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Just a reminder that dating in the LGBTQ community is pretty tough. If you feel discouraged, you aren’t alone. I’m 23, and my longest relationship has been 3 months (with a girl) in high school. So often I get my hopes up high, just to have them plummeted back down. It’s been really taxing to seek something serious and time and time again feel let down. I know that there are a million cliches about being young and finding your soulmate, but I’m lonely. Really lonely. It can happen to anyone, and sometimes you might not even be able to tell and it sucks. It feels like I’m a Sim, and all my bars are full except for a close connection with someone. It feels a bit unrealistic as I’ve scanned through a majority of the gay community in my area over the years. I just hope there is a day soon when my loneliness will ease up a bit. In contrast to all of this, I am so thankful to have all of my internet friends to motivate and encourage me. Please know that I’m here for you as well. Thanks for letting me vent. Feel free to vent in my inbox. Much love. Be kind.

80% of long distance relationship do work out.

Mostly because it gives the couple a chance to get to know each other more than one level.

You don’t have to hold each other, kiss each other or be together all the time to be in love.

Months, sometimes year of getting to know someone over the phone or over the internet can lead to a happy ending.

I remember when I was in 9th grade I played Omegle with my friends and we happened to stumble across someone who is a fan of Harry Potter. So I took over and chatted with him who said himself that he is a male. We talked a lot about Harry Potter and he said that he finished the series twice. I feel… so…. connected… but then the internet crashed and we disconnected. I miss you my potterhead guy. Love you.

Comments on fanfics.

Let’s settle down for a minute.

I’ve had someone ask me why it made me happy to learn that they’d cried while reading something I wrote, which brings us back to the familiar topic of Why In Heck Are Comments Important To Fic Writers.

Listen. We’re not needy or annoying when we ask readers to leave a comment. We are only being human.

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve needed praise and encouragements to strive on, you’ve needed advice to go on, you’ve needed to share things that made you happy with other people.

You drew your family for the first time? Quick, let’s run to Mama to show her the drawing and hope she likes it. You finally got the hang of how to crack an egg in order to bake that cake your brother is fond of? Damn, now you’re gonna crack all the eggs and smile at each victory, and then cry when the egg shell falls in the bowl and hope dad isn’t going to be mad at you for failing. 

You think you finally did good on this math test? You did. The 10/10 in the corner of your sheet and the teacher’s smile prove that you did a good job, that you are capable, that you can do more. You hurry home and proudly show the test to your parents, or whoever else you hold dear to your heart, and bask in the praise. You are disappointed if it never comes.

You need them to acknowledge what you did. You need them to tell you that you did well, and then you need them to repeat it again. And it will motivate you to study harder, to make them prouder by doing even better on the next test.

Why? Because of simple encouragements. Because of feedback. Positive feedback makes you want to do more. It makes you want to go further, take yourself higher because now you know that you can do it.

It’s always gonna be the same in life. High school, college - you work hard on stuff, and when you do you expect to be praised for it. Hours of pouring over that essay have to become a good report card. Getting out of bed early every morning to run have to result in admiration from others. Working late hours have to make your boss notice you and offer you a raise. Because you deserve it, because you worked hard, because you need to know that your work is appreciated.

Now you’re a fanfiction writer.

You don’t get paid for writing this story. You never will. You know you will likely get very little feedback, even if you know your story is good. Yet you still sit down and write the thing. You take hours of your free time to go over what you wrote, again and again, losing sleep and gaining anxiety over it because what if no one likes it? What if I did all this for nothing? What if?

You still write it, because despite it all you like doing it, just like you loved trying to draw your family as a kid to show it to mom.

But when you post it - you need people to see it. You need people to tell you that you did a good job. You need someone to encourage you. You’re here, throwing hours of work into the Internet void for anonymous faces to read and hopefully enjoy. Unlike original stories, you don’t mention it to friends or family because of the fanfiction stigma, because fanfiction is considered less than original stories. So, really, the only way you have to know if your writing is worth it is the comments.

And kudos, even though they are appreciated, will never tell you how a reader feels. They’ll never tell you how someone, a real person, felt while reading your story. Did they like it? Did it make them happy? Sad? What did they go through? Was it worth it? Did you convey what you wanted? Was it worth it? Is this story worth it? Is my writing worth it? Do I keep going?

What do you think?

We only want to know if we did well. Because we are simply, painfully human.

There are no words to describe the feeling a writer gets when they see the mail notification telling them they received a comment on this or that fic. No words.


When you see that “please tell me what you think ! <3” in the chapter notes, please know that what we actually mean is “I would sell my entire body and suck Satan’s d*ck if it meant you could click that little comment button and actually write something down”.

