting with the skulls of the two victims were implanted in your mind as if it wanted you to remember.

Since the incident, you kept your distance with both men. You had bumped into them on occasion, but you simply nodded and continued walking. You couldn’t look at either Simon or Negan due to the looks on their faces from the previous night. They had turned into ruthless monsters, but deep down, you knew it was simply a façade they both had to keep to make sure the Sanctuary was running smoothly.

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Boy, can I tell you a terrible thing?

Part 1 (you are here)

A spin-off of the lovely and talented @realisticallycynical​‘s In the rough which, as it happens, was based off of my Royalty AU.

Victor and Yuuri don’t get their happily ever after.

Not right away, at least.

It starts off on a deceptively normal day.

Yuuri is out on the training grounds, practicing his swordsmanship against one of the prince’s guards, Otabek Altin.

They’ve been sparring, nonstop, for the past half hour and have worked up a good sweat. A decent crowd has gathered around them, hooting and cheering for their favourite. The support is split pretty eveny, something that still surprises Yuuri to this day, how easily he was able to fit in with this group, how readily they accepted him as one of their own.

But then, just as Yuuri dodges an attack, he feels something snap, and he freezes short as his long, waist-length hair falls free of its usual tight knot at the base of his skull.

“Wait-” he gasps, panicking as he dodges back out of the path of Otabek’s sword.

Otabek doesn’t seem to hear him. Or if he does, he doesn’t seem to care.

Yuuri scrambles back, lifting his sword to block, but without watching where he’s going, it’s inevitable that he trips and goes crashing to the ground.

Otabek’s eyes widen, but it’s too late for him to stop his swing. Yuuri ducks his head to protect it, and as he crashes to the ground, he hears the telltale snip of a blade cutting through hair.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Alpha!Bucky somehow lapsed in WS mode and now the team is fighting him, all them being pushed back. He doesn't have a mission, so he's just standing there and letting them come at him. You don't realize or mean to, but you start crying. You can't help it. It's so terrible to watch Bucky, your Bucky, your Alpha, suddenly act so different. A soft whisper escapes your lips and the soldier snaps to you. He's suddenly at your side and you can't help but tremble. Part of you thinks (1/4)

it’s Bucky, he won’t hurt you. The other part knows that it isn’t Bucky. And you know what the winter soldier has done to people and it scares you. The entire team is frozen, watching the scene played out. No one wants to trigger him somehow in fear of you being caught in the cross fire. And you stare him down, the eye contact burning holes in your skull. And you notice a sudden change, it’s in his eye. The angry, deep ocean blue faded in a flash, replaced with a warm blue steel colour. (2/4)

Bucky’s suddenly got his arms around you and he’s mumbling softly about his omega. You quietly lead him back up to your room, quickly running him a bath. As you’re soaking in the water with him, he breaks his silence. “Did I scare you?” He asked quietly. You quickly shook your head “No, Bucky-” “but you were shaking.” He interrupts. “I’m not scared of you, Alpha. I, I just don’t trust the soldier. But he isn’t you.” You assured Bucky, slowly running your hands over his shoulders. (¾)

Bucky closes his eyes momentarily before burying is face against your throat. “I love you too, Y/N”. You hadn’t realized, but you’d been slowly grinding against each other. It didn’t take long for you slide down on his and for Bucky to start slowly thrusting, his arms around you. Water splashed over the edge of the bath but neither of you cared. It was just you and him and peaceful understanding of each other. (4/4)

This was beautiful and made my heart and other bits tingle and constrict and ugh it was just perfect - Gen 

Sinful Sunday™ 

Slow Burn - Part 3

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,806

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Part 1 Part 2

“Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls.”

It’s taking everything you have not to jump on him right now. Play it cool, Y/N.

“No way. Only the special ones.” He flatters with a smile that makes you melt.

You notice Sam walking by the kitchen but he stops when he sees you. He silently calls you over. Dean follows your gaze to where Sam is standing.

“I’ll be right back, ok?” You say to Dean.

“I’ll be here, sweetheart.” He says in his husky voice.

You walk up to Sam and he has a huge smile on his face. He leans down a bit because he’s gigantic compared to you and whispers, “What do you think?”

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Loving You Is Torture↬Stiles Stilinski

Request: Hey can you write and imagine with Stiles where he and the reader are kidnapped by Theo, and he tortures the reader in front of Stiles and does really bad things to her. Bit morbid. And can the ending be really sad, you can decide what happens.

Writer: Gillian

Word Count: 1733 (oops)

Warnings: None, ending is kinda sad tho :\

A/N: Sorry abt this Theo, I still love you
P.S. the reader is a werewolf

Out of everyone in the pack, you were the only one to believe Stiles about Theo.

Stiles’ suspicions were right more often than not; about Matt, Jackson, Peter, even Derek at first. You respected that and thought it was unfair for the rest of the pack to just gang up on him, so you stood by his side, even when Malia didn’t.

You were a werewolf, but you still only had one set of DNA, which meant you were pretty much safe from the Dread Doctors – or at least not exactly on their radar.

So, when you were captured and taken to their ‘lair’, it was quite a shock.

Why would they take you? You weren’t a genetic chimera, you hadn’t exactly pissed them off personally, they really had no reason for doing so. Yet they did anyway.

You didn’t understand why it was all happening until you saw the cocky, arrogant smirk on Theo’s face because he knew why you were there.

You were carried, kicking and screaming, to a table that resembled the one at the animal clinic. This one was much more terrifying, with straps included to hold the person down. The Dread Doctors didn’t play around.

“Y/N,” Theo said, moving to stand beside you while they strapped you down. “Long time no see.”

“Not long enough.” You mumbled under your breath, trying to control your erratically beating heart. Theo could hear your heartbeat, he could smell your fear, he knew you were terrified.

“Aw, don’t say that, Y/N,” He let his hand stroke your cheek absently, his smirk only growing when you squirmed away from him. “I’m not Stiles, but I know you find me at least a little attractive.”

“Why would you bring up Stiles?”

Theo raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms. “I’ve seen the way you look at him. Your heartbeat rises whenever he’s around, hell, I can even smell the lust coming off you.”

He knew.

You weren’t surprised; Scott had asked you about it in the small period of time between when he turned into a werewolf and you did. Peter had turned you on the night of the winter formal in sophomore year, as a sort of retaliation for Scott’s lack of cooperation.

So far, you were pretty good at controlling it but you didn’t have to pay too much attention to notice it. You just wondered how Malia hadn’t noticed yet, that her boyfriend’s best friend was in love with him.

It was a tragic, unrequited love, one could say.

“What do you want, Raeken?” You asked, attempting to change the subject.

“‘Raeken’? You’ve demoted me to my last name, now?” His hand clutched his heart in mock hurt. “I’ve gotta say, that stings.”

You stared at him, unamused, while avoiding looking at the tools you assumed were for torturing purposes on the tray beside you. “Okay, Y/L/N, I’ll tell you. As long as you pinky promise not to tell anyone,” He held out his pinky close to your tied-down hand. You sighed, deciding to play his little game, interlocking your fingers.

“Well, I guess I really can tell you now. There’s no point in keeping it a secret anymore,” Theo leaned down to whisper in your ear, “I’m going to kill you.”

That didn’t surprise you either. Theo clearly wanted something – he always did – and now that just happened to be your death.
“Not yet, though,” You stared up at him. Why wouldn’t just get it over with? Why drag it out? “I want to make sure we have an… audience.”

And that was when they brought Stiles in.

He was unconscious, part of his shirt was singed and he had a bloody gash on his forehead. “What is wrong with you?!”

Theo shrugged. A few people that you assumed were either chimeras or Dread-Doctors-in-training tied him up in the corner, giving him a perfect view of you.

“Wake him up.” Theo instructed, a malicious grin growing on one of the boy’s faces. Claws extended from the tips of his fingers as he prepared to bitch-slap Stiles awake. Theo made a noise that told the boy not to continue.

Sighing disappointedly, he began to not so gently shake Stiles. Stiles awoke with an odd noise, jumping once he saw that he wasn’t in his jeep nor was he alone.


“Hey, Stiles, what’s up?” You struggled to keep your voice from shaking, because you knew now that Stiles was awake, the torture would begin. “Yeah, Stiles, what’s up?”

“Theo.” Stiles said, venom dripping from the single word that contained so much of his hatred.

“It’s so good that you’re awake,” Theo began, twirling a strand of your hair around his fingers. “Because now we can get started.”

He reached for the tray, grabbing what looked to you like a military-grade kitchen utensil. “Spending all this time with the Dread Doctors really taught me some things. What methods of torture are the most effective,” Theo motioned for one of the boys to help him.

He held open your mouth upon Theo’s request, visibly gulping when your eyes burned a bright yellow. You let out a growl as Theo emptied the contents of a vial down your throat. You choked it down unwillingly.

