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Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Sam Desantis

When it comes to capturing moments that give you all the feels, Sam Desantis has it on lock. The way that Sam captures raw moments in time and turns them into nostalgic memories is insanely inspiring. We can’t get enough of her moody “blue” photos and can’t wait to see SXSW through her lens as she captures the festival as a guest blogger for Vans Girls. Follow along all week on the Vans Girls blog and Instagram and get lost in Sam’s photography…

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Goodbye Internet.

Summary- In which Dan ruined what him and Phil had and made his last video. 

Genre- Angst?

Word Count - 1.7k 

The flat the two shared used to be full of life and happiness, now it was only full of sadness and regret. Dan had messed up big time, him and Phil fought. Now Phil was gone and Dan couldn’t forget him. He was everywhere he looked. Dan couldn’t bear though to get rid of the things they had together. He couldn’t even be bothered to pick up the engagement ring Phil threw back to him just before he left. “Fuck you Dan. I trusted you with my life and agreed to marry you and you went sleeping around?” Phil scoffed, twisting the ring off his finger. His face was tight, the veins in his neck popping out as his eyes watered. “Here”. He threw the ring at Dan, hitting his chest. Dan watched it fall to his feet along with his heart. “I changed my mind. I’ll get my stuff over the week.” He turned and walked out, slamming the door, leaving Dan standing there with tears falling from his eyes, landing around the ring on the floor. 

About a month ago it hit Dan, he was getting married. He wanted to marry Phil, god he did. He was scared and did what he usually did. Dan ran. He ran from his fear, ran from everything and into the arms of another person. A few actually. Thinking back now, Dan realized they all had one thing in common, they were just like Phil. Every woman he went home with was a huge kid on the inside with the sweetest smile. If Dan went home with a guy he noticed things about them to, they all were nerdy and had the sweetest personalities.

Staring at the ceiling as his fairy lights shone above him, illuminating the room with a melancholy mist. Dan hadn’t done much of anything since Phil left. He hadn’t gotten out of bed unless he needed to use the bathroom or wanted a drink or snack. Even then he just started hoarding bags of maltesers and water bottles in his room so he wouldn’t have to leave as much. Unlike the rest of the house, Dan’s room was black and white basically. The less color he had the better. To Dan, Phil was like a bunch of colors that shone brightly making everyone happy. Except Dan, the colors only made him sad now.

Tears slipped from his eyes and slid down the sides of his face. He didn’t want to continue YouTube alone, he didn’t want to abandon the gaming channel, let alone his own but he couldn’t do it. He met Phil through YouTube, and it ended on YouTube.

Sighing, Dan found the strength to climb out of bed. His head throbbed in pain as he walked to the bathroom, his head dropping once he saw his appearance. His hair was greasy and curled, bags and dark circles were under his eyes. His shoulders drooped and his clothes hung off his body. He was wearing grey sweatpants that were big on him alone and a jumper that was way too big for him.

Tears fell from his eyes again as a sob crashed through his body. Dan leaned against the wall and slid down, fully sobbing now. “I-I’m so sorry P-Phil.” He gasped through every cry to himself. He doubted he’d ever get to tell him how sorry he was. Phil was right in Dan’s mind to leave. He didn’t deserve Phil, he never did and he proved that.

Dan couldn’t do this. He wasn’t happy. YouTube doesn’t make him happy anymore. It’s been a week, almost two now since he even logged on. He sat there on the bathroom floor for hours thinking it over.

Music blasted in his headphones, and he stared at the tiled wall. Was he doing this? “I guess I am,” he mumbled, the life drained from him. He pulled himself up and trudged back to his room, setting the camera up in front of his bed. Turning the camera on he sat there for five minutes before saying anything.

“Hello internet,” he waved his hand. His voice wasn’t happy like it usually was when he did his intros, then again he wasn’t happy anymore. “I look like a literal rat right now, and I deserve to.”

Dan sighed and hung his head trying to think of how he wanted to explain everything. The fans never knew that him and Phil were together, so how was to explain what happened without outing them. Hopefully Phil wouldn’t hate his anymore than he already did..

“As you guys probably have noticed, Phil and I are no longer gonna be living together.” Dan bite his lip and looked down. “A-And it’s all my fault.” He looked into the viewfinder for a brief moment to see how he was doing.

“Phil and I were a couple. I asked him to be my boyfriend back in 2011 and he said yes.” Dan smiled but that smile was nothing but sadness anymore. “We went through tough times like any other couple, as you all know we grew apart in 2012, but we came back around.”

Dan could feel tears forming back in his eyes but he refused to let them fall again. “After being together for over 5 years, I decided I would ask him to marry me. I wanted to make it perfect, because that’s what Phil deserves. I planned a trip back to where it all started. You were so clueless. My heart was soaring, beating out of my chest. I was gonna ask you to marry me and I was terrified you would say no. Looking back? You should have, but for some reason you chose to say yes.”

Laughing a bit Dan remember how nervous he had been that day. “I took you to the train station where we met for the first time. I was nervous to get off the train that day. I was worried you would hate the me you would see in person.”

A single tear rolled down his cheek, “W-we planned to get married in May. We planned on recording bits of it, and uploading a vlog as a surprise to you guys.” Dan chuckled, “Some of you, many of you actually would have been expecting it.”

Dan closed his eyes and let the tears roll freely now. He brought his hand up and covered his mouth, letting sobs escape his body. His eyes were more than likely bloodshot as he looked back into the camera. “Then I fucked up big time.” Came from his lips in a whisper.

“Loyalty is something everyone deserves. T-trust to, and I broke both of those things. P-phil… If you by some chance watch this, not that you would want to see me again in any form, but I-I’m so sorry. You should never forgive m-me. I was scared. I s-still am now that I’m alone again because I-I’m so used to having you here. It’s not the same. There’s no dork to greet me when I finally crawl out of bed, no one to help when I fall into an existential crisis. I fucking took you for granted, and I will never f-forgive myself for that.”

Dan fell back onto his bed and let the sobs come, the tears pour. A good 15 minutes later once he composed himself, he sat back up and looked into the camera. “I che-cheated on P-Phil Lester. I fucking hate myself f-for it.” He wiped his eyes before looking back into the camera.

“It hit me that I was getting married and I started to panic. I started thinking about how Phil, how you could c-change your mi-mind any moment and it scared me. So, like any other time I was scared, I ran. Instead of running to you, I ran from you. Into the arms of others.”

“I want you guys to do me a favor. I want you all to, if you love somebody, make sure you tell them. If you get scared f-fucking tell them! Don’t do what I did. Don’t be stupid and cost yourself the one person you can’t live without. This? This hurts like fucking hell and it sucks. Phil, you mean everything to me an- and I’ll never get you back and I deserve that. I deserve to be lonely and to never hear from you again.”

