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Anything with '' What do you mean you lost the rings?!''

(sorry i made it: what do you mean you lost the ring?!“ - hope you like it anway :D - also “short” stories)

“Hey darling you look so wonderful.” says Peter when Tony opens his door. Tony blushes against his will, but Peter is always so sweet with him.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” answers Tony when he sees the dark blue suit Peter wears. Normally he hates suits, but sometimes he wears them for Tony.

“Well i hope so! Are you ready?” Peter says when he kisses Tony on the cheek. They are together for over a year and Peter is still such a gentleman.

Sometimes Tony can’t believe this is real.

“Ready for what?” answers Tony but takes his jacket from the closet. Peter shakes his head but smiles fondly at him.

“I’m not telling you! You know its a surprise.” says Peter and Tony nods.

“You know that i hate surprises.” sighs Tony and Peter smiles again.

“Nope. You don’t. You are only afraid that you’ll don’t like them and then have to smile anyway and i will see its a fake smile and then you are sad that you disappointed me.” sums Peter it up and Tony laughs.

“God i hate you, too!” he says because Peter knows him so well.

“I don’t believe you mister.” answers Peter and he takes Tonys hand in his.

At first Tony didn’t know how to react to that. Nobody wanted to hold his hand before. But he loves it. Peter takes such a good care of him.

“Not even a hint?” Tony asks and Peter squeezes his hand.

“Alright. We are not leaving the building tonight.” says Peter and Tony knocks his shoulder against Peters.

“What? Then why do i look so good?” asks Tony and he rolls his eyes. Peter looks at him.

“You know that you always look wonderful, starlight.” says Peter and his eyes are so dark. Tony could get lost in them.

“You know what i mean. Why did i have to doll up?” he asks again and Peter takes them up the stairs. Luckily Tonys apartment is on the top so its only one staircase.

“Because i love to look at you, when you dress like that. Can’t take my eyes of the prettiest man in the world.” Peter says and shrugs. As if that were nothing. Tony blushes again. Why is it so hot in here.

They step out on the roof and Tony sees a little table with two chairs in he middle of it.

“Oh.” he breathes and Peter smiles.

“Take a seat.” says Peter then and he even helps Tony on his chair. Gentleman. He had said it.

“So why do i deserve this?” says Tony and makes a gesture at the stars and their surroundings. Peter takes his hand again in his and kisses his knuckles.

“I love you.” is all Peter says and Tony nods.

“I love you, too.” he whispers back and Peters smiles is even brighter then the stars.

They sit like that for a few minutes and then Drax comes out. He wears a cute little apron and Tony laughs at that.

“What can i get you?” he asks grumpily and Peter smiles.

“Just water for me and Tony. Also i take the fish with vegetables and Tony takes his barbecued steak. Medium.” Peter says and Drax writes it down. Tony has to smile even more. Peter knows him so well.

“What did you agreed to, that he would do that?” asks Tony when Drax leaves them.

“Oh you know. Things. Gamora even cooks for us.” Peter says and Tony whistles. Gamora is the best cook he knows!

“Gentleman.” a new voice says and then Tony sees Rocket with a bass guitare. He salutes to them and stars playing. Right behind him is Yondu on a piano (Tony didn’t know that he could play) and Groot sits on top of it.

They play a slow song and Tony looks back to Peter.

But Peter doesn’t sit on his chair anymore. He stands right on Tonys other side and smiles so nervous. What …

And then Peter goes down to one knee. Tony can’t breathe.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to wait and ask you after the dinner but you look so beautiful and i couldn’t resist.” starts Peter and Tony can already feel tears in his eyes.

Is this real?

“Anthony Edward Stark. You are the most insane person i know and you make me laugh like nobody else does. You are always there for me and no matter what i do, you are beside me. We are together for 14 months now and there isn’t a day where i get tired of seeing you smile. I want to wake up next to you for the rest of my life. So will you…”

Tony is already crying. He can’t help it. The tears stream down his face but at the same time his smile is so bright.

“Shit.” says Peter then when he grabs in his pocket.

“What?” whispers Tony and Peters face goes a dark shade of red.

“I lost the ring.” says Peter.

The music stops at that and Peter searches in his other pocket.

“What do you mean you lost the ring?” yells Yondu now and Peter is nearly hysterical, when he searches the pockets of his jacket. Still no ring.

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.” Peter takes his jacket off and fumbles in the pocket again.

“Hey Peter!” says Tony and takes Peter cheeks in both of his hands.

“I can’t find the ring.” says Peter again and he sounds so close to crying now.

Ask me.” whispers Tony a new tear streams down his cheek.

“Anthony will you marry me?” Peter asks and Tony nods so hard, that it hurts.

“Yes!” Tony says and then kisses Peter. He is still crying but he doesn’t care.

“I’ll get you a new ring. I promise.” mumbles Peter between kisses but Tony doesn’t care about that, too. He is going to marry Peter!  

“And that is my son. Loosing the goddamn ring.” mutters Yondu in the back but nobody listens to him.

Peter and Tony are lost in their own world.


Bouncy bouncy Sybbie.

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(1/2)I love your answers to your anons! Even though I don't necessarily agree with you chemistry wise (I loved the wedding), I do get what you mean about wishing the show would emphasise their flaws a bit more! I like them angsty and pining bc they are so drawn to each other and so completely, to the point of self-destruction, in love with each other! I'm not 'glad' we had THIS storyline but i'm glad we had something that exposed the cracks bc they were never perfect, it's delusion to think they

(2/2) are, they’re robron we love them BECAUSE they are messed up and interesting and heartbreaking! I’m still holding out a lot of hope for Thursday, I think it will be very dramatic and angsty! I agree with you about Maxine, I think she’s a fantastic writer who does really get them but I take issue with the idea within the fandom that she is the ONLY writer who can write for them bc thats simply not true and a does a disservice to other ED writers who have produced great scenes that we love!             

aw thank you :))

Yay!!! So glad to hear from another person who’s grateful for this SL. They’re supposed to be MESSED UP forever. Forever! That means thriving and happiness is not on the menu. That wouldn’t be the robron we know and fell in love with. The whole point is watching them hurt themselves and each other, repeatedly, because they’re such damaged people. It wouldn’t make any sense if they were able to function healthily.

One thing I can say for sure about Thursday is they’re bringing the angst we’ve been craving. Kind of in the same way the prison release episode had me swooning nonstop. Bless you for your positivity!!!!!!!!! It’s a shame people undermine the rest of ED’s enormous & talented writing staff. Most of my favorite robron moments were written by others, and I hate that the fandom tends to perpetuate the idea that she’s the only one staff who ~gets~ them.

Anthony ‘sure we’ll take this case immediately no we don’t need time to prepare’ Lockwood

I would love for S4 to start like this:

Interior, Baker St staircase.  Camera pans slowly up the steps, following Mrs. Hudson’s careful steps.  A loud orgasmic moan rips through the air.  She pauses.  Camera pans up to the open door, back to her feet, moving up.  "Oh, God, Sherlock.. amazing!“  She pauses again.  Turns back, then rethinks herself and continues up.  "Hot enough for you, doctor?”  "Yes, more please.“  Mrs. Hudson stands frozen in the doorway, eyes wide.  The camera pans around to the kitchen where John is sat at the table being spoonfed curry.

"It’s basic chemistry, John. Told you I could cook.”