i love so many and there are so many examples

  • 707: urgh... I don't feel so good...
  • Zen: Whats wrong dude?
  • 707: I feel all nauseous and I've got goose bumps all over.... and my face keeps getting all flushed...
  • Zen: [laughing] Sounds like you're in love....
  • 707: What do you mean I'm in love!?! HOLY SHIT IS IT CONTAGIOUS!?!?
Creators Misunderstanding Their Fan Base: Undertale

I love Undertale, so do many others. However, I love Undertale because of the fan base. I have met so many kind and determined individuals that I wouldn’t have met otherwise if not for Undertale. Many of these people are artists, and it’s nice to see the same characters drawn in so many different styles. Even better is when there is a story written about Undertale, a what if this happened instead of this? Great examples of this are Dreamtale, by @jokublog (currently not theirs more about that later), Glitchverse, by @camilaart, and Xtale/Underverse, by Jackei/@xtaleunderverse. There are many more alternate stories/universes I would love to share but I really want to focus on these two right now. As you may or may not know, both these creators make animations/comics based off their story lines, and they are incredible. The amount of effort that goes into each and every frame of animation is jaw dropping to say the least. The story is also pretty great compared to most, especially Glitchtale’s constant subversion of every expectation and Underverse’s imaginative plot and character portrayal are no small feat either. It’s immediately clear that a lot of effort goes into their work to make it as great as possible and create their animations fairly quickly. However, I’m not here to simply sing their praises because the title isn’t “Amazing Undertale Universes You Have To See To Believe” no, this is “Creators Misunderstanding Their Fan Base: Undertale” 

 Recently a story came out about Joku threatening to use her fan base against another person who was just giving feedback on a shirt that they made. This led to them deleting their blog and now it’s being held by a nice individual so that Joku can have the name back if she wants. Joku makes sure people know that she is getting lots of hate over this misbehavior of hers. She’s making it seem like her fan base is full of haters that demand comics every week and don’t care about the person behind the project at all. Her “fans” led her to deleting her blog that she had used for a while now, over one small incident. That’s. Not. True. Joku’s fans are passionate, without a doubt, but they have huge amounts of respect for the amount of work that goes into this complex narrative that Joku is almost always working on. Joku, you’re fans are there, making fan art, liking your posts, and sending positive words your way, but you don’t care about that, do you? You just want to show everyone that you can overcome the haters by yourself, but you can’t, nobody can on their own. You say you ignore the haters, but dealing with what I’ve heard people say about you in silence, isn’t a great idea. If you open up more to your audience, show your real fans that you still care about them, I have no doubt that there will be a shift in the types of people who view your content. I along with many others didn’t hate you for what you did, was it a bit uncalled for? Yea, a little bit, but that one incident with someone WHO’S ALREADY FORGIVEN AND APOLOGIZED FOR MAKING IT PUBLIC, shouldn’t have led to you deleting your blog. The blog is being held for you, your choices are to reset back to zero and build your blog all over again, or quit and leave everyone.

 Jackei, the creator of Xtale and Underverse, is passionate about her work. Her amazing narrative and intense animations make it a joy to experience through and through, but she has her flaws as well. One day you’ll get a hilarious shitpost from Jackei about how she got braces, the next a comic about how she is having to stand against her fans barrage of negativity. I’m saying it right now that there is a difference in HATING and CRITICIZING and it’s easy to tell which is which. Hate usually is opinionated, relying on the same feeling from others to help boost their opinion into more of a fact. Fans that criticize a work however often point out actual problems with the product they were presented with. Maybe the animation was a bit low quality in some places, or maybe the dialog didn’t add anything to the situation, but whatever it is its a real problem that they just shed light on for you. Those fans care, unlike the haters you insist are your fans. Many people really love your intense devotion to your work, making comics often along with incredible animations that have breathtaking moments a plenty, but it sucks when someone you hugely respect talks down to you. You make it clear that whenever you get hate you try to deal with it in silence, and for the most part if you are a strong enough person that works out really well for you. Not only does it improve your image as a creator but it makes fans think much much more of you as a person. However, you show us that side of you way too much, and its clear you want to be that person you portray yourself as. You’ve gotten much better about showing us that you can withstand the hate sent your way, and your shitposts/memes are always a joy to behold, but why not show off the better side of your fan base, the people who really care about you and your work. It’d make a difference in how you view your fans. Just remember Jackei, haters shout loud because they want others to hear them, but when a fan comments, they don’t even expect an answer from anyone.

