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Okay so I know this fanfiction is from about a year agok but I read it and I couldn’t help but draw this adorable coffee shop in all its titan glory!

I got some happy Rin to help u feel a little better (also expect more submissions cause I sure as fuck don’t understand how to submit more then 1 photo at a time) with a bonus Kayochin since shes the birthday girl

god i love hanayo so much i’d actually die for her i’d give my life up for her in a second she means more to me than anyone and anything else she lights up my life more than all the stars in the night sky i would jump in front of moving traffic if she asked me to i love her i love her i LOVE MY WIFE HANAYO KOIZUMI 

First drawing/sketch in a long while! This is a concept drawing based on an ask @magickandmoss received about her desired outfit. She gave a really detailed and nifty description, and I found it to be absolutely amazing! This image sparked in my mind, and I decided to whip it up between the day’s errands. I’m not sure if it was hat you were picturing, but this is a simple version of what I imagined. 

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Hi! I recently reread your Takarazuka Soragumi Phantom 2004 review and saw that the picture links that were once available no longer work (a pity because the pictures were beautiful). Also, your review was quite literally the reason I fell in love with Takarazuka. Thank you so much for reviewing it. It remains, to this day, my favorite version of phantom (I am biased).

This message totally made my day!  I’m so glad you enjoyed the review, and the Takarazuka show itself.  It’s one of my favorites, too!

The images of the performers linked in the old review were hosted at the old PhantomsTheater.com website, which went down last year, probably for good (although you can still see some of it at the Wayback Machine!).  But anyone who wanted to see some gorgeous pictures from that 2004 cast, here are a few!

Featuring Wao Yoka as the Phantom, and Hanafusa Mari as Christine!

And although sadly most songs from the show have been removed from YouTube, you can still see the curtain call from it on Tudou, and it’s still fabulous a decade later.  Enjoy it, y’all.

I’m so glad I helped you find something as rad as Takarazuka, and thank you so much for your wonderful message!

Backwards (p.t. 2)

(I loved this picture too much and thought it matched my story well so I am going to keep it the same for the 4 parts unless I find another one I like better.)

Intro: continuing my story from the other day.  I warned you it was long.  Still 2 more parts to goooooo. 

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2,660

Triggers: eventual attempt at sexual assault (that will be in part 3 or 4), bullying.

Summary:  Reader is a botanist on the Enterprise who is bullied often and has low self esteem, and happens to run into Bones one day and develops a crush instantly (who wouldn’t, really?).  Reader works with Bones to save Spock from an injury from an away-mission.  The bullying gets worse as the story goes on and eventually leads to an attempt at sexual assault.  Reader gets away and doesn’t know who to turn to (maybe a certain friendly yet grumpy space doctor?).

ALSO: This story involves some real science/medicine (ex. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation is a real thing) and some science/medicine that I kinda made up (ex. Seabaene is not a real thing).  Just go with it.  I think I got the Vulcan anatomy generally correct after a teeny bit of research but just roll with it.  thank. 

ALSO (p.t. 2): I have nothing against botanists I think they are amazing but the character is a little self-conscious about her profession. thank (p.t. 2)

Read Part 1 here: https://kaitysmitty123.tumblr.com/post/155975786442/backwards-pt-1


Back in your room you cleaned off, blood boiling as you continue to hear your colleague’s mocking laughs and hurtful words ringing in your ears. Frustrated tears stream down your cheeks involuntarily.  

You were used to being teased, it was nothing new to you.  You were top of your class at the Academy, but top of your class in botany is much less noble than top of the class in engineering or medicine or command.  You had thought about joining one of the big 3, but engineering was too mechanical and cold, nothing living to be found.  And medicine was too intense, and though you didn’t mind the guts and bodily fluids, seeing the medical team running around like they did was not something you wanted.  And command, well, there was no chance for that, as you could barely be heard in a group of 5 people let alone an entire ship and crew.  'Plant Freak’ was your most regularly used nickname and you tried to convince yourself that it didn’t hurt you, but it did. 

