i love sims 3


solid splendor wallpaper set

four different wallpapers, made with the grungy texture from city living AND without it (as shown in the second image from the top). there’s the basic wallpaper that has a white baseboard, another with the baseboard but also with a floral trim, a version with bricks, and last but not least some wainscoting from parenthood in both the ea white and navy (not pictured).

  • §4
  • base game compatible
  • 21 various eversims swatches


credit: eversims palettes and remisims: photoshop actions


Something fun and simple, inspired by what I wish I had in my own closet. Here’s an edit of the base game wedge heels with two versions: a strappy sandal and a peeptoe sandal. Chances are these already exist somewhere but I looked for something similar and couldn’t find any, so hopefully I’m not offending anyone by sharing these.



                              3,400 Followers Gift Pt. 2

2 Strap Halter Top & Skirt

mesh: new mesh 100 % by me

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Enjoy!! 💋💋

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special thanks to my bby @alluringsimss for testing and preview shot.!!! 


putting the finishing touches on the nursery