i love sprites

slowbro sprite rating

as suggested by @hero-pons


not sure about this sprite, i feel like if you were looking at it w/out knowing what slowbro is you wouldn’t recognize that’s its tail. still cute though. 5/10


this is better. clearer. looks like he just dropped a contact and is bending over to look for it. i hope he finds it! 6/10


he found it! look how happy he is! i love him. 10/10


he dropped it again. 7/10


he’s happy again! he’s so excited to be here. happiness goals tbh?? 10/10


he’s waving hi to you because he’s so glad to see you again! how nice. shellder looks like he’s working through some things but it’ll be okay. 10/10


so cute??? looks like he’s doing a blep. this happy boy brings a smile to my face. 9/10

black/white/black 2/white 2

another happy boy, now wiggling a bit in his excitement. impatience, maybe? either way, i love him. 8/10

xy/omega ruby/alpha sapphire

looks very spaced out, as slowbro tend to be. i support him. please help your local slowbro by reminding them to close their mouths. 7/10

bonus mega slowbro

please help him/10


I want to see my little sisters grow up Big And Strong!!! (≥O≤)/


Please help.
This is Sprite. She is my emotional support animal. She’s incredibly loving and affectionate and has helped me through a lot of dark times that I don’t think I would have made it through otherwise.
Recently she has developed breathing problems. She is sneezing a lot and her breathing is labored at times and it is concerning to me.
I am currently unable to afford a vet bill. I am really concerned about Sprite but I can’t do anything without some help.

Please, if you can, please help me get Sprite to the vet.
Here’s the GoFundMe link: gofundme.com/help-sprite-get-her-medicine
And Paypal: paypal.me/ShawnaKay57

Please help or reblog!!



look at the children grow. some things change and others just stay the same

(if i didnt draw them it just means they haven’t really changed! :( i still love them!! chloe is an exception tho)


@succmekomaeda I know that it has been a while since you did that one post where you said that you weren’t feeling well (If I remember correctly??) But I hope you’re feeling better now :’) I love your art and specially the Pokemon AU (That’s why I drew you this). I’m sorry if my English is lacking, btw.. It’s my second language, after all. But keep on drawing and posting some stuff on your blog! There’s a reason why you’re the first in my ‘Most visited’ list ♡

I think about this guy a lot…

I had a chance to make a child for Takumi and Corrin and I made this monstrosity…

And I still love him-