i love so many things about this film

Yeah mom, this is this handsome, talented man, that I was talking about and who I love. This is the one, who knows so many things about Shakespeare, the one who won so many prizes and who’s, in my opinion, the master of drama films and shows.

You know, I saw the things people wrote about the film on social media, the way the film seemed to open something very deep for people, and how so many people out there had lost people they loved, you know, just how many grievers there were. It was a very powerful feeling, and ultimately shifted something in me, and Susie too, and stopped us feeling so completely hopeless all the time.
It was like we had done something good for Arthur, all of us, and had placed the memory of him up there in the stars.
—  Nick Cave on the response for his film ‘One More Time With Feeling’

It’s always freaky (in a good way) when you find out after knowing someone for a while that they like the exact same stuff that you do.  There’s this other mum whom I have been working with on the local community orchard and park for the last year and a bit but because of that all we ever have really talked about have been apple trees and our kids.  And then she came over to my house past weekend for some pizza and we were just talking about movies we were going to see and stuff and she says something along the lines of “oh yeah I am really looking forward to the live action beauty and the beast, it’s my favourite film ever” and I’m like “whhaattt”???  “Yeah…. I just love the Beast…”  “asdghghhgk”.   So I am rubbish with talking about these things so I just draw a picture of her as Belle.
But above all I love the fact that so many people I know who have a thing that they got into when they were kids/teenagers and it never ever goes away.  You don’t magically stop enjoying what you liked as a youngster when you become an “adult” and you will remember it always.  Older I get the more sorry I feel for the people who gave up things because they think it beneath themselves or too childish because these are the people I don’t ever remember seeing with that pure joyous smile of happiness on their faces when someone does or says something about their thing, that thing they like above all other things, that awesome thing.

Can season 4 please please please be about Even? Like I don’t even want it to be about him just so we get more Evak being cute, I genuinely want to learn more about Even. He’s such a complex character with so many layers and we’ve only seen the beginnings of him. It would be so wonderful if the next season was about him learning to accept himself and realizing that he really truly isn’t alone, that he has not only Isak, but so many other people on his side. I need him to learn that he doesn’t need to isolate himself, that he’s not going to lose the people he loves because of his mental illness. I want to see him fix things with the people he may have hurt at his old school, I want to see him succeeding at school and graduating surrounded by his family and friends, I want to see him make his own film or at least more of his film geek side, I want to see how his family dynamics are- like I would love to see how his parents are with him (also a ‘meet the boyfriend’ scene would be hella cute too, like I really wanna see his parents meeting the boy that helped Even accept who he is). A season about Even could bring so much representation and cover so many important issues.
There’s just so many things we still don’t know about Even and there’s no way we’re going to find everything else out in this last episode. I can only hope that season 4 is Even.

A fast Rogue One entry

Remember the Diego Luna Appreciation Post? Well, I just wanna tell you that I saw Rogue One last night AND IT’S FUCKIN AWESOME!!!

And this movie made me think about a few things:

Diego Luna is gorgeous. A precious gift. And it’s SO awesome that many latinx kids will feel identified with his character.

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Apparently the new Star Wars combo is British girl+Latino guy. And we all love it.

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Even though I want more brown and black and asian girls in Star Wars, having a girl as the main character in the last two movies is just perfect. Telling girls everywhere that they can be heroes and not only princesses is the best. Really thank you <3

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The only white guy in the film’s gang of rogues (who are the good guys) is a robot, so I don’t know if he even counts.

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The rest of the gang is made of: a woman, a latino, two asians, and an indian. A perfectly colourful ensamble.

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And we can add Forest Whitaker.

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Not exactly in the gang, but the other (and visibly only) white guy is Mads Mikkelsen. And he’s perfect. Anyway, have you noticed that he’s everywhere? Well, I am definitely not complaining.

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I’m not gonna spoil anything BUT there are a lot of cameos. Like a LOT. You’ll be very happy when they happen.

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Darth Vader. Darth. Fuckin. Vader.

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And capes. Wonderful capes. Let’s ignore Edna Mode’s advice and let them wear wonderful capes.

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So i was doing a rewatch of Sky High and I noticed that the entire movie is made up of canted shots, which is basically tilting the camera for a different type of shot.

And I love canted shots because they can mean so many things!

Sometimes they’re meant to disorient the viewer;

Sometimes to show that the character itself is disorientated;

to show emotion, a change in pace, a lapse of time…etc.