Leave comments on fics, people. It’s not hard, and it means you will get more fic in the future if you so much as encourage the writer. That’s how people work.

Just tell us. Let us know.

Thank you.

Updated Masterlist

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Synopsis: We’ve been secretly dating for 3 months and someone decides to set us up  ☽

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Practice ☽


i’m not sure why people would spread or even take videos of all the individuals mourning jonghyun’s death. you have to think about how you would feel if you were recorded in such vulnerable state at the funeral of a loved one. you have to think about how you would feel if those videos of you were shared all over the internet for anyone to see. would you want anyone and everyone to see you in pain? crying? suffering? i guess knowing the names of those who attended is understandable because it’s nice and comforting to know that so many people truly cared about jonghyun. but please don’t share those videos. don’t make another’s pain a spectacle.

Specific VA Treatment

I already made a general post about attacking VAs and Creators but this one is going to be Voltron VA specific. Bex will be first since you all seem to have it out for this precious human the most. 


- SHE IS ALLOWED TO POST WHATEVER SHE FEELS LIKE, she is a human being like all of us, just because she’s a celebrity does not mean she can’t use tumblr/social media like the normal human she is. 

- Stop sending her death threats for the love of god. She is a person. She has feelings like you and I. Why would anyone ever want to send a person death threats unless they were stupid or had a screw loose? (by stupid I mean you can get in trouble with the law for sending death threats you ignoramuses) 

- Stop sending her threats in general. Literally wtf. She is, once again, a person. Would you randomly walk up to someone and threaten them? No probably not. Don’t do it over the internet either. Also saying you are a minor/mlm/wlw/any other minority doesn’t get you off scott free. A threat is still a threat no matter who from. Even if its a “joke” its still a threat.

- She is also allowed to ship whatever the fuck she wants. She knows more about the show than you do so i think she has a right to do whatever she choses with regards to the show. Let her ship Plance if she wants dammit. 

- Stop calling her a homophobe. You are all dumb. She is the furthest thing from a homophobe. “She’s a lesbian, Harold”.

- idk why you all call her a pedophile. You call Sheith shippers pedophiles (which is inaccurate btw). She doesn’t ship sheith. She support people who do but she doesn’t personally ship it u dunderhead. 

- Boobs aren’t sexual objects. She doesn’t see them as sexual objects. Stop turning them into sexual objects just so you can use it as an argument against her.


- For the love of all things holy stop calling him a pedophile. So what if he likes an imaginary ship or not? 1) it’s not pedophilia, 2) it’s not real anyways, 3) you are making yourself look stupider by the minute by calling someone something they aren’t. 

- Stop sending death threats. I’m going to have to reiterate this in every section it seems like. None of you obviously have morals if you think sending death threats are alright. 

- STOP SENDING THREATS. Again another thing it seems like I will have to keep reiterating. Threatening people isn’t okay. It’s just not. You are taught this as a kid, or at least I THOUGHT everyone was taught this growing up. 

- Never involve a persons children in a situation they aren’t apart of. You are literally the scum of the Earth if you talk ill about someones child or bring them into a situation they should not be in. If someone had done that to my kid they wouldn’t want to be anywhere near me i’ll tell you that right now. A threat against a child is a threat against their parents as well. If you threaten a child you have to deal with the consequence of having a pissed off parent as well. Plus a parent has every right to come at you once you threaten their children. 

- He’s also allowed to post anything he wants. He’s a person, he can make jokes, he can have fun on social media. Stop being a party pooper.

- He is also not a homophobe. So don’t call him that.


- He is also not a homophobe so just stop. 

- don’t threaten or antagonize him. Once again not something you should do. 

- Don’t send death threats! once again a bad thing to do and against the law. 

- just stop being a dick in general to him? He’s a nice man let him live. 

AJ -

- He is precious. Stop waiting to pounce on him for anything he says you vultures (I shouldn’t say that its an insult to the vultures)

Tyler -

- let this man ship Punk (hunk and pidge) in peace 

- i don’t think anti’s have attacked him for anything else???


- Stop threatening them.

- Stop sending death threats.

- Stop policing their social media.

- Stop saying they can’t support ships just because you don’t like them.

- Stop saying they can’t ship what they like just because you don’t like it.

- Stop being dicks to them in general. 

- Stop trying to weed out info about the show from them, they have a contract, they can’t talk to you about future stuff in the show get that thru your head.

- Just stop calling people pedo’s. Dreamworks would not hire pedophiles you idiots. plus YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN THROW AROUND A SERIOUS WORD LIKE THAT WILLY-NILLY. 