Dan sighed, scared shitless to end this video. His face was tear stained, his sleeves were damp from crying and his eyes were bloodshot and puffy. “The last few things I w-want to say to end this on… I-I’m moving. I don’t know where, but somewhere. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll stay in London, it all hurts too much. J-just like this… YouTube used to make me happy. Now it mocks me. I look and see most of the videos I created were with you Phil and I can’t do it. So, this is it. No more Danisnotonfire. No more live shows, no more updates. I’m going back to being Dan, and getting rid of my internet persona I’ve built over the years. Please, if you guys see me in public, please don’t come up to me. I don’t want this “fame”,” Dan put hand quotations around fame. He never considered himself a famous person. Just someone on the internet. “I loved meeting you guys, but when your other half is missing you just don’t want to continue.”

Dan sighed one last time and wiped his eyes before looking into the camera. “I’m Dan and this was Danisnotonfire. Goodbye internet.”


Dan had just finishing packing up the last box of things from his bedroom. He was moving back home, not too far from his parents’ house. Carrying the box out to the lounge, he looked around. What was once a happy place was now nothing but a bad memory. The ring he gave Phil lived in his wallet. The remains of his YouTube career were going with him. He had uploaded the video a week ago and wasn’t sure how everyone was reacting. He didn’t check the comments or look on any social media. He was too scared.

Dan’s phone went off in his hand and he looked at it.

YouTube: AmazingPhil has just uploaded a video: Phil’s Final Video Blog - 2nd March 2017

Part 2

  • someone: [brings up the possibility of lego joker becoming the new onceler]
  • me: [rapidly packing my bags and making my way out the door] no. nope. i will not be on this wreck if it goes down. im leaving the internet, my home, the country, the planet, the entire fucking solar system. if you need me i'll be over in the andromeda galaxy starting up a lovely little space farming business

I’ll admit I’m not on Tumblr a lot. I don’t have many followers. I’m really not that big of a deal. However I just wanted to throw in a reminder that opposing views are what make us unique as a society. You can vehemently disagree with someone but you can still be classy about it.

I wonder what kind of world we’d have if people used common respect, especially on the internet. Some of the disgusting displays of commentary between different people from “different ships,” “different shows,” etc. has been shocking recently.

It’s disappointing to see people treat each other with such disregard over fictional people, stories etc.

Take some time to think before you post. You don’t know who’s behind the screen. You don’t know other people’s journeys. There are kids out there. Vulnerable adults. Shy people. Hiding people. Scared people. People with mental health issues.

You can love something and not hate someone for loving something else. You can have different opinions and still be friends.

Eh. I guess this is a silly post. But damn folks. Be good to each other. Life is too short for anything else.

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Jojo is back at it on IG. She just won't stop. Apparently she is the #1 defender of L's heterosexuality. She says he's an "amazing father" who sees Frosty whenever he can. And while she keeps rolling the bus over Breep about setting up pap pics, she insists she's NEVER been called in to pap Louis. At this point, it does feel like she's been sanctioned to do this, probably by someone on L's team. Key messages: L's a devoted dad who loves his GF. All pap pics of him are organic. Breep's are not.

ah yes, i too have nothing better to do than defending louis’ fatherhood and heterosexuality on a monday morning at 4am to a bunch of randoms on the internet.. she’s such a mess

The Project

1. The history: I’ve attended a lot of funerals over the past few years. Not because I’m particularly fond of them, but because, as you might have guessed - a fair number of people I care about have died recently. 

I noticed something, which might have to do with confirmation bias (the more you’re aware of something, the more you look for it): people seem to reserve their most loving words for someone until after death. As if that’s the safe time to say everything they’ve been holding back. 

We also have the internet to contend with now (all my 80s and 90s kids raise your hands). The disconnect is real. Facebook memorials, twitter hashtags (#RIP), and blog posts that I, myself, am guilty of. While there’s nothing wrong with this, I wonder what we’re not saying to people while we have them.

2. The question: Who is important to you now, and what would you say to or about them, barring all consequences? 

That’s it. Not an easy question, and never an easy answer. But I hope you’ll consider answering it. Or contacting me so we can have a discussion about your thoughts and your answer. 

Ever and always, with hope.

Thank you.

ETA: All information about how to participate can be found in this post.

Our adventures... Names changed of course! Part 4

Months went by and Jane and I grew closer to each other. We never had dating rules or any hang-ups, which was great since we could say anything to each other.  Because both of us were very laid back, as a couple we quickly scaled our learning curve about each other and realized what we did and didn’t like. I didn’t feel like Jane was ready to hear about my bi side and my bi experiences in depth so I would tell her about my experiences bit by bit. She would tell me about hers, which I made no secret that it really turned me on. We were in love, and my time in this town was coming close to an end, it was time to move again and I wanted to take Jane with me. I wanted to commit to her, but didn’t feel it was the right thing to do until she knew all about my sexuality. So painfully, I dragged it on as long as I could.

I had now received a new job offer in Toronto, Canada and was to move there for couple years. When it was about 6 months there, it was time to visit Toronto for the summer to look for a place to stay. Jane wanted to come since she had never been to Toronto before; we decided to make it a vacation trip for a few days. Of course, no trip to another place was complete without meeting with the local flavor. So I put up a craigslist post to meet couples…bi couples. Just like here in the US, there is no shortage of replies from single guys and husbands replying without any intention for both of them to meet. Knowing this takes time; we had posted a while before we were to visit Toronto to look for an apartment. Eventually we narrowed down to 3 couples and decided to meet one.  We set a date and one Saturday after we spent the whole day looking for a place to rent, we were happy wind down and meet the couple at a local pub.