You sniffled and had just shimmied into a clean uniform when you heard an urgent knock at the door.  Your heart stopped and you hoped it wasn’t one of the boys from the group looking for revenge.  You wiped the remnants of tears off your cheeks, but didn’t have time to make your face any less puffy or red.  

Pressing the button to open the door you saw a crew member that you had never seen before, and she was wearing a crisp white uniform with a medical insignia, so you assumed she was a nurse.  Her alien features lit up when she saw you and began speaking desperately, 

“Lieutenant Y/N?” She asked, her eyes taking you in, puffy face and all. 

“Yes, that’s me.” You responded, still confused about why she was here. 

“Dr. McCoy sent me; he needs you in the medbay immediately.” She reported, speaking so fast you almost didn’t catch what she was saying.  Your heart leaped up into your throat.  Leonard needed you?  You thought.  Was it something about the breakfast you shared this morning? You wondered but were suddenly jerked out of your thoughts as you saw the urgent look on the nurse’s face. 

“What does he need?” You asked. 

“He didn’t say.  He just said to come and get you and that it was an emergency.”  She explained and motioned into the hallway for you to follow. 

“Yes, okay, well let’s go.” You blurted and followed her as she ran through the hallways to the medbay.  

The medbay looked a lot different than it had this morning.  People were buzzing around everywhere, but there was one room that most people seemed to be rushing in and out of.  

The nurse led you into that room, and you squeezed past the crowding mob of bodies until you saw what the commotion was about.  

1st Officer Spock was lying on one of the beds, a very large gash in his side, which was oozing green-black blood.  But what was really odd was that his skin was almost white, and you could see the veins and arteries traced under his skin, dark green lines spreading across his body.  The monitors were going crazy and you finally saw Leonard, barking orders at basically everyone.  He didn’t look like the kind, gentle man you’d met this morning, he looked like what his title entailed, Chief Medical Officer.  Finally his eyes rested on you and he looked relieved as he rushed towards you, his eye contact only breaking to shout some more orders at some more people.  Once he reached you he placed a hand on your shoulder firmly. 

“Thank the stars you are here, Y/N.  I need you to do something for me.” His eyes were kind but urgent, sweat glistening off his brow, and his hand on your shoulder shaking slightly.  

“What happened?” You asked quietly, eyes flicking to the prone officer on the bed.  You now suddenly saw Captain Kirk in the room by the window, his whole demeanor setting off a vibe of stress and anxiety, and it looked like he should be in a medical bed too.  His shirt was ripped and stained and he had blood dripping from a cut below his eye but he didn’t seem like he noticed as he leaned over Spock, a desperate worrisome look on his face.  

“Kirk and Spock just came back from an away mission and Spock got shot with some weird alien hand-gun-thing that seems to be causing disseminated intravascular coagulation, but he is not responding to the medication.”  Leonard explained frantically, almost speaking faster than the nurse had when she had come to your door.  He was about to continue when he saw your brows furrow. 

He sighed and continued, “disseminated intravascular coagulation is…”

“I know what it is, doctor,” You interrupted, meeting his desperate eyes, “Spock is forming clots in every one of his blood vessels, cutting off blood supply to just about everything.”

“Exactly,” he said, removing his hand from your shoulder and looking back to the chaotic room, “I need you to get me some…”

“Seabaene.” You finished his sentence for him, “Spock need Seabaene!  I have some in my lab!" 

You jumped up excitedly and Leonard’s face lit up. 

"Exactly!  And we need it fast…” But before you heard the rest of his sentence you were running out the door, pushing people out of the way and sprinting down the hallway to your lab. 

You slid into the open doors of your lab and reached the supply room where you kept dried Seabaene, as well as one vial of a salve already prepared.  You grabbed two bags of the dried leaves and the vial and turned, sprinting out of the room and back towards the medbay.  