You could feel it; you were turning.
Your teeth became pointed while your face began to shift, morphing into its werewolf shape. “There we go.” You snarled at Theo.

“Okay, Stiles, you’re really gonna like this,” He brought out the scalpel like instrument, putting it into your mouth. You thrashed and growled and snarled until the boy finally let you go. Your canines came down hard on Theo’s hand, drawing blood.

Theo pulled his hand away, watching you as you spat blood on him. “Bitch.” He muttered, no longer willing to play around. He ripped out one of your teeth, eliciting a small cry of pain from you.

The all-too-familiar taste of blood flooded your mouth as you nearly choked on the substance. You remained calm, trying desperately to keep your emotions hidden. Stiles bit the inside of his cheek nervously.

Next, Theo held down one of your hands while he pulled out two of your forcibly extended claws. Blood poured from the two wounds and you couldn’t help but scream.

“Stop, Theo!”

Stiles had been uncharacteristically silent throughout this endeavor, so much that you forgot he was there. His heart was racing, he was scared for you. Under different circumstances, you would’ve found this endearing and a step in the right direction for your non-existent relationship with him.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Theo laughed, as if Stiles were stupid for not knowing. “For Void! Stiles of course. “You love Y/N, I kill Y/N, Void! Stiles makes an appearance.”

He loved you? Since when? Theo had to mean in a strictly platonic ‘just friends’ kind of way.

“And yeah, Y/N, he loves you just like you love him. It’s hilarious, really. You guys have loved each other for so long and then you’ll never know what’ll happen.”

Theo dipped a knife of some sort into a bucket on the floor next to him, coating it in liquid wolfsbane. You hardly knew what to do. Here you were, being tortured, and all you could focus on was the fact that Stiles loved you.

He made no move to deny this fact, either.
Before you could even comprehend what was happening, Theo sunk the knife into your stomach. You let out another cry of pain – though this one was more of a scream because damn it hurt like hell.

And thus, the wolfsbane was released into your system. You could feel it traveling through your veins like tiny pins and needles stabbing at you from the inside.
Stiles shouted your name, but all you wanted to do was sleep. It seemed like such a good idea, and you could vaguely feel something poking into your skull.

You felt light and airy, despite the screw-like things Theo was drilling into your head.

You couldn’t concentrate on what was going on, so you simply turned your head and grinned at Stiles. He looked near tears and you didn’t know why.

Ominously dark veins creeped up your arms and throughout your body. You traced them with your fingers, the unaware grin still stretched across your face.

Theo unstrapped you, and once again, you didn’t know why. After all of that, he just let you go? He shoved you in Stiles’ direction.
You landed in front of Stiles, still smiling.

You ripped off his chains with ease, focusing back on his face. “Y/N,” He began, holding you as if you were porcelain. “Do you – ” His voice cracked, a tear rolling down his cheek.

“Do you feel anything?”

You shook your head, cupping his cheeks. “No, I don’t feel anything,” You paused, wiping a stray tear away with your thumb. “Stiles, why are you crying?”

He covered your hand with his own, intertwining your fingers. “I just – I love you, Y/N.” You smiled. “I love you too, Stiles.”

You wanted to kiss him, wanted to show him how much you loved him, but you couldn’t.

You wanted to go to college, but you never could.

You wanted to get married and have kids, but you’d never even have the choice.
And most of all, you wanted to live out your life.

But you never would.

Stiles watched as the light left your eyes, leaving behind a dullness that was never supposed to be there this soon.

It was never supposed to be there ever.

“I love you.” Stiles whispered one last time, his tears falling onto your face. He closed your eyes, standing up to face Theo.
Anger surged through him; he wanted to kill Theo, he wanted to brutally murder him several times. It was all his fault.

But he couldn’t help the guilt forming in the pit of his stomach. It wasn’t Theo’s fault, it was his. If it weren’t for him, you might never even be in all of this.

Stiles was the one who told you, Stiles was the one who dragged you down with him, it was all Stiles’ fault.

And he was determined to avenge you, no matter how long it took, no matter who got in his way or tried to stop him, he would do it.

He was going to kill Theo Raeken.

randomness-unicorn  asked:

(With UT/UF Sans + US/SF Pap)- After SO have noticed all the debts they have with Grillby & Muffet, SO decide to work for a while in their local to pay the skeles debts (but the skeles don’t know it). When the boys go to Grillby’s & Muffet’s, surprising seems that there’s nothing to pay. How do the skeles react?

UT Sans: Grillby honestly doesn’t mind the tab. He and Sans go way back, and both skeletons always get free food at his bar. It’s more of an inside joke by now, and it was only started out of habit and politness. And because Papyrus insisted. Like he also always insisted on paying for the few times he ate there. But when you ask him for work to pay it off, he accepts after some thinking. Especially after you tell him that you want to do it for Sans. He doesn’t really want to stay in the way of a nice gesture.

He gives you work, but he makes your shifts extra short, and always removes a big part of the debt after every shift, more then he would usually pay. After everything is taken care of, he thanks you for your help, and for beeing such a good friend to Sans. He knows the skeleton is in good hands with you.

The next day, Sans drags you along to Grillbys for dinner, and you both get the usuall. “put it on my tab grillbz”, Sans waves to Grillby goodbye. “Do you mean…..yo want to start a new tab?” Sans stops, confused, “did my old one get that long that you have to start a new one?” “No….your old one was taken care of.” 

Grillby winks at you. Sans stares at you. “sugar, oh my god”, he hugs you,”you don’t have to pay for my stuff, just cause I’m to lazy to do it myself!” He is amazed that you put so much effort into helping him pay his tab. Man, he really needs to repay you somehow.

UF Sans: Grillby musters you, with his cold gaze. Which was ironic, since he was a pretty hot dude himself. The tab between him and Sans was never a serious thing, they just liked to banter about different things, and after Sans made the joke that Grillby should put all his stuff on a tab, it became kind of a running gag.

But he would never pass up an oppurtunity to tease Sans, and he already could imagine how flustered the skeleton would get if somebody else put that much effort into something for him. Also he would really like to have somebody help out a bit, especially since things are pretty busy. So he gives you a job. Nothing big, just dish washing an cleaning the tables after he closes the bar. But he does make sure that you don’t tell Sans about your little surprise here.

So when Sans walk in one day, you are dish washing in the back of the bar out of his sigth, he doesn’t have a clue about what your up to. Sans sits down on his usuall bar stool, gets the usuall terribly greasy burger and starts his usuall banter with Grilby. When the conversation falls onto his tab, Grillby smirks, “About your tab….I think you would like to know that….there is no need to repay me anymore.” Sans looks confused, while Grillby calls for you.

You come out, and tell Sans that you’ve been working for Grillby to pay of his debt. He gets so flustered, a blush creeping over his entire skull, making him look like a brigth red stopligth, hiding in his hood from the rest of the bar. He does mumble a thank you from out of the fabric. Grillby cackles, that was a nice funny change of routine.

US Papyrus: Muffet isn’t to strict about money, but Papyrus tab was growing in size, and she was getting sligthly annoyed at the skeleton. That wasn’t how she raised him, but he just kept putting more and more on his tab, barely every paying it off, and only when Sans urged him to.

You found a quiet job at the Snowdin Inn. Papyrus usually never went there, and the Bunny monster working there needed to take a few days off every week for a couple of weeks, to help her sister with her newest child. So she needed somebody to stay at the Inn while she went out for a few hours a day. It wasn’t to hard work. It was mostly boring, not a lot of people stayed at the Inn, only a few monsters from time to time.

You showed them their room and collected the g, mostly sitting behind the counter and snacking on some chisps or watching TV on a small portable TV the bunny left with you. It took you some time, but you managed to get enough money together. You went to Muffet rigth after your last day working for the bunny monster, after thanking her and beeing invited over for dinner by her, and payed off Papyrus tab.

Muffet was surprised but also glad. Glad to get her money, and also glad that Papyrus has somebody who loves him so much, that they put a lot of effort into helping him out. The next day Papyrus comes back from Muffets faster then usually. Muffet told him you payed off his tab, before he could ask her to put the honey and croissant he got for lunch on his tab.

And she also gave him a few smacks behind his nonexistend ears for making you so worried about it that you payed it his tab off for him. He gives you a hug and says thanks. He will start a new tab in a couple of days, and both you and Muffet can just stand there and sigh.

SF Papyrus: You couldn#t be to soft in the Udnerground, or you wouldn’t survive long. So, even though it wasn’t to big of a deal for her, Muffet kept threatening Papyrus for every day he failed to pay his tab.

They both knew it was never a realy threat, him always answering with half assed apologies, her sighing in annoyance. It was routine. But when you walked in with a bag of g’s in your pocket, handing it to Muffet after getting it trough different small jobs, Muffet was sligthly relieved. She did need the money, and she was letting Papyrus tab slide to often, other people would start to delay their payment and she would go out of buisness.