- Let’s all be decent human beings alright? alright. 

anonymous asked:

okay here's my longgg WIW thought: AU where teen Nat breaks free of her conditioning/handlers in the late 90s! and starts working on her own side, trying to stealthily eliminate the Red Room and any other organization that relies heavily on brainwashing, b/c she never wants anyone to go through what she did. After a few months, she realizes that someone is helping her behind the scenes--covering her tracks electronically, dropping her hints about where the next cell might be, etc. 1/10

She should be freaked out that someone discovered her, can FOLLOW her, and she is, she’s terrified, but–this person is helping her. this person could have turned her in at any time. so it’s either someone who genuinely wants to help or someone who’s playing a long con to get her. she decides not to let her guard down around this person but to cautiously take their help–double-checking with outside sources before she goes off to do anything on their say-so, though. After a year she 2/10

gets an email that just has the location of a post box. She memorizes it, and when she checks her email again the next day, the message is gone. When she finds the box, she sees that her ghost has left her some new intel along with… some kind of electronic weapon? And instructions. She’s suspicious but she makes someone she’s about to kill test it out and her eyes go wide with delight. She quickly grows to love her new weapon. Her ghost keeps giving her intel/suggestions, but now every 3/10

few months there’s an upgrade, too. After a couple times of this she leaves a message in the box for them, b/c it’s the only way she can think of to contact them, saying thank you. Somehow that turns into the two of them corresponding through letters, and she becomes very fond of her ghost. They’ll never tell her who they are or give any hints, but the two of them talk about everything and nothing, play long games of chess over months, gossip over marked-up fashion magazines and about new 4/10

movies coming out. She feels like she gets to know her ghost very well. Like she can trust them. They have inside jokes! She thinks about them often. She thinks of them as a friend. She still tries to be wary but she knows, though she doesn’t want to admit it, that she’s compromised. She just hopes that they don’t give her away, and wishes she wasn’t so weak that she liked them so much. // ENTER THE WINTER SOLDIER. On a mission in the early 2000s he breaks free of his conditioning and 5/10

runs off to start his own crusade against HYDRA. He and Nat run into each other a few times on jobs they’ve both decided to take. They circle each other warily and exchange some blows, but nothing serious. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Eventually she sends a message to her ghost and asks if they think the man is trustworthy. Her ghost comes back saying that the Winter Soldier has been reported missing and maybe this guy is him? Maybe they should bring him in on their project if 6/10

he hates brainwashing too. (Nat gets a warm feeling she quickly squashes when her ghost calls it ‘their’ project.) So she starts talking to the soldier when they run into each other and eventually he comes to find her one day and asks her what her deal is. She explains, asks if he wants to join them. He shrugs and that’s that, he’s now part of their op. Nat’s ghost starts calling him James because ‘he looks like Bucky Barnes, Nat, tell me you don’t see it!’ and slowly over time James gets 7/10

enmeshed into their friendship and letters and starts remembering more about his personality and some memories. So Nat’s ghost becomes THEIR ghost, and things are good. When a month goes by without hearing from their ghost, they don’t worry too much. But they’ve never gone more than two without hearing from them, so they DO worry after their ghost is silent that long. Nat thinks maybe she’s suddenly getting what more she could want to make her happy. What’s been missing. What she hasn’t 8/10

been admitting to herself about James and their ghost, and feelings. Futures. Families. Then she’s absently watching the news and they’re reporting on Tony Stark’s disappearance again–and she sits bolt upright. Tony Stark been missing for two months, Tony Stark is a mechanical genius, Tony Stark… and the pieces fall into place. She feels immense fury boiling inside of her at the thought that someone has their ghost held captive. No.He belongs with her and James. Heads will roll for this. 9/10

Cue a rescue mission to Afghanistan! (Sidenote: I imagine Tony was born ten years later in this au, but his parents still died in 1991. Obie took over the company until Tony would be old enough to take it on, leaving him a bored teenager in the late 90s trawling around on the internet while getting his second phd when he found Natasha. Tony of course has been in love with both of them and known it practically from meeting each but didn’t think they’d want him or it could work out.) 10/10

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I’m fine, I’m fine, just sitting here, crying and petting this beautiful headcanon. I don’t even know what to say. There is nothing to say. THIS IS PERFECTION! THANK YOU YOU BRILLIANT WONDERFUL ANON MAY YOUR MIND CONTINUE TO GIFT YOU WITH THESE BREATHTAKING IDEAS!!!