 Camila is an incredible artist as well, creating a 20 minute animation in less than 4 months is unreal. On top of that the animations feature a standard of quality not usually seen in animations made in the same amount of time. However, Camila is known to harp on people for asking when the latest episode is going to come out. Her response is usually a meme or her telling them to chill and just wait. Camila has the opposite issue that Jackei does, she will show all the asks about when the episode is coming out, making it seem like that’s all her fan base cares about. That and her talking down to her fans often, sometimes calling them stupid for not understanding a small detail in the animation. She’s who Jackei strives to be, impervious to all hate sent her way. To be honest, it’s not the best way to act towards your fans, sometimes people honestly just want to know because they are hyped for the next episode. Especially with the amount of information Camila will spoil about the episode, when in reality it’s mostly misdirection to make hers fans come to one conclusion before the episode even starts, just so she can subvert everyone’s expectations in the end. It’s incredible how many times I knew what would happen just because I followed Camila’s tumblr, @camilaart. Camila, I desperately wanted to donate $50 to you on patreon after you lost part of your house because I desired to talk to the biggest inspiration in my life at the time. To be honest I still want to, but I’m only 15 and I have no income for which to donate to either of you, sorry /;-;/. Camila, your awe inspiring, I just wish you would act more mature and be more loyal to people. After what happened to Jackei you threw her under the bus, reblogging what she said just to garner it more exposure. It’s shocking how many people you turn on after someone comes out with something bad about that person, like Jackei and Ultima almighty. You’re getting much better though about pointing out positive things, like animators and artists who have almost no exposure on youtube, is pretty amazing. It’d be amazing though, if you could use the positives to detract haters instead of memes. You’re a role model for some people whether you want to believe it or not, and sometimes people take anything that role models say as undeniable fact. Your on the right path, please don’t reset again. 

(Everything I said are just my thoughts on these two amazing animators, I just really want to get these out their so that maybe they will both see this post and reflect on themselves as creators. I plan to do more of these but I don’t what topics/people to do yet. And guys, don’t hate these artists just for me pointing out a few things wrong with them, that’s the complete opposite of what I’m trying to say. If you don’t like them, then just ignore them, it’s as simple as that. Thanks for reading this, it truly means a lot to me.) 


I am gobsmacked.

Thank you for being an exemplary embodiment of a fiercely loyal and loving wife and mother, a kind soul in the face of unimaginable darkness, a patient and gentle heart in the midst of chaos and so many things that sought your attention. You were a shining example of class and grace and we were all lucky to live in your world. You may not have been our mum, but you were the treasured woman of the joy of so many of our hearts and lives, and you were always kind and gracious to everyone, even if they weren’t to you. I am so sorry for your family, my heart breaks for them.

Rest in peace, Jay. Thank you.

One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it

First of all, @camilaart, who most people will know as Camila Cuevas. I must say that I would not hesitate to add her Glitchtale series as one of the shining examples of what the fandom can create, and I know that many, many others will agree, for it is filled with epic battles, gutwrenching plot twists, and heartwarming moments. There are many people who can create good fight animations, and there are many people who can write good stories, but very, very few people can do both at the same time - and of course, Camila is one of them.

Next up are the people at @underlineau, who have made one of the most well-written, and more importantly, heartwarming, comics I have ever seen and probably will. At first glance, it just seems like an original, albeit very good, prequel for the original game, but closer examination reveals that not only did the creators do their homework - they got an A+ and extra credit. Underline takes the loose threads of the game, and seamlessly weaves them into the masterpiece tapestry that is Undertale. Few fanmade creations can do that, but Underline can - and more importantly - does.

While we’re on the topic of fancomics, it would be blasphemy not to mention @askfriskandcompany. While not the first Undertale askblog, it seems unlikely that its popularity is unrelated with the sudden increase of UT askblogs in my recommended list. The general comic itself is the work of a master(well, three masters to be exact), but the way it lets askers directly influence events without letting go of the reins is simply genius. Trash Queen, Clutter Commander, and Canon Keeper. These three have put their heads together to make one of the greatest askblogs of all time, and boy does it show.(I mean, how many fanworks get a Tvtropes page and a review on ComicStripCritic?)

Of course, there’s a reason we’re all here, why all these amazing people have: Toby Fox. It’s because of Undertale we’re all here. Why so many people have come together and shown what we as a fandom can create. What we can do. What we can share. And what we can be. Thank you, Toby. It’s all thanks to you.

Special thanks to @undertalepositivityproject, since otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this and appreciating all the great things Undertale and its fandom have given to me. Many thanks to you too, and good luck.

And last but certainly not least, thank you, everyone who’s contributed to the fandom, in any form of art or otherwise. One person, no matter how great, could not have made the wonderful community that is the fandom today. It is thanks to all of us. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done for the fandom… You have done well.

