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J: With Taemin, you cannot find fault. I’m the leader and oldest but he has a lot that I learn from.

T: He [Jinki] never forgets to smile…seeing that makes me feel really good. Please stay the same, hyung!

Conspiracy theory:
  • MONSTA X are the Leonardo DiCaprio of Kpop

y'all im tellin u rn jeno fkn loves skinship this boy always finds a way to touch one of his members whether it’s putting an arm around them or lightly touching their arm like ‘boy look at me’ but i just find that so cute like what a lil fluffball

Things that Marvel needs to do in my opinion,

even if it’s not possible:

  • Black Widow movie. Either with Hawkeye (Budapest) or about hunting the Winter Soldier in the past. It can be a short movie, like half an hour to at least TELL US WHAT HAPPENED IN BUDAPEST. It’s been 4 years!
  • More movies with badass female leads. (I’m so thrilled for Captain Marvel).
  • No more whitewashing. I love Marvel but they honestly need to cast the right actors/actresses. Well at least as good as they can.  
  • Make their villains ‘better’. Loki and Wilson Fisk are the only villains who had enough backstory. They need to focuse more on the villains, not only on the hero’s.
  • Peter Quill meeting his grandpa if he’s still alive. 
  • Peter Quill visiting earth before Infinity War.
  • Peter Quills’s dad showed.
  • One last season of Agent Carter. There are questions left unanswered!
  • Loki, Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Strange meeting and having an awesome fighting scene. Either them fighting together and against each other. 
  • Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Bruce Banner having a conversation about clever-stuff. And maybe including Fitz-Simmons.
  • Coulson catching up with the avengers and Steve Rogers beeing happy that his greatest fan is alive. 
  • Happy comes back as Tony’s friend. 
  • Scott Lang and Steve Rogers having more conversations. 
  • May and Natasha and Gamora (and Jessica Jones) fighting together.
  • Peter Parker being friends with Wanda Maximoff because they are ‘the younglings’ and still kids. 
  • Daredevil and Captain America fighting together (I don’t know. I kinda want them together on screen).
  • Loki facing Thanos.
  • Loki staying alive. 
  • Loki showing off his tricks and fighting skills. 
  • Tony and Pepper getting back together.  
  • Steve/Bucky flashbacks.
  • Domestic!Steve Rogers and him being angry at the prices. 
  • Female Frost Giants (How do they even look like?).
  • Loki meeting his real mom.
  • Thor telling Odin that Odin was a bad parent and Loki being surprised about what his brother said. 
  • Loki accepting that Thor is his ‘brother’, but still being salty about everything. Him still doing mischief and staying true to himself but with less selfhate. 
  • Flashback of Thor and Loki’s childhood. With Frigga in it. And the Warriors three and Lady Sif.
  • The warriors three and Lady Sif helping Thor in Infinity War.
  • Steve wanting to use the time stone to travel back into the past to live with Peggy. 
  • Instead of dying in infinity war, Steve leaves the 21th century after infinity war and lives with Peggy. He’s never Captain America again and no one knows he’s alive. Bucky taking his place or Bucky coming with him.
  • The other Nine Realms being showed.
  • Peter Maximoff coming back to life just because. 
  • Luke Cage meeting Rhodey and Sam Wilson. 
  • Luke Cage and Jessica Jones getting back together.
  • Wanda keeping the Aether safe while Vision has the mind stone and Doctor Strange has the time stone.  
  • Stan Lee having many cameos because I love this man so much. 
  • Darcy and Doctor Selvig just being there.
  • Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff having a thing or breaking up for good. 
  • Clint Barton surviving everything because he’s a family man and his death would kill me. 
  • The inhumans fighting in Infinity War.
  • Baby Groot kicking ass.
  • Tony getting drunk with Rocket. 
  • The avengers visiting Asgard. 
  • Doctor Strange showing us different dimensions.
  • Original Wasp being found in a different dimension. 
  • Bucky Barnes leading with Steve (as best friends or lovers, you decide) a normal life after all the Thanos stress.
  • Avengers and X-men universe melt together or they meet. That’d be awesome.
  • Deadpool, Spiderman and Daredevil in one room.
  • Much more information about the Infinity Stones. 