(I’m sorry I’m sorry, I just can’t resist: Nat and James are in the middle of fighting these pathetic terrorists who dared taking their ghost–and they’d enjoy the fight a lot more if it wasn’t for that cold, dreadful worry, that desperate need to find their ghost and make sure he’s okay–when a fucking metal suit starts blasting these bastards apart with the sort of blind fury they can appreciate but know to be wary off. Which is a good thing, because once the last of the Ten Ring guys is dead, James is almost too slow to avoid one of the blasts, and then suddenly the metal suit is on his knees, crying and apologising and it’s all very messy but they’ve got their ghost back and really that’s the only thing that matters, isn’t it?)

Goodbye Internet.

Summary- In which Dan ruined what him and Phil had and made his last video. 

Genre- Angst?

Word Count - 1.7k 

The flat the two shared used to be full of life and happiness, now it was only full of sadness and regret. Dan had messed up big time, him and Phil fought. Now Phil was gone and Dan couldn’t forget him. He was everywhere he looked. Dan couldn’t bear though to get rid of the things they had together. He couldn’t even be bothered to pick up the engagement ring Phil threw back to him just before he left. “Fuck you Dan. I trusted you with my life and agreed to marry you and you went sleeping around?” Phil scoffed, twisting the ring off his finger. His face was tight, the veins in his neck popping out as his eyes watered. “Here”. He threw the ring at Dan, hitting his chest. Dan watched it fall to his feet along with his heart. “I changed my mind. I’ll get my stuff over the week.” He turned and walked out, slamming the door, leaving Dan standing there with tears falling from his eyes, landing around the ring on the floor. 

About a month ago it hit Dan, he was getting married. He wanted to marry Phil, god he did. He was scared and did what he usually did. Dan ran. He ran from his fear, ran from everything and into the arms of another person. A few actually. Thinking back now, Dan realized they all had one thing in common, they were just like Phil. Every woman he went home with was a huge kid on the inside with the sweetest smile. If Dan went home with a guy he noticed things about them to, they all were nerdy and had the sweetest personalities.

Staring at the ceiling as his fairy lights shone above him, illuminating the room with a melancholy mist. Dan hadn’t done much of anything since Phil left. He hadn’t gotten out of bed unless he needed to use the bathroom or wanted a drink or snack. Even then he just started hoarding bags of maltesers and water bottles in his room so he wouldn’t have to leave as much. Unlike the rest of the house, Dan’s room was black and white basically. The less color he had the better. To Dan, Phil was like a bunch of colors that shone brightly making everyone happy. Except Dan, the colors only made him sad now.

Tears slipped from his eyes and slid down the sides of his face. He didn’t want to continue YouTube alone, he didn’t want to abandon the gaming channel, let alone his own but he couldn’t do it. He met Phil through YouTube, and it ended on YouTube.

Sighing, Dan found the strength to climb out of bed. His head throbbed in pain as he walked to the bathroom, his head dropping once he saw his appearance. His hair was greasy and curled, bags and dark circles were under his eyes. His shoulders drooped and his clothes hung off his body. He was wearing grey sweatpants that were big on him alone and a jumper that was way too big for him.

Tears fell from his eyes again as a sob crashed through his body. Dan leaned against the wall and slid down, fully sobbing now. “I-I’m so sorry P-Phil.” He gasped through every cry to himself. He doubted he’d ever get to tell him how sorry he was. Phil was right in Dan’s mind to leave. He didn’t deserve Phil, he never did and he proved that.

Dan couldn’t do this. He wasn’t happy. YouTube doesn’t make him happy anymore. It’s been a week, almost two now since he even logged on. He sat there on the bathroom floor for hours thinking it over.

Music blasted in his headphones, and he stared at the tiled wall. Was he doing this? “I guess I am,” he mumbled, the life drained from him. He pulled himself up and trudged back to his room, setting the camera up in front of his bed. Turning the camera on he sat there for five minutes before saying anything.

“Hello internet,” he waved his hand. His voice wasn’t happy like it usually was when he did his intros, then again he wasn’t happy anymore. “I look like a literal rat right now, and I deserve to.”

Dan sighed and hung his head trying to think of how he wanted to explain everything. The fans never knew that him and Phil were together, so how was to explain what happened without outing them. Hopefully Phil wouldn’t hate his anymore than he already did..

“As you guys probably have noticed, Phil and I are no longer gonna be living together.” Dan bite his lip and looked down. “A-And it’s all my fault.” He looked into the viewfinder for a brief moment to see how he was doing.

“Phil and I were a couple. I asked him to be my boyfriend back in 2011 and he said yes.” Dan smiled but that smile was nothing but sadness anymore. “We went through tough times like any other couple, as you all know we grew apart in 2012, but we came back around.”

