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Film Analysis: The Themes of Wonder Woman

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I know I pretty much never deviate from SU but I really loved the latest Wonder Woman film. I just wanted to do a brief analysis because I feel like there are so many themes to unpack in the film (so there’ll be spoilers) and I was pleasantly surprised by the way things turned out. 

I’ll be using images only from the official trailer WB posted on their YouTube channel though, in case you happen to scroll past and don’t want to see anything yet.

This post doesn’t feel like the appropriate avenue to talk about the cast, the sets, music, and colours, so I’ll be focusing on the film itself, particularly on the story. I enjoyed all the other things about the movie but won’t go into them here.

1. Diana of Themyscira 

Source: WBP

Before any other character in DC and now the DCEU, I read and watched Wonder Woman. One thing I’d like to point out is how the story doesn’t shy away from her god-heritage and how that dictates her interactions with others. In fact, one pertinent lens to view this film is that of self-discovery.

Diana doesn’t know she’s god. Throughout the story she believes that she is as capable as any other Amazon (I really liked the Amazons, but maybe another post). She believes she’s equal in capacity and potential. I think this is an important thing to note. Diana didn’t go into war, looking for Ares, certain she was stronger than any other member of Themyscira. She left her home not because of a conviction that only she could do the task but because she believed it was the right thing to do. In her eyes, her mother and the other Amazons just didn’t see the value in entering human affairs the way she did. That was all. 

What I appreciated was that she went on her “hero’s journey” not out of a sense of duty as the only one who could do it, but precisely because anyone could go and help put a stop to the fighting. It then was not a question of who was most worthy, which is a question that excludes, but a question of who believed in this cause.

That agency is important in the story, as many heroes’ journeys often begin with a powerful force that pushes the hero to step up. In this case, she could have remained in her insular life, but she decided to step out of the comfort of the island and into a world she’s repeatedly been told does not deserve her.

In that regard, Diana knows what’s waiting for her will be difficult and fulfilling her objective will be a struggle. That struggle extends beyond the fighting, as even walking down the street is an issue for her.

And these “issues” are laden with our concept of heteronormativity. We’re talking about the early 1900s and perceptions of women at the time were brought up again and again. How she should act, speak, and dress are all moments that were presented with a tension that rubs up against our current understanding of equality. For instance, that a session could no longer be held because a woman entered the room is the kind of dissonance that I feel was intended to come off as laughable, because decades later the idea of perpetuating the same attitude is absurd (and very inefficient). In the same way, I feel it calls to attention present and more subtle forms of bias that the film hopes we grow to see as equally absurd to perpetuate.

Source: WBP

Diana is presented as a character of depth. She is exceptionally strong, learned, and yet feels like a believable character because she is also prideful, flawed, funny, and naive. It’s a good proof as to why realistic movies don’t have to be “gritty” per se. Grit isn’t the magical ingredient; it’s grounding. And in her struggles to understand those around her as well as understand herself, the movements of the micro story are embedded and woven into a huge historical narrative, that of the Great War. 

And I think that’s where we feel all our individual stories are. We are at once absorbed in the primacy of our own lives while living in the tumult of the world at large. Navigating both the personal and the global is the daily struggle. 

Despite all of these struggles, both the physical fighting and the social tension, Diana stays true to her convictions about who she is and what she aims to do. Those beliefs can change, especially in light of new knowledge, which is what does happen in the film as she learns more about Sameer, Charlie, and Chief, but there is a Diana who remains. 

“I am Diana, Princess of Themyscira,” she says in the film. Her commitment to an identity of which she isn’t even fully aware is striking, and that message is empowering to any viewer. 

Because of this, the “reveal” of her godhood does not seem like an upheaval of her character. It is a part of Diana, but it doesn’t exclusively define her. In fact, as she knows more about herself, of which being a god is only a part, the more she is able to succeed. At the climax of the film, it is when Diana declares she fights for love and peace that she is able to muster up the strength to defeat Ares. 

2. Her relationship with Steve

Source: WBP

From the onset, Diana is presented as the protagonist of the film. There is no question. Her first interaction with Steve is her saving him from drowning. Then, she walks in on him immediately after he bathes. Then after they leave the island, she makes it clear that she knows about “the pleasures of the flesh” and just doesn’t believe that having two people sleep beside each other is going to lead to anything if they don’t want it to.

In the earlier parts of the film, their interactions were presented with vulnerability on Steve’s part (danger, nakedness, fear), but we begin to see it in all the characters as the movie progresses. Moreover, we see how they deal with their vulnerability. Steve is a cynic, and this underlies the way he acts.

Steve isn’t a one-note character though. He is complex and has stories implied about him. He is able to think quickly and hold his own in all the situations they’ve been placed. And his occupation as a spy does seem to hit very close to the theme of self-discovery taken by Diana’s character. As a spy, Steve holds on to his core identity and plays with the characters he assumes, never losing sight of who he is. As such, we have two characters very different, but also very similar. 

On the other hand, Diana isn’t presented as a character with gaps to fill (in the form of Steve). Rather, she’s a complete individual on her own, which is what makes her decision to love Steve more significant. It isn’t a decision of necessity, but similar to her deciding on taking the hero’s journey, it is a matter of choice.

The romance in the film feels organic in progression. I think it should be noted that the threat of death and the war ahead may have provided an adrenaline rush that propelled their romance forward, but even without taking it into consideration, they had a very intimate platonic relationship prior that could have believably developed towards the romantic. And again, for Steve’s character as well, it was a choice.

I enjoyed the contrast of Diana’s frankness and Steve’s truly trying to be inconspicuous and subtle in all his affairs. By the end of the film, both had begun to take up the better traits in the other. It is especially marked in Steve as he’d begun to trust Diana and open up about himself a little more.

3. The “Villain” 

Source: WBP

A lot of people I know found the “villain” Ares to be lacklustre, and the ending cheesy. I disagree because systemic issues and human nature are my favourite things to explore in media, particularly media created for popular consumption. 

Very explicitly it’s said in the film that we can’t all point our fingers to one “bad guy.” There is no one reason for war, inequality, poverty, and all of the injustice that we see in the world. There are many people who, and entire societies that orchestrate, execute, and then perpetuate the injustices that plague people even today. Tyrants don’t rise overnight (and they hadn’t in history either). This isn’t the first film to show this, and I hope it isn’t the last. 

I really liked how the film pointed out that systemic and systematic injustice exists. There are specific people who do things that are deplorable, but there are also systems that enable them, and I think that is the takeaway from this theme.

I also applaud the look that was given Ares. Instead of the stereotypical villain, who is bigger, more violent, and appears more physically powerful than the protagonist, we have someone who looks unassuming but is infinitely powerful. We don’t see the usual male villain who is really muscular and that becomes the focal point of his villainy. Instead, we have someone manipulative and powerful in a different way. Instead of the traditional god of war who brawls, we have someone equally powerful but more tempered in that power, and it’s the mark of someone who really has lost everything and everyone and now just wants to start over.