The couple we had decided to meet was in their early 40’s, so older than us. But age has never stopped us unless the people we played with looked like our parents or grandparents. Intelligence was key, and we didn’t really care for the looks department unless they had a face only their mother would look at. That being said, Jane was pickier than I was and she always got the last say. Needless to say, if she had said yes to what I said yes to, we would have been with a lot more couples. Over the time we’ve played, I had come to realize that she was usually right on when she said that we should meet someone I had been chatting with on the Internet. They seemed to look much older in person, or were flaky, or something that would turn us off and not have a great night that we would have otherwise had with people that we genuinely clicked with.  I was hoping tonight would be one of those nights we would have a great time. The weather in Toronto in spring was great, we had a lovely time outdoors, and had found an apartment right by a park, in a quiet neighborhood, it also had a public pool, so we were both happy and very excited to move to Toronto soon. Needless to say Jane was in a great mood, which is great for me since she tends to open up more and be more engaged with people who we meet rather than be shy. Either ways, she is always the first one to get naked in the bedroom when we all finally move to get more comfortable. So the shyness never really lasts as long…. I love it! That evening we showered to get the smell of the Toronto sweat off our bodies, we showered together and we played with each other in the bathroom.  As Jane turned around, I reached around her body playing with her perky breasts and those sweet tits. She loves her nipples lightly squeezed during foreplay, but when it get close to an orgasm, she loves it squeezed harder, but never to the point of those who are into the hardcore BDSM. Finding the right pressure has been a trial and error for me, but I want to say I have figured it out… sometimes. As I was pinching her nipples one at a time, she just stood still, enjoying the sensations and let out a soft moan. My left hand then slowly moved down to her shaved pussy and I found her clit with my finger searching through her soft lips. I knew I found the spot when I heard a loud short moan and I gently proceeded to play with it with my finger. Rubbing it, circling it, occasionally lightly flicking it, trying different combinations to keep her guessing. To the tone of my rubs, she started to slowly motion her hips back and forth as though being fucked and finger fucking her clit with my finger. I knew she loved it. Keeping my hand there, I moved back and my hard dick was no longer wedged between her ass, pushing by her hole. It was a long hard and thick 7 ½ and was ready to fuck any hole it could get into. But I wanted to wait for the night to unload all the cum I had built up over 2 days so I decided not to. Instead, I bent her over just a little bit more. She leaned on the wall under the shower as the warm water continued to fall on her back and roll down between her lovely ass crack. I lightly slapped her right ass cheek and she let out an approving moan. I took the index finger of my right hand and lightly played with her pussy as I continued to play with her clit with my left hand. I teased her pussy by running my finger up and down her wet slit; I could feel her juices flowing out of her pussy. Occasionally I would slowly finger fuck her with one finger, and then with two.  She would let out a moan every time. I leaned forward to look at her face, her eyes closed, and mouth open, she was bliss. I love eating pussy, and I love to eat it more after I have made a woman cum. There is something about the smell and the taste of it all that just drives me nuts. So each time after a few strokes of my finger (s) inside her, I would take it out, and smell her, taste her… just mesmerized. After doing this a few times, as I was playing with the wet slit of her pussy, I gathered all the juices as I could with one finger and slowly moved it back, running my finger across the place between the edge of her pussy and ass, waiting for her approval, or rather to see if she would disapprove. Now of all the women I have played with in the past, no one has enjoyed being played with her ass as much as Jane. She is up for it most of the time, and when she is, it is just great!!! So I have come to respect that and whenever she doesn’t want to have ass play, I just don’t push it. This time she didn’t object, so I slowly placed the tip of my right index finger at the edge of her hole. I slowly bent the tip of my finger so as to lightly apply pressure on her sphincter and waited, it relaxed and I slowly entered and I heard a louder moan. As I was in, I continued to push in and out and continued to finger fuck her ass. With each thrust I went deeper and deeper till I could not go in any more. She began to quiver. To give you an idea of how much Jane enjoys ass play, she is the only woman I have ever made cum by just playing with her ass. I don’t mean fingering, finger fucking or even fucking her ass, but just my tongue and her ass without even going inside. So I know she really loves it! As we were there in the shower, my hands wrapped around her, and her sexy body, wet with the shower and leaning forward with her eyes closed, moaning and in bliss, I began rubbing her clit firmly with my left hand and fucking her ass with my right. She approvingly moaned and began to thrust her hips with every in stroke of finger inside her ass. I knew she wanted it deeper but I just did not want to cum ahead of our  (hopefully) play tonight. I continued to do what I was doing, and her moans and thrusts began to get louder and deeper. By now, I could tell when she is getting closer to cumming and how hard it will be. This one was going to be long and hard. She became quiet, her body tensed up, she grabbed my left hand with her right and pushed it firm on her clit, and that meant rub harder! As she held firm pressure on my hand, she balanced herself with her left hand on the wall and continued to thrust her hips back at me, coordinating with my finger fucking her ass. Every time I pushed in with my finger, she pushed back with her hips and the closer she got to her orgasm, the harder those thrusts became until her whole body quivered and she came steadily for over 10 minutes. When she cums, she is loud and I was hoping no one were in their rooms or walking by ours, but secretly I hoped someone was listening because I loved to show Jane off. As her orgasm finally subsided, I slowed down my thrusts and stopped, we just stood there for a minute, quiet. “Honey, that was awesome, you really know what to do to me,” she said. “I know honey, you are awesome, I just love the slut in you and I love you!” “We got to get ready to go” I said, with that I stepped out of the shower and proceeded to get dressed. “Ok, I’ll be right out” she said. As I was getting dressed, I was curious to know what Jane would be wearing.  I was hoping that she would wear the gray wraparound that she had sewed. It hugs her body so well, and more importantly makes a nice deep “V” going down well below her breasts and showing off her breastbone. Thankfully that is what she chose. Her lingerie of choice that day was a red bra and red thong.  Jane’s breasts are perky and hold well. So I never knew why she would wear a bra, especially when we would go to meet and play with another couple.  Like I mentioned before, she is very shy and self-aware in public, but in private, she is a real cat in bed. So this time, I convinced her to just wear her thong and nothing else beneath that wraparound which to my surprise she did. Sooooo sexy!!!!! I wanted to fuck her then and there, but had to resist the temptation and we dragged ourselves out of the hotel room.

We mapped the pub we were to meet our couple, Peter and Raquel, and it turned out it was just a couple blocks away from the hotel we were staying. So we decided to walk it up since it was a beautiful evening, and since we were staying down town, close to the lake, we could have a little look around as we made our way to the pub. When we finally got there, it looked like a nice place, mostly full of young people. Of course there was a hockey match between the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago, and in Canada nothing is bigger than hockey, so of course it was loud. We looked at each other and were hoping that this was going to be a quiet night; just then we received a text saying that they were in the back dining area. As we made our way to the back, it grew quieter, phew! Nice to have a quiet area so we aren’t shouting over each other to make a conversation. As we approached the dining area in the back, our eyes gaze the room to find that face we had seen in picture. Jane was the first one to find them and nudged my hand, “there they are” she said and we made our way towards them. They saw us and stood up to greet us. Peter was in his mid 40s had a distinguished look with salt and pepper hair. He had a bit of an accent since he was French Canadian. We shook hands and formally introduced ourselves, I introduced Jane, and he in his typical French Canadian way leaned in and pecked her on the cheek, Jane giggled and returned the favor. All during this, I stood by and was checking Raquel out, she was looking at me and smiling and after Jane and Peter were done exchanging pleasantries, he introduced me to his wife Raquel, who was a bit younger than him, in her early 40’s. She was dressed in a cute top with a short denim skirt. The collar of her top was low enough that I could see she was big breasted and her bra was holding up those puppies. She was shorter than Jane with dark hair and coffee skin. She was from Spain and they had met while he was on a business trip she said.  The four of us sat down, ordered drinks and dinner and talked as the night passed. Our typical dates are where we begin with talking about regular stuff, the weather, the town, and try to get to know the other couple. Jane was getting tipsy, and I could tell by her interaction with the other couple that she was into them. From our side, the night was a go, and we just had to see what they thought of us. As the night came to an end, Peter looked at Jane and I and said, “we had a nice time and would like to join you two tonight if the feeling is mutual.” Jane knows that I am a go most of the time, and that the decision usually is hers. She looked at me with a smile on her face and I smiled and nodded. “We’d love to have you come over to our room, it’s not too far from here.” Sure, you lead; we’ll follow said Raquel. As we headed down the busy and bustling street of downtown Toronto, we walked and chatted as we went along. I could see Peter checking out Jane and Jane checking out Raquel, and as for me, I was checking out everyone, including some of the women in their skimpy outfits out for a fun night. Eventually, we make it to the hotel and we quietly sneaked them into our room. I’m sure the hotel has security cameras but…. Who cares!!!