Dan could feel tears forming back in his eyes but he refused to let them fall again. “After being together for over 5 years, I decided I would ask him to marry me. I wanted to make it perfect, because that’s what Phil deserves. I planned a trip back to where it all started. You were so clueless. My heart was soaring, beating out of my chest. I was gonna ask you to marry me and I was terrified you would say no. Looking back? You should have, but for some reason you chose to say yes.”

Laughing a bit Dan remember how nervous he had been that day. “I took you to the train station where we met for the first time. I was nervous to get off the train that day. I was worried you would hate the me you would see in person.”

A single tear rolled down his cheek, “W-we planned to get married in May. We planned on recording bits of it, and uploading a vlog as a surprise to you guys.” Dan chuckled, “Some of you, many of you actually would have been expecting it.”

Dan closed his eyes and let the tears roll freely now. He brought his hand up and covered his mouth, letting sobs escape his body. His eyes were more than likely bloodshot as he looked back into the camera. “Then I fucked up big time.” Came from his lips in a whisper.

“Loyalty is something everyone deserves. T-trust to, and I broke both of those things. P-phil… If you by some chance watch this, not that you would want to see me again in any form, but I-I’m so sorry. You should never forgive m-me. I was scared. I s-still am now that I’m alone again because I-I’m so used to having you here. It’s not the same. There’s no dork to greet me when I finally crawl out of bed, no one to help when I fall into an existential crisis. I fucking took you for granted, and I will never f-forgive myself for that.”

Dan fell back onto his bed and let the sobs come, the tears pour. A good 15 minutes later once he composed himself, he sat back up and looked into the camera. “I che-cheated on P-Phil Lester. I fucking hate myself f-for it.” He wiped his eyes before looking back into the camera.

“It hit me that I was getting married and I started to panic. I started thinking about how Phil, how you could c-change your mi-mind any moment and it scared me. So, like any other time I was scared, I ran. Instead of running to you, I ran from you. Into the arms of others.”

“I want you guys to do me a favor. I want you all to, if you love somebody, make sure you tell them. If you get scared f-fucking tell them! Don’t do what I did. Don’t be stupid and cost yourself the one person you can’t live without. This? This hurts like fucking hell and it sucks. Phil, you mean everything to me an- and I’ll never get you back and I deserve that. I deserve to be lonely and to never hear from you again.”

Dan sighed, scared shitless to end this video. His face was tear stained, his sleeves were damp from crying and his eyes were bloodshot and puffy. “The last few things I w-want to say to end this on… I-I’m moving. I don’t know where, but somewhere. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll stay in London, it all hurts too much. J-just like this… YouTube used to make me happy. Now it mocks me. I look and see most of the videos I created were with you Phil and I can’t do it. So, this is it. No more Danisnotonfire. No more live shows, no more updates. I’m going back to being Dan, and getting rid of my internet persona I’ve built over the years. Please, if you guys see me in public, please don’t come up to me. I don’t want this “fame”,” Dan put hand quotations around fame. He never considered himself a famous person. Just someone on the internet. “I loved meeting you guys, but when your other half is missing you just don’t want to continue.”

Dan sighed one last time and wiped his eyes before looking into the camera. “I’m Dan and this was Danisnotonfire. Goodbye internet.”


Dan had just finishing packing up the last box of things from his bedroom. He was moving back home, not too far from his parents’ house. Carrying the box out to the lounge, he looked around. What was once a happy place was now nothing but a bad memory. The ring he gave Phil lived in his wallet. The remains of his YouTube career were going with him. He had uploaded the video a week ago and wasn’t sure how everyone was reacting. He didn’t check the comments or look on any social media. He was too scared.

Dan’s phone went off in his hand and he looked at it.

YouTube: AmazingPhil has just uploaded a video: Phil’s Final Video Blog - 2nd March 2017

Part 2

Remember when TOP tried to end his life because so many people were attacking him over pot and yall were up in arms about how words have consequences? Yet when it comes to the BTS and Jackson and Shinhwa and SUJU things it’s totally okay to go balls to the walls and tell members to die and groups to disband??? Listen I’m not trying to tell you how to feel, but don’t be an ass about it, and certainly don’t attack others over something, especially when they had no ill intent. Have your feelings, express them, write an angry haiku, unfollow them on twitter, but don’t come at them with your pitchforks. If someone unintentionally hurt your feelings, and you intentionally hurt theirs, doesn’t that make you the bad guy??? Some of yall are literally telling people to die for getting married like I love this genre of music and I love some of the friends I’ve made in the kpop fandom but god damn no wonder we’re considered one of the most(on some lists #1) toxic fandoms in the world. The internet makes you brave and it’s so easy to get sucked into a pack mentality because if all these people are doing it it must be okay, so here’s a reminder of the golden rule: do onto others as you want done onto you. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Or, as Thumper said it, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all. If it’s not something you’d say to them in person, say in front of your mother, say to their mother, want said to your best friend, said in front of a future employer, Christ even your dog, if you’d ever be ashamed of saying it or upset hearing it, it’s not a nice things to say and there is literally no good that will come from it, so just don’t.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Sam Desantis

