i love so much the cinematography of this movie

Things I noticed after watching IT a second time

- Eddies little “sorry mommy” ((im yelling))

- how they all watch each others backs while walking through the school

- Stan calmly explaining about the bar mitzvah

- Eddies little hands over his mouth when Richie was freaking out about his missing poster

- also Richies glance to Eddie when he’s freaking out about his missing poster

- How Richies glasses make his eyes look slightly bigger

- Bills quivering lip

- How quick they were to accept Mike and Ben into their group and how quick Mike and Ben fit in

- Beverlys rings

- Blonde kid in Henry’s gang looks like Draco Malfoy

- Eddie’s so small and cute I love my son

- Richie holding Eddie’s face after they find Pennywise attacking him

- Every time something happened with Eddie and his asthma whether is was just him using his inhaler or the fact that he could barely breathe when Pennywise was attacking him just makes me want to hold him forever

- Eddie buying Richie ice cream

- Bev just looked so scared covered in all that blood I’m in love with her

- “Derry started as a beaver trapping camp.” “Still is! Am I right boys?”

- We didn’t see Bill with his parents much (his mother not at all) and I just think that shows how alone he was in his need to find Georgie, and why he felt so betrayed when his friends gave up too

- Ben’s room ❤️

- Eddie’s little red shorts

- Bev: “I need to show you something?” Richie: “More than you showed us yesterday at the quarry?”

- Beverlys slow-forming smile

- Richie and Eddies long ass hug at the end

- Eddie looked so sad when his mother took him away after he broke his arm he was just so sad

- Henry’s shaking hands over his face when his dad shot the ground next to him

- “Nothing like a little fear to make a paper man crumble.”

- Stan Mike and Eddie all in the “Bill no what the fuck” club

- Richie eventually joining this “Bill no what the fuck” club after Eddie was put in danger

- “Bills gonna kill you!” AKA Georgie’s fear of disappointing Billy. (Fuck you, Pennywise.)

- The way Pennywise looks at Richie after he calls his lair a “crackhouse”

- “Don’t breathe through your mouth.” “Why?” “Because then you’re eating it.”

- That was Eddie coming out of the Matress? I didn’t realise it was him the first time.

- “Not every plant is poison ivy, Stan.”

- Pennywise used Eddie to lure Richie (cue me sobbing)

- Stans little bunch of curls peeking out through his bandage

- Bens lil nose

- Mike always looks so scared and worried I just want to protect him

- Bills pyjamas that are almost to small for him in the beggining of the movie

- also the cinematography in the beginning (well, the whole movie actually) is beautiful and part of the reason I love this movie so much

- Ben’s cliché kiss to wake up Beverly has been so overused in the past we all thought it wouldn’t work but it did and that surprised us.

- Pennywise is a fucking hoarder

- The fact that Stan and Eddie left first is just foreshadowing for what happens next and I want to cry


“How can you stand there and boast about being immune to love? Why does the genuine love of a woman scare you so much? You think that your way is a superior way to live? I know a lot of women that feel the way that I do. Oh, you men. You make us work so hard for your love, if you would just love us for ourselves.”

-The Love Witch (2016)


Get to know mefavourite things
↳ movies: Comet (2014)

“Why are you crying?”
“I’m just happy to see you. And it’s such a beautiful night. I feel like I’m in the wrong world. ‘Cause I don’t belong in a world where we don’t end up together. I don’t. There are parallel universes out there where this didn’t happen. Where I was with you, and you were with me. And whatever universe that is, that’s the one where my heart lives in.”


Hugo (2011) dir. by Martin Scorsese

Everything has a purpose, clocks tell you the time, trains takes you to places. I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured if the entire world was one big machine… I couldn’t be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.


Get to know me: favourite things
↳ movies: I rymden finns inga känslor (2010)

“How can you go from happy to sad like that?”
“Imagine you have a circle, like this. Round. And up here, at the top, is the saddest you can get. Then you’re less sad. You’re almost okay. You’re fine. You’re happy, psyched, almost in a state of euphoria, and then just insanely happy when you reach the top. On the other side of sad. It’s like it couldn’t get any better. But it’s so easy to tip over the edge and go sad.”



1. first and foremost is ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICAN (specifically Cheyenne Nation) representation and issues! An actual Native American cast and it focuses on their stories just as much as it does the other’s stories.

