i love so many songs from the 80s

the worst witch movie (1986)

many are familiar with the worst witch tv and book series, but let’s reflect on the 80s movie for a moment as it was simply a masterpiece

I’ve lost my VHS copy tragically, but youtube has my back

we begin with this:

  • even if you’ve never seen tim curry’s standout halloween song you already know you’re going to be in for a treat with these special effects just from those clouds
  • the first person we see is miss hardbroom and you can’t help but be instantly impressed by this:
  • both her eyeliner and cheekbones could kill a man and I firmly believe that she’s done it before and would do it again because she just would

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AWWWW ;___; So many feels while drawing this!

It’s inspired (during the drawing process, it was not my first purpose haha) by Rauhreifs My Dear 80 Years (part1) and Kiss From Hell (part2) story! Go and read it if you haven’t yet (her storytelling and the world she created! Forget about that ukeish, bad fame Hidan for a moment please) ;_;

Text caption comes from Bird Of Paradise by Snowy White. I was just listening to it and ahhhh, that phase will fit perfectly! I love those sad songs so much.

Btw, sorry for not posting much past days, but I had rough time studying for my professional attempts and thinking about AU KakuHida comic! You will recieve it, promise!