Adrenaline coursed through your body, your heart hammering in your chest and your hands shaking around the supplies but you made it back to the medbay without stopping, pushing past people again to get back into the room.

Spock looked even worse than he had when you left; the dark green blood vessels had spread and were even more prominent under his deathly white skin.  The monitor that showed his vital signs were going crazy and his heart rate was insanely fast.  

You spotted Leonard, looking both frazzled and focused at the same time, if that was possible.  

“Leonard!” You yelled and his head sprung up from examining Spock and his gaze locked on yours.  

You threw him the vial of salve over Spock and Leonard caught it easily, removing the cap as soon as it was in his hands.  

“That should work; just spread it on his skin, as much as you can.” You instructed between breaths, willing your heart to slow down so you could focus.  

The doctor did just that and everyone became silent as they watched the monitors for signs of stabilization, but nothing happened.  Suddenly everyone’s eyes were on you.  You froze, locking eyes with Leonard, his face frozen in an expression of intense thought, and you could tell his brain was elsewhere, trying to think of another way to save Spock.  

Captain Kirk broke the silence as he yelled, “Dammit Bones, DO SOMETHING!" 

Your were racking your brain, trying to think of alternatives and why this wasn’t working.  You eyed the green blood oozing from his wound. 

"Dammit Jim, I am trying to think!” Leonard yelled back.  

“Well think faster!” Kirk yelled again, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration.  

Leonard was about to respond when you realized what the problem was.  
“He’s Vulcan.” You spoke up, your eye moving back and forth as you realized what was wrong. 

“Half-Vulcan, yes.” Leonard responded, his head tilting questioningly as he was trying to figure out what you were getting at.  

“Seabaene works as it is absorbed into the skin, but don’t Vulcan’s have like a moisture-proof layer of epidermis or something?” You suggested, your mind desperately trying to draw from your lessons from the Academy.  

Leonard’s eyes lit up and his face broke out of its frustrated glare, “RIGHT!” He yelled, his hands setting the vial down as he moved around the bed towards you. 

“So instead of topically it needs to be, injected directly into his bloodstream.” You said.

“Injected directly into his bloodstream.”  Leonard said at the same time as you.  

You looked up at him and smiled into his relieved face for a moment before turning and ripping open the bag of Seabaene.  

“Genius.” He whispered and grabbed a solution for the both of you to begin preparing the injection.

The two of you worked in sync for a minute, Leonard handing you supplies and you prepared the injection.  

“Doctor! He’s crashing!” A nurse yelled, and you heard the monitor screeching like crazy.  

Leonard turned around and surveyed the monitors. 

“How much longer until that solution is ready?” He asked, his voice tense, but not demanding. 

“Just a few more steps.” You responded tersely, focusing all your energy on stopping your hands from shaking as you prepared the vial.  

“Well you better work fast.” You expected him to be yelling at you, as he did with everyone else, but he spoke kindly, though there was a sense of urgency in his voice.  

“Almost done…” You whispered, finishing up the last few steps as you heard the monitor screech out a loud tone, which you know meant his heart had stopped beating. 

The room exploded into chaos and a crash cart was brought in, Leonard barking orders once more to everyone. 

“Don’t shock him!” He yelled; to everyone’s, including your, confusion.  

“What the hell, Bones, hasn’t his heart stopped?” Kirk’s voice sounded strained and pleading. 

“Yes, Jim, but it doesn’t matter if we start it again if the blood that would be pumping out of it doesn’t go anywhere because of the clots.” Leonard explained urgently and suddenly you felt all eyes turn your way again.  

This was all on you.  The Seabaene was what was going to save Spock.  You gulped and quickly stirred the mixture together, pouring it into the hypo chamber.  The only sound in the room was the screeching tone of the monitor telling everyone that Spock’s heart was still not beating.  

“Done.” You stated as relief flushed through you, turning around and tossing it over to Leonard. 