As we went up to our room it was so difficult for the four of us to keep our hands to ourselves. It was a different story once we got to the room.  Jane and I are quite to ourselves when we are in the swinger social gatherings, but once we get started, it is a totally different story. We are both very open in bed, and there is never any drama or jealousy, but just pure pleasure watching each other with someone else.  Although Jane has always been shy and anxious meeting other couples or singles in the past, the consistent theme has been that once we all get to the bedroom, she was always the first one to get naked! I loved that about her!!!

In our room, I turned on the TV to the music channel to have some background noise. I had a bottle of red Syrah and poured it in the cheap hotel plastic cups for the four of us. Peter sat in the chair by the window, and Raquel sat next to him, I was standing while Jane sat on the bed close to Peter. As we made awkward small talk, I knew we all wanted to fuck each other’s brains out, but we all were shy to make the first move. As we began to veer off topic to non-sexual stuff, I tried to get us back to sex. I felt like we needed to get going soon and not have a bummer night. “So, I hear the strip clubs here in Toronto are great”. “Yes said Raquel with a grin on her face”, “So I take it you two have been to one”. “We frequent a strip club called La Chique downtown” she said. It’s not too far from here. “Hmm, we should try it sometime Jane”, I said looking at her. “You know, I nudged Jane in the direction of being bi, since she always loved cock and cum. I didn’t really know the times she had her face buried in a pussy was because she enjoyed it or if she was doing it for me.” I paused as I turned to Jane and winked. “I was sure that she liked playing with women when we went to this strip club in Wisconsin once, the stripper was giving her a lap dance, and she was so turned on that when the stripper leaned in, she almost went to make out with her, it was so spontaneous, wild and the kinkiest thing I have ever seen from Jane” With that my dick got hard in an instant because I remembered that night so clearly. As a couple, we had a great time at the strip club, and most strippers were giving us so much attention and we had a blast with them. One striper in particular, was the more competitive one and really loved her job. She had Jane so turned on, when we got home, my clothes were ripped off and I was fucked into pure ecstasy.

“You know, Peter gives a sexy lap dance” Said Raquel. This was my chance, I knew, we could begin this way. “Is that so, I questioned” “Who would you dance for here?” I asked, I wanted to just volunteer Jane, but didn’t want to put her on the spot. Since we were all pansexual, I didn’t really care if he picked me, but I wanted to see him get started with Jane. “Jane come here, he said as he stood up and motioned her to sit in his chair” Jane stood up instantly; I could tell she wanted to get started as well. ”Is this ok?” he asked. Yhea! She cooed. As Peter began to dance for her to the lousy music being played on the TV, I was getting turned on and began to play with my cock. Not noticing, Raquel had come by and was standing next to me. She began to feel my hard dick through my pants, and I looked at her and brought her close to make out with her. I grabbed her by the waist as I pulled her closer, her hand on my cock at all times, She leaned in as we kissed and our tongues played with each other in our mouth. We stopped momentarily to see what was going on, and Peter was shirtless as Jane was unbuckling his pants, and I got a glimpse of her sliding his pants down. As his undershorts slid down, his hard cock sprang up in full view of us, and a very excited Jane. She grabbed his hardness by her right hand, cupping his balls with her left. She slowly leaned in, maintaining eye contact with peter while opening her mouth and taking his cock in and slowly swallowing whole till the tip of his cock reached the back of her throat. Jane loves to please a man, and she is quite submissive as well. I have seen her be very obedient to any guy that has played with her. At the same time, she loves to make a man happy with her blowing skills and will always start slow, playing with a cock and taking it deep to let a man know what is coming. Sure enough, peter loved it, as he arched back and let out a load moan and held Jane by her head and began to slowly fuck her face. Jane instinctively dropped her hands by her side, offered no resistance, but just opened her mouth wider and sucked harder to please the man she was sucking. More Raquel and I watched those two, more turned on we got. I could see the lust in Raquel’s eyes as she pushed me to sit on the edge of the bed. She unbuckled my pants and pulled my jeans and undershorts in one clean swoop. I was hard and my cock sprang out in front of her face. I was clearly bigger than Peter and uncut. Her eyes grew wide and she let out a slutty grin. She grabbed my cock, and slowly stroked me to pull my foreskin back and then stroked forward. In doing so, precum started to flow out of my cock. She looked at me, smiled, leaned in and stuck her tongue out. She bent over and licked my dick right from the base of my shaft to the tip, lapping up every single drop of pre cum along the way. As she reached the top, she looked up once more, smiled, opened her mouth wide and took me in as deep as she could. She couldn’t go as deep as Jane does with me, but it was pretty deep. Her mouth felt so different.

Jane and I have talked in the past, when we were just starting out playing with others. We’ve found the key to a successful adventure is to make sure we have an open line of communication and are extremely honest with each other. Our sex life is awesome, and we’ve probably explored each other more in the first six months of our relationship than what most couples have done in their first year of marriage. We both agree that we are extremely satisfied. After having sucked, eaten, fucked others, we have agreed that the touch, and feel of others is different. This is not necessarily good different or bad different, but pleasurable different. We still enjoy having different feel to sex and that is what we like about swinging. I know Jane loves to have a thicker cock than mine, and although she won’t admit it, the last a guy fucked her who was thicker than I was, I could see by the look in her eyes, rolled over eyes that is, that she was in heaven.  It was the best sight ever!!!

As I hear Peter moan to what I am sure was the most awesome blowjob of his life by Jane, I was focused on Raquel, whose head I had between my hands and I was actively face fucking her as well. All of sudden I felt the bed move and I saw Peter push Jane onto the bed, spread her legs and start to go down on her. Jane loved her pussy eaten regardless of who does it. I could tell she was enjoying this one! I leaned over and kissed her and started playing with her tits. Sucking on them, nibbling on them, lightly biting them. Making sure at all times that I was playing close attention to both her tits. I could tell, as she was getting closer to orgasm, I got more aggressive on sucking and nibbling on her tits. She loved it. Having done this few times to Jane, I have learned how to do it right. She doesn’t like to be sucked aggressively initially as it often hurts, but as she gets close to cumming, suck away, and I have pinched her nipples harder and sucked harder when she is cumming and it has often made her cum even harder. Love it!!! And sure enough Jane came and boy is she loud when she cums. It was a good thing I had the TV on and loud which probably and hopefully helped drown some of the sound. As she simmered down, Peter continued to eat her. I just stepped back as he reached up and had each of his hand on each of her breasts squeezing her nipples and getting her going for another orgasm. As I sat up again, I made eye contact with Raquel. She had black hair, and as I parted them to see her face, I got a full visual of her and her mouth sucking on my hard dick. She sucked differently than Jane did. We often talk about this, about what really excites us, and as I probably have mentioned before, we like the feel of others that may very well be different than what Jane and I do to each other. It is not good or bad, but just different.