After Papyrus comes in, shortly after you leave, she lectures him about needing somebdoy else to pay his tab, smaking him on the head with her dish towel. Papyrus came home sligthly flustered, sliding onto the couhc with you and snuggling up to your side. “thanks”, he will be sure to return the favor.

A little bit of Horrortale Sans

*Sooooo, all this side-blog casual rp stuff has had me thinking of my past rps.  I might dig for some later on, but I clicked through my files and saw that I had a starter saved from when I roleplayed as HT!Sans.  It’s actually the first thing I had ever written for him, and I did it because I was planning on having an HT chapter in BPT and wanted to work on nailing his character.  

I figured I might share it with you guys before I go play some Overwatch for a bit.

They say that true madness comes from repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  

If that was the case, then they were all mad down here.

The days all seemed to fade and jumble together.  At this point, Sans wasn’t even getting paid for being a sentry, and his brother had finally made it into the Royal Guard–only to desperately want out.  Things had once been different, hadn’t they?  Sure, all the days had still been the same–the same japes, the same napping at a sentry post, the same burg and fries at Grillby’s–but the air had been lighter, lacking the heavy oppression and sense of hopelessness.

And he had once…

*i’m rootin’ for ya, kid.

Who?  What?  
No, he doesn’t have any kids.  He is a skeleton. 
He was mistaken.

Phalanges idly drummed along his sentry post, beside the hot dog he was ‘selling.’  He used to sell plenty of these in Hotland, right before he went on MTT–what?  he’d never been on MTT.  
The phalanges of his free hand scraped along the side of his face; a nervous habit he had picked up somewhere.  


A single blood-red eyelight shifted toward his brother as the incredibly-tall skeleton approached, clutching a bowl in his hands.  Sans tilted his skull slightly, noticing the way Papyrus struggled not to stare at the gaping, jagged hole on the side of Sans’s head.  He wasn’t exactly sure how he had gotten the injury, or how long he’d had it now, but it always seemed to make his brother uneasy when he asked–and the lie Papyrus had spun about Sans slipping and falling had been an obvious fabrication.  His brother may be Great, but he is not a Great liar.  

“yeah bro?”


The lankier skeleton was the single monster that Sans knew that still held onto his upbeat attitude.  It had been Sans’s idea to start adding that ingredient to Papyrus’s spaghetti, and after the first time Sans had helped his brother prepare it, the younger skelebro had been hooked.  Of course, the food seemed to mess with him a little, driving him slightly mad along with Sans, but at least they were well-fed as sentries.  Or… as well-fed as it got in a place with food as scarce as the Underground.  

“if we’re lucky.  maybe one will come through before they pasta way in the ruins this time.”

“THAT ISN’T FUNNY, SANS!”  Papyrus’s bone brows knit together slightly, and Sans stopped drumming his fingers against the wood, watching him.  His brother was bent over at the waist to regard him properly, his jagged, broken, permanently red-stained teeth moving as he spoke.  "M-MAYBE IF I GIVE ONE OF THE HUMANS WE CAPTURE OVER TO QUEEN UNDYNE, SHE’LL RELEASE ME FROM THE GUARD!“

Sans’s expression darkened, his eyelight becoming large enough to fill the entire socket, and he found his palm scraping further up his cheek, his phalange dipping into his unlit eyesocket.  It felt uncomfortable, almost painful even, and he dug his finger in deeper, hooking it around the edge of his skull.  

"no.  she won’t.  and giving someone like her the power of a soul?  don’t think so.  she doesn’t deserve to be a god.”  His fingers went back to drumming against the sentry station, a signal that the subject was closed.  He would sooner die here; it’s not as if getting to the Surface appealed to him anymore.  

There was no going back from this life.

“… YOU’RE RIGHT, BROTHER!  I’LL GO CHECK ON MY PUZZLES JUST IN CASE.  WANT ANY SPAGHETTI?”  Papyrus uncovered the lid, and Sans glanced down at the noodles.  It was true that his brother’s cooking had improved since he stopped taking lessons directly from Undyne and allowed Sans to help, but..

It’s not like Sans could take food from Papyrus.

“nah, i’m full.  had some fried snow earlier, so it’s all yours, bro.”

Papyrus sighed in exasperation, pulling his bowl to his chest.  "YOU ALWAYS HAVE FRIED SNOW.“

"well, it’s snow problem to make.”  His perma-grin widened.  Papyrus groaned as expected and shook his head.  

“WELL, IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND, YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME!”  And with that, Papyrus marched off further down the path, and Sans was left again in silence, with only the drumming of his fingers punctuating it.  

The silence–the waiting at that station–was the most difficult part.  

There were days when his thoughts wandered, and he wasn’t even sure what was real and what wasn’t.  Sometimes, he couldn’t remember what had happened two days ago, but he recalled in vivid detail the first day he had come to Snowdin.  Or there were days when he couldn’t remember why he was even sitting at the sentry station or recall who was beyond the door to the Ruins.

Then there were the pieces of his memory that were gone forever, like his role as a scientist in the Lab.  

He felt his eyesockets beginning to close, and he eased up on the pressure of his fingers inside one of them.  It was so tempting to just nap.. just a little rest.  For as long as he could remember, he had been slacking off at his station, sleeping on the job.  Once, he had been reprimanded without real fire behind the words, but now, there were so many rules.  Sleeping on the job was punishable by dusting, and well..

*all the more reason to sleep.

Just as he started to nod off, hoping to Asgore’s Ghost that it would be a dreamless slumber, he heard a commotion coming from the Ruins.  It sounded like Tori, and Sans leaned over slightly, hoping to be able to hear a little better.  He couldn’t make out anything, but his interest was definitely piqued; if Toriel had a guest, that could only mean that there was a human around.  He’d once made the mistake of letting just how bad the situation in the Underground was slip, and ever since then, Toriel had been a bit.. different.  One could say he’d ruined her life.

And she knew he no longer made promises.  

And she wanted to keep the humans with her forever–no matter the cost–as long as they weren’t captured or devoured.  Some humans managed to escape.  Others, not so much.  He hoped this time would be more like the former… and when he heard the Ruin doors open and shut, his grin widened. He leaned casually with his elbows on his post, fingers drumming a nameless beat he couldn’t remember, and his skull propped up by his other hand.  He stared out unseeingly as he waited, focused, listening for the tell-tale sound of snow crunching underfoot.

The definition of madness is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

But what was coming was different.

And Sans could use the break from the madness.

Don’t Speak (Baron Corbin) Vol. 4

Originally posted by baellinswithstyles

Characters: Baron Corbin X Reader

Notes: @unabashedwwesmut helped me craft this to a beginning. She helped me find parts to work on and where to start. I can’t thank her enough for her support in simply just listening and helping me bring this fic series to life!

Warnings: Angst. Pregnancy. Manipulation. This volume is HEAVY parts of past experiences with my ex. It was very real for me and I believe that it why it flowed so easily. This all came from the heart as 95% of this volume is real life experience.

Word Count: 3.6k

Tag List!! ; @ambrosegirlforever | @valeonmars | @thebadchic | @nickysmum1909 | @vsturgeon5489 | @jade4062022 | @rebelfleur22 @seths-skinny-jeans | @lakama15 | @southernbelle24 | @wwefangirlllll | @spiderman2289 | @nickie-amore | @blondekel77 | @princess3733 | @toosweetme | @unabashedwwesmut | @iwannadiehere | @mandazord | @reigns420 | @sfreeborn | @shieldlovereve | @isawthesights | @cam0flug3 | @cfloyd776 | @ashleyvc88 | @xfirespritex | @taryndibiase | @alexahood21 | @itsnethbellins | @castielscamander | @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues | @sleepsiehollowreads | @etherealmoonlight | @florenceivy | @georgiadean37 | @balorismydemonking

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged! I’d be more than happy to add you! :)

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Deal with the Devil: Chapter 1

’…But my hands are tied.’

   There is only so long that Jack Morrison can endure the limitations placed on him by the U.N., only so long that he can continue being a soldier in name alone and with the world crumbling beneath him, even a deal with the devil can sound like heaven.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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It’s cold. (Batmom x Batboys)

Summary: Secrecy runs deep in the family, everyone has one that they have told only their closest confident. She knew she couldn’t, because she knew that if you really wanted to keep a secret so badly, you couldn’t trust anybody and family was included in that. So, backhand or forehand? Which hurts more?

Word count: 1351

Side note: This is my first time posting a story on tumblr, please tell me if I should change something or if you like the idea, thank you for reading.

Rating: T (?)

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<< Phases // New Moon >>

Summary: Jungkook was just a boy who was in love with the moon. And you were a girl who thought you could be his moon, but you were nothing except a phase. 