Striking also is how all of the characters talk about the war as “The war to end all wars.” That was the honest sentiment of people during the First World War. Operative term here being “first.” That there were more wars that followed really speaks of how those systems and ideologies lived on after the people who instigated the conflict. And situated in the context of all those who died and lost everything, it seems callous that we would keep fighting one another and causing more destruction. But it is something that’s been done and is now etched forever in history. 

The non-violent message features rather heavily in the film’s climax. When Diana fights Ares, the first thing to go is her sword, the one she believed was the god-killer. The sword is a classic symbol of violence, conflict, and war, and it was destroyed almost immediately. It’s interesting because she clung to that weapon throughout the film, and it gave her faith in her own abilities.

In the end, it is not brute force that will stop the existing brute force. Diana herself put a stop to Ares. It was what emanated from her that destroyed the embodiment of violence. 

In that regard, it is the individual who has to decide not to give in to the temptation of furthering violence and injustice. After all, Ares’ main role in the film was to tempt. That was exactly what he did to Diana and she resisted.

4. The role of Dr. Poison

Source: WBP

Isabel Maru had such a presence in the film, even though she didn’t feature on the screen as often as did the other characters. Back in London, they deemed her the greatest threat. They were setting out specifically to destroy her laboratory. 

I find her character very interesting because we get the faintest sign of a backstory from her and it’s still all very coherent. Her file reveals that she didn’t always have an injury on her face, and based on her interactions with Ludendorff and later, Steve, she’s searching for acceptance and affirmation. There is a subtle manipulation that goes into convincing her to continue creating poisons and chemical weapons.

Even among enemy lines, there is a struggle for her not to be infantilised and patronised, or to be viewed only as a woman in the case of her interaction with Steve. Especially in the latter scene, Isabel is fully aware of this and explicitly tells him she knows. She may not have been pulling all the strings, but she was presented from the beginning as a strong secondary character to the main enemy.

Diana was able to defeat Ludendorff relatively easily, but Maru had survived until the end of the film and was in the climax. What Ares tempted Diana to do was destroy Dr. Poison, and Diana let her go.

In depth: Throughout the movie, Diana was never directly pitted against her. The former’s goal was always to remove Ares in the form of Ludendorff. Then suddenly, close to the end, Ares pits the two women against each other (It’s all a very familiar story). Diana chooses not to perpetuate the cycle of killing and violence that characterises the pasts of so many of the other characters.

5. What it leaves us

Source: WBP

One emergent theme from the film that we get is a loss of innocence. At first, Diana is idealistic and feels her beliefs are clear-cut. Liars are bad. Ares is responsible for everything. Being strong is enough to save the day.

Gradually, we see her belief in these things erode, eventually replaced by an understanding that the world is more complex than it was made out to be. At the same time, there are moments when world doesn’t want to be saved.

It culminates when Steve sacrifices himself at the climax of the film. At this point, it appears as though there is no use in fighting Ares, and it seems as though Ares was proven correct all along. Human beings are cruel and violent and selfish. It becomes so easy to assume apathy. What does it matter what one person does if there are all these people and systems that perpetuate injustice? It becomes easy to give up and do nothing or give up and join in.

At the same time, though, Steve’s loss presents the other side of the story. Human beings are empathetic and altruistic; they try to see the good in others and are moved to change by others’ suffering. It is true that a lot of the systemic issues we see in the movie, particularly for equality and peace, are still present today, but we’re making progress.

Diana emerges with a realistic working understanding of human beings. They aren’t perfect, and they are capable of great harm, but also great good. As she said, she’s realised it wasn’t up to her to save the world for them, but she’d be there when they did make the decision.

In our current socio-political climate, it is almost the default to affect the same hopelessness and apathy. But that’s why the message of love, justice, and peace was anything but “cheesy.” It’s precisely what we can do in the environment we’re put in. It’s something that is in our control, and like all things the movie presents, it is a choice.

I really love Wonder Woman. Before there was Harley Quinn in my life, there was and will always be Wonder Woman. I loved the way Jenkins told the story and I really hope for more like it in the DCEU. So much could be written specifically about the character as a woman, and all the imagery that comes with it. And the Amazons. Countless posts could be dedicated only to analysing their social structure, values, and dynamics. The film was great and it did justice to a lot of what made Wonder Woman so appealing when I was growing up.

My Favorite Anime

Many of us have watched a lot of anime through the years, but there will always be that one list of anime in the back of your mind that become timeless and close to your heart. No matter how many years have passed they still remain the best of the best,  because let’s be honest, anime is not what it use to be.

This will include series/movies/OVAs. there are also many series in this list that i couldn’t decide which i love the most, so there isn’t a particular order.

Ghost in the shell

I really like the Ghost in the Shell franchise, but the 1995 animated movie was my favorite. the execution of the animation and the story/plot was definitely something special, and no matter how many years have passed it still remains one of the best. The fact that the Matrix was inspired by the GITS 1995 movie supports my point.

The music for stand alone complex by Yoko kanno was awesome.

Rurouni Kenshin - Trust and Betreyal  OVA mini series. (the franchise better known as Samurai X)

You guys have no idea how much i love this OVA, because not only am i a sucker for symbolism and everything that has to do with Feudal Japan,  but because this mini series did a wonderful job at conveying  so much wisdom and depth. It has something poetic about it. to me it’s a masterpiece. 

i have the DVD somewhere around my house, but, i can’t find it and i’m freaking out about it,  cuz from what i’ve heard you can’t find that original version anywhere anymore since it was discontinued , so basically it’s a rare relic.  3 :’D

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My dad watched The imitation game and he came to my room and I was not prepared for what he said next. He said. Did I get this right?That kind of talent was literally killed by government just because of his sexuality? I said yes. He looked at me for like a few seconds and then said, Why does it matter?49000 people were convicted..why does it matter. God people are still like that. Still not legal in so many countries. Our country.We are horrible. Then he got out of the room and came back again and said . That was a fantastic film. Your Benedict was fantastic. I will love to know more about Alan Turing.

And I am sitting here for five solid minutes dumbfounded because I used to think my dad was homophobic. I don’t know how he would react if I ever come out. But this is a lot right now.

love how in the WW film when diana starts fighting with her costume in full view, her hair becomes more curly. and sure, she had it in a bun or ponytail for most of the movie so maybe we just couldn’t tell, but it’s clear the production fluffed it up for her wonder woman scenes so it looks more heroic and majestic, and all i can think about is diana’s hair doing its own thing whenever she’s in full WW mode. bruce and clark just staring for a bit before joining the fight because

clark: is that… supposed to be possible
bruce: too many variables. will investigate


Take a note this my opinion I don’t force any one to believe with what I said in here so plz don’t take seriously :
First one is : butterfly have u guys notice that Km is the butterfly and the members are thier wings? At like a butterfly….
So km represent 2 butterfly standing back to back and the members dancing around them
In the part :
Will you stay by my side
Will you promise me
If I let go of your hand, you’ll fly away and break
I’m scared scared scared of that
I search about what is butterfly symbol in Korea it’s said : good luck in marriage, pair love, energy of ying Yang, long life , undying love between lovers

second : House of cards
The fact that song was written in Osaka
Km part :
Right now, in front of my eyes, everything without you
Is a terribly pitch-black darkness
I say it like a habit
We won’t work in the end
Even so, I keep hoping
As long as I’m with you in the end as well, I’m okay
Slow down the time
Please stay for a little more oh
Please Baby Calm down
Just a little more
The last : lie
After jm short film a few days later JK post a recommend song called beautiful lies
The song about lovers suffering
Beautiful lies
Cover my eyes with your hands
Just pretend we’re better
Turn out the light
There are no more surprises to come
Let’s be numb together