I picked Raquel up and brought her towards me, we looked at each other and started to make out. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths. I usually don’t initiate that because some women don’t really like it. But I have to say, 9 out of 10 times, I always get a tongue in, and like it! As we kissed, I could taste my precum in her mouth and I knew it was now her turn to be pleased. I leaned over in her ear and whispered, “Can I eat you?” Like anyone would say no… “Yes” she replied. So I got up and laid her next to Jane who was now on her 3rd orgasm, Kissed Raquel one more time on her lips as we locked in a passionate make out session. I could feel my hard dick rubbing on her belly and the precum that I was oozing out lubricating the friction. I slid my dick down so that it was pointing up, but between the lips of her pussy, really not entering it, but having the lower part of the head of my dick against her clit. She was so wet, that the lubrication from that and my precum was plenty, and as I kissed her, I slowly motioned my hips to move my dick up and down, teasing her clit, but never entering her. By the looks of it, I knew it was driving her crazy, I could tell she wanted to be fucked, she would do everything she could my moving her hips to get my dick to enter her warm wet pussy, but I did everything I could to not let that happen, but let me take my time. We were both enjoying every moment of this playful prolongation of the inevitable. As I rubbed by dick, I would occasionally go down on her breasts and grab them in my hand and suck on her nipples. Raquel was brown skinned, and hard darker nipples than Jane did, but who cares. I like them all ;) I took my time playing with each of them, and continued to rub my dick on her clit at the same time. By the sounds Raquel was making, her moans got louder and louder, and I could tell that she was getting close to cumming. So as I do to Jane, I began to suck and pinch harder, but at the same time mindful of not crossing the line. Her moans grew louder, and then all of a sudden got muffled and quiet. Looking up, Jane was now on her hands and knees, making out with Raquel and they were not locked in a tongue exchange and Peter was now on his back eating Jane out as he had his hands around Jane’s hips pulling her down as Jane rubbed her pussy on Peter’s face. The timing was perfect, and the moans got louder and louder and I witnessed Jane and Raquel has a loud orgasm together at the same time. Boy did I feel good and I hadn’t even cum yet! Peter stood up with a smile on his face, hi-fived each other!

I so want to taste you Raquel, I said looking at her and she smiled at me. I looked at Jane and “Go for it!” was her reply. So I slid down, kissing her body and her belly button on my way and slowly parted her legs as I got down to between her legs. She was all shaved, just like Jane, and had a cute pussy with a prominent clit, which I am sure my now was all engorged. I slid my fingers between her lips, as I went to the top, drew circles around her clit, as I travelled down, through the wetness of her hole sliding down to the edge of her pussy, made circles around her ass, but being mindful of not entering it. By the sound of it, it seemed like she enjoyed it. I drew closer and started playing with the insides of her thigh and groin with my tongue, my mouth and my teeth trying to get a sense of what she liked. Tongue and mouth it was, so I continued to do more of it. As I looked up, I saw that Jane was sitting on Raquel’s face, rubbing her pussy over the ever-accepting mouth of Raquel. Next to Jane stood Peter, with his hard dick that Jane was playing with. As I was playing with Raquel’s clit, I had my eyes on Jane, I love watching her suck a guy and this one was no different. In the past, she has mentioned to me that she loves to suck a cock, and pleasing a man and especially giving him a good orgasm. She also likes cum, which not all women do, and I have never seen her spill a drop. She loves to get every single drop out and more and she is so good at it. Watching her please a man right in front of me, and at this time, Peter, is such a turn on. I finally stopped teasing Raquel and went in. I grabbed her by her thighs, and moved her legs over my shoulder. She was so wet and I couldn’t help myself as I stuck out my tongue and slid it up and down her slit. As I moved up, I circled her clit with the tip of my tongue occasionally flicking it, as I went down, would fuck her pussy with my tongue and lap up all her cum and juices from her previous orgasms. I did this many times over as Jane continued to deep throat Peter and suck him hard and as she continued to rub her pussy on Raquel’s mouth. Raquel’s muffled moans got louder, and I could tell Jane was closer to cumming, and I could see Peter grabbing her by the head and once again face fucking her. This was mu cue to get more aggressive. I buried my face over Raquel’s clit and ate her as hard as I could, but at the same time as gently as I could. Sure enough the two women came very hard and Peter and I had the pleasure of watching their quivering bodies right in front of us. We decided to sit back and have a breather.

Peter and I got off the bed and were grabbing a drink and talking about Toronto, trying to get an idea of what the city was like. We were both hard and on occasions our dicks would touch, but we really didn’t care. It’s nice to find a couple who are just go with the flow kind, who have nothing to prove or have insecurities, but just like to have a good time. “You have a nice cock Dan” Said Peter as he grabbed it and gave it a few playful strokes. “Thanks’ Peter, Looking at you, I’m sure Jane will enjoy you inside her, I see she has already enjoyed sucking you”, “OH Yhea” said Peter, “She sucks good” “Just like Raquel does,” I replied. “I like it when we play with couples who enjoy foreplay as much as we do, especially eating and sucking” I said, Peter nodded his head in agreement, “and speaking of eating, have a look over there, as he motioned to the bed”. I turned around and saw the sexiest sight I could see!!! Jane was sitting by the head of the bed, her legs spread, with Raquel on her hands and knees buried between Jane’s legs eating her out. Jane with her back arched, eyes shut and head towards the celling and Raquel’s sweet ass in the air. I sooooo wanted to eat Raquel again; moreover I just wanted to fuck Raquel as she was eating Jane out. “Oh, I got to go join in Peter, wanna come?” I asked. “I’m going to sit this one out, I want to watch Raquel in action” he replied. “Fair enough” I said. “How does Raquel feel about having her ass played with” “Oh she loves it!” replied peter with wide-eyed grin. “Do you think she’ll mind if I played with her ass with my tongue? I really want to ask her, but I really don’t want to interrupt what is going on” “I don’t think she will, she has let other guys play with her ass in the past, and to my knowledge has never said no, so I think you’re safe to go for it” “OK” I replied with a big smile and felt my dick get harder!!! Peter and I moved closer to the bed, as I stood right in line with Jane and Raquel, I could see Raquel’s slit and her ass looking straight at me with her wet pussy almost dripping out. Peter took a seat on a love seat next to the bed with a drink in his hand, stroking himself as he watched Jane. I stood there as long as I could as I watched Jane have another orgasm, and I couldn’t take it any more, I moved forward and slid my cock up and down Raquel’s wet slit slowly rubbing and moving it to the edge of her hole without entering… I did not want to fuck her yet. I then leaned forward on my knees, and looked at Peter again, he knew exactly what I was thinking as he gave me the thumbs up. I grabbed her gently by the hips, and once again started to move my tongue up and down her slit, lapping up her juices. Only this time, I moved up and began rimming her. She let out a loud moan. I took that as a yes and began playing with her pussy and her ass this time, just the way I like to do it with Jane and soon enough had Raquel have another orgasm. I moved up to Raquel and we made out again, I spread Jane’s legs wider and we both started to eat Jane out together. When she realized what was going on, she was so excited, all I could hear out of Jane was “Oh my god, oh my god” again and again. Raquel and I went to town!!! We ate, licked, sucked, nibbled Jane’s pussy, and occasionally would lap up her cum and juices and make out with each other, tasting Jane in each other’s mouth. We just did very combination possible and had orgasm twice. After number two, we decided to stop and Jane was just laid there in bed trying to catch her breath. I saw peter get up and walk towards Jane, he looked at me, and I smiled, nodded and gave him a wink. Raquel and I got off, and I took Peter’s place in the love seat with my hard dick pointing to the ceiling. When Jane opened her eyes, she saw Peter standing there by the edge of the bed, she looked for me and saw me sitting nearby with a smile on my face, and she knew I was ready to watch her perform. She motioned Peter to come over, and he obliged by climbing in bed as Jane once again spread her legs and she straddled himself between her legs. They started exploring each other, caressing each other, making other with each other, kissing, and fondling each other like new lovers exploring one another rather than your porn movie wham bam for an hour. I love watching that. By the corner of my eye, I saw Raquel standing next to me as she rubbed my shoulder. I grabbed her hand and pulled her down to sit with me, she grabbed my cock, and sat in a way that she was on my lap, but she positioned her pussy right over my dick and slowly slid it in her as she sat on me. She didn’t fuck me or anything, and all this time, I was just inside her, feeling her warm wet pussy around my dick, as we hugged each other watching our lovers with each other playing right in front of us. We watched as Jane grabbed Peter’s thick cock and guided it inside her pussy and they began fucking and as their moan’s grew louder and louder, I saw peter’s thrusts get harder and stronger, and watched Jane spread her legs even more to give him full access to his hard thrusts and as she would try and push his hips deeper inside her with each thrust. I knew it was only a matter of time, and sure enough they both came together. It was so freakin’ hot, this is why I love watching Jane with someone else, as she looks incredibly gorgeous while she’s fucking. I love to watch it from a distance from time to time. After their orgasm subsided, peter laid on Jane for a bit as they gathered their breath. Raquel and I moved in. We started fucking right next to them and She once again climbed over me as I lay in bed next to Jane. They got up, and sat by the edge of the bed as they watched Raquel and I fuck. Jane’s view was from the back as she got to see Raquel ride me and watch my thick hard dick go in and out of her wet pussy with her cum and juices dripping down my shaft and balls. She rode me harder and harder till we both came hard and I filled her pussy with my load. Good thing for birth control!