Did I forget something? 

SF9 ON WEEKLY IDOL ON 10TH MAY 2017!!!!!!!


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I've always thought it'd be wild if humanity ever entered an irl sci fi future scenario and met another alien race, let's call them the Quacksians, because like, all previous sci fi would be invalidated and all future sci fi would have to include the Quacksians because that's the new baseline reality(and would Quacksians show up in future fantasy fiction alongside humans?). Then I realized that's what happened to a lot of stories when the moon turned out barren. Funny how these things happen.

A lot of science fiction novels talk about the fiction that exists in the world itself. It’s a good narrative device to show how people in the world itself see something. For example, in Isaac Asimov’s Caves of Steel, there are pulpy novels about the arrogant, rich spacers who visit earth: usually, they involve a beautiful spacer girl who falls in love with the tough earth hero. The point of telling us this is to show us how the residents of earth’s dome cities resent and distrust the spacers and believe they are aloof because of their wealth and arrogance, instead of the more humanizing truth: Spacers can’t mingle in an earth city because they have no immune systems. 

Another one of my favorite examples of this is in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s Watchmen, where, because real superheroes exist, comic books are all about pirates. I love that because apparently the major figure in comics history, the Stan Lee, Steranko, and Jack Kirby rolled into one of this timeline, is EC horror comic guy Joe Orlando. Orlando was a tremendously gifted artist but he never really “got” superhero books. I wonder if Don Heck, another gifted comic artist, is a more major figure in the Watchmen earth. He was a good artist who was good at Westerns and horror but who was terrible at fantasy elements. 

(Side note: based on the art, for years, I thought Steranko did Watchmen.)

One of the best novels about how science fiction stories actually change scientific development and shape a science fiction world would have to be Alan Steele’s Chronospace (2001) which is about how UFOs are actually time machines. The idea is that time travel would only be possible in space, as that is where wormholes could be safely created. Combine that with the fact that they avoid all contact with us, there’s a good case that UFOs are time traveling observers from earth. When time traveling, our heroes learn that it was scifi that inspired their own time machine.

I’ve often championed this series, but one of the most incredibly ahead of its time series would have to be L. Sprague de Camp’s “Hand of Zei” and Planet Krishna stories from the 1950s, which are both a spoof of the John Carter of Mars planet yarn, and a decent straight example at the same time. And part of the reason I like it is because even though it’s written in the 1950s, it’s genre self aware in a Whedonian style, with wisecracking and people identifying tropes. Yet this was written in the early 1950s!

One of my favorite details is that people sign up for jobs in space exploration because they read Edgar Rice Burroughs novels and wanted to do something romantic and exciting with their lives. 

2: You meet Mark again after a long time

I hope you like this part two. I’m glad people liked part one enough to request the second part so I hope this doesn’t disappoint. Looking up the English translation their song Angel might help with this if you haven’t already or don’t speak Korean. Have a nice day - Em x

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You looked down at the piece of paper Mark had scribbled an address down on. The address was only a short walk and then few subway stops from your apartment.

“See you later,” you said to y/b/f. As you put on some shoes and shut the door behind you. You kept checking your phone to see if Mark had sent you any messages But of course he hadn’t.

You were nervous. Shaking your head, you tried to push any negative thoughts out of your head. You were going to see Mark so he could make it up to you. It was him trying to impress you, not the other way around. You had nothing to lose.

It was starting to rain as you got off the subway and you had forgotten the umbrella. You quickly typed the address into google maps and worked out where you had to go. You pulled the hood of your jumper over your head and began to walk quickly.

The rain was getting harder quickly, so you began to jog slightly. You looked up to see where you were, noticing that you had no idea. You hadn’t been looking where you were running.