2. FUCKING an entire story arc dedicated to three girls helping each other escape an abusive ex.

3. A two or three episode arc about a rape victim’s ptsd and specifically mentions triggers by name, i literally screamed at my computer screen u guys

4. I don’t have a screencap of it but in the first episode one of the main girls goes to a strip club to get info and jumps up on a pole and starts taking her jacket off and promises “more for anyone who can give me info” and she ends up never even taking her (modest) undershirt off and she always has the upper hand in this situation and there are plenty of mentions of sexual violence towards women but it’s never shown in a grotesque way and ALWAYS framed as a terrible act and  the women are always so?? empowered?? 

5. the best cinematography that i have seen in a tv show man. this is movie-level cinematography. i love it so much.

this show like you THINK it’s gonna be some “rural detective show with a white guy and his gun” but it evolves into so much more even within the first few episodes and even with all the intersectionality aside, it really is a GREAT show tbh. The plot, the characters, it’s all great.

 It’s on netflix for free and season 6 comes out this year and JUST WATCH IT OKAY.

dressmeinlaughter  asked:

Dude I can't get over Baby Driver (plus I work at a movie theater and keep popping in to watch the intro) but do you have a favorite scene from the movie? I know you're into cinematography and stuff!

I loved the Tequila scene so so much

Zootopia Love #164

Nick’s beautiful and subtle reaction under the bridge.

This is right after Judy says, “I wouldn’t forgive me either.  I was ignorant, irresponsible, and small minded.”

The dropping of his muzzle, the slight turn of his head, the easing of his shoulders, the softening of his ears.

This is where Nick forgives Judy.

He was guarded when she arrived.  He wanted to believe, but he wasn’t going to let himself fall for it yet again.  He was ready in case of disappointment.

The moment she says those words, he lets that go.  Completely. He relaxes, turning his head ever so slightly so he can hear her better.  Knowing he has a full, complete, loyal friend in this bunny, someone he can, for the first time in a long time, put his trust in.  

He will do whatever Judy asks him to.

I love this scene so much, and I love this deliciously subtle animation.  It’s hard to even see – mostly we’re watching Judy in this scene, as she’s the one talking.  But even out of the corner of our eye, we feel Nick’s reaction, feel him let his guard go, and feel him open up fully to this bunny who values and respects him.  We feel him open up fully to who he wants to be.  

It’s a scene full of forgiveness and possibility and love.

Love love love this wonderfully crafted moment and love those two.



DIR: Wes Anderson 

I recently had the privilege to see this film on the big screen and take part in a discussion on it. Based on what was discussed, I feel it is time for a post. 

This is actually the only Wes Anderson movie I have seen. And I have seen it quite a few times before the fortunate moment I previously mentioned. The first was with a person who will always remain near and dear to my heart, who always showed me very good movies. This was in 2015, after its many Oscars wins and wide release. I have lost touch in many ways with this person, and my relationship with him is strained and painful. 

Which is as good of a segue as any as talking about this movie. In many ways, Grand Budapest is also about love and loss. Zero’s loss of Agatha. M. Gustave’s loss of his lady companion. Zero’s loss of M. Gustave. And, ultimately, the loss of the hotel. Many beloved and cherished people and things are lost in time throughout the film, without the characters being able to stop it. 

Despite these very sad and nostalgic undertones, as Zero reminisces on all this and misses Agatha deeply, the whole film is charming and cute. In typical Wes Anderson fashion, it is colorful and dainty with delicate title cards and charming set designs that look like the confectionery marvels that come out of Mendl’s. It is a visual treat watching this pastel wonderland and its ever-changing aspect ratios to reflect different periods of time. The style is impeccable, luxurious, and the viewer years for these days much like M. Gustave does. 

Not only that, but it has a charming sense of humor and wit. Ralph Fiennes and the whimsical set designs add to this, in particular. The entire film, despite its underlying sadness, is a charmer and a fun visual ride. There are so many lovely shots and lovely cinematography it was hard to pick just ten pictures.

We were happy here. For a little while. This happiness and yearning nostalgia can be captured by watching this movie over and over again.