*You are filled with Perseverance.

*You are filled with Integrity.

*You are filled with Patience.

*You are filled with Kindness.

*You are filled with Justice.

*You are filled with Bravery.

*You are filled with Determination.

In another example of “Fire Emblem Heroes is broken as hell,” look at this skill.

Sakura has won many, too many, battles for me with this skill alone. She literally renders enemies inable of inflicting ANY damage to her after she initiates attacks as the debuff is so high, so we just chip away their HP for five to ten turns, baiting out baddies, laughing as her sweet moe charms disenfranchise Veronica’s army. And this is when she isn’t tailing my other heroes, keeping their HP up. I’ve run out of skills to spend SP on!

I love her. Best sister. MVP.

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What are your favorite tropes? Anything particular that you like extra much? And are there any tropes that you're also not particular fond of, and/or rubs you the wrong way? Just curious. I hope you'll have a good weekend. Sends hugs!

Hi anon!

I actually did a ‘tropes I like and nope tropes’ post a while back and dug that up.

And I wrote more recently about tropes I really love here.

Recently I realised I really don’t like soul mate tropes. Anything to do with like the ‘red string of fate’ or people with ‘matching numbers’ or glyphs or marks or whatever, can’t really stand it. I don’t mind people in a relationship calling each other soul mates once they’ve realised a profound love for each other, but I don’t like AUs / universes where soul mates are a thing. Tbh I find it squicky.

On the other hand I really like forced soulbonds, mostly to explore consent issues, lol.

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got any fic recs?

This is so hard to answer too omg there’s so many fics I love but I am an absolute fool and never think to save/bookmark any of it anywhere

I’ll try find a few though, but again there are So Many this list hardly does it justice at all qq

  • Tea, Latte, Coffee or Spice? everyone’s fav collection of one-shots of so many rarepairs, probably included in every LL fic rec lists ever (and rightfully so)
  • The Flood that Follows rin/maki softball AU? a prime example of how I can only bring myself to care about sports if it’s gay (and this one’s rly interesting and cool)
  • No Brand Girl been a loooong time since I read this but I remember it really fondly.. nico/maki 
  • The Knight and The Maiden best AU ever, nozo/eli centric w other main pairings if I remember correctly, SUCH a neat plot imo
  • Purrfect Partners cat angels. need I say more
  • You, on Christmas Eve BIBINOZO FLUFF!!!!! BIBINOZO FLUFF god im gay

OK I DEFINTELY HAVE…SO MANY MORE but i have to do school maybe I’ll add later

One of my favorite quotes Taylor has ever said.
It deserves to be on a watercolor floral background.
This was watercolored and hand lettered by me on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

@taylorswift, you give your fans so much hope in their darkest of days. I’ve read stories of how you’ve changed so many peoples lives, touched their life in some way and you’ve made so many people happy….me included. For years I’ve loved your music and then I learned about you as a person and I love you even more. I have fallen in love with my life more because of your goodness and my ultimate goal in 2017 is to be extraordinarily helpful to others. So thank you for setting the example. I’m so appreciative of you, your music, and your life message. 💕

Antok is very much not a leader.

He’s capable of leading a mission, only because he was given specific orders pertaining to said mission, but he could never make important decisions that could potentially change something very vital. That being said, it’s a potentially harmful situation for himself more so than others. I’ve mentioned in the past that he’s fiercely loyal to Kolivan, and would leap headfirst into situations, should Kolivan even suggest it.

This is terrible for Antok in specific because he usually doesn’t question what he’s asked to do, whether it be something pretty damn bad or not. The only time he actually questions whether or not something is a good idea or not is if there’s a heightened potential to lose his or others’ lives. Other than that, he could be asked to do something and he would do it pretty quickly.

At least it’s what I see, given Antok seems to be the closest to Kolivan and whatnot (he was pretty damn ready to leap forward and beat Keith up and tried to beat Shiro up so maybe I’m grasping at straws, but this is my blog)

This is also why he would be a terrifying commander in a verse where he’s part of the Empire instead of being a Blade. He would have zero mercy, no hesitance in doing something if it means progress forward.

While it’s good that he doesn’t hesitate in a crisis situation, it proves to be one of his biggest downfalls if it’s within the wrong hands.

Emma, Hook and TV Tropes

I found website called TV Tropes. It’s probably nothing new, but its very interesting! There are so many tropes and interrelated tropes that its almost overwhelming, but you can look up specific television shows and characters, so, naturally, I did a search for OUAT. It assigns tropes to a character and gives examples.