The room was still tense as Leonard quickly injected the hypo into Spock’s neck.  Nothing happened for a second and you felt tears prick your eyes again; you had failed, in front of the Captain, in front of the crew, and in front of Leonard.  You looked down at your shoes in shame. 

But then the screeching stopped and was replaced with a steady beeping.  You looked up at the monitor to see that Spock’s vital signs were stabilizing.  The room erupted into cheers and hoots of triumph, and Leonard shook his head in disbelief and rubbed his hands over his face.  Kirk stepped over and patted Leonard on the back, looking especially happy, and they looked at each other in relief and gratefulness that their friend had survived.  Leonard began barking orders at the nurses, telling them to ready the OR for surgery to remove “all this god-damn shrapnel” from Spock’s injury.  

You decided your job was done and smiled as you stepped backwards, directly into a firm yellow wall.  It was Captain Kirk.  You hadn’t even noticed that he had come around to this side of the bed, and you turned to face him. 

“Sorry, Captain, I didn’t mean to run into you like that.” You said sheepishly. 

“No need to apologize Lieutenant, you just saved my 1st Officer’s life and I couldn’t be more grateful.” Kirk grinned and gently patted your shoulder.  

“Thank you sir, it was an honour.” You responded with a big smile. 

His crystal blue eyes sparkled as he said, “No, thank you, Lieutenant, and if you need anything, just ask, alright?  That’s an order.” He winked at you, his smile teasing and your heart leapt with pride. 

“Yes, sir.” You responded, grinning ear to ear.  

Kirk left you to return to Spock’s side and you left the room still smiling like an idiot.  

“Y/N, wait!” You heard a voice call behind you as you were about to leave the medbay.  

You spun around to see Leonard’s face just moments before he wrapped his arms around your waist and nearly lifted you off the ground in a big bear hug.   You involuntarily wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him back, and as you pulled apart he planted a rough kiss on your cheek. 

“You were brilliant back there!” He exclaimed, his smile wide and beautiful, his hands still resting on your hips as if it was instinct to keep them there. 

“Nah, I believe that would have been you.” You teased, returning his smile, your hands resting on his forearms gently.  

“Seriously, though, I couldn’t have done it without you, darlin’.” He gushed. 

“Thanks, Leonard.” You replied, and you felt the flame that ignited this morning getting even brighter the longer you stared into his eyes.  

A flash of blue outside the medbay doors caught your eye and you glanced over to see a few of your mean classmates from the incident in the mess hall standing there.  They were all making googly eyes, winking and making obscene gestures at the scene that had just played out in front of them.  

Your heart dropped and your elation at the recent events plummeted.  You pulled away from Leonard’s hold on your hips and dropped your hands to your sides.  You looked back up at Leonard to see that he had followed your gaze outside and was now glaring darkly at the group.  They disbanded quickly and went on their way down the hall.  

Leonard looked back at you, but as soon as your eyes met you dropped your gaze to the floor and your arm reached over to grasp your other elbow.  You began to fold inwards on yourself.  

You could tell he wanted to say something and was about to when someone yelled that the OR was ready for Spock.  He hesitated and his hands moved forward as if he was going to touch you again, but another call from across the medbay sounded and he dropped his hands to his sides. 

You finally lifted your eyes to his, his face full of concern and unsaid words, but he pursed his lips and turned and ran back towards the OR.  

You were left standing there feeling empty, willing that sense of pride and elation to return.  You had just saved Spock’s life for stars-sake!  The Captain himself thanked you for your valiant effort.  And Leonard had hugged you and kissed you on the cheek.  But a sense of uncertainty made you feel empty, as if the most recent events didn’t actually happen.  You could only think of the ridicule and torture you would have to face every time you saw your classmates.  

