i love spring training

out there on the road

@monkshoodr: how they deal with the first spring training after Mike retires

Okay I love the idea that they just fall hard and fast into the whole domesticity thing without really discussing it. Because my motto is end miscommunication as a plot device except for when I find it convenient.

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“I could come with, you know,” Mike offered, trailing along behind Ginny as she bustled through the house, gathering up her belongings. 

She did, in fact, know. He’d offered with increasing regularity since the beginning of January, but first floated the idea around Thanksgiving. At first, she thought he’d been joking, especially since he’d made such a big deal about getting to finally stay put for more than a few months at a time. Why would he want to uproot himself again just to follow her out to Arizona?

Ginny ignored the offer, just turned back to the fretting retiree behind her and loaded up his arms with stuff.

How had so much of her crap ended up over here? 

(It probably had something to do with the fact that Ginny wanted to leave even less than Mike wanted her to, for all she was better at pretending to be an adult about it.)

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