When it comes to capturing moments that give you all the feels, Sam Desantis has it on lock. The way that Sam captures raw moments in time and turns them into nostalgic memories is insanely inspiring. We can’t get enough of her moody “blue” photos and can’t wait to see SXSW through her lens as she captures the festival as a guest blogger for Vans Girls. Follow along all week on the Vans Girls blog and Instagram and get lost in Sam’s photography…

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BTS | Their s/o Is Physically Attacked By ARMYs

Anonymous said:

Can I request a BTS reaction to their S/O being physically attacked by ARMYs

When your relationship was outed it was taken 50/50 with the fans; some were okay with it and accepted the fact that Jin was dated especially if the relationship made him happy…others, not so much. So when you joined him at a fan meet, helping out the staff things were going well until a couple of ‘fans’ decided that they didn’t like the fact that you were even near Jin.

When you went over to take some of the fan gifts from him and move them over to his growing pile one of the fans reached around the table and grabbed your hair pulling you forward, he’d immediately intervene pulling the fan off of you and getting you out of there before turning to the fan.

“I would’ve hoped you’d be happy that I was happy, and I am so disappointed that one of my fans would go so far as to put their hands on someone I love.”

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For the most part your relationship with Yoongi had been accepted and any bashing about you had been few and far between. So when Yoongi had a day off and wanted to take out out to lunch, you both weren’t particularly worried about going out and being seen together. 

“I’ll be right back,” he said, heading to the counter to pay for your lunch, leaving you alone by the door.

As soon as he left you alone, three girls approached you looking like they smelled something rotten. “So you’re Y/N….” one of them said, scowling at you. Not really sure if you should answer because of the look on her face, you stayed silent, which only caused them to become irritated. “Listen,” she said, pushing you back hard causing you to hit the wall behind you, “You’re not good enough for Yoongi and-.”

“Aren’t I the one who should decide who’s good enough for me,” Yoongi said coming up behind the girls, startling them, “I suggest you three leave.” The look on his face showing that he was trying to hold back what he really wanted to say to them. After they took off he would pull you into a hug asking if you were okay.

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Your relationship had been well received; at least that’s that you had thought. On social media or even at fanmeets there had been no bashing or mentions on how you “weren’t good enough” for him. However it seemed that some fans had been holding out on expressing their feeling on the topic of you and Hoseok dating.

“I don’t see what he possibly saw in someone like you,” a fan said to you when they saw you making your way through the crowd of a fanmeet. You tried not to let it bother you, the only thing that mattered to you was what Hoseok thought.

But what really caught you off guard was when you tried to walk away from the fan and they grabbed your wrist tightly, yanking you back harshly. “Hey! I was talking to you!”

“Hey!” an unmistakable voice said. You looked over, Hoseok running over breaking security protocol to get to you and pull you away from the fan. “There is absolutely no reason for any of that. You should be ashamed of the way your acting, it makes me sad to see a fan of BTS and mine act like this towards someone I love.”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:
You had tried to hide what happened from him, but he started to get suspicious that something had happened when you had showed up at the dorm like you said you were going to, but you were slightly upset and had scraps on your hands and arms.

“Oh, I tripped on the curb on my way over here…that’s all,” you lied, not wanting to cause trouble.

But the problem is we live in the age of technology. So you “tripping on the curb” was actually caught on camera by someone and posted on the internet. “I was right…Y/N was attacked by someone.”


He knew there might be some issues after he confirmed your relationship, but nothing like this. He was disappointed with his fans and at the next concert he made sure to make an announcement. “I would like to address a video that recently surfaced on the internet…someone physically attacked Y/N who as you know I recently confirmed we are dating. To the person who did that, I would’ve hoped that you accepted the fact that I’m happy. Attacking someone I love is like you attacked me and I hope you think about your actions and what you did.”

I know it’s hard to ignore that adorable face, but just ignore Jimin

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The last thing he every expected was that you would be attacked by “fans”. He was happy when he was finally able to confirm your relationship so that you two weren’t having to hide so much when you tried to go on dates. 