We were just done by the end of it, and this was one of the best sex we’d had with another couple. But it was time to say good night. We hugged and kissed each other and exchanged numbers and emails to keep in touch. After they left, we were just too horny and got in bed to make love again. We could taste Peter and Raquel as we made out, and I could still feel Jane’s wet pussy, which was probably a combination of Jane and Peter’s cum. We went down on each other, and sure we tasted each other and our lovers’ who had just left and once again fucked till we came…. twice. Now we were done. We got ready for bed, washed up and cuddled after a memorable night of fucking…. Literally our brains out!

Hope you enjoyed our very real story, and we would love to hear from you. Also, I have enjoyed reading about other peoples’ adventures way before I started all of this. Without Nifty, I would never have embarked on this creative beginning. So please, give what you can to keep this wonderful classy website up and running for those of us who enjoy reading and using our imaginations!

simply-a-storyteller  asked:

For the ask thing: Farmers Refuted, Helpless, Ten Duel Commandments, Who Lives/Dies/Tells Your Story?

6) Farmer Refuted - Are you a pacifist?

okay so it really depends? i mean i don’t like fighting. i don’t like hitting people and i don’t like when people hit me :O! but if someone starts hitting me or fighting me, i’m not gonna just stand by and let them hurt me, you know?? but if it’s over the internet, i just block the person and let it go.

10) Helpless - Do you believe in love at first sight?

nope! i think you can be attracted to someone when you first see them? and maybe when you’re first talking, there’s a little spark, but.. as far as being in love.. i think you gotta know someone for that!

15) Ten Duel Commandments - Do you have a motto or code you live by?

rivers know this: there is no hurry. we shall get there some day.

46) Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - What do you want to be remembered for?

it’d be nice for people to think of me as someone who was just… exceptionally kind? i try my best to be as nice as possible without letting people walk all over me, you know? but.. i don’t know. 

In 2017, I hope you

-have clear skin

-never have to return something you were really excited about 

-pet so many dogs 

-find something you really love that’s super cheap 

-buy a new favorite shirt 

-listen to a lot of good music 

-find really cool and useful coupons 

-make new (internet) friends

-achieve your goals

-meet someone you really like

-watch some really awesome shows

-are happy

-learn a lot of awesome things

-discover a new hobby 

-receive cool gift cards 

-find your new favorite products


Originally posted by logansleeps

The morning after your first date with Harry, you’d gotten a frantic call from him. He’d actually woken you, and later when you checked your call log you saw he’d rang at 5 a.m.

“Hullo?” you muttered, barely able to function through the sleepiness.

“[Y/N], sorry, I know it’s early and I’m sorry to wake you.” He sounded nervous, worried really. But there was also a twist of anger in his words that helped you pull yourself awake.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, sitting up in your bed and holding the phone closer to your ear.

“It’s just—I’m just—fuck,” he stuttered. “I’m just so sorry.”

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Wow, my deadlifts actually feel strong again??? As someone who was doing weightlifting specifically for the last two years, I never deadlifted. I did clean pulls/clean deadlifts, but never even came near my previous max. I’m currently following a more powerlifting-specific program to allow an elbow injury to heal, so I’ve been enjoying the change. I have to say, despite my love for weightlifting, deadlifts are so much fun. This is my first deadlift PR in over 2 years 😂 115 kg/253 lbs for 5! I know my back isn’t flat, so internet “experts,” withhold your comments 😉

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Love when there are “how to tell if someone is lying/manipulating you” posts on my dash and 90% of them are things I do as an autistic person

Stuff like not making eye contact, wringing my hands, having a closed-off posture, having to control the tone of my voice, preferring to talk over the Internet… The whole damn list is just a huge presumption that if you don’t act “normal” then you’re lying

Like… Buddy. My whole childhood I got in trouble for things I didn’t do because I couldn’t make eye contact and I laughed at inappropriate times because that’s how my body decided to deal with fear. It wasn’t the greatest tbh

Although can we have a thing where a ~great detective~ accuses someone of being a murderer based on body language during an interrogation and then they’re like “I’m autistic, you fuck. This is just what I do! …Nice work being ableist and letting the real killer get away btw”


Hello, my name is Logan (male), i’m 15 going on 16 in May and I’m looking for new friends on the internet. I love to write, read, and draw as well as I love to watch anime such as Dragon Ball Super, Bleach, one piece, and naruto. I love any music except for country, Idk why I just don’t like it that much I can listen to it but it gets annoying quickly. I’m looking for someone between 14-20 who I can talk to about anything, also I can’t stand racism, homophobia, sexism, and any form of hatred towards race, religion, or sexuality. I want to talk to people all over the world but I only speak English but if you can speak English somewhat I can try and talk to you if you speak it somewhat. Now I also love Horror movies such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on elm street, and Halloween. My favorite shows are Sherlock, Dexter, Doctor Who, warehouse 13, Hannibal, and American Horror Story. I like to hike, camp, and swim, and etc. I also love to debate about literally anything and somedays I can be either boring and other days annoying. I’m okay with texting, calling, and face timing. So if you wish to text me and wish to be pen pals I’m fine with it just text me, btw I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
Instagram: loganbest777
Tumblr: FalloutUSA
Kik: LRLB0523

People will rant and rave about how they love 13 reasons why and how upset they are at certain characters then turn around and bully someone over the Internet. That’s hypocritical.
I’m so over feeling left out and judged/bullied in this community and I’m just not gonna deal with it anymore.
I’m gonna say your names so you know you’re hurting me Aysia and Sam. Yes Sam I know your back. I’m sure a lot of people do. It’s very obvious.
You can laugh and feel satisfied that you’re hurting my feelings, whatever I don’t care.