You thought about calling Mark but you couldn’t be sure if he would pick up. Despite the pouring rain you pulled your hood down so you could see and looked at your phone.

You ran the last few streets towards the NCT dorm praying you wouldn’t catch hypothermia. You caught sight of yourself in a shop window. So much for making an impression with your looks.

Eventually you found the right building. The note had said building number so you rang the buzzer.

“Who is it?” A voice called out, through the com system. Of course, they were a band they wouldn’t be allowed to let random people in.

“Um my, my name is y/n,” You stuttered, your lips were too cold to talk properly. “Um, I’m here to s…see Mark,” The door buzzed and the lock released. You hurried into the building shutting the door behind you.

The main dorm was upstairs, downstairs was just a hallway, so you walked up. You were walking a lot slower now. You were nervous, particularly because you looked like you had been swimming.

When you got upstairs you peeked around the corner. Two boys were sitting on the sofa watching TV. You didn’t know a lot about NCT it had always saddened you because of Mark. But you had done some research to see what Mark left you for of course.

From your limited knowledge, you knew that one of the boys on the sofa was Taeyong and that the other was Haechan. The leader and the maknae sitting together was quite a cute scene. You walked into the room.

Taeyong immediately looked around and smiled.

“You must be Mark’s friend from Canada.” He said getting up to greet you. He seemed to notice your situation post being attacked by the weather.

“Usually I would give such a great friend a hug, but today I think you would prefer a towel. I’ll get Mark!” He said darting off to find a towel and Mark. you wondered why he had gone so quickly but then you noticed a grinning Haechan.

“You know when he first came Mark never shut up about you. He must like you y/n. Honestly he never shut up it was annoying but its good you make him so happy. Also, he should have texted you. I always told him so…” Haechan was cut off by Mark who had gone really red.

Taeyong came back holding a towel. He handed it to you and pulled Haechan away from Mark.

“We are going to practise some dance stages” Taeyong said to you smiling. He turned to Haechan whispering as they went away.

“Mark told you Haechan, I told you not to say it.”

You looked back to Mark. He was wearing much more casual clothes than the day you had met him but he seemed much less relaxed.

“Are you okay?” he asked taking the towel and wrapping it around you. “Wait here I will make us hot chocolate.” He motioned for you to sit down. As he got the coffee you looked around the NCT dorm. It was very nice, much nicer than your apartment but then it would be.

Mark came back with two cups of coco and sat down next to you. You took the cup shivering slightly. Because of how quickly everything had just happened you had forgotten how cold you are. Mark moved closer to you and put his arm around you, hugging you.

You laughed, “If you get too close to me you will get wet,”

“Better that than you die of hypothermia y/n. Anyway, I need to make things right and if it involves hugging a victim of a rainstorm I don’t mind.” He said hugging you closer.

“I know you think I left you y/n. That I left and didn’t care about you but I did. I always did. I said I did it so it was easier for you, but I was lying. It was easier for me. The worst part about leaving by far was leaving you. I was leaving you with your boyfriend who I always hated because you were dating him, and not me. I didn’t text you because I couldn’t bear to hear how you were happy without me, because I was awful mean and selfish. But I didn’t forget you.” He said.

You looked up at him and he smiled sadly.

“Have you heard our song Angel?” You nodded. It was a pretty song.

“When I wrote that with Taeyong, I was writing about you.” He said. You put down your mug laughing.

“Great joke Mark real funny…” You were cut off by him placing his lips on yours. Only for a second or two but it was enough to shut you up. He brought his hand to your face.

“I don’t make jokes about that kind of thing y/n. To me you are an angel and I’m so, so sorry. Can I make it up to you?” You put your finger over his pink lips. 

“You already have Mark, you already have.” He gave you another kiss for slightly longer this time, his lips lingering on yours as if they never wanted to leave. When you finally pulled away. You could hear Taeyong and Haechan arguing from the door.

“Damn, I owe you 10,000 won now,” Taeyong whispered to Haechan.

“I knew they would end up together, I always knew.” He replied.