The world’s so fast and nothing lasts
Let’s save it while we can
Do u guys see the connection between this song with butterfly + house of cards?
Is that They want to be together for ever that why they want to stop the time in both song and they know their relationship might not last forever because of their culture
“The world’s so fast and nothing lasts
Let’s save it while we can”
The matter is now so let’s save our memories together and not think about the future
JK pause on lyric
“ I see the child in your eyes ”
Jm lyric
Find me when I was innocent
Is like JK answer to him no matter what have u done I will always see u innocent Festa 2017 What does JK think about jm ? JK: the tiny hyung of my life
So what is the thing that jm done?
Here is my analysis about lie in lie jm bite the apple right? U know the story of Adam + his wife on jm short film they showed a card with eva named right Eva it’s Eve “ hawa” and didn’t she broke the rules by betting the apple? Then she + Adam got check out from the heaven , will jm represent her and have u guys notice that on JK short film when he was watching the paint u can hear like something drop on the water will that is the sound of the apple droping from jm short film and the forest in JK was red on jm blue on Eve story when she bite the apple the sky went from blue to red because the God is mad at her that’s why I told you guys their is a similar things between them
Now let’s go back to the song beautiful lies so JK stop at 1:23 I have notice many time he stop at 1:23 on some of his recommend songs so I search about it and Its said
123 is the secret way I love you in text or chat
+ plus JK have stop doing recommend songs after the fans notice that when jm post a video of his face JK immediately post a screen shot of the lyric without playing the song which those song is related to jm, if It wasn’t he wouldn’t stop doing it
Note : don’t repost it

Dating Tom Holland would include...

Anonim: Could you do a headcanon/ imagine would include about dating Tom Holland ?

  • i honestly think he would be the best boyfriend ever??
  • like this boy i so well-mannered and he’s just so g o o d?????
  • he is so soft and so dorky you just can’t be sad around him
  • him and Haz have this aura around him that just makes you feel happy 
  • and he would be soooo protective although he is smol himself
  • he wouldn’t be afraid to punch anyone who would cause you any harm or trouble but only to protect his girl
  • he would always try to make you smile and laugh
  • he is such a sweetheart i cAN’t
  • he would give the best cuddles and forehead kisses
  • wearing his comfy clothes all the time bc they’re soft (like Tom) and smell like him
  • he is so down to earth so you would fangirl with him over stuff bc he’s so not used to the fame
  • he would love taking you to premieres bc you’d get so excited and he would look at you with a big smile because you’re just sO CUTE AND HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH
  • i need Tom Holland in my life, honestly
  • taking Tessa for long walks, really long ones where you guys go to the park and let her loose and just run around 
  • holding hands all the time
  • staying up all night and just talking about everything and nothing
  • he would often buy plane tickets to surprise you 
  • omg, i can so imagine sudden phone calls when he’s on the other side of the world and you’re just crying bc you miss him so much and you’re scared things are gonna change between you two and then he would probs cry too and tell you how much he loves you and that you’re the only one for him???
  • “Tommy”
  • joining him for his work out sessions but you either train with him or just sit and watch him bc damn boi
  • having marvel marathons late at night
  • you both would geek out about spiderman
  • he would be taking so many pictures of you
  • and filming you or the two of you to upload it on his instagram story
  • Harrison’s instagram story would involve you two 24/7
  • being close with Osterfield bc if you date Tom you gotta be able to spend time with Harrison too like most of the time
  • being good friends with his brothers and you and Tom would often take the three of them out for some adventure
  • idk i love this boy so much

masterlist | request!

Let’s talk about IT

The movie IT and all of it’s amazing features that don’t include the psychotic homophobic predatory clown :

- the kids and their total blind faith in friendship and team work #wholesome

- the kids and their lack of prejudice (ie; friends with a girl and a POC in the 80’s, no biggie, didn’t even think twice)

- shining a light on the ignorance adults can have towards abuse from parents to children, people tend to ignore it because they don’t want to recognize it’s happening

- jokes that are completely outdated and immature, but are so perfect and still hilarious because they don’t directly attack anyone’s identity (I’m talking about you Richie, doing so well sweetie)

- the psycho anaylitic aspects of using Henry’s mental aggression and vulnerability to control him to kill his abuser, but also that he tried to kill Mike and does not succeed (Horrah! A PoC who’s character is not used as a murder plot point but instead prevails)

- let’s talk about the various mental illnesses and disorders displayed, PTSD, Hypochondria, OCD, Depression, possible (ADHD, talking about you Richie), so much representation.

- the movie also touches on many problems in the real world, even just briefly. Like slut shaming, body shaming, bullying, abuse, neglect. Not only that, but the movie and story shows that some of these things can become a kids biggest fear.

- So so many things to recognize and love about this movie. Leadership, rising above the bully and coming out a winner, friendship, staying true to yourself!

- And y'all wanna make the Clown an Icon

- How about the kids ?? Iconic. Truly iconic. So much pure untouched innocence that they are completely blind to hatred and discrimination.

- They feed off of love and acceptance, and the importance of loyalty

- But no, let’s idolize the killer clown that preys on children

- C H R I S T

Timothée Chalamet on CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

Rising star Timothée Chalamet spends a sun-dappled summer in Italy falling in love with Armie Hammer in director Luca Guadagnino’s exquisite CALL ME BY YOUR NAME. Adapted from the celebrated novel by André Aciman, the passionate romance — built on stolen glances, coded exchanges and erotic tension — is also a coming-of-age story, with its young protagonist Elio (Chalamet) in the throes of first love and of being 17. Chalamet brings remarkable maturity to the role, imbuing Elio with curiosity, intellect, and a depth and certainty of feeling that belie his years.

 AFI: Years before there was even a script for CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, you met with director Luca Guadagnino. What was that conversation like?

TC: It was more a conversation where we got to know each other as people and saw each other’s personalities, and how they meshed naturally outside of what is always a more rigid and pressure-oriented environment of a film set. We clicked, and stayed closely in touch between those four years between that first meeting and when the film went into production. We finally got to shoot two summers ago.

AFI: What was your reaction to the book?

TC: I was very moved by it, and I thought it was one of the really rare and authentic windows into what can be the obsessive-compulsive mind of a maturing human trying to figure themselves out and figure life out. It felt like a window into a young person’s psyche the way Stephen Chbosky’s [novel] “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” feels like that, too.

AFI: What was scary about playing the role of Elio, and what was exhilarating?

TC: The biggest thing was to do justice to this love story that holds such a place in so many people’s hearts, André Aciman’s novel. The other greatest worry would be what Mr. Aciman himself would think about it.

AFI: What did Aciman think of the film?