“For my dearest darling, treasured, cherished ___ whom I worship. With respect, adoration, admiration, kisses, gratitude, best wishes, and love from A to _” ♥


Limitless - 1x01 - Pilot

“Hi. My name is Brian Finch, and the first thing you should know about me is I didn’t do anything wrong. Well, not the kind of wrong that leads to having a gun in your face, anyway. I’ll explain.”

rhombuskid67  asked:

You mentioned awhile back that you had seen La La Land, and I absolutely LOVED that movie so much! What personally was your favorite part of the movie? I loved the cinematography, as well as the message and ongoing color scheme if you caught that c:

I could not handle the cinematography. It was so incredibly beautiful and well shot. As a person who wanted to be a cinematographer at one point, I loved it so so so much

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do you have any Even and Eskilde headcanons? As in their friendship or Eskilde looking after Even when Isak isn't available or the sort of conversations they'd have?

i have been talking with @josteninski about this beautiful ask you sent me so let’s elaborate,,,

  • we both think that eskild genuinely loves spending time with even, like ok maybe at first when isak asked him ‘to take care’ he did it because he cares for isak and therefore also cares for even but the more he got to know even, the more genuine spending time with even was, the more he loved even,,,, we all know eskild has the biggest heart of them all and just genuinely wants people to be happy and feel comfortable around him ??? 
  • i also like to think that eskild lets even watch every movie he wants to- and also lets him ramble on and on about cinematography and filming stuff and so on and
  • also eskild loves to tell him stories about isak??? like,,, “do you know he’s the grumpiest teenager i’ve ever met” 
    • also, “even since you’re around, his room smells less, it’s actually amazing!!” “he never does laundry i’m wondering how much underwear he has to ??? never run out of them ??? without doing laundry ????” and even’s like “he doesn’t but i do” and eskild snickers and nods like “yah that looks like him”
    • “he’s always late on rent…. but you know, when you’re around and this little smile darts over his face, the cornes of his mouth twitching trying to hide the smile,,, i’ve never seen him… this… happy??? and settled”
  • sometimes even’s too far in his own head that he doesn’t realize eskild peeking in with tea and pancakes on a plate so he knows that it’s not the time for some small talk or anything and just,,, silently nods and places the plate on the ground and closes the door again, but not fully, he doesn’t actually close it, he just leaves the door slightly open so that even knows it’s ok to have some time for himself but if he wants to, eskild’s there
  • even loves loves loves listening to eskild blathering about his weekends, about pride, he just loves how enthusiastic eskild is and it’s almost contagious
  • when isak comes home from a long school day and finds the two of them sitting on the sofa, sharing a blanket, watching some chick flick, he rolls his eyes but also he’s happy because even’s out of his room, even’s laughing, so he sits down on even’s lap and flutters a kiss saying hello and eskild groans because “i want this toooooooo” but also he’s just ??? so genuinely happy for both of them, for how their faces light up and how their eyes shine so bright they could light up new york city after dark and that’s the story of how eskild became the biggest isak x even shipper, even more so than magnus

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any gay movies you'd recommend?

yes!!!! okay

1. but I’m a cheerleader - classic, a comedy about a girl who goes to a weird ass conversion camp and falls in love there
2. the way he looks - based off of a short film that gained a lot of popularity it’s about a blind kid who falls in love with his classmate. beautiful cinematography
3. the incredibly true adventure of two girls in love - a movie about two girls in high school who fall in love. like that’s it. I love the ending scene so much
4. 4th man out - basically a bro comedy where a dude comes out as a gay to his fellow bros and they decide to try and set him up on dates bro style. honestly so f*cking funny and refreshing almost like please we need more gay bro comedies
5. cloudburst - a sweet movie about two elderly lesbians who break out of a nursing home to get married. I’m just gonna warn u one of them died near the end but I still love this movie so much
6. pariah - the story of a young black butch lesbian who is trying to come to terms with her identity and her family. very moving, again wonderful cinematography
7. DEBS - ok I’ll admit I haven’t seen this movie but everyone I know recommends it bc apparently it’s hilarious so
8. life partners - a movie about a straight girl and lesbian who are best friends. leighton meester is the lesbian. it’s also fucking hilarious and altogether one of the few lesbian movies I can say I enjoyed that centered around female friendship of all things
9. the girl king - gay historical drama about the girl king of Sweden. it’s such a pretty movie
10. jennifer’s body - y'all remember this one but it’s literally about a closeted gay girl who gets fucked over by some demon summoning dudebros so she kills them