Also, it sucks that I lost friends over something I didn’t do, Miranda and Ashley. You guys relieved I did something I didn’t do or wouldn’t do and I don’t understand why. It seems like when everything blew up everyone took Sam’s side even though she was in the wrong completely, but it’s okay.

It’s whatever now.
Just wanted to let you guys know how I feel.


So I’m finally back! It feels amazing! Don’t worry, the request that are waiting are coming and I loved writing this one. I MISSED YOU ALL ! xx

Y/N angrily pushed on the door knob, pushing the front door open and shutting it loudly behind her. She was pissed off and mostly heartbroken by what she had just seen all over the internet. Rumours had it, Joe was seeing someone else and at first she thought that it was just what it was. Rumours. And Joe had denied so many times that she couldn’t get head around it. But as she saw a picture of him and another women apparently kissing, she completely lost her mind and all of Joe’s reassuring words slipped out of her brain. All that she could feel was anger. And as she walked into the living room of their shared flat, she froze as she noticed that their friends were over and that she couldn’t make a scene in front of them. All of the boys snapped their heads towards her, silence falling across the flat and Joe got up to greet her but frowned at her cold stare. Because Joe had no idea what would get her so mad. His phone had been on flight mode as he was hanging out with his mates and didn’t want to be disturbed. And he stood there, confused, as he watched the face of his angry girlfriend. “We need to talk.” She stated, firmly, not even letting him reply as she started to make her way to their bedroom. She nodded at the guys, giving them a forced smile, trying her best to hide her growing anger and the boys were incredibly lost as they were all exchanging looks.

Joe blinked a few times, trying to remind himself what he could have possibly done and followed her into the bedroom, closing the door behind him and as he turned around to look at Y/N, she was holding him her phone with a picture on it. Joe gently took hold of it and analysed the image in front of him. And that’s when he knew what got her so mad. He looked between her and the phone before opening his mouth to speak just as Y/N cut him off his tracks. “I bloody trusted you!” She said, her voice loud and firm. Joe stepped back at her surprising tone and he felt his chest tightened. “I promise you, it’s not what it looks like.” Joe admitted, holding out for her touch but she pulled back. He was feeling horrible but he was actually telling the truth, it wasn’t what it looked like at all. “What is it then?” She asked, her voice weak and he quickly noticed the tears forming in her eyes. “We were just talking and-” He tried to explain but Y/N cut him off, the anger was too harsh to control and she felt the need to let all of her emotions out. “It doesn’t look like talking at all!” She said, her voice loud once again. “That’s the thing, Y/N. They make it look like we aren’t but I swear to god,we were just-” Joe started got cut off again and his anger started to grow. “Don’t blame it on them, Joe!” Y/N snapped as her tears started to scroll down her cheeks. “Let me finish!” Joe snapped back and Y/N was surprised. She couldn’t believe him, for some reason, she just couldn’t. “This is a girl I work at the office with, we were about to head inside and we were just talking about the things we had to do. The angle of the picture makes it look like because she was just laughing as something that I said. That’s it.” Joe finally explained, searching for her reassuring eyes or any kind of sign that he wouldn’t lose her. But she kept looking down to the floor, feeling too disappointed and hurt to look at him in the eyes. “I don’t believe you.” She simply stated as she walked past Joe and headed to the front door, completely forgetting about their confused friends still waiting on the couch.

“How can you not believe me? I wouldn’t do this to you and you know it!” Joe snapped, following her as he also ignored the boys. She stopped in her tracks, turning on her heel to watch him. “This is just too much! The rumours and now this? How am I supposed to believe you?” Y/N said with a weak voice. She was tired of fighting and yelling. “Because I love you and you bloody know that!” Joe snapped again, throwing his hands in the air. He felt a bit of guilt filling him as he watched he wet drops quickly falling on her cheeks. He hated to see her like this. “I need to think. I’m sorry.” She said, her voice cracking as she turned around, her hand on the door knob but stopped at the words coming out from her boyfriend’s mouth. “Walk out that door and we’re through.” Joe said, firmly and he immediately regretted it because he didn’t mean it. He didn’t want her to leave, he didn’t want to lose her. And he felt his heart ache as he watched her push the door open. He couldn’t get around what had just happened. Were they actually over?

Joe jumped out of his thoughts as one of the boys finally spoke. “Was that a prank? Like where’s the camera?” The blonde South African asked, a smile across his face but he was the only one smiling because he genuinely thought that it was a prank. The couple had never fought like that before and it was pretty clear that they had just broke up. But Caspar’s smile quickly faded as he noticed to hard glares coming from his friends and his eyes felt on Joe who was holding tears as much as he could. He walked up to them, letting himself fall on the couch, passing his hand over his head. “What happened, buddy?” Josh asked after a few minutes, finally breaking the awkward tension and silence.

And Joe explained everything to them. The boys were all speechless because they knew he wouldn’t do this to her because he did love Y/N, probably too much even. And that is why they had all decided they would get them back together as soon as they could. After waiting for about an hour so Joe could calm down, they secretly prepared their plan making sure that Joe wouldn’t hear any part of it.

Y/N was staring down at the ground. She looked like a complete mess, her hair were ruined by the wind, her eyes were rimmed red from the shed tears. She was sitting on a bench, near the place where she had met Joe for the first time, looking at The Thames river floating silently as night was about crash over the beautiful city of London. She didn’t want the moon to rise because she knew she had to go home to him and she was unsure. Unsure if she should be running up to his arms and apologize or simply staying over at someone else’s. She jumped out slightly at the familiar voices. “For some reason, I knew you would be here.” Her friend Jack spoke, a smile on his lips and she looked up to see him and Oli standing there. Jack sat down next to her and Oli sat on the other side of her. “You know, Joe is an idiot but he truly wouldn’t do that to you, Y/N.” Oli spoke after a few minutes of silence and she turned her head to watch him as she smiled. “It’s insane how he loves you, it makes me sick.” Olie stated, frowning and it made Y/N chuckle as she remembered the previous argument with her lover. “And as much as I would like you to be single, it doesn’t feel right to all of us.” Jack teased as he winked over at her and she nudged her shoulder with his, making her laugh.