One of the tropes they assign to Emma is called Anguished Declaration of Love, and one of the things it says about this trope is “these kinds of confessions and proposals have a low success rate. When they come halfway through a work, they must usually be repeated again at the climax so that they can be accepted.”

It’s no wonder why many people aren’t convinced of Emma’s relationship with Hook. Emma gave Hook an anguished declaration of love and then turned around and sacrificed her very life, soul, essence, for Regina. 

In this case, Emma’s actions spoke louder than her words.

Another really interesting trope assigned to Emma is called the Cartwright Curse. “Being paired up with a bad ass never ends well for the other person. Any Love Interest that the hero meets is either worm food or otherwise removed forever from his or her life by the end of the episode or arc.”

And now the really interesting part…

“If the two of them wind up getting married, it’s even worse — chances are that the Love Interest won’t even make it to the honeymoon, or even through the ceremony!”

Hook and Emma have a wedding coming up. I wonder how its going to play out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It hasn’t been assigned to him as a trope, but Romantic False Lead is very fitting for Hook.

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This is in response to the ask about saying 'I love you' in a relationship. I think that whole idea of having to say I love you is ridiculous as well and I would like to point out that in many other languages and cultures, that isn't such a big thing as it is in English. I can't even imagine saying I love you to my s/o in my own language, it sounds cringy and weird and doesn't convey the feeling of love at all. Showing someone you love them means so much more than those three little words.

Thank you so much for this! yeah I don’t even really understand why it’s such a big thing because like you, those words just make me cringe. (And I’m English)
Literally so many things can say it more, like for example in Masquerade they would die for each other and I think that gets it across enough 😂
I don’t normally get my hackles up about things but yeah this is one of the things I do with.

5sos Rant / /

After watching the music video for Jet Black Heart I feel like this needs to be said. 5sos are by far one of the most under appreciated bands of this generation. I get that they have a lot of fans and many people love them, but often they are targeted as being just another “boy band”. No one seems to realize or talk enough about how revolutionary Sounds Good Feels Good is. They wrote songs for this album that people can connect to. They are building a deeper emotional connection between themselves and the people around the world who continue to support them. This new music video is a prime example of that. It’s such a simple idea but it means so much to so many people, from the song and the lyrics to just the video itself. Not to mention they are not afraid of being diverse, like many people in the music industry. They aren’t even trying to take a stand, it’s just who they are. They didn’t just feature fans of one variety. They showed people of different race, culture, religion, and gender. They wanted a video that would be made specifically for their fans not just themselves. Their new album doesn’t exclude anyone and it exists primarily for us. People are so quick to base them off of their old songs, rumors, and the way they look. But their new music holds so much meaning. It breaks hearts, unites people, makes us think twice about who we are. Most importantly, it makes us feel as though we aren’t alone. Ever since they released She’s Kinda Hot, they have created an entire movement for us called The New Broken Scene. They are trying to bring us together and show us that it’s okay to not be okay. I’ve seen people say that She’s Kinda Hot is sexist (bc of the title) but they’ve missed the entire point. That song is about society’s standards and how it’s okay that you don’t reach them, it has nothing to do with a girls appearance. It’s about accepting yourself, mental illness and all. They are starting a movement, a fucking revolution, and they want to make sure that the fans are a huge part of that. Even going back to their old songs and music videos, like Good Girls. Yes it’s a catchy pop song, but think of the music video and idea behind it. The video shows girls of different looks, cultures, and backgrounds coming together to break the standards forced upon the female gender and saying that there isn’t any rule book for how a girl should or shouldn’t act. There is no such thing as a good girl because a girl can do or be whatever she wants to be, and that’s the message they showed. Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton didn’t all grow up in some high end neighborhood and they’ve admitted to, in a way, using music as an escape. They’ve all had their own personal struggles growing up and they’ve all reached a point in their lives where they were rock bottom. But they will always have music. Hell, they dropped out of high school for this fucking band. They put their heart and souls into everything they do for 5sos. Not to mention Ashton spent a good portion of his life depressed and dealing with self harm and possibly even suicidal, but just look at who he is today and everything he’s achieved. He got himself out of a dark hole and he took his own life back into his own hands all because of the band and music and the support he received from fans. They care so fucking much and people need to appreciate what they’ve done and what they’ve overcome, whether they like their music or not. Sounds Good Feels Good is so much more than what people make it out to be. Each individual song tells countless stories but each one comes together to create something beautiful. It’s a fucking art form and I’m so happy that this band exists. They are changing the music industry but no one pays enough attention. No one sees how god damn revolutionary this is.