TC: He has spoken very positively about the film and, I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but it’s all things that have been said publicly. To the degree that film adaptations can be accurate and of course, especially in a first-person narrative as dense and complicated as this book, where two seconds of real-life action can play out in 10 pages, he really enjoyed it.

AFI: Luca Guadagnino has talked about doing sequels. Does that interest you, doing a kind of BEFORE SUNRISE-esque trilogy where we meet the lovers periodically throughout the years?

TC: I would do anything to work with Luca again. I’d be a boom operator on one of his films.

AFI: What was the rehearsal process, some of which took place in Guadagnino’s living room?

There was a little bit of a rehearsal process. It was more of a tonal acclimation process to the vibe and tone of that town, and what it means to spend a summer in Italy. To get out there in advance, about a month and a half early, to learn the piano to the level that André Aciman describes in the book, and to learn the Italian because Elio’s Italian in the novel.

AFI: The audience is meant to follow the progression of your attraction to one another, and if you found that in rehearsal, the suspense would be lost.

TC: Luca has this belief that you want to be delicate with [the material]; you’re almost terrified of getting it in advance in rehearsal. We were more hanging out as human beings and getting to know each other as people.

AFI: What do you think makes this such a universal love story?

TC: Perhaps it’s the lack of an antagonist, or a villain, or of a familiar pattern. In the lack of an antagonizer in this love story, whether that would be disease or a malicious gang or something, the lack of that serves the boundless ode to love that is described in the novel.

AFI: One of the film’s centerpieces involves Elio and Oliver maneuvering around a statue, almost like a nervous dance, at once communicating and not communicating their feelings. Talk about blocking this scene.

TC: We got to set, and there was this great monument in the middle of the square, and Luca gave us the direction to play the scene going around the monument, and then we blocked it out and there wasn’t enough track there that day to do the whole take in one shot, going up and down the side of the street. Luca went to the line producer and said we need more track, and Luca said we have to get this track and we’ll worry about the money later. We had about an hour to do it; we had two or three takes. Luca was very specific as related to that scene about this confession of love — he didn’t want to play in the close-up and see actors’ emotion. It only served some sort of human truth that a confession of love is often the moment we choose to be the most coy.

AFI: What does the title — CALL ME BY YOUR NAME — and the act it describes in the film mean to you?

TC: To love someone is to become them, and that love is an act of empathy, and that to take on your [lover’s] name in an expression of love is to totally reveal yourself as a human being and to offer yourself as a compassionate lover and friend.

Thoughts on “Logan” (Spoilers Ahead!!)

  • Logan is a lot of things: a western, another sequel, a comic-book film, and just a downright great film in general. I can’t think of any other way to say goodbye to both Hugh Jackman and his version of Wolverine than this. The story, script, acting, cinematography, and score all perfectly blend together to help the film transcend above most others in the comic-book/superhero genre. Logan is also the best X-Men or Wolverine film hands down, and that’s including X2 and Deadpool.
  • Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give fantastic final performances as their characters, bringing a sense of the pair truly becoming like father and son. The way their characters have changed since the very first X-Men is astounding, and they should both feel very proud for the work they put into this film and all the other films before it. (Well, maybe not Origins.)
  • Dafne Keen, the young actress who portrays Laura, is so perfectly cast it’s unreal! Not only is she capable of holding her own against greats like Jackman and Stewart, she can do it all without even speaking a single word for 2/3 of the movie! Her body language and facial expressions perfectly convey everything her character is thinking or feeling, you don’t need for her to speak to know what’s going on with her. Also, she’s a surprise but welcome Lantix and Spanish representation!
  • The film is rated R for a reason people! Do not take your children to see this film unless they are of age, I don’t care how much they like Wolverine! The film is possibly even more violent than Deadpool was, with it’s more grounded approach having more of a traumatic impact than Deadpool’s tongue-in-cheek humor influencing it’s violence. There’s a lot of limbs being sliced off in this movie, and even a disturbing scene where a family of nice farmers is murdered by a younger clone of Logan shortly after they offer him, Charles, and Laura a place to stay. (Like, it’s pretty fucking horrifying.)
  • The story is also much darker and tragic than the previous X-Men films, tackling themes of growing old and mortality that are very much a reflection of what so many of us go through with our loved ones. I won’t sugar-coat it guys, it’s extremely hard taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It’s very difficult and draining both physically and emotionally for us and the person suffering. Logan taking care of Charles in the film is a perfect example of this.
  • Quite possibly the most tragic thing about Logan is that we learn the X-Men are dead because Xavier kills them. It’s an accident of course, his degenerative brain disease causing him to have seizures that also produces deadly psychic shockwaves, but it’s still sad and horrible nonetheless.
  • Also when you think about it, Logan actually takes place in the new timeline Logan helped create in Days of Future Past. That means all that effort to save mutantkind was pretty much wasted.. Logan can’t catch a fucking break can he?
  • The main villain of the film, Dr. Zander Rice, is the only part of the film I disliked. The secondary antagonists like Donald Pierce and X-24 held much more weight and were definitely more impactful than Rice, one being the leader of a cyborg security squad and the other literally serving as a physical representation of Logan’s animalistic “Wolverine” side.
  • “Family” and “Legacy” play a huge part in Logan’s plot, specifically when it comes to the character’s relationship with Laura. She is the product of his DNA being used to essentially recreate him to create the perfect soldier, but this also makes her his biological daughter and as such she offers him something he’s never truly had before. This comes full circle in Logan’s final moments before his death, where he tells her that even though she’s like him that she shouldn’t be what they made her to be. Though she is like him in so many ways, Logan wants her to live as a better person than he could have ever been.
  • His final words, “So this is what it feels like..,” can be interpreted as both him finally being able to experience death or as him finally being able to see some part of him become something good.

Logan gets a 10/10


movies i know by heart [4/–]: you’ve got mail

Last night I went to meet you, and you weren’t there. I wish I knew why. I felt so foolish. And as I waited, someone else showed up: a man who has made my professional life a misery. And an amazing thing happened. I was able, for the first time in my life, to say the exact thing I wanted to say at the exact moment I wanted to say it. And, of course, afterwards, I felt terrible, just as you said I would. I was cruel, and I’m never cruel. And even though I can hardly believe what I said mattered to this man - to him, I am just a bug to be crushed - but what if it did? No matter what he’s done to me, there is no excuse for my behavior. Anyway, I so wanted to talk to you. I hope you have a good reason for not being there last night. You don’t seem like the kind of person that would do something like that. The odd thing about this form of communication is you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many… somethings. So thanks.