And the plan had worked because they had convinced her to go back to their flat. Y/N felt guilty for not trusting him and she wished she could take back the words but she couldn’t. She followed the boys into the flat and her eyes immediately fell on her boyfriend who was sitting between Mikey and Josh on the couch,looking so desperately sad that it broke Y/N’s heart. And when he looked up and saw her, he instantly got up and walked closer to her but keeping his distance still. “I’m so sorry.” She said, wrapping her arms around his torso and it didn’t took long for him to hug her back, kissing the top of her head. “No, I’m sorry, love.” Joe stated, pulling away to catch a glimpse of her lovely face before leaning in to place a soft kiss on her lips. The boys all smiled proudly as they watched the couple being reunited. And even though they found them absolutely disgusting, it felt weird for the boys to not have them around, constantly teasing or touching each other.

jack zimmermann interviews

aka: adorable things that jack 100% says in future televised interviews that make the samwell crew (ESPECIALLY bitty) lose their shit:

  • early in the season, when jack is asked “how you think your detour in college affected your play,” jack gets very serious and says that he doesn’t like the term detour because it implies you weren’t supposed to go there at all and that is not how he views his time at samwell and it would be disrespectful to all the great players both on his team and who play at the collegiate level to say that they didn’t help him improve. it is the first time that jack zimmermann sounds passionate about something on air and this makes the PR team very happy and Shitty is at the Haus watching and everyone ends up hugging and crying about their boy except Lardo and Dex.
  • The PR joy is short lived because jack never addresses the comments directly again but he gets very snippy about this. if anyone mentions phrases like “pitstop” or “detour” or even “it’s great to see you back where you belong” his face goes dark and stormy and he might not bother correcting them again, but whatever the question, they aren’t getting a good quote for their magazine. the press figures it out eventually.
  • when asked what other professional sport he would like to play, jack zimmermann says “anything but lacrosse. never really saw the point of it.” and the Haus throws a party that spans two nights.
  • when asked what his favorite cheat day snack is, jack zimmermann says “pie” with a smile on his face that seems a bit too happy but, hey, the guy must really love pie.
  • when asked by a snobby interviewer what his major was (in a tone of voice that clearly says he is expecting Jack Zimmerman to say something stupid), jack zimmermann goes into a full speech outlining his thesis and noting which historians he thinks truly capture the time period and he keeps his voice flat and awkward (like all his interviews tend to be) but the boys see his little flash of a smug grin when the interviewer flounders after his five minute monologue and doesn’t have any followup questions.
  • when asked what advice he would give to young hockey players, jack zimmermann smiles just a little bit and says “eat more protein.” the press takes it as jack being ridiculous and maybe he even gets yelled at by PR for that because “c’mon, zimms, weve TALKED about this- say something INSPIRING” but bitty knows that little smile was for him and texts him a string of heart mixed with chirp emojis and tweets ‘this boy’-
  • when asked what he thinks the best sitcom is, jack zimmermann pretends to consider for two seconds before saying in his most serious, deadpan voice “i’ve been told on good authority that the answer is 30 rock.” Holster cries. He cries harder when the followup question is “who’s your favorite character” and Jack’s answer is “sorry, i haven’t seen enough to know their names.”
  • when asked why he is often seen at NWHL games on his days off, jack zimmermann replies “i love watching great hockey” and when pressed further on the issue, simply repeats that statement as if very confused why people are still asking this question.
  • when asked (before he is out) if he has “someone special” for valentine’s day, everyone is expecting him to say no, but jack freakin’ zimmermann shrugs one shoulder and says “yup” and when they tease “oh, she must be very lucky”, this boy says “yeah, they are” and then refuses any further questions while the internet goes wild over his use of neutral pronouns.
  • when he DOES come out and someone asks if he’s seeing anyone, jack zimmermann smiles directly at the camera - a huge, ridiculous, i am so fucking in love smile that the world has literally never seen before (and there’s a BLUSH TOO!!) - and says “Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to date my boyfriend for four years. thank you for your time.” and walks off before anyone can ask him anymore questions.
A Little Emotional

Summary: Louise has a mini breakdown while witnessing Dan and Phil’s relationship.

“…And so then we had to just throw the whole thing out all together, because what use is a toaster that can’t even toast bread properly?”

“But then the next day Phil ordered a fucking blender for a replacement. I mean for christ’s sake, who mixes up a toaster with a blender?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm so glad your ask box is open! If you're taking requests, would you be able to do something for Wesper? I loved the one you all did for them with the love letter. Honestly, anything like that would be awesome!!

Thanks for the ask and yes, of course, we can do Wesper Also I did go a bit off from the Love Letter story, but it’s still cute and Wesper so I hope you enjoy. Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I don’t have anything against her, but it offends my delicate sensibilities to imagine someone on the internet believing that I enjoy such music. -Alice

          Wylan turned the corner and came to a dead stop, followed by a quick retreat to the nearest wall. He peered cautiously through the doorway, clapping a hand over his mouth to silence the laugh. Yes it was 10 pm, and yes he was going to ask Jesper about singing in the music room, but this definitely hadn’t been what Wylan was expecting. 

          “’Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked iiiiiin.” Taylor Swift’s voice cut through Wylan’s thoughts, followed a mere second later by Jesper’s deep baritone. Immediately Wylan pulled his phone from his pocket and opened the camera. 

          This time only the hand holding the phone crossed the door frame. Jesper appeared on the screen, decked out in purple striped PJs and holding Van Eck’s wooden hairbrush. The speaker in the corner flashed lights with the beat, each a different color of the rainbow.

          “Flew me to places I’ve never beeeeen.” That was when Jesper began to dance. Shaking his hips and the whole nine yards. Wylan couldn’t suppress the laugh and Jesper’s accidental spike of the camera only made it worse. 

          The chase began. Wylan closed his phone so Jesper couldn’t delete the video and took off down the stairs. He was followed by Jesper, shouting curses and slipping due to socks on the wood floor, and the refrain to Taylor Swift’s “I knew you were trouble.” 

          The chase ended with a thump. Jesper’s socks finally got the better of him and Wylan only turned at the exclamatory “shit,” that followed. He couldn’t hold back his laugh – Jesper, lanky as he was, cut quite the picture sprawled between the hallway table and the wall. A vase (one of Wylan’s father’s) sat on Jesper’s stomach, miraculously unbroken. 

          “Are you okay?” Wylan turns, concerned. But as soon as Jesper nodded yes Wylan took off towards the bathroom. With the door locked securely behind him, he pulled out his phone. 

          “Wylan, you had better not be doing what I think you’re doing.” The stiffled giggle was all the reply Jesper needed to begin ramming the door with a shoulder. 

          “Oh, crap, crap, crap, crap.” Wylan muttered as he tried and failed to unlock his phone. He faired better the second attempt and soon the video was slowly being uploaded to the Crows’ group chat. 

          Jesper’s phone rang through the door and the pounding stopped. “You didn’t. You did not. Nope. No.” Wylan unlocked the door cautiously. Jesper stood there, face bright red with exhaustion, watching the 20 second loop video that was soon to be seen by all of his friends. 

          “God dammit Wylan.”