You decided to return to your quarters and spend the night in; giving yourself the evening off from work because you thought you deserved it.  This day had been a roller coaster of emotions that was foreign to you.  You liked everything to be the same, day after day, and you had gotten into a routine on this beautiful ship.  All the emotions flooded through you now, from happiness at having breakfast with Leonard, to humiliation at lunchtime, to adrenaline and fear as they tried to save Spock’s life, to elation at actually saving his life, to just emptiness after it was all over.  

You curled up in your bed, feeling all these things, sleep overtaking you surprisingly quickly.  

-Thanks for reading!  P.t. 3 will be posted tomorrow!  Goodnight! - 

Submission :

Hana, it’s Seokjin. I come to you today with devastating news (for you). I regret to inform you that our flirtationship is long gone. It was so much fun while it lasted, but you see how I’m looking over my shoulder in this picture? That’s because I’m looking at our fling, which is in the past. I have found genuine love now, with @kimlovesc-k-c-j-and-j-h . We are deeply in love. It was recently brought to my attention that there was confusion about whether or not you and I were still “a thing.” At least from my perspective, we are not. Again, I am so sorry. It must be so difficult to lose someone as amazing as me. I will miss talking to you as well. Maybe we can still be friends down the line. But hey, don’t forget that Jungkook will always be able to love you more than I could, and he is perfect for you. Goodbye Hana.


My response :

Okay? So I just got rejected by kim Cockjin?But how can I get rejected when I never liked him? 😮 bruh. I never wanted you , YOU CAME TO ME UNDER SEA AND FLIRTED WITH ME 😣😣😣😣 I never wanted this!!! YOU SON OF A HANDSOME UNICORN ! And excuse me, but I’m not taking Jeon Jungkook. That kid belongs to Maddie ! I’m not taking my best friend’s boyfriend away from her, what kind of stupid logic is that 😑 Jin. I hope kim treats you well and makes sure your brain develops a little bit more ,cause damn, YOU NEED TO THINK before OPENING YO MOUTH. You narcissistic little son of a poop 😒😒😒😒 Kim, pls come and collect your arrogant husband. His arrogance is making me go bananas . @kimlovesc-k-c-j-and-j-h

Hey loves Important announcement

I am so sorry loves, i know this is quite annoying but i no longer have the motivation of running this account, i know it’s early but i feel as if i’m losing interest in this fandom and running this ask blog has become some sort of task. I’m really sorry. I also have another reason why i’m leaving, i’m incredibly busy so i don’t think keeping this hetalia ask blog will help me at all, yes a hiatus might sound good, but i don’t picture myself doing this within the nearby future, i have a lot of things i have to focus on. please respect that. Don’t get me wrong as if i hate this fandom or something, i really did love it and i love all of you, thank you so much for making this short journey fun for me! once again thank you all! 

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Luke having gray in his arms as he walks around the house, looking for you because Gray's baby hand is holding Luke's index finger and Luke wants to get a picture of this moment and you'd pop up with Briar, combining her hair with ur fingers as your heart melts when you see Luke and ur baby bear and Luke's like "get a picture of me and chub chubs" and gRAY WOULD BE SUCH A PHOTOGENIC BABY LIKE HE'D BE JUST LIKE HIS DADDY STARING AT THE CAMERA & SMILING AND WANTING MORE ATTENTION ANDNSKDKLS


…kissing what…

“In the first two episodes of the season, I’ve seen your comments.” Man, since they record these eps in bulk, I guess they really must’ve been trying to catch things before the comments got too out of hand haha

Aww Rhett’s letting his hair go natural for the sake of the pomade. :P tbh I hope this leads to some hair-down days for him.

“That would explain a lot of things that your wife has told me.” What is your DAMAGE, Rhett. :o

Buies Creek news and weather!!!! ahh I love it :D I’m giggling…this is unexpectedly cute. Also that weather looks so much nicer than what we have up here in NJ.

Oh gosh Rhett, please never use dogs and pass in the same sentence. D: That picture of Jade and Link though??? Adorable

“Everything that you can imagine comes out of one orifice.” Okay then…

WHY are they whispering so sexily at those guys shaking hands….