But in this movie I couldn’t help but notice that the canted shot wasn’t a once in a while occurrence but a constant presence


it’s used

a   l o t  

So I wonder why this movie about superheroes and high schoolers decided to film such relatable characters with such an uncommon style?

Was it to show how differently perceived the superheros are compared to us?

Or was it supposed to remind the audience that this was a school set in the sky and therefor, defies our physics?

I don’t know!

But if you have an idea based off of these shots (which i took from google and definitely do not receive credit for, so sorry) let me know!

i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus

Can we talk briefly about the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

Because I watched this movie recently and I was so blown away by how well this 1950s film does so many things that current media falls down on. 

It features Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel and, aside from being witty and hilarious (and a musical, which I love):

  • It is a movie that is centered around a close female friendship.
  • The women have different values/views on romance but both women support each other in these differences.
  • One woman is widely stereotyped by society and perceived by the men around her as “vapid blonde”, but she works the system that’s stacked against her while being true to herself, and the movie is well aware she is smart as hell.
  • It’s also movie that wherein the primary romance hinges on the theme: “I kind of think I’m falling for you, but I don’t like the way you talk about my friend, so you better shape up and if you do anything to hurt her I will end you.”
  • It’s a movie which allows a female character to be materialistic and mercenary without being punished for it.
  • It’s based on a book by Anita Loos, whose wikipedia page is amazing, whose female characters were frequently censored by Hollywood for being too liberal, and who is responsible for quotes such as, “I’ve enjoyed my happiest moments when trailing a Mainbocher evening gown across the sawdust-covered floor of a saloon.“
  • Let’s talk about a movie about two showgirls that has an actual grasp on male vs. female gaze.
  • Seriously, LOOK AT THIS VIDEO. She’s fully dressed and those men are wearing skintone speedos.  The camera is giving her plenty of headroom, putting her eyes, not her boobs, at the thirds line.  At one point the men all line up and just rhythmically stick their butts in the air, what even.  And it’s not even presented through a lens of “haha, sexy men, how ridiculous”
  • This movie was just, really rewarding, okay?
Weightlifting for beginners

Have you ever walked into a room and everyone has stopped what they’re doing to look at you? So you go red, mutter an apology and stumble out? Well that’s what my first foray into the weight-lifting area of a gym was like back at university. 

It took me a while to go back and that was only with another woman to keep me company. Since then I’ve fallen in love with lifting weights, especially with how it makes me feel and how it enables me to sculpt my body. Also, I hate cardio and find it much easier to push myself when it comes to picking heavy things up and putting them down again. 

But I’ve been asked many times about how to get into weight lifting so I thought I’d put together a beginner’s guide to weight lifting for men and women (because the weights room can be a scary place for men too!)

Step 1: Picture the hero or heroine in your favourite film and strut into the place like you own it. Hold your head high, have confidence in yourself and remind yourself that you’re there to enjoy it 

Step 2: But don’t be scared about asking for help

Step 3: Nail the basics. I’d recommend that you start with a squat, a deadlift, a shoulder press and a bicep curl. Watch videos on YouTube if you really don’t want to ask for help but remember, personal trainers and gym instructors are there to keep you safe

Step 4: Perfect your technique before you start adding on any serious weight because bad technique + heavy weights = all of the pain 

Step 5: Once you’ve got the technique down start adding the weights on. You should be using a suitable weight for the number of sets and reps that you’re doing. At the end of each set you should be feeling like you can’t really do many more. This is how you force your body to adapt and hit your goals, whether they are strength, hypertrophy (muscle growth) or endurance

Step 6: Track your progress rather than trying to remember all of the numbers. I keep a note on my phone of all of the weights that I’m currently lifting

Step 7: Just like with any other physical progress you may hit a plateau. If this happens, have a deload week. Try some lighter weights or try some other things. When you come back to it you’ll feel fresher and most likely will be able to push your weights up

Remember, it’s never as scary as you think it’s going to be and everyone is much friendlier than you think they’re going to be!

If you’re really struggling it might be worth having a session or two with a personal trainer to put together a programme and show you some of the moves.

Now, please excuse me while I go and hit a PB…

Other girls can be pretty. I’m going to give you the reasons that make you different from other girls.
It’s easy to say ‘pretty’ but that’s not for me. You’re unique,  so you deserve unique compliments.
I like the way you look at me when you talk about the book you love.
I like talking with you about the butterfly effect, the coincidences, about the rain and the soulmates.
I like to watch English films online with Greek subtitles with you when we are 1000 miles away.
I like when we used the same word at the same time.
I like so many things about you that I’ll not write here because I’m going to whisper each thing in your ear when you’ll be in bed under a sky of Christmas lights.
You’re not just ‘pretty’ you are my favorite human being in this lonely universe.
—  Pretty is not a compliment by Razielrice
When you realize it's been exactly 7 years since How To Train Your Dragon came out in theaters and you just feel a lot of things.