9 Dylan O'Brien quotes that made me love him

  1. I didn’t have that many friends my first few years of high school. It was very cliquey and I’m super shy, so it was hard to make friends.
  2. I’d like to get into some sort of workout regimen so I can properly be healthy and exercise like a normal human being. I seem to not do that… ever.
  3. A girl in my Spanish class found my YouTube videos and showed them to my teacher. At the end of class one day my teacher said, “pack up, movie time,” and she dropped down this screen and put on my videos. I started freaking out. Everyone was laughing and I just ran out.
  4. I just really like fun, cool, interesting, quirky girls. And sometimes you find that in 6’2 model bodies and sometimes they’re short and brunette. All shapes and sizes – it’s really about the personality. That sounds cliche, but it’s so freaking true!
  5. Oh my god, so many geeky things about me. Generally geeky, I mean I geek out about baseball. My two favorite things are baseball and The X-Factor. I don’t know. I’m a huge Star Wars geek, I’m a huge everything geek.
  6. One time I stood outside of a girl’s house with a rose in my mouth, like between my teeth. It was obviously a joke and was supposed to look stupid, and it really did. I definitely looked stupid. She just rolled her eyes and laughed.
  7. [On Teen Wolf fans approaching him] I just think that’s so cool and it does genuinely make me feel nice. And it blows me away because I remember being a kid and feeling that way about actors. Just loving them and thinking they’re great. Having them inspires me. I think it’s really awesome.
  8. [On his guilty film pleasures] I have three and I don’t feel guilty! Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Galaxy Quest.
  9. Part of growing up is realizing you learn to love so many people. It’s about forming those relationships and finding what will last forever.

So I have received many asks about the sex scenes in Call Me By Your Name, how graphic they are, how the peach scene is done (for all you book readers out there). 
I will answer this in two parts: a non spoilers and a spoiler part.

Non Spoilers:

  • The director himself stated before the film, there are no graphic sex scenes in it as thats not what this film is about. It’s about love. (but that doesnt mean there isnt other things.)
  • there is indeed alot of nudity in the film. however there is no front on nudity.
  • Naked cuddling 
  • Implied or clever camera work to hide sexual acts
  • the nudity in the film is never gratuitous or objectifying (like what you might see in Game of Thrones). It is very relaxed or natural or with purpose.  
  • Yes the peach scene is in the film.  
  • Would I feel comfortable watching this film with my parents? Nope. But it is fine with friends.


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This scene breaks my heart...

…Because Bruce will never actually allow himself to ever be happy. Because he “made a promise”. Because he doesn’t realize his parents would rather have him happy with a family than fighting every nights. Because of what he does in this scene…He freaking apologizes that his parents’ death doesn’t hurt as much as it use to, he apologizes for feeling happy and…THIS SCENE BREAKS MY HEART OK ?! So I’m sharing it with you. Because. 

Also, everyone should watch “Mask of the Phantasm” at least once in their life, definitely (after “Under the Red Hood”) my Favorite Batman animated film. It’s brilliant. It’s perfect. I love it. So damn much. AND I HAVE TOO MANY FEELS RIGHT NOW AAAAAARGH SOMEBODY SAAVES ME !! This is exactly why I write fluffy things with Bruce Wayne…I just want him to be happy

The Last All-Clear: (6)

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story is a series of vignettes following the premise: Imagine if Jamie travelled through the stones, but instead of finding Claire in Boston he found himself having arrived years too early, when the War was still happening and Claire had yet to meet him… What would he do?”
  • Formatting note: Bolding in Jamie’s letters = underlining


(Part 1) September 17, 1942: A Rusty Nail

(Part 2) December 3, 1942: Comb and Glove

(Part 3) 1943: Blood and Whisky

(Part 4) 1943-1944: Gifts and Ends

(Part 5) June, 1944: The Road 

June, 1944: The Ditch   

There, in that darkness with you, love, there was no fear in me. None. There was no worrying about stones, or time, or wars, or consequences. There was only the feel of you in my arms, for the first time in so many years; the feeling of my soul, reaching out to yours, and being accepted in kind. The intimacy of it was a blow and a caress sending me reeling, and everything went silent around us. I held you, stroked your back, cupped your head; felt your heartbeat against mine as ye wept and shook. I held on to you, lass, like I never would let go. Perhaps, I thought, I wouldn’t. 

You didna speak, so violent was the terror and relief within ye, but I myself could scarcely stop the words from tumbling out, incoherent and tear-choked as they were. I had enough sense left to move from language to language—Latin, Greek, Gàidhlig, Hebrew, the ones you wouldna ken, or very little— but I was able to speak my heart aloud to you, and that itself was relief beyond telling.

“You will survive this day, my heart.” 

“You will survive and go on to do so much more than you ever imagined. You’ll be kind and brave and reckless and wild and wonderful. Happy. Free. I promise you.”

“Even the suffering, the horrors, you’ll bear with grace. You’re a fighter. You overcome. I’m so—so very proud to be your husband.” 

Her husband. Lord, that he might be given the grace to be her husband again. He pulled her closer, breathed deep, his hammering heart breaking for the millionth time to hear her own breath calmer, slowing. 

“I miss you, mo Sorcha.” 

“I love you.” 

She couldn’t have known the words, but she gave a little whimpering sigh and pressed her face closer into his chest. He closed his eyes tight and didn’t bother to stifle the sob in his throat. 

“I love you, and no other.” 

“I promise I will find you, wait for you and the bairn, no matter how long it takes.”

“Be brave,” he heard himself saying in English, in his own voice, brushing his lips against her forehead. “Be brave, Claire, and have hope in the joy to come.” 

When the fingers of dawn began to creep into the ditch, you were still in my arms, fast asleep. I hadn’t slept, for I couldn’t bear to look away from your face. I was happy. No matter else might come, I had had that night with you, a night in which you would not have been alone. 

And then, I heard them. 

People shouting above the roar of motors, close at hand. Carefully dislodging himself from Claire, he grabbed the hilt of his knife and eased up to peer over the edge of the ditch. Nothing and no one in sight, but a breeze carried a word or two on the wind: Americans. THE Americans that she’d said had found her and brought her to safety. Only, they weren’t coming closer. They were on the other path, going the wrong direction at the crossroads. 

“Come back,” he muttered, fixing his eye on the distance with all his might as though he could summon them by sheer will. “Come back….come this way….damn you, come back…”

The panic was roaring within him, heightening with every passing second. They weren’t coming. He could get her back to the camp himself, of course, but why had the goddamn memory changed? He had been so relieved, the previous night, to find that things had played out as she’d foretold, but something…. something had gone wrong. Something was different. What had he done to change— 

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ

It was like a blow to the head, but he didn’t have time to stop and marvel. One moment only, he spared, that to kneel over Claire once more, look at her, and kiss her sleeping face. 

“I love you, mo nighean donn.” 

Then he was gone. 

Perhaps you’ll have understood at once, Claire, pieced together the conclusion of the tale long before I myself did. Perhaps, to a person raised with Films and so verra many books about fantastical happenings, it would have occurred to ye sooner. 

But how great was the shock that tore through my own simple mind, not to mention the abject relief, to comprehend the truth….That I perhaps couldna have changed events even had I tried; that things set in the motion of history might be—for better or worse— unstoppable, certain. While it makes my heart ache with regret, thinking that our efforts to stop the rebellion will have been for naught from the outset, in THIS case, love, it is for the better; for better than I could ever have imagined. 

My being alongside you, these years, wasna a divergent path, Claire. My coming through the stones and finding young Claire Randall during the War: that wasna a course of events separate from the ones you knew. I— Danton—was always a part of your story. Even if, perhaps, you had your reasons not to think of or remember him since, he always was there, beginning in 1942. There was never a version of your life in which you did not stitch his arm; in which he did not offer you whisky after that unfortunate operation; in which he did not become your friend in camp. As astounding as it is for my own faculties of comprehension to reconcile, I was always there. Here.