Genre: angst

A/N: um. wrote this on a whim. pretty proud of it tbh lmao. considering making a sequel but idk. hmu

Jungkook was always fascinated, enthralled, by how the moon works. Its ivory glow that comes and goes, carefreely cascading down the landscapes and galaxies. He was mesmerized by how it could wax and wane so easily, just slowly present itself and then leave without a word, no promises to come back even though it always does. Its phases transform throughout the nights, illuminating the starless skies in an unforgettable milky glow, but eventually fading like a beautiful dream.

Jeon Jungkook was your moon, your beautiful dream. But the only difference was that dreams were not made to linger on to. They were made to be forgotten.

Yours was just like any other love story, breathtaking, unforgettable. You met him the summer of your sophomore year in college at a party. The night was sweltering and humid, the exact opposite of prime conditions for a house party, yet that’s exactly where you were. You were watching as your friends swayed on the dance floors, politely refusing any handsome strangers that approached you, asking for your hand in a dance. It was just like any other night, with you sulking in a hidden corner of the room as others were spotted with neon blues and greens by the flashing strobe lights.

Jungkook approached you just like he did any other girl. His hands were slipped into his pockets, striding confidently towards you. The cushion of the couch sunk with his weight, and your gaze shifted from the brilliant colors of your phone to his sparkling eyes.

“Hey, I’m Jungkook, what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you muttered.

“Why are you just sitting here by yourself?” he had inquired, one corner of his mouth slanting up with each word.

“Because I don’t want to be a part of whatever’s going on” you casted a sideways glance over to the middle of the room where sweaty bodies collided, “over there.”

He chuckled lightly, sounding like the soft chimes of wind bells in a light breeze, and that was the moment when the moon of your world started glowing, although it was just a sliver of gold in the darkness. You knew then that he would not be just any other boy.

“Well, do you want to get out of here with me?”

He stood and peered at you expectantly, and you eyed his outstretched hand. You weighed out the pros and the cons in your head, rating on a scale of one to ten how awful an idea that would be. It would just be like any other short trip, you told yourself as you laced your fingers in the gaps between his.

He led you out of the stuffy room, although the atmosphere outside was identical to the heat inside, just quieter. You trailed silently behind Jungkook, his tall stature casting you in complete shadow from the flickering streetlights around the campus. As he turned around the corner of a looming structure, leading you up the stairs of the fire escape, the streetlights finally shined upon you before you escaped into the building behind him and was in darkness again.

The climb up was silent, and you kept on questioning yourself on why exactly you were here. You didn’t know him, he didn’t know you, yet here you were climbing up the steps of the astrology tower with your fingers interlaced in his. You asked yourself again and again what his motive might be on the way to the top, and with each step sprouted a new answer until your head was filled to the top with growing insecurities and threatened to overflow. Then he started to slow down his pace, and you knew that there was no backing out of this now as you were already at the rooftop.

The moment he opened the door was still a moment that you can see behind closed lids even until this day. A gleaming full moon was hanging in the sky before you, made closer by the dozens of steps that led you up the building and set your calves on fire. Yet the second you laid eyes on the glowing circular disk that was plastered against the deep hued backdrop, your breath hitched in your throat before it was completely robbed away.

“It’s beautiful,” you breathed, careful not to talk too loud as if your voice could shatter the peaceful scenery.

Jungkook didn’t answer, and you glanced up at him. His face was bathed in the moon’s luminous shower of white, setting half his face in shadow and the other half ablaze. He wordlessly pulled you behind him again, and led you to the center of the rooftop. He shrugged off the jacket on his shoulder and splayed it flat on the floor, lying down without a hint of hesitation. From his spot on the cement floor, he eyed you expectantly, and you lower yourself to rest on your back besides him.

You just lied like that for a good ten minutes, listening to the sounds emitted by the night and the rhythmic huffs of Jungkook’s breathing. He stared, starry eyed, at the sky, and the few stars that decided to appear tonight reflected in his orbs. His arms were tucked behind his head, pillowing his skull and making him utterly at peace and, to you, gorgeous.

“I love the moon.” he murmured after the long period of silence.

You turned your head to look at him. “Why?”

“I mean, just look at it. It’s so free, so unrestricted. It comes when it wants, and goes at its heart’s content. It waits for no one, and leaves no traces behind except for its beautiful glow that is engraved into people’s memories. But when you think about it, it’s also so mysterious. Its cycle around the earth takes 29 days, yet 25 of the 29 are only fractions, phases, of this celestial being. And when it’s whole, it never remains so. It dissipates with the wind, and disappears a bit with every sunrise.” Jungkook glanced back at you. “That’s how I want to live. I want to see every margin of the world like the moon, yet leaving nothing but memories in my wake. I want to travel to and fro with the breeze, and change course as often as the moon changes phases.”

“Why don’t you?” you asked, intrigued by this boy and his dreams.

“I don’t know, really. Responsibilities?  Money? I’m not quite sure what’s holding me back yet. But I will surely overcome it before it even shows itself. One day, I will just pack my bags and go, I swear upon that.”

“Why did you bring me here though?”

“I don’t know, you seemed bored at the party, and I wanted to share this with someone.”

So the two of you lied there in stillness after that, no words exchanged and no questions spoken. And this routine was repeated every other night afterwards. It became your ritual with him, even when the moon had hidden its glowing body from your sights or showed you only a sliver of its marvel. You came every night to that same spot on that same rooftop to find Jungkook already resting there in that same position with his hands behind his head.

He took you to many other places too. Places like the peak of the nearby mountain, where the view only came from the price of hours of climbing and heavy breathing. Places like the ocean, where the moon appeared especially bright against the dark roaring waves that crashed against your shins. Places like his small apartment where he kissed you for the first time, just to try it out, but then continued to do it again afterwards. You liked visiting those places with him, letting yourself experience a different kind of ambience every time. Each departure happened just the way he liked, with nothing in your trails except memories and maybe the echo of your steps.

Soon enough, you were falling in love with him just like how he was falling in love with moon, just like how he loved imprinting nothing but his footsteps in a new place. You fell in love with the way the wind sifted through his hair, tousling them in every direction. You fell in love with his passion and fire for adventure, his desire for spontaneousness. And maybe he was just as in love with you. Maybe he also loved the way your eyes glazed over every time he brought you to a new place because you were so mesmerized. Maybe he loved the way you would cast lingering glances at the scenery because he wouldn’t let you take any pictures, as he said those will only make you miss the view even more dearly.

But however much he may have loved you, he loved adventure more. And however much you may have loved him, you couldn’t stop him.

He left on a bitter, winter night. You had gone back to your family during Christmas break for tedious reunions and feigned smiles. Each day you spent away from him made you more anxious to weave your fingers through his thick strands and place constellation kisses on his sweet lips. So when the day finally came, you could swear that everyone around you noticed the spring in your step. The crisp sound of your knuckles hitting against the wood of his door was a symphony to yours ears, and you couldn’t hold your excitement as you detected footsteps coming towards you from the inside.

But those footsteps did not belong to him. Instead, they belonged to a slender young man whose almond shaped eyes gave you tingles down your spine.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” you asked, trying to peek past the man’s shoulder for a glimpse of Jungkook.

“I live here.” he answered.

Your blood froze in your veins, and you knitted your eyebrows at the reply. “No, Jungkook lived here. You know, a boy about this tall with really sparkly eyes?” You motioned wildly as the panic began to set in.

“Ah, he moved out two days ago.”

“What?” Your blood began to flow again, but faster and faster until it roared in your ears and made your skull pound. “He just left?”

“You must be Y/N! He said if you ever came around to give you this.” The man retreated back into the small apartment, and reappeared with a small envelope in his hands. You snatched the white material from his grasp, and checked the handwriting on the surface. It was Jungkook’s, there was no mistaking it. The unforgettable curls of his J’s and the slash of his T’s were all too familiar to you. You felt the tears rush to the frames of your eyes, but refused to let them fall before forcing your legs carry you away from the stranger’s doorsteps in a sprint.

You tore open the letter madly, and your eyes scanned frantically on the few lines that Jungkook messily scrawled.


I left. Yes, I finally did it. I have figured out why after all these years I couldn’t just drop everything and go. Are you ready for the answer, because I promise you’re in for a laugh. It’s nothing. The answer is nothing. Nothing had been holding me back, I didn’t care about responsibilities, and I realized that I had enough money to send myself on a journey. It was nothing. Just me and my stupid brain thinking that I actually had something to stay behind for. But I don’t. I have lost faith in this barren land of fake people and fake dreams, this university, long ago. I should’ve left way before. And then you came along. You came along and made me think that, hey, I might actually have something to hold onto now. And I’m sure that I can rely on you with my life, but I don’t belong. I had to leave and sacrifices must be made, and I’m sorry that those sacrifices turned out to be you.

Jeon Jungkook.”

That was it. That was all he left in his wake for you, and it surprised you that he even left anything. He had chosen to live his life like the moon, to embed his traces to even the edges of the Earth, to wax and wane to his heart’s content, thinking that he could be nothing but a memory.

Oh, but how wrong he was.