“You wanna go find the seats while I go get the food?” Jimin questioned. You had decided that instead of your usual dinner date, you would go out for a movie instead.

“Sure,” you said, before you both went your separate ways. You were halfway down the hallway when some girls stopped right in front of you. “Oh, excuse me…”

“I don’t see what’s so special about you that would make Jimin want to choose you,” one of them said.

“Huh?” you questioned.

“You’re so plain it’s almost sad,” she said.

“Maybe this will help,” another said, before throwing her soda at you. The smell of cherry filling your nose.

“Y/N!” you heard Jimin yell before pulling you away, “I hope you aren’t fans of mine because real fans wouldn’t do that to someone I love.” His emotions getting the better of him. “Real fans would let me love who I want and be happy for me…”

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You hated to see Tae upset, so the last thing that you wanted to do was tell him that you had been cornered by a couple of his fans after work and they had pushed you around a bit. You knew if he found out you were hiding that from him he would be upset about that too, so it was really a lose lose situation.

“Ouch,” you said when Tae came up behind you and back hugged you when he saw you in the dorm kitchen cooking.

“I didn’t hug you that hard, jagi…are you okay?” he questioned, quickly letting go of you.

“Oh yeah, I just lifted a box wrong at work and now my back is a bit sore,” you lied. That lie however didn’t last long when you bent down and your shirt rode up revealing a bruise from when you got knocked you the ground.

“Y/N…tell me what really happened,” he said. You knew that you weren’t going to be able to lie your way out of this one so you just told him the truth. He didn’t say anything to you after you told him what happened; he immediately went and did his weekly V Log and among everything else that he talked about he talked about how disappointed he was in those who called themselves his fans and pleaded for everyone not to bother you at your job.

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There’s no instruction manual on how fans are going to react when an idol announces the fact that they’re dating or confirms any rumors. The fans will either accept the fact that an idol is dating, they won’t, or it will be 50/50.

For you and Jungkook it was 50/50. He had done a lot to keep your dating life private until he announced that he was dating so the fans didn’t really know anything about you until after the announcement.

‘As long as he’s happy’

‘Did you see the pictures on Instagram from their date, they’re so cute together #Kookie&Y/N’

‘Are you all serious, he’s the golden maknae and she’s some Plain Jane, she’s got no business with him’

‘How can she even possibly think she’s good enough for him????’

Jungkook knew that after a while the social media bashing would settle down. What he wasn’t expecting was when you were at your job for you to be harassed and attacked.

“You work at a grocery store and you think you’re good enough for Kookie?” one of the girls now standing on the other side of the cash register said.

“That will be 34550.37 ($30.55 I used google, correct me if I’m wrong),” you said trying to ignore their comments and get them out of your line as soon as you could.

“I asked you how you thought you were good enough for Kookie!” she said reaching over and grabbing your arm, seemingly trying to pull you over the counter.

“HEY! LET Y/N GO!” You looked over to see Jungkook with an angry look on his face, causing the girl to let you go, “Just pay for your stuff and go.” The girl ran out without even taking any of her items with her and Jungkook walked over to you. “Are you okay?” 

“I’ll be fine…thanks Kookie.”

That one was a little long

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This fandom is really getting me down at the minute. So many people are theorizing about Dan and Phil like they are characters in a TV show. They are not. They aren’t toys, you don’t get to play with them and you for sure don’t get to decide their story. This whole bedroom sharing thing is beyond a joke, I highly doubt they share a bedroom because news flash… friends don’t tend to do that, because remember thats all they are friends. We know no different, therefore we shouldn’t be saying otherwise. You cannot try and decide someones story like you are writing a book. They are not a living fanfiction, they are REAL people with REAL lives and REAL feelings and you don’t get to dictate them. I think it’s about time we stopped with the conspiracies and let them live their fucking lives. Its not 2012 anymore, they are both very open to the fact that they don’t only like women but guess what? That doesn’t mean they are together. It is now at a point where they are clearly being made uncomfortable by their fans, the people that say ‘i love you’ to them everyday but then set off rumors over the whole internet. Do you know how that feels? Just because they are ‘famous’ doesn’t mean that these things are okay. If someone was spreading a rumor about you, you wouldn’t like it so why can you do it to them? Wait. You cant!