HTTYD will always be my favorite movie. Not just for the witty writing or the original storyline but for the animation and the all around likable characters as well as many other things it did so incredibly well.

I saw this film four different times in theaters and many more on DVD. Every time I rewatch it I fall more and more in love. It’s important to see something so brilliant come out of a children’s animation studio in the day and age when animation is being taken less seriously. These films have taken an approach to storytelling that is different. They are packed with heart and important lessons about family, loyalty and being true to who you really are inside.

It’s been 7 years since the film that completely changed my outlook on life and animation in general. I can’t wait for 3!

There’s a conservatism at work on many levels. I hazard a guess that there are many Academy members who didn’t even see films like Carol who said, “Aww, this is just a film about two women who fall in love. I don’t know if that’s going to appeal to me.

I think it’s important to be open-minded. Todd [Haynes] has directed an extraordinary film. It’s resonated with critics and audiences. In the end that’s the most important thing. Todd has been doing this for so long, and has been so influential because he’s got an outsider’s perspective. What he’s done with Carol is he’s brought the authenticity of that perspective but made a completely inside film. And I think that’s a quiet revolution. For his work not to be recognized, I find it bewildering.


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One insecurity
My weight

Two fears
Public speaking
Horror films

Three turn ons

Four life goals
Get a house
Finish writing a book
Cuddle all the cats
Be happy

Five things I like

Six weaknesses

Seven things I love
My hamster, Remus
My job
This community

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Hello! :)
I’ve posted a couple of times on here before, but I’ve been meeting amazing people on here so I wanted to try this again c:

My name is Joan Garcia
I’m 19
I’m also from Austin, TX

I’m a nerd that loves doing many things such as playing the ukulele, playing video games, dancing a bit, filming, writing, drawing, listening to music, and walking around downtown Austin

I would love to talk to anyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality, etc. about anything. As I always say, if you’re human, feel free to message me. Hopefully we’ll be able to maybe even video chat or even send letters eventually :)

You can message me on my Tumblr:


I hope to hear from you soon!

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I agree about seeing your personality in videos. Your first video when you just did daily stuff and talked about your feelings or opinions was so fun! More videos about yiur daily life would be good. There are so many informational videos about living in sk but not much actually showing life there. Especially since your experience is unique (not an english teacher) and you tend to do lots of interesting things. Id love to see how you find work and your experience speaking korean etc.

Thank you! I actually just filmed a vlog and I am planning on making videos about getting a (non-teaching) job.

And i am trying to show my personality more and censor myself less. I am so used to seeing these these perfect lives that I feel like I have to show you guys something like that but I also become a 100x more boring.

Thank you for your input ill keep that in mind!

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As much as I like Hugh Jackman his recent comments about how he would have stayed longer as Wolverine if he was in the MCU are really annoying and even more so disappointing. It sounds like he's almost throwing shade at the X-universe, making it seem like it's somehow lesser than the MCU.

I kind of get what he’s saying, that the X-Men universe has more limited opportunities compared to the MCU and there are actors in it he’d love to work with. But I see what you mean. I’m generally very worried about the Fox X-Men universe being downplayed or just ignored as They sometimes do with the Spider-man films if Disney ever gets the rights even though They’ve repeatedly shown that, when They’re good, They’ve hit heights that the MCU hasn’t come close to matching.

The X-Men universe has done so many amazing things and I don’t want Them to get overshadowed by a universe that I see as running out of steam in the next couple of years.

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name: ella; nickname: umm... ella (this time with a french accent); age: 21? (i realise now i went into this with more confidence than i ought to have had); gender: female; sexual orientation: bi; nationality: american; relationship status: single?; likes: france, arthuriana, kpop, sarah van elst; dislikes: many things about the new batb film, situations in which it's inappropriate to swear; random fact: you have a cat it's very cute

omg you did pretty well!!  omg that nickname i’m dying laughing i don’t really have a nickname (one friend calls me eller but that’s just that one person).  i’m actually 22 (going on 23 in june holy shit) and i’m dating someone!!  and i was actually pleasantly surprised about the new batb film but there were still things i complained about because of who i am as a person