He was indeed the moon, but the moon is what creates the rumbling tides on the glassy ocean surfaces. Its gravity, along with other planets, is what holds Earth together so that it doesn’t go plunging in the ball of fire and gas that was the sun. The moon is what illuminates the night sky every single night, and what everyone around the world can lift up their heads to admire.

And he thought that it could just come and go without any significance.

He was your everything. He was what held your world together, brought you closer to the stars than you will ever be, and his absence was what left your world spinning off its axis into chaos and confusion.

He was the moon of your universe, yet you were just a phase to him.

<< Phases // New Moon >>

anonymous asked:

How would UT,UF,US,and SF react to their S/O being a roller derby queen but hiding it from them because they didn't want them to worry about them? Bonus points if they manage to catch a game of them being amazing, DOUBLE POINTS IF THEIR DERBY NAME IS BONE RELATED!!!! I mean if you want to...

I would love to answer this! I imagine that I wouldn’t be very good considering my horrible balance and brittle bones, but imaginary me would kick some major butt!!



“wait,” Sans is taken aback. “really?”

Once you admit to this lazy bones again, he leans back in his chair, bemused. “huh…” He trails off, nodding his hid coolly. In all honesty, he’s mostly shocked that you were actually able to hide such a significant detail from him for so long. “so that’s how you roll, huh babe?”

Oh, and don’t forget the puns that come with your pastime. He’s always racking his skull for new content.

When he attends his first match of yours. he absolutely nervous, buying two large containers of stress popcorn to chow down on. “what if you get hurt? oh asgore, please don’t get hurt.”

He watches you skate out and almost chokes as he reads the name on your back:


For some odd reason, this comforts him just a bit and he has to keep eating in order to stop his laughter.

Once the match actually starts, its like he’s watching a completely different person. You’re plowing people down left and right, and with every person that fell before you, he would relax more and more and actually start to focus on the game. 

You’ve got this smol skele’s support and he’s definitely treating you to Grillby’s afterwards.


“SO… IT’S LIKE ROLLER SKATING, BUT WITH A LOT MORE VIOLENCE?” Paps is pretty confused when you first admit this fun fact about yourself. Sure, he’s heard of the usual roller skating and heck, even figure skating. But roller derby?

It doesn’t ring a bell.

Once you explain the basic rules of the vigorous sport to him, jammers and all, he seems a little concerned. So that’s where all the bruises came from, huh?


You startle. That’s one of the loudest volumes you’ve ever heard him use. It takes a bit of calming down and reassurance of your skill in the sport to ease Pap into the subject. After a bit of coaxing, you even manage to convince him to go to one of your matches just so you could assure him of your safety.

“W-WELL,” Pap fiddles with his gloves, still a little embarrassed from his last outburst. “IF YOU SAY SO.”

When the day of your match arises, Pap is a nervous wreck. Like seriously, the poor tol brought a first aid kit and everything. He wants to be prepared IF and WHEN you get hurt. As much confidence he has in you, there’s an even bigger part of him that just wants to protect you.

So the instant you plow some poor competitor out of your way, his jaw literally drops. What. Just. Happened??? As you skate around the rink, he finally notices your name, ‘THE GREAT S/O’, and his mind = blown.

He profusely apologizes afterwards for ever doubting you and treats you to heapings of his famous spaghetti. Bless him.



“aw. you wanna go roller skating with me? how cute.” Uh, I think he misheard you.

When you tell him that 1.) You said roller DERBY and 2.) You didn’t want him skate with him, rather have him watch you, he freezes up.

“what?” He chortles. “y-you’re fuckin’ joking, right?” The laughter is taking over him as your anger does to you. He really doesn’t believe you, does he?

You huff angrily as you sweep your duffel bag of gear. “I’ll be at the rink. Don’t follow me.” And with that, you’re out the door. Your offer for him to watch has officially expired.

He sniffles a bit of his cry-laugh tears away, still recovering from his laughter fit. Once he realizes you’re gone, he stiffens up. “crap.” Maybe he shouldn’t have been such a dick.

He teleports to the rink just to make sure you didn’t get yourself killed. His eyelights scan around and as he passes by the concessions, he overhears a particularly interesting conversation.

“Yo dude, hurry up!”

“I’m trying, I’m trying!”

“That Skull Slayer girl’s probably ambushed like, 5 girls while we were here! Hurry up!”

Red grins at the name. His curiosity has been peeked as he enters the crowded arena. Being the little cheater he is, he managed to shortcut his way to the front. Just as he’s about to settle himself in a seat, he has to dodge an oncoming player.

His glare instantly burns from the girl to the shover and in an instant, the prophesized Skull Slayer skrts by. Oh god, that’s one angry skater.

Oh wait, its just you.

His sockets are widened immensely and he has an awful impulse to laugh at how oddly things were playing out. A part of him also feels a little guilty for ever doubting you, but he ignores the feeling and settles with watching you do your thing.

Before you could see him, he vanishes. This is a secret he’s keeping to himself.

He’s also a little titillated, but shhh.


Edge places a gloved hand on his chest. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” He asks with a gasp.

When you nod your head in affirmation, he gives you an odd stare as he does a double take. He scans you up and down. Is your body type suited for that sort of vicious activity? BY ASGORE IT WAS!! The resilient bones, the stubborn attitude, and that spunk in your eyes…


“S/O!! I DEMAND THAT I ESCORT YOU TO ONE OF YOUR MATCHES!!” You were going to invite him anyways, but it looks like he’s already put it upon himself to do the ‘asking’.

The big day comes quicker than anticipated, for Edge at least. He had been prepping your body with nutritious meals and vigorous exercises, but a self-conscious part of him felt like that wasn’t enough. A week wasn’t enough to mold you into the perfect roller derBEAST and that made him absolutely nervous as he watched you.

Well, at least he got you to change your stage name to ‘THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE S/O’. That gave him some sort of solace.

The thing about Edge was that he wasn’t necessarily nervous about your safety. Hey! You should’ve known about the dangers that came with stepping into the rink. What set him off edge (hehe) was the possibility of you making a fool of yourself, thus making him look foolish.

His ego suddenly overflowed as you smacked two skaters out of your way. A big childish grin slapped across his face as looked around at a few visibly disturbed fans from the opposing team. “HA! DID YOU SEE THAT?! YOUR PUNY FIGURE SKATERS NEVER POSED A THREAT AGAINST MY GREAT AND TERRIBLE S/O!”

After the match, for some odd reason, Edge seems a bit more clingy. He won’t let your spunky self escape him as he keeps referring to you as “THE RULER OF THE RINK”.




You nod, giggling at his odd use of the word ‘funsies’.

“OH…THAT’S COOL, I GUESS?” Gosh, he feels so awkward. He wants to tell you something like, ‘THAT’S SUPER DANGEROUS!!’ or “HEY DON’T DO THAT!!’, but he wisely figures that something so passion filled must mean a lot to you. “C-COULD YOU INFORM ME ON YOUR NEXT GAME OR MATCH OR WHATEVER THEY’RE CALLED? I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU PLAY!” He manages to play off his concerns, albeit in a not so subtle way (to him at least).

The day of your next match comes and golly, he’s not ready. Like Tale! Pap, he’s got his whole diaper bag of medical supplies, but he takes it a step further and has 9-1-1 on speed dial. Never has Blueberry sweated so much sitting down, like seriously, I think he’s burning more calories here than he ever will in his entire life training with Alphys.

His fingers are crossed and he’s praying to whatever stronger force there is out there to keep you safe. Sure, he’s sparred with you before, but he takes it easy on you. For someone as “GREAT AND MAGNIFICENT AS HIMSELF” would be too much to handle at full force. But what about these random beefed up ladies?? They don’t know that they should be gentle with-

He flinches as you zoom by a flock of opponents, making them all fall with a single swipe. 



I think you broke him?

When the match is finally over, you have to shake him back to his senses. Like really, the place’s empty already. Once he breaks out of his shock, he is showering you with praise and skelekisses.

Such a sweetheart.


“its always the sweet ones with the oddest hobbies, isn’t it?” Stretch wonders aloud as he reclines in his seat.

He strokes his chin, immediately getting himself lost in thought. “now that i think about it, that actually makes a lot of sense.”

You tilt your head. What kind of reaction was this?? “What do you mean?”

“what?” He seems quite amused at your question. “you didn’t think i was oblivious to all those bruises, didya? plus, the skates in your room were a dead giveaway.”

Welp, you kinda suck at hiding things.

You figured you might as well invite him to one of the darn matches to make up for your obliviousness.

“sure i’ll go, honeybun. i’d skate to see you go alone.”

Dumb puns aside, he does attend your match. For some odd reason, he’s the least concerned of the skeles. He sits up in the stands with a bundle of lollipops and is pretty content with the environment, save for the loud set of opposing team supporters beside him.

“Oh yeah! That other team is fucked!” One man yells.