Aww I like how Link asks Rhett how high planes fly and immediately accepts his answer. Sometimes he doesn’t mind Rhett being a know-it-all, I guess.

…can you IMAGINE working a job where your bosses were still averse to actually kissing so you had to touch each of their mouths for them.

Newsical kiss!! :O I am SHOOK. And I’m amazed that they’re talking so casually about people photoshopping them kissing??? Just more proof that they really don’t care whether people ship them or not, imo.

“I can pretend to be your wife if you want me to.” I’m FREAKING OUT SO BAD HERE YO this is an EXCELLENT fic idea if nobody’s already written it. hint hint

Guess it’s a testament of how close they are to Stevie that they can do stuff like this without seeming too awkward. I’m cringing so bad over here. LISTEN GUYS this would be so much simpler if you just kissed actually mouth-to-mouth like normal people good gosh. I like how Link’s trying to take charge and Rhett’s just laughing. XD

“7 seconds in hand.” WHAT

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omg! *O* I love soulmate aus! could you probably do one with jongtae? maybe with jonghyun being a famous singer and taem his fan? thank you so much! and your writing is sooo amazing! Thank you for all your lovely stories! ^-^

au where you have a stripe of your soulmates hair color on your wrist and if they dye their hair your stripe changes colors

Jonghyun hums and signs something quickly in each, then makes grabby hands for Taemin, pouting up at Taemin when he doesn’t immediately respond. “Take a picture with me! We didn’t get to last time.” and then, to the rest of the fans, “this is Taeminnie, my precious dongsaeng came to my concerts before.”

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Going back through photos of Parker for his memorial, I found all these pics of me as not-too-much-younger versions of myself. In every pic I was adorable with a cute little shape and a big smile, and at the time of every picture’s taking I remember I thought that I was ugly. 

So take this as a message to present day me and all the people out there who relate to the above story. You’re gorgeous. You may not be able to see it, because being in your own skin is difficult while you’re there, but you are a worthy wonderful person who is loved and adored.

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We all need a happy Jongdae in our lives (^ω^)so post 3 photos of Jongdae smiling or laughing and send this to 3 people who you think want Jongdae to be happy (✿╹◡╹) Let's spread love! ♥ (I am not sure if i sent u this already but just in case)

Thank you to whoever started this and thank you so much Fran for sending me the ask! Going through pictures of Jongdae smiling really lifted up my mood  :’) 💖💖

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roxy lalonde club idea: a group blog where we post pictures of incomic roxy and reblogging pictures of her, daily posts about how good she is and theories on how she is a cryptid and what cryptid tier she would be (hint: shes top tier cryptid)

no but honestly like if ppl actually wanted this i totally would do this you dont understand, i love roxy so much 

i wish you could see me, see my smile

Dear Taylor, 

I wanted to let you know that I love you to the moon and back. That you mean everything to me. You’ve done so much for me and I’m so thankful for that. I just wish I could share a picture of me with you.

My parents have created a list of rules for me that I must follow to be able to run a Tumblr blog. I’m so disappointed that I cannot share my face with you. I wish I could. It gives everything more meaning to have my face out here with this post. Meaning I might as well be an internet nobody. I don’t want you to think that. 

Please know I have big brown eyes, the widest smile (because of you) and shortish honeyish hair. There. Maybe now you have the faintest image of me. I’m young and tiny but I love you with everything I have. I wish you could see me but I hope you accept me and the circumstances as they are. Please see this.

Remember that if the world feels like it’s collapsing on your shoulders, I will always be there for you. Forever and always. Always and forever.

Love you so much,


P.S. I had an idea. What about I call you my little golden buttercup and you’ll call me your little pink rose. What about this? Only if you want but I, personally, love it! We could be, like, the butteroses! So you could remember our bond whenever. Oh yes! All love :)