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Some Dwyer doodles cuz he is my FAVORITE son~~

*GASP* WHY the hell I didn’t draw him yet???????


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shintaro, probably: what the hell am i doing in this pic

@vysalis THANKS FOR THE SUPER CUTE AYANO AAAAAAAAA////// heres a somewhat unwilling shintaro saying otsukare in return ww (we’re nearly there……orz)

good luck to everyone else doing exams!!!!♡ i understand ur pain the ib is so bad

okay i haven’t watched episode 58 yet but i’ve seen the end card and let’s talk about it shall we

first off we have kuroko comforting this tiny woman

aomine and kagami being bros 4eva (and little hyuuga on the side)

kiyoshi being an adorable grandfather

koga and mitobe just chillin’


the ladies

these children pulling on murasakibara and himuro probably finding it amusing (i find this very endearing tbh)

“hey kids dis my frend shinchan he’s the best”

“wat no he’s not my boyfrend”

“shut up takao”

and this boy’s probably thinking “when i grow up i wanna be jus lik dis 3 point shooter man and imma find my blak haired frend as well”

and lastly

probaby aomine’s distant cousin

anonymous asked:

A first night with midorima--..? Midorima and shy s/o sleeping together for the first time; nothing sexual happened but they're just really nervous to sleep. Then somehow midorima starts peppering s/o's face with kisses. Thank you-! 💕💕💕

hi, love. this is so cute! honestly, i’ve been receiving so many fluffy requests i’m so in love! midorin is such a cutie; anyways let’s get on to the fluff. xxx, admin k.

He had lent you the shower first even though he was tired from the practice match. His parents were out of town for a meeting and unfortunately for the both of you, a sudden downpour has led you both to the nearest resting place-Midorima’s house. Although he was reluctant at first, seeing you start to shiver had him ushering you in and pushing you towards the bath.

You were just about done when you cracked open the door to peek at Midorima fixing a mattress next to his bed. It’s been two months since the two of you started becoming involved and although you wished to step up your relationship further on a more intimate level, he would not lay a hand on you with the exception of the occasional kissing. You felt you were ready, but knowing how flustered the shooter gets when the opposite sex was involved, you held your ground and always waited till he suggested to do something.

“Are you just going to stand there?” You jolted at the sudden intrusion between you and your thoughts. You could never get past him with anything; even spying. Coming out of the bathroom, you wrapped your arms around his waist from behind.

“Shoutaro, what’s the mattress for?” The flustered boy pushed up his glasses and gingerly detangled himself from your trap.

“Myself, of course. It-it wouldn’t be right to share a bed when we’re not even married.” You giggle, sitting on top of his bed and couldn’t help but notice that there were no wrinkles on his bed. He had left to take a shower and you couldn’t help but feel like he has distanced himself from you yet again with his conservative actions. You were snuggled in one of his larger shirts and shorts, and still he wouldn’t look at you. You loved him of course, but sometimes felt pushed away because he didn’t want to touch you. You waited patiently till he got out, reading one of the volleyball magazines his school was interviewed for.

“You should rest,” his voice called out. You lift your head up to see his green hair damp and still dripping with water. Shrugging, you walk over and take the towel he was holding and gently rubbed the dampness out.

“And you should always dry your hair before falling asleep! Your hair cuticles could be damaged.” He let out a scoff, but rubbed the towel harder to dry his hair. You scoot away to his bed once again, and patted the space next to you.

“Let’s sleep together!” He turned red at this outburst and shook his head.

“Wha-what? I’m going to sleep on the floor nanodayo!” You pout, scooting to the edge of the bed and pulled on his arms.

“I don’t mean have sex, silly. I just meant we could just lay next to each other. If you want to,” He noticed how your voice died down in the end, stance tense because you already suspected the answer. He sighed, giving into you just this once.

“Alright, nanodayo.” You squeal and get in the sheets with him. As both of you settle in, sudden embarrassment creeps into you and you couldn’t talk. Now that it’s actually happened, you felt nervous and anxious at having an unfamiliar body near you. Recognizing your confused and nervous state, Midorima uses up all his courage and pulls you into him, spooning you in the process. With your back to his front, you feel a little less anxious since you weren’t looking at his face. You sighed happily as his strong arms encircle your waist.

He felt extremely lucky to have you in his life, although you were always there. Seeing you happy made him a little less crankier than usual. He kissed your neck and made his way up to your face. You giggle at the feeling and snuggle closer towards his body. An affectionate Midorima was rare and you were going to take advantage of it.

“Shintaro, I love you,” His kisses halted but the arms wrapped around you tightened and he continued his ministrations.

“I love you, also.”