The man besides him notices Stretch and grins, making full eye contact with him.”All they have going for them is that Femur Fever bitch! That’s it! We’ll win for sure!”

Stretch’s smile tightens. That was the same name he had laughed at the whole car ride up here. He doesn’t say anything. Instead, he continues watching you do your thing.

‘please do something cool.’

‘please prove these asshats wrong.’

As if the stars above had aligned in his favor, you overlap the other team with ease and the opposing fans go silent.

Now its Stretch’s turn to smile like an idiot. He has that face that only the smuggest of bastards wear as he stares at the men who had pulled some passive aggressive BS on him

‘yeah. how do them apples taste, asshole?’

Like UT! Sans, he’s very supportive of your interests and treats you to a bite at Muffet’s afterwards.



You had him at derby. That would imply that its a competition.


Uh okay, you’re going to pretend you didn’t hear that.


“SO TELL ME, S/O. WHAT DO YOU DO IN THIS SO CALLED ‘ROLLER DERBY’??” He inquired with a quotation of his hands.

Once you explain to him the jist of the sport, he’s beaming at you. Actually, that’s probably one of the happiest faces you’ve seen him make.


You let out a confused ‘huh?’. “Really? Like right now right now?”

Blackberry is a little disgruntled at your hesitance. “YES! LIKE RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW!”

Before you had a chance to respond, he’s dragging you out to the car with your gear in hand. “WE MUST LEAVE NOW OR YOU’LL BE LATE FOR THE MATCH!”

“Wait, what match?”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT MATCH?? I MEAN THE ONE I SIGNED YOU UP FOR RIGHT NOW!” Oh lord, he has his calendar pulled out and everything.

And so, you had to mentally prepare yourself for the derby match he had instantaneously  signed you up for. Fortunately for you, it was an amateur match he had thrown you in. Afterall, what organization would’ve accepted you so quickly?






You knock on your covered head. “Definitely.”

“ALRIGHT THEN.” He’s about to turn you loose when you suddenly see him go all fidgety. He seems to be contemplating something.

“Sans? You oka-” He stops your concerns with a kiss to your cheek. His skull burns a bright purple and he quickly looks away. “D-DON’T HURT YOURSELF TOO MUCH, S/O. SOMEBODY REALLY CARES ABOUT YOU.”

His words stick to you as you speed by a group of competitors. What? They don’t call you Askeleration for nothing.

Meanwhile, Blackberry is yelling in the stands and is clinging for dear life onto the seat in front of him. “GO S/O! FIGHT THEM WITH YOUR UNDYING FURY AND PASSION! SHOW THEM WHAT IT TRULY MEANS TO BE THE ALPHA SKATER!!”

Once you’re done absolutely obliterating the others, Blackberry has this grin on his face as he marches you over to the car. He won’t stop recalling the match play-by-play.

Stop him now or surrender your sleep.


“roller derby, m’lady? really?!” Rus stares at you with amazement.

The sudden level of praise made you blush, but you stutter out a ‘yes’ anyways.

“oh boy,” His wonder quickly washes off his face as he takes your forearm. “you’re not hurt, are you love?”

You shrug. “It’s a part of the sport, but I really am okay.”

His smile is tight as he drags his phalanges across a few old bruises. “oh no,” It sounds like he’s talking to himself. “well, at least these look older.”

You start to feel a little guilty for making him worry. “Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” Bringing your arm up to your face, you place a gentle peck on his knuckles.

He seems flattered by this gesture. “s’fine, love,” His other hand makes his way to your face. “jus’ a little concerned about you, s’all.” As he cups the side of your head, you lean into him.

“Does this mean you’re gonna watch my next match?” You look up at him with innocent eyes, a smile creeping on your lips.

“next match?” He deflates. “oh love. i don’t think i could ever handle watching all those people attempt to hurt my mistress.”

“Its just a game, Rus,” You huff. “I’ll be fine. Trust me.”

Rus eyes you up and down. He’s never been so unsure of something so…spontaneous. One one hand, you’ll be able to do what you love, but risk the chance of getting hurt. On the other hand, he declines and you’re mad at him for 5ever.

“i…” Rus scrapes his skull for an answer. “i-i guess i’m watching you then, huh?” Oh stars, he’s already regretting his answer.

But that excited expression you made silence his protests.

On the day of your match, your coach’s protest fall on deaf ears as Rus seats himself on the team bench. After a while, your coach stops her nagging as she starts to use his 6′8 presence as an intimidation tactic. He was silently refusing her demands, so why not use this to the team’s advantage?

Rus has this unreadable grin every time you sweep by him and he’s absolutely humored by your stage name: Skullface.

Its so suave and skeleton related. Its so you.

And he’s only further elated as you dodge and parry every charging opponent, yelling out commands to your teammates at 100mph.

Afterwards, he takes you out to a restaurant with bountiful amounts of food. I mean, how else is he gonna keep his little jammer healthy?

The tol only falls further for you.


Broken Crown - Part 3

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader (at this point I should give her a name)

A/N: Please don’t hate me after this. Quick question, how would those who like my writing feel if I were to start a story on here? All my own characters and plot. It’s been in my head for a while, I just couldn’t decided if I wanted to post on here or Wattpad. Let me know!!!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4 

To the Lady Sansa of House Stark and House Dayne,

       She has become numb. When I hold her, I feel her body crumble into nothing. As I pretend to sleep, I hear her up all night. Violent sobs rake through her body and ruin my heart. She is not the same as she once was. This is not the woman we met so long ago. I love her, more than I have ever loved another. But, I am afraid the feelings are not reciprocated anymore. What happened during the Battle of the Dead, haunts her. Sometimes I wish it was me who did what she had to do. I am torn by it too, but there is something inside of her that has been completely wrecked. I thought moving back up to Winterfell was going to help, but she is still not happy. All I am trying to say is, I need your help. Please come North. Tell your husband it is by order of the King and also your brother. Little sister, I wish you the safest of travels. 

Jon Snow is alive. He has done the impossible but, he could not have done it without his Queen. The Night King is gone and the time that followed should’ve been one of celebration. Except, Jon finds himself two months later holed up in his study writing a letter and pleading with his sister to come North. 

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The Way You Walk

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16. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

The Way You Walk

She knew she was bugging him, edging him on to the brim. But he was so good hearted, he could never sway her away like the others always do when they had enough of her. Albeit her curiosity was the most annoying thing to grace the lands of earth.

And yet, he was enchanted by her spell, Her brown hair would always grace the tip of her waist shaping her round ass, her short legs perfect for her body, and her eyes boring into his cold baby blues, big and doughy.

“If I tap your metal plates, would you feel it?” She asked, scotching closer to his body on the couch, while he furthered himself from her prying musk slamming right into the couches rest arm  

“ Not much,” He whispered, Bucky learned the hard way that if he didn’t answer her questions it would just lead to her answering her own questions by rambling on and on about stupid crap he didn’t even understand. She was just a nurse that works at the compound, although she had found a sudden interest in one of her recent patient.

“What If I lick it?” She placed her fingers under her chin and purled her brows together.

“I really hope you wont do that,” He asked annoyed by her sudden change of attitude. He looked horrified, because if he learned anything, it would be that this nurse would do anything that strung from between her lips. 

“What does your hair feel like?” She asked, forgetting about his arm, she leaned closer to his shoulder, her slim fingers just inches away from his dry locks. She stood for a second, blinking a few times before her gaze shifted to Bucky’s eyes, he knew she was asking for permission. At least she gave him a choice. 

“Go ahead…” He grumbled, slumping deeper into the couch. She knew he was angry, he even looked pissed. Yet the personal medic still found her nails digging into the man’s skull, softly pulling at his roots before grabbing strands from the rim of his forehead. She gathered all his hair, until she reached the part of his other ear. James was about to say something, ask if she’s done or if she had just found something in his hair- he was ready to defend his case, Natasha got angry at him this morning and threw a pancake his way.- He had took three showers just to get the syrup out. But before he could get an utter out from between his chapped pink lips, the girl was pulling his head in between her breasts and continued to finish the braid with much thought. 

“There, your done!” She exclaimed, letting go of Buchanan’s head. His body instantly shot back up, arms still crossed over his chest, face still stoic. “Can I take a picture?” Her voice sounded scared, that was probably the only time he saw the girl tucked close to him sound worried. 

“Maybe later-”

“Can I put flowers in between your braid?” 

Buchanan released an audible sigh of exhaustion. She was wearing him out, either he liked to admit or not, she was a handful. He never understood why she kept coming to him, Bothering, annoying, pestering, he guessed it was partly because he doesn’t have the guts to shut her off like rest of the team- Even Steve sometimes rudly walks away from her rambling. Bucky was always there to pick up the shattered pieces.