And I was always in that ditch with you, mo nighean donn. Why it is that ye never remembered me; that your lingering, terrifying memory of that night was of being completely alone? That, I shan’t even attempt to comprehend until the day I can ask you of it myself and ken the truth from your own lips; but you weren’t alone. I was always there with ye, holding you through the night

and it was always a ragged, bearded Frenchman that ran after the Americans and told them of two of their countrymen, dead in a German attack, always his word that made them hurry down the adjacent road to see for themselves; always me that made sure you were found. 

“Hey, Bill! Boys, there’s a woman over here!” 


“I think so! Ma’am? Ma’am?” 

He hung back at the fringes of the troupe, close enough, only, that he could see all that occurred. If they laid a foul hand on her….

“Ma'am, are you okay?” 

She was awake, and—Oh, love…. Have courage, my heart— as frantic and terrified as when he’d first found her the night before. ‘Helpless.’ ‘Alone.’  

“Ma’am, can you hear me?” the soldier kept saying. “What the hell are you doing down here all alone?”

Jamie’s heart broke to see her curl up with her hands about her head. But this is how it must be, Fraser. This is the morning she remembers, the way she remembers it.  

The soldier was insistent, agitated with concern as he tried to get her to speak. “Ma’am? Ma’am?”

“Cool it, Jimmy,” the other man said, “the poor lady’s been through hell. The English camp ain’t far off—Let’s take her with us and see if that’s where she came from.” 

“Here, ma’am, it’s alright,” the man Jimmy said, more gently. “Put your arms around my neck. We’ve got you now, okay? It’s all over.”

Jamie kept his distance as they trekked back down the forest road; kept far back as they approached camp; stayed hidden in the woods as he watched the Americans waiting outside the fence. The last sight he had of her was her head still bobbing on the American’s shoulder, her hands fisted in his shirt as the Nightwing guards ushered the party in to safety. Then, she was gone. 

He didn’t cry; he didn’t feel the churning of regret and pain that he perhaps would have expected. He took the time only to find that patch of woods through which he’d left camp the night before. His pack was there, just where he’d dropped it. Shouldering it, he cast one more look at the place that held her. 

“Until we meet again, mo chridhe.” 

Will you believe that what I felt as I left, and what I feel now, all these weeks later, is happiness? 

For, as much as the memory of that night’s fears shall haunt me, always, I’m more at peace, today, than I have been these many, many years. For I ken, at last, why it is I was brought to this time. It wasna a mistake; wasna a twisted blow of fate. It was for that very day, to see you safe. 

Had I not been there, had someone not gone to fetch the Americans, help might never have found you. You might well have lain there in that ditch until you were found and shot by the Germans. I’m on my knees thanking the heavens for guiding my footsteps to where they were meant to go. I couldna have known or planned it on my own merits, but yet somehow I was led to where ye needed me; all the way from the stones to France, through all the years and to that very ditch on that very night. 

The relief within me, Claire, at that knowledge, is balm beyond imagining. Call it pride, call it selfishness, but to know that my time near you was not in vain, that there WAS some purpose, some role I was meant to play for my wife’s sake—I’m grateful for it. I’m so very, very grateful. It makes every moment, every year that I otherwise might have deemed ‘lost’, have been worthwhile; precious, even. 

And now, I’m sitting on English soil—sand, rather— James Fraser, again, respectable Scottish stowaway. Something within me knew that it remained my time to be parted from ye, to leave camp, just as I’d planned. If you were to remember my presence there that night, the intimacy, connection, yes, the intimacy of the heart between us in those hours….Even if nothing in the events could be changed….No, far better to allow myself to fade from your presence, before we could have the chance to properly talk about that night, or make amends for the rift that preceded it. 

Sitting here on this beach, looking back across the channel, and even with the knowledge that there remain four years more in this purgatory of waiting,  I am filled with exquisite peace. It will be like claws in my skin, waiting for 1948, agonizing as to whether you too will be sent to the wrong year, but ‘tis a pain that I can bear in the blessed assurance that you will be well until then, and that I’ve done what I was meant to do, for your sake and the bairn’s.  

I will see you soon again. 

C. E. B. Randall

Camp Nightwing, France

1 July 

I will not put to paper what occurred that night on the road; what happened to those innocent men. I never shall. 

But one thing I must write out, else refusing to acknowledge it will drive me mad: 

I passed out alone, in that ditch; I woke up alone. But I dreamed. I dreamed that strong, familiar arms held me throughout the night. I dreamed of my own name, over and over, said with such tenderness. Even more, I dreamed of strange words, words in languages I couldn’t even name, but words that spoke of warmth and care. I dreamed that they were words of love, so deep that I believed them, without knowing what they said; so visceral that when the Airborne men found me, I was still reeling from the sensations awoken in me.

It isn’t like one has any control over dreams, but what I must get out of my mind, confess, even if I later burn this page:  

The arms weren’t Frank’s. Nor did I want them to be. 


So I got carried away and this is really long… But I also love it so I hope you do.

Maybe I was the cause of all the problems in my relationship with Cal. Maybe it was actually me and not him. I mean we both had fucked up schedules and many times we went weeks without actually seeing each other.

He goes to bed around three in the morning and I wake up at about four in the morning to train. I don’t get home till about five and by then Cal is already filming or doing other things.

I’m a gymnast and he’s youtuber and quite honestly I thought his schedule was messing us up, but now I’m sure it’s mine.

I do an hour of yoga and stretching before eating breakfast and doing a few miles of running. Then I drive to the gym where I live from six to three. Then I finally head home to my flat and I’m exhausted, but it doesn’t end there because after dinner I go back to the gym to teach a class for the little ones.

Unfortunately, for my relationship, I do this Monday through Friday and weekends are the same minus teaching classes.

Maybe I was the reason my relationship was failing. It was most likely me and the olympics.

“Why are you falling off the beam on a simple turn?!” My trainer screams from the other side of the gym and I look up at him.

“Because my relationship is failing!” I scream back.

“Well get back on the beam and focus. Even the three year olds can turn on beam without falling and you have a gold medal on it.”

He has a point. You’d think after being an overall bronze medalist at worlds two years in a row and having a gold medal on beam at the olympics, I’d be able to do better.

“Can you get through today’s practice or do I need to send you home to work out your boyfriend troubles?” He asks and I shake my head.

“No because he doesn’t even realize that we’re falling apart.” I explain before stepping back onto the beam.

“Nope get on down. You’re not gonna get injured right now because you’re unfocused.” He reaches up and grabs my waist before pulling me down.

“Go home, talk to him and come back here tomorrow ready to stick the routine we’ve given you because in two months you’re competing in the qualifier and I need your head on straight and the routine clean.”

“Okay.” I nod in agreement before walking over to my bag and pulling on my team Great Britain sweatshirt that match my blue shorts that sit on top of my leotard. Once I’m outside I pull out my phone and stare at it for a few moments.

“Hey Cal, can I come over?”

“Yeah of course. I just have some of the guys over filming. I thought you had training.”

“Let me out early, but I’ll be over in a few. Love you.”

