i love so much this performance

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TaeTae what's your favorite part of your own performance also love you tae <3

Tae: Can I be my favourite part of my own performance..?

Tae: Jokes aside.. my favourite part is seeing their horrified faces gaze upon me, as I am in control.. Just a little closer and-


Mylene Cruz and The Soul Madonnas performance + reactions

Gail The Snail was an Iconic character and Mary Lynn Raskjub’s performance is infinitely unappreciated…. justice for Gail 2k17 i love her so much…

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HI! Congrats on your 707 followers!!! :) May I request something sweet?? How about what song will the RFA members sing/ perform to serenade MC?

thank you anon! of course! get ready for some love <3


A classic romantic at heart. He truly does love you so much and this says it all.


This new GOT7 comeback song is perfect. He knows his love for you is true and there’s no need to wait too long anymore.


He’s going to be really nervous. But it’s going to be really cute but so sweet! 


You know she’ll do anything for you. And this song says everything.


Ah, classic Seven back at it again with the memes and silliness. Awfully adorable.

Saw the new Power Rangers movie and it far exceeded my expectations, it was so good, I absolutely loved it, and this is coming from a lifelong Power Rangers fan who this day in her 20s still watches the new seasons they put out on TV

This cast they assembled for this film is just brilliant, their performance is beautiful and their chemistry is just on point, you simply fall in love with all these teens and you can actually relate to them - the fact that they allowed this movie to be a character driven story, to let us get to know these kids, it just made this film so much better, all the action stuff more or less is just the icing on the cake

This modern update to the lore of Power Rangers and how they changed some things and combined some others, it’s actually quite clever and makes a whole lot of sense, and the way they gave a backstory to Zordon, Alpha 5, and Rita actually make the story so much stronger and the motivations of all the characters work so much better

Is the film some cinematic masterpiece? No. But it is fun, enjoyable, and at times, even emotional and heartfelt, the way a Power Rangers movie should be. You can tell that this film was made with a lot of care, that they didn’t just throw this movie together for solely to cash grab. No, there is actually a good solid story and performance, they took the lore seriously and was able to balance the line between the 90s campy cheesy fun with a darker edge and grounded realism.

I always had faith that if this film could reach its possible potential that I had envisioned, then it could be very good for a franchise, and after seeing this film, yes please, bring on the franchise!!

They did an amazing job of setting up the lore and really get you to love these five teens that I honestly hope this film makes good money because I want to see more, I want it to succeed so we can get a sequel, THIS DESERVES A SEQUEL!

bith i cant believe hobis coming back to la its been two years since trb i cant imagine seeing him again after even further honing his skills and obv all their releases since including his very own solo stages that night i really stared at him the entire time he shines SO bright his skin is so golden brown and glowing and his smile the literal embodiment of the “my shiny teeth and me" scene from fairly odd parents and his hair was unstyled and so shiny and bouncy and he really puts his all into every single accent or elongation of every dance and his voice is so SO strong and powerful from quick and rough to slow and smooth or raspy he was truly absolutely made for the stage and music and performing he sounded and looked like just was such a beautiful radiant incfredible gorgeous angel and hes allowed me to live w so much more drive joy and warmth in my heart than i ever imagined i love my guy im just so fucking grateful ☹️💗

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I love that your human Arcee looks 100% feminine but is unmistakably a soldier as well. It doesn't feel like she'd be the type of person to look down on "girl stuff" just because it's not seen as traditionally "tough". It looks like she'd prefer practical wear she can perform her duties(or whatever was on the schedule for the day) but still give it that individualized flair to the outfit that's all her own. I think that holds true for her character and it makes me appreciate this design so much!

Thank you, Anon!!

I definitely don’t see Arcee’s toughness being at odds with her flair– in fact, I think her toughness is what gives her her flair. The war has sobered her, darkened her, made her a little quiet and a little cold, but at spark she’s a scrappy, wry, indomitable bot who can never be kept down.