Honestly once I’m finished with the Phandom Games i will probably be logging off for a while until this shitty fandom takes a step back and realizes they are dealing with real people and not dolls.

wanna one (maknae line + yoo seonho) reaction: to their crush having a bitch face but is actually very sweet

a/n: requested by anon / gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner + i enjoyed writing this reaction so much  ♡ enjoy :D


jihoon would be pretty shocked at first but would later just accept it. i think, he’ll think it’s pretty impressive and ask them about it when the two of them get closer, of course.

“i thought you were rude but i’m wrong. you’re one of the sweetest people i have ever met .”


he wouldn’t believe his own ears. woojin would even ask people around to confirm if it was true. i bet if he sees his crush again, his heartbeat would go 2 times faster. now knowing that they’re the sweetest and wouldn’t dare to harm someone. it’d make him fall in love more with his crush.


baejin was stunned. he was planning on to never confess to them but would feel hope after he knew how they really are. jinyoung would first approach them & try to become friends first. he’d wait for a while before confessing though.


first of all, i think daehwi would regret the most out of all the members to not talk to their crush. he’d scream, roll around and even search on the internet how to ‘calm down’. daehwi would eventually calm down when his crush comes over and talks to him. actually he’s screaming so hard in the inside

guanlin ♡ 

he’s the member that would care the least. guanlin probably already talked to them and would just accept it. behind that ‘cool’ acting, he’d be all over his crush. he’d keep thinking about them 24/7 and okay. this guy is just super in love.


he’ll probably begin acting over dramatically; seonho will be eating lots while crying because he’s amazed by how his crush really is. while eating & crying he’d tell himself; “there’s no way that i can be with ___, they’re too sweet” “actually…. i chose the right person to crush on”


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The morning after your first date with Harry, you’d gotten a frantic call from him. He’d actually woken you, and later when you checked your call log you saw he’d rang at 5 a.m.

“Hullo?” you muttered, barely able to function through the sleepiness.

“[Y/N], sorry, I know it’s early and I’m sorry to wake you.” He sounded nervous, worried really. But there was also a twist of anger in his words that helped you pull yourself awake.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, sitting up in your bed and holding the phone closer to your ear.

“It’s just—I’m just—fuck,” he stuttered. “I’m just so sorry.”

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When she asks about your past lover for the first time, she doesn’t want to hear why you didn’t work out. Don’t tell her your entire love story, and how you’re so over her. That might satisfy you, but it will never be enough for her.

When she asks about your past lover for the first time, don’t give her a name. Do not give her the opportunity to scour every inch of the internet in search of her image, where she went to high school and what her political views are.

Sometimes, oftentimes, you keep it bland. Narrow it to “I once loved her and you can love someone all you want, but sometimes loving them isn’t enough. So here I am, wanting to love you, only if you let me”.
—  Zienab Hamdan

OKAY! OK…okay… i have seen this circulating on a couple places with no credible source or info to go along with it other than “alternative chocolate skin color” for playable Majin Android 21 in DBFZ… i’ve searched all over the internet looking for the info to see if it is real, and maybe i missed it

SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME! IS THIS REAL?! is it a leaked photo that hasn’t been officially confirmed yet? is it photoshopped?

BECAUSE I LOVE IT!!!💖 and if it’s real, i’ll be so happy…does anyone have a credible source confirming this?! if so, send it my way!😎

Love when there are “how to tell if someone is lying/manipulating you” posts on my dash and 90% of them are things I do as an autistic person

Stuff like not making eye contact, wringing my hands, having a closed-off posture, having to control the tone of my voice, preferring to talk over the Internet… The whole damn list is just a huge presumption that if you don’t act “normal” then you’re lying

Like… Buddy. My whole childhood I got in trouble for things I didn’t do because I couldn’t make eye contact and I laughed at inappropriate times because that’s how my body decided to deal with fear. It wasn’t the greatest tbh

Although can we have a thing where a ~great detective~ accuses someone of being a murderer based on body language during an interrogation and then they’re like “I’m autistic, you fuck. This is just what I do! …Nice work being ableist and letting the real killer get away btw”

  • someone: [brings up the possibility of lego joker becoming the new onceler]
  • me: [rapidly packing my bags and making my way out the door] no. nope. i will not be on this wreck if it goes down. im leaving the internet, my home, the country, the planet, the entire fucking solar system. if you need me i'll be over in the andromeda galaxy starting up a lovely little space farming business

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In The Greek Interpreter I love the moment when H and W realize someone is in Baker Street (about 27.20) and have a brief silent scuffle over who will enter first and face possible danger. H moves to the door first, and when W follows H gestures for him to stand back. Instead W glares at H, assuming his soldier stance in front of the doorknob. In response H manages to reach around him to grab the handle and slip around him, successfully entering first. I love when they're mutually protective <3

#protect your man