“Love you too. I’ll unlock the door.” He hangs up and by the time I get to the flat all I hear is pure chaos.

“It’s the Olympic gymnast who got stuck dating Callum!” I hear Harry shout before pulling me in for a hug.

“Aren’t you usually doing flips at this time of day?” He asks and I nod.

“Coach sent me home.” I explain as he steps away and let’s Cal come over to greet me.

“You hurt?” He questions before kissing me on my head.

“No just off my game I guess. I mean I fell off the beam doing a simple pirouette and I’m the gold medalist on beam. I do pirouettes in my sleep.” I ramble slightly and he notices something is wrong.

“Well go change and join us.” He pats me on the shoulder and I nod before placing my bag down and walking to his room. I pull off my leotard and other clothes before grabbing one of his weezy tops and pulling my shorts back on. I go to leave his room before looking in the mirror and realize I actually look like shit.

“I’m not gonna be caught on camera with this.” I mumble as I pull my hair out of the messy bun. I quickly put some concealer on my neck because a bruise the beam gave me looks like a hickey and then I’m ‘ready’ to be seen by others.

“Guys look it’s the girl with the Olympic gold medal.” Someone throws a vlogging camera in my face.

“Stop it. It was one gold medal.”

“Yeah but you’re family has a room in their house dedicated to medals and awards that you received growing up.” Cal points out

“Well it’s my only Olympic gold medal.”

“My bad I forgot about the bronze on uneven bars.”

“I could be better. Have you met the American team their incredible.” I look down at my callused hands and think about the eighteen years of my life that have been dedicated to the sport. My twenty first birthday was spent at the gym training for nationals. I mean I pushed so much of my life off just to compete. Yet I still feel unaccomplished. Like I could do more and to others it sounds stupid but for me it’s just the life of a gymnast.

“Anyway I’m gonna go lie down. I didn’t realize how out of it I am till now.” I stand up off the couch and Callum looks worried.

“Guys set up the video I’ll be back.” He follows me into his room and I take a seat on the bed.

“What’s going on? You haven’t missed a day of training since you had the flu three months ago.” He asks and I shrug while rubbing on my right ring finger that has the Olympic Rings tattooed onto it.

“I’m ruining our relationship. I mean we barely ever see each other and when we do, the guys are around, or we’re both out of it and tired. I mean we haven’t spent time watching Netflix and relaxing together in months. I mean we maybe get to call each other every week or so.” I shrug before looking up and facing the reality.

“I mean you started dating me right after the Olympics and I’m not the same person I was back then. I had about three or four months of normalcy where I just hung out and relaxed and only went to the gym twice a week. Now it’s a year later and I’m training hard for nationals and to make the national team for worlds. This is the real me and the real me is fucking up everything. I mean did you not notice my lack of presence at the party last week or that I wasn’t there for the Sidemen football match? I mean I missed a lot and I feel like you don’t care. Like it doesn’t matter.”

“You think I don’t care or notice that you aren’t there? Cause I do and yeah it hurts but I don’t say anything because you’re pursing a dream and I’m not gonna stop you from doing that. You’re incredible and I’m not gonna stop you from reaching you’re highest potential. I don’t wanna make you feel bad so I don’t say anything. And yeah maybe you and I don’t talk much and this is the first time I’ve seen you in person in a month, but I still love you. I mean what do you want me to say? That I mad? Cause I am, but I’m not gonna do that to you. I mean it sucks when all the others guys have their girlfriends around and we all go out to eat and mine isn’t there because she’s training. Yeah it sucks but I don’t say anything because I’m not gonna stop you from doing you’re best. Im not gonna make you feel like shit for doing you. So don’t come in here and act like I don’t try because it’s you that doesn’t have time for me.” He shouts back and I realize that I was… no I am… the problem.

“So what does this mean?” I ask and he places his hands over his face before looking up at the ceiling and back down to me.

“I think it means we’re done.” He admits and I nod before picking up my bag and walking out of the room.

“Wait where you going?” Harry asks and I just ignore him. Once I’m out of the flat I just run. I run to my car and I drive straight to the gym.

“Why are you back here? I’m not letting you train upset.”

“I’m here because he fucking broke up with me.” I finally respond after a few moments of silence.

“And I’m ready to train.”


“You look so tense. Like go get a drink.” My teammate jokes and actually consider that as an option.

“I mean Cal and I split like a month ago and I have been quite lonely. I mean I haven’t slept with a guy in so long. I mean it’s hard to have a sex life when I’m always here.”

“Well there’s always the boys.” She motions over to the chalk bin where some of the Olympic guys are standing.

“Mel really?” I fidget with my grips and she nods.

“I mean I had that fling with Luke.” She smiles and I look over at them.

“They’re just as horny as we are. Like I’m just about to for one of them at this point.” She shrugs and I nod.s

“Let them know you’re single sweetie.” I wink before grabbing her hand and pulling her over to the chalk bin by the bars.

“Move it or lose it boys.” I smirk before looking up. “Or do something with it.”

“Oh is that right?” Ash grabs my waist and I nod. He pulls me closer to his body and leans down to kiss behind my ear. “I’ll see you by my car.” He leaves another kiss on my neck before looking around.

“I’m sorry do you guys need some space?” I hear my coach shout and I quickly pull away from Ash and turn around to face my trainer who is holding up an elastic band.

“I thought we were doing bars.” I raise an eyebrow and he holds up another elastic band.

“You and Ash here and gonna be having fun today and not the fun you wanted to have.” He throws the bands at us and I contemplate throwing myself on the ground and crying.

“Feet together and up the rope. Come on you two, now you’re gonna do that ten times each and once you’re done do it another ten times.” He shouts and Ash looks at me while smirking.

“Good I’ll get to see your cute ass climb up the rope.”

“Not gonna be cute when he makes us do even worse things. Last time he caught me kissing my boyfriend I was sixteen and he made me do twenty times up the rope, a five mile run, and thirty standing tucks before making me call the boy and tell him he would ruin my future and I couldn’t date him.”

“Wait really?”

“Yeah and he only let me date after I won gold on beam. Now he’s pissed because of you because he thinks you’re gonna ruin my chance at gold again.” I explain while tying my ankles together.

“What about my chance at gold?” He jokes and I grab onto the rope. “My bad I mean my chance at gold for the third worlds in a row.” He reaches over and tries to tip me over before climbing up the rope.

“So Im gonna go take an ice bath. I gotta take an ice bath.” I limp over to ice baths as Asher follows me.

My trainer had us do five miles, and then it got worse. Back tuck followed by a burpee. Twenty sets of five followed by chin ups on the high bar and then he made me continue running. Then he made me do my floor routine full out four times in row. The worst was that Ash was allowed to stop after the running and he sat back cheering me on while laughing.

“Can you possibly carry me?” I ask and he grabs onto my waist and throws me over his shoulder. Once we get to the ice baths he puts me down and I slowly climb into the freezing water.

“How’s the boyfriend been?” He asks and I can’t help but laugh.

“I wouldn’t have flirted with you if he was still my boyfriend.” I explain and he leans against the edge of the tub next to me.

“Why’d you split?”