“Can we go in the garden, I want to put flowers in your hair please.” She held onto his metal arm and pulled hard. Causing his frame to bend down to where she was. He thought if he didn’t do much she would get the message, but the girl just egged him on more. “Come on, please Bucky!” She went ahead and stood up, dusting her shorts before fixing Steve’s shirt that’s she most likely stole from the dryers down stairs. “Please…” Her bangs framed the side of her face. As she now held onto Bucky’s fingers trying to intertwine hers with the metal ones. 

“Why won’t you leave me alone?” Bucky asked, his attention diverted behind the medic as he closely listened to the food network. His words weren’t meant to hurt the girl, in fact he wanted nothing of the sorts, he just hoped she would leave him alone. But that proved futile when she jumped back next to him and shoved her face in between his neck. He was surprised at first, stiff even. But gave it a rest once she spoke the next sentence.

“I won’t move until we go to the gardens.” 

And like that, James found himself staring at the screen trying his very hardest to ignore the prying big baby beside him. She noted his attitude, figuring out that he could go on hours without being annoyed from her smothering her face next to his neck, so she draped her arms around his body, pouting for a bigger effect.

“Fine!” Bucky exclaimed, pushing her warm body away from him. He stood up, but was surprised when he found the bubbly girl already exiting the compound. “Dammit.” He muttered defeated. 

Once he was outside, in Starks garden, he found the girl lazily picking flowers that seemed to interest her. She would grab one, bend down from the waist and sniff it before moving on to the next. Everytime she would bend her hair would escape from between her bitty ears and frame her face. She was an angle, roaming the earth, and Barnes just hoped she was his.

Bucky was beyond annoyed at this point, but watching the girl before him prancing about had slightly loosened the dark feeling. He loved her, but could sometimes say otherwise when her nagging contrasted with his patience. 

“Come over here Bucky.” The small cinnamon haired lady whispered as she placed a hand over her eyes to shield from the seeping suns rays. 

He walked over, or more like marched with dignity. Lips pieced shut, eyes grazing hard into her warm chocolate ones. She giggled once he came over, handing him the flowers after demanding he sits between the tulips so she would wrangle some flowers in his hair. 

“Why are you still laughing?” Bucky murmured, his eyes closed from the relaxing sensation her hands did to his hairlines. 

“Why do you walk like that?” She softly asked, patting the flowers in place and opening a few to keep them from closing in. 

“Walking with a different amount of weigh on one side does that to you.” He shrugged. His pupils opening once she stopped touching him. She fell to her knees and wrapped her frail arms around his built fame. Her hands didn’t even reach beyond his forearms. He was two built and wide. 

“(Y/N)?” Bucky asked, his own hand over hers. 

She hummed in satisfaction, giving him the willpower to continue. 

“I think I might be falling in love with you.” 

They both stood up, surprised at Bucky’s sudden confession. He looked nervous, ready to bolt it out from here, but her next words kept him grounded in place.  

“I think I might be falling in love with you too.” 

Like that, the solider had grasped the back of her neck, pulling her closer to him, he placed his nose right beside hers, foreheads aligned. He didn’t wast much time before his lips molded with hers, trying his hardest to dip her. But she broke the kiss with a string of giggles. 

He couldn’t help but pant, a small smirk gracing his features. Allowing her to push him back a bit. 

“Not in public…” Her whisper came sandwiched between her breathes as she ran her fingertips across her plump lips. Turning around and leaving the garden with the longest record of being quite. He didn’t avert his gaze, he watched her enter the building before hanging his head in worry.

“Well at least now you know how to shut her up…” Scott stated as a matter of factly, reverting back to his normal size, surprising the former assassin. 

“Fucks sake!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey I wanted to say I love your blog. And ask if you've got amy more of this awesome 20-ish SoSu x Deacon? Maybe Deacon loving sole but still thinking it's a bit wrong because of the age gap? Or Some random settlers/people from Diamond city being mean to them for the same reason? i'' appreciate whatever you'll write *.*

Alright, so, I wanted to post another reaction before I did anymore Deacon stuff but… Oh well. I promise to have a reaction up tomorrow though! I’m almost done with it. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I would like to say I have an excuse for you, but I don’t :(

On a side note though, I restarted Fallout 4 on survival mode and just… :’)

Also, Codsworth is savage, like wow.

Also also, thanks anon for sending this in! 20-ish SoSu x Deacon is my OTP :’)

Dammit, I should’ve said no.

No, fucking, no.

Way to go Deacon, agreeing to date someone half your age. What did you think was going to happen? That her friends would sit idly by while she wasted her life on some old-as-dirt, fucking piece of shit like you? That they would spout at her that time-honored line of bullshit of “whatever makes you happy?”

I’d already received a less than pleasant visit from Piper. Big sibling syndrome: she stormed in, all clenched fists and bared teeth, and slammed her hands down on my desk, getting right up in my face.

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Well, I’m kidding about ninety-nine point nine nine nine percent of the time that my mouth’s open, so as a general rule it’s probably always safer to say, yes, I am kidding you.”

“You’d better be! I mean, what did you think you were doing saying yes to Sole? Did you think it was a good idea? To string along someone as young and open and fragile as she is?! What are you getting at here Deacon? Is this another one of your damn lessons? Because I swear if it is-“

My chair screamed across the floorboards as I stood up. Piper flinched and backed off of the table, but managed to keep a scowl on her face. I stared her down from behind my sunglasses, however her body language suggested that none of the effect was diluted.

“I’m a liar Piper, not heartless. It might be hard for you to imagine, but I care about Sole, and I wouldn’t dare hurt her, not after what happened last time.”

Piper’s lips quirked to one side. She wasn’t convinced, nor did she have any reason to. I am a liar, after all. At a loss for gesticulation, the reporter simply crossed her arms.

“One wrong move Deacon, and I will have your name and face plastered on every last inch of the Commonwealth.”

I chuckled.

“Charming thought, Pipes, but the Gunners already beat you to it. Feel free plaster away though; I’ll have already changed my name and face by the time you print the first issue.”

Piper smirked.

“I thought you promised Sole you wouldn’t change your face again.”

“I did.”

“Whatever. Just watch yourself, old man.”

“Always do.”

Preston and Danse have been giving me the stink eye too. The minuteman, thankfully, has been a smidgen more tactful about his displeasure with Sole’s and my relationship. Knowing the lion-hearted man, he probably kept quiet for Sole’s sake. He always did have a soft spot for her. A little late on the draw, I’m afraid. Early bird gets the worm, Preston.

Eugh. Actually, let’s never say that again.  Sole isn’t bird-breakfast, or some kind of prize. Shit. Maybe I should that doe-eyed do-gooder have a chance with her. He’d be a hell of a lot better for Sole than me.

Shit, even Danse would’ve been a better choice. Unlike the minuteman, Danse was a bit more brusque in his disapproval. If he hadn’t been actively attacking my character, his little speech might’ve actually been funny.

“Deacon, I am astounded by the profound lack of dignity you’ve revealed by being with Sole. Not only is this completely irresponsible of you, but the relationship itself is utterly disgusting. Disgraceful, even. You’re old enough to be her father; aren’t you the least bit ashamed of yourself?”


“Not as ashamed as you should be of that haircut. Maybe it’s time to go fully shaved Danse. I’ve got a few tips and tricks I can spare, but be warned, a good barber never reveals all of his secrets. Or is that magicians?”

Danse let a sneer smear across his smug-ass face.

“Hmph. I would expect as much coming from someone who dabbles in manipulation and subterfuge. I’m watching you Deacon. One wrong move, and I’ll be the first to introduce you to the barrel of my gun.”

“Sir yes sir.”

I gave him a lazy salute, and then headed on my way. I can only take so much of him at one time.

Shockingly enough, even our resident stone-cold killer came to pay me a visit. Terse as always, he didn’t mince his words.

“When you inevitably end up hurting Sole, don’t be surprised when I break your skull. Understand?”

“Loud and clear killer. But hey, you mind watching the face? It’s expensive. The spine however: open season! Feel free to break each and every little vertebrae yourself!”

X6’s nostrils flared with a slightly irritated sigh before he stalked off, making a show of his curt turn.

Thank God for Curie. She seemed to be the only one around Sanctuary with any sense, or rather, lack thereof.

“I do not understand! If you both love each other, then what is so wrong with you two being together? If Mademoiselle Edna and Monsieur Zwicky have taught us anything, then it is that love has few boundaries!”

“While I appreciate the sentiment Miss Curie, the relationship between my mistress and Deacon is of quite a different vein.” Codsworth butted in. Damn, I had really been hoping to avoid her robo-butler. “This lout is about twice as old as Mistress Sole, and has somehow manipulated the poor young thing into a horrible, dead-end relationship. She’s not equipped to deal with all of his undoubtedly heavy baggage, and she deserves someone who can take care of her instead of the other way around! I am loath with you Deacon, especially after I entrusted you with her safety. Then again, maybe it was poor foresight on my part for trusting a liar.”

I saw no need to argue.