To me, the fundamental tension in Arcee’s character isn’t between masculine toughness and feminine nuance. It’s between the restrained, cautious, level-headed soldier – the Arcee who understands the precariousness of her team’s situation, who fears to lose what little is left – and the passionate, reckless fighter who will throw herself into the fire over and over and not worry about getting burnt. The Arcee who wasn’t afraid to love someone even if it made her vulnerable. The Arcee who would pursue a personal vendetta that had nothing to do with the survival of her team. The Arcee who would, at a crucial moment, offer the following counsel to her human charge:

“Winning isn’t enough, Jack. You want to make him cry.”

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I've always loved performing and I recently tried adderall for the first time and it's so odd to me how it kind of feels like a much lesser version of that stage fright adrenaline rush? Like I love being on stage because it causes a thrill that leaves me energetic and motivated and having a med that works almost makes me think of that because it's so easy to get into an inspired and productive mindset now just without the same sort of mania to it if that makes sense idk I'm just super happy rn

That’s awesome! I’m good at performing as well. It helps me focus so much better. That’s probably part of what the Adderall is doing for you.


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OMG you too have witnessed the greatness that is Sing. I love this movie, I was init for the music but the characters are amazing and Rosita's gotta be the one who impressed me the most. Johnny is great too and I was playing I'm Still Standing for days after I watched the movie.

YES! I actually didn’t know of it until a few days ago when my friend asked me about it. AND I LOVED THE MOVIE SO MUCH. The music was great, the storyline was great and of course the animation and characters were great! Rosita is one of my faves! I loved her performance at the show and it warms my heart so much. <3 SOBS I get emotional over Johnny. This pure boy just wanted to sing ;___; *wipes tears* The soundtrack is on repeat for me so I feel you!  HAHAHHAHAHA

P.S. Ash’s song was totally my jam!!

I love BTS so much :( they are such sweet, loving boys with so much talent and so much more potential. Theyre amazing performers with amazing music but theyre also just human boys who act dumb and make mistakes and I love them so much

this is a man who has laryngitis, had a fever (that he can’t sweat out?) of 103 just two days ago, and had a doctor who literally told him he shouldn’t even whisper because he might damage his vocal chords even more. this man is someone who has every right to cancel a show, who has every right to fucking cancel the rest of the tour, but loves us too much to cancel. this is a man who works his ass off just to make the shows we go to unforgettable. this is a man who speaks his mind about equality and love. this is a man who is so proud and hopeful for the future we will shape, and has an unfaltering faith that we will change the world. this is the man i chose to be a fan of, day in and day out, and he has never disappointed me. even with fucked up vocal chords, brendon managed to perform a 21 song set and hit every fucking note along the way. he’s a fucking saint for everything he does for us, and he’s one of the most talented motherfuckers i’ve ever had the pleasure of being a fan of. thank you, panic! at the disco, for everything, and i hope the hometown show was as great for you guys as it was for me ❤

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I love every single Ghoul we have ever had. But this new lineup is lighting up my soul! Like my crops are flourished and my livestock is living. Especially with this just being the first night of them performing, brava :)


So much awesome music and awesome bands are surrounding us. It’s like a giant family and I fucking love it. Gather round my children, into the positivity hut. @ghu-leh and I have snacks and beer.



and even after Yuuri is disappointed after his Eros performance Viktor shows support in a fitting way, by instead just being by Yuuri’s side while still giving him space, which is important to note after Yuuri expressed discomfort with too much physical closeness while in a stressed state of mind


I love him so much because even at the times when he messes up he listens to Yuuri and changes his behavior to better fit Yuuri’s needs and it’s so respectful and good

Someone probably beat me to the punch and made a post like this already, but honestly, I just had talk about this scene.

I’m sure all of you remember the infamous bathroom scene. This new flashback from episode 12 puts things into a different perspective. 

Here Yuri is, watching Yuuri’s past GPF performance. He’s trying his best to look disinterested yet you can tell he’s clearly interested. He even goes as far to admit that Yuuri’s step sequence grabbed his attention. And when he mentions the failed jumps he sounds almost…disappointed.

He isn’t making fun of him for messing up his jumps. He wants to see Yuuri be able to succeed and successfully complete a program.

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