“I don’t have time for a relationship when I’m here being an Olympic gymnast.”

“Oh trust me… There’s time. That one hour break we get between twelve and one for lunch and then the break we have from three to seven and again when you have a break at nine after you’re done teaching the little ones. Trust me there’s time, but unless both people are trying, you won’t feel like there is time.”

“And weekends at night. You’re boyfriend sounds like an ass.” He laughs and I shake my head.

“No I’m the ass. I didn’t try either. I wanted him to try and I couldn’t expect him to.” I look up at him and he shakes his head before standing up.

“I can’t sleep with you. I’m sorry but I was flirting back because I’m an ass but you love another guy. Like come on you still love Cal.” He grabs my hand and pulls me up out of the ice bath.

“You should stretch, take a shower, and go get your boyfriend back.”

“No I don’t love him anymore, it’s fine.” I try to dissuade him and he smiles softly.

“Can’t do that to you. I mean you’re on my Olympic team.” He laughs and I cross my arms over my chest.

“Okay, well thanks Asher.”


“Hey Harry, is Callum home? I gotta talk to him.”

“Oh, what’re you doing here?” He hugs me before pulling me inside and pointing to the kitchen.

“Wait before I go, is he seeing someone new?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“You’re good.” He laughs while motioning for me to follow him inside.

“Callum? Can we talk?” I ask and he looks up before nodding and motioning for him to follow me.

“Mind me asking why you’re here?” He asks while shutting the door behind us.

“Cause I got to practice and for the first time since I was sixteen I got fully punished. I had to climb the rope with just my upper body twenty times and then ran five miles. Then did so many back tucks into burpees that I almost passed out and it didn’t stop there. I had to do chin ups and handstands and all that other shit before dying and doing my floor routine fully out.”

“The last time that happened I got caught having my first kiss outside. It was my first boyfriend and it was so worth the pain I endured after. However, today wasn’t the same because I got caught flirting with another guy who then turned me down because he told me I’m still in love with you. And he’s right, I am still in love with you, but he also made a really good point and I want you to listen.” I place my bag down and he motions for me to continue.

“He mentioned that I do have enough time for us. He pointed out that there is enough time and I think I messed up before and yeah I do want to get back together but please just tell me if I’m already overstepping my boundaries. I mean I’ll just go now if you don’t want to get back together.”

“Don’t think that, please don’t think that. Yes I want to get back together and yes I’ll find a way to work this out so please don’t cry.” He pulls me into his arms and I wrap my arms around his waist.

“Missed you shorty.” He pulls away and brushes my hair away from my face before kissing me.

“I love you.” He picks me up and I place my face into his shoulder.

“I love you too.” I smile before leaving kisses on his cheek. “I love you so so much.” I laugh as I keep leaving kisses on his cheek and he smiles before turning his head and kissing me again.

“I’m not letting you go again.”

On Writing Busy Parents

Anonymous asked: “So, I’m working on a story with neglectful parents - not abusive - they love their child. It’s more like, they are always busy. Do you have any tips for me?”

The first thing that comes to mind are working parents. I’m not going to be one to generalize here so know, I’m talking about how we can think through some situations and think about writing these kinds of characters. 

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Next Gen: 'Aladdin' Star Naomi Scott Says Jasmine is "a Multidimensional Woman"
The actress tells THR about the character's notable changes and the key addition of a friend played by Nasim Pedrad.

“There are so many amazing new things about the character in this adaptation — I could literally go on for an hour!” Scott excitedly tells The Hollywood Reporter from London, where the film is in production. “Everyone involved in this project weren’t afraid to really just rip things down and start again, especially the Princess Jasmine character, because it’s so important to get that right.”

First, audiences of the May 2019 release can expect to meet a Jasmine who is a well-rounded character. “I love what Disney is doing at the moment with their princesses — going from animation to live-action and making those animated characters real human beings,” says Scott, a British actress and singer whose mother is from northern India. “Being a female character is also about being a real person, and guess what? [She] can be strong and have fun, but also get it wrong and be emotional. She’s a multidimensional woman, and she doesn’t have to just be one thing. So in this movie, you see her go on such a roller coaster, as opposed to her one goal being to fall in love or get married.”

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films & kisses [peter parker x reader] hc

a/n: that was fun writing it lmao, genderneutral as always mates

warnings: none :)

  • you two were absolute film nerds, no doubt about that
  • while you were more interested in drama films or biopics about real life people, peter cared more about comedy films or ones where the apocalypse is happening
  • even though both of your tastes were very different, you two agreed on watching films, you weren’t really interested in, cuz you just wanted to be with each other lmao
  • one thing you guys are always doing is talking about conspiracy theories of movies
  • most of them were about star wars
  • peter never stopped talking about star wars tbh
  • those were his favourite films and he’s seen them over a hundred times, but is still sitting like a small child in front of his tv, wondering how it will end
  • very cute
  • usually, when you two watch a movie, you always cuddle
  • you lay your head on his chest, he strokes your back
  • but when you guys watch star wars…..
  • …..peter doesn’t care about cuddling
  • sometimes he gives in and puts his arm around you, but you can literally feel how nervous and excited he gets
  • “peter” - “…” - “pETER” - “wait, i wanna see what happens!” - “you’ve seen this so often” - “yeah, but it might be different today”
  • Narrator: It wasn’t different today.
  • lots of visits to the local cinema
  • peter holding your hand, sometimes pressing small smooches on it
  • he compliments you all the time, before the film starts wtf
  • “i’m so glad that i’m here with you, i love you”
  • at first, you two would cuddle a bit, once the film starts
  • both of you were always disgusted by the couples that made out lmao one time you did it woops
  • because your taste in films is so different, you two sometimes argue about which film to watch
  • peter wants to watch star wars for the 20th time, you want to watch the new drama, which is going to make both of you sobbing loudly
  • but peter loves you so much and gives in
  • holding you tight, when a sad scene comes on, cuz he doesn’t want to see you unhappy
  • probably quoting so many lines from films
  • sometimes having small fights about various films, cuz your opinions were so completely different
  • “y/n, i think it was overrated” - “well, i think your attitude is overRATED” 
  • one thing: peter hates musical films, you love them
  • he doesn’t get why people suddenly break out into song
  • “why are they singing about their summer romance” - “peter, shut up” - “he’s at the same school! they will meet again, eventually” - “pETER”
  • but he loves seeing how much you love them
  • cuz you always dance and sing quietly
  • one time, he sang with you and you were shook
  • “you know the words!!!!” - “learned them only for you, darling”
  • a lots of cuddling while watching films
  • you guys loooooove doing this
  • going to his place after school, laying down on his bed and watching a film
  • sometimes you two even feel asleep
  • alright, most of the times actually lol
  • a lots of kisses and smooches during a love scene
  • when a #Dirrrty scene came on, you two just blushed and it was sort of embarrassing lol, but you still laughed!!!
  • “we could do it better” - “yeah” - “but not right now, i’m tired” - “yeah, y/n….and i’m…homework…busy, haha”
  • you two love those movie nights, spending time with your loved one, cuz in these moments, only you two mattered. no bit of school, stress about the future or any harm. only you two, and that was it.