And too bad for me if I wanted to slosh my way into oblivion because now even my favorite, red-headed drinking buddy sees fit shun me. I have a hunch that if Sole didn’t make her infatuation with me so glaringly obvious to everyone, Cait would’ve already put me in the ground. Instead, she settles for the occasional dirty look or just flat out ignoring me. To be honest, it stings a little that she hasn’t even bothered to give me a good verbal thrashing. I needed something to suck me back to reality.

Speaking of reality, here’s the real zinger: Nick.

Good ol’ Nicky, one of the few people too good for this fucked up world, didn’t bother to talk to me. Which was good; talking to me is a complete waste of time, and he knows it. Rather, he took Sole, sweet little Sole, into his cozy Sanctuary house to speak with her, and like a fool I skulked outside the window, listening to the two people I admire most in the Commonwealth discuss my least favorite topic: me.

Nick offered Sole a seat on his couch; I could hear the squeak of centuries old springs as they both sat down. Nick starts, but only after letting a few beats of silence settle them in.

“So Deacon, huh? That’s an… interesting choice.”

She huffed out a halfway amused laugh.

“That’s what everyone tells me, more or less.”

They go quiet again. She was never much of a talker. Nick sighed; it’s a conscious response for him, seeing as breathing for a synth is quite redundant.

“Sole, I’ve known Deacon for a long time. He’s a good man, but I believe both of you going about this irrationally. Now I don’t say this to scare you, but I want you to think about your relationship with him for a second. Deacon is old enough to be your father. Albeit a young father, but a father none the less. You’ll grow old together, sure, but he’ll pass on long before you do, probably by a good fifteen years or more. That’s a long time to miss a spouse. And what about kids? If you have them, they’re going to lose their father at an early age. And before you start off on me about early deaths in the Commonwealth, that’s different. Death by raiders, illness, wildlife: those are unforeseeable tragedies. This on the other hand, is avoidable… Just something for you to think about before cementing anything.”

More silence. I was tempted to peek, to see what was happening.

“Hey now, don’t cry sweetheart. I’m just trying to look out for you. You may be the savior of the Commonwealth, but that doesn’t mean you’re accustomed to it. Hell, you probably weren’t even accustomed to your world before thawing out here. You’re young Sole, and whether or not you want to admit it, you need someone looking after you. Everyone does, to some extent. But what’s more is that this is still your decision. If even after thinking it through you decide to stay with Deacon, I’ll support you both.”

There’s more creaking of the springs and some rustling of clothes. I chanced a look past the windowsill to see Nick hugging Sole with her face buried in the crook of his neck. The old synth spotted me right away, lifting a questioning brow, but said nothing. I gave him a grateful nod of my head and fled the scene just before he finished the hug.

“Alright, time for you to run along home before it gets dark. After these last few days, you need some rest.”

Turning away, I hiked up the hill behind Sanctuary to my humble abode: a nondescript little makeshift cabin. It looked as worn down as I felt, but even after Sole offered me a house in Sanctuary proper, I declined and insisted she have Sturges build me something small and out of the way. Pushing past the rusted red door, I collapsed into my tattered armchair and pulled out a cigarette because damn did I need one.

Barely two minutes into my smoke break, just when the nicotine started taking the edge off, my door gently creaked open. Sole tip-toed in, searching for me with big, watery eyes. I sat up, both hands pressed against the arms of the chair, poised to launch me to her side, but then I froze, smoking cigarette still caught between my lips.

This is it, I thought, Nick got to her. He always gets to her. Good for him. Good for her. Devastating for me. But this is how it should be, damn it. Don’t screw this up Deacon, just let her go. Let. Her. Go. She doesn’t need any more fuck ups in her life. Go ahead and end it, and maybe it won’t hurt too badly. Shit. Stop shaking. Shit, stop shaking.

Her hand on my shoulder makes me jump. I’m still frozen, but my eyes never leave hers. And her eyes, they’re red-rimmed and brimming, so she won’t be saying much. Talking unravels her.

She gestured her head down and then back up. I nodded reassuringly at her. A shaky sigh left through her nose, and then Sole carefully curled up in my lap, forcing me to recline from my coiled position. Her forehead warmed my neck, but the familiar feeling couldn’t help me relax. Plucking the cig from my mouth, I tried releasing some tension in one long, trembling breath.

“You were supposed to go home.” I said.

I felt her shrug.

“Didn’t want to.”

She wasn’t surprised that I eavesdropped. She was never surprised by my deceits, even the ones she fell for and then later discovered… or didn’t discover, ever since that damned recall code gag. She fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. But the price we paid for it in the end, were her lowered expectations. That’s the only lie in my whole career that I ever considered a failure.

Hell, how can she stand to live in the same community as me, much less come to me for comfort?

I take a long drag, willing some pesky tear back inside their ducts. Come on now Deacon, get it out before you lose your cool.

“Sole, I think… it’s been long enough. What we’ve shared has been nice and all, but for both our sake, it’s time to break it off.”

She jerked back like I’d hit her, her elbows digging uncomfortably into my chest. I could see her angrily trying to blink back the already falling tears.

“Wh-what?” Her hands fisted up in my shirt, clenching and un-clenching. “But… why?”

“Sole, please, this is already hard enough. I’m not good for you; never will be. Believe me, you don’t want to be hitched to this fuck up for the rest of your life.” I swallowed hard, and damn it, now I’m crying too. I saw realization spark across her face as the first tear breached the rim of my glasses. Compassionately, like everything she did, she took them off and set the pair on the side table.

We watched each other quietly crying. Shit, we must’ve been the most pitiful sight on the face of the earth at that moment.

Suddenly her hands were on my face, and she leaned in. The warmth of her breath caused a buzzing sensation starting through my lips.

“Don’t.” I whispered.

Sole didn’t answer. Her lips pressed against mine.

It was our first.

And it changed my mind.

“I love you.” I blurted, my lips awkwardly moving against hers as I said it.

“I love you too. I love you too.” She whimpered against me. “I don’t want to leave you Dee. Please. I don’t care what anyone else says, even if they end up being right. Even if you’re twice my age, and even if this means sacrificing my golden years. Maybe I am young and stupid, but I’m young and stupidly in love, and that’s all I know.”

She kissed me harder the next time. I was sure that her mouth was heaven on earth. Soft, prying and yielding at the same time, coaxing. And her tongue, God her tongue, slipping out and running across my chapped bottom lip. When she pulled away, it was too soon.

“And you’re not a fuck up Deacon.” Her thumbs rubbed rapidly at my tears, feeling soft against my cheekbones. “You’re not. You’re so not.”

I squeezed her hips, probably too hard; It had been so long, too long, since I felt this overcome. Shit, I was in deep.

“Ca- mm- C-Can’t argue with a pretty lady.” I cheesed, and there was that smile. I lived for that smile.  “Now, where were we?”

“I think I remember where we left off.” She said, and if there’s one thing I can count on it’s this,

Sole definitely isn’t a liar.

Shaken, Not Stirred || Suga || Part 2

Summary:  Another night, another shift at Black Out. Another shift meant another 10 hours of watching the enigmatic gangster Min Yoongi reject every single woman who walked up to him. But perhaps tonight would be a little different for the both of you.

Word Count: 1,764

A/N: Y’know, I wasn’t planning on releasing a second part to this scenario but a lot of people requested it I though ‘Eh, why not?’ cause I’m always one to please. I might just leave it at these two parts because I already have three ongoing Suga series (read RoommatesNext Door and Stereo Hearts here). Regardless, I hope you enjoy this installment.

<< Part 1 ||

You wiped your forehead with the back of your weaker hand while your dominant one cleaned up the spill on the bench top in front of you, the collapsed figure of a drunken man slumped next to an overturned cup and his head resting on the sticky wood.

You looked up towards one of the security guards roaming around the filled club and locked eyes with him, nudging your head to the male passed out in front of you.

As the bouncer reached the bar, you smiled apologetically at your co-worker, watching as he scooped the man up by his arms and escorted him from the premises, leaving the bench unoccupied.

It was midnight, a mere 6 hours into your usual shift at Black Out and you wanted to do nothing more than what the businesses name insinuated. Your co-worker who had been put on to share your shift had left half an hour ago, a family emergency that required their full attention and resulted in them abandoning you to be the soul bartender.

You weren’t worried about the customers - you could handle the influx of orders that arose every hour. You were more concerned with the idea that you wouldn’t survive the rest of your shift due to the rising fatigue that was filling your being. Normally your co-worker would be there to keep you awake, on your toes, but his absence meant you were to fend for yourself.

Another body stumbled over to you, propping their hands on the bar as the mop of bleach blond hair was slowly lifted, revealing a dazed stare of another intoxicated patron.

“What can I get you today, handsome?” You asked with a smile, watching as the bleariness retracted from his eyes and his lips quirked into their own sly grin.

From your short time working at Black Out, you learnt that everyone loved to have their ego stroked – whether their liked to admit it or not – and the people would often tip more when they were drunk and praised by the person making their drink.

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