- Maria

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Please, don't do it! So many people love you so much! For example, me! I love you with all my heart, and so do so many other people!

Whut? Ik many people care about me, I’m not used to it

  • Cassandra Clare: yes i love all my warlocks equally, Magnus Bane, Tessa Gray, and... *looks at smudged writing on hand* Catelyn Loser

I love it when God gives me dreams about people I used to adore when I was lost in the world. It’s such a testament to His interest in our lives, His all knowing Love, and His attention to detail. It’s very cool.

He gave me a dream about an artist I used to almost idolize, one who’s very lost in darkness and has made it his safe haven. He’s put this guy on my heart to pray for, from time to time, and it’s pretty awesome. Like, God has given this man so, so many gifts and talents. So many. And I thank God for the day that he uses them to glorify Him. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Like, seeing His love for the lost by putting these people on our hearts to pray for is so… it’s such an intimate love. And then giving us powerful dreams about God moving in their lives is just another awesome example of it. God is so good that I can’t even handle it, sometimes.


The first dose is the worst.

Dear Scarlet,
My strong beautiful girl. Our relationship has shifted and evolved in so many different ways over the years, especially over the last year as you’ve grown leaps and bounds mentally. I’m never going to stop living my life for you, whether it dictates my geographical location or not. You’ve saved me in so many different ways. Leading by example for your benefit has made me into a woman I never would have been without you. Maybe you say I made you, but you made me too. Thank you. I love you. Way way more than you know.

Missing Nine

I don’t want to write this because I am still angry about the ending but I want to get it out of the way. Lets start with the good things, the beginning of the show was really pretty great. The plot was really engaging, thrilling, and interesting. Many of the characters were really likeable and unique. There were so many different relationships and examples of different kinds of bonds, I loved seeing the variation as they struggled on the island. The best character by far was Bong Hee, she was the best part of this drama and she every so slightly saves the whole show for me in terms of the later mess. Bong Hee was amazing to watch and she definitely is one of my favorite kdrama heroines. I also loved Ji Ah, Ki Joon, Yeol, and Prosecutor Yoon.

Where this show fails for me is the second half and when they get back from the island. I had big hopes for this show because it seemed like they were going to continue to play with the aspect of Bong Hee’s amnesia and keep us guessing on what was true and what wasn’t, and there was a bit of this early on in the show. But then they just dropped all this for this ridiculous cat and mouse game where they focus on this murder from before and chase after a cell phone for like 5 episodes. And with kdramas I think there is a certain understandable and expected amount of plot holes but with this drama its ridiculous. There are so many plot holes that this would be 10x as long if I listed all of them. In the case of this story that was so much about the truth and surviving, the plot loses its weight as it continues to make less sense to the viewer as truths are revealed. The entire plot around that murder/suicide before the island makes almost no sense and yet they focused on that the entire second half of the drama instead of all the other murders on the island. Speaking of murder, how the writers dealt with Tae Ho was the biggest flaw of this entire show for me and usually I try to not spoil to much with these but I must mention this. The writers set him up on the island as a serial killer, he kills the pilot, Yeol, So Hee, the reporter, the men on the boat, and also tried to kill basically every other character in this show. And up until the end he was definitely a decent villain he was menacing and I hated his guts. You would think after killing so many people the other survivors would remember and act accordingly. Instead they only focus on how he killed Jaehyun and So Hee and never even mention anyone else. The survivors also treat Tae Ho like he committed some small crime instead of so many murders, in connection with this I don’t think the humor worked for me. Instead of adding to the darker aspect of the plot it weakened it for me. I would get whiplash from one humorous scene to Tae Ho murdering. In conclusion what makes the end so horrible for me is not that it was a mess and we didn’t get a kiss and it was confusing. It was that Tae Ho does not get punished at all and everyone just forgives him?????????????????????????????????????????? I have seen a couple comments saying that its a great ending because its about forgiveness, like what the fuck. He didn’t do some small crime, he killed so many people and none of them were slightly justifiable or understandable on any spectrum. And I can watch the show and try and forget Tae Ho but when all the other characters are shown having fun with Tae Ho and painting acting like nothing has happened I start to dislike them as well. Joon Oh forgiving Tae Ho the first time when he accidentally killed Yeol I understand but how can he continue to forgive him and value Tae Ho’s “feelings” over the people he selfishly murdered? What about justice for all those innocent people?

I am going to stop now but I just forever will be disappointed because this show had so much potential. And now that its over I hope someone will make the show that I thought I was watching. Or even make the show I wanted when I first read the premise which was a kdrama version of Gilligan’s Island, cause that would be great.